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So the Maslenitsa came, wide, riotous, merry! These days, even gorgement was not considered a sin, and there was something to eat. Every day at Shrovetide is called in a special way and in a special way marked.

Monday - Meeting. On this day from the very early morning began to bake pancakes. Each hostess secretly shut sour dough from everyone, and God forbid someone looked into the tub - that's all, write down, the pancakes will not work. On this day, the first pancake was not eaten, leaving him to mention the dead. His son’s wife was sent to her parents with pancakes baked by her, and in the evening they came for pancakes to matchmakers.

King's pancakes

3 stack buckwheat flour,
2 stack wheat flour,
1 stack cream
100 g butter,
200 g sour cream,
6 eggs
1 l milk
25 g of pressed yeast,
1 tbsp. Sahara,
1 tbsp. salt.

In 2 cups of warm milk, dilute buckwheat flour and yeast and leave in a warm place to rise. After an hour of fermentation, add 5 yolks, pounded with butter and sour cream, wheat flour, the remaining milk, salt and sugar. Stir thoroughly with a spatula until the dough does not lag behind it, and set to rise in a warm place for 1.5-2 hours. Beat 6 whites and cream, add them to the dough that came up, stir gently, let stand 10 minutes and bake pancakes.

Tuesday - Game. A day full of trouble for unmarried girls. On this day, the guys went around the village to visit the girls, ate pancakes and looked at potential brides. So the girls prepared pancakes and pancakes, with cottage cheese, poppy seeds, butter and honey and other goodies. By what pancakes and pancakes the guy eats, the girls wondered what kind of husband they would get. In addition to pancakes, there were cakes on the table - and according to them, the guys could try to guess which hostess the girl would be like.

Pancakes with fillings

3 eggs,
120 g of flour,
125 ml of milk,
4 tbsp. vegetable oil
30 ml of carbonated mineral water
a pinch of salt.

Separate the yolks from the proteins and rub them with flour, milk and mineral water. Separately, whisk the whites to hard peaks with a pinch of salt, gently add to the dough and mix. Add vegetable oil and bake thin pancakes, roasting them on one side. Start the pancakes stuffed to taste, wrap in an envelope and fry in vegetable oil until golden brown. Stuffings for pancakes can be any, except meat - because the meat on the Pancake Day can not be.

Classic Cheesecakes

30 g of pressed yeast,
270 ml of milk,
450 g flour,
2 tbsp. Sahara,
50 g butter,
½ tsp salt.
500 g of cottage cheese,
4 yolks,
4 tbsp. Sahara,
40 g melted butter,
2 tbsp. sour cream
1 tbsp. flour (with a slide),

Heat the milk to 40 ° C, stir the sugar and yeast in it, leave for 10 minutes to come. In the padded yeast, pour in the melted butter, salt, add the sifted flour and knead the smooth dough. Put it in a warm place, let it fit. The dough should increase by 2 times. Punch, let go again and divide into 16 parts. Put the resulting buns on a parchment-laid baking sheet and let stand. For the filling, wipe the curd through a sieve and mix with the rest of the ingredients. If it is not very sweet, add sugar. In the center of each bun, push the grooves with a glass to make something like a basket. Brush the edges of the baskets with yolk mixed with milk and fill with curd. Put the cheesecakes in the oven, preheated to 200 ° C, for 20-30 minutes. Put a pan with water on the bottom so that the cheesecakes do not burn.

Wednesday - Lakomka. In all houses rich tables were laid. And for the mother-in-law there was a hot time, because on this day it was necessary to treat the son-in-law, and not just bake pancakes, but to arrange a real pancake feast! Pancakes for my beloved son-in-law were all kind of baked: large and small, yeast and milk, with caviar and herring, with jam and honey ... And numerous tents were set up on the streets with all kinds of food. They sold roasted nuts, honey cakes, shot.

Sbiten with hops

1 l of water
50 g of honey
50 grams of sugar
3 g hop cones,
¼ tsp cinnamon,
3 carnation buds,
3-5 leaflets of mint.

Add honey, sugar and spices to the boiling water. Boil for 10-15 minutes, periodically removing the foam. Then remove from heat, let it brew for 30 minutes and strain.

Pancakes with tomatoes

4 ripe tomatoes,
¾ stack of milk,
2 eggs,
salt to taste
greens, grated white cheese.

Slice the tomatoes and boil them in a little water until cooked. Strain the tomato mass through a sieve, salt it, pour in the milk, loose eggs and stir. Add so much flour to make the dough thickness of sour cream. Bake pancakes, fold them in half, sprinkle with chopped greens and grated cheese.

Thursday - Razgulay. It was on this day that the famous fistfights were organized, the capture of specially built snow fortresses, horseback riding, races from ice slides and competitions for the best pancake in the whole village. Remember the famous paintings "Taking the Snow Town" and "Maslenitsa" or stills from the film "The Barber of Siberia"? On Thursday, the so-called Broad Maslenitsa began, when household chores ceased, and unrestrained merriment began. On this day, not only pancakes are baked, but also larks, doves and swallows - harbingers of spring. By evening, the children were going to call the sun behind the outskirts so that it quickly brought spring.

Pancakes with red fish

3 stack milk
2 stack flour,
2 eggs,
2 tbsp. butter,
½ tsp Sahara,
½ tsp salt,
200 g lightly salted red fish
50 g butter.

Pound eggs, salt, sugar and butter with a wooden spoon, dilute with milk and pour the mixture into the flour, stirring constantly to avoid lumps. The dough should turn out pretty liquid. Bake pancakes on both sides. Cut the red fish into thin slices. In the middle of each pancake lay the fish slices and a piece of butter.

Doves of butter dough

1 stack milk
3-3, 5 stack flour,
15 g of pressed yeast,
2 tbsp. Sahara,
½ tsp salt,
¼ stack melted butter,
strong sweet tea - for plastering.

In warm milk, mix yeast, sugar and salt and mix. set for 10-15 minutes to ferment. Gradually add flour to the black yeast and knead the dough. At the very end of the batch, add melted butter and knead smooth dough that will not stick to your hands. Put in a warm place, covered with a napkin. When the dough will increase by 2 times, knead it and let it go again. Then divide the dough into 16 pieces and roll the dough into flagella. Tail the flagella in a bundle, flatten the tail and make a few cuts on it, pull out the spout and insert the eyes (raisins or buckwheat). Put the doves on a baking sheet covered with baking paper, let them stand, brush with strong sweet tea and put them to bake at 180 ° C for 20-25 minutes.

Friday - Evening evening. Return visit mother-in-law to son in law. At the same time, the mother-in-law had to send the tub for kneading dough, a frying pan and even a scoop on the eve. And the father-in-law sent a bag of flour. And here it was impossible to hit the face in the dirt! The son-in-law had to bake pancakes himself and treat his mother-in-law and father in law.

Pancakes with caviar

4 yolks,
800 g flour,
3 stack milk
400 g butter.
3 eggs,
1 can of red caviar
50 g butter,
greens - to taste.

Pour the yolks into the sifted flour, mix with the flour and pour in the melted butter and milk. Beat with a mixer until a homogeneous mass of fat cream consistency. Bake pancakes in a hot pan on both sides. For the filling, chop the boiled eggs and chop the greens. In the middle of each pancake place a teaspoon of caviar, some eggs, greens and a small piece of butter. Wrap up as you like, and serve.

Saturday - Zolovki gatherings (Seeing off). On Saturday, a young sister-in-law invited her husband's sisters. If they were not married, the daughter-in-law invited her unmarried girlfriends. If the sister-in-law was already married, then all the married girlfriends were invited and the whole train went to visit. It was decided to give gifts to the sister-in-law and, of course, to treat them to delicious pancakes, cakes or baked fish.

Fish pancakes


300 g fish fillets,
1 onion,
1 stack kefir,
3 tbsp. flour,
1 egg
salt, ground black pepper, seasonings - to taste.

Fillet of fish with onion, skip 2 times through a meat grinder or chop in a blender. Mix with kefir, beaten egg and flour, season to taste. The dough should turn out like pancakes. If necessary, add kefir. Bake the pancakes in a hot frying pan with vegetable oil until golden brown.

Pancakes with nuts and cherry

200 ml of milk,
125 g of flour,
4 eggs,
2 tbsp. Sahara,
2 tsp. starch,
2 tbsp. nuts,
2 tbsp. melted butter,
1 tsp powdered sugar,
1 pack of frozen cherries,
Cinnamon, salt, ground allspice - to taste.

Separate the yolks from the whites and knead them with flour, milk and a pinch of salt. Cover with a napkin and leave to warm for swelling. Put the cherry in the pan, pour 2 stack. water and boil with sugar, cinnamon and allspice. Dissolve starch in a small amount of water and add to cherry compote. Boil for 5 minutes and remove from heat. Finely chop the nuts. Beat the whites into a lush froth, mix with the nuts and add to the dough. In a pan with melted butter, bake fritters. Serve with cherry dessert and powdered sugar.

Cherry dumplings

5-6 stak. flour,
3 protein
½ stack milk
½ stack water,
½ tsp salt.
800 g frozen cherries,
½ stack Sahara,
3 tbsp. semolina

Combine proteins with water, milk and salt and mix well. Gradually add flour and knead the dough. Cover it with a napkin and leave in a flat place for 30-40 minutes. For the filling, defrost the cherry, sprinkle it with sugar and semolina and leave for 30 minutes. Then drain the juice and fill the dumplings. Roll out the dough thinly, cut out the cups with a notch, place a teaspoon of filling in the center and pinch the edges. Boil the dumplings in boiling salted water. Serve with butter or sour cream.

Sunday - Sunday sunday. The culmination of the holiday is the burning of stuffed Winter. On this day, everyone is asking each other for forgiveness for will or unwittingly caused resentment. This is a kind of ritual of repentance and purification before Lent. Even strangers embraced and asked each other for forgiveness. Sunday is the last day of the holiday treats, on which it was decided to eat up to satiety. At the end of the day they heated the bath, and then they burned all that remained of Shrovetide festivities. The ashes were scattered in the field - for a good harvest, so that the pancakes for the next year would come from.

Pancake Kornik

14-16 pcs. any savory pancakes,
100-150 grams of chicken meat
200 ml sour cream,
200 g of mushrooms,
1 onion,
4 eggs,
50 g of hard cheese
salt, pepper, dill - to taste.

Cut the chicken meat into slices and fry together with half the chopped onion. Salt, pepper, add 1 tbsp. sour cream and put out 10-15 minutes. Separately, fry the mushrooms with the remaining onions. Boil eggs, chop and combine with chopped dill. Put 3-5 pancakes in the form so that they cover the bottom and sides of the form and hang out. Put a pancake on the bottom, brush with sour cream and put the mushrooms. Cover with 1-2 pancakes, lay the chicken. Again, put 1-2 pancakes, lightly press, grease with sour cream and lay out the eggs. Put 1-2 pancakes on top. Wrap the edges of the hanging pancakes and sprinkle with grated cheese on top. Place in preheated to 180 ° C oven for 20-25 minutes.


200-250 g of mushrooms (champignons, oyster mushrooms, etc.),
1 onion,
5-6 tbsp. butter,
2-3 tablespoons sour cream
7-8 eggs
½-⅓ stack milk,
40 grams of cheese
parsley, pepper, salt - to taste.

Boil the mushrooms until half cooked, finely chop and simmer with chopped onion and 1 tbsp. oils. At the end of the quench, add salt, pepper and sour cream. The filling should be pretty thick. Beat eggs with milk, add chopped parsley and salt. Divide the egg mass into 3 parts and fry 3 omelets. Put the omelets in the pan, shifting them with mushroom stuffing, so that you get a cake. Sprinkle the top layer with grated cheese, pour with melted butter and put in a hot oven for a few minutes to melt the cheese.

"Like in an oil week, the pancakes flew into the ceiling!"

The word Maslenitsa gives us a kind and bright feeling in our soul - satiety, home comfort and fun, festivities.

Maslenitsa is a favorite holiday of all, traditional in Russia, but also the longest. It personifies the farewell of winter and the meeting of spring, is surrounded by rites of Slavic mythology and lasts 7 days. Celebrate it begins a week before Lent. The start date of the carnival changes every year and is tied to the Orthodox Easter.

Initially Maslenitsa was a pagan holiday, which eventually became part of the Orthodox Church. Our ancestors honored the sun as a god and brought him various gifts for the glory of a rich harvest, so that it warmed the earth and made it fertile. One of the symbols of the sun were flat cakes - round and ruddy, after eating which a person received light and heat. Soon, the cakes were replaced with pancakes.

Interestingly, the word “pancake” was formed by distorting the word “Mlin” from the verb “grind”. Pancakes are the main dish, the main treat and the Shrovetide symbol! Over a thousand years ago, pancakes appeared in Russia and their recipes changed many times. They were baked with various ingredients (on milk, kefir, brine, yeast) from different types of flour (corn, buckwheat, rye) and with many fillings (vegetable, buckwheat), and also ate with anything - butter, honey, sour cream, caviar fish

Pancakes are considered as a Russian traditional dish.

Pancakes for Shrovetide week they bake every day. From Monday to Wednesday, during the Narrow Shrovetide, not very much, since these days are devoted to housework, and now on Broad Maslenitsa, from Thursday to Sunday, when all the work is stopped and mass festivities begin, pancake abundance takes place.

Each of the seven days of Shrovetide has its own name, its meaning and its tradition of celebration.

Monday - "Meeting"

Of course, on the first day of the week - this is the meeting of Maslenitsa. On this day, the main preparations for the holiday are completed, according to custom, they make an effigy of straw and old clothes, which will be planted on the last day of the Pancake Week. The hostesses set the festive table and bake pancakes. On this day, it is customary to invite guests to agree on how to spend a week, and be sure to treat them to pancakes.

Here you can find a recipe for delicious scrambled pancakes, which you can easily make, as it is from the category of “quick fix”.

By tradition, the first pancake is given to the remembrance of the departed, as a tribute to ancestors.

Tuesday - "Play"

The traditional day of festivities, games and fun - riding on slides, ice-boats, roundabouts. It is customary to start funny games and entertain pancakes for fun.

On this day brides are still being arranged. Young people look at the girls, choose and send matchmakers. Future relatives are looking at each other and conspiring about the upcoming celebration.

Wednesday - "Lakomka"

The name of the day speaks of a rich and tasty treat, and pancakes are sure to come first. Each hostess especially tries to surprise the guests with an unusual recipe, for example, gingerbread pancakes (you can find all the secrets of cooking here).

On Wednesday, her son-in-law comes to her mother-in-law, whom she treats and demonstrates good location, and her son-in-law in turn sings songs of praise to her.

Thursday - "Razgulay"

Here begins the Broad Maslenitsa, all work is completed, the celebration and festivities unfold in full width, from morning to evening: competitions, fist fights, wall-to-wall games, horseback riding, dancing and songs, jumping over the fire, storming and capturing snow town. The meaning of all the games and fun was important and necessary in order to throw out all the negative energy accumulated over the winter and to resolve conflicts between people.

Friday - "Teschina Evening"

On this day, the mother-in-law with a return visit comes to visit his son-in-law, and pancakes this day are baked by his daughter (son-in-law's wife). And in this case, the “Yeast pancakes for lunch” are good for the table, which will strengthen relations between relatives and remind you of the imminent arrival of spring, and therefore of warmth.

Saturday - "Zolovki gatherings"

During Shrovetide, not only the mother-in-law treats, but also young daughters-in-law invite their husband's relatives to pancakes, showing off their culinary abilities. If sister-in-law, her husband's sisters are unmarried, then the sister-in-law invites her unmarried girlfriends to the general gatherings. If the husband’s sisters were already married, the sister-in-law calls her married relatives. The sister-in-law is preparing and giving presents to her sister-in-law

Resurrection - “Wires of Shrovetide”. Forgiveness of the resurrection.

This is a very bright and beautiful day before the beginning of Lent. Close people are asking each other for forgiveness for all that they have done, for the trouble and resentment.

An important event is the burning of a straw effigy, personifying the passing winter. It is also considered that the scarecrow burns down all the bad things that happened in the past year.Seeing off the winter and meeting the spring, a rich festive table is laid, where pancakes take pride of place.

And the best final holiday chord of the whole Maslenitsa week will be “Pancake cake with mascarpone and strawberry” - see the recipe here.

Merry Maslenitsa to you, delicious pancakes and well-being!




Monday: meeting

After the snow mountains, the swings and the booths were completed, and the effigy of Maslenitsa was impaled and demonstrated to the whole district, the families started to bake pancakes. On Monday they should be fatter and richer. Classic Guryev pancakes - the ideal beginning of Shrovetide week.

Tuesday: tricks

On this day, the boys looked for their brides, and young families rode down the hills and called relatives and acquaintances for pancakes. Our playful mini pancakes will be most welcome on this flirtatious day.

Wednesday: gourmet

Sons-in-law come to the mother-in-law, and the hostesses do their best to please the husbands of their daughters, preparing all sorts of delicacies. And what could be more delicious than lush, fragrant, matchless yeast pancakes?

This year, on Wednesday, Valentine's Day fallsthisreason to bake withladky pancakes for your favorite prescription of the famous pastry chef! Watch the video recipe!

Thursday: rampant

The festivity gained a real scale: mass celebrations, fist fights, dances and various competitions. We offer you to go to the culinary rampant, having prepared fantastic buckwheat pancakes in french style.

Friday: evening cracks

Today mother-in-law comes to pancakes with relatives and friends. In order for everyone to be satisfied, the son-in-law must entertain and feed the guests of the highest class. Why not bake original pancakes with simple and clear filling?

Saturday: Zolovka gatherings

Young daughters-in-law invite their husbands (sisters) and other relatives to visit them and actively try to demonstrate culinary talents and ability to manage the household. Luxuriously decorated pancakes are served to the table. Personally, we will cook chic spinach nodules with cream cheese and salmon.

Sunday: seeing off

On the last day of Shrovetide or Forgiveness Sunday they drove away the winter and set fires to which old unwanted things and remnants of fatty Shrovetide food were thrown. The main event was the burning of the effigy of Shrovetide, it was believed that this would bring a rich harvest and general welfare. Today we can make a small festive "bonfire" in the kitchen, having prepared fiery bright pancake cake with drunk oranges.

The history and origin of the holiday

The origins of the holiday begin with deep antiquity, even before the appearance of Christianity in Russia. Previously, it was a pagan holiday of the revival of nature, and it was associated with the day of the vernal equinox.

But when Christianity appeared in Russia, the holiday became religious and its date began to be associated with the great fast. At that time, Carnival was called Cheese, and the week was Syropust.

The Slavs on this day met the new year, because it was celebrated in March. They didn’t skimp on food and didn’t limit themselves to having fun on that day, because it’s always been thought that how you celebrate this holiday, the year will pass. It is possible that even now you often hear this saying.

Maslenitsa in the masses was called broad, gluttonous, and sometimes even destructive. The name of the carnival itself appeared only in the 16th century, because during this period it was impossible to cook meat, but dairy products could be made, so you had to bake pancakes.

The holy feast is not only in Russia and the CIS. It is celebrated by almost all of Europe. In Western Europe, carnivals are generally organized, for the duration of which disputes cease and everywhere there is laughter and fun.

In Denmark, students arrange concerts. In England, women's run with pancakes.

Each country has its own zest and variation of this holiday. But he is everywhere considered sacred and personifies the rebirth of nature.

The interpretation of Maslenitsa week and tradition

The holiday of Carnival lasts a whole week and precedes Lent. Therefore, you need a good rest and have fun in the festive week.

Since ancient times, it has been wound up that a person who spends this week boring will not be lucky in the coming year. Time passes, new holidays appear, but the holiday of Carnival continues to live. And every day of the Pancake Week has a certain meaning:

  • 1 - meeting. On this day, they made a scarecrow and drove him around the village in a sleigh, while singing funny, cheerful songs. Then the scarecrow was installed on a mountain of snow, which was used for sledding.
  • 2 - a game. It is time for entertainment: mountain skiing, shows, clownery. Horse riding In the presentations, the main role was occupied by Petrushka and Shrovetide grandfather. And on the street one could meet a mumbled crowd.
  • 3 - gourmet. On this day, the tables in the houses were full of food. In addition to pancakes brewed beer. The fair opened, and in it it was possible to buy what your heart desires. There you could buy hot tea, straight from the samovar.
  • 4 - rampant. He was also called a wide Thursday, the peak and the middle of all the fun. On this day, fist fights were held, designed to defuse. There was a certain set of restrictions for the violation of which was punished. Sometimes Ivan the Terrible came to see such fights. However, it was not worth forgetting that these fights are festive, and are aimed at fun.
  • 5 - Teschin evening. During the holiday, the newlyweds were paid special attention, a little less attention was paid to finding a couple. This day was completely aimed at finding the second half and speeding up the wedding. Newlyweds were obliged to go to the city on a beautiful sleigh and in elegant clothes, to visit all the guests at their wedding. And sons-in-law went to the mother-in-law for pancakes.
  • 6 - gathering of the sister-in-law. The bride waited for her husband's relatives at a feast to visit her.
  • 7 - Shrovetide wires. This is a goodbye day, it is called "Forgiveness Sunday." It was customary to go to each other to ask for forgiveness. On Sunday, the rest of the festivities continued, and it was also customary to burn the effigy of winter. And through a weakened fire, young girls jumped from a scarecrow to cleanse themselves of their sins.

Video - flash mob on Shrovetide

In addition to the above fun and customs, there were still a lot of things that it was customary to do at the carnival. For example, men climbed onto the pillar on which the gift hung. Children and adults tugging on the ropes.

In no case do not sit in the four walls, celebrate this holiday on the street, walk, in such a manner that it requires. Visit family and friends, do not hesitate to help yourself to pancakes, because it is a symbol of spring.

Pancakes, like the sun. Walking around the guests is good, but don't forget to invite guests to your place too. Do not skimp on the table, cook a variety of dishes, only the meat should be excluded.

Water Pancakes Recipe - Pancake Week

As I promised, I will tell you about the recipe for traditional pancakes on the water. They are slightly different from those that we used to see on our desk on other days. Buckwheat flour is taken as the basis of pancakes for Shrovetide.

Ingredients for pancakes:

  • Warm water 200 ml.
  • Code normal temperature 200 ml.
  • Dry yeast 1 tsp
  • Salt 0.5 tsp.
  • Wheat and buckwheat flour on 75 gr.

Dissolve the yeast in warm water, then add salt, sugar and wheat flour. All this we mix, close tightly and remove to a warm place for at least an hour.

After that, you need to add buckwheat flour and half the cooked water at room temperature. Then again we remove for an hour.

When the dough came, pour the rest of the water into it and mix thoroughly. The dough is ready. Bake pancakes on a greased skillet. Treats are served with honey or jam.

Video - delicious chocolate pancakes

Holiday carnival sacred. Honor your ancestors and observe customs, especially since sensible entertainment and active rest have not hurt anyone.

And lonely young ladies will be able to find their love these days, you just need to look around. If the article seemed useful to you, you can share with friends on social networks. Leave comments and subscribe to news to always be aware of updates.

Pancake Week - 7 Best Recipes for Pancakes

Pancake week! What are your associations with Maslenitsa? The end of winter? The beginning of spring? Good weather? One thing I know for sure - it's pancakes!

Pancakes are not easy at Shrovetide, it is necessary!

This is the whole week before Lent, when we see off the winter, we meet spring, and officially, according to all rites and traditions, we join in warm weather and good mood.

It turns out every day Pancake Week has its own name and meaning.

So, Monday is a meeting. We celebrate Shrovetide and prepare for the celebrations.

Tuesday - the game. On this day, be sure to take a ride from the ice slide (if it is still winter) and play plenty!

Wednesday - gourmet. On this day, be sure to eat pancakes. And it must be done at a party.

Thursday - rampant. The most fun day.

Friday - cracks evenings. Now you invite to visit!

Saturday - Zolovka gatherings.

Resurrection - forgiveness of the resurrection. The last day of Shrovetide. On this day, you need to ask for forgiveness and finish all the festivities.

Therefore, today we talk about pancakes. Different. Simple and complex. With different fillings and flavors. Choose your favorite!

So, we have 7 days of the week, which means there will be 7 pancakes!

The first day of the week - "Meeting"

All days of the week have their traditional performances. The first three days of the week were allowed to work around the house, but since Thursday it was forbidden to work.

In the period of the Narrow Maslenitsa (Monday), all the hostesses were engaged in baking pancakes. Then they dressed up the effigy of Maslenitsa. He was taken with the help of a sleigh around the village. My mother-in-law sent a daughter-in-law to her parents that day, and in the evening with her father-in-law went to visit her matchmakers.

Second day - "Litters"

Tuesday was entirely devoted to young people who had not yet entered into marriage. From this day and got its name. It was on Tuesday that they sent matchmakers to future brides in order to celebrate the wedding at the end of the post. The day was spent in entertainment - riding with slides and fun. During these festivities young people looked after a couple.

This day the hostesses continued to bake pancakes and treated them to friends and relatives. Girls guessed on pancakes. They were made with a variety of fillings. With what stuff a girl will pull a pancake, her future husband will have such a character.

The third day - "Gourmet".

On Wednesday, prepared pancakes with a variety of fillings - mushrooms, honey, caviar, salmon meat, nuts, fruits. The son-in-law with relatives visited the mother-in-law. In every way she had to show her location to her son-in-law. During the feast, various scenes with the participation of the mother of his wife and son-in-law were played.

The girls especially for this day prepared the best outfits, in which they then traveled around the village, sang songs and made fun of unmarried guys.

The guys gave them pancakes and other sweets. Chocolate pancakes are perfect for the third day of celebration.

Cooking stages

First you need to make a dough. To do this, we break the eggs into a plate with high sides. There we pour vanilla and ordinary sugar and a small pinch of salt. Ingredients whisk whisk. Now, pour milk and water to the egg mixture. Mix the ingredients again.

In another dish combine cocoa, flour and baking powder. The mixture is added to the eggs, pre-sifted through a sieve. You need to do this in several approaches, without ceasing to stir the dough.

You need to stir the dough until all the lumps disappear. And the very last ingredient is vegetable oil. Beat everything up again.

Greased pan warmed over medium heat. The ladle unloads some dough into the pan. Fry for about 2 to 3 minutes, throw off on a plate.

Finished pancakes grease a small amount of butter. This will prevent sticking of products between themselves, as well as add additional flavor. So do with all the pancakes.

It remains to prepare the filling. Mascarpone cheese is ideal for her. Unload cheese, cocoa, powdered sugar in a plate and mix thoroughly.

Strawberries are cut in small slices. We begin to grease the pancakes with a cheese-chocolate mass, in its center we spread strawberries or other fruits, we wrap up a roll.

Finished products can be poured with melted chocolate or fruit jam.

Day four - "Razgul."

This day is characterized by the cessation of all work. The celebration took place with a special scale. Performances, street fights, horseback riding and feasts are only a small part of the celebration.

On the fourth day of Shrovetide, spring came into its own. People tried to reconcile on this day with those who had previously had differences.

Cooking secrets

Smash the eggs and separate the yolks from the proteins. Put them in separate bowls. To the yolks add sugar and a pinch of salt. Whisk whisk to dissolve sugar. Pour the yogurt and pour out the mixture slightly.

Continuing to beat, add melted butter. Next, sift and gradually add flour to the dough.

Squirrels whip until foaming and mix with bulk.

Now, you need to heat the pan. Begin to fry. Serve pancakes with syrup, sour cream, various fruits and fillings of your choice.

Fifth day - "Toshchiny gatherings (evening)"

The name of this day speaks for itself. The son-in-law on Friday calls the mother-in-law to visit me. At the same time, he should cook pancakes himself, which he will treat his spouse's mother with. Before this, the mother-in-law sent products for future pancakes and even a ladle and a frying pan. As soon as the son-in-law finished cooking, he sent a call to the mother-in-law.

On this day, young spouses listened to the teachings of the older generation. After the treat, the son-in-law drove the mother-in-law through the village. If the mother-in-law was ill-tempered, the road with bumps was chosen. And if the wife's mother was affectionate - they rolled her on a flat road.

Buttered pancakes for kefir with greens are perfect for treating your beloved son-in-law and guests.

How to cook

Beat eggs with a pinch of salt and sugar. It should be a white mass. You can whisk, but the best assistant in this case will be a mixer or a blender.

Now, milk, vegetable oil are added to the mass and whipped again. Next, chop the greens. The smaller - the better and mix it with the mixture. On a large grater, three cheese and pour into the dough. Gradually pour flour.

Lubricate the pan with vegetable oil, heat up and proceed to frying pancakes. Fry products need on both sides until golden brown.

Finished pancakes are smeared with melted butter and rolled four times. Served with sour cream.

The sixth day - "Zolovki gatherings"

Sisters of the daughter-in-law were invited to Zolovkina’s gatherings. If they were not married, then the other guests should also be in the same status and vice versa. All guests were given gifts. The fun continued on the streets - sleigh rides, fistfights. People treated everyone to pancakes, even the pets managed to eat delicious on that day. An excellent delicacy for the penultimate day of Shrovetide will be pancakes stuffed with red fish and cheese.


  • Smoked salmon - 200g.,
  • Greens - a bunch
  • Melted cheese - 200 gr.,
  • Pancakes - 4 pcs.

Chop finely greens. Each pancake is evenly greased on one side with melted cheese. On the edge of this pancake, put the next one, so that he came a little on the first, and also greased with cheese.

On top of the cheese is laid out fish, and greens are sprinkled.

Now, you need to roll the pancakes into a roll (preferably more tightly). Do the same with the remaining pancakes.

Our roll with a sharp knife cut into rings, 2 cm wide, spread on a presentation dish.

The seventh day - "Forgiveness Sunday"

This Sunday, people tried to cleanse themselves from sins, before Lent. Towards evening, they kindled a fire and burned the effigy of Maslenitsa, finally saying goodbye to winter.

The action was accompanied by songs, dances, jumping over the fire.

To celebrate this bright holiday with dignity and to meet the spring, pancake cake or pie will be perfect.