General information

Useful properties and contraindications of figs


The figs have many names: fig, fig, Smirninskaya or toffee, bodhi. It belongs to the oldest cultures that people cultivated. Figs are used for healing various diseases, for general strengthening of the body and maintaining immunity, for culinary and cosmetic purposes.

The most ancient discovery of petrified fruit was found in the Jordan Valley. Due to the absolute periodization, their age is determined - at least 11 thousand years. Judging by the multiple data recorded in historical sources, the exceptional properties of figs are known and used since ancient times. Nowadays, it has not lost its healing and nutritional qualities, nor popularity.

Calorie and chemical composition

Fruits of figs, depending on the variety, are yellow, black and blue and black. They are extremely tasty and rich in nutrients.

Calorie fresh figs are not too large, despite the fact that it has a very sweet taste. Fresh berries contain 49–57 kcal per 100 g. Due to dehydration, the volume of dried berries decreases and the concentration of sugars increases. Its calorific value becomes 244–257 kcal per 100 g.

For 100 g of the product, fig contains approximately:

  • proteins - 3 g,
  • fat - 0.8 g,
  • carbohydrates - 58 g,
  • dietary fiber - 18 g,
  • organic, saturated and unsaturated fatty acids - 2.4 g,
  • water - 16 g,
  • Saccharides - 55 g,
  • starch - 3 g,
  • ash - 3 g,
  • calcium - 144 mg,
  • magnesium - 59 mg,
  • sodium - 11 mg,
  • potassium - 710 mg,
  • phosphorus - 68 mg,
  • iron - 0.3 mg.
In addition, the fig berry has a powerful set of vitamins: beta-carotene, vitamins A, B1, B2, E, PP. Although figs - quite high-calorie foodst, its unique composition allows you to enter these berries in the diet.

Useful properties of figs

The fruits of wine grapes consumed in fresh and dried. At the same time, all the benefits of fresh berries are preserved and even increase in dried fruits by increasing the concentration of substances as the amount of water decreases.

They contribute:

  • rapid recovery after illness,
  • improvement of digestive processes
  • stimulation of the cardiovascular system,
  • correct liver function
  • expectoration when coughing
  • curing tonsillitis,
  • bowel cleansing
  • removal of toxic substances from the body.
Types of effects of figs and drugs from it on the body:

  • anti-inflammatory,
  • expectorant
  • diuretic,
  • antiulcer,
  • antiseptic,
  • antiparasitic,
  • sudorific
  • antifebrile,
  • wound healing
  • laxative.

Fresh grape has exceptional healing properties:

  1. It is used in the treatment of fungal diseases.
  2. Whoever regularly eats figs strengthens their bones. This is especially important for older people.
  3. Fresh figs should be used with caution in the diet of pregnant and lactating women: its benefits are certain, but harm to the body is also likely. A pregnant woman can gain weight at an accelerated rate, or her blood sugar level rises. He can provoke colic in an infant by passing through mother's milk.
  4. It also has a beneficial effect on the skin.
  5. Due to its iron content, fig juice is used in the treatment of anemia.
  6. Magnesium and potassium in the composition of the product provide muscle building material and contribute to the improvement of the heart muscle, it is useful for tachycardia.
  7. The tart berry has the valuable quality of blood thinning, which helps lower cholesterol and reduce the risk of developing atherosclerosis and thrombosis.

The treatment uses fresh fruits, juice, decoctions and infusions of them. Infusions provide anti-inflammatory and antiseptic effect, have a regulating effect on metabolism. Milk figs are very popular.

Despite the fact that all useful substances remain in dried fruits, their properties are somewhat different. By reducing the amount of water, the level of sugars in them increases to 70%. At the same time, the level of vitamins, minerals, micro and macro elements and other substances remains the same.

Thanks to dried figs available at any time of the year:

  • bowel motility improves,
  • the body removes toxins and toxins,
  • bowel function improves,
  • connective tissue and cartilage grow together better due to the pectins contained in the fruit,
  • Antioxidants help clean the blood of cholesterol plaques, clean small blood vessels and make them elastic,
  • iron, potassium and magnesium have a positive effect on the cardiovascular and circulatory systems of the body, normalize blood pressure, rhythm and heart rate.
  • boiled with milk, it is commonly used as an expectorant, diaphoretic and antipyretic,
  • B vitamins have a positive effect on the nervous system: improve mood, normalize nervous activity, increase efficiency.

A fig is considered to be a “female berry”, with all sorts of beliefs, signs and recipes that intricately interlace the rational and mythical sides.

What is useful figs dried, carrying its glory from time immemorial, for women?

  1. Those who wish to lose unnecessary kilograms can use the method in which one “fig” day is arranged weekly. In fact, in addition to 100 g of dried fruit on this day, it is supposed to consume a kilogram of raw fruit, half a kilo of raw vegetables and 2 liters of nonfat kefir.
  2. Women love sweets, but often have to avoid them. An excellent alternative would be a few dried figs, which, with all the sweets, are much more useful than chocolates, candies, chips, etc.
  3. From the practice of Oriental medicine, recommendations have been taken to relieve menstrual pains by eating several fig berries.
  4. Figs can not only contribute to dropping excess weight, but also help to gain the missing, if you know how to eat it: regular use in large quantities due to the caloric content of the product will quickly add kilograms, while metered consumption will help clean the intestines, thereby reducing weight.

Fresh fruit

Needless to say, it is better not to buy anything from suspicious strangers and in unchecked places, including figs. The aroma of the berries is pleasant and sweet, it should not be too rich. If the fruit gives staleness, it is spoiled. Fresh quality fruits should be:

  • without mechanical damage
  • moderately soft
  • maximum dark shade inherent in this variety,
  • should prefer berries of the same size
  • A large number of seeds indicates a high taste.
Transportation of fresh figs is carried out with utmost care: damage to the fruit dramatically reduces their already short shelf life.

Dried figs

Dried fruits are more available, they can be purchased at any time of the year. Choose brown, beige or gray berries, depending on the variety. Tips on Choosing Dried Figs:

  1. Fruits should have a matte color regardless of the color dictated by the variety. Shiny beautiful berries are treated with sulfur dioxide.
  2. Especially fleshy berries untreated with chemistry also do not differ.
  3. Quality product a little flattened.
  4. Sometimes the surface is covered with white bloom, which is crystallized glucose. Such a product is sweet.
  5. Dry rough texture in combination with a sour or salty flavor suggests that the product is overdue.
  6. Even if you are confident in the quality of the purchased product, it is better to soak it in water for an hour before use in order to dissolve possible harmful compounds.

Cooking Application

A healthy person can eat fig berries in any form. This exotic product will bring its notes to any dish:

  • in fresh or dried form they are replaced by sweets and chocolates,
  • dried fruits are added to compotes, used in fillings for cakes and other products,
  • unripe berries cannot be eaten raw, but they become very tasty, sliced ​​and baked with nuts and honey,
  • ripe fruit, sliced ​​and dressed with whipped cream or sour cream, is an exquisite and nutritious dessert,
  • Fig tree berries served with soft cheeses are a great snack for white wine or champagne,
  • add the product to meat dishes, poultry dishes, salads, snacks,
  • Of course, this fruit is harvested in traditional ways: jam, jam, marshmallow, canned fruit drinks,
  • of fig berries even make wine.
Fig jam preserves almost all the useful properties of the product and is used as a dessert, a medicine and a drug after rehabilitating diseases.

Application in cosmetology

It is not surprising that such a useful product found its application and occupied a worthy niche in cosmetology.

It has the ability to regenerate, moisturize and soften. It is applied for:

  • moisturizing the skin
  • eliminate flaking
  • rejuvenation
  • anti wrinkles.
Daily cleansing, anti-aging, anti-inflammatory and moisturizing masks and blends with fig fruits are widely used and bring tangible effect.

Contraindications and harm

Figs unique product, the useful properties of which have been known for a long time and are used to this day, but it also has contraindications.

It is not recommended to use it for those who suffer:

  • acute inflammatory processes of any part of the gastrointestinal tract,
  • diabetes mellitus
  • gout
  • obese
  • pancreatitis,
  • urolithiasis.
With care, it can be applied to pregnant women and nursing mothers. Despite the minimum contraindications, people who do not have them, do not eat figs in large quantities. Adequate daily intake for a healthy body. 2-4 pieces.

Fig has an undeniable benefit and occupies a worthy place among the healing products. It is not only useful, but also very tasty both by itself and in combination with other products: its presence adds exotic notes to the dishes.

Despite the nutritional and healing value, before adding this miracle berry to the diet, contraindications and individual intolerance should be excluded.

The rich chemical composition of fresh and dried fruits, calorie

Fresh figs are rarely found on store shelves. The fact is that the stability and transportability of these fruits leaves the best to do.

They must be consumed within 6 hours after collection.otherwise the figs spoil. That is why even in antiquity people learned to dry figs.

Dried figs - an exceptionally nutritious product. No wonder they stockpiled the warriors of Alexander of Macedon, going on a campaign.

Sugars in figs very much. Fruits of some varieties may contain up to 70% glucose and fructose.

Vitamin composition of figs varies - content in fresh and dried fruits is different:

Thus, some vitamins are lost when drying figs (C, B5), the content of others, on the contrary, increases.

Of the minerals in fig fruits they find:

In terms of the amount of useful potassium, figs are a champion and are second only to nuts.

How to choose a fig, how much to store, what are its useful properties, tell the program “To live is great!”:

Fig jam. Wash fresh ripe fruits thoroughly, cut off the stems and put into a container. Cover figs with sugar. The weight ratio of fruits and sugar is 1: 0.7. Cover the container and leave for 3 hours to give figs juice.

Place the container on a small fire, bring to a boil, remove the foam and boil for 5 minutes with constant stirring. Remove from heat, cover with a towel and let stand for 10 hours.

Then repeat the process again: boil, boil for 5 minutes and let stand 10 hours.

At the final stage, boil the jam, boil for 10 minutes, add lemon juice to taste and a little vanilla. Remove from heat, dispense in sterilized cans and close.

How much and how to eat?

Figs must be fresh and fully ripe. - only in this case, it will benefit health.

The color of the skin of the “right” ripe fig, depending on the variety, is purple, burgundy, yellowish, etc. The flesh of fresh figs is tender, jelly-like, the smell is pleasant, without acid.

If the fig smells sour, it is not necessary to eat it - the fruit has spoiled.

Rules for the use of fresh figs:

  • before eating the fruit carefully, but gently wash,
  • peeling is not necessary, you can eat with it,
  • if you do not like the skin, the fig is cut in half, and only the flesh is eaten,
  • the child can be given figs, scooping up the pulp with a teaspoon.

Before serving, figs are beautifully cut into slices, pour with yogurt, sprinkle with nuts. Culinary use of figs is not limited to desserts.

Figs must be fresh and fully ripe, if the figs smell sour, you do not need to eat it - the fruit is spoiled

These fruits are great with meat, and you can use them for stuffing duck or turkey, for cooking Mediterranean salads with mozzarella, asparagus, sweet peppers, pomegranate, nuts.

Figs - a fruit that has many advantages. It is nutritious and healthy, has a number of medicinal properties, rarely causes allergies and almost no contraindications.

The use of figs in cooking allows you to diversify the menu and make a savory oriental note in it.

Figs dried - calorie

During the drying of fruits, the ratio of components changes: the number of proteins increases by 5%, the carbohydrate content reaches 70%. The nutritional value of fig is 49 kcal per 100 g of product. This is not enough for the body, so fresh figs can be safely eaten without worrying about the harm to the figure. The caloric content of dried figs is 4 times more than in a fresh product (per 100 g there are 214 kilocalories). Therefore, those who want to keep themselves in perfect shape, do not get involved much dried fruit. Although it is impossible to eat much of it, because fig in dried form has a sugary taste.

Figs - composition

Dried figs are rich in vitamins and minerals that are needed for the smooth operation of the body. Most importantly, the interesting chemical composition of figs - the presence of potassium. According to the content of this element, the fruit takes the second place among the products, giving way to nuts. Dried fig in its composition has little water and 70% calorizer (sucrose). In dried figs can contain almost the same vitamin-mineral complex, as in the fresh. The main components of the dried fruit are:

  • vitamin PP,
  • vitamin A,
  • vitamin C,
  • vitamins B2, B1, B9,
  • potassium,
  • iron,
  • magnesium,
  • sodium,
  • calcium,
  • alimentary fiber,
  • organic acids
  • starch,
  • Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids,
  • phytosterol,
  • antioxidants
  • fats,
  • squirrels,
  • tannins.

What is useful figs for women dried

Eating the fruit of the fig tree is of great importance for the female body. Scientists claim that the beneficial properties of dried figs help women look good. Due to the high content of calcium, you can forget about the poor condition of the nails and hair loss. The healing substances in the figs have a beneficial effect on health during menstruation. Fig helps to overcome emotional outbursts and relieve pain. In addition, there are such useful properties of dried figs for women:

  • due to the high content of folic acid, dried fruit is often prescribed when planning pregnancy,
  • eliminates the inflammatory process in diseases of the genital organs,
  • regular use of figs at home helps reduce the risk of varicose veins,
  • favors the preservation of the placenta, without harm to the baby,
  • helps fight anemia.

What is useful figs for men dried

Men are also interested in eating the fruit of the fig tree, because the main benefit of dried figs is that it enhances male potency, prevents prostatitis and helps to forget about the ailments associated with the genitals. In addition, the benefits of dried figs for men are as follows:

  • accelerates blood circulation
  • helps reduce belly fat,
  • improves reproductive health
  • lowers cholesterol,
  • normalizes blood pressure
  • prevents the development of colorectal cancer.

Figs - contraindications

Dried wine berries have almost no side effects, its use in rare cases can harm the body. Due to the high calorie content, one should carefully use dried fruit for obesity and obesity. Dried fig is a strong laxative, so you should not eat the fruit before a long trip or an important meeting. As a rule, figs, contraindications have the following:

  • diabetes,
  • acute gastrointestinal diseases (gastritis, colitis),
  • pancreatitis,
  • stomach inflammation
  • gout.

Fig fresh. Benefits and harm to the body

The story of the appearance. Other names of figs

If you hear such names as "Fig" or "Fig Tree", be aware that this is a fig. Its fruits are small and round, green-yellow, yellowish-black, greenish or violet color really resemble a twisted figure. But the most interesting thing is that people learned about the fig tree from the Bible. It was his large leaves that Adam and Eve covered their naked places, fearing the wrath of the Lord.

In the Caucasus and Crimea, this tree is grown for food purposes and is called the fruit of the wine grapes. By the way, most of the figs in these regions are black in color.In some localities, the fig is also called the fig or fig tree, the Smyrna berry. Whatever "name" is assigned to figs and wherever it is grown, the use of figs for the body is very great. It will always be appreciated as a cure for many diseases and energy to recuperate.

The mountainous areas are considered the birthplace of figs, to be more precise, the region of Caria (the territory of Asia Minor). For the first time, wild figs were noticed and grown by Arabians, and then by the inhabitants of the Mediterranean, Georgia, Armenia, Abkhazia. In Egypt and America began to grow in the least. Sun-loving plant is not afraid of aridity and sandy soil, but excessive moisture is dangerous for him.

Figs - useful properties, the composition of the fig tree

In the context of black (purple) figs has a brownish hue of the pulp and many, many seeds. White, for example Sochi, inside has a soft cream shade of pulp. There are a lot of cultivated varieties; each of them is rosy with hints of pulp, even crimson, and a shell (peel).

Ideally, it is believed that the more seeds, the tastier and healthier the fruit. If you decide to recount them all - more than 500 seeds speaks of the highest quality. But the most important thing is that it is strictly forbidden to use green fruits or immature fruits, they contain caustic juice (latex), which is not suitable for food.

If you have a question: how to eat figs - with or without skinned, the answer may be different depending on the variety. Purple (dark) figs have a coarser skin, white - more tender. If it is unpleasant to eat with a shell, you can clean it, but in general it is edible and contains a lot of fiber, useful for digestion.

On top of the unusual fruit there is a hole, through which various bacteria can get inside. That is why fresh figs are so rare in stores, and dried figs are most often brought in.

Which fig is more useful? We will consider the properties of the second in new materials, and now we will consider fresh figs, the benefits of which there are and the possible harm. The fruits of fresh figs, which are lying on the shelves of the stores, are not recommended to be bought, in order not to get poisoned, if there is an opportunity to buy the freshest fruits (just picked from the tree) and immediately be eaten, this will be the best way to improve your health.

What is useful figs?

The composition of the fetus is really unique and cannot even be compared with orange, carrot and garlic, the means of healing the body so loved by us in our places. Proteins in 100 grams of figs (about 3 -5 fruits) contain 0.8 grams, fat - 0.4 grams, and healthy carbohydrates about 20 grams (4-5 grams of them are dietary fibers). Thanks to the latest health benefits of figs - a proven fact. This fruit is very much appreciated as a component of diet programs for weight loss, as well as an excellent remedy for constipation.

The benefits of fresh figs for the body are dictated by its unique composition of the fig tree vitamins:

  • Vitamin A (retinol) - 7 µg
  • Vitamin B6 - 0.11 mg
  • Vitamin B3 - 0.4 mg
  • Vitamin B1 and B2 0.6 mg
  • Folic acid - 5 mcg
  • Vitamin C - 2 mg
  • Vitamin K - 4.7 mcg
  • Vitamin E - 0.11 mg

100 grams of fresh fruit contains a record high amount of potassium 230 mg, so it is recommended to eat it to strengthen the heart muscle. Calcium also contains a sufficient amount - 35 mg. And although the rate of consumption of calcium 1000 mg per day by an adult, 200 grams of fruit can help to accumulate the rate per day, given that in addition to figs, we also consume milk, cottage cheese and other products partially rich in this trace element.

Do you know what is useful figs besides this? Fig contains phosphorus, and iron is more than in apples (0.4 mg), in small quantities zinc, magnesium, sodium. Dried figs contain double the amount of vitamins and minerals.

What is useful figs fresh? Drug use

Figs - the best cough medicine

If you open any witch's book, you will definitely find there the use of figs in combination with milk. This effective remedy always helped out and helped cough, soften a dry cough and take out phlegm. In addition to the question "what is useful for figs for the body," it is important to know that it, like raspberries, helps to cope with heat and temperature. If a pregnant woman has a cold, there is nothing better than to take such a medicine, because other drugs are banned during this period.

How to make milk with figs? Very simple, for the recipe you will need a glass of full-fat milk and 2-3 figs (cut into halves). Boil the composition should be about 20 minutes, then cool and take three times a day. Leftovers can be poured into a jar and covered, put in the fridge. It should be remembered that as soon as the cough becomes wet you need to stop taking the "medicine". Figs are also indicated for bronchitis and asthma, as well as for coarsening of the pleura.

Figs as a tonic

The use of figs tones the entire body, because the composition of the pulp contains all the necessary elements for a person. No wonder the warriors took figs with them in order to recuperate after the battle, even then they appreciated the beneficial properties of the fresh figs. It was also believed that fig gruel has wound-healing properties. It has also been proven that figs are an aphrodisiac that can enhance the libido of both partners.

Iron helps to cope with anemia, and the combination of other elements with it can increase the appetite in children and improve digestion. Ascorbic acid is an excellent tool for removing toxins and viruses from the body, helping to fight Orvi and influenza.

Is the fig good for the heart and blood?

Fruit contains tocopherol (vitamin E), without which human immunity cannot cope with many diseases. Potassium strengthens the heart muscle, prevents coronary disease and prevents heart attacks.

In ordinary life, people consume a lot of sodium and a little potassium. Fig is a product that is able to compensate for the lack of potassium and increase it. Hypertensive patients also recommend eating it, since it contributes to lowering blood pressure.

Benefits for the kidneys and bladder

Fig has the beneficial properties of lung laxative and diuretic. Therefore, it is successfully used for the prevention of renal diseases: formations of stones, salts and sand. Even with the formation of small stones in the kidneys are recommended to eat figs. Also, physicians allow its use with an enlarged liver. But for patients with gastritis, fresh figs are a benefit and harm at the same time and can cause an attack if eaten in unmeasured quantities.

The benefits of figs for women

Why is there a benefit of fresh figs for women, do you think? We think that you yourself understood why the fruit can be used, because it is rich in calcium, which is vital for all women. Every month a woman loses the proportion of calcium from the body. It is simply washed away with blood, and when it gives birth, there is nothing to say. So feel free to eat figs, to restore their strength during menstruation, after childbirth and just indulge yourself with this fruit at least sometimes. The taste of the figs is pleasantly sweet and sour, so disgust is unlikely to arise, but you just have to love it.

Since ancient times, Indian people ascribe fruit to rejuvenating qualities, and that fig has beneficial properties for women. On its basis, make masks for the face and just wipe, cutting the fruit into halves. Also, figs are used as a mild sedative, and for diseases of the female organs, this is the first remedy to help relieve inflammation.

Figs - the benefits and calories (for weight loss)

Calorie product equal to just 74 kcal per 100 grams allows you to classify fruit as dietary. In order to lose weight, nutritionists recommend eating figs with almonds. Figs have a laxative effect due to fiber and pectins, with the splitting of fats and the elimination of toxins. That is actually what the fig is useful for women and men. In addition, figs are also referred to as natural aphrodisiacs.

The main thing is not to overdo it, so as not to cause a severe upset stomach, especially for pregnant women in the final stages of carrying a baby. To improve the intestinal motility it is enough to eat about 5 fruits of the fig on an empty stomach. Figs are a part of a laxative agent called Kafiol, which already indicates that medicine has fully appreciated the properties of the fetus.

Figs - the benefits and harm to the human body

Care should be taken to use the gifts of nature if the woman is pregnant. As we have already written, the presence in the fetus of a sufficient amount of fiber can greatly relax the muscles of the intestine, and in the late periods of pregnancy provoke a miscarriage. Otherwise, a moderate amount of fruit for pregnant women is only to help, because there is folic acid and calcium, iron and magnesium, and this is the best way to dismiss future mommy's disease.

Figs is contraindicated completely if you suffer from a stomach ulcer, gastritis and inflammation in the intestines. Do not deny yourself the pleasure to try figs with diabetes, the only exception is dried figs (there are too many sugars). So for diabetics, figs are good and bad at the same time.

It should refrain from eating figs as food for people suffering from gout. These are mostly men over 40 years old. Due to the presence of acids in the fetus, it can provoke attacks of pain in the joints and will provoke the deposition of salts. Again, provided that you eat handfuls of figs, the beneficial properties and contraindications in this case “go side by side”. With moderate use of the gifts of nature, you can not worry about harm, because as the ancient writer Abu-faraj said, “Moderation is the guardian of nature and your health.”

Figs benefit. Useful properties and contraindications .: 2 comments

The beneficial properties of figs for women also consist in the fact that fig fruits increase lactation, and with the appearance of mastitis they become a natural medicine. The steamed fruits in milk, if applied to the chest at the site of an abscess, will easily cope with inflammation.

For centuries, Azerbaijan is considered the birthplace of figs. The author of the article seemed to have accidentally forgot to emphasize this, although special types of figs are grown in Azerbaijan. Only our collective farm handed over figs for drying more than 5 tons. And there are thousands of such collective farms in this country.

What is a fig - botanical description?

As you already understood, it is a sweet and pleasant fruit. The fruit is rarely larger than a large plum.

At the top it is covered in peel, it contains a lot of small seeds.

Fruits grow on trees that can reach twenty meters and live for about five hundred years.

This is an eastern tree, which is also found in the Mediterranean, Asia, and the Caucasus. The plant is very thermophilic, loves moderate humidity and sun.

There are more than four hundred species of this plant, which are different in size, shape and color, taste, height of the tree, the process of maturation.

Certain varieties yield several times a year.

The most favorable time for fruit ripening is at the end of summer - mid-autumn.

What is useful figs-chemical composition

Figs are filled with an abundance of sugars and fruit acids. Most of these components are found in dried and dried figs.

Fruits are filled with iron, pectin components, ethers, macronutrients.

They contain almost the entire list of vitamins of group B, ascorbic acid, vitamins A, E, PP.

The content of useful components depends on the degree of maturity. Ripe figs are considered the most valuable.

The fruits of the fig tree contain sugars (glucose and fructose up to 75%), pectins (up to 6%), organic acids (oxalic, citric, malonic, amber, fumaric, malic, shikimova, quinic - up to 1%), saponins, vitamins B1 , B2, A, E, C, PP, tannins, minerals (potassium, sodium, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium).

Fig is considered to be the leader among fruits in terms of the content of mineral substances (potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, etc.). In percentage potassium, figs are second only to nuts.

Fresh fruit contains up to 1.3% of amino acids, sugar - up to 11%, dried figs give much more protein (up to 6%), sugar - 4-6 times more than fresh fruits. In dried fruits, all the beneficial properties of fresh figs are preserved.

What is useful figs for a person?

Ficin in the chemical composition of figs has a beneficial effect on the walls of blood vessels, lowers blood clotting, promotes the resorption of blood clots, makes it possible to treat thrombo-embolic, cardiovascular diseases.

Fresh figs are recommended for weight loss, it is slightly more caloric than raisins, but only 15 grams of this product dulls the feeling of hunger.

Fiber fig figs contain substances that reduce blood cholesterol levels. A high percentage of potassium in figs contributes to the normal functioning of the cardiovascular system, and successfully cures tachycardia and arrhythmia.

An anticancer drug was obtained from the fruit of the fig tree by Japanese researchers, due to the presence in its composition of a special substance - benzoic aldehyde.

Essential oils dilute blood well, as a result, brain cells are better supplied with oxygen.

These exotic fruits are incredibly useful for the body:

  • beneficial effect on pregnancy and fetal development,
  • B vitamins have a positive effect on the central nervous system, serve as a good defense against stress and exhaustion,
  • due to the rich content of oils of esters in it, fig serves as an excellent prophylactic against colds,
  • thanks to a high percentage of potassium, the fruits of the fig tree are effective in diseases of the heart and blood vessels,
  • due to the high content of sugars, fruit has a positive effect on the brain,
  • has antipyretic properties,
  • combats inflammation,
  • has a beneficial effect on digestion,
  • effectively helps with constipation
  • It is a powerful expectorant effect, thanks to which it helps against cough,
  • restores lung performance
  • how powerful disinfector helps against parasites
  • helps with anemia,
  • promotes early wound healing
  • helps clear cholesterol
  • removes toxins from the body,
  • positive effect on the functionality of the heart,
  • affects the elasticity and firmness of the skin,
  • has a beneficial effect on the urogenital system,
  • has a strong diuretic effect,
  • eliminates halitosis.

Regular consumption of dried or fresh fig fruits greatly improves the structure of the blood, relieves blood vessels from cholesterol deposits.

What is useful figs for women?

We should also talk about the benefits of this plant for women's health.

With the systematic use of significantly reduced risk of varicose veins, vascular nets disappear. Due to the useful components, it is possible to bring the veins and blood vessels back to normal, to improve the blood supply, to remove puffiness.

Fig is a real source of folic acid, which doctors prescribe during pregnancy. Also, with the help of the fruit can be overcome anemia, which is often observed in pregnant women.

During breastfeeding, figs contribute to increased lactation. With the help of ripe fruit can improve health during menstruation and relieve pain.

Figs in the field of cosmetology

The product is widely used in cosmetology. With it, it is possible to fully nourish and moisturize the skin.

It becomes taut and elastic. With the help of figs, it is possible to renew calcium deficiency.

With the help of fig juice, you can ensure an even tan. With the help of trace elements it is possible to increase the production of melanin, preventing serious skin burns.

Juice helps with acne, ulcers, warts. Helps to soften corns and hardened skin.

Figs are used for teeth whitening.

What are useful fig leaves?

The leaves contain the active ingredients - these are furocoumarins (psoralen, psoberan, bergapten), organic acids - valeric, isovaleric, triterpenoids, essential oil, steroids (ficusogenin, stigmasterol), up to 2% tannins, flavonoids (rutin - up to 0.1% ).

Fig tree leaves have photosensitizing properties.

Due to the main active substance psoralen, the complex of furocoumarins from the foliage of a fig tree is used simultaneously with ultraviolet radiation in order to restore depigmented skin areas.

Coumarin increases the sensitivity of the human body to solar radiation.

  • Fig leaves are widely used for diarrhea.
  • In addition, the drink from the leaves helps with flatulence, colitis, helps with dysentery and intoxication.
  • The leaves are used in cosmetology to clean the skin. Broth helps from bronchitis and pulmonary pathologies.

Figs - therapeutic recipes for use

  • Figs as an antiseptic

Poultice, compresses from the flesh of figs, decoction of fruits or leaves help with skin problems: warts, ulcers, heal inflammation in skin areas.

Fig flesh relieves toothache, as residents of the East have repeatedly seen.

  • Fig leaves

Fresh leaves are applied to wounds, boils. Мази на основе листьев инжира эффективны для снятия кожного зуда, воспаления и гиперемии. Сок размятых свежих листьев прикладывают к белым депигментированным пятнам на лице при витилиго, применяют для выведения бородавок, фурункулов.

  • Сироп из плодов инжира

Сироп инжира помогает при ревматических болях, цистите, дисфункции печени и почек, при женских белях.

Also effective syrup for children as a tonic to improve appetite, the work of the digestive tract, as a laxative for constipation.

Figs, boiled in milk, perfectly helps when you cough. To do this, it will be enough for you to take dried fruits and boil them in one glass of milk.

Drink a drink four times during the day warm. It helps well with anemia and general exhaustion of the body.

  • Fig jam

Fig jam is not only very tasty, but also useful.

  1. It is necessary to sort out the berries, separating all the ugly and damaged.
  2. Carefully you need to put everything in a separate container, pour boiling water over the fruit, covering all the berries completely.
  3. Cook the sugar syrup separately.
  4. Fruits are poured with hot dip syrup and leave to cool completely.
  5. When the syrup is at room temperature, re-cast it in a separate bowl and boil for five minutes. Fill the fruit and leave overnight.
  6. In the morning you need to cook the fruit on low heat until a thickened mass is obtained.
  7. Jam is poured into glass jars, rolled up and placed in a dark place. Jam is ready to eat.
  • Figs with prunes

This mixture effectively helps against constipation. To cook it, you need not only prunes, but also figs and dried apricots in equal quantities.

So, grind all the products in a meat grinder, making a homogeneous mixture. Add honey to it (300, 0 per 1 kg of the mixture) and mix everything well.

Eat every day with a small spoon for dinner and wash down with boiled water.

  • Figs in the pharmaceutical industry - drugs

Figs are part of pharmaceutical drugs with a laxative effect:

  1. Kafiol (Сfiоlum) is a combined preparation of plant origin, which consists of cassia leaves (senna), plum tree fruit pulp and fig fruit seeds.
  2. Regulax (Regulax) —an analog of kafiol in composition and action on the body. The only difference is that it does not contain plum fruit pulp.

Contraindications to use - harm to figs

There are certain contraindications that need to be considered if you decide to take figs:

  • diabetes and impaired carbohydrate tolerance,
  • is contraindicated in dried form for obese people,
  • not used for gout. Oxalic acid contributes to the dissolution of kidney stones and metabolic disorders,
  • inflammation of the digestive tract may occur due to the use of fiber in large quantities,
  • pancreatic pathology,
  • diseases of the digestive tract.

In some diseases, the harm of figs will exceed its potential benefit, therefore it is necessary to consult a doctor before taking it.

Use natural and healthy foods, such as figs, exercise, think positively, and your health will be strong, and outwardly you will look young, fresh and beautiful.

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Remember that taking too much care of yourself can be harmful, so learn about the indications and contraindications, check them with your doctor and enrich your diet with figs!