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Originally from Altai: tomatoes variety Abakansky pink


It has long been known that tomatoes are the most important and important crop of a gardener. And this is not surprising, because people use a tomato at any convenient opportunity: salted, pickled, baked, stuffed and consumed fresh. A huge variety of varieties and types of this culture are designed for every taste and color. Worldwide, there are more than 10,000 varieties of tomato. In the article we will consider the description of the characteristics and rules of care for the variety Abakansky Pink.

Description and characteristics of tomato Abakansky Pink

The variety of tomato Abakan pink is very popular among gardeners. He first appeared in the Altai region.

According to the characteristics of the variety belongs to the group middle late Tomatoes. The period from germination of the first shoots to maturation is approximately 100-110 days. Fruiting time is lengthened, which is undoubtedly a big plus.

According to the description, the determinant bushes of the Abakan pink do not reach a height of more than 150 cm. The growth of the stem stops after the formation of the inflorescence on the crown. This grade requires timely garter, and tomatoes may need additional protection from sunlight, as the leaves of a tomato are medium and not thick.

Favorable growing environment of this plant - open ground or greenhouse. With growth in open ground, the height of the bush reaches 75-85 cm, but this does not affect the fertility of the tomato.

With proper care, one tomato seedling can form up to 6 fruits. Most of the crops are heart-shaped, but flat-rounded fruits are also found.

The merits of the variety

The variety Abakan pink has unique qualities:

  1. Approximate weight of one tomato is 200-300 gramsbut some fruits may reach up to 600-800 grams.
  2. Pink fruit in the form of a heart moderately prone to ribbing.
  3. In the fruit, six seed nests are formed, but the number of seeds in them is small.
  4. Tomatoes very tastyhave average density and pink color.
  5. Do not crack.

Characteristics of growth in various regions

Experienced gardeners know that tomatoes are a thermophilic culture. Abakansky pink is a universal variety. And care for him is not much different from the general requirements for growing tomatoes.

It should be remembered that in the south, where it is always warm and humid, a tomato can be planted safely in open ground. And in a temperate climate zone, they will grow more comfortable in greenhouses.

It is more expedient to grow seedlings through seedlings. In this case, the shoots will be strong and resistant to some types of diseases.

Sowing seeds for seedlings

Like most varieties of tomatoes, it is customary to plant Abakan pink for seedlings in March. Before planting, seeds are best soaked in a weak solution of potassium permanganate. It will disinfect them.

According to the recommendations of manufacturers, the seeds are planted in a slightly rammed earth. Pre-soil is mulched with peat or fertilized with a small soil layer. At the end of the laying of seeds should be plentifully watered the earth with warm water and cover it with film.

The pot with seedlings should be in a warm place before the first shoots. After germination, the film cover is removed and the pot is placed in a bright place. After 60 days from the moment of planting, seedlings can be transplanted into open ground or greenhouse. The plant is planted in half a meter from each other.

Every year in Spain is held a celebration of tomatoes, called - La Tomatina. This is a battle where the main weapon is a tomato.

Care after planting

The varieties of pink tomatoes in the care are quite whimsical. As already mentioned, tomatoes can't stand drought. The soil should always be wet, watering - regular, water for irrigation - warm and preferably settled. At the same time you need to follow so that the water does not fall on the leaves or on the stalks of tomatoes.

When watering, the water should not fall on the stems or leaves

Before the formation of inflorescences, seedlings watered in size 4 liters of water per 1 m2and then watering is gradually increased. By the time the fruit is formed, watering should be about 11 liters per 1 m2.

Regular loosening provide the soil with oxygen - this will positively affect the growth of the plant. Feed the Abakan pink can be both organic and mineral fertilizers.

Immediately after planting in the soil, the sprouts can be watered with liquid organic fertilizers, and mulched on top. The main thing - do not overdo it. After all, mulching attracts many insects. When falling inflorescences, fertilizers containing magnesium and boron.

The choice of calcium chloride is the most common mistake in growing the nightshade. Potassium sulfate as well fill the lack of trace elements in the soil, it does not hurt the tomatoes.

Disease and Prevention

It is worth noting that Abakan pink is quite resistant to many diseases, but there is a risk. The main enemies of tomatoes include:

  1. Aphid
  2. Medvedka
  3. Wireworm
  4. Colorado beetle
  5. Phytophthora
Particular attention in the cultivation of Abakan Rose should be given protection against phytophthora

It is especially dangerous phytophthora. As a rule, in order to avoid brown rot, it is enough not to flood the crop and plant the seedlings in the ventilated areas. In the fight against the Colorado potato beetle will help insecticidal drugs.

Brown rot spores are moisture resistant. That is why it is important not to flood the leaves and stems with water. Late blight is able to destroy a sapling in a week.

Tomatoes are not just popular, they are present in every kitchen in the world. They are loved by adults and children. A wide range of applications allows you to assign tomatoes to the most versatile and sought-after crops.

Grade Abakan pink combines the right texture, fresh taste and unpretentious care, making it one of the most recognized and common among gardeners.

Characteristic variety

The Altai variety is considered to be middle-late: ripening begins 110-120 days after planting, the entire summer period continues. Tomato "Abakansky pink" fruits equally well in the greenhouse and in open ground conditions, it has a good yield: up to five kilograms of the crop is gathered from a square meter. In greenhouse conditions, the height of the bush is much higher than when grown on open ground. When ripe, the fruits do not crack and are well transported. In general, it is considered a salad type of tomatoes, but the rich aroma and mild taste, a large amount of sugar in the composition make it possible to use it in the manufacture of sauces, juices, various kinds of preserves, and even for jam.

Advantages and disadvantages

Among the undoubted advantages are the following qualities:

  • the culture is resistant to pests and diseases
  • has a long period of fruiting, which allows you to harvest all summer,
  • fruits are large, with high taste, without rigid seed walls,
  • relatively high yield and weight of fruits,
  • well transported and stored, have an excellent presentation.
According to those who planted this variety, it has practically no flaws. To the minus varieties of tomato "Abakansky pink" include only the need for garter and pasynkovaniyu.

Planting tomatoes

Sowing of tomatoes for seedlings in view of climate in the region is carried out from the end of February to the end of March. Seeds are treated with a solution of manganese and soaked for twelve hours in a growth stimulator.

Put in a razassny boxes, covered with a film and put in a warm place. As an earth mixture used soil for vegetable plants. While the seedling is growing, it is regularly, but watered moderately, removing weak sprouts.

Transplantation in open ground is carried out when the earth is warm enough (May), for precaution, seedlings are covered with a film in case of return frosts.

When planting, it should be noted that the bushes grow: three bushes are enough per square meter. When growing in a greenhouse, note that the temperature should not exceed 30 ° C, seedlings need regular ventilation.

Care features

Since the variety is prone to branching, you need to follow the side shoots: in time to remove them, forming a bush in two stems. Props need to prepare in advance, the stems of the varieties are thin and can break under the weight of the ovaries or with a gust of wind.

Watering is needed regularly, avoid overflows and nitrogen supplements during the growing season, otherwise the bushes will begin to grow and instead of ovaries build up deciduous mass. For irrigation using water at room temperature, necessarily separated or rain. The regularity of irrigation - once or twice a week, the soil in the tree should be moistened, but without excess. Young bushes need three liters under a bush, adults and high - up to 10 liters. Water only under the root in the early morning.

Simultaneously with irrigation, loosen the soil to provide the roots with oxygen and remove the weeds.

Feed can be used both organic and mineral. For the first time feed a tomato after planting in a permanent place. Total for the season you can stay on four dressings. If you use liquid organic matter (bird droppings, grass infusion or mullein), water under the bush, you can cover the top with mulch.

If you notice that the ovaries of the future crop fall off - the tomatoes lack complex fertilizers with trace elements such as boron and magnesium.

Diseases and pests

Tomato "Abakansky pink" is characterized by strong immunity to diseases and pests - if you follow the rules of crop rotation, then you will not have to worry.

During the vegetative period, Colorado beetles can sow on seedlings. To combat them, you can use environmental "old-time" methods:

  1. After planting seedlings, sprinkle fresh rows of sawdust between the rows - it is noticed that the beetles bypass such areas.
  2. You can powder planting wood ash, it is better in the morning, when it is still wet after dew.
  3. Good help in the fight against insects decoctions of sunflower, celandine and walnut husks.
At the beginning of development, seedlings can be treated with any pesticides, which will also deter pests.

Tomatoes are not just popular - today no kitchen of the world can do without these vegetables, and the variety of dishes is difficult to imagine. Grown on own bed, personally collected bright and juicy fruits will decorate your table in the summer and in the winter.

Tomato "Abakansky pink": description of the variety

Tomato Abakansky pink refers to medium-late salad varieties. From germination to ripening of the first fruits 110 - 120 days. Fruiting is stretched, which is the advantage of the variety of salad destination.

Bush determinant type. Bushiness is average. Plant height - 140-150 centimeters. The plant requires garters and formation, the best - in 2 stalks.

Variety bred for cultivation under the film cover or garden. When grown in the garden, the plant reaches 70 or 80 centimeters. Its productivity at the same time does not suffer.

With one square meter you can collect 4.5-5 kg ​​of delicious fruits.

Fruit characteristics

Salad varieties are distinguished not only by their remarkable taste, but also by the beauty of very large fruits.

  • The average weight of each average 250-300 g, and if you want, you can grow tomatoes from 500 to 800 grams.
  • Pink heart-shaped fruits have an average ribbing.
  • It should be noted that among the heart-shaped on the same bushes can occur flat-rounded tomatoes.
  • The fruits have 6 seed nests,
  • the number of seeds in them is small.
  • Tomatoes "fleshy", very tasty, medium density, classic aroma.

Variety salad type universal purpose. Tomatoes are used fresh and suitable for the production of juices and canned foods of various types. Juice contains from 4.5% to 5% of dry matter and from 3.5% to 4% of sugar.

You can get acquainted with tomatoes of the variety “Abakansky pink” in the photo:

Features of growing

Tomatoes Abakansky pink zoned in Siberia and Altai. For its cultivation in these regions, gardeners use film shelters. They are necessary in the spring, for protection from late frosts, and in the beginning of autumn, when the fruits have not yet ripened, and the risk of cooling is great.

Giant fruits you get only with good care. The plant needs a garter, forming 1 or 2 stems, feeding.

History of creation

Its popularity, and the existence of a tomato at all, "Abakansky" is obliged to the company "Lance". It is engaged in the selection of new types of vegetables and flowers, as well as supplies to companies selling seeds. "Lance" on the Russian market for quite a long time - since 1997. Their activity can be called successful, since “Abakan Pink” was entered in the State Register. For the first time the variety was bred in Altai. Its progenitor is the “Siberian garden”.

Variety description

Tomato "Abakansky pink" is mid-season. His fruiting period is extended, which pleases gardeners, and the seasonal yield of the Abakan Rose is impressive.

So, the characteristic and description of the variety:

  • Shrub The variety is determinant, tomatoes have limited growth. Their difference from the indeterminant in the inability of the central apex to grow due to the restriction on the part of the hand.
  • The height of the bushes. Bushes of tomato "Abakansky pink" medium size. Up they grow up to 130-150 cm (subject to their cultivation in greenhouses). If you plant them in the open soil, then do not expect a huge growth. The maximum that a tomato is capable of is 60 - 80 cm.
  • Growing up. You must have noticed from the previous paragraph that “Abakansky pink” can be grown under film cover, or maybe in a garden, that is, in open ground. As you can see, the height of the bush depends on the choice of location. It differs twice. Interestingly, the bush from the garden and the bush in the greenhouse will give the same yield.
  • Inflorescence The inflorescence of tomatoes is simple.
  • Leaves . This characteristic is standard - the leaves are medium in size green. But they are very few. This, in turn, requires the protection of tomatoes "Abakansky pink" from sunlight.
  • Gestation period. Tomatoes of this variety ripen in about 110 - 120 days.
  • Garter and shaping. Tomato "Abakansky" requires the formation and garters. It is recommended to form it in two stalks.
  • Productivity Under favorable conditions, tomato bushes are able to bear fruit up to 5 kg per square meter. On the flower brush forms 5 - 6 tomatoes.
  • Fruits. They grow in the shape of a heart (similar to another variety called “Bull's heart”), but they are flat-round, and both species can grow on one bush.

  1. Have a beautiful appearance.
  2. Pink colour.
  3. Fruits are characterized by medium ribbing.
  4. Consist of 6 seed nests. However, the seeds themselves are few in them.
  5. Tomatoes are not prone to cracking.
  6. Average density
  7. Possess a classic fragrance.

Tomatoes "Abakan" fleshy, and their pulp preserves the integrity of the fruit, even when pressed. Thus, they are able to be stored for a long time and are excellent for transportation.

  • Fruit weight. Tomatoes variety "Abakansky pink" are considered large, because they weigh about 200 - 300 grams. But with proper care and good conditions, they can score 500 and even 800 grams.
  • The nutritional value . Tomato juice made from the Abakansky variety contains sugar - 3.5–4%, dry matter - 4.5–5%.
  • Landing. In order to get a great harvest, tomatoes are required to plant properly. For the Abakansky tomato, a 40 x 50 cm area is needed. Therefore, it is recommended to grow tomatoes of this variety no more than 3 bushes per square meter.
  • Leaving In this regard, "Abakansky pink" is not particularly capricious. However, without leaving it can not be left. Water the bushes every evening with warm water. Also loosen and weed the soil when necessary. Tomatoes respond well to the addition of mineral fertilizers. In the process of growth, the bushes need to be fertilized 2-3 times.

Tomato "Abakansky" is best planted in the place where there used to be onions, grains and legumes, cucumbers and roots. Peppers, potatoes and eggplants are not suitable for growing near the "Abakansky pink" because they have common enemies.


Weak popularity of gardeners associated with:

  • non-durable storage - no more than 2 months (in unprocessed form),
  • the need for garters
  • the need for pasynkovka and regular watering,
  • weak stem (for bushes about 1.5 m high).

Proper cultivation

Zoning varieties "Abakansky" - Siberia and Altai. Gardeners, who operate in these regions, grow tomatoes under film cover. In the spring it is necessary in order to protect against frost, which may linger or return unexpectedly. And in the fall - when there is a big risk of cooling, and the fruits are not yet ripe.

Residents of the middle band who planted “Abakan Pink” in the beginning of May in open soil can restrict themselves to a film shelter of a portable type in the spring.

Pests and diseases

Another important quality of “Abakan Rose”, which has not yet been mentioned in the article, is high immunity. It allows tomatoes in most cases to cope with the disease. Therefore, do not once again use chemistry.

The main enemy of the plant is the Colorado potato beetle. It is dangerous for only planted seedlings. After a while, the Colorado potato beetle loses interest in tomatoes. He returns to them in the fall. This time his goal is immature fruit.

If you manually collect beetles do not have the time or desire, you can apply any pesticides to the seedlings.

"Abakansky pink" - a tasty tomato with large fruits, having a good immunity and impeccable appearance.

Features grade

Tomato variety “Abakansky pink” belongs to the category of salad varieties, being an indeterminate middle-ripening variety with a rather long fruiting period. Tall medium leafy bushes of the variety “Abakansky pink” require forming 1-2 stems. The average height of the bush can reach 0.7-1.5 m, and when grown in greenhouse conditions - 2 m.

The growing season lasts about 4 months, the first harvest with good care can be collected already for 110 days. The crop ripens gradually, the average yield - 4-6 kg per 1 m². When sowing seeds for seedlings in the 10-20 days of March, fruiting occurs approximately after July 1 and lasts for 2 months.

Each bush of the Abakansky pink tomato forms up to 6 brushes on which 4-5 fruits grow. Brushes on the bushes are formed every 2 leaves. The fruits themselves - reddish-pink, fleshy, consist of 6 seed chambers, covered with dense skin. The shape of the fruit is heart-like, ribbed, but there are also flat-rounded fruits. They have a characteristic tomato flavor, pleasant sweetish taste. The dry matter content in the fruits of "Abakan Pink" at the level of 4.5-5%, sugary substances - 3.5-4%.

Tomato is versatile to use.

Attention! The fruits of the Abakansky pink tomato are large, weighing 200-500 g, individual fruits can grow up to 800 g.

When planting seedlings in the ground - planting density - 2 plants per 1 m².

Advantages and disadvantages of the variety

The indisputable advantages of the Abakansky pink tomato include:

  1. Excellent taste, attractive appearance, large size.
  2. Ability to grow in areas with a cold climate.
  3. Resistance to cracking, has strong immunity, is not subject to tomato diseases.
  4. High yield.
  5. The extended period of fruiting, which allows you to get fresh products to the table for a long time.
  6. Transportability.
  7. Good susceptibility to feedings.

Especially critical complaints grade "Abakansky pink" has not. The need for frequent and abundant watering, the garter of tall bushes to the support, and a regular pasynkovaniyah can be attributed to a kind of difficulties of high-grade agrotechnics of this tomato. The rest of the growing process is common, as for other varieties of tomatoes.

Reviews on variety "Abakansky pink"

Alexey, Irkutsk: “I’ve been growing this variety not for the first year. Despite the hassles associated with the garter and the constant removal of the stepsons, I like the size, taste and meatiness of the resulting tomato. Give birth to a variety of abundance, in the care of special requirements does not impose. "

Lyudmila Petrovna, Barnaul: “I grow up Abakansky pink for sale and for my own table. Great tomato on the salad - large, tasty, meaty. It is also suitable for processing juice, pasta, ketchup and other sauces. ”

Nina, Altai Territory: “We grow a tomato in a greenhouse, which allows us to achieve high yields with regular watering and double feeding, to save tomatoes from the Colorado potato beetle. The resulting tomato is used for winter harvesting and fresh consumption. "

Maria, Ufa: “Tomato is grown in the open field, using film cover, and at the same time we get a good harvest of large sweet tomatoes, which we eat fresh and use for winter preparations.”

The use of zoned varieties, such as "Abakansky pink", while observing all the necessary conditions of agricultural technology, allows to obtain stable yields of high-quality tomatoes, even in cold climates.

Planting and Growing Tips

  1. It is best to plant the seedlings of the “Abakan Rose” in the ground, where zucchini, cucumbers, cabbage, legumes, including peas and beans, grew before.
  2. Seedlings of this tomato should be covered with foil when transplanted to open ground. In the spring it will protect the bushes from late frosts, and in the fall will allow the fruits to ripen. Also, the variety can be grown in a greenhouse.
  3. "Abakansky pink" planted at the rate of 3 bushes per 1 m².
  4. It is necessary to regularly loosen the soil near the bushes and weed weeds as needed.
  5. Shrubs must be tied up and started to do it as early as possible, since its stems are rather weak and will not withstand large fruits without outside help.
  6. In the bushes need to remove additional stems, shoots - stepchild.
  7. Watering tomatoes of this variety should be in the evening, water, which stood all day in the sun.
  8. Feed "Abakansky pink" mineral and organic fertilizers.

Pest Prevention and Control

In order to prevent pests, tomato seedlings should be treated with pesticides even before they are placed in open soil. First of all it will save the "Abakan pink" from the attack of the Colorado potato beetle. It is noteworthy that this insect is interested only in seedlings of tomatoes, but adult plants are practically indifferent to it. If the pests still appeared, they can be overcome with any pesticides or try to collect manually if there are not too many bushes.

In addition to the Colorado potato beetle, the Abakan Pink has practically no enemies. Also, this variety copes with disease, thanks to its excellent immunity. All this allows gardeners to grow "Abakan pink" without unnecessary chemicals.

“Abakansky pink” is a new variety, therefore information about it is available only in the register description. But the reviews of real gardeners is not so much. Among the positive - good yield and fleshy fruit. Among the shortcomings of the "Abakansky pink" note the difficulties with the tying of tomatoes. Although, most likely, this is due to errors in the care of the bushes. With proper cultivation of problems with the variety will not arise.


Yield Abakansky pink average. When a tomato is harvested from a square meter per 5 kg, they do not speak of huge harvests. But if you consider that this is not a hybrid, the result is quite decent. The relatively low yield is compensated by the stretched fruit bearing and the excellent taste of the fruit, because of which, in principle, the variety is bred. Return to tomato increases with systemic use of fertilizers:

Watering is influenced by irrigation, Abakansky pink responds to them very well.

Pros and cons varieties Abakansky pink

When choosing a variety, it is necessary to evaluate its pros and cons. The minuses of the Abakansky rose are fewer than pluses. These are rather minor flaws:

  • relatively short storage period
  • ripe fruit crumpled during transport
  • need support and garter branches.

It is necessary to note the advantages of Abakansky pink, which explain its popularity among tomato fans:

  • marketable look and wonderful tomato flavor,
  • large size of fruits
  • fruits ripen well in boxes,
  • fruits are not prone to cracking,
  • with good care and dressing, the variety shows decent yields,
  • yield depends little on weather conditions
  • If preventive measures are taken, bushes rarely get sick.

The advantages of the variety are confirmed in practice by many amateur vegetable growers. Excellent photo of ripe fruit this proof. Not lazy amateur vegetable growers achieve good results, as Abakansky pink loves attention: watering, feeding, loosening between rows, pasynkovanie.

Reviews who planted

Abakansky pink became my first successful experience in growing large-fruited tomatoes. There were no greenhouses at that time, it was planted in open ground. There was little experience at that time, but the result was good. Bushes are powerful, a little over a meter tall. Tomatoes are sweet, with delicate pulp, large, pink, heart-shaped, sang on the bushes. Pasynki removed, led to 2 stalks, fed only with herbal infusion 2-3 times per season. Watering plentifully, bushes spudding. Phytophthora and other diseases on the bushes were not. I cannot estimate the quality of the fruit; tomatoes were quickly eaten.

Lada, Krasnodar region

I planted 10 Abakan pink bushes in open ground, the harvest was excellent. Bushes were directly sprinkled with tomatoes. True, the color of the tomato was not pink, but rather a light crimson. The taste did not disappoint, reminded me of an old variety Bullish heart. Salads with sour cream from Abakan pink are so tasty that they are eaten in a few minutes.

Valentina, Tikhoretsk

Planted in a greenhouse, removed all stepchildren. Bushes grew neat, stalks are not very thick. The fruits are mostly heart-shaped, but they were also rounded. In the brush was formed pieces of 5-6. Large tomatoes reached a weight of 500 g, those that are smaller, weighed about 300 g. The flesh is dense. Salted tomatoes, in salting, they are very good. I gather my seeds, share them with my friends. Everyone who tastes my tomatoes, then they ask for seeds. Taste tomato Abakansky pink like everyone without exception.