General information

Potato Sante: description and cultivation


Table medium early variety with a growing season of about 80 days, starch ranges from 10-14%. According to the description, the plant has a compact bush of medium height. White flowers compact, abundantly appearing during flowering. This variety is intended for quick consumption as the available keeping figures allow storing the harvested crop no more than a few months.

Perfect variety for lovers of french fries and fries. Variety Santa has large oval strawberries with smooth and yellow skinned. The flesh has a light yellow color and does not darken when cut. Eyes are numerous and small. With proper farming practices, the yield can be 250-570 centners per hectare. It should be said that such differences in yields are primarily due to the exactingness of this variety in providing it with the right conditions.

Features grade Santa

One of the main features of this variety is its complex resistance to various diseases. Dutch experts were able to bring a universal variety of potatoes, which is resistant to various diseases, including the effects of nematodes. In recent years, such disease and pest-resistant potato varieties have become as widespread as possible.

Santa is susceptible to the black leg, almost not susceptible to late blight (the tubers are not actually affected) and other dangerous diseases of the potato. But it is worth paying attention to the prevention of common scab.

It is also necessary to note the fact that the vegetable grower can get an excellent crop of variety Sante even without using various agrochemicals. This variety has excellent resistance to mechanical damage that allows you to harvest with the use of tillers.

When growing potato varieties Santa should remember that you should strictly maintain the gap between the nearby bushes. In accordance with the description of vegetable growers, the optimal distance between each bush is 20 centimeters. If you do not withstand such a gap, then this leads to a weakening of the plants, which in turn reduces subsequent yields.

Agrotechnics cultivation varieties Santa

There are no difficulties for a grower in growing potatoes of this variety. At the same time, it must be said that, in order to obtain a good harvest, it will be necessary to ensure adequate planting. Let us tell you in more detail about the agricultural technology of potato varieties Santa.

First of all, the grower needs to correctly determine the time of tuber planting in the ground. By this time, the soil should warm up to a temperature of at least 8 degrees. That is why planting potatoes in April is not recommended. In such a cold land, the vital processes of planted tubers are slowed down, and subsequently it will be difficult to get a good harvest from such frozen plants.

Many vegetable growers planted seed at a great depth when planting potatoes. This is a common mistake that leads to a subsequent deterioration in yields. We can recommend you to plant potatoes to a depth of no more than 10 centimeters. At the same time the land should be deeply and qualitatively plowed. The key to obtaining a good harvest will be high-quality fertilizer soil humus. This fertilizer is introduced in the fall, and in the spring it is recommended to use nitrogen fertilizers before planting a vegetable.

When planting potato varieties Sante be sure to maintain an interval between plants, which is 20 - 30 centimeters.

The interrow distance is 60 centimeters. Such requirements are explained by the fact that each bush can have about 20 root crops, with an excessively dense planting, the root system of the plants does not receive the necessary free space, and the yield is significantly reduced.

The first shoots should appear approximately a week after planting. Before the appearance of the first shoots, water the beds should not be. But with the advent of small bushes should provide abundant watering vegetables. Subsequently, when ripening root crops, it is necessary to reduce the number of watering plantations. Otherwise, the grown crop may be affected by rot, which occurs due to high humidity.

Harvesting is possible within 80 days after germination. Determine the harvest time is not difficult. The stem dries up and falls to the ground by this time. Remember that delays with the harvest is not worth it.

Potato motoblock harvesting

Potatoes that are in the ground for a long time can be damaged by various insects, among other things, their taste characteristics deteriorate. As mentioned above, it is possible to use walking tractors and other mechanized equipment for harvesting. If you are planning to store Sante potatoes harvested by you, then it must be said that without losing the taste characteristics, you can save the crop no more than 3-5 months.


The variety Sante is a high-yielding medium-early variety. It is distinguished by excellent indicators of resistance to various diseases. At the same time, it is necessary to understand that excellent yields will be guaranteed only with the necessary planting provided. This variety is zoned for the southern and central parts of Russia. If you grow vegetables in a cold climate, then you need to choose other cold-resistant varieties. We can recommend the variety to Santa to experienced vegetable growers who can get a magnificent harvest in their backyard.

Very responsive to organic potatoes - manure, chicken droppings and ashes. But, besides organic matter, for the normal development of the tuber and the health of the bush, minerals are also necessary - nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium. Each element is made in a certain period.

General information about the variety

Potatoes Santa is popular with gardeners because of its high yield and good taste. Characteristics of the variety and the appearance of the plant:

  • Mid-early, you can dig up the fruit in 80-90 days,
  • Table,
  • High yield, up to 500 centners of potatoes,
  • High tuberization, up to 20 pieces from one bush,
  • Intermediate type
  • Erect, compact bushes,
  • Average height
  • Erect or semi-upright stem,
  • Moderately sprawling branches,
  • The average foliage of the bush
  • Small, simple leaves of dark green color,
  • Small white flowers during flowering,
  • Well developed root system
  • Heat loving
  • Unpretentious
  • Resistance to many diseases - potato cancer, late blight, common scab, nematode,
  • Susceptibility to the disease - black leg,
  • Long-term storage and transportation over long distances is possible.

IMPORTANT! The variety has a high content of vitamins B and C, trace elements and amino acids.

Reviews of vegetable growers talk about the successful cultivation of varieties in many parts of the country, different soils and climatic conditions. Even gardeners from the north, north-west and west Siberian regions confirm the stable yield of the variety. Description of the fruits of potato varieties Sante:

  • Maximum weight 150 grams
  • Oval or round-oval shape,
  • Same size,
  • Yellow skin,
  • Thin, dense skin,
  • Small eyes
  • A large number of superficial, shallow eyes,
  • Yellow flesh,
  • The average density of the pulp
  • Contains up to 14% starch,
  • Good taste.

Potato Santa is often used for frying and boiling. Root french fries or mashed potatoes are prepared, stuffed, baked and used as an ingredient in salads.

Recommendations for growing

To obtain a speedy harvest, prepare seed potatoes in advance. Three weeks before planting, it should be pulled out of storage and moved to a well-lit room, to maintain temperature, from 15 degrees. Place the roots can be directly on the floor or in a box or a box with the mandatory access of oxygen. After the sprouts appear, you can start planting.

IMPORTANT! The length of the shoots should not exceed five millimeters.

Planting begin to plant in late spring - early summer. Time depends on the climatic features of the region. The earth should warm up should not be below +8 degrees, at an air temperature of + 20 degrees.

To get a better harvest, it is necessary to prepare the soil in the fall:

  • It is preferable to choose flat and well-lit areas for planting,
  • In the case of the location of the site in the valley it is necessary to dig the grooves for drainage,
  • To clear beds from the remains of vegetation,
  • Fertilize the soil, use manure and mineral fertilizers,
  • Dig up the landing area - 30 centimeters deep,
  • Re-digging in the spring - a depth of 5 centimeters.

Planting plants requires compliance with a number of rules:

  • It is necessary to observe the distance between the bushes of potatoes, do not plant too tight, planting scheme 40 ×
  • Planting depth depends on the type of soil, from 5 to 15 centimeters.

In the care, the potato variety is distinguished by unpretentiousness and requires adherence to simple recommendations on agricultural technology:

  • Weeding the soil
  • Hilling,
  • Destruction of pests - the Colorado potato beetle, if necessary, carrying out insecticidal treatment,
  • Timely watering - recommended drip irrigation,
  • Organization of regular feed.

To increase the intact qualities of root crops at harvest, experienced gardeners recommend first mowing the tops. Potatoes are left in the ground for 1.5 weeks and only after that they are dug. Such activities can strengthen the skin. Before storage, potatoes need to be dried, this will improve the quality and increase the period of preservation of the presentation of the root.

Opinion gardeners

Good day to all. For residents of the North-West region I want to advise potato Sante. The medium early variety shows good results in poor soil. For best results, it is important to prepare the soil in the fall. For rooting it is necessary to fertilize the soil in advance. The plant shows the best yield under the condition of warm years and responds positively to drip irrigation. Potatoes are stored for a long time and are distinguished by good taste. Recommend!

Ekaterina Valentinovna, 55 years old.

Good afternoon! All vegetable growers of the Urals want to advise a variety of potatoes Santa. The plant of the family Solanaceae distinguishes resistance to many diseases, simple care and good taste of root crops. From one bush can collect up to 15 potatoes. After 90 days, you can harvest ready to harvest. For best results, weed the soil, fertilize the plant, produce drip irrigation. Harvest three months after planting. After harvesting, it is necessary to dry the potatoes, this will prolong its shelf life. Root is great for frying, boiling and stewing. Potato mash put a plus, the taste is excellent. For myself, I did not find any cons! The family is happy, next year I plan to increase the landing area.