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Aihrizone is a succulent plant that grows in natural conditions in the southern territories of Europe, the Canary Islands and Morocco.

The peculiarity of this amazing plant is the shape of leaves, resembling hearts. They gave birth to its popular name - the tree of love. Airflow (photo, care at home are presented in the article) is very decorative.

general information

In fact, it is not a tree. Most species are herbaceous plants. Many among them and shrubs.

The connection of this plant with love can be traced quite clearly. Many omens about him endow him with the ability to predict important changes concerning the relationship between lovers. The plant is often called the “tree of happiness” and the “money tree”.

This low, highly branching succulent, belonging to the family of pulpy leaves, is unpretentious in its care and to the growing conditions, decorative, easily propagated and quickly grows. This unusual plant produces excellent bonsai, as it is easy to form.

This article provides information about the tree of love ayzhrizone: signs, reviews. Also here you can learn about the features of care for this amazing plant.

The plant belongs to the genus Aichryson, which in total includes 15 species.

The love tree, aihrizone, is a small plant (up to 40 cm) with fragile stems. The base has lignified form only in adult plants. Smooth small leaves with slightly visible pubescence on them are painted in greyish-green or green shades. Depending on the type, their shape can be rhombic, heart-shaped, spatulate, etc.

Most often the tree blooms in April and May. Inflorescence, located on not very long peduncle (height up to 20 cm), has the form of plates or loose panicles. Flowers in the form of stars are mostly yellow in color.

Growing conditions

For this plant is easy care at home. The tree of love, aihrizon, is unpretentious and prefers moderation in everything. Yes, and to the conditions of growth it is not picky. The place is suitable for him bright, but without hitting the direct rays of the sun. This condition is necessary in order to avoid burns on the leaves. However, even if you are in the sun, the tree will live, but will cringe a little. In a very shaded place, it will lose its compactness and become loose.

Flower containers for airshaft should not be selected "for growth" due to the fact that it has a poor root system. It is necessary to provide for the presence of drainage at the bottom of the pot. Feels great on light nutrient soil (preferably neutral). You can add crushed bricks or coarse sand to the ground. Suitable for this plant and soil mixture intended for cacti.

Airchrizone grows well indoors all year round. Ideal conditions are warm summer (temperature + 21-25 ° С) and winter is cool (+ 8-12 ° С). If such a regime is observed, the plant will be able to rest in the fall and blossom in the springtime.

Regarding irrigation, moderation should also be taken into account: in summer, this procedure should be carried out as needed, and rarely in winter. This succulent is able to calmly endure a temporary drought. For plants of this moisture is inherent in ordinary apartments.

Below are some varieties of airhison.

    Home. This kind of love tree, aihrizone (see photo in the article) is a hybrid derived from sinuous and pointed aihrizone. This is a low shrub with a rounded crown. The fleshy leaves have a slight pubescence and a white rim on the edges. The flowers are yellow fragrant.

Home Care Rules

Aihrizon is a barometer of family relationships. Such an important plant needs proper care, although it is not particularly picky about it.

  1. Watering the plant, as noted above, should be infrequent. This is due to the fact that it has the ability to accumulate moisture, and abundant watering can cause rotting of the roots. In order to understand whether the plant needs moisture, you should touch the stem. Resilience suggests that watering is not necessary. If it is sluggish and is forced, it means that water is urgently needed.
  2. Periodically holding the shower will allow the plant to free itself from accumulations of dust and restore its normal form. But this should be done only in the period of its development or flowering. The love tree, aihrizone, cannot be bathed in moments of peace.
  3. Water for irrigation should be soft and separated.
  4. Fertilize the plant can be once a month means intended for succulents.
  5. In the presence of fungal diseases, it is necessary to immediately cut out healthy fragments to obtain a new plant by vegetative propagation. Fully save it in this case is impossible.
  6. To control pests use special chemical solutions. Although it rarely happens. Only in hot weather can there be a scout and a spider mite.

It should be noted another important point. One of the features of the plant is the content of poison in its juice. It can cause poisoning and therefore the flower should be kept away from small children and animals.

More on fertilizer application

Once every 2-3 weeks, during the active growing season of the plant, it should be watered with a solution of a special fertilizer for succulents and cacti. If it is difficult to find a similar dressing, then you should not add anything at all.

Such means differ from universal fertilizers in the lowest content of nitrogen. Aihrizone and other succulents treat him badly.


It is very easy to propagate the tree of love Ahirizon (see photo in the article). It is capable of giving aerial roots.

Cuttings for breeding should be taken during the formation of the bush. It is enough to stick them into the soil at any time of the year, after which they quickly take root. Rooting also occurs well in water with pieces of coal added to it. But this method can lead to decay of the cutting, especially the small one.


The Ayikhrizon tree of love looks beautiful and exotic in the room. Care of it includes the mandatory formation of a bush. Without such a procedure, fragile overgrown branches with an asymmetric crown can break under the weight of their branches and leaves.

As noted above, this plant is perfect for creating bonsai. It can be shaped into a miniature tree, from it you can create a ball and fancy silhouettes. In addition, pruning stimulates the growth of new young branches. This procedure should be carried out several times a year. Flower growers should not be frightened by the gradual dropping of leaves after they have dried. This is quite a normal phenomenon that occurs with the growth of the bush and during the flowering period.

Under natural growth conditions, aykhrizon is a spreading shrub. When keeping it at home, regular pruning can transform it into a sort of miniature tree.

How it's done? During the period of intensive growth of the plant, the tops of the newly formed shoots should be pinned approximately 2-3 cm. It is also necessary to get rid of the unsuccessfully located (protruding) and weak twigs. And after a period of rest of the plant, with the loss of good shape, it is best to re-root the cuttings cut from it. You should not waste time on any attempt to return the decorative plant to the old plant. A new tree will grow pretty quickly.

According to some beliefs, the love tree, aihrizone, will bloom only in the house where there is mutual understanding and harmony. The flower feels bad in an atmosphere of hostility. Flowering in this situation stops, the leaves wither and begin to dry and fall off. It is important to notice in time the deterioration of the condition of the plant and try to prevent the deterioration of the situation and establish normal relations.

According to superstition, only the restoration of good relationships at all levels (emotional, spiritual, and sexual) will help to return the plant’s fragrant appearance to the plant. Dissolving its flowers will say that marriage is no longer in danger.

There are signs that interpret the blooming of the indoor air chamber not as an indicator of the situation in the family, but as a way to strengthen relationships. It can be said that even if the tree is simply in the house, it will always contribute to peace and harmony in the family.

Signs for wealth

There is a belief that a love tree can increase the income of a plant owner. Aihrizone growing in a house where they are carefully cared for, is also able to help the owner. Unexpected prizes, winnings and finds are possible.

However, some experts say that only purchased plants bring financial assistance, and donated ones can provoke losses and unforeseen expenses. Therefore, for the tree of love, received as a gift, you should give a coin in exchange (buy off the forces of the dark).

Signs for singles

According to some signs, the love tree, aihrizone, should be made by people who dream of a serious and strong relationship. A plant in a house can tell its owner about the presence of a person next to him who is suitable for living together. The beginning of the flowering of the plant suggests that the only person beloved by his fate appeared in the owner's life. In this situation, you should not miss your chance. And if the flower withers and dries, you should not count on the nearest marriage.

This plant can help girls who dream of getting married, but do not notice worthy partners near them. Similar observations can be made during the period of romantic relationships. If the breath is fresh and cheerful, then the relationship with this lover can bring happiness. If, on the contrary, the state of the flower deteriorates, you should take a closer look at the person.

It is important to remember that omens work only in the case of proper care of the plant. That is, in order to use the unusual possibilities of the tree, you need to exert maximum efforts for a comfortable growth of the airzone.

Opinions gardeners about the plant

Almost all flower growers about this plant give the most positive feedback. The love tree achirizon perfectly survives in any conditions. And this is one of the most attractive moments. Many believe that it should be in every home, because they call it the tree of happiness and love. Is it bad to grow love and happiness?

And it looks like a real small tree with a good dense crown. This flower can be called grateful and sweet. Looks great in any room design. The only small drawback is the fall of the leaves during the flowering period. Pretty soon there are new young leaves, thanks to which the plant is quickly restored.

The compactness of the plant is another important advantage of it, thanks to which many growers grow it in their homes.


It so happened that airflow is the guarantor of well-being and tranquility in the house. He retains love, so it is often given to new settlers, newlyweds and spouses who celebrate anniversaries. This is the best assistant in finding the only and beloved person. The most reliable indicator of excellent relations and “weather in the house” is the blossoming of an Aichrizone. And best of all, if it is long.

How to care for the flower with Aikhrizone

Airchrison tree of happiness planting and care at home photo

Aihrizone - the plant is not capricious and it takes root well even in apartments where there are unfavorable conditions for growing. Caring for him is quite simple.

Choosing a place for a flower

Avoid direct sunlight, the effects of heat from the battery, household appliances. The best place is the western or eastern window, on the southern side it is necessary to create a light shade using gauze or tulle. The temperature regime for spring and summer is 20–25 ° C, 10 ° C is sufficient in winter, and leaves fall at elevated temperatures.

Watering and moisture for a flower

Aihrizone is a succulent that does not need strong watering. When the leaves are elastic, dense - moisture is enough. Watering often, but a little, abundant watering will lead to rotting of the roots, in winter, extremely rare watering is needed.

Humidity is not a decisive factor in care; the plant tolerates the dry air of rooms well. Occasionally a warm shower will not interfere, but not in the winter.

Soil and fertilizer for airzone

Since the root system of the airborne zone is small and weak, do not use heavy soil and high pot, in which case the roots may rot. The ideal mixture for the plant: combine one part of peat, turf land, coarse sand, expanded clay or gravel, put it in clay pots with a diameter of up to 12 cm with good drainage material added to the bottom, pieces of birch coal will also be useful.

For pomp and a good type of bush in the spring and summer, it is necessary to fertilize often: complex fertilizers with a low nitrogen content are introduced every two weeks, in the winter fertilizer is not required.

To form a nice rounded crown, pinch the upper parts of the young shoots, underdeveloped and old - remove completely. In the spring, it is necessary to cut extra long shoots, just cut off the flowered flower stalks.

Flowering of achyrizone

Begin to bloom 2-3-year-old plants. Blooming in spring, almost all species can rejoice in bloom for about six months. When the age is reached, but the flowering does not occur, the conditions of care may not have been met - transplant it into a small pot, water it moderately, leave it to winter in a cool place.

Growing from seed

To grow airborne seed from seeds, prepare a mixture of leafy earth and sand in a ratio of 1 to 2. Sow the seeds, build a greenhouse, covered with glass or film, place in a bright place, periodically ventilate and irrigate the soil. In a couple of weeks, shoots will appear. The grown flowers dive, change the original soil to a mixture of sand, light soil and leafy land in a ratio of 0.5 + 0.5 + 1. Strengthened plants spread out in separate pots with a diameter of about 7 cm, ensure the air temperature is 18 ° C.

Airgrass cutting

Reproduction of AIhrizona cuttings photo

Cutting is even easier: cut off the sprout, a couple of hours after cutting off the main plant, dig in the ground for succulents or a mixture of sand and vermiculite. Rooted bushes planted in pots with a diameter of 7 cm. For the formation of roots, the stalk can also be put in water, but it can simply rot.

Diseases and pests of the tree of love

Aihrizone has strong immunity. Observing proper care, the disease will not appear, and harm is likely to bypass. Occasionally they can be attacked by nematodes, spider mites, and mealy worms. Excessive watering threatens the appearance of rot. Falling leaves in the fall is quite normal, because the plant is preparing to winter, but when faced with this summer, check whether the plant is exposed to direct sunlight. Excessive watering or drying out of the soil can also trigger leaf fall.

Signs and superstitions about airflow

Aihrizon photo care at home omens and superstitions

There is a belief that where there is growing ayhrizon, love, happiness and harmony will reign, so be sure to get this tree of love into your home. It is believed that he takes away the negative, protects against adversity and misfortune, clears the aura of the house.

Ochchkolistnyy or achichrizone aeonium Aichryson sedifolium

Ochchkolistnyy or Aihrizon Aeronium hybrid photo

The shrub is about 40 cm high, with straight shoots, the leaves are short - about 15 mm, wide, like a mace, grow close to each other, forming a rosette up to 6 cm in diameter. May be yellow-green, green, sometimes with reddish stripes, emit sticky substance that covers the surface of the sheet. Flowering - yellow flowers, forming a racemes, blooms about two months. In winter, it is prone to dropping foliage.

Household airyhryzon aichryson x domesticum

Household aichrizone aichryson x domesticum photo

Hybrid tree shape of love. Compact bush with a height and diameter of 30 cm, with small leaves in the form of a mace, up to 2 cm in length and 1 cm in width, assembled in miniature sockets covered with white fibers. The leaves are bright green in color, the inflorescences are yellow, fragrant, can bloom up to six months.

Aihrison sinuous Aichryson tortuosum

Aihrison sinuous Aichryson tortuosum

Neat shrub, about 30 cm high with light green thick diamond-shaped leaves, covered with the edge, collected in rosettes, the area of ​​the leaf plate is about 1.5 cm. The short petiole is a feature, flowering reaches six months.

Loose or open air Aichryson laxum

Loose or open airy Achrison Aichryson laxum photo

Shrub in the shape of a cube, about 40 cm high. Leaves-diamond, with white pubescence, 1-3 cm in size, placed on a long petiole, form rosettes. Yellow flowers bloom in early spring and can bloom for about 6 months, characterized by dropping foliage after flowering.

Aihrison spot Aichryson punctatum

Aihrison spot Aichryson punctatum photo

Достигает высоты 40 см. Коричнево-зеленые побеги имеют густую белую опушку, а ромбовидные листики опушены слабо, расположены на длинных черешках, собраны в розетки.

Botanical description

Aichryson (Aichryson) is also called the tree of love. It belongs to the genus of succulent plants that are part of the family of pulp grass.

This genus includes 15 species, among which are:

  • perennial herbaceous,
  • shrubs,
  • one-year.

The name of the flower comes from two Greek words: ai - “always” and chrysos - “golden”. Ayhrizone has a clear resemblance to the money tree.

In these plants, the root system is shallow. The shoots of airchrizone have branching and practically do not woody.

Flowering of this plant occurs in April or May. As soon as the airflow falls into bloom, its leaf rosette, which gave the peduncle, dies.


Aihrizone is a small shrub, reaching a height of no more than thirty centimeters, and the diameter of the bush ranges from 20 to 35 centimeters. Fleece leaves are located opposite each other and tightly gathered together. The leaf color is dark green or green, occasionally there are splashes of white, yellow and red. Inflorescences consist of small flowers in the form of stars, which can be white, yellow or cream.

Prostrate (loose, Laxum)

Shrub cubic shape, reaching a height of forty centimeters. Pour in the form of diamonds, with white pubescence. Their size is very small, only about three centimeters. The flowers are yellow, bloom in early spring. Duration of flowering about five months.

In more detail about airshrizon Prostrate we wrote here.

Spot (Aichryson punctatum)

Pretty large succulent plant. In height grows up to 45 centimeters. On top of the green-brown stems is pubescence, which consists of white hairs. The leaves of this species also have a rhombus shape. They are collected in leafy sockets.


A small bush that grows up to 25 centimeters in height. The leaves are light green, completely covered with small, short hairs. Keep the leaves in groups, attached to the stem with petioles. A distinctive feature of the airshyzone winding are short shoots. It blooms in spring and blooms until September.

Sedifolium (Sedifolium)

A small bush with straight processes and short, however, wide leaves. The color is mostly green, but it happens with a yellow tinge. Maximum sheet length - fifteen millimeters. Some leaves have light red stripes. They are needed in order to emit a special sticky substance covering the entire plant.

Domestic (Domesticum)

It grows homemade up to thirty centimeters. The crown is lush, and its diameter is equal to the height of the flower. This species is considered to be a hybrid, since it was obtained by crossing a sinuous and pinpoint air gaprion. The leaves are small, shaped like a mace.

Home care

Aihrizon needs a bright but diffused light. Do not let direct sunlight hit it, it will cause burns. The best place for the plant will be the western windowsill.

Watch out for watering. Requires moderate soil moisture. Do not allow excessive moisture, otherwise the plant will rot. In the hot season, water more often and plenty of water.

If you want new leaves to grow faster, make a warm shower plant twice a month. It is necessary to spray with thirty-degree water. Next, leave the plant until it is completely dry. Airflow should not be watered during the period of its rest.

The annual transplant, which should be done in spring, also applies to the care of the plant. After hibernation, the roots of Ayhrizon tightly twist the ground in a pot, so they change it. For the transplant fit small containers.

More information about the care and reproduction of this plant can be found here.

Popular types of airhison and their photos

A variety of deciduous mass and flowering options is the result of the breeding work of many generations. The most popular types of airchrizone are hybrids from the Aeonium x domesticus group, belonging exclusively to houseplants.

You can see these types of airflow in the photo, which beautifully illustrate the external attractiveness of a compact bush:

This species is distinguished by a non-oxime stem that grows up to a maximum of 30 cm in height and a spreading crown up to 40 cm in diameter. An oval-shaped lamina with a width of 10 mm and a length of 20 mm. Leaf color - light green or light green. Dropped by white villi. It has a long flowering period, which lasts from the beginning of May to the end of October. Peduncles long, buds rich yellow color.

Another popular type is the Aichrison, which has a second name, Aeonium. It belongs to the group of sukuulentov with a low stele up to 40 cm in height. The leaves are short and wide. On average, the length does not exceed 15 mm, and the width can reach 60 mm. On the surface of the sheets there is a sticky substrate, secreted by the reddish veins typical of this species. the flowering period is short and rarely exceeds 2 months. Yellow shade flowers on peduncles up to 70 mm long. There is a tendency to completely dropping foliage during the winter dormancy period. Do not be afraid of this.

Aichryson laxum is called prostrate, there is another name - loose aihrizone. It is characterized by diamond-shaped leaves with a length of no more than 30 mm and a width of up to 15 mm. Flowers are yellow, flowering - at least six months.

The sinuous appearance of the airzone can be distinguished by a short cutting with which the sheet is attached to the central trunk. It is practically absent, therefore fleshy diamond-shaped leaves literally stick around the trunk and branches. It has a tendency to strong branching, which allows the plant to be used in bonsai culture.

Look at the species of airhrizon in the photo showing the beauty of this representative of tropical flora:

What difficulties can arise when growing an Aichrizone flower?

Very often novice growers face various problems that are easy to solve with experience and knowledge. What difficulties may arise? The first is the regular fall of the foliage. This is due to improper watering and nutritional deficiencies. But to stop the flowering in any case not worth it. If the foliage is discarded after the end of flowering, this is a sign that after the rest period, the orchidris will give even more flower stalks. In this case, it is necessary to strengthen the watering and make additional feeding weekly for 30 days. Then provide a rest period to the plant for 2 months. And you can again enjoy the magnificent view.

When growing an ahichrizone flower in conditions of a “warm” wintering, the stems stretch and become bare, forming the wrong skeleton. Here you can only root the tops and thereby rejuvenate the plant. Although in some cases, nipping the apical bud and pruning the central stem helps.

For most pests and diseases, the plant is resistant. But it can be affected by various types of rot, which is the result of improper care.

Seed growing

  • Flat containers with low sides are filled with prepared soil. The recipe is simple: one part of the ground leaf is mixed with half of the pure sand. Seeds are placed at a depth of half a centimeter.
  • It is recommended to cover the container with a glass lid or film. This mini-room is placed in a bright, warm (up to 20 degrees plus) place. Spraying of the soil surface and airing are carried out regularly. It is carried out once a day.
  • After a couple of weeks, the first shoots appear. At the stage of three, four sheets, the seedlings are transplanted into the next pot. Between landings, the distance is observed at a rate of five centimeters, and lighting is added.
  • The soil composition is slightly modified. To the previous filling is mixed, equal to the sand, part of the earth turf (light). Covering from this stage is not required. Protect immature seedlings from direct sunlight.
  • The final action is the final transplant of young, strengthened plants in individual pots, with a diameter of no more than 70 millimeters. The bottom is laid out drainage material, filled with new soil base. Used soil for succulent species.
  • The temperature regime is maintained two degrees lower than at the germination stage. Watering is necessary every day in small portions, to moisten the earthy coma, without excesses.

Breeding cuttings

A faster and easier way to get an independent plant. Held at the beginning of the spring season (March, April). Planting material is selected from the scraps of the crown formation, or the selected shoot is cut.

It is selected stalk nine centimeters in length, dried in a shady place from two hours to the next day. Further rooting is possible in two directions. Put boiled water in water, with the addition of activated carbon, until the first roots appear.

It is practiced to place the prepared cutting directly into the substrate for succulents (ready-made or home-made), wet sand, vermiculite (moisture-containing mineral of a layered structure). Sprouted and matured “babies” are placed according to the same rules as seedlings. Care is provided adhering to the above parameters. Young specimens will grow and gain strength before their seed brethren.


There are situations with the absence of suitable material for reproduction or the preservation of the perishing Aichrizone. It is enough to find a healthy leaf, slightly drown in the prepared moist soil. After some time, the formation of the root system will begin. And from one piece it is possible to lift a new young succulent.

Deciduous state

  • Leaving the flowering period, the shrub is “plucked”. This condition is easily explained: the flower cover takes a lot of energy. Most of the leaves (about 80%) do not receive adequate nutrition. Fear for the plant with the loss of leaves at this point is not particularly worth it, everything is natural.
  • The transition to the “hibernation” of the pot dweller is observed in rare irrigations, lowering the temperature by ten degrees from the main one. In case of violation of one link in the chain of care, deviations from the norm are possible. The signal to rest is the fall of the leaves, but only in the period of autumn and winter.
  • All other cases of loss of the hardwood part talk about problem phenomena. Among them: a direct long-term hit of the rays of a celestial body, the overdried condition of the soil structure or its glut of moisture.

A damp earth commemorates one more trouble - root decay, decay of ground plant parts. It is not possible to save the entire succulent with this disease. Formed healthy parts of the trunks for subsequent rooting. The land is destroyed, the container is disinfected.

The heat is able to “bestow” the window pet with a shield or spider mite. The fight against the newly acquired "tenants" is carried out with the help of the treatment with insecticidal agents Aktellik, Karbofos, Aktara.

To please flowers Aikhrizonovye species are able to achieve two or three years of age.

Favorable conditions for the beginning of the emission of peduncles result in proper wintering, seasoned stripes and cramped “housing” conditions. There are buds in the spring. Many species for half a year delight their owners with small asterisks of yellow shades. The shortest flowering period lasts two months.

Having lived to the cherished moment, darling and does not plan to flourish? The reason is simple - violation of regime recommendations. Sometimes fixing things up is pretty simple. Check the spaciousness of the tank (on request, transplant into pots of a smaller volume), reduce the number and frequency of irrigation, select a cooler place for wintering, but with sufficient lighting.

It is important to remove all flower stalks with the last faded flower. Pruning of old and weak branches is allowed. Increasing soil moisture will help in the restoration of vegetation in bare areas.

Airshy home

These are compact bushes, with a stem height of 30 cm. The width of the bush is the same as in height. The leaves are in the form of clubs, not large, thick, uniform green color.

The culture has pubescent leaves. May bloom from spring to autumn. Flowers resemble stars, have a delicate aroma, they are golden in color.

Aichrison is chicled

This is a shrub. The photo shows that he has thin stems that stand straight. Their height is 15-40 cm. It has thick leaves in the form of clubs with a diameter of 1.5 cm, collected in rosettes.

The leaves are pale green or lime in color, with reddish spots on the edges and edges of the foliage. No pubescence.

This type of airison has star-shaped flowers, golden. In winter, the culture partially falls foxes. Blossoms in April or May.

Airflow prostrate (loose)

Aihrizon loose grows in the form of bushes in the form of squares. Leaves are downy. Greenish leaves in the form of rhombuses are on the petioles. Golden inflorescences, collected in large brushes, up to 30 cm in length.

The plant blooms from spring and blooms for half a year. Also partially fall foliage in winter.


In the summer, keep the flower in a room with an air temperature of 20-25 ° C.

If the temperature is higher, it is advised to ventilate the room.

You can put a flower on the loggia, but so that there is no wind.

In winter, place away from radiators. During this period, the culture requires a temperature of 8-15 ° C.

Pests and diseases

Flower achyrizone can infect rot. If roots have begun to rot, remove the flower from the pot, cut the roots to healthy places, put them in a solution of potassium permanganate, then sprinkle with crushed coal. After transplant into a new pot with new soil.

The spider mite or mealybug can attack on airborne.

If this happens, first wash the leaves with soapy water.

Next, spray Aktellikom, Fitoverm.

If the leaves are wrinkled, lost turgor, this means that they do not have enough moisture. If the stems are elongated and faded, then there is not enough lighting.

The flower leaves fall intensively: due to the direct rays of the sun, excess moisture, the temperature of the air is too high for the flower in winter.

With an excess of moisture flower rots. If brownish or yellowish specks appear on the leaves, it means that the plant has burned by the sun's rays.

Plant airflow does not bloom if there is not enough light.

Plant characteristic

Aihrizon was called the tree of love, because the shape of its leaves resembles a heart. It belongs to the succulent family of plants called "Crass". These representatives of the flora grow in Portugal, the Canary Islands and the Azores, as well as in Morocco and Madeira.

This is a perennial, shrub plant. Translated from the Greek, the part of the name “Ai” is translated as “always”, and the second part “Chryson” means “golden”.

What does a plant look like?

The plant achyrizone is characterized by the following features:

  • The leaves have a round, egg-shaped, which are collected in rosettes.
  • On top of the foliage are small villi.
  • The plant has a fork.
  • The pillar practically does not stiffen.
  • The leaves are green, with some additions of gray, red, yellow and white.
  • Airchrizone flowers are small, collected in inflorescences. Color can be various: yellow, white, red, cream. The plant pleases with color from April to May.

In the photos of airflow, you can visually assess how this indoor plant looks.

Proper care

In this section, we will look at how to care for an airzone so that it feels great.

Experts note that this is not a fastidious plant. It is worth remembering a few rules and stick to them in the process of leaving.

Ayhrizon loves light very much, but in order not to damage it, it must be soft, scattered and flow to the flower through gauze or light cloth. In this regard, it is best to put it on the window from the west or east side.

Periodically it is necessary to rotate it around its axis. Thus, the leaves and flowers will be evenly spaced.

The flower perfectly tolerates the temperature in the house, comfortable for people. The lowest temperature indicator at which airshaft feels normal is between 8 and 10 degrees Celsius with a plus sign.

Carefully monitor the condition of the flower. As soon as the loss of turgor is noticeable, it is necessary to water the plant. As a rule, it is necessary to moisten the soil when the soil in the pot dries to almost 50% of the depth. If you overdo it with watering will begin to rot the roots.