General information

The choice of cheap street lamps to the country


In the arrangement of a small country house, a country house, townhouse, as well as the entire backyard area, lighting plays a very important role. At night, electric lanterns illuminate the entrance doors, gates, driveways, garden paths, terraces, gazebos and facades of buildings. For these purposes, use special street lamps to give. They differ from ordinary household lighting devices by their design features. In addition, they are subject to increased requirements in terms of protection from various environmental influences.


By appointment, all street lamps for summer houses and country houses are divided into three groups:

  • decorative, which are designed to give the house and the adjacent area the most aesthetic (according to the owner of the house) appearance,
  • attendants (for example, automatic activation of the light of the entrance gate of the fence or door when the motion sensor is triggered),
  • workers (included for the required period of time).

By used power supply:

  • powered by a 220 volt household electrical outlet,
  • solar powered,
  • rechargeable.

By functionality:

  • with an ordinary manual switch,
  • with motion sensor,
  • with light sensor,
  • with a remote control (usually this device is equipped with battery models).

By installation method:

  • ground (sometimes they are also called groundwater),
  • wall mounted
  • suspended,
  • surface mounted,
  • embedded

Requirements for street lamps

The main requirements for the design features of street lamps for gardening are:

  • the possibility of uninterrupted operation in different weather conditions (rain, snow, frost, wind, and so on), that is, the design of the case must be completely dust- and waterproof,
  • absolute security for the user,
  • reliability and durability
  • ease of installation and subsequent maintenance.

Major manufacturers of outdoor lighting products

To date, the most famous companies involved in the development and production of street lamps for villas, cottages and country houses are:

  • Austrian Eglo and Globo,
  • German MW-Light, Chiaro, Favorite, Maytoni and Brilliant,
  • Italian Arte Lamp, Odeon Light and ST Luce,
  • Hungarian Novotech,
  • Russian Trif,
  • Swedish Markslojd,
  • Belgian Lucide,
  • Spanish Crystal Lux,
  • Chinese Feron and Electrostandard.

Criterias of choice

The main criteria for selecting a particular model of the lighting device are: its purpose and location. Before you buy a specific model, you must clearly understand for yourself what area and with what intensity you need to light. For example, for illuminating garden paths or alleys, it is quite acceptable to use low-power single lamps installed at a certain distance. And for lighting a large covered gazebo, you need a rather powerful hanging lamp.

The important role played by the appearance of the lighting device. It should be harmoniously combined with the style of the building itself, and with the landscape design of the arrangement of the entire site.

Last but not least, you should ask about the reputation of the manufacturer and the warranty period for the purchased product.

Wall Street Lights

Outdoor wall lamps for gardening are designed for installation on vertical surfaces. By design, they can be made in the form of familiar to many indoor sconces, and in the form of flat panels.

For example, the classic Laterna 4 model from the Austrian manufacturer Eglo in a matte metal case with a transparent glass shade costs 1400-1500 rubles. You can install a standard incandescent lamp with an E27 base and a maximum power of up to 100 W (providing an illuminated space of about 5 m²). Such a lighting device is very well suited, for example, to illuminate the front door to the house.

For lovers of strict minimalism, a street lamp is better suited for giving high-tech Street Pluto from the German manufacturer MW-Light with a matte acrylic cylindrical canopy and stainless steel housing. The design is designed specifically for the installation of a single energy-saving lamp up to 40 W (with E27 base). Despite its very modest dimensions (8 X 33 X 14 cm), this “baby” successfully lights up to 2 m². Today the price is about 1800 rubles.

Pendant lights

Suspended street lamps for giving fasten to ceilings. They are used for lighting canopies, gazebos, terraces or other indoor recreation areas. By design, they are very diverse. So, for lighting a large gazebo, the Rua Augusta model from the well-known German manufacturer Maytoni is suitable, which is a full-size chandelier with three 60 W energy saving lamps and attached to the ceiling with a chain for 15800-16100 rubles.

And to illuminate a small space under a canopy from the rain, a single Zagreb pendant lamp from the Italian manufacturer Arte Lamp with an ordinary incandescent 60 W incandescent bulb and a cost of 1000–1200 rubles will be enough.

Street lamps to give on the pillars

This is perhaps the most difficult for installation category of lighting devices for outdoor lighting of suburban areas. For their arrangement, it is necessary not only to lay the electric cable safely in the ground, but also to build a foundation to strengthen the foundation (after all, the lamps, due to their design, have considerable weight). For example, the total weight of the popular street luminaire model for the dacha (ball on the pole) is Aalborg from the German manufacturer Brilliant (the height of the pole is 105 cm, the diameter of the ball is 20 cm) is more than 30 kg. It is possible to install one lamp with an E27 base in the luminaire (incandescent light with a power up to 60 W or a LED light with a power of 5.8 W). The area of ​​the illuminated surface is more than 3 m². To date, such a lamp costs 5400-5700 rubles.

With the help of the London lamp from the German manufacturer Favorite with three transparent shades in the classic style (one incandescent lamp with a power of 100 W each) and a height of 2250 mm, you can create a well-lit area of ​​about 15 m². The price of this model is 15300-15700 rubles.

The main advantage of such lighting devices is a significant illuminated area, due to the fact that the emitters themselves are located quite high above the ground.

Among the shortcomings can be identified:

  • high complexity of installation,
  • inconvenience (albeit minor) for further maintenance (for example, you will have to use a stepladder to replace the lamp).

The lamps equipped with the motion sensor

Additional convenience and comfort to the user are delivered by “smart” lamps, which themselves turn on when a person approaches. In order to save electricity, such devices have long been used in homes on landings in the city.

For giving street lamps with motion sensors are also very useful and practical. After all, the light is turned on only for a certain (pre-programmed) time, which is enough to go from one building to another, or make the way from the porch to the dacha arbor.

The popular LED spotlight from Elektrostandard (with a capacity of 10 W and with a built-in motion sensor in a metal case) today costs 1300-1500 rubles. Effectively illuminated area is more than 5 m².

LED lights

Due to the high efficiency and cost-effectiveness, and recently, and quite affordable prices, LED street lamps for summer cottage have become increasingly popular with the owners of suburban real estate. Among the varieties of lighting devices that use only LEDs as emitters, they are now produced for country houses and suburban areas:

  • solar lamps,
  • products for lighting the facade or other architectural structures,
  • the lamps which are built in a paving and borders.

In other products with a standard base, the user will be able to independently install any lamp: incandescent, energy-saving or LED.

The principle of operation and design of solar-powered lamps

The main principle of operation of such lamps is the conversion of solar energy into electrical energy. Such a light source consists of:

  • enclosures
  • photoelectronic crystalline elements that convert the energy of sunlight into electricity,
  • battery for energy storage
  • multifunctional controller combining a charger and a circuit breaker,
  • light-emitting products (usually for this purpose install high-efficiency LED emitters).

During daylight, energy accumulates in the battery. When it gets dark, the automatic device connects the battery to the radiating elements, and the lamp begins to work for its intended purpose - to illuminate the area around it.

The advantages and disadvantages of solar street lamps for giving

Such devices have a number of advantages (especially for dacha use):

  • full autonomy: there is no need to connect sources of electricity, and, as a result, convenience and ease of installation (no wires need to be pulled),
  • operational safety (the device uses only low voltage, absolutely safe for human health),
  • automatic operation: when it is dark, it emits light, with sufficient light it goes into energy storage mode,
  • a wide range of current products.

Among the shortcomings worth noting:

  • dependence on solar activity and daylight in a particular region,
  • the complexity of the repair (in case of failure of the device),
  • Interruptions in battery operation at very low negative temperatures.

Popular models of solar lamps

One of the most popular varieties of street ground lights for the garden is the so-called ground lamp. It is a ceiling mounted on a metal rod. To install the lamp, you just need to stick the lampshade holder into the ground.

Lamps of this design from the famous Austrian manufacturer Globo are very popular with owners of country plots. Solar luminaire with a matte bubble-shaped ceiling has the following specifications:

  • diameter: from 150 to 500 mm,
  • installation rod height: 425 to 1100 mm,
  • LED lamp power: 0.6 W,
  • the area effectively covered by one lamp: from 1 to 3 m²,
  • the number of lamps in one product: from 2 to 10 pieces (supplied),
  • operating temperature range: from -30 to +60 degrees,
  • battery type: nickel-cadmium,
  • cost - from 1200 to 4000 rubles.

The undoubted advantage of such lighting fixtures are ease of installation and disassembly. They can be quickly installed in the required places for the entire summer season, and for the winter period (if necessary) they can be stored where it is convenient to do so.

Decorative solar light sources will not only create the necessary illumination of a certain area in the dark, but also make it truly unique. Such products are presented in the form of butterflies, birds, gnomes, fairy tale characters or animals. For example, the price for a small glowing gnome (345 mm high) is 1850-1900 rubles, and a peacock (640 mm high) with a luxurious tail costs about 7,500 rubles.

The lamps which are built in a paving

Among the numerous street LED lamps to give a special place occupied by products that are mounted directly to the cover of the garden alleys or access roads (sometimes they are also called pavement). These products have the highest demands for protection from external influences.

The Ice Gl 100 model from the Russian manufacturer Trif with dimensions of 100 X 100 X 50 mm, a canopy made of high-strength plexiglass (withstand a car loaded with studded rubber) and LED emitters (1.2 W) are easy to install in the road surface from paving slabs or paving stones. The price of such products is still quite high - from 12,000 rubles. The manufacturer offers services for the manufacture of these lamps in accordance with the size of the customer.

Oval emitters of similar purpose from the Chinese manufacturer Feron, depending on the diameter (from 100 to 300 mm) and power (from 3 to 36 W), cost today from 980 to 7700 rubles.

Important! Special attention during installation should be paid to the safety of wires. Pipes made of high-strength materials (metal or hard plastic) are usually used for their reliable protection.

Solar energy in your area

Solar-powered luminaires are, first and foremost, a self-contained device that consumes energy from a rechargeable nickel-cadmium battery with a capacity of 600-700 mA / h. The main characteristic of this type of lamp is the conversion of sunlight coming during the day into electrical energy.

In addition, these lamps are equipped with automatic switching on at nightfall. The light source here are LEDs with a power of 0.06 W with an average service life of up to 100,000 hours. These lamps compete freely with traditional lighting fixtures. They have a significant margin of advantage. Resistance to precipitation allows you to use them at any time of the year. They are made of non-corrosive material, dustproof and waterproof body of the ceiling free from the need for additional maintenance.

Types and their features of use

Street lamps for summer cottages, a country house, as well as for creating decorative lighting at a country site have become widespread. However, more powerful LED spotlights on solar energy are used to illuminate parks and streets, playgrounds of the city.

In addition, street lighting cottages can be performed using LED or simple lighting. LED, of course, economical due to low power consumption. It is often used for decorative lighting design cottages. The service life of the LED flashlight is about 10 years. This is a pretty big advantage compared to other types of lighting.

Use for garden lighting conventional incandescent bulbs is considered obsolete. Such coverage will be expensive. Energy costs will increase. However, the price offer for such lamps is cheaper. Arrangement of the site will require digging trenches for cable, full electrical insulation. Installation must be carried out with maximum attention to safety.

Incandescent lamps are subject to continuous heating. This is also an undesirable quality for street lighting cottages or suburban area. Gas-discharge, fluorescent, sodium and induction lamps are suitable for lighting large areas, so they are used to illuminate the cottages very rarely.

The choice of the lighting device to give

To make the right choice of street lamps for dacha is as important as the internal arrangement of the dacha itself. However, a modern, environmentally friendly and safe form of lighting will be lamps on solar energy. They are conventionally divided into wall, lawn and park. The wall lamp is very popular. It can be mounted in different ways, while not forgetting the need for daylight sunlight to hit it. Park lights are equipped with a larger battery, the body is made of stainless steel.

Types of street lamps

Depending on the installation location and type of mounting, street lamps are divided into:

Ground. Have a sharp leg, installed in the ground. Used as an element of landscape design for highlighting tracks, flower beds, facades. To obtain the desired effect of illumination, it is advisable to use not one, but several soil luminaires installed at a short distance from each other. When choosing it is important to pay special attention to the resistance of the material from which the lamps are made to adverse weather conditions, ultraviolet radiation and physical damage.

Embedded. Designed for lighting garden paths, pools and fountains, have a waterproof case.

Suspended. These are decorative lamps for the garden, equipped with a long hanger for fixing to the ceiling. They will look beautiful on the veranda, terrace, in the gazebo.

Facade. Used to illuminate the facade of the house and other buildings. Mounted on the wall, can be swivel or stationary.

Wall mounted. Wall lights look beautiful at the front door, gazebos or verandas on the walls. В зависимости от дизайна участка можно подобрать светильники «под старину» или в современном стиле.

Наземные фонари. Как правило, имеют основание в виде столба различной длины. Street ground lights are designed to illuminate a large area, so they have higher power than other types of lamps. When choosing them, it is necessary to focus on the stability and durability of the material, as well as the economy of power consumption.

Console lights. They can have a different look and shape, combines their mounting device. With the help of the cantilever element such lamps are fixed on columns or supports that are purchased separately or made independently, for example, from wood. They can be installed along a fence or walkway.

Completion and additional features

Garden lamps are equipped with various types of lamps: incandescent, halogen, fluorescent, LED.

To control the lighting and save electricity in the daytime, you can connect sensors with sensors to the lamps, which automatically turn off your lights at dawn and turn them on in the evening. On the facade of the house, the fence, the walls of the outbuildings, you can install spotlights with motion sensors. First, they will react to the appearance of unauthorized persons on the site and scare away possible intruders, and secondly, they will be useful to economical owners.

LED landscape lights can work in conjunction with the controller, which will change their brightness, hue, frequency of switching on those or other flashlights to create unusual lighting effects.

How to choose garden lamps and lanterns?

In the entrance area and near the garage they install powerful functional lamps that look simpler than decorative ones and are cheaper, but they are reliable and provide bright flood lighting. In these lamps are used, as a rule, halogen lamps.

The most economical street lights are selected for areas where they will work constantly, at any time of the year, the maximum possible time during the day. As a rule, this lighting perimeter, entrance area and parking. The most economical of street garden lamps, which are powered by electricity (network), are LED lamps for gardening, as well as equipped with CFLs (compact fluorescent lamps).

If the area is not electrified, or garden lanterns are installed in a remote place where it is difficult to lead the wires, use self-contained rechargeable flashlights, or working on solar energy.

Decorative street lamps with solar panels do not require consumables in the form of light bulbs, but their intensity depends on solar activity during the day when the battery is charging. If the weather is overcast, the flashlight will shine in the evening less and less in time. Cheap garden lanterns are unlikely to last for long, so choose high-quality products with a photocell of monocrystalline silicon and high-brightness LEDs. The disadvantages of autonomous lamps should include the need to dismantle them for the winter.

Beautiful, antique-style street lamps are best used for the veranda, terrace or gazebos, as they provide diffused, muffled light.

To illuminate the tracks, they usually use built-in lights, or install fixtures-columns.

Decorative lights made in a particular style (for example, forged garden lights or Japanese stone) require an appropriate environment.


Garden lighting should be built thoughtfully, subject to the style of the entire site. Decorative street lamps that do not match the style of the garden look ugly, as well as individual plants or landscape design elements snatched from the darkness with bright light. To create coziness and harmony, it is necessary to select lighting zones and select suitable street lights for them. In our special article, we reveal the basics of landscape lighting design and tell you how to correctly plot a site.

Scope of application

The lamp is so universal and important subject that it will not be difficult to find an application. Besides the fact that it will illuminate your site, it can be used as:

  • decor element - highlight individual color compositions, alpine slide, waterfall or fountain,
  • color effect - various colors and shapes of lamps will help the garden to play with any colors,
  • protective agent - any lighting on the territory of a private house will discourage thieves from looking there, because there may be people there.

Decor element Gazebo or a veranda with such lamps will become a favorite place for romantic evenings, get-togethers with friends or family. In addition, you do not have to engage in maintenance - it will be enough just to place the devices in sunny areas.

Important!That the device worked smoothly and long,sunlight should fallon him at least 10 hours a day.

The principle of operation and the device lighting

The main parts of such a lamp are the solar battery (panel), the battery and the LED. During the day, the battery converts light into electricity, which accumulates in the battery. Then this energy is directed to the LED, replacing the outdated incandescent lamp - it emits a bright and even light.

The more solar energy absorbed the device, the longer it will shine, respectively. Even on a cloudy day, the battery will work, albeit less efficiently, than on a clear one. From the material from which it is made, depends on the quality and duration of the lamp. Silicon battery is more reliable polycrystalline. The device begins to work thanks to the built-in photocell (light sensor), which turns on the lamp at nightfall - it will operate from approximately 18 to 22-23 hours. However, many models are equipped with motion sensors, which will react if a person appears close by.

Make a small beautiful corner in your country house where you can always spend the day with health benefits: a pool, a fountain and a waterfall.

Outdoor Autonomous Solar Power Plants

Such devices are most often used to illuminate not only the site, but the entire house. They are very useful in the event of a total power outage, ensuring the operation of not only the lamps, but also home appliances. Autonomous power plants allow you to save enough energy to operate street lamps for at least 5 hours. The duration of the work may be longer, it depends on the power of a particular device.

Solar power plants are large and high cost - from 2 500 dollars. However, they can serve more than 10 years. Their purchase is worth considering for those who often encounter power outages.

Did you know?By 2020, Chinese scientists want to make the first solar power plant in space. Its weight will be at least 10 thousand tons. The project provides a budget of $ 1 trillion.

Autonomous solar street lights

Street lighting, which operates at the expense of solar panels, is a profitable investment not only for owners of private houses, but also for the city as a whole. Especially popular are lamps with motion sensors, because they will consume the consumed solar energy only when needed.

There are such types of outdoor autonomous light supply devices:

  • wall mounted - it is convenient to use at the cottage at the entrance to the house, shed or garage,
  • LED bulbs - used inside the house after daytime absorption of energy in the street,
  • spotlights and lights - the best options for lighting large areas, including public,
  • lawn appliances - different forms of small lanterns, which are constantly on the street,
  • decorative lights - fancy lanterns in the form of animals, fruits, houses, which do not so much give light, as decorate individual corners of the garden.

Let us consider in more detail the most popular and frequently used types of such devices — spotlights and lamps for the dacha.

If you have a dacha and you like to build, learn how to make a garden swing, a stone grill, gabions, a gazebo, rock arias and a dry stream.

Solar powered floodlights

Suitable for: playgrounds, gardens, entrance to the house, lighting of the building. Searchlights will create a powerful and bright light, directed to the right place. Unlike garden lanterns and lamps, this type of lighting covers a large area. Thanks to a special device, the controller having a light sensor, the searchlight automatically turns on after dusk. In addition, the controller monitors the status of the battery and will not allow it to fully discharge. With it, you can adjust the exact time of the device. Also, spotlights are usually equipped with motion sensors.

The searchlight has a very durable, hermetic housing that can withstand all weather conditions. Therefore, do not be afraid that it will fail after a snowfall or hail rain.

Installing the roof on a new building is an important step that requires proper coordination of actions. Learn how to self-cover the roof with a metal tile, ondulin, to make a mansard and a gable roof.

Solar-powered lamps and lanterns for summer cottage, garden and country house (lawn and decorative)

These varieties are characterized by features such as lighting and decoration. They, unlike the spotlights, are not designed for full coverage of the site or building.

They are convenient to use, since they are small in size, easily transferred, do not require special wires and network connections - and at the same time create a pleasant atmosphere. For summer cottages and a country house, it is better to choose lanterns - they have a sensitive mechanism for switching on with the onset of twilight, and also give a brighter light than decorative lamps (figures of dwarfs, animals).

Important!At the time of buyinglamp on the solar battery, carefully examine the packaging - they usually write about the degree of protection of the ceiling of the device from dirt and dust. This is evidenced by the inscription IP with numbers after it. The more of these numbers, the higher the protection.

You can also combine traditional electric lighting with solar powered ones - the combination will allow you to create a play of light. Ordinary lights will give a brighter and more saturated light, so they can be placed closer to the track or the entrance. But solar-powered lights will create a soft contrast to bright lighting and give the area a charm. The combination of lighting

How to choose

The basic rules for choosing a good lamp to a private area:

  1. Carefully study the description and characteristics of the device, paying particular attention to the power, degree of protection from dirt and dust, resistance to bad weather and the presence of anti-corrosion coating.
  2. Consider where you need more light and select a more powerful device for this place. Note that conventional solar-powered lights are designed to cover a small area.
  3. The appearance of such devices is also important - beautiful lamps, lanterns and searchlights will make the area more lively and aesthetically pleasing.
  4. Look at the material from which the battery is made - it is preferable to take silicon.

terms of Use

Depending on the type of such a device, the conditions of operation also vary. For example, large lighting systems are often resistant to frost, so they will not need to be hidden for the winter. For small lanterns, garlands and decorative lights frosts can be disastrous. Typically, the manufacturer indicates such nuances in the instructions for the device. The rest of the device does not require special care.

If you want to install a fence for a country house, a plot or a dacha, be sure to read how to choose and install a brick fence, a metal or wooden picket fence, a fence from a chain-link grid, a fence from gabions and a fence.

So, solar-powered lights are a convenient and economical solution for lighting private homes and territories. The main thing is to choose the sunniest places for them, then they will work better and longer. In this case, you will not only save money, but also contribute to the fight against environmental pollution.