General information

Ekosil for plants - instructions for use, composition

Practically every farmer is now aware of plant biostimulants. Miracle drugs that increase yields, the industry produces a great many. Relatively recently, the new universal remedy Ecosil, produced in Belarus, appeared on the counters of specialized stores. Instructions for use of the drug is very simple, but this biostimulator is so strong that you need to follow the dosage absolutely exactly. We offer detailed information on how and to which plants it helps.

General information about the drug

Ecosil growth stimulator is produced at the Belarusian enterprise BelUniversalProdukt. The release form is an emulsion, which is a 5% concentrate of triterpene acids obtained from fir needles. Since this product is environmentally friendly, it does not pose a threat to humans, animals, birds, bees. The hazard class of Ecosila is set to IV, that is, the lowest. Regardless of this, prepare a working solution and carry out the processing of plants need to wear gloves. Manufacturers took into account that some people may need a large amount of the drug, and others - quite small, because the area of ​​the plots and, accordingly, the number of crops planted is different for everyone, and some do not have personal plots, only indoor plants. Therefore, Ecosil, for convenience, is produced in containers of different volume, from 500 to 20 ml. The shelf life at which the drug has the activity stated in the instructions is 3 years, but it can also be used at a later time, taking into account some reduction in the effect.


"Ekosil", instructions for use of which is indicated on the bottle and package, is a multifunctional preparation. It is used to:

- better rooting of saplings and seedlings,

- the fastest germination of seeds,

- increase the percentage of seed germination,

- more bulk build-up of green mass of herbs and all plants used as greens,

- shortening the ripening of all types of fruits,

- improve the taste of fruits and vegetables,

- increase the volume of fruits, all types of vegetables (underground, ground),

- more abundant and long flowering of garden and indoor plants,

- plant recovery after transplantation, pruning, diseases,

- increase drought resistance and frost resistance of plants,

- achieving high performance in the fight against many fungal, bacterial and viral diseases of plants.

The action of "Ekosila" begins no later than half an hour after getting on the plant, but it will be noticeable in a couple of days.

The method of preparation of the working solution

In the opinion of all those who already use Ecosil in their garden, the instructions for use and preparation of the product are very simple. Having calculated the right amount of the product, measure it with a dispenser, measuring container, syringe (which is more convenient), add it to a small volume of warm, about 60 degrees Celsius, water, mix thoroughly, then add water to the volume indicated in the instructions. It is recommended to store the working solution for no more than 24 hours in a place inaccessible for sunlight. Treat them to vegetative plants preferably in the morning or in the evening in dry weather.

"Ekosil": instructions for use for seeds

Every gardener or florist faced a problem when the seeds that were processed and sown according to the rules did not grow well. On some sachets, even the germination percentage is indicated, so that buyers are ready in advance for the fact that, say, out of 20 seeds purchased about half of the seedlings will appear. But there are such exclusive cultures, the seeds of which are sold only for 2, 3, 5 stuff in a package. What a shame it is when, having bought them, following all the instructions, you place them in the ground and get no result. Minimize this problem helps the magic tool "Ekosil." It increases germination up to 95-98%, and in addition, accelerates the time of emergence of seedlings and makes them more viable. Soaking the seeds in "Ecosil" is produced according to this technology: 0.4 ml of the product or 12 drops are diluted in a liter of water, seeds are placed in it and kept for no more than an hour. Then they must be rinsed with water, dried slightly and can be sown.

"Ekosil" for seedlings

Few believe, but even dill are planted abroad. We traditionally plant tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, cabbage and some flowers in Russia in this way. Recently, some farmers began before growing on a garden bed on the windowsills to grow cucumbers and zucchini in plastic cups. What to feed the seedlings (even tomatoes, even squash), so that, hitting the greenhouse conditions in the open ground, it does not hurt and better settled down? "Ekosil" will help here.

This drug is not a classic fertilizer, but it stimulates the growth of plants, produces resistance to many diseases, such as late blight, septoria, root rot, alternariosis, and cucumbers additionally white powdery mildew and desiccation. Compared with other stimulants, in which it is necessary to withstand the root system of plants for some time, Ecosil is not used for seedlings just before planting, but 4-6 days before it. According to the instructions, for each culture you need to prepare a separate working solution. So, for a tomato you need to take 30 drops of Ekosila, for pepper - 20 per three liters of tap water, mix well and spray the leaves of the seedlings. Eggplant and cucumbers instruction suggests processing "Ecosil" already on the bed in the budding phase, and cabbage - in the phase of 7 leaflets.
But some of the gardeners and the seedlings of these plants were fed with a magic remedy, they just bred it in a smaller quantity than indicated in the instructions.

Processing of vegetative vegetable crops

Of course, it is very important than to feed the seedlings in greenhouse conditions. But to get a great harvest, and in the garden you need to regularly pamper your plants with something useful. The ideal choice here will also be "Ekosil". The enclosed instruction gives detailed instructions for which culture how much to take the funds, when and how to process them. These numbers can be summarized in a small table.

The composition of "Ecosila" and the general characteristics of the substance

The drug is an emulsion of 5% triterpenic acid concentrate derived from coniferous plants. Ecosil for sale in a 20 ml bottle. This amount is enough for a full-fledged processing area of ​​three to five hectare. If you need to spray a large area, you can find bottles of 100 ml, 500 ml and even five liters.

Spectrum of action

  • Provides plants with high immunity, increases their resistance to garden pests, as well as to fungal, bacterial and viral diseases, improves the stress resistance of crops (for example, they after treatment begin to more easily tolerate temperature drops during the day, lack or excess moisture, freezing, etc.) .
  • Significantly raises the percentage of seed germination of various crops.
  • Stimulates the process of plant reproduction by all means: rhizomatous, bulbous, tuberous or grafting.
  • Extends the flowering period and significantly improves the decorative properties of plants (not only indoor, but also garden).
  • Reduces the shedding of flowers of fruit and berry species during abundant flowering.
  • Accelerates the process of fruit ripening, increases the volume of the crop, improves taste and presentation in general.

Instructions for use "Ecosila"

The drug "Ecosil" diluted for a particular culture, because the amount of funds depends on the type of plant. For example, onions need 2 ml of the substance, and for cucumbers, only 0.3 ml. The emulsion in the bottle is first shaken, and then poured into a small amount of water warmed to 40-50 degrees. It is convenient to measure the required volume of a biostimulator with an ordinary syringe or pipette. The solution is thoroughly mixed, and only then topped up with water at room temperature to the desired amount.

The prepared liquid will be consumed on the same day when it was prepared, since it is not advisable to store the Ekosila solution for more than 24 hours, because then its effectiveness is lost. All plants should be processed outdoors in calm weather when there is no wind.

The best time is either early morning or evening. It is advisable to perform the work before the rain, for four to six hours. The drug begins its action after 15-30 minutes after spraying. But you can see the result only after a couple of days.

It is noteworthy that the method of application of "Ecosila" is not limited to any one period. This tool can be used year-round:

  • At the end of winter and in the first months of spring you need to take care of seeds, bulbs and tubers, seedlings. The drug will increase immunity and increase survival rate.
  • In the summer, there is a period of rapid growth of all vegetable and fruit crops. Processing with "Ekosilom" will not only increase the immunity of plants, but also increase the volume of the future crop, its taste and product characteristics.
  • In the fall, Ecosil processes garlic, bulbs and rhizomatous flower plants. Also, it will not be superfluous to spray trees and shrubs with the preparation (both fruit and berry and decorative). This technique will improve the decorative qualities of plants, help prevent the appearance of fungus and rot, as well as accelerate the healing of crops after pruning.

Rules of seed treatment "Ecosil"

To improve the germination of any seeds (on average up to 95-98%) and provoke an intensive growth of seedlings, they are recommended to soak for one hour in the prepared solution of the biostimulator. To do this, in one liter of warm water, 12 drops of the drug are diluted, which is equal to 0.4 ml. More than 60 minutes to keep them in the solution can not be. An hour later, the seeds are washed with plain water, dried and sown in the prepared substrate.

Using "Ekosila" for seedlings

Before planting in open soil (four days - one week), the seedlings are sprayed with this solution: from 20 to 30 drops (0.6-1 ml) of the preparation, diluted in one liter of water. This treatment will significantly increase the percentage of plant survival in a new place. Thus, the loss of planting material will be minimized. The procedure is particularly relevant in the presence of a small amount of seedlings or the cultivation of expensive and rare crops.

How to apply Ekosil

Recommendations for use:

Increases cold resistance, endurance to heat and drought. It helps to safely get out of stressful weather situations (recurrent frosts, sudden temperature changes).

Provides a high and unique immunoprotective effect due to the activation of the natural defenses of the plant organism.

Strengthens the protective functions of plants to diseases and damage by pests.

Increases the decorative flowering shrubs, beds and lawns, prolong flowering, enhance the brightness and freshness of color.

During the flowering period of fruit and berry bushes and strawberries, it is possible to reduce the shedding of flowers, provide a bountiful harvest, increase the collection of berries of remontant strawberries and raspberries.

Increases the yield of vegetable and fruit crops, will accelerate the ripening of fruits, by 10-15 days, improve their quality and nutritional value.

Increases germination energy and seed germination.

Stimulates root formation during green grafting and reproduction of rhizomatous, tuberous and bulbous plants.

Helps resuscitation in case of damage to plants by drought, frosts, the action of pesticides.

Mode of application:

According to the table, calculate the amount of the drug, measure it using the measuring capacity, you can use a syringe. Stir well before preparing the emulsion. Dilute the preparation in warm water at a temperature of 35-60 ℃, mix thoroughly, controlling the completeness of dissolution. It is recommended to dilute the drug in a relatively small amount of water. Then pour the dissolved drug into the container and bring to the working volume.

In open ground, the treatment is recommended in the morning or evening and dry weather by spraying the green mass of plants.

The resulting solution is stored no more than a day in a dark place, otherwise there is turbidity of water.

Consumption of the drug per 1 hectare

Disease resistance

yield increase quality improvement

treatment of seedlings 4-5 days before planting, spraying three times in the flowering phases of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd brushes

30 drops (1 ml) to 3 liters of water

reduction in the incidence of late blight, Alternaria, Septoria, black bacterial spot

yield increase quality improvement

four spraying:
in the phase of 3-4 leaves,
at the beginning of flowering
in the phase of mass flowering,
7 days after the third

10 drops (0.3 ml) in 3 liters of water

decrease in affection by peronospora, bacteriosis, powdery mildew, drying out

yield increase, quality improvement

two spraying:
in the budding phase,
in the phase of mass flowering

40 drops (1.2 ml) in 3 liters of water

suppression of the development and spread of major fungal and bacterial diseases

yield increase, quality improvement

two spraying:
in a phase of 6-7 leaves,
in the mass phase of heads

24 drops (0.8 ml) in 3 liters of water

suppression of the development of major fungal and bacterial diseases

yield increase, fruit quality improvement

seedling treatment 4-6 days before planting

20 drops (0.6 ml) in 3 liters of water

suppression of the development of major fungal and bacterial diseases

increasing yields, improving turnip keeping quality

yield increase, spraying in the phase of mass budding, double spraying:
in phase 4 leaves,
15 days after the first

60 drops (2 ml) to 3 liters of water

reduction of peronosporosis

yield increase, fruit quality improvement

two spraying:
in the budding phase,
12 days after the first

12 drops (0.4 ml) in 3 liters of water

Preventing flowers from falling off, frost resistance, aphid protection

yield increase, quality improvement

two spraying:
in the flowering phase,
12 days after the first

30 drops (1 ml) per
6 liters of water

decrease in affection by mildew, oidium, gray and white rot, anthracnose

acceleration of flowering, growth and development, regeneration of weak plants

soaking tubers in solution,
two spraying:
in the budding phase,
in the flowering phase

20 drops (0.6 ml) in 3 liters of water

increasing disease resistance

acceleration of germination, increase in growth energy

pre-soaking for one hour in the working solution, then rinsing with water

12 drops (0.4 ml) per 1 liter of water

an increase in the number of flower stalks, the formation of larger berries, an increase in the sugar content

triple spraying:
after picking the berries and removing the whiskers,
next year with the appearance of the first flowers,
in the period of mass flowering

12 drops (0.4 ml) in 3 liters of water

increased disease resistance, frost resistance

increased yields and disease resistance

triple spraying:
in the initial flowering phase,
in the phase of mass flowering,
7 days after the second

12 drops (0.4 ml) in 3 liters of water

increased disease resistance, frost resistance

yield increase, quality improvement

two spraying:
in a phase of 8-10 leaves,
15 days after the first

15 drops (0.5 ml) in 3 liters of water

increased disease resistance, frost resistance

Annual flower cultures

stimulation of growth and development, improvement of decorative qualities

watering of plants in the phase of germination, triple spraying of plants in the phase of germination, budding and flowering

1 ml per 5 l of water (per 1 sq. M), 0.06 ml per 0.3 l of water (per 1 sq. M)

Perennial flower crops

stimulation of growth and development, improvement of decorative qualities

watering of plants in the phase of germination, double spraying of plants in the phase of active growth and after 14 days

3 ml per 5 l of water (per 1 sq. M)
0.18 ml per 0.3 l of water (per 1 sq. M)

stimulation of growth and development

watering plants in the seedling phase

1-3 ml per 5 l of water (per 1 sq. M)

stimulation of growth and development, increase decorative

spraying plants 20 days after sowing

0.06 ml per 0.3 l of water (per 1 sq. M)

Security measures:

Hazard Class: 4 (low hazard substance). The drug "Ecosil" refers to the 4th class of hazard to bees in the field. Not phytotoxic, resistance is not observed.

If the emulsion gets on the skin and mucous membranes, the product should be washed off with plenty of water. If swallowed, rinse the stomach and then take activated charcoal. If the drug enters through the respiratory organs, remove the victim to fresh air. Symptomatic treatment if necessary.

When working, use personal protective equipment: cotton gowns or suits, dust masks and goggles, rubber gloves. Before eating, wash hands and face thoroughly with soap, rinse your mouth, take a shower after work.

Neutralization of the spilled drug, as in agricultural production, and for personal subsidiary farms is not required.If possible, spill the preparation in a container (do not use containers suitable for food in the future); remove residues from the surface with water and detergents (soap, powders, etc.).
Destruction of unused drug is not required because even after the expiration date, the drug has residual biological activity and can be used in the future without increasing the consumption rate, taking into account the decrease in efficiency. The container is utilized with household garbage. Special measures to neutralize the container from under the drug is not required. After washing the container with soap and water, the container can be reused.

Instructions for use ekosila

Ecosil must be dissolved according to the following proportions, depending on the culture on which it will be applied. Ecosil emulsion is agitated, then diluted in a small amount of warm water (40-50 degrees), after which it is brought to the required volume with water at room temperature, it is necessary to mix very carefully. The required amount of the drug can be measured using a syringe or counting out the drops.

The working solution must be used on the day when it was prepared; storage is extremely undesirable and should not exceed 24 hours (store in a dark place). Plants are processed outdoors in the morning or in the evening, preferably in calm weather.

List of crops, drug consumption and timing of use

Houseplants (3 liters of water, 0.6 ml or 20 drops of Ekosil). Soaking of plant tubers is possible, followed by spraying during the formation of buds and during flowering. The treatment helps the weak specimens to gain strength, accelerates the development and growth of the plant, contributes to more abundant flowering, and also increases the resistance of crops to bacterial and fungal diseases.

Annual flower cultures (5 liters of water, 1 ml or 30 drops of Ekosil). The first treatment is watering the seedlings, then the plants are sprayed three times: one week after watering, after that - during the budding period, and the last time - during the flowering period. Treatment with the drug improves the decorative qualities of the culture, and also contributes to more rapid development and growth.

Perennial flower crops (5 liters of water, 3 ml or 90 drops of Ekosil). Processing can be carried out three times: the first time in the seedling stage can be watered, the second time - spraying of plants during the period of active growth, and the last treatment is carried out 2 weeks after the first spraying. Ekosil stimulates the development and accelerated growth of culture, and improves its decorative qualities.

Hibiscus (5 liters of water, 2 ml or 60 drops of Ekosil). The treatment is carried out during the emergence of seedlings by watering, which stimulates the acceleration of growth and more rapid development of Hibiscus.

Lawn grass (5 liters of water, 1 ml or 30 drops of Ekosil). The lawn is sprayed three weeks after sowing the seeds, which accelerates the development and growth of plants, and also has a positive effect on ornamentation.

Seeds (3 liters of water, 1.2 ml or 36 drops of Ekosil). The seeds are soaked in solution for an hour, then washed with water, allowed to dry and planted in the prepared substrate. Processing improves seed germination and a more active start of seedling growth.

Horticultural crops (3 liters of water, 0.4 ml or 12 drops of Ekosil). It is treated twice: during the period of budding and 2 weeks after the first spraying. Processing helps to improve product quality, increase yields, increases resistance to infestation by aphids, increases resistance to frost and reduces the abscission of flowers.

Grapes (3 liters of water, 0.5 ml or 15 drops of Ekosil). Treat twice: the first time sprayed during active flowering, and the second time - two weeks after the first. Processing contributes to improved fruiting and improved product quality. Fungicidal effect: increased resistance to disease rot, mildew, anthracnose and oidium.

Strawberries and strawberries (3 liters of water, 0.4 ml or 12 drops of Ekosil). Treated plants three times: the first time - after collecting the fruit and removing the whiskers, the second time - during the beginning of flowering next year, and the last time - during the period of active flowering. Processing Ecosil makes the fruit more sweet, improves the quality and size of the fruit, increases the number of peduncles. Fungicidal effect: improves frost resistance of seedlings and resistance to diseases.

Tomatoes (3 liters of water, 1 ml or 30 drops of Ekosil). The first treatment is spraying the seedlings, the second is spraying during the flowering of the first brush, the third and fourth treatments are spraying during the flowering time of the second and third brushes, respectively. Processed to increase yield and improve the quality of the finished product. Fungicidal effect: increased resistance to disease Alternaria, blight, Septoria and black bacterial spotting.

Cucumbers (3 liters of water, 0.3 ml or 9 drops of Ekosil). Sprayed after the appearance of 3-4 leaves, at the beginning of flowering, during the mass flowering, and the last fourth time - a week after the last treatment. Spraying is carried out to improve product quality and increase the amount of the crop. Fungicidal effect: reducing the likelihood of defeat by powdery mildew, nosporosis, desiccation and bacteriosis.

Eggplant (3 liters of water, 1.2 ml or 36 drops of Ekosil). Processing is carried out 2 times: at the beginning of budding and during flowering. The drug helps to increase yield and product quality. The drug also prevents the spread of disease and reduces the likelihood of plant disease.

Pepper (3 liters of water, 0.6 ml or 18 drops of Ekosil). Handle once - spraying seedlings 4-5 days before planting. It helps to increase yield and improve the quality of fruits, and also improves pepper resistance to diseases (fungal and bacterial).

White cabbage (3 liters of water, 0.8 ml or 24 drops of Ekosil). Sprayed cabbage after the appearance of 6 leaves and during the mass strings of heads. Processing Ecosil helps to improve product quality. The drug also increases resistance to bacterial and fungal diseases.

Carrots and beets (3 liters of water, 0.5 ml or 15 drops of Ekosil). Spray the plants for the first time in the phase of 9-10 leaves, and the second time - two weeks after the first. Processing is carried out to improve product quality and increase yields. An additional effect is an increase in the resistance of fungal and bacterial diseases and resistance to frost.

Turnip onions (3 liters of water, 2 ml or 60 drops of Ekosil). Spraying during active budding, in the phase of 4 leaves and again two weeks after the last treatment. Ekosil helps to improve yields and turnip keeping quality, and also reduces the likelihood of peronosporosis.

Beans (3 liters of water, 0.4 ml or 12 drops of Ekosil). Spray the plants three times: at the very beginning of flowering, during the period of active flowering and a week after the second treatment. Ekosil increases the yield and increases the resistance of plants to rapid cooling and diseases.

First aid

In case of contact with the skin, this place should be rinsed with plenty of running water.

Eye contact requires rinsing under running water when open. If necessary, consult a doctor.

If the drug is swallowed, the stomach should be flushed, and then activated charcoal should be taken at the rate of 1 tablet per 10 kg of body weight.

Inhalation of the vapor of Ecosil, the victim must be brought to fresh air. Treat symptoms if required.

Ecosil storage

Ekosil stored in a dry dark place at a temperature of from 0 to 30 degrees. Do not store with food and medicine. Children and animals should not have access to the drug. Ekosila shelf life is 3 years. Ekosil's shelf life is 6 years (after three years the effectiveness of the drug is reduced).

"Ekosil": active ingredient and preparative form

The drug is a joint product of Belarusian and Russian scientists, developed in the laboratories of the trade and production unitary company Belunselsel Product, specializing in the manufacture of plant protection products. Ecosil is marketed as a 5% water emulsion in 20 ml and 100 ml bottles, as well as in 500 ml and 5000 ml plastic cans. Genuine vials differ from a fake by the presence of an oval cross-section, a one-piece cap and a first-opening control ring.

"Ekosil" is composed of triterpenic acids, they are produced from extracts of Siberian fir needles. Manufacturers believe that the tool may well replace toxic chemicals in the cultivation of crops, noting its beneficial effects on plants and the environment.

What is the drug intended for?

According to manufacturers, the need of plants in Ecosil is observed all year round, which underlines the uniqueness of the drug. In the last weeks of winter and early spring, it is used to treat seed and seedlings as a growth promoter. In the summer, during the growing season, the tool performs the function of fungicides that protect vegetables, flowers and fruit and berry crops from pathogens and fungal pathogens.

In the autumn, the processing of winter varieties of garlic, onions, as well as the root system of floral and ornamental plants, spraying of fruit trees to ensure their safe wintering become topical.

The tool is recommended even for disinfecting cellars from fungi. The instructions for use are fungicidal and regulating the growth of quality. In addition, manufacturers advise "Ecosil" for seed treatment, seedlings with the aim of increasing germination and yield, mature crops during a period of drought, after herbicidal stress or mechanical damage (hail, unexpected frosts).

How to use: instructions for use

Considering the ability of Ecosil to increase resistance to drought and frost, stimulate immunoprotective functions, protect against diseases and pests, develop roots and crown, the method of use of the drug depends on the type of plant and its cultivation conditions. The working solution is prepared in hot water according to the attached instructions, measuring the emulsion with a syringe or a measuring spoon. The manufacturer recommends to pre-shake the container with the drug to stir the precipitate. To prepare the stock solution diluted the desired dosage of funds in a small amount of pure water. Based on the recommendations of the manufacturers we will see in more detail how to use Ecosil. So:

  1. To stimulate the development and decoration of lawn grass, hibiscus and other flower perennials, it is recommended to dilute 3 ml of the emulsion in 5 liters of water and spray the plants at the seedling stage, as well as at the peak of the growing season.
  2. To increase the yield and quality of tomatoes, it is necessary to dissolve 30 drops in 3 liters of water. Use the working solution to process the seedlings, and also spray three times during the flowering period (first, second, third inflorescences). As a fungicide, the drug is used to destroy phytophthora pathogens, Septoria, bacterial spotting and Alternaria.
  3. For beans, horticultural crops, strawberries and strawberries as a growth promoter, Ekosil is used in a ratio of 12 drops to 3 liters of water. For full growth of peduncles and the formation of large sugary fruits, it is recommended to spray three times a day after harvesting, then at the beginning of budding and during flowering. Such manipulations strengthen the immune functions of plants and contribute to easy adaptation to winter.
  4. To soak the seeds in "Ecosil" diluted 12 drops of the drug in 1 liter of water. Enough for 1 hour to dip the seed into the working solution, then rinse thoroughly.
  5. To increase the yield and quality of cucumbers, prepare a working solution of 10 drops of "Ekosila" in 3 liters of water. The first treatment is carried out when three leaves are formed on the seedlings, the second - during the budding period, the third - in two weeks, and the last in a week.
  6. "Ekosil" for preventive and therapeutic treatment of cabbage, pepper, beet, carrots and houseplants is diluted in a ratio of 25 drops to 3 liters of water.

Compatibility with other pesticides

The tool, according to the information specified in the instructions, is very well combined with all fungicides and herbicides. In each case, the required chemical compatibility test. To this end, in a small glass container connect all the components planned for the working solution, and mix well. The mixture should be uniform. The precipitate is a clear sign of incompatibility.

Term and storage conditions

The “Ekosila” package has a shelf life of 3 years, however, manufacturers claim that after this period, triterpene acids do not lose their basic properties, but they weaken. Therefore, double dosages are recommended.

It is necessary to save the drug in a cool place inaccessible for children and animals, avoiding the ingress of sunlight and the neighborhood with food, drugs.

Action and characteristics Ecosila

Ekosil contains as the main active ingredient triterpene acids dissolved in a 5% aqueous emulsion. The capacity of the container is 20 ml, which is enough to apply the drug to plants growing on the territory of up to 3-5 acres. For larger areas and agrocomplexes, more capacious containers are produced - 100 ml, 500 ml and 5 liters.

The main use of the drug fufanon, it is to combat many types of garden pests.

Autumn processing by means helps to create protective conditions for planting material which endures winter cold better and takes roots easier. The growth regulator has a pronounced fungicidal (disinfectant) effect. Using Ekosil, the gardener should choose a method of application depending on the type of crop.

Reference. Ekosil is an environmentally friendly product obtained with the help of Siberian fir and is similar to ginseng in composition of the active substance.

Instructions for use of a stimulator Ekosil

The consumption of a substance varies from the type of processed crop - after obtaining the necessary data indicated in the table, which is attached with the packaging, the required volume is collected using a measuring device, a syringe or by counting the number of drops of the added emulsion. 1 ml of Ekosila is 30 drops of the biostimulating substance.

Instructions for use of a stimulator Ekosil

Preparatory measures before use:

  1. the emulsion is shaken,
  2. mixing with warm water (35-60 g),
  3. the resulting solution is thoroughly mixed.

Before treatment, the liquid is stored in a dark place. The preventive procedure is carried out in the morning or evening, always in dry weather. After processing, the active component takes effect in 15-30 minutes, and the farmer will be able to see the visible results in 2-3 days.

Seed treatment and seedlings

Presowing treatment helps to increase germination - this quality is very much in demand in the presence of a limited amount of planting material, which is desirable to fully preserve.

Seedling. 20-30 drops of Ecosil diluted in a liter of water, planting material is processed 4-6 days before placing in the ground.

Seeds. 0.4 ml, or 12 drops, are stirred in a liter of water, in which seeds are soaked. The duration of the procedure is no more than 60 minutes. After exposure, rinse with clean water and the seeds remain in the shade for drying, after which they can be placed in the soil.

It is interesting. Ecosil treatment increases seed germination up to 95-98%, enhances the viability of sprouts and accelerates their appearance.

Processing ornamental crops

Observe the correct dosage of the drug during processing.

Ecosil's application for ornamental crops also requires the use of instructions for use to determine the dosage of the product.

Lawn grass. 1 ml of Ekosila is dissolved in 5 liters of water, which is then sprayed on the emerged shoots, planted no earlier than 3 weeks ago. Spraying is performed once, consumption - 0.3 liters per 1 m2.

Pine (seedlings). 1 ml of the product is diluted in 5 liters of water, which is enough for processing 1 m2. Watering the solution is carried out in relation to seedlings 15-20 days after planting.

Perennial and annual flowers. A different degree of dilution of the substance is observed in the first period - the phase of germination (for perennial 3 ml per 5 liters is used and for annuals - 1 ml per 5 liters) For the second phase - budding and flowering - for 1-year flowers a dilution of 0.06 ml per 0.3 liters. Perennial cultures are sprayed 14 days after the initial treatment with a solution that is prepared in a proportion of 0.18 ml to 0.3 liters of water. The resulting aqueous solutions are enough to spray a substance per 1 m2.

Indoor flowers. 0.6 ml diluted in 3 liters of water. It is allowed to soak the tubers of weak plants and sprinkle with a solution until the improvement or getting rid of the disease.

Reviews of the drug Ekosil

Marina. Excellent drug, especially liked its environmental friendliness and low cost. Хватает Экосила на долго: оно очень концентрированное, поэтому одним флаконом можно обработать все растения в огороде несколько раз. Теперь о моей проблеме. Живу в местности, где почва отличается плохим качеством (преимущественно песок). Вырастить что-то — большая проблема, поэтому всегда использую удобрения, подкормки.Once I decided to buy this stimulant a long time ago, I placed it on the table and got a good result. Especially great turned out eggplants and peppers. I am completely satisfied and am not going to switch to other biostimulants.

Victor. I did not know what to do with the sick ficus, which struck the spider mite. I was already preparing to throw out my favorite plant, but the neighbor advised me to try Ecosil. Every day he sprayed the plant, and a week later, to his surprise, he discovered the complete disappearance of the parasite. A month later, new leaves appeared, completely healthy. Satisfied and recommend to buy.

Conclusion. Ekosil is an excellent prophylactic against various plant diseases, which is suitable for any crops. The biostimulator also becomes an assistant in the matter of improving the taste of fruit crops and enhancing the aesthetic parameters of ornamental plants and shrubs.