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Apples: Health Benefits and Harm

Bulk apple - the most common fruit in our country. They eat it fresh, dry and baked, compotes, jam, jam and jam are prepared from the fruit. People enjoy eating apple fruits, hoping to get only benefit from them. However, to get involved in eating the fruit is not worth it, because it has contraindications and even causes harm.

The benefits of an apple for the body

The beneficial properties of an apple appear only when the product is natural, when it is grown without chemical fertilizers. The main substance of the fruit is iron. Its lack of in the body worsens the quality of hemoglobin - an oxygen carrier through tissues and systems. Deficiency is caused by weakness, fatigue, anemia and poor state of health.

Pectin and fibers are expelled from the body of harmful substances, including cholesterol. Therefore, regular consumption of apples is the best prevention of atherosclerosis, heart attack, stroke. Choleretic properties of fruits allow you to adjust the work of the digestive system. Apples give a mild laxative effect by increasing intestinal motility. They inhibit appetite and promote weight loss.

In the process of treating colds, apples also show their therapeutic abilities. Due to phytoncides, they eliminate pathogenic bacteria and accelerate recovery. Tannins obtained by the body from fruit, remove salts of heavy metals and reduce inflammation in the urinary system.

To improve the work of the stomach, fruits work by saturating the body with tartaric and malic acids. Considering their ability to break down fats, it is useful for an apple to eat fatty foods.

Harm apples for the body

Red fruits sometimes provoke allergic reactions, so before the use of the skin should be cleaned. Regardless of the color of apples, their acid and sugar destroy tooth enamel. To avoid this trouble, it is recommended to rinse your mouth with water after a treat.

Excess apples increases the acidity of the gastric juice and accelerates the fermentation processes in the intestine. Stomach is swollen, swollen, sore. The chair gets upset. Eating the fruit along with the bones is dangerous poisoning with hydrocyanic acid and iodine. But in case of iodine deficiency, the bone is allowed to be included in the diet in the amount of 5 pcs. in a day.

Contraindications to eating apples are gastritis, stomach ulcers and duodenal ulcer. Danger of patients with such diseases are malic and tartaric acid - they provoke an exacerbation of pathologies.

Fruits are often found in diet programs. Those who want to lose weight should not overeat apples, because a large amount of fiber can provoke the development or exacerbation of colitis. 2 - 3 fruits per day will be enough.

Apples health benefits and harm

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Apple is the favorite fruit of many. People try to eat fruit not only raw, but also come up with a variety of recipes based on the use of this tasty ingredient. However, in addition to excellent taste, apples have a number of quite valuable properties. This makes their use mandatory, especially for the following categories of people:

  • pregnant
  • having problems with the work of the gastrointestinal tract,
  • wanting to lose weight,
  • working in industries with hazardous working conditions.

Apples - low-calorie product, which contains almost no fat. The beneficial properties of the fruit are determined mainly by the presence of pectin and dietary fiber in its composition. They serve as a peculiar way of cleansing the body: the fibers are held together with cholesterol molecules and brought out. This prevents the blockage of blood vessels, which positively affects the work of the entire cardiovascular system. Pectin is also a type of fiber, only soluble. It removes cholesterol from the liver.

Green sour apples are the most popular diet product. If you want to lose weight, they can be used as a valuable and tasty snack. But it should be borne in mind that the acid present in such fruits provokes an increased production of gastric juice. It helps to strengthen the feeling of hunger after a certain time. This problem can be solved if you extinguish the apples in water or bake them in the oven.

Apples have properties that have a positive effect on the functioning of internal organs:

  1. Bactericidal and anti-inflammatory properties - for diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, colitis, dysentery, etc.
  2. As a gall-and diuretic and laxative means - with cholecystitis and digestive disorders.
  3. The presence of insoluble fiber in the composition - prevents constipation and reduces the likelihood of colon cancer.
  4. Pectin protects the body from the harmful effects of many toxic substances and salts of heavy metals (lead, arsenic, etc.).
  5. Magnesium salts, pectin and ascorbic acid prevent the development of atherosclerosis and reduce cholesterol levels.
  6. Tea made from apples has a beneficial effect on the nervous system, relieving tension and stress.
  7. The lack of fat in apples makes them indispensable in the fight against obesity - regular consumption of fruits normalizes metabolism. Also, apples are an excellent option for fasting days.

In addition to the internal effects, apples have a good effect on a person's appearance. Due to the fact that the fruit contributes to the destruction of formic acid and the formation of urinary, the fruit is used as an aid in chronic skin diseases, eczema, etc. Also, apples are beneficial in strengthening hair, nails, improving eyesight.

It is generally accepted that fruits, including apples, have a particularly positive effect. However, with prolonged mono-diet based on the use of these fruits as the basis of the diet, there may be irregularities in the work of the gastrointestinal tract, due to the high content of coarse fibers. With moderate consumption of apples, this property has a beneficial effect on the work of the intestine and stomach, and with increased consumption, it can provoke an exacerbation of chronic diseases (colitis, etc.).

Also, experts say that red varieties of apples should be excluded from the diet of people suffering from disorders of the cardiovascular system.

Harm apples can cause and teeth - when interacting with sugar, fruit acids can have a destructive effect on tooth enamel. Therefore, after using them, it is advisable to rinse your mouth with water.

Dual attitude to apple pits. On the one hand, it is a source of iodine, which is especially important for people suffering from diseases of the thyroid gland. On the other hand, hydrocyanic acid contained in fruits is a special potent poison for the body. Therefore, a day you can eat no more than 5 seeds from apples.

In relation to the benefits that apples have, the harm from them is not significant. Fruits are not found high sugar content (as, for example, in bananas or grapes) and saturated fats, as in dairy products and desserts. This is a natural product that does not contain GMOs, nutritional supplements, mercury and carcinogens, provoking the development of cancer cells.

Apples: the benefits and harm to the body, contraindications. What are valuable apples for women?

The most popular fruits in the world are apples. The benefits and harm to the body of these fruits have been discussed so many times that it is sometimes difficult to understand whether they should be so praised. How fair is the saying: “An apple for lunch — and there are no illnesses”? Is it possible, on the contrary, to get sick because of apples? If you can not answer with confidence - join, we will find the "moment of truth" together.

Ripe apples, depending on the variety, have a different taste and color. Choosing an apple, based on taste preferences - not the best way. It is more reasonable to analyze the state of your health in order to understand which apples will bring more benefits. Properties of fruits that differ in color do not match.

Green apple

Such gifts of apple trees are easily perceived by the body and very rarely cause allergic reactions. The high content of malic acid makes them an excellent "help" to digestion, and decent amounts of vitamin C will eliminate body fat and strengthen the immune system.

After eating "ripe greens" significant jumps in blood sugar levels are not observed, therefore, green apple varieties are a dietary product for diabetics and cardiologists. Calorie green apple - 35 Kcal / 100 g

Red Apple

Red fruit looks more beautiful, but can not boast of significant doses of beneficial acids that are beneficial to the work of the digestive system.

But there is a lot of sugar in it - it adds an apple nutritional value (47 Kcal / 100 g), at the same time turning it into dangerous food for people suffering from diabetes.

The benefits of red apples are still not fiction, because they also contain a lot of valuable substances.

Yellow apple

Of particular interest to apples arises among those who are faced with iron deficiency anemia. In this case, you need not exactly the yellow apple - there is less iron in it than in its “comrades”.

But if you are going to thoroughly clean the body of toxins and harmful compounds, while maintaining a healthy intestinal microflora, then do not give up the yellow fruit, because it is an abundant source of pectin!

Apples of this color treat the liver and biliary pathways. The nutritional value of the product is about 40 Kcal per 100 g.

Heard such a phrase from the grandmothers? Do not hesitate, these words are not a colorful fruit of folk art, scientists will be happy to sign under them. The reason for the great benefits of apples, not only in the reserves of iron, of which the surface of the fruit without the skin quickly oxidizes. Other components of the popular fruit will not leave you indifferent.

The chemical composition of an apple:

  • cellulose,
  • organic compounds
  • unsaturated and saturated fatty acids,
  • ash,
  • vitamin C,
  • vitamin groups B, A, E, PP, H, K,
  • various proportions of iron, zinc, manganese, potassium, calcium, magnesium, sodium, sulfur, phosphorus, chlorine,
  • some iodine was found in the seeds.

Paradise Character Properties

Why apples are sometimes called heavenly? It is not only a biblical story, according to which, by the way, it is not known what the seductive fruit was called. If you remain faithful to this fruit both in winter and in summer, your life will in some way begin to resemble heavenly.

Useful properties of apple fruits:

  • healing with ischemia
  • 20% reduce the risk of myocardial infarction,
  • help to preserve vision
  • establish the work of the digestive system,
  • 15% reduce the amount of cholesterol in the blood and prevent the entry of this substance into the blood vessels,
  • increase the acidity of the stomach, stimulating the appetite,
  • beneficial effects on metabolic processes,
  • remove toxins,
  • do not allow aging of the whole organism, including the brain,
  • due to the slight choleretic effect, prevention of the formation of stones in the gallbladder is carried out,
  • Avitaminosis and anemia win.

A unique long-term experiment showed that by consuming 20 kg of apples a year, life expectancy increases by several years. Unfortunately, citizens of CIS countries are 12 kg behind this norm.

Give women ... apples!

If there is no one to treat a woman with an apple, you will have to purchase several kilograms of this fruit yourself. Many problems that prevent ladies to feel more confident, it is the apples that solve.

Valuable properties of apples for the fair sex:

  • prevention of osteoporosis during menopause,
  • skin pore cleansing and rejuvenation in the process of massage with a slice of fresh fruit,
  • removal of papillomas (you should rub the growths with a piece of green apple),
  • strengthening the body during pregnancy (but you can not eat more than 4 fruits per day),
  • adding apple juice to natural cleanser is good for the skin,
  • extensive use of the leaves of the plant and apple cider vinegar in cosmetology.

In order not to damage the skin, it is important to choose the right apples. The benefits and harms for women of slices of this fruit also depend on the type of skin. The drier your skin, the sweeter the apple must be.

The benefits of harm "not far falls"

In some cases, even apples can be called junk food. Benefits for the body and contraindications of the product are not mutually exclusive concepts. There is a misconception: there are many allergens in the skin of apples, therefore, to avoid a negative reaction, the fruit must be cleaned.

In the menu for gastritis with high acidity, baked apples or mashed baked or boiled fruits are often included in the menu. Fresh - only sweet varieties. For example, white filling, Jonathan, Lungwort.

Contraindications and harm

In everything there should be a measure. Sugar and acids, which are contained in apples, are unsafe for tooth enamel. Excessive consumption of fruit can cause gas formation in the intestines, painful sensations.

People who have a history of gastritis or gastric ulcer should eat the fruit with great care, avoiding exacerbation of the disease.

Important! You can not eat apples immediately after eating the main meal. They are eaten 30 minutes before meals.

Green, yellow or red: which is better

Apples are rich in fiber, pectin, organic acids, flavonoids. Greens contain more microelements than yellow or red, and their sugar content is lower. Green fruits are considered hypoallergenic, but yellow or red fruits can cause allergies.

  • Red varieties reduce the risk of oncological diseases, improve memory performance, and normalize heart rate and the urinary system.
  • Green varieties are involved in strengthening bones, teeth, reduce the risk of cancer.
  • Yellow fruit helps to restore vision and the immune system.

Important!The greatest concentration of vitamins found in immature, still green apples. As soon as they begin to sing and change the color of the skin, the amount of vitamins decreases.

Why you shouldn’t peel

To get the maximum benefit from the fruit, it should be eaten raw and preferably together with the peel. It contains the necessary body pectin, vitamins, trace elements, organic acids.

But this can only be attributed to homemade fruit. In store apples, as a rule, there is a rather high content of pesticides and nitrates. Such fruits need not only to be thoroughly washed, but also to peel.

Apple Seed: Benefit or Harm

In 5-6 pits of apples is the daily rate of iodine, a rare vitamin B17 and potassium. Above this norm, doctors do not recommend consuming, since in addition to useful elements they contain amygdalin glycoside, which in the stomach turns into hydrocyanic acid (toxic substance).

Important! Vitamin B17 (laetril) slows the development and spread of tumor cells, improves the condition of the body and increases its activity.

How to store at home

  • store fruit at low temperatures: from -1 ° С to +5 ° С, suitable for storage are a refrigerator, a balcony, a cellar,
  • storage container should be with low sides, it is desirable to stack fruits in one layer, maximum in two, for safety, you can wrap each apple in paper or you can use wood chips,
  • In the refrigerator, apples are stored in plastic bags, 1.5 kg each, small holes for ventilation are punctured in the bags.

Apples are cooked in different ways: they are kvass, canned, baked, dried, boiled compotes of them, used as stuffing, they make jam, jelly, marmalade and many other dishes.

Baked in the oven apples - an indispensable treat for people who stick to a diet. These fruits have a soft texture, unique taste and aroma. The composition of apples does not change, they remain very useful despite the fact that the content of vitamins and minerals decreases.

This dessert is easily absorbed by the body, normalizes the microflora, shown in diseases of the digestive system. They improve the work of the heart muscle, restore kidney function, promote weight loss.

Baked apples in the oven

For roasting in the oven take autumn fruits of sour-sweet or sour varieties. It will take:

  • 5 apples
  • 5 teaspoons of honey
  • vanillin,
  • aluminium foil.

  • The oven is heated to +180 ° C.
  • In the washed apples from the side of the stem, a cone-shaped core is cut out so as to form a “cup”.
  • The baking sheet is covered with foil and the fruits are laid out.
  • A spoon of honey and a pinch of vanilla are placed in each apple “cup”.
  • Baked fruit from 10 to 40 minutes. It depends on their variety, juiciness and size.

Apples can be baked with cinnamon, nuts and raisins, cottage cheese, ginger, rice. The recipe of cooking depends on the mood and wishes of the hostess.

For heartburn

Apple neutralizes excess acid in the stomach, red and sweet fruits do the job better.

Fruits help on time, as they only relieve the symptom of heartburn. But to solve the cause of the need to change the diet, review the set of products and eliminate fat, fried, flour, meat and dairy.

При мочекаменной болезни и подагре

При мочекаменной болезни и подагре необходимо употреблять плоды сладких сортов, пить чаи с использованием яблочной кожуры, компот из яблок.

To reduce the pain that gout causes, you need to fry an apple on a small amount of oil. Toasted fruits are eaten, and the juice that is released during cooking is drunk.

For healing wounds and cracks

For the healing of cracks on the lips, nipples, hands and heels use apple sauce with the addition of butter.

The pulp of apples relieves inflammation in case of burn wounds, skin irritations, removes warts, copes with acne.

The English have a saying, which translates as: “Who eats an apple once a day - that doctor does not happen”. And this is true. After all, an apple is an extremely healthy fruit that will benefit everyone: from young to old.

How are apples useful?

These fruits are not only beautiful, tasty, but also very useful. They contain up to 80% of water, easily absorbed by the body, which explains their refreshing effect. They are rich in organic acids, which is important for normal liver function. Also contain large quantities of easily digestible carbohydrates - glucose, fructose, sucrose. In their pulp a significant amount of pectic substances. Apple pectin acts as a sorbent, removing toxins from the body, which cause significant harm to human health.

In apples, a favorable combination of mineral salts. Some varieties have a tart taste due to the presence of tannins in them, contributing to better absorption of vitamins..

But apples are especially valuable as suppliers of vitamins necessary for the body. These fruits are consumed mainly in raw form, which means that a person receives all the useful substances, including vitamins, to the fullest extent possible.

Apples in Diet

Apple is on the menu 90% existing diets. But there are specially designed monodiets, as well as kefir-apple fasting days. Therefore, the question of whether it is possible to eat apples with diets, disappears by itself. The main warning is to strictly follow the recommendations and not to increase the specified duration.

Apple diet it happens on fresh and baked fruits, standard or shortened, but every way to lose weight has reasoned contraindications that need to be taken into account.

Apples you can fry, simmer, bake, dry, wet and pickle. Interesting combinations are obtained in the presence of fruit salads, both fruit and vegetable, second courses, vegetable stews, cereals, or diet casseroles. The combination of meat and apples helps more efficient breakdown of protein and lipid structures.

The fruit can be consumed with the following products:

  • sweet vegetables (pumpkin, turnip and zucchini),
  • greens
  • green vegetables,
  • Bulgarian pepper and carrots,
  • meat fish, poultry, beef, pork, lamb,
  • nuts,
  • honey
  • cottage cheese,
  • yogurt,
  • liquid dairy products,
  • milk
  • all cereals
  • sour-sweet and sour fruits and berries.

Apples produce particularly healthy diets. cocktails, mashed potatoes, mousses, low-calorie pastries. And in order to diversify the menu “losing weight” with something tasty, you can cook a wonderful low-calorie delicacy - baked fruits with raisins and ground cinnamon.

No less popular than the apple itself, and the juice obtained from it. Read about the benefits and harms of apple juice. This juice is in its own way universal and actively mixed and combined in the production of beverages with others, for example, with carrot juice.

Which apple varieties are better for health?

It is known that the beneficial properties of apples are affected by the method, location and duration of storage, the growing region and, of course, the variety. The most valuable for health are green apples. They are hypoallergenic, contain less sugars and more vitamins, unlike the others. The benefits of baked apples in an oven of this color are not inferior to raw fruit of red, yellow or other variety. It is preferable to use fresh apples from the direct owners of the garden than to purchase "shiny" fruits in supermarkets.

An example of the most suitable for health promotion fruit is Antonovka. Apples, the use of which is also proven, wound Semerenko, they are rich green, moderately sour and very juicy. Both varieties are cultivated throughout the country, very popular and very acceptable in their value. It is better to beware of imported large and shiny apples. Often they are grown with the addition of chemicals, their surface is treated with pesticides, and they are transported long enough to fully preserve useful properties.

Who needs to eat this fruit

Apples should be included in your diet for people who suffer from digestive problems. This fruit is perfect for patients with gastritis with low acidity, chronic colitis, infectious diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. The benefits of apples for health is also in the high content of dietary fiber, which is excellent for constipation and intestinal peristalsis and prevent cancer. Regular consumption of these fruits improves liver function. Bactericidal and antimicrobial properties of apples have a positive effect in the presence of diseases of the genitourinary system.

They reduce the risk of atherosclerosis due to the ability to reduce the amount of cholesterol. This is very important for patients with problems in the cardiovascular system. Tannins contribute to the removal of uric acid, so the fruit is strongly recommended to include in the diet of patients with gout. The benefits of fresh apples for obese people are indisputable, as it is a low-calorie product that inhibits fat deposition due to the presence of tartronic acid. They are recommended to eat with anemia and reduced hemoglobin. Pectins bind toxic substances and accelerate their excretion from the body.

The benefits of apples for children are not at all exaggerated, since this sweet and fragrant fruit is full of precious substances for a growing organism. It improves the child's appetite, boosts immunity and cleans the intestines.

How to choose really useful apples

In order to choose when buying fell on healthy and delicious apples, you need to know a few simple rules:

  • Fruit must be moderately firm.
  • It should not contain dents, dark spots and soft spots.
  • Small apples are better than large ones. Big fruits are usually overripe.
  • Apple must match its grade.
  • The lack of flavor indicates long and improper storage.
  • A shiny apple is a sign of waxing.
  • Worminess is a good sign. This is a sign of environmental friendliness of the product.
  • It is better to buy apples from local "producers".
  • Do not buy summer apples in the winter and vice versa.

In order not to guess for a long time, you can purposefully come to the market for a specific sort of apples. Optimally useful, tasty and inexpensive is Antonovka. Apples, the use of which exceeds many other fruits, will help to preserve health for many years. And it is true. After all, it is believed that one apple eaten per day replaces one trip to the doctor. And people who regularly eat these fruits live on average 17 years longer than others. Therefore, eating 2-3 apples a day, you can extend your life for several years and get a lot of pleasure from tasty and juicy fruits.

Who should eat dried apples?

The benefit of dried fruit is guaranteed to all lovers, but there are still people who are recommended to include this fruit in their daily diet without fail.

  • People who have a tendency to constipation or an inflammatory process in the rectal area, must necessarily have dried fruits on their table every day. The content of fiber in them contributes to the rapid and painless removal of toxins and the normalization of the processes of digestion,
  • If a person has high cholesterol, the benefits of regular consumption of dried fruit are invaluable to him,
  • The urinogenital system, which has these or other disorders, needs many of the elements that make up dried apples,
  • The musculoskeletal system needs constant calcium replenishment. Some diseases or improper lifestyle of a person cause irreparable harm, calcium is washed out of the body. Dried apples are a great way to return to the skeletal system what was lost without the need for medication,
  • People who are overweight usually have difficulty expelling fluid from their body. Dried apples contain such a trace element as potassium in abundance, namely it contributes to the process of ridding the human body of excess fluid. Regular consumption of dried fruits leads to a decrease and complete disappearance of edema, this is the main use of apples for weight loss,
  • If the immunity is weakened by diseases, then the best way to restore it is a compote of dried fruit.

In addition to all of the above, dried apples have other features. They contribute to the speedy digestion of proteins and fats, protect people from early aging, and even contribute to the improvement of mental processes, such as memory, attention and logical thinking.

Baked apples - the benefits and harm

Everyone knows about the high nutritional value of fresh fruits, in particular apples, but few people think that they are no less useful when baked. This method of cooking allows you to preserve the fruits of many vitamins and minerals, as well as reduce their caloric content and neutralize other negative factors. Almost all people can eat baked fruits for food, although, of course, there are some limitations here. Information about the benefits and dangers of baked apples is not a secret sealed, but many people ignore such knowledge, depriving themselves of a safe source of valuable substances. Therefore, nutritionists advise anyone who is concerned about their own health, to pay close attention to this dish.

What is useful baked apple?

One of the advantages of baked fruit is the simplicity of their preparation. To do this, simply wash the whole fruit, remove the core from them, put in a heat-resistant dish and hold in the oven for 10 minutes. You can cook apples in the microwave, although it will be a little longer and take 20 minutes. In addition, some experts believe that the microwave oven destroys the beneficial substances contained in apples and other fruits, so it is best to use it only for heating food. The benefit of baked apples in the oven is beyond doubt. They contain a huge amount of vitamins and trace elements: vitamin C, A, K, group B vitamins, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, etc., as well as pectins, dietary fiber, antioxidants, etc. All of these substances from baked food will digest much better than from fresh apples, especially if a person has problems with the stomach or intestines.

The list of useful properties of baked apples is quite wide. They clean the blood vessels of harmful cholesterol and help maintain the level of this substance in the blood at an acceptable level. Baked fruits optimize the bowels and relieve constipation. They are almost safe for the gastric mucosa, as they irritate it much less than fresh fruit with a large amount of organic acids in the composition. But still you should not eat even baked apples on an empty stomach for people with gastrointestinal diseases.

They also have a diuretic effect, inject slags from the body, improve overall well-being. Doctors prescribe a diet of baked apples to those who live in highly polluted areas, for example, near large factories and enterprises. These fruits are well introduced free radicals, heavy metal, protect against the development of oncology. And they are well suppress the feeling of hunger, and therefore help to lose weight.

In addition to the benefits and harm of baked apples too. They can provoke allergies or intestinal upset when used in too large quantities. In addition, people with gastritis, peptic ulcer or increased the acidity of the stomach should also be eaten these fruits carefully in any form. And those who follow the figure, you need to remember that any ingredients that are added during the preparation of baked apples, for example, honey, sugar, nuts, add a calorie meal. So, they can provoke the appearance of extra pounds.