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What can be cooked from mushrooms rydovok: recipes


The mushrooms of the parsley are always called in different ways - seryanka, traveler, dublanka, podreshshnitsa, mlechnik, bitter. Despite all the names, the mushroom is still edible and belongs to the Russula family. But they must be soaked before cooking.

Mushroom Description

Judging by some of the names, it can be concluded that the mushrooms of the parsimus have gray caps and are found in nature as milk mushrooms. Why do they still belong to the milk mushrooms? Because they also contain milky juice.

In terms of its structure, the fungus is more like a smooth one, and not like a mush. Many novice mushroom pickers confuse a seruch with a smooth face, but this is not important, because both are edible. The description of a traveler's mushroom includes the fact that centric circles are visible on its cap, for this reason they can still be confused with waves. If you look closely, you can see that a gray woman has a gray or purple waveothers are dark pink.

Mushrooms travelers have lamellar spores, the cap itself is smooth, and its edges are slightly rounded. On young mushrooms, the cap has a slightly convex shape, but for mature ones it looks more like a funnel with a tubercle in the center. Typically, the diameter of the cap does not exceed 10−12 cm, but if the summer was rainy, you can find a mushroom seruh with a cap 20 cm in diameter.

The traveler's leg is of medium length, cylindrical in shape and with small grooves along the entire length. Mature serugs have a hollow leg, the same color with a cap or slightly lighter. Due to the fact that the mushroom has a hollow leg, it is also called a hollow box. Seruha has a dense white flesh with a fruity or slightly resinous smell.

The traveler has a milky sap that has a white color and a pungent odor. The milky juice contains an antibiotic that helps to stop the growth of Staphylococcus aureus bacteria, and besides it fights against some microorganisms.

Who can be confused?

Putiki, most often, confused with greens, which even do not belong to Mlechnik. These mushrooms are from the family row. Inexperienced mushroom pickers confuse grapes with two types of greens:

  1. With a row detached. Unlike the purple-gray putika hat, this ryadovka color is olive-brown, and in the center - blackout. Along the curved edge - rare scales and greenish coloring. Leg - light green, olive or white, the lower part is darker - it is dark gray or black. The color of the pulp is white or pale yellow. The taste, like that of the track, is bitter. Mealy smell is present.
  2. With deciduous greens. Unlike seruha, greens have a wide hat - conical, bell-shaped or prostrate. On the center - a hillock. The color of the cap is pale yellow, mustard yellow, greenish brown. From above - concentric scales - yellow-brown or brownish-greenish. Greeny yellow, notched-grown plates and a cylindrical stem, expanded at the base. The flesh is white or yellow. Taste and aroma are mild.

The gray crab or cherry is very similar in appearance to that of the crab. There is nothing terrible in this resemblance - all members of the family of lacquers are suitable for food, and if some of them are considered inedible, it is only because of the bitter taste, and not because of the poison. Cherushki are especially similar to two llechnik:

  • Zonal. He has a cream or ocher cap.
  • Bezzonovy. It is painted in brown shades.

It is easy to distinguish the paths - only they have the juice that stands out on the slice does not change the color. In similar mushrooms, the juice darkens when exposed to air.

The value and benefits of the fungus

Easily digestible purple mushrooms are considered a dietary product, they are only 18.5 kcal. They belong to the third food category. Indicators of their nutritional value:

  • proteins - 3.09 g,
  • carbohydrates - 3.26 g,
  • fat - 0.34 g,
  • water - 91.46 g,
  • cellulose - 1 g,
  • ash - 0.85 g

Lilac mushrooms are also rich in:

  • vitamins C, D, E, B6, B12, K1,
  • folic acid
  • thiamine
  • riboflavin,
  • nicotinic and pantothenic acids,
  • choline,
  • betaine.

Travelers are also rich in selenium, calcium, magnesium, potassium, zinc, phosphorus, iron, copper, and manganese. Cherries are valued for a rich set of vitamins, trace elements and amino acids. In these mushrooms useful elements are contained in the most successful proportions. Scientists claim that this is the most winning combination. Perhaps that is why the paths were so actively used in traditional medicine. With it, many diseases were treated - from skin lesions to consumption and cholera.

Lilac mushrooms strengthen the immune system and blood vessels, nourish the brain, cleanse the body of heavy metal salts.

Harm to ferns

Medicinal decoctions of sprouts should be carefully taken to people with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, pregnant, nursing, allergies. They are also not recommended to abuse any mushroom dishes. Abuse of parrots can trigger:

  1. Allergic reaction. It can be expressed in constipation, digestive disorders, and even abscesses in the gastric mucosa.
  2. Poisoning. There is a lot of chitin in the mushroom. Overeating can cause nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, chills, bloating, dizziness, and other symptoms of eating disorders.
  3. Inflammation of the duodenum.
  4. Frequent urge to urinate.
  5. Corrosiveness of the stomach walls with bioactive components.

The components contained in the seedlings can destroy muscle cells and cause renal failure.

Despite the abundance of beneficial properties, it is necessary to be careful with the seeds. They have elements that thin the blood and prevent its clotting. Putiki categorically contraindicated in bacterial vaginosis and dropsy.

Serushki, belong to the Russula family, a kind of lactifolia. For bitterness, mushrooms are classified as conditionally edible group of the third food category. The putik is quite tasty in salty form, but it must first be thoroughly soaked - in order for bitterness to disappear. Soaking lasts several days. Bitter juice saves the worms from worms and insects, so the fungus can be salted without fear of wormy. The demand for hikes appears, as a rule, in years, poor for other mushrooms.

Cooking features

Putika gorchat - this is the main thing that must be remembered, sending them in processing. The mushroom does not have any special taste, but for mushroom cuts it is perfect.

Before putting the pickles in salting or pickling, they are soaked for three days - so that the bitterness is gone. After soaking the mushrooms do not lose their saturated color. But long-term heat treatment is not recommended to expose them - ferry loses taste. When pickling mushrooms boil no more than 20 minutes.

What a good way to do it is is pure pulp - the worms do not favor it. Usually, starting from the feet, they quickly give up, and the caps remain primordially intact - this is very convenient and beneficial for processing.

Is it possible to grow sprouts?

To grow crops, you need a mycelium, a substrate and the corresponding conditions. All this requires investment, so growing mushrooms is usually practiced as a business.

Compared to champignons, porcini mushrooms, edible tinder or ringed bellies (cockerels), bellies do not enjoy mass demand. Moreover, many mushroom pickers are even unfamiliar with this mushroom. And the bitter taste of the train, which makes cooking difficult, predetermined its fate - it is unprofitable for industrial cultivation. Artificial production of tracks is not developed.

With proper preparation, sprigs can be a valuable nutritious dish. It is not the most popular mushroom in the rating of mushroom pickers, but, having an original taste, it invariably finds its fans. The mushroom does not need special cultivation, as it is rarely used in nutrition and other areas.

False cherry

There are more than 100 types of various types. Among them are many both edible and poisonous representatives. Therefore, before you go to the forest, you need to know all the subtleties and distinctive features of edible representatives. After all, everyone knows how dangerous the use of a poisonous fungus can be, which fell into a basket out of ignorance.

Poisonous rows are soapy, sulfuric, tiger and many others.

If you still mistakenly ate a poisonous regimen, and after consuming you feel that the symptoms of poisoning begin, do not delay the treatment in the hospital and wait for the condition to worsen. Immediately call an ambulance.

  1. The white rows first have a white cap, and later it becomes covered with brown spots.
  2. Leopard can be distinguished by the pattern of the cap, which in appearance resembles the coloring of a tiger. Their flesh is gray, and on the cap brown spots are visible.
  3. Mouse rowing has a dark gray cap. In this case, the leg of the fungus is painted in the same color. The taste of the pulp is very hot.
  4. Soap rows are quite unusual. Their hat is painted olive, and there are red specks on the leg. This species does not contain toxic substances, but is still considered inedible. This is due to the fact that the fungus acquires the consistency of soap. And eating it is simply impossible.

Toy Cock in Cooking

This mushroom is often used in cooking. From it they prepare a variety of dishes, as it has excellent taste. The peculiarity is that in case of improper preparation the product will have a pronounced bitter taste. Therefore, it must be soaked for several hours, and only after that proceed to the preparation of dishes.

If it is well soaked, all the bitterness goes away without a trace. The mushroom becomes tasty and fragrant. Representatives of the species can be seen in any assorted mushrooms. After cooking, they do not greatly decrease in volume, they retain an appetizing look and color.

Most often, the salt is salted or pickled. They love him for the fact that he doesn’t give way to the most noble mushrooms - white, Georgian. But finding a leaflet in the forest is much easier.

To get rid of diseases of the skin, stomach, or any infection, have long been prepared traditional medicines from ferry. This ointment, tincture. Many use the mushrooms of this type for the preparation of potions in our time.

The fungus fights parasites, bacteria, removes slags.

Precautions and Contraindications

It has been established that when used, a syrushka does not cause any harm to health. Before cooking, they just need to soak.

But you should always remember that anyone, even the most edible mushroom, can become dangerous. After all, they can absorb harmful substances from the soil. It is recommended to collect them only in environmentally friendly forests.

Due to the high content of chitin you can not eat a lot of mushrooms at once. Small children are also contraindicated, as their use can cause indigestion in an unformed organism.