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The biggest rabbit in the world


On average, the weight of such a rabbit can be from six to eight kilograms, although there are also much heavier specimens. Rabbits of this particular breed hit the Guinness Book of Records in three categories at once - as the thickest, the longest and the heaviest. Flandry is a very large breed of rabbits. Often they live together with people, being pets. Flanders are smart, get along well with children and love care. The main thing is to provide this large rabbit with enough space for life.

For the sale of bred Angora giant rabbits. They are gray, spotty or white. The weight of one representative of the breed can reach five and a half kilograms. They have increased fluffiness, because of what they look like fleecy tangles.

Ralph is the biggest rabbit in the world.

Ralph has an enviable genetics - both his parents were champions in the past, and at various times were recognized as the largest in the world. His mom is a giant rabbit named Amy, the name of Ralph's father is Roberto. The Guinness Book of Records called both parents the largest rabbits by weight in different years.

Ralph in great shape. Veterinarians advise his mistress to be more attentive to the diet of his champion and in any case not to overfeed him. From time to time, the Grant family experiences discomfort due to Ralph. This happens during the molting, when everywhere there are worn shreds of his fur.

Grants give fifty pounds each week to food for an insatiable giant. Rabbit has an excellent appetite. Every day he eats several corn cobs, a head of cabbage, two slices of black bread, two apples, a bunch of watercress lettuce, crackers and a half cucumber. Of course, the cost of feeding the rabbit can not be called small, but the family loves his pet and tries to provide him with everything that is necessary for the health and growth of Ralph.

Due to the fact that the rabbit is the thickest, it is very popular. There are many who want to help in the nutrition of this giant, they are ready to pay all the costs of its maintenance. In addition, friends of the family, when they come to visit, are sure to bring something for a pet record holder.

Features of the Belgian giants

This breed was able to get into three categories of the Guinness Book of Records. Giants turned out to be the fattest, the heaviest and the longest among all the representatives of this kind of animals in the world. One rabbit can give birth to more than seven rabbits. These are very large animals, but this does not prevent them from staying as pets with people for many years. The biggest rabbits in the world are very smart, children get along well with them, and caring for them brings people pleasure.

But if a person decided to get such a pet for himself, he must necessarily provide him with decent living conditions: a spacious cage and a sufficient amount of food. Space is very important for rabbits, as well as walks on the street, fresh air - necessary conditions for normal development and a happy pet life.

Soviet chinchilla is not only valuable fur

Another largest breed of rabbits is the Soviet chinchilla. Despite the fact that the representatives of this breed look almost the same as ordinary crawls, their size can actually be twice as large. This animal is appreciated for its beautiful skin, which has a bluish tint, thanks to which this breed of rabbits got its name. An adult can weigh up to six kilograms.

Rabbits grow very quickly, gain weight and are not picky in terms of food. In addition, animals are very easily adapted to the new habitat. They feel great in any climatic conditions, so they can be bred almost anywhere in the world.

The biggest rabbits in the Guinness Book of Records

The Belgian Giant, or Flandre, comes from the province of the state of Belgium, it is included in the Guinness Book of Records. The maximum length of the rabbit is 1 meter. A large individual has wide prominent ears, their length is about 20 and even 25 cm. The body can be 65 and 75 centimeters in size. The minimum weight of 6 kilos, the maximum 20. Excellent meat and selfish breed of large eared rodents are quite prolific, individuals have ripened. Peace-loving, easy to care for them. Their fur is gray, but with unusual shades.

Tip: The maximum height of a normal rabbit to 50 centimeters. Record holders are constantly listed in the Book of Records.

The Californian rabbit was left in the United States at the dawn of the 20th century. Six-kilogram individuals of a snow white shade on which brown, almost black spots flare up, are very attractive. Rabbits of breed are resilient and unpretentious. A fertile female can carry up to 15 rabbits in one pregnancy.

Famous Giants

The biggest rabbit raised in the UK in the town of Worcester on the farm, which is owned by Annette Edwards Information about him can be found on the pages of the Guinness Book.

The biggest and most famous in the whole world is the crawler Darius, about a meter long and 300 centimeters long. Pet has reached twenty-two kilograms and 200 grams of weight. According to his mistress, increased mobility and an excellent appetite led to this result. Darius on the maternal line two generations were just as big. The dynasty of big rabbits is growing, perhaps the little rabbit Jeffrey, who is the son of Darius, will outgrow it.

Four-year-old rabbit Ralph overtakes rival Darius, he already weighs 25 kilos. And he can grow even more. His parents, Amy and Roberto, were also considered to be big giants in their time, now his son’s turn has come. Ralph grew up in the farm of Paulina Grant (England).

Tip: It is noticeable that in a hungry state, huge pets are aggressive, so they need plenty of constant nutrition.

In the Russian Federation, a large breed is considered the Soviet Chinchilla. On average, its representatives are not much larger than ordinary rabbits, but they can be raised to a very large size, exceeding the normal one a couple of times. These rabbits have a beautiful fur with a shade of blue. Adults can reach a body weight of 6 kilos. But pets require large cages or enclosures for maintenance.

The young growth is noticeable by rapid growth, weight gain and unpretentiousness to food. Domestic rodents are quite adaptive in new living conditions. And most importantly, they are suitable for any climate.

Tip: In a diverse Russian climate, you can grow a large Gray Giant.

To bring out the thoroughbred large Gray Rabbit was used for the selection of large Flandra, from which the color of the skin, large size and weight were genetically transferred to a new species. The average body weight of a rabbit reaches 7 kilograms; it can grow up to 66 centimeters long. Gray pet has a high resilience and strong immunity.

When White Flandre and Gray Giant were crossed, then the Soviet Chinchilla, this led to the emergence of a new breed of White Giant rabbit. Very large albino, whose eyes are reddish, and white fur. The nature of the animals is calm. They like to breed cute and peaceful animals as decorative pets. The mass of their body reaches 6 kilos. The hair of rabbits is thick, square centimeter is occupied by hair in the amount of 20 thousand, each hair is surrounded by 24 downy hairs.

Tip: All rabbits giants adore, when they pay a lot of attention, they love to communicate with people, especially appealing to children. With the right kind and sympathetic approach to them, they become cute and polite pets at home or on the farm.

The biggest rabbits that entered the Guinness Book of Records

Rabbit Darius broke all records. Many farmers in the world are trying to raise giant rabbit, but Annette Edwards succeeded the best. She lives in England, in the city of Worcester. The woman spread the whole posterity of the giants - Roberto, Amy and Alice. They reached a weight of more than 10 kg. But the next rabbit, which was raised by a farmer, was named “The largest rabbit in the world”.

The biggest record rabbits entered the Guinness Book of Records

His name is Darius. He broke all records. The animal grew in length to 1.3 m and gained weight of 22.2 kg. As the hostess told, this is a merit of increased mobility and good appetite. Darius eats the most varied food and runs all day long. During the day he eats 1 kg of apples, about 2 kg of carrots and 2 heads of cabbage. The huge rabbit is very sociable and attentive. His eyes light up when someone starts to flirt with him.

But in all likelihood, Darius did not have long to bear the title of the biggest rabbit in the world, because he had a son, who is a serious competitor of his father. His name is Jeffy. The smallest rabbit is only one year old, but its body has already reached 1.2 m. The breed of rabbits bred by an Englishwoman is called the Continental Giant.

Previously, this breed was bred for meat, but now as pets. In the family of Darius, his mother — Alice and Amy's grandmother — differed in size. Darius and his mistress Annette were born on the same day - April 8, so they celebrate the name day together. Darius and Jeffy live in doghouses. To feed the pet, the hostess spends about 7 thousand euros.

One of the world's largest recognized rabbit Ralph, who lives in the UK. His mistress is Paulina Grant. He is over 4 years old, but because of his weight class, he is considered one of the fattest rabbits in the world. Ralph is a hereditary giant record holder. His parents - rabbit Amy and father Roberto, were listed among the champions as the most difficult in the world. Before Darius, the leader among the giants was Ralph. Both pets are serious competitors for the title of world record holder. Ralph has a great appetite. The weekly cost of his meal is 50 pounds. Calling expenses small cannot be, but the family of Grant loves his pet and provides him with everything he needs. The hostess told me that very often guests come to look at Ralph and bring with them something tasty for their favorite champion.

What breeds of rabbits are the largest in the world?

These are the largest breeds of rabbits in the world:

  • Belgian giant,
  • gray giant
  • chinchilla,
  • angora rabbit.

The largest breed of rabbits in the world is the Belgian giant. Otherwise, they are also called flanders or rizen. Their height varies from 65 to 75 cm, the length of the ears is up to 18 cm, and the chest girth is 37 cm. Weight ranges from 8 kg and more. They also hit the Guinness Book of Records as the fattest bunnies. Their homeland is Belgium. This is a very old breed, known since the second half of the 16th century. They are unpretentious in care and very calm. They with full responsibility can be called pets. Children love to play with them. Rabbit for one okot can bring to light up to 12 rabbits. The Belgian giant has a very beautiful skin. It can be easily confused with the skin of a cat, beaver or kangaroo.

In Soviet times, and more precisely in 1927, an attempt was made to breed Belgian breed. But the harsh climate of the animals did not fit, and it was decided to cross them with ordinary individuals. On the basis of the flanders, a new breed was bred - the gray giant. The biggest pets turned out with good immunity and endurance, but their wool was in many respects inferior to that of the Belgian rabbit. Although they are called gray giants, but among them there are rabbits and bunnies with white and black fur.

In Soviet times, and more precisely in 1927, an attempt was made to breed Belgian breed

Many probably know chinchillas. They belong to the domestic breed. Their fur is white with blue tint, very high quality. For unpretentiousness they are very fond of breeding breeders. Animals adapt easily under any conditions, do not require special care, they gain great weight and are very prolific. Their meat contains many nutrients and is very tasty.

There is another breed of large rabbits, which are called Angora. Looking at them is difficult to immediately say what kind of beast. Outwardly, they resemble a large fluffy ball. Their fur is very much appreciated, and this breed of rabbits is bred for the sake of wool.

Despite the huge number of breeds, not all species are suitable for breeding at home. Breeders are trying to increase the productivity of breeds, as the meat of animals is highly valued as a dietary product, and fur is an inexpensive product that is not inferior to the wool of goats and sheep.

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Rabbits and hares

Many people ask the question, what makes a hare different from a rabbit? And indeed, looking at these animals you can see a lot of similarities in external features. They both belong to the order of hares. They have the same tastes, i.e. Eat both the same foods. They are saved from common enemies - predators. But at the sight of danger the rabbits freeze in place, and the hares run away. Due to the structure of their hind legs, this is excellent for them. But with all the similar features, biologically, these are completely different animals. When trying to cross them, nothing happened because of the different number of chromosomes.

Krolya can be tamed and made home, but there are no rabbits. Their breeding process is also different - rabbits breed all year round, but this does not apply to hares, they breed in a favorable period for this, from March to September.

And one more important difference between a rabbit and a hare is the care of its young. The little rabbit does not take her eyes off her children, and constantly cares for them, which cannot be said about the hares, who resort to feed their hares once a day. But if you put a rabbit on someone else's cub, she will feed him, which can't be said about the rabbit.

Gray giant

Another representative of the biggest rabbits is the gray giant. The weight of one individual can be from four to seven and a half kilograms. The trunk can grow up to seventy centimeters in length. This breed was the result of the crossing of ordinary rabbits and flandra. Thanks to this experiment, the gray giants got a lot of weight, huge size, as well as the ability to get used to any climatic conditions and good immunity to various diseases that these animals are exposed to.

It is also worth paying attention to the rabbits of the gray giant, they are very prolific, there can be up to ten rabbits in one okote. Also, this breed has an interesting color, in most individuals it resembles a hare, but you can meet representatives with red, dark gray, white and even black hair. The just born rabbit is very large, it can weigh up to ninety grams. They gain weight rapidly, so, a three-month rabbit can weigh already two kilograms.


In the world there are many breeds of large rabbits. Some are bred for valuable fur and dietary meat, others as pets. And the second group of people sincerely considers these smart animals as members of their families. Considering the fact that new breeds and hybrids of these animals are bred annually, it is impossible to say unequivocally that the largest rabbit on the planet Ralph will retain its leadership. In general, these animals are very beautiful, picky and love human care. They are spread all over the world mainly due to the fact that they quickly adapt to new conditions and climate.

Rabbits - champions

Among the large breeds there are representatives who have been recognized for various records. The most famous is the current record holder named Ralph. The animal has the weight of a child of 3 years and lives as a pet in one of the British families. He is 4 years old, but he has already been awarded the title of the biggest and fattest rabbit in the world. Its weight is more than 22 kg, length is more than 1 meter. This animal has a good pedigree, as its parents at one time earned the titles of the largest on the planet.

However, this animal for some time lost its records, which were broken by its other relative - the rabbit Darius, who entered the Guinness Book of Records in 2010. But Ralph won his achievement when he overtook Darius in height. Other world record holders are also known in the world - these are Roberto, Alice and Amy. Each of these individuals had a weight of more than 10 kg.

The largest rabbits

The largest breed of rabbits is the Belgian giant, which has another name - Flandre. This species is the ancestor of several varieties of purebred giant rabbits. They are about the size of a small dog. Their main advantage is not only a calm, friendly disposition, but also the excellent qualities of hides and meat. A huge rabbit comes from the Belgian region of Flandre.

The standard weight of this breed is 5.5 kg, but there are individuals with a weight of 8 - 12 kg, with a relatively small height - 65-70 cm. They have a slightly elongated body with good muscles and strong strong legs. Large head with large fleshy ears. Puberty occurs at the age of 8 - 9 months. A bunny rabbit can bring up to 16 bunnies, but on average, 6 to 8 babies are born in one circus.

Important! Rabbits of this breed are among the most productive, so they are beneficial in the content. After the offspring, the female is ready for new fertilization in about 4 months.

К их содержанию нужно подходить ответственно, так как они требовательны в уходе. Несмотря на то, что они устойчивы к различным заболеваниям, им нужно организовать тщательный уход в плане гигиены.

Гигантская ангора получила народное название «кролик с бонусом» из-за своей особой пушистости. The wool of these animals is most often used in the manufacture of warm clothing, as it is several times warmer than sheep’s and softer.

Important! Angorkas produce six times more wool than sheep, which farmers trim every three months.

It is necessary to carefully monitor the wool of animals, wash and shave off excess. When caring for themselves, rabbits are able to swallow it, but they do not regurgitate wool like cats, so over time it completely fills the stomach, which can lead to the death of the animal.

The first breed Angorok divided into English and French. The German breed that existed along with them did not receive recognition due to a lack of genetic qualities.

Louise Walsh from the USA, Massachusetts, is considered to be the ancestor of the giant angorah - she decided to breed a large breed with high hairiness. To do this, she crossed the German angora with large commercial breeds, which subsequently led to the appearance of this rare rabbit species.

It turned out large animals weighing about 5 kg with increased hairiness, which is practically absent on the face. Character they have a calm. Breed rather rare, not for wide use, therefore, livestock breeders do not advise to bring it to beginners, as in the care of them you need to take into account some features.

Soviet chinchilla is one of the most beautiful breeds of rabbit species because of its soft soft fur, similar in structure to chinchilla fur. Most often they are bred for the sake of meat and fur, but sometimes they are kept as pets.

This breed was officially registered in Russia in 1963. Bred by crossing common Soviet chinchilla with the White Giant breed to improve the quality of fur, meat and better adaptability to climate change.

These rabbits are distinguished by the original color of fur - silver-blue outflow. The most valuable quality of its fur, which is in great demand. Large sizes with an average body weight of 5 - 6 kg, but there are more - up to 8 kg. The length of the body reaches 65 cm. The bone system and the general constitution of the body are well developed.

Rabbits usually adapt well to keeping conditions and changes in climatic conditions, but in hot and cold weather you should follow some rules of care:

  • During the summer period, make sure that the animals are not exposed to direct solar radiation - their premises should not overheat.
  • In the cold season, the premises should be insulated without drafts.

Important! In the content of Soviet chinchillas, it is important to monitor the quality of the feed, since its poor quality can lead to serious consequences up to a lethal outcome.

The gray giant as a separate breed was registered in 1953 in the USSR. Breeding breed began in Ukraine, in the Poltava region, by crossing the Belgian flandrov with local rabbits.

This is a short-haired look, which is bred for the sake of meat and skins. They have a wide back, long legs and rounded croup. They are 55 - 66 cm long, weight - from 4 to 7 kg. The meat of the Gray Giant is famous for its dietary properties, it can be used by people with problems of the gastrointestinal tract. In the content they are unpretentious, well adapted to changes in climatic conditions.

The main guarantee of their successful maintenance is the purity of the cells. It should be borne in mind that the premises or cells in which they will be kept are spacious, without drafts and do not fall under direct solar radiation.

Important! In the diet of the Gray Giant, it is important to pay attention to proper nutrition, as overfeeding or underfeeding makes females indifferent to mating, which affects the frequency and quality of offspring!

The giant butterfly is a breed that differs from other types of rabbit in originality of colors. They are white in color with symmetrically arranged black spots. They are bred not only because of the unusual color of the skins, but also to produce good quality meat.

They come from England, in the past century they were brought to Russia, where they were adapted by a selection method to more severe living conditions. To do this, they were crossed with such breeds as the Gray Giant, Soviet Chinchilla and Flandre. The result was a larger, stable breed that turned from a decorative into a commercial one.

The purebred breed of these animals has a symmetrical color along the length of the skin and on the sides that are not in contact with the dark stripe on the spine. Reaching a length of 55 - 60 cm, weight about 4.5 kg. Differ powerful torso. Despite the fact that any conditions are suitable for their content, living in cells is best for them in order to control certain processes, such as mating. They have a calm, friendly disposition, so often these handsome men are kept as pets.

Unusual color of fur is different breed American rabbit. They are quite rare, although animals have a calm character and they are unpretentious in content. The unusual color of the fur casts white and blue, because of which they are divided into two subspecies - American white and American blue.

They are large in size, weighing an average of about 5 kg. This is a rabbit with large ears, whose length reaches 12 cm, the head is narrow. The fur is soft and elastic. Seasoned farmers advise even these beginners to start these animals, since caring for them does not require much effort.

Important! When breeding this breed, it should be borne in mind that when mating in color, blue color dominates over white, which is why it is likely that the latter will degenerate.

Care and maintenance of rabbit giants

Large breed rabbits can be kept in different ways: in cages, pens, semi-free methods. However, when caring for them, it is important to consider some features.

Most of the giant rabbits are unpretentious in content, since almost all of these breeds were bred specifically for more convenient care. They are resistant to disease, but it is important to take into account the quality of the content, to ensure that there is no moisture in the cages and pens, no direct sunlight falls, and no drafts.

With proper selection of food rabbit giants are more productive and prolific. If food is chosen incorrectly, their quality to reproduction can fall to zero.

Whatever breed the farmers choose, it is important to consider the peculiarities of their care. In addition, before you start these animals, you should take into account the climatic features of the region of their future residence and the ultimate goal of their breeding. The success of the planned business depends on it.