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The useful sprigs of cherries


The beneficial properties of cherries made this plant popular in traditional medicine. Medicinal recipes use all parts of the plant:

The composition of the cherry fruit includes a complex of vitamins and minerals that reduce the pain of arthrosis, gout and joint injuries. The fruits contain:

  • malic, citric, folic, succinic, salicylic acid,
  • pectin,
  • coumarin,
  • cobalt, nickel, vanadium, boron, fluorine, zinc, manganese, molyblenum, chromium, rubidium,
  • magnesium, iron, phosphorus, calcium,
  • vitamins from groups A, B, C, E.

Cherry properties have a strong effect on the body, so there are contraindications to the use of this plant. In folk medicine, the “do no harm” rule is used, so before applying recipes, you need to consult with your doctor.

Description of the medicinal plant

Cherries, the benefits and harms of the medicinal fruit tree, have long been studied. Since antiquity, this plant has been used to treat a disease caused by staphylococci and streptococci. Antiseptic properties of cherries have been used in the treatment of wounds and the preparation of compresses against suppuration and inflammatory processes. There are more than 200 varieties of cherries, the plant is actively cultivated, varieties belong to the same genus Cerasus. Cherry is a distant relative of the plum and bird cherry. It grows in the form of a shrub, has several trunks, the average height is up to 2.5 m.

Young twigs appear every year, without pruning the bush grows in breadth. The leaves have a dark green color and an oval shape, are pubescent, crimped, the tip of the leaf is pointed. The plant blooms in late April - early June, depending on the climatic zone of growth. Flowers have a huge variety of shapes and colors, the most popular color is white or pink and white, the diameter of flowers is usually up to 2.5 cm, but there are also larger varieties. The fruit, an oval drupe, after full ripening, acquires a characteristic dark red color and rounded shape. Fruit ripening runs from mid-June to late July, early August. In cold regions, it takes root poorly, therefore it is used in folk medicine in the middle zone and southern Russia. Fruiting begins at 3 years of plant life and lasts 15-20 years, old cherries bloom a little and bring little fruit. A wide range of applications of cherries in traditional medicine makes this plant extremely valuable for every patient who wants to be treated with natural remedies. In order to benefit from the treatment, it is necessary to first check with the doctor whether such a remedy can be used with the clinical picture the patient has. The benefits of cherries are manifested in both internal and external use.

Beneficial features

The high content of vitamins and rare microelements made the properties of cherries very popular. As used in folk medicine, this healing plant:

  • In diseases of the circulatory system you need to drink at least a glass of freshly squeezed cherry juice in order to compensate for the lack of iron and magnesium. With heavy menstrual bleeding and iron deficiency anemia, you can increase the dose to 2 glasses. Coumarin, which is part of the fruit, is used to prevent atherosclerosis, coronary disease, heart attack and stroke.
  • For diseases of the joints, freshly picked twigs and fresh leaves of cherry are used to make tea. Sprigs need to be broken or cut, for 500 ml to use a small handful of raw materials. Twigs boil at boiling for 10-15 minutes, no less, then filter the broth, cool and take in slightly warm or cold. Cherry twigs have a pleasant and soothing aroma, in folk medicine they are also used in the treatment of neurosis and depression. Part of the copper has a beneficial effect on the brain.
  • For liver diseases, cherry decoctions are used on milk. Fresh young leaves cut, take 2 tbsp. 500 ml whole milk, boil for 10 minutes. Cool and drink in a free mode, the average daily dose should not exceed the specified amount. Cherry leaves contain essential oils and tannins, so you need to use only the youngest leaves. This treatment has contraindications: you can not apply for pancreatitis, cholecystitis and acidity of gastric juice. Cherry leaves, the beneficial properties of which inhibit pathogens, can be used cystitis and urethritis.
  • For the treatment of the gastrointestinal tract with caution, you can apply a decoction of the crushed bark of a young cherry. Take 1 tsp. bark for 1 liter of boiling water, simmer for 30 minutes, strain and drink 2 tsp. twice a day. Before use, you should consult with a gastroenterologist, there are contraindications.

Especially effective cherry juice for gout. It has been established that fresh cherry berries and cherry juice excrete nitrogenous compounds and uric acid from the body; therefore, with an increased content of urates in the joints, with gout, you can use cherry juice to improve your health. Natural freshly squeezed juice is best suited for treatment; you can add a small amount of sugar to taste. Gout juice is useless for gout, which is sold in stores. To reduce pain in the joints are used compresses from the decoction of young leaves, which are applied at night. Compress needs to be changed daily, you can not wear for a long time. With gout, a compress reduces the frequency of attacks and the intensity of the pain.

What does it treat?

  • Joint diseases: arthrosis, arthritis, gout, injuries.
  • Circulatory system diseases: atherosclerosis, anemia, coronary heart disease.
  • Diseases of the digestive tract: colitis, gastritis, duodenitis, diarrhea.
  • Diseases of the urinary system: pyelonephritis, edema, cystitis, urethritis.
  • Diseases of the respiratory system: bronchitis, ARVI.
  • Diseases of the nervous system: epilepsy, neurosis, depressive syndrome, insomnia, increased anxiety.

Also: for antiseptic treatment of wounds, with avitaminosis.


Like any potent remedy, cherries have contraindications. For treatment you can not use plants that grow along the road, near manufacturing plants and factories.

Contraindications for which diseases can not use the plant:

  • allergic reaction to any substance that is contained in cherries,
  • increased acidity of the stomach and intestines, ulcerative colitis,
  • acute skin diseases, atopic dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis and others,
  • during pregnancy you can not use the bark, roots and twigs, you can use berries.

Contraindications for pregnant women are based on the content of tannins and essential oils in the bark and old leaves. These substances can cause poisoning, so the dosage must be strictly observed. The health benefits of cherries are confirmed not only by personal experience, but also by scientific research.

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The benefits of tea from the branches of cherry

Did you know that you can make tea from cherry twigs? If not, now is the time to learn more about it. After all, its benefits to the body is great! How to brew tea from the branches of the cherry? And also, what useful properties it possesses, you will learn here.

Cherry is a very unpretentious tree in the economy. Its fruits are healthy and tasty. Cherry sprigs can be used to make medicinal tea. This tea is able to establish the proper functioning of the body as a whole.

Our ancestors knew about the benefits of tea from the branches of cherry. They always prepared it during viral diseases, and also gave this drink for the prevention of acute respiratory infections. Cherry drink had an immunostimulating effect. Increased protective functions of the body. Monastic tea has similar properties.

Nothing has changed in our time. The benefit of this drink is preserved, but forgotten due to the large abundance of Ceylon teas. They are less useful than cherry. Only the aroma of such a drink, which is worth! Bright, rich color and tart taste! It is endowed with a special effect on the body.

All the power of nature, donated by a cherry tree, is ready to help you. With it, you can normalize pressure, bring blood vessels in order and slow down aging. Tea from the branches of the cherry has a sedative property. The useful properties of this drink does not hold, no doubt that he is a leader among his relatives.

The most valuable sprigs of cherries are those that begin to fall off after flowering. Try to collect them in time, then to enjoy the taste and benefit! You can store them in a regular newspaper or paper bag. If you could not collect the "special" branches, do not despair. To prepare at least healing tea, ordinary cherry twigs gathered in spring will do. Need to collect when they begin to swell the kidneys.

To make tea, you will need to take 10 sprigs about 10 cm long. Put them in an enamel pan and pour 2 liters of prepared water. The next step, you need to put the container on the fire and let it boil. Future tea should boil for 10 minutes. After that, remove the pan from the heat and wrap a blanket. Let us brew for 12 hours, after which you can warm up and drink a healing drink! It is this version of the preparation of tea from the branches of the cherry helps with women's diseases, diabetes and loss of strength.

For the overall maintenance of the body in good shape, the branches can be added to the usual tea leaves. Thus, enriching the valuable properties of tea. This tea is very useful for people who have problems with blood clotting. Also, this drink helps to lose weight. Tea from the branches of cherry has many beneficial properties. But, despite all the advantages, to give up other drinks and only drink it is not worth it. Everything is useful in moderation. We wish you a delicious tea and a positive mood!

The tea from the twigs of cherry, the benefits and harm how to make healing tea

Cherries have long been famous for their healing properties. Jam and compotes are made from the berries of the cherry; they are added to various dishes. From the leaves and cherry twigs it turns out healthy tea, they are used to make decoctions and infusions. In the composition of the branches there are a lot of microelements, vitamins, therefore tea from the twigs of cherry has unique properties.

How to harvest branches of cherry

Harvesting sprigs of cherries should begin in early spring, until buds begin to swell. Sprigs are carefully cut only with non-grafted cherries. Thin branches will fit no more than 10 cm. They take so many to last them for a whole year. The twigs are washed, dried in a well-ventilated area. It is better to dry the twigs, tying them into small bunches of 10-15 pieces. Store raw materials need in paper bags in dry rooms.

Classic tea

For the preparation of classic tea from the branches of cherry, cherry branches and boiling water are used. At 0, 5 liters of boiling water need a few dry twigs that break into pieces. 15 minutes to hold the mixture on low heat. After that, you need to leave the tea to insist for a couple of hours. This amount is calculated on one day of tea. A spoon of honey added to the finished drink will add sweetness and a wonderful aroma to the drink.

Tea from inflammation of the joints

A small handful of twigs of cherries need to fill in 0.5 liters of water, boil for 15 minutes. The mixture after cooking should be infused for about two hours. Broth is filtered. The drink should turn red-brown in color with a light almond flavor. For inflammation of the joints with arthritis, it is recommended to drink 1/4 cup four times a day. More than the recommended dose should not be consumed.

Use of cherry stems

When picking cherries from trees, when they are subsequently sorted, the stalks are often thrown away. This is unfair. In traditional medicine, the stem is used to treat certain diseases.

For the treatment of gallstone and urolithiasis, an infusion of stalks is prepared. 2 tsp. raw material is poured with a glass of boiling water. Infuse the mixture for about 8-10 hours. It relieves swelling of renal and cardiac origin, contributes to the removal of sand without pain.

It is recommended to take a decoction of the stem with painful menstruation, with frequent nosebleeds. The astringent effect of decoction is useful for diseases of the oral cavity, stomatitis, inflammation of the gums. Usually prescribed 1/4 cup four times a day.

Cherry Sprig Tea: Benefit and Harm

Many have heard that you can make tea from the branches and leaves of the cherry, but they themselves have never tried to do it. And all because we heard plenty of stories from grandmothers, grandfathers and other relatives about how in difficult times they collected twigs and brewed them instead of tea. Therefore, the opinion was affirmed that cherry is a substitute for real tea for the poor. Of course, high-quality black tea is not comparable with anything, we drink it every day, and it does not bother. Moreover, it can be served to the table in different ways: with cherry jam, with sugar or honey, with a slice of lemon or with its juice. And with milk, with jam, with buns and with cookies.

Cherry tea just grows dull amid such diversity. But in fact, the one who tried to brew it for the first time, is surprised, delighted, and falls in love with this tea forever. At first glance, it seems that from simple branches nothing special can come out, no color and taste. Indeed, the rich coloring of the cherry tea leaves does not appear immediately. You need to be able to properly prepare this tea.

How to make cherry tea from twigs and leaves

I met a cherry drink two years ago. When we went for a walk with a friend, she picked some leaves and said that they could be brewed. At that moment I remembered that I had previously been told about the tea from the twigs. When I got home, I went a little googling. She found out which branches should be taken for welding, how useful the leaves are, and decided to start collecting the material herself. Since we have a lot of cherry trees in the city (near houses in the private sector), this was not a problem.

How to choose and when to collect

For tea you need to take annual twigs of the tree. They are easy to recognize. They come in different lengths: from 3 to 20 centimeters. I was collecting in the fall. Together with the twigs and took the leaves. In general, it is recommended to collect material in the spring, in May. It always happened to me that in May I was busy and missed a convenient moment. And in the fall, I remember about cherries when I go to procure rosehips.

How to prepare

Leaves need to be collected, brought home and rinsed from dust. Then put in a single layer and wait until they dry. This happens quickly if there is no high humidity in the house. When harvesting twigs, they are also washed, laid out to dry.

Prepared raw materials are best kept in paper boxes.

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Cooking Recipe with Cherry Sprigs

From the branches you can immediately make tea.

Take 3-4 pieces each about 10 centimeters long, cut them into smaller pieces and put in boiling water (500 ml). For brewing it is necessary to take a stainless steel pot.

Boil the twigs for about 5-10 minutes on low heat. Now this broth needs to be poured into the teapot (along with the twigs) and let it brew. The infusion time is determined by how soon the branches give the necessary substances to the water. It is necessary to focus on the color of welding.

After about 15 minutes, the drink takes on an extraordinary rich hue, I would call it “mahogany color”.

The chemical composition of the cherry branches

Before you start using any means of traditional medicine, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the basic properties of the base product. In this case - the branches of the cherry tree.

The chemical compositions of the fruit of the cherry and the bark of this tree have similar main components:

  • mineral substances - phosphorus, zinc, potassium, magnesium, copper, chromium, sodium, calcium, iron,
  • organic acids
  • vitamins - B, PP, A, E, C,
  • starch.
In addition, the cherry branches contain:

  • tannins,
  • glycosides,
  • catechins,
  • flavonoids,
  • lemon acid.
Due to the balanced composition of chemical elements in the bark and wood, cherry branches have become a source of natural enrichment of the body with microelements and vitamins.

Medicinal properties of cherry branches

The healing power inherent in the cherry branches has a beneficial effect on various body systems:

  • stimulates immune processes
  • enriches with vitamins
  • strengthens the vascular system
  • disinfects the mouth and throats,
  • prevents the development of viral diseases of the respiratory system,
  • cleans the kidneys,
  • reduces pressure due to diuretic effect,
  • tones and energizes
  • slows down the aging process (due to the content of antioxidants),
  • enriches with folic acid (important for pregnant and lactating women),
  • налаживает работу желудочно-кишечного тракта (ЖКТ),
  • угнетает рост доброкачественных образований,
  • снижает интенсивность воспалительных процессов в суставах.
Все вышеперечисленные свойства дали возможность применять вишневые ветки в народной медицине для исцеления от различных недугов.

Показания к применению

Long-term experience of using cherry twigs as a healing agent has identified diseases and conditions in which beverages prepared from such raw materials have the most beneficial effect. We list them:

  • arthritis,
  • intestinal atony,
  • hypertension,
  • diarrhea,
  • uterine bleeding,
  • myoma,
  • gout,
  • hay fever (allergies),
  • colds,
  • diseases of the respiratory system (tonsillitis, tonsillitis, etc.),
  • rheumatism.
The chemical composition of cherry twigs has a diuretic effect on the human body. Therefore, tea made from them helps to get rid of the swelling in cardiovascular diseases, urinary system diseases and edema during pregnancy.

Women in the position and nursing mothers will benefit from cherry branch tea due to the high content of folic acid in the drink. But before applying it is better to consult a doctor to avoid possible harm.

Harvesting and storage of raw materials

Most sources of traditional medicine talk about the collection time of cherry branches during spring swelling of the buds on the tree. In the middle lane, this happens at the end of April. For therapeutic use take young twigs up to 10 cm long. Cut them with a sharp knife from an unvaccinated healthy tree.

If you intend to frequently drink drinks from the branches of the cherry, then try to prepare them in such quantity that is enough for a year.

Cut off the branches should be washed and dried in a shaded, well-ventilated area. To do this, it is better to tie them into small bunches of 10-15 pieces and hang them on a rope. When the branches are dry, they are put in paper bags and stored in a dry place.

Use: How to Brew Cherry Sprigs

From the twigs of this fruit tree you can make healthy tea and decoction, which are used for various ailments.

To make tea, you need to take 4-5 twigs, chop or break them into small pieces (1 cm each) and throw in boiling water (0.5 liters). The pot is better to take from a stainless steel. When the water boils, you need to reduce the heat and cook on low heat for 10 minutes, then pour the resulting liquid into the teapot (without straining it) and insist there until the drink is saturated in color (15-30 minutes). Then strain the tea. The twigs can still be used twice for brewing, only each time the boiling time should be increased by 5-10 minutes. More than three times the raw material does not make sense to use, since the nutrients during this time will already be given to the maximum.

In tea, you can add a little honey or cinnamon. Drink no more than three cups a day. Tea helps with colds, with diarrhea, rejuvenates the body, nourishes it with energy, removes excess fluid. It is useful for pregnant and lactating women, people with poor blood clotting.

For uterine bleeding, you need to drink 1 glass three times a day for two days (on the third day the bleeding should stop). This drink is suitable for use as a fresh and infused. It can be drunk hot and cold.

Another drink that can be prepared from harvested raw materials is a decoction. It is prepared as follows: about 20 twigs are crushed, poured with cold water in a volume of 2 liters and put on a small fire. Boil for 15 minutes and insist for two hours, then filter. In the finished decoction, you can add a little honey.

The resulting drink is used for various purposes. Depending on this, the frequency of administration and dosage changes:

  • for the treatment of arthritis and inflammatory processes in the body - by a quarter cup four times a day,
  • for the treatment of endometriosis and fibroids - three cups a day for a year (to make a decoction, take about 20 sprigs, pour two liters of cold water and boil for 5-10 minutes over low heat, leave for half an hour in a warm dark place),
  • the same broth is used to treat diabetes. It is taken up to 5 times a day for 1 glass. Drink for 10 days, then take a break for the same period. Repeat the course two more times.
Broth is also used for vaginal douches, mouthwash for stomatitis.

Cherry embers

For the treatment of seasonal allergies a month before it starts, you can make a drink from milk using cherry twigs. To this end, the harvested raw materials need to be cut into pieces of 5 cm, wrap them in foil and bake in the oven for about two hours until coals are obtained. Take one coal, crush it well and dissolve it in a glass of warm milk. You need to drink this drink on an empty stomach for ten days. After a ten-day break, repeat the course. The drink should be fresh and prepare every morning.

Now, not only Indian or Ceylon tea will be on your table, but also such a delicious and healthy drink made from sprigs of cherries. A decoction made from them will help in the healing of many ailments. Harvest healing cherry branches in spring, make drinks from them - and many diseases will recede.

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  • hirudotherapy (treatment with leeches),
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  • Also, there are methods treatment mummy, medicinal herbs, pet therapy.

Particular attention is paid to healthy nutrition and personal experiences of the authorwho tried most of the techniques described here.

Alternative medicine provides an alternative to the medical official, allows a person to find his own methods of treatment without drugs, cleanse your body from slags, toxins and excessive tension (we remember the hackneyed truth that all diseases are from nerves).

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The use of cherries in cosmetology

Why is felted cherry good for health? Useful properties and application of twigs and leaves of berries

Hi guys. Do you know that not only the berry itself is useful, but also its twigs and leaves, and that they can also be used to your advantage?

In this article, I will tell you how you can apply them, how to make healing tea from the twigs. What are dangerous bones berries, which contains nutrients berries. And who needs to be vigilant when using these fruits. My story and my exclusive photos.

Cherry is known to man since ancient times, this berry well quenches thirst and improves appetite. Juicy, with a slightly sour red fruit contain many useful substances, so they are used to make desserts, and also they are eaten fresh.

It is curious that not only cherry berries, but also its twigs and leaves have healing properties. The main thing - to properly collect and procure raw materials in reserve.

The benefits of cherries for health.

In folk medicine, cherry plays an important role, it is used as an antipyretic and anti-inflammatory agent, and the juice from ripe berries strengthens the immune system.

The composition of the pulp includes the following substances:

  1. vitamin C,
  2. beta carotene
  3. thiamine
  4. riboflavin,
  5. tannins,
  6. pectin,
  7. natural sugars.
  • The increased content of vitamins along with such important trace elements as iron, magnesium and copper has a beneficial effect on the hematopoietic system.

Therefore, using cherries can reduce the unpleasant symptoms of anemia. It treats this berry and inflammations of the throat, as well as internal organs.

Nobody doubts the benefits of cherries, but the fact that cherry twigs, petioles and fruit stems are known by far are not well known for the treatment in traditional medicine.

Usually, the beneficial properties of tea or decoction of the twigs of the cherry are learned by chance - from grandmothers, avid gardeners, traditional healers, but, having learned, and even better tasted, flavored and tasty tea from cherry branches, they can no longer refuse it.

Medicinal properties of cherry twigs

  • Powerful fortification of the body (vitamins C, B, PP, E. A),
  • immunity stimulation
  • strengthening of vessels
  • prevention of viral diseases, ranging from the common cold to the flu,
  • Aseptic properties of cherry twigs will help with diseases of the pharynx, gums and respiratory organs,
  • pronounced diuretic properties are useful in diseases of the heart, kidneys, hypertension,
  • toning and invigorating effect
  • due to the presence of antioxidants, the aging process is slowed down,
  • decoction of cherry twigs is useful for lactating women and expecting a baby due to a decent amount of folic acid,
  • the infusion of cherry branches will help with diarrhea and gastrointestinal disorders,
  • contribute to the removal of inflammation of the joints with gout, arthritis.

How to serve

For serving to the table, I recommend cups of clear glass, it is in them that the beautiful shade of cherry tea, which plays special colors in the light, will be clearly visible. I usually drink a cherry drink with added sugar, but most of all I love it with cherry jam. For gourmets, a pinch of cinnamon can be added to the drink.

Sprig tea with cherries boiled in syrup will also go very well.

Cherry Leaf Recipe

Cherry drink can be cooked in different ways. To the branches you can add more leaves.

To do this, you need 3-4 pieces, they need to grind. You can brew separately leaves. Then you need to take 6-7 pieces per 500 ml of water. Cook, as in the first method. The decoction of the leaves will first be green, and when insisting it changes color and becomes the same as that of the drink from the branches.