General information

Insecticide Commander from the Colorado potato beetle: reviews, instructions for use


It is an effective contact-intestinal systemic insecticide that is used against sucking and gnawing garden pests. With it, protect plants from thrips, aphids, miners, Colorado potato beetle, wireworm, whitefly, leaf beetles, butterflies, etc.

The active ingredient of the drug Commodore: imidacloprid (200 g / l).

Product form: 1 ml ampoules, 10 ml bottles.

How does

After applying the drug (Komandor is effective both in soil application and spraying), it penetrates the plant through leaves, stems, and roots. Pests that feed on this plant first lose their locomotor activity and die within a day.

Insecticide Komandor acts on both adult insects and pest larvae at different stages of development.

This drug is relatively resistant to washing off by rain and exposure to sunlight.

On potato

  • for the treatment of tubers before planting to protect against wireworms, Colorado potato beetle, aphids. To prepare the working solution, 20-25 ml of the product are dissolved in 1 liter of water. This amount of solution is enough for processing 100 kg of tubers.
  • for spraying plants, the growing season from the Colorado potato beetle. To do this, 1 ml of Commander dissolved in 5 liters of water. 5 liters of working fluid is enough to spray 100 square meters. m landings.

Precautionary measures

Insecticide Commander is dangerous for bees, so spraying should be carried out during periods when they are not observed active plant visits. The drug has a hazard class 3 (moderately hazardous substance).

Work with the drug must be done with gloves, goggles and a respirator. During the spraying of the garden with the drug Commander forbidden to drink, smoke and eat. Wash face and hands with soap and water after work.

Commander Reviews

Most gardeners who use the commander on their summer cottages, note that this drug acts quickly, destroys the most persistent pests: the Colorado potato beetle on potatoes, whitefly, aphids, thrips on vegetable, flower and decorative crops. It takes a long time, so usually 1 treatment is enough.

In addition, a big plus for the southern regions, that the Commander is effective even in hot weather.

And for the processing of potatoes from the Colorado potato beetle, the consumption rates are low, we need only 1 ml of the preparation per hundred.

If you use the insecticide Commander on your site, please write how you evaluate the effectiveness of this drug. Will you continue to use it? Would you advise others?

Your feedback and additions will help evaluate the Commander tool more objectively and decide whether to purchase it or not. By the way, the drug Commander can be bought at any online garden store.

Feature means

Remedy for the Colorado potato beetle "Commander" - an effective drug that allows you to eliminate garden pests. The active ingredient is imidacloprid, which is a strong organic poison. This is the composition of the "Commander" of the Colorado potato beetle. The concentration of the substance is 200 g / 1 liter. A drug is created in the form of ampoules and vials. The tool is produced in the form of powder - "Commander Maxi".

The advantages of funds include:

  1. The drug does not lose its effectiveness at elevated temperatures.
  2. The substance is mixed with water to form a stable suspension.
  3. Pests have no resistance.
  4. Suitable for use throughout the year.
  5. The tool is used in the destruction of various pests.
  6. It is of low toxicity to the environment.
  7. "Commander" - consumable.
  8. It has a protective effect.
  9. The substance is resistant to flushing with water, rain.
  10. You can perform 1 treatment per season.
  11. Because of the preservation of the substance in plant cells, young leaves are protected from parasites.


Instructions for use "Commander" from the Colorado potato beetle will allow you to properly perform the procedure. The tool is attached information about the use. How to dilute "Commander" for processing potatoes? It will take 1 ampoule, which is diluted in 1 liter of water. After thorough mixing, you need to bring the tool to the desired volume by adding liquid.

Depending on the variant of the plant being treated, the consumption of the means differs The solution should not be stored, it must be applied on the day of preparation. Spraying culture can be performed during the growing season. Processing plants is best done in dry, windless weather. The favorable time for spraying is earlier morning or evening. Insecticide acts depending on the weather and the type of pest. This usually starts between 2 and 4 weeks.

According to reviews, "Commander" from the Colorado potato beetle is applied very simply. Potatoes can be processed in 2 ways:

For using the potato pre-planting product, a special type of insecticide, “Commodore +”, is used. To spray, prepare a solution in the proportion of 2 ml of product per 10 liters of water. Then the tubers are laid out in 1 row on a flat surface and irrigated. After drying, you can perform the landing. Usually, 1.5 liters of solution are spent per 100 kg of potatoes. 2 ml per 10 liters of water is considered the norm for the treatment of tops. Spraying 1 weave is performed with 5-10 liters of solution.

Application for other cultures

There are instructions for use of the "Commander" from the Colorado potato beetle for other crops. It is necessary to properly prepare the solution and process the plant:

  1. Tomatoes and cucumbers are treated for aphids, Alpine and greenhouse whitefly. To do this, prepare a solution: an insecticide (5 ml) is diluted in water (10 liters). This mixture is enough to handle 1 weave.
  2. To eliminate aphids, ticks, moths, moths and leafworms on an apple tree, 0.2 liters / ha are needed.
  3. Grapes from pests are treated with a solution, taking into account the consumption rate of insecticide 0.2 liters / ha.
  4. If the onions are damaged by aphids or bubbly, they need drip irrigation treatment with a solution that is diluted in proportion: 1 liter / ha.
  5. To protect sugar beet and cabbage from flea beetles and cabbage flies, plant seeds should be soaked in a “Commander” suspension. The solution is created in a ratio of 2 liters / ha.
  6. Winter wheat is treated with insecticide in a ratio of 0.2-0.25 liters / ha. The solution protects against aphids, bedbugs, red-breast drinkers.

Judging by the reviews, the “Commander” of the Colorado potato beetle is used to eliminate various pests and on ornamental plants, including roses. This requires 5 ml of the drug dissolved in water (10 liters). How much solution is enough depends on the number of pests in the crop.

Compatibility and analogues

It can be used with other fungicides, growth regulators and insecticides. The exception includes drugs with an alkaline reaction. But in order not to harm the treated plant, it is advisable to check compatibility before mixing.

To analogs include:

  1. "Confidor Extra".
  2. "Bombardier Aqua".
  3. Proticolorado.


It should be remembered that there is harm for a person from the “Commander” from the Colorado potato beetle. Insecticide has a 3rd hazard class. Breeding must be performed in a special container that is not used for cooking.

During spraying, you must use personal protective equipment. Change of clothes is required. Do not be distracted while working. After the procedure, the clothes should be replaced, and the face and hands should be washed with water and a disinfectant. Pets and children should not be kept while spraying the plants. And if there is an apiary, then it is necessary to protect the bees. They are closed for 6-8 hours.

First aid

If the procedure is not carried out carelessly, liquid can get on the skin. It must be removed with a cloth, gauze or cotton wool. The affected area is forbidden to rub. After cleansing the skin of the liquid, it should be washed with soap and water. You can use soda solution.

In case of contact with eyes, rinse them with running water. This should be done for at least 15 minutes. If you had to work without a respirator, the insecticide gets into the respiratory tract. After changing clothes, washing hands, face, a person should go to fresh air. On the street you need to stay at least 1 hour.

If there are signs of poisoning, you should consult a doctor and not self-medicate. The importance of the use of protective equipment testify and reviews. Processing procedures must be carried out carefully.

Storage rules

Means "Commander", like other chemicals, should be stored in places that do not have access to children and pets, away from food, drugs. It should be in a cool room, without exposure to sunlight. Storage time is 3 years.

Thus, the insecticide allows you to treat plants from pests. This effective tool will help to get a quality crop.

Description and chemical composition of the drug

Systemic insecticide refers to toxic chemicals of contact-intestinal exposure. It is active against most garden pests: whiteflies, aphids, thrips, wireworms, Colorado potato beetles, butterflies, grass flies, bedbugs, leaf patches. Water-soluble concentrate is also used against soil parasites: nutcracker, beetroot crumb.

The drug Commodore is made on the basis of a strong organic poison - imidacloprid. Its concentration in the composition of the systemic drug against pests is 200 g per liter. On sale it is presented in capacities of 4, 10, 20,100 mm.

The tool has the ability to maintain efficacy against malicious insects at different temperatures.

Operating principle

The working fluid, getting no leaves of vegetative organs, quickly penetrates into the roots, leaves and stems of plantations. Impregnated through insecticide plant becomes deadly for any type of parasite. After contact with him, a garden pest receives a dose of a poisonous substance, it does not matter - by eating the treated greens or by contacting his young shoots.

The drug Commodore first causes a blockage of digestion, then paralyzes movement and the nervous apparatus of the parasite, and eventually it dies. The duration of the insecticide is 35-50 days. During this period, crops are fully protected from the invasion of harmful insects.

The duration of the poisonous effect is ensured by the following working qualities:

  1. The drug retains activity regardless of the weather factor.
  2. There is no decomposition of a complex substance under the influence of water.
  3. The working solution almost immediately penetrates into the planting tissue and does not lose its toxicity against most of the pests for a long time.

Due to the systemic and long-lasting effect of the drug Commander used for processing potato tubers only once.

Advantages and disadvantages

Among the positive characteristics of a chemical agent note:

  1. Availability. A systemic insecticide can be purchased at any specialized outlet at an affordable price.
  2. High degree of efficiency. Due to the long duration, there is no need for frequent treatments.
  3. The poison is able to protect plants not only from the attack of the Colorado potato beetle, but also from various species of insects that threaten the future harvest.
  4. The agrochemical is resistant to high temperatures, abundant precipitation, since its active components are located both on the surface and inside the sprayed plantations. This feature of the tool makes it possible to use in regions with any climate.
  5. The tool has a wide range of applications.
  6. Thrift. The consumption rate per seeding area is quite low, 1 l per 10 sq. M. m
  7. Easy to prepare. The poisonous substance easily combines with water and forms a stable suspension.
  8. The lack of immunity in parasites, which is especially important when using the Commander for processing potatoes.

But despite all the advantages, the chemical has negative sides:

  1. In case of improper use of poison or neglect of precautionary measures, the probability of causing harm to health is great.
  2. If plants are sprayed near apiaries, bees may fall under its aggressive influence.

Drug safety

Agrochemicals, which are treated and ground parts of plantings, and seed potatoes before planting in the ground, belongs to the 3rd class of danger to humans. All work with this tool should be carried out in protective clothing, respirator, glasses and gloves. It is impossible to take food, drink, smoke in the course of processing, so that toxic microparticles do not get into the esophagus and do not provoke intoxication of the organism.

Upon completion of all work, you must change your clothes, wash your face and hands with plenty of running water with laundry soap. Especially carefully recommended to rinse the mouth.

If accidentally the working fluid gets on the skin, they should be washed with warm water and soap.

Store agrochemical should be in a dark and cool place. Shelf life of insecticide 36 months. After dilution, it is recommended to use immediately, because during long-term storage, its working qualities are lost.

Instructions for use

To protect tomatoes and cucumbers from the invasion of cyanopoda, aphids, greenhouse whitefly, a suspension is prepared from 1 ampoule per 2 liters of water. Consumption of the working solution is 1 l per 10 sq. M. m. In order to prevent the appearance of codling mites, ticks, aphids, moths, leafworms on apples, a liquid prepared from 2 ml of poison and 5 liters of water is used. Consumption will be 5 liters per 100 square meters. m. Spraying is carried out during the growing season 1 time per month. For the destruction of leaf phylloxera, ticks, leafworms on vines prepare a similar working solution.

In the event of an attack on aphids or bladder onions, treatment should be carried out using drip irrigation with a suspension diluted at the rate of 1 l / ha In order to avoid the appearance of flea beetles and cabbage flies on sugar beet and cabbage, it is recommended to soak the seeds in suspension prepared in a ratio of 2 l / ha before laying in the ground. Winter wheat is sprayed with insecticide in the proportion of 0.2-025 l / ha. Such activities carried out during the growing season, create reliable protection against bladder-footed, aphids, pyavitsy, bug of a harmful turtle. The Commander also has a detrimental effect on rapeseed shine, cruciferous flea, cabbage aphids, which destroy rapeseed. Agrochemical diluted at the rate of 5 ml per 10 liters of water.

Means Komandor from the Colorado potato beetle is used not only before planting, but also when it is found on the leaves of plants. The treatment is carried out with a solution of 1 mm of the drug and 5 liters of water. This volume is enough for irrigation 100 square meters. The waiting period is 20 days. In order not to harm the landings, it is recommended to use the agrochemical according to the instructions for use.


Commander systemic insecticide against a wide range of insect pests: thrips, aphids, miners, Colorado potato beetle, wireworms and other soil pests, grass flies and other pests, crucifixes, cruciferous pests, leaf beetles, white fly, bugs, butterflies, etc.

Mechanism of action: For drug Komandor characterized by marked systemic activity. For this reason, this drug penetrates the plants through its parts - the leaves, stem and roots. Commander, due to the active influence on the nervous system of pests, suppresses the transmission of signals through the central nervous system, the pests first lose their motor activity, stop feeding and die within a day. In addition, the drug has contact-intestinal activity.

The action of the drug Commander concerns both adult insects and pest larvae at different stages of development. Due to the fact that the mechanism of the Commander's action is different from the group of pyrethroid preparations, also from the organophosphorus compounds, carbamates, the likelihood of resistance is reduced. In contrast to the group of pyrethroid drugs, the Commander is permissible to apply in conditions of high air temperatures. The drug has a relative resistance to washing off by rain and exposure to sunlight.

Mode of application:

Dissolve the required amount of the drug in a small amount of water, mix thoroughly and bring the volume of water to the desired one, and mix again.

On ornamental plants against thrips, whitefly and aphids the consumption of the drug is 5 ml per 10 l of water.

On potato against the Colorado potato beetle, aphid and other pests, the consumption of the drug is 2 ml per 10 liters of water.

On cucumbers and tomatoes against whitefly, thrips and aphids the consumption of the drug is 5 ml per 10 l of water

Period of protective action ranges from 15 to 30 days, depending on the type of pest and weather conditions.

Purpose and Effect of the Commodore Insecticide

Commander is a systemic insecticide designed to combat leaf-eating and sucking pests.

The drug commander is designed to combat various types of sheet-eating and sucking pests on crops of potatoes, tomatoes, cucumbers, as well as on flower crops.

"Commander" enters the plants through the leaves, stems and roots. Попадая в тело вредителя, инсектицид блокирует функционирование его нервной системы, в результате насекомое перестает питаться, двигаться и в конце концов погибает.

The preparation “Commander” is retained on the surface of the treated culture, remaining toxic for new larvae emerging from the old egg clutches..

The effectiveness of the means

The high effectiveness of the drug "Commander" provides the active ingredient Imidacloprid. It belongs to neonicotinoids - strong organic poisons. The proportion of active active ingredient in the manufactured product is 200 g per liter.

As a result of the action of imidacloprid in the body of the pest, a systemic failure of the transmission of nerve signals occurs. At first, insects convulse, then irreversible paralysis sets in, after which the pests die. Full purification of the treated crops occurs a day or less.

"Commander" is also effective in the fight against pests living inside the ground: beetroot, crackers and other species.

"Commander" - a description of the systemic insecticide

Drug "Commander"is a contact-intestinal insecticide of systemic action of the chloronicotinyl class, designed to combat various gnawing and sucking pests of garden and garden crops - aphids, thrips, miners, wireworms, Colorado beetles, grass flies, leaf beetles, bedbugs, whiteflies, butterflies and other insects.

The drug from pests "Commander" destroys pests when spraying plants, soil application, as well as the treatment of seeds or tubers, has a high degree of effectiveness against larvae and adult insects, cost-effective expenditure on the area of ​​crops. The drug is a water-soluble concentrate, packaged in convenient packages of 4, 10, 20 and 100 ml, characterized by the ability to maintain useful performance against pests under different temperature conditions.

Potato processing

It is often used "Commander" for processing potatoes as a means for processing potato tubers before planting, as well as a means for spraying the ground parts of the plant. Processing the potato "Commander" from the Colorado potato beetle before planting significantly reduces the likelihood of damage to potato plantations by this pest.

Many gardeners often have a question about how to process potatoes “Commander” before planting, but this is a very simple process. First, make a solution of 2 ml of "Commander" and 10 liters of water, the tubers of seed potatoes are laid out on a horizontal surface in one layer, sprayed with the prepared solution and dried. After complete drying, the tubers are turned over and re-processed with further drying - on this pre-sowing processing of potatoes is over, the seed is ready for planting. On average, processing 100 kg of potatoes before planting will require 1.5 liters of the working solution of the drug.

If a potato plantation is damaged by a plant louse, Colorado potato beetle, or wireworm of potato tops, the shoots and leaves of the plant should be treated with a “Commander” solution at the rate of 2 ml per 10 liters of water. During the growing season, potato beds are treated with such a concentration of the solution - 1 liter per 1 weave. The waiting time in this case will be approximately 30 days.

How to process cucumbers and tomatoes

The drug eliminates cucumbers and tomatoes from such pests as thrips, aphids, greenhouse whitefly. To prepare the solution, 5 ml of the drug is dissolved in 10 liters of water. Processing “Commander” of cucumbers and tomatoes is done by spraying the plants during the growing season, for three days the pests on the treated areas will die. Consumption of the working solution will be 1 liter per 10 square meters. m plantings.

Onion processing

“Commander” will relieve onion plantations from aphids and thrips, for this you need to dissolve 1 ml of the drug in 2 liters of water and process the onion beds using the drip irrigation method. Consumption of the working solution will be 1 liter per 10 square meters. m plantings. The waiting time in this case will be approximately 3 weeks.

The preparation will clear rapeseed plantations from such pests as rapeseed tsvetnik, cruciferous flea, cabbage aphids. To prepare the solution, 5 ml of the drug is dissolved in 10 liters of water. Handle "commander" rape should be by spraying during the growing season. The consumption of the working solution will be 0.25 liters per 1 hectare of plantings.

Processing apples "Commander"

Treating apples "Commander" will save fruit trees from sucking pests and weevils. To do this, spraying of one hundred squares of apple trees during the growing season should be done with a solution of 2 ml of Commander and 5 liters of water. The waiting time will be about 30 days.

Processing "Commander" of winter wheat

The drug will rid the plantings of winter wheat from such pests as harmful turtles, bugs, thrips, piyavitsa, bread beetle and aphid. To prepare the solution, 5 ml of the drug is dissolved in 10 liters of water. Treated with "Commander" wheat by spraying its plantations during the growing season. The consumption of the working solution is about 0.25 liters per 1 hectare of plantings.

Compatibility "Commander" with other drugs

"Commodore" can be combined with drugs that regulate plant growth, such as "Zircon", "Epin" or "Ribav Extra", and means from the category of insecticides and fungicides, up to mixing. At the same time, the beneficial properties of each drug will not decrease and their impact will be effective. It is contraindicated to combine "Commodore" with drugs that have an alkaline reaction. In order to avoid harming your plantings, you should carefully study the product with which you plan to combine the "Commander" for processing potatoes or other garden or horticultural crops.

The benefits of using the drug at the dacha

The main advantages of the “Commander” are the following factors:

  • operational impact on pest populations,
  • the innovative formula of the drug does not cause resistance in insects,
  • low rates of consumption of the drug on the area of ​​sowing,
  • phytotoxicity is absent,
  • the spectrum of action is extensive, capable of destroying several types of pests simultaneously,
  • can be used without reference to temperature,
  • allowed to use during the entire growing season,
  • due to the long-term preservation in the cells of the plant of the active active substance, the growing young shoots with leaves will be protected by the preparation from pests.

Security measures and storage conditions

"Commander" for the treatment of terrestrial parts of plants, as well as potato tubers, belongs to the 3rd class of danger and is a moderately hazardous substance. Before working with the drug, you should wear a respirator, goggles, gloves and protective clothing. You should not eat or drink during the work process, as well as smoke in order to avoid poisonous microparticles in the esophagus and intoxication of the body. After completing work with the “Commander”, you should change your clothes, wash your hands and face with plenty of running water with soap and rinse the mouth thoroughly. If a solution of the drug gets on the skin, it should be immediately washed off with warm water and soap.

The drug is harmful to bees, it is not recommended to use the "Commander" near apiaries and during their active collection of nectar, as well as to process flowering plants in order to avoid preventing poisoning of these useful honey workers.

“Commander” is recommended to be stored in a cool place protected from sunlight, away from medications and food, out of reach of pets and children. The shelf life of the drug - 36 months. The “Commander” diluted with water should be used for treating plants; the prepared solution is not suitable for long-term storage, since its effectiveness is reduced.

First aid

After first aid, it is necessary to consult a doctor!

If the Commander gets on the skin - the drug must be removed from the skin with a cloth or cotton wool, trying not to rub, then rinse this place under running water or a weak soda solution.

If the preparation gets into the eyes, they should be rinsed in the open state for 15 minutes under running water.

If the drug gets into the lungs, the injured need to change and go out into the fresh air, and then consult a doctor.

Security funds

The drug "Commander" has a third class of danger to humans, that is, moderately dangerous. At the same time, insecticide is highly dangerous for bees (1st hazard class). Therefore, it is fundamentally important to limit the bees for 4-5 days after spraying. The border zone is 5 kilometers from the place of use of the drug. "Commander" is toxic to fish, so it is forbidden to use it in the fishing zones.

It is necessary to alternate the use of "Commander" and other insecticides to prevent the emergence of drug resistance in pests.

Personal Protection Measures

Commander combines with many other insecticides.

Spray "Commander" should be in gloves, glasses, protective clothing and a respirator or gauze bandage. During processing of plants, it is required to remove children and domestic animals from the zone of exposure of the drug. For the preparation of the solution can not use food dishes.

Having finished work with the preparation, you should wash glasses, boots and gloves with running water. The remaining solution must be diluted with water and poured into the sewage system or in a specially designated place. Insecticide tare should be burnt. After that, you need to take a shower and change clothes.

Release form

The drug "Commander" is available in 1 ml ampoules or in 10 ml bottles

It should be stored drug "Commander" in a dry place inaccessible to children and animals, at a temperature of from -5 to +30 degrees.

Important! Do not store insecticide with food, medicine and animal feed.

Keep the drug away from fire. When used in personal farms, it is important not to mix "Commander" with other drugs.

Reviews gardeners about the drug Commander

Vasily Stepanovich. A good remedy, it really helped us from the Colorado potato beetle on potatoes. Once processed and enough for the whole summer. Be sure to use it now in the country.

Anton. The drug is effective, destroyed insects on tomatoes, cucumbers, potatoes. The most important thing - do not poison yourself, be sure to wear boots, gloves, a respirator. Then the pests will die, and you won't even sneeze.

Svetlana Excellent tool for the destruction of pests on tomatoes and cabbage. I tried to process a small area of ​​the potato field, it was no longer a Colorado potato beetle, the potatoes grew excellent. The neighboring plot did not process, there the beetle hurt a lot.