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How to get rid of pests in the garden with Prestige

Every year, gardeners are faced with an invasion of the Colorado potato beetle on potato crops. Insects are able to destroy the plant, to deprive a person of the crop. To prevent this, it is necessary to combat pests in the very early stages of planting. An effective remedy against the Colorado potato beetle is the prestige drug.

The composition and mechanism of action of the drug prestige

The poison prestige from the Colorado potato beetle belongs to the group of chloronicotinyls, its main component is Imidacloprid, which has a detrimental effect on insects. It causes nervous paralysis, and then the death of the beetle. The drug begins to act as soon as the sprayed tuber comes into contact with the soil, because the protective properties of the solution start there.

Protravitel prestige for potatoes has the following advantages:

  • protects plants from insects,
  • due to the presence of a pesticide prevents the formation of fungi, mold,
  • accelerates the growth and development of cultivated plants.

Terms of use

Prestige, like any chemical, requires proper treatment. Before you use it, you need to consider a few rules:

  • Only varieties of potatoes harvested in August can be processed. The prestige poison in two months will have time to neutralize, so the vegetables will be safe for food.
  • The tool can not be applied in pure form: the suspension must be dissolved with water, because it has a high concentration.
  • When treating seeds or seedlings it is necessary to use protective equipment.

Potatoes before sprouting tubers

The fight against the Colorado potato beetle should be carried out directly at the stage of preparing potatoes for planting. This will prevent the emergence of pests, various diseases, infections, which can be subjected to a vegetable. To do this, sprinkle the tubers with a solution, leave to dry, and then sent to the soil. Please note that for early potatoes, which are dug in June-July, it is not recommended to use the remedy, since poison when ingested can cause irreparable harm to his health. .

Protravitel prestige before landing

In order to grow a good crop, it is necessary to begin protection from pests in the early stages. Thanks to the pre-planting spraying on the tubers, the infection disappears, the potatoes will grow healthy.

  • Prepare the solution: take 100 ml of the product, dilute with 2 liters of water, mix thoroughly. This proportion is designed for 100 kg of potatoes.
  • Processing should be carried out using a spray or spray.
  • Put the seeds on film, sprinkle each root vegetable. Let dry, then turn and process again.
  • Start landing in 2 hours. It is important to remember that the processed material is not recommended to be stored for a long time. It protects only the planted tubers and the emerged tops.

Spraying seedlings

The disinfectant fights not only against the Colorado potato beetle, but also other insects that harm plant crops in the garden. Therefore, prestige can be used to protect seedlings - beets, carrots, cucumbers and other garden plants.

  • Take 1 l of water and add 10 ml of concentrate to it.
  • In the resulting solution, lower the roots of seedlings for at least 8 hours.
  • After the time expires, land the plants in the ground.

The remedy for the Colorado potato beetle Prestige

The drug "Prestige" is produced by the German company Bayer CropScience. It combines both fungicidal (i.e., contains chemical preparations to kill or prevent the development of pathogenic fungi), and insecticidal properties (i.e., to eradicate insect pests). The instructions for use are writtenthat the drug has a detrimental effect on the Colorado potato beetle, the wireworm, the bear, the cicada, the aphid, the various flea beetles, the drotyanka, the sawfly, the cockchafer and other insects. It also eliminates fungal diseases like rhizoctoniosis, brown rust, scab, septoria and various rot and mildew.

Another advantage of the "Prestige" for potatoes is that it stimulates the growth and development of plants and protects them from stressful environmental conditions (temperature drops during the day and night, soil moisture, lack of light). The percentage of marketable tubers increases. Most use "Prestige" for processing potatoes. The instruction states that it can be used to protect peppers, eggplants, tomatoes and cabbage. A single use is sufficient before planting, and the crop is protected from insects and diseases throughout the growing season. Simple use of the drug and low toxicity make “Prestige” a very convenient tool for preserving the harvest.

The composition of the drug

The instructions for use indicate that this is a drug of the third class of toxicity, that is, it is considered moderately dangerous. The main active ingredients are imidacloprid (140 g / l) and pencycuron (150 g / l).

Imidacloprid has a destructive effect on insects, blocking nerve impulses at the level of membrane receptors. Its influence is primarily aimed at protecting the green part of the plant from gnawing and sucking insects, and it almost does not fall into the tubers.

Penticuron inhibits the germination of fungi and inhibits their supply of nutrients, stops the internal processes.

Both substances have a contact action and are destroyed in 40-50 days. Therefore, the plant is protected from insects and fungi throughout the entire growth, but by the time the tubers are dug out, the harmful substances are completely decomposed. The manufacturer confidently indicates, that it is absolutely safe for health to use in potatoes, processed by "Prestige". According to research scientists, from harmful substances that are part of the "Prestige", there is not a trace already on the 50th day after landing.

But many do not recommend using Prestige when nurturing early potato varieties, because toxic substances simply do not have time to decompose in such a short period. It is also best not to eat new potatoes treated with this drug.

Compatibility with other means

Before using the "Prestige" with other means of protection - fungicides, insecticides, pesticides or plant growth stimulants, be sure to check their compatibility. To do this, mix a small amount of both means and check for the presence of sediment. If it appears, then these drugs can not be used simultaneously.

Potatoes before planting

When using "Prestige" When processing potatoes before planting, remember a few rules:

  • Before you start processing, you need to prepare all the tools and materials,
  • must adhere to the rules of safety and personal protection,
  • prepare planting material
  • Do not use the solution on the cut tubers,
  • dilute the drug only in the right quantity, stored and used later.

"Prestige" should be diluted in a ratio of 1 to 10, that is, for example, 20 ml per 200 ml of water. The manufacturer claims that 1 kg of potatoes need 1 ml of the drug. The solution is prepared only on the day of planting, it can not be stored and used later, so you need to correctly calculate the required amount.

Seed material should be prepared beforehand.. Potatoes must be germinated and heated, intact and dry. Mix freshly prepared solution. It can be applied by spraying using a knapsack or hand sprayer, then the concentration of the solution should be maximized. If there is a small amount of potatoes, then the tubers can be simply dipped completely into the solution, previously placed in a net or sack. In this case, the solution can be made slightly weaker, in the ratio of 1:20.

If potato planters are used, then treatment of the tubers with the Prestige solution can be done directly in the bunker. But it is better to sprinkle potatoes on the film in one or two layers, but not more, and carefully spray the product. Tubers should be well processed, not less than 75% of the surface, they can be turned over for better wetting. Processing is done about two hours before planting to allow the potatoes to dry.

Processed in this way, the potatoes are poured into plastic bags and transported to the landing site. Thanks to this treatment, on tubers infections and dangerous microorganisms are destroyed, and they are well protected during germination. Existing components of the "Prestige" protect the treated and planted tubers and green tops, and do not fall into the young.

Processing seedlings of other cultures

The drug "Prestige" has proven itself in the protection of seedlings of tomatoes, eggplant, cabbage and pepper. With the right approach, seedlings are not afraid of pests for a month. The solution is made weaker than for potatoes, based on the proportion of 100 ml of water per 1 ml of the preparation. The roots are immersed in the solution for 8 hours and immediately planted into the ground.

When planting trees and fruit shrubs, a solution is poured into the well (10 ml of water is taken for 2 ml of Prestige). To protect cucumbers, pumpkins, melons, watermelons, zucchini - watered the soil (10 ml of the product diluted in 10 liters of water).

Security measures

The drug is a harmful chemical, when working with which follows:

  • during the preparation of the solution and the processing of potatoes to use personal protective equipment - respirator or cotton-gauze bandage, headdress, protective clothing and goggles, rubber gloves,
  • after the end of the work, all means of protection should be washed well, and hands should be washed with water, take a shower and rinse your mouth,
  • To carry out processing in the open air far away from foodstuff and fruit-trees,
  • do not eat or drink liquids during work
  • if the product gets into your eyes, rinse with plenty of cool water,
  • for respiratory protection it is better not to talk and not to smoke,
  • if signs of poisoning appear, take a sorbent (eg, coal) and seek medical attention.

Drug storage

"Prestige" should be stored at a temperature of from -5 to +30 degrees in a room where there is no food, water and medicines, out of the reach of children and animals.

The drug "Prestige" is very easy to use, its effectiveness in crop protection is verified, the main thing is to adhere to the instructions and safety rules. It does not cause any harm to beneficial insects and the environment.

Although there are fakes in the market, the manufacturer took care to protect the authenticity of its products. The label must indicate the method of application in the state language of the country. Erasing a special protective layer, you can verify the authenticity via SMS or the Internet.

Benefits of pre-treatment

In order to decide whether or not to process tubers before planting, first you should familiarize yourself with all the advantages that such treatment gives. First of all, modern preparations for dressing tubers protect potatoes not only from the Colorado potato beetle, but also many other pests. This significantly saves time and strength of the gardener, because he no longer needs to take separate measures against the wireworm or the bearfish, which damage the tubers in the ground. In addition, some drugs additionally have antifungal effect and stimulate the development of sprouts.

Pests on potatoes

Pre-treatment can reduce the number of sprays during the growing season. Shoots of pickled tubers do not attract the beetle for quite a long time, and the bushes have time to grow well and form a strong root system. When the pest nevertheless attacks potatoes, usually one spraying of the tops of the harvest is usually enough before harvesting. This not only facilitates the care of potatoes, but also reduces the concentration of chemicals in the soil and root crops.

Often, planting material is infected with various infections, which in the process of growing potatoes are transmitted to young tubers. If fungicides are used together with insecticides to treat maternal tubers, the spread of infections can be avoided. In addition, the soil also remains clean, which is very important for the subsequent cultivation of garden crops.


Not long ago, only one-component preparations were used for dressing root crops - insecticides, fungicides, growth stimulants. Because of this, the processing of potatoes before planting took more time, because not all preparations can be mixed. Now on sale there are new products containing both insecticides and fungicides.

Choosing the means for tuber dressing

Their advantages obvious:

  • long-term effect of the application - the validity period is 1-2 months,
  • a wide range of effects - plants are not affected by any fungi or insects,
  • ease of use - there is no need to mix the drugs, calculating the proportions, or perform treatment twice,
  • Reasonable price - buying funds separately, you pay more.

Simple insecticides have a selective effect, that is, they can suppress or destroy only a certain type of pest. Multicomponent insecticides, on the contrary, effectively affect several types of pests at once, thanks to the whole complex of active substances. They differ in compositions, have different activity and duration of action.

Different preparations for the processing of potatoes

Depending on the method of penetration of the active substance into the organism of the pest, insecticides are divided into the following types:

  • intestinal - get into the intestinal tract of insects with food and cause poisoning. Designed for gnawing pests,
  • contact - get on the body of the pest from the surface of a plant or tuber and cause intoxication. Designed more for caterpillars and insects of the sucking type, as well as the larvae of the Colorado potato beetle. Protect only those parts of the plants to which they are applied are easily washed off with sediments.
  • systemic - penetrate the plant and are distributed among the leaves, shoots and root system. Pests feed on poisoned fibers and die. When applied, these drugs are quickly absorbed by plants, so precipitation practically does not affect their effectiveness,
  • fumigants - get into the respiratory tract of insects, causing death. Effective against any pests, applied in gaseous form, by fumigation.

Seed selection

For the treatment of tubers, the most reliable are systemic agents of double and triple action.

Features of use and dosage of the drug

For processing 10 kg of seed tubers require 10 ml of "Prestige". Before use, the drug is diluted with water in a ratio of 1:10 (10 ml of the drug - 100 ml of water). In order to be able to accurately measure the amount of funds, a plastic measuring cup is attached to the bottle.

The working solution must be used immediately after preparation. It colors the tubers in a bright red color, so processed potatoes are easily distinguished from unprocessed ones.

Some gardeners prefer to spray potatoes before germination. In this case, the shoots will be stronger and healthier. But then the term of the drug after germination will be reduced, and the new potatoes will be left unprotected. Therefore, it is best to process already sprouted tubers 2–3 hours before planting. You need to decompose the potatoes in one row and spray, then turn them over, repeat the procedure and leave the planting material in the air to dry.

The working solution of "Prestige" should be covered at least of the tuber. It is not recommended to treat freshly cut potatoes with the preparation, since the peel prevents the penetration of toxic substances into the pulp. In the soil, the drug reacts with moisture, and a protective "sphere" is formed around the tuber.

If the potatoes still need to be cut, do it before germination, dusting the cut with ashes. By the time of planting, the wound becomes crusted, and pieces of tubers tolerate spraying painlessly.

When planting with eyes, a piece of flesh at the base of the sprout must be dipped in the “Prestige” solution. If the potatoes are planted with seedlings of sprouts, the roots are moistened with the preparation.

As the plant develops, the toxic active substances of the “Prestige” rise upward through the vessels, soaking the tops and making it inedible for insects. Toxins do not enter the young tubers.

The validity of the drug (since the emergence of shoots):

  • from the Colorado potato beetle - at least 37 days,
  • from aphids - at least 39 days,
  • from wireworm to the end of the growing season,
  • fungicidal protection - throughout the growing season.

2 months after the application of the "Prestige", it is completely decomposed. No traces of the drug were collected in potatoes collected at the end of summer - early fall; they were not found in the studies.

Restrictions on the use of funds:

  • it is forbidden to process the “Prestige” seed tubers of super early varieties: the preparation will not have time to decompose before the maturation of potatoes,
  • нельзя опрыскивать препаратом подгнившие клубни: их всхожесть значительно уменьшится,
  • чтобы не обжечь руки, работать со средством необходимо в перчатках, а при опрыскивании – в респираторе.

Возможный вред «Престижа»

Means belongs to the 3rd class of hazard (moderately hazardous substance). If you follow the recommended standards for its use, the microflora of the soil will not suffer. In case of overdose, earthworms die.

Allergic reactions in those who work with "Prestige", was not identified.

In case of contact with unprotected skin, rinse with plenty of water.