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Anteater from garden ants - instructions and reviews


The drug Anteater is an effective and relatively inexpensive means to combat garden ants. Before processing the suburban area, be sure to read the instructions for use. This substance is produced by the domestic company August and is supplied to the market in gel and powder form. Manufacturers claim that their products have an instant effect and are capable of completely removing annoying insects from a country site or apartment in a few days.

The composition and principle of action

Many gardeners collide with garden ants every year. At first glance, harmless bugs can cause a lot of problems. In addition to aesthetic ugliness and possible bites, which are quite painful and often cause an allergic reaction, ants cause severe harm to private property:

  1. Building their nests, they spoil the attractiveness of the soil. This is especially noticeable on a smooth and well-kept lawn.
  2. Insects feed on sucrose, which is found in vegetables, fruits and root vegetables. This leads to drying of fertile plants and damage to the harvest of pumpkins, carrots, apples, pears, etc.
  3. Ants are carriers of powdery worms and aphids, which produce a destructive effect on the entire green mass of plants (buds, buds and leaves).

If you do not take timely effective measures to combat insect pests, the summer resident may lose the entire crop and lead the site to neglect.

The domestic market offers a variety of preparations for the destruction of ants. Some means are really effective and allow you to get rid of small pests in the shortest possible time. Other substances are absolutely useless and only take time and money that could be spent more usefully.

One of the most popular and effective drugs for the fight against ants is considered the Anteater. Its main component is diazinon, a contact-intestinal insecticide with nerve-paralytic properties. Once inside the insects, it blocks the passage of nerve impulses from the brain to the muscles. This leads to the occurrence of pests convulsions, and after a while complete paralysis with a fatal outcome.

Anteater infects parasites in 3 ways, namely when:

  • direct contact with the substance
  • eating treated plants
  • contact with an infected individual.

Even if the poison does not fall straight into the anthill, the affected bugs will independently deliver the diazinon inside the nest. By this they will provoke the destruction of the whole family, including the uterus.

Anteater, as a remedy for ants, is also effective in use in the fight against aphids, moths, bears, cabbage flies and many other summer parasites.

Instructions for use Anteater

Anteater is applied quite simply, so that everyone will cope with this without problems. First you need to add 1 ml of the powdery substance (1 sachet) in 10 liters of warm water and mix thoroughly. Allow the solution to infuse for 5-10 minutes, then mix again. Poison is ready to use.

Next, plenty of need to spray or water the place with the largest accumulation of insects (no more than 5 m² area). Existing anthills need to dig a shovel and pour a small amount of solution into them.

To fight ants inside the house, it is recommended to use the gel-form of the Anteater. With the help of a syringe can deliver the drug even in the most inaccessible places. To destroy the entire colony, it is sufficient to point the gel onto the areas with the greatest accumulation of ants and spread the slits, from which insects appear, to them.

Producer Anteater claims that the drug does not cause any harm to humans and pets. However, to observe the elementary safety rules, as well as to limit the access of animals to the treated areas for some time just will not interfere.

Advantages of the Anteater compared with other drugs

The great popularity of the Anteater among summer residents is due to its following advantages:

  1. High efficiency and speed of distribution. This tool begins to act within 15-20 minutes after application. In this case, insects do not necessarily have to come into direct contact with the preparation or eat processed food. It is enough just to get in touch with an infected individual.
  2. Safety for others. Unlike many other poisons and traps, the Anteater exerts a detrimental effect only on pests. For humans, domestic animals, birds and bees, it is absolutely harmless. However, it is better not to spray it near water bodies, since, hitting a river or a lake in a large volume, it can lead to the death of fish.
  3. Does not spoil the soil and plants. Being deadly to ants, it does not in any way poison the soil and plants. Therefore, in a few days after processing, you can start excavation work.
  4. Remains effective for several weeks. Due to this, there is no need to re-disinfect the site.
  5. Efficiency. A bag of powder with a capacity of 1 ml costs about 20 rubles, and a bottle of 50 ml - up to 200 rubles.

Anteater is a trouble-free tool in the fight against black and red ants. Its effectiveness has been proven by many gardeners. Therefore, if there are harmful insects on the site, with the help of this drug, you can cope with them on your own within a few days, while saving a certain amount of money for the services of specialists.

Release form, composition

Ant ants remedy - dust, liquid, has an identical composition of the main components. The active ingredient is diazinon. Into the insect’s body via the contact-intestinal route. The Anteater powder is packed in sealed bags, the liquid is poured into vials of 10 ml, 50 ml, and also in 1 ml ampoules.

Diazinon from ants begins to act immediately after entering the body, the rate of death depends on the dosage. Insecticide disrupts the nervous system, paralyzes the muscles, leads to death.

With the immediate processing of an anthill, the destruction of the ant family occurs within 3 hours. If powder is used for pest control, the tracks are sprinkled, insects die within a week. Using the tool indoors allows you to get the desired result in a few days.

The powder remains on the treated surface indoors for about 8 weeks. In open ground for up to 20 days, but gradually the properties are lost. Liquid is the most effective 3 hours.

The drug Anteater is dangerous for any insects, fish, amphibians. In animals, if ingested, it causes increased salivation, lacrimation, diarrhea, vomiting, trembling of the extremities, convulsions. For people, the remedy is relatively safe. If you violate the instructions causes an allergic reaction on the skin, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, headache, loss of consciousness.


Application means Anteater

Anteater from garden ants is used in the form of a powder, a liquid, and the application instructions differ somewhat.

  • Dust sprinkled paths in the places where the accumulation of insects, on top of anthills, along the path of movement of pests. In the country - one of the most effective means. Actively use the tool in the garden, in the garden.
  • Poison Anteater in liquid form requires the preparation of a solution. In 1 room temperature water dilute the required amount of concentrate. Stir for 5 minutes, add the rest of the water. To prepare 10 liters of solution, 1 ml of concentrate is required. This amount is enough to handle 5 square meters. land.
  • The anteater destroys adults, larvae of different ages, the uterus, if it was found. Eggs remain unharmed, but without the presence of adult ants, the larvae cannot survive. If the location of the anthill is known, it is torn apart, watered with poison from above.
  • Indoors, a concentrated solution is used for disinsection. Spray the furniture from the back side, poured into the slots in the floor, window sills, baseboards, floor. Leave the room closed for 3 hours, then thoroughly air, carry out wet cleaning in places where they will touch their hands. The final cleaning is carried out in a week. Laundry soap, baking soda is added to the water. Alkaline environment finally neutralizes the effect of poison.

During work with the drug Anteater, you must use rubber gloves. When carrying out a pest control indoors - a respirator, a suit with trousers, a jacket with a long sleeve.


Anteater from garden ants

Reviews about anteater are different.

Bred ants in the greenhouse. Plants began to die, at first it was not dark to understand why. Then I found nests of ants. I bought a vial of Anteater, divorced properly. Filled holes in the nest. According to manufacturers, the solution should work for 3 days. During this time, I did not see insects, it even became embarrassing for its action that it began to exterminate innocent creatures. A week later I went into the greenhouse, gasped in surprise - there were even more ants.

Ants bred in the cracks of the foundation. They didn’t decide for a long time what to poison pests and what to do next with the foundation. I had to beat him a little, burrows were poured with mortar. First, the insects rushed in different directions, then subsided, fell. The whole family died out in 3 hours. Acts almost instantly. It is inexpensive. But it should be remembered that they can destroy other insects, should be used in emergency cases.

Very effective remedy, I did not find flaws, I recommend it to everyone. Convenient release form - 1 ampoule is enough to destroy the whole nest. Ants bred under the floor, poured the solution into the cracks. Bought Anteater Super. Forgot about the invasion of insects in a week. After a while, it was necessary to process the dacha, and the tool also worked in a week.

You can buy the tool in a specialized store, business departments, order online. The cost of an ampoule is within 20 rubles. If this drug was not found, you should pay attention to other effective means presented in the review.