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How to convert the walker into a mini-tractor


The motor-block is the irreplaceable assistant when performing agricultural tasks. The multifunctional and powerful machine is a compact tractor that performs the bulk of the work on the site. With all the advantages of technology, it has a serious drawback - without the operator and his physical efforts, the unit will not work. But such a device can be improved independently. If you follow the recommendations of experts and have available a kit for rework, you can make a mini-tractor from the motoblock.

How to choose the basis of a minitractor

Before you make a mini equipment with your own hands, you need to choose a model that will act as a basis. In this case, it is required to take into account such technical characteristics:

  • engine power, its torque indicator,
  • the mass of the future mini tractor,
  • a kind of power unit - gasoline, diesel,
  • plow dimensions
  • manufacturer and price.

The area of ​​the territory that can be processed with the finished equipment depends on the capacity of the engine of the motoblock. It turns out, the larger the plot, the stronger the unit should be. As for the weight of the device, it must correspond to the type of soil. For dense soil will require a heavy mini tractor made by hand from special equipment Neva. Likewise, and vice versa, with a soft earth one should use a light apparatus so that he does not stamp it.

The weight of the machine must match the type of soil - on heavy soil need a heavy tractor, on light, sandy lightweight

When calculating the size should take into account the depth of processing and ease of operation. The best option is a cultivator with the ability to adjust the width. On the market there are models equipped with a gasoline or diesel engine. The first option in the operation produces a minimum noise level, has a slight compression and easy to start with a half-turn. Diesel version is economical and high performance when working over a large area or with difficult soil.

What is required

Before starting work, you should make sure that you have all the necessary parts, materials, and tools.

So, what is required for work:

  1. Motoblock. It should be chosen taking into account the above recommendations. That he will serve as the basis for a homemade mini tractor.

Motoblock Neva - the best option for rework

  1. Additional wheelset with axle. The wheels must be purchased bearings, as well as the steering system.
  2. Metal sheets, pipes and corners. The material is needed to create the body and frame design.
  3. Elements for fixing parts and mechanical components. In this case, used washers, bolts, nuts, welding.

For assembly, in addition to parts, you still need to prepare a number of tools:

  • welding unit
  • drill screwdriver
  • a set of wrenches of different sizes,
  • pliers,
  • Bulgarian.

Self-made unit has several advantages. The first is the cost. Even if the house master needs to buy a cultivator, he will spend less money anyway. In addition, you can create special equipment of the desired size, degree of adhesion to the ground, as well as performance.

As for the minuses, they consist in the fact that the equipment made by own hands is much inferior to the factory models by the level of reliability. Also, such equipment often requires repair work.

VIDEO: Fracture from the Bison motoblock

Possibilities of the device in the garden

Depending on the design and your needs, a mini tractor on the basis of the motoblock can be used for snow removal, soil loosening, cargo transportation, planting potatoes or other crops.

However, it is worth remembering that the capabilities of a mini-tractor directly depend on the proper construction of the entire structure and power of the motor-block itself.

How to choose a walker for homemade

Most difficult - choose a walk-behind tractor, since you need to buy not only a powerful enough unit, but also to invest money wisely.

Let's start with power. If the tractor from the motoblock is used for plowing or loosening the soil, it is necessary to proceed from the size of your plot.

For the plot from 20 to 60 acres 4 l engine will do. with. (better with a little margin). Motorblocks on 6-7 "horses" deal with 1 hectare. From 2 to 4 hectares of land it is reasonable to cultivate the machine from 8-9 l. with.

Manufacturer. If you grow products not for sale, it is worth staying on cheap domestic motor-blocks, which, although they break often enough, but replacing parts does not empty the wallet. In the case when the grown products go on sale and a breakdown can thwart all the plans, purchase German cars. Remember that any equipment will break down sooner or later, but unlike domestic motoblocks, it is difficult to find spare parts for “Germans”, and they are very expensive.

Equipment. This item is very important, because depending on the work, the presence of one or another additional device will save you time to search and purchase in a short time.

Other features. Other features include the distance between the wheels, the diameter of the wheels, the shape of the unit. In order for a homemade tractor to be stable enough, you need to choose a walk-behind tractor with the greatest possible distance between the main wheels. In the opposite case, your car may simply fall on the turn. The permeability depends on the diameter of the wheels, so if heavy clay soils predominate in your area or high humidity in the region, choose a block with a large wheel diameter.

For dry moderately loose soil suitable unit with an average diameter of the drive wheels. The initial form of the unit must be such that it can be easily connected to the frame and the rear wheels. It is better to give preference to "square" units, rather than elongated in length.

Selection of materials for production

We recommend to re-equip the motoblock into a mini-tractor using a special kit that consists of all the necessary parts to create your tractor, namely: a frame with mounts for the engine, a seat, footboards with pedals, steering with rods, front beam with brake discs and wheel hubs, rear linkage with manual lifting mechanism. This set of equipment will cost you in 350-400$but it is worth the money. All materials are made of metal and are of good quality. The kit solves the problem with some spare parts that cannot be done manually, as they require "jewelry" work.

If this solution does not suit you, you can make a frame, seat and frame with your own hands, and buy the rest in a specialized store.

You will need steel profiles for the frame, a suitable seat, a pair of wheels, consumables (bolts, nails, studs).

What you need from the tool

The main tools that will be needed to assemble the structure: a welding machine, wrenches, a drill, a Bulgarian, pliers, a hammer, gloves. A small list of basic tools due to the fact that depending on how you see your homemade tractor, you may need some additional tools or spare parts.

For example, if you want to make upholstery of the frame with any material, you will need a construction stapler and inserts on which the material will be attached.

Seat and steering gear

The seat may be different, but it is best to take it out of the car. To control the walker you need a steering wheel. First you need to attach the hinge.

In this case, when turning the steering wheel, it will not be the wheels that turn, but the knot itself, which will connect the walker tractor and the tractor. The height of the steering wheel. Once you have attached the driver's seat, sit on it and adjust the height of the steering wheel for yourself.

If you want to save a little, use the old wheels of the car. However, in this case, they will interfere during the field work. The optimum diameter of the front tires - 12 to 14 inches.

If you take the wheels with a diameter of up to 12 inches, your walk-up tractor will sink during operation, and if it is more than 14, then it will be more difficult to control the unit. Tires should be specially selected for the use of motorblock.

How to quickly get a homemade tractor from the motoblock (trailer adapter)

The trailer adapter is a trailer with a removable body, which is altered in the form of additions to the walk-behind tractor. With it, you can produce a variety of agricultural work. This is considered a mini tractor. To create an adapter, you need a uniaxial frame design. Used elements of the suspension of a motorcycle stroller. For the axis you need to find a steel corner with dimensions 40x40x2.

Cutting it, weld the wheel hubs, checking their correct location and reliability. Then install the wheels.

After that, the axis is substituted to the motoblock and measure the length of the mounting pipe. Equally important is the manufacture of mounting for the seat. This element depends on the design.

The optimum knee size (for lowering or raising the hitch) is 30x50x20 cm.

To reinforce the adapter, weld additional pipes in the form of a rigid frame measuring 30x30 mm. On the axis, which is attached to the walker, weld the steps of solid metal plates. The size and attachment point depend on the growth of the worker.

As you understand, making a mini-tractor with your own hands is not so difficult. The main thing is to follow the instructions for making.