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Two yolk egg: features and causes


According to the observations of specialists from the Veterinary Administration of the Altai Territory, two yolk chicken eggs are an abnormal phenomenon, but frequent: from all eggs collected at poultry farms, they account for from 0.6% to 1%. Two-yerk products are in high demand because of the benefits: for the same price, it is possible to receive goods more than one and a half times.

So why do chickens carry two yolk eggs? The formation of an egg with a pair of yolks occurs due to an error in the reproductive system of the hen: as a result of simultaneous ripening and the release of two eggs at once into the lumen of the oviduct, where the protein and the total shell envelop them.

Veterinarians answered the question why the chicken carries two yolk eggs:

  1. Age. Such a product is carried by hens with an unstable ovulatory cycle: either young (the first couple of weeks of egg laying) or old ones that have entered the stage of completion of the oviparous period.
  2. Disease. Pathological processes in the organs of the reproductive system of the hen (inflammation of the oviduct), leading to a failure in the formation of eggs, lead to this. The signs of a layer's ill health include: the presence of blood clots, defects in the shell or the absence of yolk.
  3. Hormones. A product with two yolks carries hens in response to hormonal stimulation in order to increase the productivity of the birds.
  4. Poultry farmers note that the ability to lay eggs with a pair of yolks is inherent in highly productive layers and is inherited.

Eating a two-yielding product can harm the human body in cases where the anomaly is caused by a disease of a hen or the introduction of hormonal stimulants to chickens. And the chicken eggs, carried by a healthy pullet, which was not injected with hormones, are harmless and have a high nutritional value.

Solution to the problem

The solution to this problem begins with the determination of the cause of the anomaly and the knowledge of which hens carry two yolk eggs:

  1. If they were carried by pullet hens, their pipes recommend reducing the duration of the active light period to 12 hours with a gradual increase.
  2. If old eggs give an egg chicken product, they are rejected and replaced with young stock, because it is impossible to restore the reproductive cycle in age chickens.
  3. Suspecting a feathered disease, they invite a veterinarian to consult and prescribe treatment.
  4. If the birds began to carry two yolk eggs in response to hormonal stimulation, they stop introducing dietary supplements and hormones into the diet.

A competent approach to creating conditions for keeping chickens, drawing up a diet, especially in winter, and the timely replacement of the age population with young individuals allows the chickens to receive a healthy product every day.

How to distinguish

There are several indicators that distinguish a standard egg from a two-yolk egg.

  • A two-yielded chicken egg looks similar to a standard one-yelled egg, only larger: its weight reaches 100–110 grams, and a normal testicle of the category “selective” weighs about 65–70.
  • The calorie and nutritional value of the product with two yolks is higher than the standard one and a half times. Also, the shape is somewhat different: in an egg with a pair of yolks it is more oblong.
  • The color of the shell depends only on the breed of hens and is not determined by the presence of one or two yolks. The presence of two yolks can be determined with the help of an ovoscope.

Will chicks come out

Many ordinary people believe that two yolks imply two twin chicks. In fact, the canoes claim that full-fledged chicks do not hatch from them.

The experience of incubating two yolk eggs at Ukrainian poultry farms showed that, despite the development of both embryos, between one and three-quarters of embryos survive to the hatching period. Therefore, a defective incubation material is not suitable for breeding and should be discarded.

Two yolk eggs are used as raw materials for the preparation of dry melange - egg powder, which is in demand in many sectors of the food industry.

In some Ukrainian poultry farms, it is common practice to artificially induce an egg laying error in chickens in order to increase the number of non-standard egg product with two yolks for the needs of the processing industry.

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Can i eat

According to experts, if the chicken that laid the egg with a double yolk was not stimulated with hormones, then such an egg can be eaten without harm to health. Today, the testicles with this feature are in good demand among the population. All this is due to the fact that for the same price you can get larger eggs that do not differ in taste.

These egg products are capable of producing both healthy, highly productive, young laying hens, and birds “aged”, with some hormonal abnormalities or diseases. We list some of the reasons for this phenomenon.

Laying age

One of the reasons may be age-related changes in chickens.

Video: why eggs have two yolksFor example:

  1. A young chicken ovulated two eggs simultaneously. In this case, the eggs, falling into the upper section of the oviduct, due to the protein and shell glands are covered by one common shell.
  2. The double testicles are carried by the hen, which is in the young life cycle, in which reproductive functions are only formed (the first few weeks of egg-laying).
  3. Double eggs are carried by an “old woman” hen, who diligently performed her egg-bearing function throughout her life, as a result of which her oviduct's tone was reduced, and this was the cause of this pathology.

Hormonal supplements

Another reason may be hormonal stimulants. Some manufacturers use artificial stimulation of the ripening and laying of hormonal drugs to get more testicles.

Products made with the help of such stimulation may be dangerous for the health of consumers. Yes, and for the health of laying hens is not useful.

Inflammatory and hormonal diseases

For two yolks in the egg produce sick birds or layers, suffering from hormonal disruptions:

  1. Chickens that have ovulatory problems and inflammation of the oviduct (salpingitis). At the same time, they can be carried not only by eggs with double yolks, but also without yolks, as well as with defects, with blood clots. Sick birds should receive timely treatment and special care.
  2. The occurrence of hormonal disorders in young layers at the very beginning of the egg-laying, due to which a failure occurs in ovulatory processes. This may occur due to abrupt changes in lifestyle: increased daylight hours by several hours (over 15 hours) due to artificial lighting in the chicken coop, or they started feeding chickens with enhanced nutrition with premixes.

Is it good or bad

This interesting phenomenon, like two yolks in one testicle, should not be treated as an advantage. For poultry farmers who find eggs with such features in their nests in their hen, this should be a wake-up call. Although, as we have already figured out, basically such products are not dangerous, and they can be used in cooking, but this can be considered a disadvantage rather than an advantage.