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You can construct them from almost anything that comes handy:

  • Wood: parallel bars, pruning, logs, strips from boxes, boards, slats, benches.
  • Metal: pipes, profiles, rods, wires, chains, rings, hooks, sheets.
  • Plastic: boxes, chairs, hoops, pipes.
  • Shaped parts from the sewer: tees, squares.
  • Bearings.
  • Ropes, ropes.
  • Tires.
  • Thick fabric, tarpaulin.
  • Cases and seats of old cars and motorcycles.

As you can see, you can continue indefinitely, but we will limit ourselves to this list for now.

Beginning of work

In order to properly make a garden swing with your own hands, you must first prepare a project and drawings of the future construction, based on the material you have in stock. If you have conceived to make metal garden swings, and there are not enough details - you can ask them from your neighbors, friends, or make them from another material, such as wood.

Prepare a pencil (pen) gum, ruler, paper, protractor. They are needed not only when drawing, but also in the subsequent marking of parts. If you can’t get down to the drawing right away (you don’t know where to start), then simply sketch the drawing “how you see it”. According to the drawing will be much easier.

Do not think that you are wasting your time by drawing all the details. At the construction stage, you will often have to refer to the drawing.

Installation of supports and crossbars

Installation of supports can be done in different ways:

  1. Install two vertical bar or pipe.
  2. Dig in two large letters L.
  3. Put two A-shaped design.
  4. Mount supports like the letter X.

The photo shows various types of installation. As you can see, the crossbar is also fixed in different ways. In addition to such mounting methods, for example, in the first shot, you can drill the stands at the top and install a metal pipe or a thick rod. As it used the axis of the cart or trailer.

If you made racks of wide boards, you can drill them out and install bearings into the holes. On both sides to close them with holed sheets of metal that are nailed to the board. Insert or press the rod into the holes.

A more advanced method of securing the horizontal line involves a special construction, mounted on poles, made by welding from three pieces of metal pipes.

There are several options for mounting supports:

  1. Set on the ground or dug into it. The option is bad. Due to the dampness, the end of the timber will rot, and everything will fall to the ground.
  2. Wrap the butt of the support with plastic or paint.
  3. Concrete support.
  4. Set on a special podium or terrace.

The second and third options are more acceptable. It is necessary to wind the end so that the film goes out to 20-50 cm. This will protect the bottom of the protruding part of the pillar from dampness in the winter (in snowdrifts). The same should be done when pouring cement with cement. Formwork must protrude from the ground.

Suspension and fastener designs

In order for children and especially adults (due to the greater weight) not to fall, it is necessary to securely hang the swing. For this you need to find:

  • strong enough ropes - you can use slings from parachutes (withstand 150 kg each) or climbers' ropes,
  • chains - even those with which dogs are tied are suitable, but preferably thicker,
  • thick wire or long metal rods with a caliber of at least 10 mm.

Mounts can be completely different:

  • From the rope. Throw a rope over the crossbar and fasten it to the bottom of the seat. Or stretch over the saddle and tie a knot at the top.
  • Hook or ring.

The second method has several options:

The first two are designed for the circumference of shaped crossbars: rectangular and round. They are a kind of clamps with hooks.

The last two are designed to strengthen the hooks or rings in the through hole of the crossbar.

Seat fabrication

Classic boards and semi-woods on swings have long become boring to everyone.

We will talk about several unconventional methods of manufacturing seats on a swing. They are easy to manufacture and will not take much time.

The easiest way is to use old chairs or benches from any material that have legs broken off. It is beautiful and practical. There are several ways to fix them on a swing:

  1. In the seat of the chair (blue), drill 4 holes, skip the ropes in them, and tie a rod or a thin metal tube to the bottom. He will not let the rope slip back.
  2. To the seat (yellow), fasten or nail the boards, drill through them. We thread ropes through holes and tie large knots. For safety, such nodes can not be done in order to avoid their blooming and passage through the hole. It is better to simply tie the board with the end of the rope.
  3. Instead of holes in the seat, cut out the grooves and wrap a chair around with a rope (pink). But the child may jump, the rope will free up and slide to the side. So that the rope does not jump out, we fill the boards from below.

You can make a seat out of a tarp or a cloth, but it is not entirely comfortable, as it clasps the person sitting on both sides, squeezing it. For convenience, you can install a strut on a rope or chain over the seat and then the degree of girth will decrease.

Make a pseudo-seat from a tire. Hang it on the ropes. In the sector facing the ground, cram soft unnecessary things.

For convenience, take large tires, for example, from the rear wheels of the tractor.

Hoop as a seat. A hula-hoop is taken and twisted with ropes in diameter:

If it is difficult for you, you can put a ring and rope through it in the center of the hoop. First, install a small circle in the center and strengthen one cord so that its two ends are on the same side. Then reinforce the twine on the opposite side. And so on.

Apply for this old durable basin, tub or even a trough.

But just sitting on a tree, plastic or metal is not very pleasant. For greater convenience, you can put on the seat cushions for the garden swing, made of foam rubber and covered with dense fabric or leather. If during assembly it is prudent to make soft seats, then no pillows will be needed.

How to make a garden swing from wood

They represent a seat made of any suitable material, suspended by one or two ropes on the bough.

From the photo it is clear that the ropes can be tied in different ways, as long as they do not slip:

  • on the left side, two ropes are thrown over a branch and secured at the bottom with four knots,
  • in the upper right figure, one rope is suspended from a hook,
  • on the bottom - two ropes hang on hooks.

Complete the swing completely from wooden parts. That is, to make the support and the crossbar of the bars or logs, and the seat of the boards, slats or wooden benches and install, as specified above.

If you pour the foundation, fix a knocked down special shield on it, a podium and install the swing - it will be even better. After all, the supports and the shield do not touch the ground. Moreover, between the shield and the foundation there are additional bars, providing ventilation of the shield.

Drawings of two designs are given below.

As you can see, wooden garden swings are not so difficult to do.

How to make a garden swing from metal

Usually, a welded structure in the shape of the letter P is made, on which the seat is suspended by means of hooks with clamps or through.

It is made of pipes of a caliber of at least 5 cm. You can simply dig in or concrete two risers, insert the axle from a wide wheelbarrow or cart into the pre-drilled holes and stop it with the mounted wheels.

It is possible to weld the wire with a swing to the axis, because the axis will rotate freely. For greater effect, you can install it on the bearings, as mentioned above.

To perform the second option, you need to cook something resembling the roof of a house. Everything is clear from the drawing.

Constructions of this type can be made from the profile. Immediately warn - not of drywall. That profile is very thin can not stand the swinging person. It is designed for stationary loads.

The industry produces rectangular pipes, T-beams, I-beams. Here you can make a swing. Their appearance is no different from other structures described above.

The following options are more difficult to carry out, because for their implementation it is necessary to bend the pipes or to weld several pieces together.

For pipe bending, you can use the proven method:

  • Mandrel is being prepared,
  • the pipe is densely clogged with sand and corks (wooden),
  • then carefully bend the future support along the mandrel.

These structures are distinguished by the fact that they can be easily moved or moved. True, this may require 2-4 people.

How to make a 3-seater swing

Usually, designs for rocking suggest a single, rarely double version. But now a 3-seat garden swing has come into fashion.

Mounting racks and suspension it is identical to the above, but the width is much larger.

To perform it, you need to make a special elongated seat, which would accommodate three people, and install racks at a distance of at least 2 m.

The seat can be made in two versions:

  1. Classic - all sit face down in the same direction.
  2. Modern - middle rider, looking in the opposite direction.

Consider the first option. It is lightweight. To make it, you can even hang up such a bench, which can be seen in the parks. But because of its great weight, this is not worth it. It is better to make a special seat yourself.

It can be made of aluminum pipes or wood. Below is the assembly procedure for a three-seater seat. Its length is 1500 mm and more, The width and height of the back is 500-600 mm.

A-shaped garden wooden swing with your own hands. Drawing. Scheme. Step by step photos

A very detailed design of a wooden swing for the garden.

Such a swing will be able even to the most inexperienced master.
These swings are attached to the ground, being installed in concrete bases during casting (see photo 5). See the project bench for this swing on the page below.

Photo source:

We make a bench for a swing

Below are step-by-step photos, drawings for making a wooden bench for a garden swing, which we described above.
This bench is universal and therefore this design can be hung not only on a-shaped swing, but also on other types of swing, for example, you can hang the ceiling beam in the gazebo.

Photo source:

Drawing of a swing bench for a gazebo or porch

Such swings can be hung in not only in the gazebo, but also in any room, the main thing is that the support beam is strong. Below on step-by-step photos are detailed creation schemes. In one illustration, there is a template for cutting the side wall from the bench frame.

Photo source:

How to make a swing bench

Click on the photo to enlargeI

Photo source:

Pergola Swing

An interesting version of the swing, we found on the website Below in the gallery you can see step-by-step photos of the creation of not only the supports of the swing, but also the seats. By the way, the design is very simple and pretty. A special elegance is created parallel to the bars on the roof of the swing, giving the constructions a pergola look.

Photo source:

Scheme-drawing pergolas swing do it yourself

See step by step photos of pergola swings. The 3rd photo shows the method of mounting the support beams with concrete bases. Because of the many details, it is recommended to fill the gaps between the wood pergolas with a special filler. Drawing benches, see below.

Photo source:

Drawing benches for pergola swing

Here you can familiarize yourself with step-by-step photo instructions for creating a bench for the pergola model described above in the article. This is a fairly simple design, even a novice cope.

Photo source:

From logs.

Swing from logs with double legs. Step by step photos

The author of the photo claims that he made these fabulous swings for 3 days. Let's break down some photos.
1 photo: we have pine logs from 2-3 meters, with a diameter of 10-15 cm.
4 photos: shows the method of attachment . This is a threaded needle with a diameter of 10 mm. Having crossed the necessary logs in the right places, we drill a hole and, inserting a needle, cut it with a grinder. We screw the nuts with washers on the knitting needle on both sides and tighten them. Isn't it easy?
6 photos: we see that the side racks should be symmetrical
7 photos: fasten the side racks. To do this, put on top of the log and fasten it with needles.
9 photos: to give strength to the structure, we add two inclined stops.
11 photos: bench size. Frame: timber 5x7, boards - forgings
The last but one photo is a painted swing. In my opinion a bad color. Do not forget when painting to use special tools for processing, so that the wood served longer.
The last photo: another child’s bench was attached to the swing. Credit
About the foundation. Then in places of contact with the ground we swing cement, into which we at the same time insert metal bases, to which we can then attach our legs.

We found these step-by-step photos on, the author of which is the author of the photos below.

And here is another photo of the construction of a swing from a canopy of logs

In the photo below you can see all the details of fasteners. Chains, carbines, anchors are used. The angle between the back and the bench seat is 100 degrees. All logs fasten in the same way as in the model above. Surprising simplicity attachment canopy. Photo by unknown

Required materials and tools

For a garden swing with your own hands from wood, it is better to use a pine plank and a bar, which is already soaked with antiseptic material.

Also need:

  • screws of different lengths or furniture bolts,
  • carbines,
  • chain covered with anti-corrosion compound
  • anchor with rings,
  • sandpaper.


  • square,
  • tape measure and pencil
  • building level,
  • screwdriver
  • electric drill,
  • jigsaw,
  • electric plane.
  • pistol clamp.

Support legs

In order for the swing to be stable, the width between the two supporting components is calculated more than a minimum by half a meter of bench seat width.

Calculate the length, taking into account that the structure will be dug into the ground.

We customize the board to the required dimensions, place them on a straight surface (on the floor) in the position in which they will be assembled, measure the width of the base and the angle at the top of the future stand. In the upper part of the two racks will be fastened together by a transverse bar. Therefore, the angle is measured, taking into account this detail, the easiest way to make measurements for cutting off excess wood is to attach a short bar of the same width to the parts of the supports put together, with a pencil to draw a line marking. Use an electric fretsaw to cut off excess parts, to collect all the details together. Fix the clamp for complete immobility and make sure that the bottom of the rack is not skewed, then the level is useful, remove the excess. In the same way make the second rack.

Next, take up the top timber.

The board of the desired size can be rounded at the edges protruding from the attachment for aesthetics. Next, we assemble the support: before screwing in the bolts or screws, make sure that all the corners of the structure correspond to the calculations. The rack is not ready yet: it will need additional side rails for reliability. A bar of a suitable length is tried on to the bottom of the rack, the distance from the floor corresponds to the level of the future suspended bench. Pencil mark the cut lines, making sure with the help of the level that there is no skew. Secure the prepared crossbar in the right place and fasten it with a clamp and bolt it. In the same way, make and install the crossbars in the upper corner of the rack about 20 cm below the attachment point. Add fasteners at the top for final fixation - the swing is ready.

Getting down to the bench. In order not to miss anything in the manufacture of a swing to the country with their own hands, check with the diagrams and drawings. Make the details of the frame for the bench of the desired size, grind and grind them, mark and carve the grooves in the right places. Don't forget about armrests, they can be made curly. Then the frame needs to be assembled and fixed with a clamp (one tool is indispensable here) in order to more accurately calculate the width and length of the backrest and seat parts. Start making parts for a wooden swing bench; it's easy to make them yourself; the main thing is to make measurements accurately.

Two long parts with a groove, machined along (for the slats) and spikes on the ends. A thin planochka narrowed on one side (under the width of the groove) and equal in width to two bases will be needed during assembly to close the groove of the groove between the lamellae. Cut the slat into chopik equal to the width of the gap between the lamellae. Further make lamellas, depending on the length of your bench on the back of them will be from 10 to 12 pieces, located perpendicular to the basics, do not forget to carve the spikes at both ends under the grooves made in the basics. For the seat, make slats longer by the length of the bench; they will be parallel to the longer bases of the seat. The number of lamellas also corresponds to the width of the seat. Все детали готовы, приступайте к сборке скамейки.

Соберите спинку: одну из основ установите пазом вверх, разметьте карандашом расположение ламелей. Промажьте клейм паз и установите поочередно все ламели, а затем чопы, закрывающие просветы между ними. Also secure the upper base with glue and fix the assembled back with clamps. Next, assemble, missed all the grooves with glue, and fasten the frame for the bench with bolts. Place the prepared back on the frame, and place the spikes in the grooves of the two side frame guides with glue. Grind, grind, fix with a seat lamella glue and press down with a clamp. Swings made of wood with their own hands are almost ready, it remains to install the suspension and canopy.

Suspension mount

Install chain fastenerson which the swing will hold. Screw the first pair of anchors into the backrest beam, the second into the front beam of the seat, at the top fasten the suspension rings with carbines. The advantage of a wooden swing for giving, made with your own hands according to your own drawings, is visible in everything, even in the choice of mounting for the suspension. What is convenient carbines: skipping a chain through it, you can change the angle of the shop, removing or adding the length of the chain.

The canopy can be made in the form of a house at a slight angle, you can cover it with any available material. In length and width, it should be slightly larger than the perimeter of the finished swing. An example of a canopy construction in the figure below.

In order to fix the whole structure, it is installed with the ends of a support in the pits at least half a meter deep and concreted;

On the seat of a suspended bench sofa can put pillows, buy or sew themed pillowcases.

In conclusion, several options for the swing for giving, made with your own hands from the improvised or remaining after the construction of funds, their photos.

Homemade swings and their classification

In childhood it seems that “winged swings” can reach the sun. Growing up, we remember that wonderful feeling of light-heartedness. And subconsciously want to repeat it. It is quite possible, because swings are not only childish:

  • family. They look like a bench with a high back, suspended from strong supports with chains,
  • mobile swing, if necessary, can be moved to another place,
  • Hammock - unmatched champion for relaxation,
  • swing arbor. Suitable for a few people
  • balancer or pendulum. Outdoor construction in the form of a log, which is tossed to one or the other side, depending on the weight of the players,
  • swing - sofas. Soft Construction with the possibility to realize the most daring design decisions,
  • swing - "boats".

According to the method of manufacturing the swing is divided into:

By installation method:

  • stationary,
  • portable - easy to remove and remove to another place.

The frame can be made of a number of materials and their combinations:

  • plastic and fabric
  • tires and chains or ropes,
  • wood and chains
  • cylindrical and non-cylindrical bars
  • metal.

Choosing the right option

Before starting construction, it is necessary to decide on the purposes of use and material of production. If the swing needs a baby up to 3 years old, then a purchased or self-made stationary, sustainable option will do. For children from 5 years old - light plastic or wooden suspended swing. They can be attached to the canopy beam in front of the house or to a powerful branch of a tree. A noisy children's company will appreciate the entertainment in the form of a balancer (pendulum).

Attention! They are considered the most durable products from treated wood and metal. For the "wintering" of them enough to cover with polyethylene. Purchased swings with a plastic base, covered with a cloth - must be disassembled for the winter and stored in a dry, warm room.

If you want a garden swing to serve not only as a resting place, but also as an accent detail of landscape design, then you can prefer a noble forging or woody eco-design.

Strong benches with a high back and a canopy are ideal for the older generation. For noisy youth - swinging sofas with lots of colorful pillows or hammocks for relaxing with a book.

Original car tire design

Swing that can make any newcomer from scrap materials. For the manufacture will require a car tire, a strong rope and the ability to knit sea knots.

  1. Drill four holes in the tire. 2 on each side.
  2. Insert the rope into the two holes next to it and firmly tie it down below, under the tire.
  3. On the second side, repeat the same steps.
  4. Choose a suitable tree branch or any other crossbar. Hang on improvised swings prekladinu. The main thing - durable components to ensure the safety rocking.

This installation will not take much time, but will bring a lot of joy to children.

Children's entertainment from the board and rope

The easiest to make a swing that does not require special skills and materials is a beam suspended from a rope.

For installation will need:

  • edged or unedged board from 3-4 cm thick and 15-20 cm wide,
  • strong rope
  • antiseptic, varnish,
  • hacksaw or saw.

  1. Saw off a piece of board of the desired length.
  2. Sand down to smoothness.
  3. Cover with antiseptic and varnish.
  4. Saw 2 slots along the long sides of the board closer to the corners.
  5. Make another 2 drank on both sides approximately 3 cm from the corners.
  6. Pull the rope from the groove to the groove with three stitches.
  7. Attach the rope to any cross bar.

Feature fastening guarantees the strength of the structure. At the bottom of the rope will not untie and grind.

Making a family swing of wood and metal

Evening conversation on the swinging bench promotes mutual understanding. And if you decorate the wooden frame with cute pillows, then a comfortable rest is guaranteed!

Council The thickness of the slats for the seat swing shops should be greater than for the back.

Before construction you need to prepare everything you need:

  • 15 pine or spruce boards 10x25x2500 mm,
  • 1 board 150x50x2500 mm
  • chain equal to the length of the swing,
  • 40 screws, size 80x4, 5
  • 200 screws 51x3,5,
  • 6 carbines,
  • 2 screws with rings 12x100,
  • 2 screws with 12x80 rings,
  • drill, jigsaw, circular saw, hammer, plane.

  1. Saw off the board length of 1.5 m.
  2. Cut out 6 shaped parts for the base of the bench from the thickest board.
  3. Arrangement of 6 parts in 1 row, attach wooden strips to them with self-tapping screws. The bar should be fastened first from the ends, then in the middle. The seat 17 will leave the boards at the back - 15.
  4. Make two armrests and remaining wood.
  5. Attach the screw with the ring to the bottom of the armrest.
  6. Ready to swing attached to any of the transverse bar. If it is not there, then you can dig into the ground 2 beams, concreted them and connect them with a transverse board.
  7. Strengthen 2 more rings on the upper crossbar.
  8. Stretch the chain and hang the swing.

Properly constructed construction will be of good quality and reliable, and will last for several seasons.

Sturdy base for any kind of seat

You might want to hang on the chains a swing-bench or a pair of children's cross-beams made of boards. The main thing is to mount a reliable base that can withstand a small load, as well as several adults.

The following elements are required for construction work:

  • bars 100x100 mm,
  • boards for the construction of the base and canopy,
  • concrete,
  • self-tapping screws
  • hammer, hacksaw, drill, tape measure.

  1. Determine the location for the swing. This stage is important because construction is not portable.
  2. Dig 4 holes 1 m deep each.
  3. Install the bars in the pits so that they intersect at the top, resembling the letter "l".
  4. Fill the base with concrete.
  5. Fasten the bars with screws at the intersection at the top.
  6. Knock down wooden flooring from half of the rails.
  7. From the second half - a canopy with a horizontal crossbar and booms, reinforcing the structure.
  8. Finish the frame varnish.

On such a basis you can attach with the help of rings, carabiners and chains any kind of swing.

What to choose, chain or rope?

Safety of a swing directly depends on a type of a suspension. Rope is a fairly durable option, especially if it is secured with the help of a sea node. But over time, he can stretch or fray. Therefore, such a suspension is recommended only for children's swings, which are not subject to heavy loads.

Attention! The optimal rope is a kapron cross-stitch from 24 mm.

Chain - more durable option that can withstand increased load.

Advantages of using a metal chain:

  • strong
  • the weakening of the ring is immediately visible
  • optimal for weak buildup.

  • when mounted on bearings, it swings very much. So you need to set the sway speed limiter,
  • in large rings, babies can pinch a finger.

Garden swings are not just a resting place, but also an original “highlight” of any plot. Rational choice of construction, construction, taking into account all the nuances and careful care - will provide swings "long life".

Swing for giving the hands: photo and classification of products

Traditional materials for the manufacture of outdoor swings for giving their own hands are metal and wood. In order to improve the reliability and external characteristics of these materials can be combined, as well as partially decorate the metal structure with decorative forging.

Bright cocoon swing hanging from a tree branch

Helpful advice! For the manufacture of the seat can be used any available materials that may remain on the site after the construction of the house or repairs.

For construction you can use:

  • bars,
  • plastic,
  • strong rope
  • metal pipes
  • old chairs or chairs, from which you must first remove the feet.

Comfortable swing suitable for sleeping outdoors or reading

Car owners may resort to old tires. They will be perfectly combined with flower beds made of similar material.

Classification swing for giving their own hands

There is a large number of original and comfortable swings that can decorate the landscape of any suburban area.

Conventionally, they can be divided into three broad categories:

  • mobile - products have a lightweight portable design, so that the swing can be moved around the site to any convenient place, for example, in the house, on the veranda, in the gazebo or under a canopy during the rain,

Mobile swing version with metal base

  • family - products with a massive and weighty structure. According to their device, they resemble benches without legs with a large and high back. Due to the large dimensions of the seat can fit the whole family. To ensure that the operation of such a swing is safe, they are securely fastened to the U-shaped frame. Strong cables or thick chains are used as clamps. If you organize a roof over a swing or an awning canopy, they can be used even in the rain,

Cozy swing, located on the open terrace

  • children - a special category of products, usually in the form of boats or hanging chairs. Structures have special requirements for the frame, which must comply with all safety standards. Very young children can use the swing only in the presence of adults and with the use of special belts. With their help, the baby is fixed on the seat and therefore can not fall out.

Children's swing with a metal frame, painted in bright colors

Varieties and photos of the swing in the country with their own hands

Swings can be classified by other features. There are the following types of products by type of design:

  • hammock - hung on the crossbar of the metal. A tree with a thick and straight lower branch can serve as a substitute for the crossbar. When using such a design, a person has the impression that he is floating above the ground. Such swings are in great demand among those who enjoy reading books,

Swing hammock - a great option for relaxation and admiring nature

Note! Hammocks, subject to the manufacturing technology, are capable of withstanding a weight load of up to 200 kg.

  • single - products with different types of designs that do not require the installation of additional crossbars. These swings are characterized by a quick installation system, while they can be installed anywhere. Used for the manufacture of a variety of materials

Beautiful hanging swing in the garden of a private house

  • suspended - the structures are a seat suspended from several ropes or chains. Ropes fasten on the sides. Thanks to the use of various materials that make the product durable, comfortable and light, the swing swing can have different shapes and sizes,

Cozy hanging swing fabric made by hand

  • chaise lounges - products can accommodate a family consisting of two adults and one child. Swings have a special design, which involves fixing in a single attachment point, which allows you to install them in the room. The material for the manufacture is a special alloy of metals. Despite the apparent airiness, these products are very durable.

Big family swing with metal frame

How to make a swing in the country of metal

Before you get down to business, you should prepare the necessary materials, as well as tools.

Take care in advance of availability:

  • file or sandpaper (for working with a metal surface),
  • welding machine
  • electrodes,
  • containers to knead the solution

Metal swing is distinguished by its elegance and seeming ease of construction.

  • ingredients for the preparation of the solution (rubble, water, cement, sand),
  • fasteners (nuts, bolts),
  • metal pipes
  • wrenches and shovels,
  • grinders and dials for metal.

Modern design of a metal swing for giving

Creating a swing in the country with their own hands: drawings and technology

The first thing to do is prepare the pipes. Cutting material is as follows:

  • side stand - 2 pcs., length - 2 m,
  • base element - 2 pcs. on each side, the length of the discretion
  • crossbeam - 1 pc., length - 1.5-2 m.

Installation dimensions of the swing from metal and wood

Helpful advice! After cutting metal pipes, burrs can form on them. To remove them, use a file or sandpaper.

Elements intended for the base should be fixed by welding at an angle of 45 °. Next to the racks welded crossbar at an angle of 90 °.

To install the structure should dig two trenches. The width of these grooves should correspond to the tripod resulting from the assembly, and the depth should be at least 0.8 m. The width of the crossbar should fit between the trenches.

Suspended swing unusual shape with a metal frame

In the grooves will be installed bearing parts of the swing. Pre-at the bottom should form a pillow of sand. The thickness of the layer is 0.1-0.2 m. After that, the embankment is carefully compacted. The construction base is set on top, the depressions are filled with concrete solution.

To prepare the mixture, mix sand, cement and crushed stone in the following proportions: 2: 1: 1 (respectively). Add liquid to the mixture and knead the solution. As a result, you should have a homogeneous mass. Take care that it is not too liquid.

Diagram of the garden swing: 1 - screws for fixing the backrest and seat strips, 2 - slats, 3 - corners of the rocking seat frame, 4 - swing farm base rod, 5 - rivets, 6 - seat stiffness connecting band and seat suspension, 7 - side bars of the swing farm, 8 - connection of the ends of the support frame of the awning, 9 - cord for rocking chair suspension, 10 - carabiner, 11 - ring, 12 - kerchief-brace, 13 - upper swing farm bar, 14 - connecting bolts with washers and nuts , 15 - insert bolt-lock, 16 - insert with hole and internal thread for connecting bolt, 17 - wide spacer washer, 18 - support frame for the awning, 19 - washer, 20 - bolt connecting the upper bar to the side, 21 - bolt - 2 pcs. (steel strip with bolts)

It takes about a week to set concrete. Up to this point it is not recommended to fasten the seat to the crossbar, which can be held by cables or metal beams. After confirming that the mortar has hardened, attach the hooks with the welding method and place the seat on the cables. If metal beams are used, weld the seat to them. When the structure is fully prepared and installed, it can be painted to give the swing a beautiful appearance and protect the metal from corrosion.

Metal swing for giving with an awning and soft pillows

How to make a swing in the country with their own hands from wood

This technology considers the creation of children’s own street swings for wood, which can simultaneously accommodate several kids at once. Dimensional parameters of the swing can be changed at your discretion.

Helpful advice! Use wood of the following species as a material: birch, pine, spruce.

Children's street swing, built of wood

Preparatory stage: tools and materials

The list of materials needed to create a wood structure includes:

  • board - 15 pcs., length - 2.5 m, section - 2.5 x 10 cm,
  • board - 1 pc., length - 2 m, section - 5x15 cm,
  • carbine - 6 pcs.,
  • self-tapping screws - 250 pcs., size - 3.5х52 mm,
  • welded chain, the length of which is selected taking into account the height of the swing, the thickness of the links is 0.5 cm,
  • galvanized screws - 2 pcs. size 1.2x10 cm + 2 pcs. size 1.2x8 cm

Kids swing with their own hands: 1 - side outer part of the seat frame - 2 pcs. (90x35x375), 2 - side inner part of the seat frame - 2 pcs. (70х35х375), 3 — поперечина рамы сиденья – 2 шт. (90х35х375), 4 — вертикальная деталь подлокотника – 2 шт. (45х35х275), 5 — вертикальная деталь спинки – 2 шт. (90х35х650), 6 — горизонтальная деталь подлокотника – 4 шт. (45х35х530), 7 — верхняя деталь подлокотника – 2 шт. (145х20х585), 8 — верхний держатель цепи – 2 шт.(45x35x300), 9 - lower chain holder - 2 pcs. (70x35x150), 10 - front and rear parts of the seat frame - 2 pcs. (90x35x1300), 11 - back cross member - 1 pc. (90x35x1400), 12 - seat board - 1 pc. (90х20х1170), 13 - seat board - 3 pcs. (90х20х1230), 14 - back board - 12 pcs. (90x20x850)

The market range offers screws of various colors. The shade of fasteners can be effectively beaten in the design of the swing, so you should pay attention to the color of the screws. Selecting fasteners in the tone of the tree, you can hide the junction details of the structure. Self-tapping screws of a contrasting color will allow to achieve an interesting effect.

Suspended wooden swing painted white

Do not forget to prepare the tool:

  • roulette wheel
  • pencil,
  • square to measure the size of the angles
  • circular saw for cutting wood,
  • drill and drill set for her,
  • planer and hacksaw,
  • hammer.

Diagram of the wooden swing with dimensions

Technology create a swing: how to make your own hands design

If you undertake to make a swing yourself, you can facilitate your work in one simple way - make a plan and try to stick to it. It is recommended to prepare a project in advance, draw up drawings and outline on them all dimensional parameters, places of fasteners, analyze the future product for reliability.

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If you do not have experience in drawing up drawings, use ready-made projects. Photos of children's swings with their own hands, which you can find on the Internet, will help you determine the choice of a suitable design. Do not forget, there is a big difference between the swings intended for adults and children's versions of products.

Hanging version of the swing of used car tires

On pre-prepared parts (1.5 m long each) a cut should be made strictly at right angles. Boards, having a thickness of 2 cm, are designed to seat devices. For the manufacture of the back is better to put the boards with a thickness of 1.2-1.3 cm. The seat will require 32 slats, 15 of which must have a length of 0.45 m, the remaining 17 - 0.5 m.

Helpful advice! To prevent the wood from cracking during mounting of the self-tapping screws, drill small holes in the structural elements to be fastened.

The mounting dimensions of the swing with a metal frame

Work with a back and a swing seat

If you want to make a more comfortable and convenient design of the seat back, it should give a curly shape. To achieve the desired result, use a board with a large thickness (section - 5x15 cm). You need to make 6 parts. Using a marker or pencil, apply the appropriate markup on the workpiece.

After that, you need to determine the angle at which the back will be fixed. Fixing the slats is carried out with the same step. Make sure that the slats are set straight. To do this, first perform the fixation on the sides, and then - in the middle.

Kids swing, suspended from the frame on the chains

To increase the comfort of operating the swing will allow the installation of armrests. It is recommended to use timber for these purposes. The width is not particularly important and is chosen according to your own wishes. The armrests on one side are screwed to the frame part of the back, on the other - attached to the seat.

In the next step, you can attach the welded chain to the frame. The optimal place is the lower zone of the armrest, that is, where it connects to the seat. Take a special connector, which has a ring on one side and a thread on the other. It is attached to the crossbar and frame part of the seat. Subsequently, a chain will pass through these rings.

Drawing of a chair with a back and sides for a swing (cm): 1 - horizontal element of the sidewall - 4 pcs. (5x5x70), 2 - connecting rod - 3 pcs. (d = 2.5 cm, length 80 cm), 3 - reinforcing square - 4 pcs. (2,5х10х10), 4, 11 - vertical elements of the sidewall - 4 pcs. (5x5x37,5), 5 - backrest frame element - 2 pcs. (5x5x37,5), 6 - an element of the lattice of the backrest and seat - 13 pcs. (d = 2.5 cm, 58 cm long), 7 - seat frame element - 2 pcs. (5x5x67.5), 8 - cord-hanger guide - 2 pcs. (d = 2.5 cm, 10 cm long), 9 - pin - 4 pcs. (d = 1 cm, 7 cm long), 10 - seat retainer (d = 2.5 cm, 68 cm long)

To secure the swing is better to use the rack A-shaped. Strong logs should be taken as supporting elements. Anyone who knows how to handle a welding machine can take up the manufacture of a metal frame.

Bright children's swing with original design

Making the support part for a swing with their own hands

Many craftsmen involved in the manufacture of swing for suburban areas, prefer A-shaped stands, as they provide a high level of reliability, durable and withstand heavy loads. At this stage you will need the same set of tools as when working with the seat. Of course, if we are talking about a rack made of wood. Otherwise, you will need a welding machine.

A-shaped support legs are reliable, durable and can withstand heavy loads.

The first thing you have to do is make racks. They must be the same and have the same size. Subsequently, you can install them at a distance that you will need. This indicator depends on the width of the seating position. To connect the supports should use a crossbar.

Important! Perform accurate calculations of the angle at which vertically positioned rack elements will be joined. The top of the pillars needs to be securely fastened. Otherwise, they can lead.

Reliable fastening of the top of the pillars will ensure a high level of strength of the whole structure.

For mounting the crossbar, mark 1/3 of the support posts. It is at this level that the installation will be carried out. As the fixing elements, you can use screws and angles made of metal. Make sure the crossbar is set at the same height. Usually, the swings have one crossbar, but if you want to increase the strength of the structure, you can install two.

To mount the base, dig holes in the ground. The maximum depth is 0.8 m. The structure is installed on a cushion of rubble with a thickness of about 0.2 m. After the racks have been placed inside, they are poured with concrete.

Children's swing suspended type with a wooden frame

Taking into account the fact that the wood is extremely susceptible to rotting, the lower part of the pillars should be treated with an antiseptic and made insulation before concreting the base. For these purposes it is worth stocking up with waterproofing material. Ruberoid will do.

Since the construction will be further exploited by children, it is necessary to secure it. Sharp corner pieces should be rounded off, irregularities and burrs are eliminated by grinding.

The process of building a swing made of wood

Photos of children's swings for giving their own hands and features of their manufacture

Even if you are not at all friendly with the plane and the welding machine, this does not mean at all that the swings at the dacha will remain a luxury for you. There is a mass of the simplest designs, the manufacture of which you can handle. And most of them do not require the purchase of some expensive materials. You can always arm yourself with improvised means.

Simple children's swing for summer cottage suspended on a rope to a tree branch

Swings from scrap materials: pallets

Pallets are a very popular type of material from which home and garden furniture is made. Due to their versatility, they can also be used to organize swings at a country site. To do this, you should have at hand one pallet, a rope and a tree where the structure will be suspended.

Helpful advice! As a replacement for the tree, you can install strong support columns.

Pallets are an excellent material for creating original garden furniture.

Even a product created on the basis of a single pallet may have several modifications. The one-piece element can be fixed in suspense at four corners with the help of ropes. This is enough for the swing to perform its function. To create comfort, it is enough to put a small mattress on top of the pallet and cover it with a blanket or a sheet. Several pillows on top will be a kind of solution to the problem of lack of backrest.

Cozy baby swing from a pallet with a soft mattress and pillows

Constructions of this type can be exploited not only for reading books in the open air, but also for elementary rest from the midday heat in the shade. They can even be used for sleep.

To create your own children's swing with a full back you will need two pallets. As in the case of wooden structures made of planks and timber, the surface should also be treated with sandpaper to get rid of burrs. The product must be well cleaned and painted using a dye designed for wood and outdoor conditions. Enough to use and moisture-resistant varnish, which does not spoil the beauty of the tree.

Suspended swing for giving, arranged from pallets

Other types of teeter with their own hands

The most simple version of the swing is the seat in the form of a board, suspended with ropes. In order to prevent quick rubbing of the rope, two more parts can be nailed to the sides of the board. After this, 4 holes are made through which the ropes are passed. For fixation, strong and tight knots are tied at the ends. The design itself can be mounted both on the tree and on the U-shaped support base.

Beautiful hanging swing will decorate the backyard

Swings suspended from ropes can be made in another way. Instead of holes in the board, grooves are formed: a pair in the front part and a pair along the edges in the corner zone. The seat (board) can be shaped into a semicircle or left straight. Due to the tension force, the rope will not jump out of the grooves, despite the fact that they are open.

You can create your own safe swing from textiles and wood

Helpful advice! If you have an unsuitable skateboard or snowboard, you can use it instead of the seat, giving the swing an original look.

To create a swing at the dacha, you can use a large number of different materials up to automobile tires. It is enough to hang the tire on a tree branch with a rope. If you care about nature, do not use a chain - it hurts the bark too much.

Suspended swing out of wicker chair, decorated with bright ribbons

Some craftsmen attach intricate carved forms to the swing of a tire. To obtain the original design is enough to get a sharp cutting tool and ready-made schemes. Cutting tires can be done with a construction knife. Pre-apply on the surface markings for cuts, using chalk or a dark marker. The finished product can be painted in a bright color or covered with drawings.

The swing of two small logs, connected by a rope, is very popular among summer residents. The main thing is that the wood was cleaned, leveled and tightly bound.

Scheme for creating a swing in the form of a horse from an old tire

Beautiful designs and methods of their fasteners

There are several options for mounting systems that can be used for swings. These options are most common:

  • carbines - in this case, the bar is wrapped around an element having a circular cross section (used for cylindrical bars) or rectangular (square carbine for beams),
  • anchors - in fact, they are the same carbines, having a through type of attachment.

Reliability and safety of a design - the main properties of a good children's swing

A swing with four attachment points (2 on the seat and 2 on the back) can be suspended in two ways. In the first case, you bring the chains or ropes together in a common ring, which is a connecting carabiner. After which one of the ropes or chains is attached to the crossbar with the main carabiner. As a result, you get two fixation points on the crossbar.

Another option involves the installation of a mounting system, which is based on the use of 4 carbines, fixing each of the ropes or chains leading from the structure.

Seats for swings, as well as the method of attaching anchors to the crossbar

Swing benches can be mounted on hooks, which are mounted in the side walls of support columns.

Materials to create a beautiful swing for children in the country with their own hands

If you do not want to be limited to the use of scrap materials, but want to create an original and beautiful design, you can use interesting woods and metals.

Helpful advice! Enhance the product by adding a comfortable back or crossbar to its design, located in front. Thanks to this limiter, you can increase the level of operational safety of the swing.

For outdoor hanging swing is better to choose boards from hardwood

To create a beautiful swing will require:

  • durable metal carbines
  • boards of deciduous trees
  • chain for hanging
  • screws with different dimensional parameters,
  • screws, complete with rings, which are also used for hanging home children’s swing set in the room.

Comfortable swing for children hammak type of thick colored fabric

A set of tools for work is limited to:

  • drill and drill set,
  • saw and hacksaw,
  • jigsaw and planer,
  • with a hammer
  • devices for measuring and marking (square, tape measure, chalk, pencil / marker).

Ordinary old tires can be turned into an original swing for children.

To install a swing, you need to pick up a shady place, for example, a section under a tree or under a roof of a canopy, a terrace. You can even equip the structure itself with a roof or a canopy, otherwise you will have to cover the product with a tarpaulin or film in bad weather.

The initial stage of manufacturing the product

Any sustainable swing construction begins with the insertion of support pillars to a depth of 0.8 m. The remaining space in the recess is filled with concrete mortar. Then the crossbar connects with the racks.

Wooden swing device: 1 - upper bundle (length 115 cm, width and thickness of the board 10x5 cm), 2 - visor board covering the heads of bolts and protecting the weatherproof tie (length 145 cm, width and thickness 22.5x5 cm), 3 - two pillars (height 275 cm, width and thickness 22.5 x 5 cm), the distance between the pillars is 105 cm, the ends of the pillars are concreted into the ground to a depth of 60 cm, 4 - a galvanized chain attached at the top and bottom to the eye bolts on the coupling sleeves , 5 - seat (length 60 cm, width and thickness 15x5 cm)

Further actions depend on the type of material used for the manufacture of the product. If the swing is created on the basis of metal pipes, the connection of all elements is carried out only using a welding machine. Wood supports will require pre-treatment with an antiseptic and nuts with bolts as fasteners.

The seat is created from two frames. One of them will be the back, the second - the seat. Place and fasten pieces of plywood or wood on them. After that, it will be necessary to fix the frames at an angle strictly at 120 °.

The process of building a children's complex with swings and a slide made of wood

In order to attach a rope or chain to the seat, the brackets or special hooks are mounted. This will allow the structure to be suspended from the crossbar.

Note! Swings are suspended in such a way that the feet of the person sitting on them can touch the ground.

The design of the structure can be improved by decorating it or setting an unusual object as a seat.

Children's swing suspended from a tree on a rope

Installation of the mounting mechanism on the swing of children to give their own hands

Hanging the swing seat to the crossbar is carried out by staples or special hooks. If the structure will be held by ropes, you will need to purchase more clips that will serve as clamps. Other materials may also be used, such as chains or ropes.

It is recommended to take a chain with links of large size. This will increase the service life of the product due to the fact that the metal from which they are made, is not afraid of the negative impact of weather conditions and temperature extremes. Moreover, the chain is often used to decorate the landscape. It will complement the design of the courtyard on a country site.

Mounting fasteners for hanging swing

Suspension mounting area requires careful reinforcement. For decorative purposes, you can put pillows, a mattress on the wooden seat or stretch the awning over it. These elements will not only be able to decorate the product, but also increase the comfort of operation, make it pleasant to relax.

Since the design is performed for children, it is better to equip the swing seat with a comfortable back. Что касается подвеса, то он в этом случае менее важен.

Схема устройства подвесных качелей из автомобильной шины на металлическом каркасе: 1 — стойки, 2 — покрышка, 3 — сварная калиброванная цепь, 4 — болт М12 с проушиной, 5 — отрезок швеллера № 14, длина которого составляет 200 мм, 6 — стальная пластина 140х200 мм, 7 — болт М12

Как сделать детские качели своими руками безопасными и удобными

The area where children relax and have fun should be safe. By following simple rules, this can be easily achieved:

  • use the safest and most reliable nodes
  • nylon rope is less damaging to the tree than others
  • The best option for wood is oak,

Children's swing from a tree, created by yourself, in the form of a mouse and a beetle

  • figured out how to make a swing at the cottage, before fixing them in a tree, carefully inspect the branch to which they will hang. Make sure there are no cracks, excessive dryness, signs of illness,
  • If a chain is used for hanging the swing, it is recommended to put it inside plastic tubes. Otherwise, the baby’s fingers may fall into the links
  • It should be checked branch with swings for reliability, because during the use of the construction of wood gradually frayed and destroyed. Do it every week,

Before children use the swing, be sure to check the construction for strength

  • Before allowing children to use the product, check it for durability. For this fit the largest member of the family. If the swing can withstand its weight, then they can be put into operation,
  • Use only reliable carbines.

We should not forget about the aesthetic side of the issue. Make the sides of the swing shaped to make it interesting for children. The sides can be made in the form of dinosaurs or cars, ships.

Part of the beam support, which will be immersed in concrete, is treated with bitumen mastic.

Good wooden swing in the country - a great place to relax and joy for children of any age. We told how to make them yourself, the nuances - in the video in this article.