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Black tea with sausep benefit and harm


Before you deal with the benefits and harm of sausep tea, you should learn that there is no such thing. In fact, this is a common, but very high-quality green tea, which contains dried and crushed pieces of sausep fruit (soursop). If desired, you can find black tea with the addition of fragrant fruit, but the maximum therapeutic effect is possible only when using a classic blend. Green tea itself has an impressive list of useful properties, and in combination with an exotic fruit, their number increases several times.

The composition of sausepa, the properties of its ingredients

Sausep is not very high-calorie fruit, it contains not more than 50 kcal per 100 g of product. In addition to the insignificant amount of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, such useful substances can be distinguished in its composition:

  • Water.
  • Alimentary fiber.
  • Ash.
  • Vitamins C and group B.
  • Minerals: potassium, sodium, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, zinc, iron, copper, selenium, manganese.

In combination with substances that are present in the composition of green tea leaves, these ingredients form biologically active complexes. This provides a pronounced therapeutic effect on the human body. However, in some cases, such intensity may affect health negatively.

The benefits of sausep tea for the body

To obtain a therapeutic effect, one should learn to brew properly and use sausep regularly. Tea in this case will cease to be just a pleasant tonic. It will turn into a powerful drug with such properties:

  • Positive effect on the work of the digestive system. The drink stimulates the synthesis of enzymes, launches intestinal cleansing, normalizing its microflora. Tea with sausép actively removes toxins from the body, which is often used in food poisoning.

Tip: Today on sale you can find tea with sausepa extract. It costs much less and, according to the manufacturers, has all those properties that are characteristic of a traditional product. But this is just a marketing ploy. Such drinks are like a quality analogue only by aroma, their healing capabilities are due only to the presence of green tea.

  • Correction of body weight. Accelerating the process of digestion and metabolism leads to the fact that fats are broken down and not delayed. More active absorption of vitamins and microelements of the intestinal mucosa prevents the development of deficient conditions, due to which people often gain weight.
  • Increase the functionality of the musculoskeletal system. Substances in the composition of tea with sausep can inhibit the inflammatory process. An additional positive feature of the product is its ability to remove excess uric acid from the body. Due to this, muscle weakness passes, painful sensations in the joints are eliminated in gout and arthritis.
  • Strengthening immunity. The abundance of ascorbic acid and powerful antioxidants ensures the body’s resistance to viral and bacterial infections. Drinking tea with sausep after the infection contributes to the easier course of the disease and quick recovery.
  • Normalization of the cardiovascular system. A pure fruit significantly reduces pressure, but in combination with tea, this action is slightly smoothed. As a result of replenishing the reserves of magnesium and potassium, an excessive load is removed from the heart. Reduced risk of stroke and heart attack.

  • Stimulation of blood formation. Iron is present in sausepa and green tea, which stimulates the production of red blood cells and prevents the development of anemia.
  • Improve skin condition. Exotic fruit combined with green tea exhibits antifungal properties. Healing liquid is often recommended to drink simultaneously with the treatment of fungal infections that hit the skin or mucous membranes. Regular consumption of the drink with sausep accelerates the regeneration of cell colonies. This leads to faster wound healing and rejuvenation.
  • Increased visual acuity. Eyes actively resist age-related changes and the pathological effects of computers.
  • Stimulation of brain activity. In ancient times, green tea in combination with pieces of sausepa was valued by thinkers and philosophers. It helps to increase concentration and dulls the manifestations of fatigue.
  • The establishment of the nervous system. B vitamins improve the conductivity of nerve fibers, which leads to relief from the symptoms of various nervous disorders.
  • Reducing the risk of cancer. Studies have shown that sausep in combination with green tea not only accelerates the process of removing free radicals from the body, but also increases the resistance of cells and tissues to their effects.
  • The removal of excess fluid from the body by improving the work of the kidneys, which allows you to get rid of edema.

In many countries, sausep tea is used to treat diabetes, fever, asthma, hemorrhoids, urogenital infections, and colds. Of course, you should not do only natural product. He should only reinforce the action of specialized drugs that were recommended by the doctor.

The harm of sausep tea and its danger

Abuse of any food and drink can adversely affect human health. Sausep tea is no exception. Of course, for the development of persistent permanent pathologies, the drink should be drunk in liters, but there is a list of conditions in which the product is better not to include in the diet:

  • Pregnancy and breastfeeding period.
  • Individual intolerance to the components in the composition of the drink.
  • Pathologically low pressure.
  • Dysbacteriosis.
  • Tachycardia and increased emotional irritability.
  • Gastritis and peptic ulcer disease in the acute stage. The drink increases the acidity of the stomach, so you should not drink it at the initially overestimated rates.

Scientists believe that abnormal use of healing fluids can cause the development of Parkinson's disease. This is not yet a proven fact, and if you drink no more than 2-3 cups of the composition per day, then such risks will not even arise.

Rules for making green tea with sausep

The procedure for making an exotic drink is not very different from the way you treat traditional green tea. It is noteworthy that the mass can be brewed twice; moreover, the approach in the first and second cases will differ slightly.

  • The first brew. In this case, simply pour 1-2 tablespoons of the dry mixture with 2 cups of hot water. It should not be boiling water, it should adhere to a temperature of 85-90 ºС. The mass should be infused under the lid for 5-7 minutes. After that, the liquid should be drained, and the brew is postponed for re-brewing.
  • The second brew. Wet tea leaves are filled with the same volume of hot water, but in this case we use not a kettle or a saucepan, but a thermos. With this approach, the welding will give the water all the remaining nutrients in it. Practice shows that if you do everything right, the tea will turn out even tastier and richer than the first time.

Tea with sausep is not customary to sweeten, fill with honey or milk, add seasonings and spices. When using auxiliary ingredients there is a risk of conflict between the active substances, which can lead to the development of unpleasant conditions. It is better to refuse even from such proven flavors as slices of lemons or oranges, dried fruits and candied fruits. An exotic drink has a pleasant taste and strong aroma, any attempts to improve it will not lead to anything good.

Making black tea flavored with sausep

Black varieties are brewed under a tightly covered lid for 4-6 minutes, depending on the size of the tea leaf. Solid leaves infuse longer, sliced ​​- less.

Do not forget to warm up the dishes, so that the infusion will receive maximum extraction of useful substances. The dosage is similar to green varieties, but black tea is used once.

How to grow guanabana at home?

From a botanical point of view, guanabana fruit is a berry. In places of growth, it is used as a raw material for low-alcohol drinks, juices and marmalades. In European countries, it is eaten raw, added to homemade ice cream and creams for cakes. Very tasty drink of ground meat with milk and sugar. Guanabana and its juice is used as the basis for many alcoholic cocktails.

For germination should be collected seeds of ripened fruit. Ripe guanabana should have a yellow-green color and be soft when pressed. To germinate guanabana seeds preferably in late winter or early spring. Since this plant is deciduous, at the beginning of winter it will in any case shed its leaves, and if the shoots are too small, they will not wake up next spring. The optimum temperature for seed germination is the range from +25 to +30 C.

The soil should be constantly wet. For this, a pot of seeds must be placed in a pan with water, and the pot itself covered with food film. After the emergence of seedlings, the film must be removed, but at the same time ensure that the soil does not dry out. When the sprouts reach 25 cm, they will need to be transplanted into a pot of about 5 liters. The soil should be prepared from peat, loam and sand in a ratio of 2: 2: 1. After transplanting, water well.

An adult plant will feel good in the tub in front of the window or in the sunny corner of the room. In summer, the tree can be brought to fresh air. In late autumn and early winter, guanabana sheds leaves. During this period, watering should stop, and resume it only when the young buds appear. Approximately 3 years after planting, the plant is ready to give fruit. In this case, the home guanabana needs human help.

Pollen is suitable for pollination only in the morning, and the pestle - after lunch. To get fruit, pollen should be collected with a brush in a bag, put in the refrigerator and in the afternoon apply it with the same tool on the pistil. The reward for the work will be the exotic fruit of guanabana, which tastes like pineapple and strawberry.

How to drink this tea?

To use this tea is recommended no more than 1 time per day for 2 weeks. After take a break. If you feel unwell, nausea, stop using and consult a specialist.

More delicious tea is obtained if a pinch of salt is added to the brew.
Brew tea in a porcelain (or earthenware) dish, rinsed with boiling water. Tea leaves take a teaspoon of tea per cup of water.

  • Tea with milk will taste better if you first pour milk into the cup, and only then tea.
  • A piece of sugar in the tea brew will significantly improve its taste.
  • The tea stored in the package will become more fragrant if you put in it a dried orange or lemon crust.
  • Tea brewed in the teapot should be drunk immediately. If the tea was brewed in the morning, in the evening you need to prepare a new one.
The beneficial properties of green tea are better absorbed by the body if sugar is not added to the tea.

After brewing, honey is not added to tea. It is explained very simply - honey simply dissolves and loses its beneficial properties. The best way is to take a tablespoon of honey and eat it a little with tea. So the taste will be preserved and, in addition, the honey will not lose its qualities in strengthening the immune system.

After brewing, throw a slice of lemon right into the tea and let it stand. If desired, add sugar 2 tsp.

Where can one buy?

Sausep quickly deteriorates and, as you know, transporting it is difficult. We can only buy tea with sausepa juice in large cities, but more often it will be flavored tea, because of which you can hardly taste real sausep, alas.

But, but there are tourists in the world who have been everywhere and have tried almost everything. So they shared their impressions especially for us.

The fact is that everyone who tasted this fruit, has his own opinion about him. Someone he reminds pineapple, and someone - strawberries. The fruit itself smells strongly of turpentine, and when it ripens it begins to turn yellow.

What is sausep and where it grows

Sausep grows in the subtropics. It reaches a height of 10 m. This evergreen tree produces fruits weighing up to 7 kg. Nondescript fruits are a source of beneficial vitamins. Scientific name - Annona prickly. Portuguese sounds like graviola

Such is the fruit sausepa pictured:

In appearance, sausep resembles an artificial decor, thanks to its brightly colored leaves from the outside. And the taste of fruit pulp resembles pineapple or lemonade with strawberries. Feel the aroma of sausepa from the leaves. Due to this property, the tea is very pleasant to the taste.

Sausep called "smetannym apple." When dried or cut into small pieces, the fruit has a beneficial and therapeutic effect on the person drinking the brewed tea.

This fruit is used everywhere:

  • Sausepa seeds have useful properties due to which they are used in medicine for the preparation of oil from pediculosis,
  • unripe fruits do well with dysentery,
  • healthy juice in its pure form is recommended to drink as a diuretic,
  • is an ingredient in the preparation of jelly, sorbet or cake,
  • used as an additive in brandy or other low alcohol beverages.

The fruits of sausepa are non-nutritive and can be used in dietary dishes. The fruit contains the following minerals and nutrients:

Thus, there are plenty of beneficial properties in a drink made from sausep. But in large quantities the use of products made from the fruit or leaves of a tree can be harmful.

Why is sausep tea useful?

The benefits of tea will be in the combination of the positive properties of the leaves, which, when brewed, turn into biologically active elements. Black and green tea with sausep is considered equally useful.

The benefits of green tea with sausep

Green tea with slices of sausepa is rich in nutrients. It contains a large amount of vitamins and minerals. In addition, the outgoing aroma from tea with sausep will soothe and create a relaxing atmosphere around.

Useful properties of this tea, as well as the exotic fruit itself, is known not by a wide circle of readers. And they include:

  • antiviral effect - increases immunity and body resistance to ARVI,
  • improves the liver, does not develop diseases associated with renal failure,
  • destroys those extra pounds and protects the skin and the body as a whole from aging,
  • improves the digestive tract.

The benefits of black tea with sausep

Black tea is produced by roasting dried green leaves of a tree. Therefore, the benefits of it will be much less than green. Useful properties of black tea Sow sep are as follows:

  • improvement of metabolism
  • is the strongest antidepressant
  • tones the body,
  • lowers blood pressure
  • has a positive effect on the nervous system,
  • in the hot season, the drink refreshes and invigorates the spirit.

How to brew tea with sausep

The brewing tradition is similar to making ordinary tea, but with one small difference. Sausep tea is brewed twice.

Steps for making healthy and aromatic tea:

  1. Take a porcelain or ceramic teapot.
  2. Water to prepare spring or bottled. From the crane does not fit, as it is tough.
  3. Boil water and cool to 80 ° C.
  4. Pour 1 teaspoon of tea leaves with 400 ml of boiled water.
  5. Insist 4 minutes.
  6. Water is drained through a sieve so as not to lose tea leaves.
  7. Take a thermos and put it in the brew.
  8. Pour water again. The volume of water used is the same.

It is believed that brewed on the second or even third time drink with graviola, is even more delicious and rich.

It is not recommended to fill it with milk or any other additives and spices. Since the addition of foreign additives can lead to a collision of the active substances of several products and lead to the loss of this taste. In the worst case, the person will feel the harm of mixing.

Can you drink tea with sausep pregnant and lactating

Pregnant women are not recommended to drink the drink with graviola. The caffeine contained in it can adversely affect the condition of the fetus and the woman. The use of such tea slows down the development of the child and can cause premature birth.

But for mothers during lactation it is recommended to drink a day for a cup of green tea with sausep. It acts as an antioxidant, has an anti-inflammatory effect, has a positive effect on bones and teeth. This tea helps to cope with toxemia.

Harm of tea with sausep and contraindications

Despite the excellent taste of sausepa and its beneficial properties, there are also contraindications for use. First of all, it is not recommended to use it in large volumes. He is capable of harm.

In addition, in some types of diseases also not worth the risk of frequent use. In the following cases, sausepa tea can harm the body:

  • при высокой температуре,
  • если человек страдает почечной недостаточностью,
  • если у организма повышена чувствительность к кофеину,
  • при хронических заболеваниях глаз, при которых повышается давление (например, глаукома).

Drink from the leaves of an exotic tree should not be drunk with a high acidity of the stomach, as tea itself enhances it. Not recommended for people with increased irritability.

The juice from this fruit will harm the retina if it gets on the mucous membrane. Allergy sufferers are strictly forbidden to drink sausep. Seeds of an exotic fruit are poisonous.

In folk medicine

Fruits, leaves, tree bark is used for various diseases:

  • to restore the nervous system, the leaves of an exotic tree are crushed and a decoction is made from them (use has a calming effect on the human nervous system),
  • for dysentery, bark decoction or immature fruits are used, since they have an astringent effect (by ingesting seeds, one can induce vomiting),
  • a bath with a decoction of sausepa leaves will help rheumatism sufferers,
  • fresh crushed sausepa leaves are applied to inflamed skin or wounds (they have antiseptic and healing effects),
  • for lowering the body temperature is more suitable compote soursop.

How to choose a quality tea with sausepom

A popular company that produces tea with sausep is Hyson. This company produces brewing leaves, past high-quality processing, in beautiful packages for more than 20 years.

Only the varieties of this brand are famous for their true taste. For the manufacture of tea leaves, only the top 2 sheets are taken and subjected to the fermentation process. The procedure retains all the beneficial properties and absolutely does not harm the taste.

When choosing tea, one should pay attention to the following signs:

  • for black tea, the color of the leaves is almost black, not gray and not brown,
  • without foreign inclusions, twigs, pieces of plywood, dust,
  • high torsion of tea leaves
  • humidity from 3 to 6%,
  • no odor.

The chemical composition of sausepa

Speaking of green tea with sausep, benefit and harm, it is impossible not to mention what useful elements are contained in it. In the pulp of the fruit contains only 50 calories. In the composition of the fruit:

  • vitamins B2, B6, B9,
  • choline,
  • vitamin C,
  • pantothenic acid
  • a nicotinic acid,
  • calcium,
  • potassium,
  • iron,
  • magnesium,
  • selenium,
  • zinc,
  • manganese,
  • sodium.

Useful properties of tea with sausep

Tea has a lot of positive properties, it is rich in trace elements, vitamins, useful substances that are necessary for man. Sausep complements tea, enriches it with additional elements. Sausep green tea has the following positive properties:

  • helps to fight excess weight
  • It has a preventive effect, which is aimed at confronting infections and colds,
  • drink can be considered a natural antioxidant
  • eliminates the risk of renal failure,
  • improves the production of enzymes, stimulating digestion,
  • improves performance
  • improves brain activity
  • strengthens the immune system
  • has a tonic effect on the cardiovascular system,
  • has diuretic properties
  • serves as a preventive measure for the development of oncological diseases,
  • perfectly quenches thirst.

Black tea with sausep has the same properties. This is a delicious drink that can be drunk in the summer heat.

Rules for making tea with sausep

There are no special rules for making an exotic drink. Usually, the rules that are inherent in the preparation of classic drinks: black and green tea. Tea with sausep comes in sale in loose form in iron cans and packs, as well as in the form of tea bags. Tea bags brewed simply. Consider the method of brewing loose loose leaf tea. This tea can be brewed twice:

  1. 1 tbsp. spoon pour the dry mixture with two cups of hot water. The optimum water temperature during the preparation of the drink is 85-90 ° C. Close the kettle lid, insist 7 minutes. Pour the liquid into the cup, and the brewing is postponed for further brewing. You can start the tea party.
  2. Wet tea leaves pour again 2 cups of boiling water. But in this case we use a thermos, but not a teapot. This approach will allow all nutrients to move from the tea leaves to the infusion. Tea gourmets note that the second brewing allows you to get a richer brew, which has a brighter taste.

Sausep tea is recommended to drink without adding sugar, without adding honey, spices and milk. The active components of tea can conflict with auxiliary elements, it can lead to a deterioration in health. Adding dried fruit to tea, orange peel and lemon peel also does not lead to anything good. An exotic drink in itself has a strong aroma.

Popular brand of tea with sausep

The most famous tea brand under which this exotic tea is produced is Hyson. He made more than twenty years. For the production used this Ceylon tea, grown in a favorable climate of the island. Each leaf of this tea is filled with excellent taste, rich aroma. With proper brewing, they are revealed.

How is tea made? To get such an exotic drink, only two top leaves are collected from tea bushes. They undergo a small fermentation process in order to preserve the naturalness of the tea and its taste. After fermentation, tea leaves are soaked with the juice of an exotic fruit, each leaf becomes fragrant, filled with useful elements contained in the fruit.

When brewing such tea should not exceed the recommended dosage, because it immediately becomes too cloying, causing nausea. For those who try this tea for the first time, the taste may seem unusual, in this case you can mix the finished mixture with green tea leaves. This will help make the drink even more spicy, and the aroma is barely perceptible.

The use of sausepa in traditional medicine

All parts of the sausep plant have healing properties. The leaves, fruits, bark of the tree are used for various purposes, the treatment of various diseases:

  • For the treatment of the nervous system using crushed leaves sausepa. From them cook broth. He has a pronounced sedative property.
  • To improve digestion, unripe fruits or a decoction of the bark are used. They have an astringent effect that can be used for dysentery and diarrhea. The powder from the ground seeds taken during poisoning will cause vomiting.
  • To reduce body temperature, a decoction of fruits or a compote of them is used.
  • Against lice. Seed oil helps to deal with lice.
  • For the skin. The crushed leaves of sausepa are applied to the affected area, removing inflammation, healing wounds.
  • With rheumatism. Baths with decoction of sausepa leaves reduce pain.
  • For kidney health. Fresh sausepa juice has a diuretic effect.

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What is sausep tea? This is a great drink that will be opening for tea lovers. A special fruit gives an exquisite aroma and taste, thanks to which gourmets will appreciate the drink in the first place. In the second - people watching over health, adherents of proper nutrition and diet. Want to know more about benefits and dangers of tea with sausep?

Sausep: guarding your health

This exotic fruit grows in tropical forests, soaking up the local sun, saturating with useful substances and incredible taste. Thick, prickly skin protects valuable juice and pulp, whose benefit is sausep tea adopts after processing. They are used for food, making fragrant drink and tea. Tea leaves are soaked with nectar, acquiring a pleasant aroma, similar to pineapple and strawberry at the same time. It combines with black and green tea. Black has more tartness, green is more tender. Sausep Tea It also acquires the beneficial properties of this fruit.

Advantages of sausepa

  • High concentration of vitamins and minerals: phosphorus, calcium, iron, folic acid, B vitamins, vitamins E and C. They are responsible for overall health, immunity, metabolism, mental activity, hair and skin health.
  • Diuretic effect: the drink is recommended for urolithiasis, for the prevention and treatment of kidney disease. Especially strong the benefits of green tea with sausep, harm while absent.
  • Positive effect on the cardiovascular system: recommended for strengthening the heart, preventing concomitant diseases.
  • Toning effect: regular use of tea is beneficial for people with high blood pressure.
  • Normalization of digestion: tea not only improves it, but also helps to defeat excess weight.
  • Antioxidant action: tea with sausep fights cancer cells, is useful for cancer patients during therapy and rehabilitation.

Tea based on sausepa is recommended not only to gourmets, but also to people who care about their health. Its regular intake normalizes the body’s work, improves a person’s well-being, and serves as prevention of a number of diseases. This health promotion without medication: useful properties of tea with sausep exclusively natural origin.

When sausep banned

Despite the impressive list of advantages, this fruit is not recommended for everyone, especially in combination with tea.

It initially has a tonic effect due to its high caffeine content. Sausep enhances this effect, because people with exhausted nervous system, prone to increased excitability, such tea is not recommended. It can cause tachycardia or insomnia.

TO benefits and harm of black tea with sausep can be attributed to its ability to reduce pressure. Hypertensives such effect will be useful: the drink will help to quickly normalize well-being. But hypotensive need to be careful. If you are predisposed to low pressure, such a composition is likely to harm.

Use it with caution is also recommended for pregnant women and women during menstruation. If you want to enjoy the taste of tea, it is recommended to brew a small amount of it so that the drink is not strong.

What is black tea with sausepom in terms of physiological effects? Diuretic effect and stimulation of the digestive tract. They can have the opposite effect: welding with sausep affects the kidneys and increases the acidity of the stomach. Therefore, in case of diseases of these organs, it is better to replace it with other drinks.

Be careful, remember: this is not just a drink, but a kind of medicine. And like any remedy, it can be both beneficial and harmful.

Tea Brewing Rules

So that the drink does not lose its properties and does not lose its great taste, you need to brew it according to all the rules. Look at photo of green tea with sausep, appreciate its soft, but rich shade, awakening appetite. Let's learn how to brew the same drink.

It is based on a classic recipe. You will need a teaspoon of the mixture and 300-400 ml of hot water. Observe the temperature regime: cool boiling water will kill both taste and benefit. The optimal temperature: 80 degrees for green tea and 90 degrees for black. That is, the kettle should cool down a bit before making tea. Drink infused for 5-7 minutes. You can brew it again.

This drink is a delight for taste and gaze. Look at photo of sausep tea: the noble shade of the drink stimulates the appetite and looks great in a cup. This is ideal for family tea or tea ceremony. Not by chance reviews on tea with sausep - extremely positive. Gentle fruit flavor, a huge charge of cheerfulness, great well-being - that's what gives you this drink.

Adding the thorny fruit of sausepa to green tea is a kind of know-how of some manufacturers. But this sort of drink has already managed to catch the fancy of many, and the benefits and harms of sausep tea have already been mainly studied by experts.

The benefits and harm of green tea sausep

After combining with sausep, green tea acquires a mass of beneficial properties. The usual tonic drink, according to many experts, turns into a remedy for:

  • hypertension,
  • urolithiasis,
  • diseases of the digestive tract, liver and kidney,
  • colds
  • reduce immunity.

And this is not a complete list. Sausep has a rich vitamin and mineral composition, and all this abundance of fruit passes to a tea drink. Many people who use tea with sausep have noted that their brain activity has improved, they have become more balanced and enduring. Experts note that today not all the properties of the sausepa fruit have been studied, and it is quite possible that the spectrum of its influence will also expand on oncological diseases. And since sausep tea speeds up metabolism, it can also help in losing excess weight.

In addition to the benefits, it is worth mentioning the delicious taste of tea with sausep. This fruit is most often enriched with green tea, but black sauces with sausep can be found on sale. The first option is undoubtedly more useful, because tea leaves undergo minimal processing. The taste of sausep tea is rich, with hints of caramel and pineapple, which no doubt will appeal to real connoisseurs of exotic varieties.

But, despite the many beneficial properties of tea with sausep, this drink has contraindications. This type of tea is not recommended for stomach acidity, insomnia, tachycardia, frequent headaches and emotional excitability. With caution you can drink tea sausep pregnant and lactating women, as well as during menstruation.

A guest from the tropics called sausep, graviola or soursop seriously and settled for a long time with those who lead a healthy lifestyle. But many people are unaware of the existence of this fruit in nature and of such a drink as sausep tea. And he, by the way, has a mass of properties that have a positive effect on health and just on the mood.

What is sausep and what it is eaten with

This is a tree. High (up to 9 meters) and evergreen, overvalued tropical plant with beautiful fragrant leaves of large size. Fruits weighing up to seven kilograms are covered with yellowish skin and spines. The flesh is eaten and tastes like pineapple or lemonade mixed with strawberries.

Juice of prickly apples and dried pulp is used as a natural supplement to black and green tea. This sausep tea has an exceptional taste and aroma. And nectar is used to make a refreshing cocktail (the juice is mixed with milk and sugar) and drunk separately. It happens that graviola juice is fermented and you get a kind of cider, such a nice low-alcohol drink, which is also added with brandy and spices.

From the pulp prepare great desserts or add to cakes and jams. The inside of the apple can be eaten fresh.

Parts of the tree are used for different purposes. For example:

  • seed oil is a good remedy for pediculosis,
  • unripe smetannye apples in shredded form help with dysentery,
  • pure juice is an excellent diuretic used in the treatment of kidneys,
  • stalks and leaves of a tree are able to destroy cancer cells.

Welding rules

One small spoonful of the mixture is taken at 300 ml of boiling water (80–90 degrees). It is necessary to insist welding for at least five minutes, but no more.

Re-brewing: the rest of the brewing need half a liter of slightly cooled water. It is necessary to insist about 10 minutes.

Tea is useful, it is a fact. It is also very tasty. Those who have tried it at least once become sausep fans for life. This drink is simply created for those who appreciate their health and vitality!

For one time he tried sausep tea, he probably fell in love with this drink from the first sip. The unique tea has a bright aroma and a pleasant aftertaste, its fresh taste is reminiscent of a combination of strawberries, lemonade and pineapple.

Tea sausep relatively recently appeared on the shelves of our stores and quickly gained popularity among Russians. In summer, its refreshing properties quench thirst for a long time.

Soursop or Sausep

His name is Soursop or Sausep.

The trees on which this unusual fruit grows live in the tropical belt and feel comfortable in the Caribbean, India, South China, Australia, Sri Lanka.

At the same time, trees in a warm area are absolutely unpretentious: they can grow both on the seashore, where daytime temperatures are off the scale, and at an altitude of over 1,100 meters above sea level, where, as we know, it is much cooler.

From large fruits (4.5-7 kg) they make not only sausep tea, but also various sweets (desserts, ice cream, jam, jam, syrup, jelly, sorbet, etc.).

From juicy fruit produce a lot of nectar. If you add a little sugar and milk, you get a refreshing tonic drink. With a slight fermentation of the juice, you can get a low-alcohol beverage that tastes like tart cider.

Locals love to eat fresh pulp that melts in your mouth like jelly. The taste of fresh fruit resembles a mixture of sour lemonade and sweet strawberries.

Properties of soursop

Residents of Europe, America and North Asia love to drink sausep in the form of tea.

Also, dried pulp in a small amount can be a good aromatic additive to it.

Green tea with sausep has a mild flavor with a little tartness, it perfectly tones and invigorates. This mixture has a beneficial effect on the nervous system, has a tonic and diuretic effect, stabilizes the metabolism.

Black sausep tea is no less useful, although it has more tart notes.

Многие ученые называют плод Сметанного яблока «витаминной бомбой». It contains fructose, thiamine, ascorbic acid, copper, potassium, and many other valuable substances that persist even when dried.

These substances are capable of:

  • Strengthen the heart muscle
  • To clear the vessels of unnecessary deposits, and to prevent such a disease as atherosclerosis,
  • Clean the kidneys of the ureters, improve the performance of the body's cleaning system,
  • Restore the liver and improve its performance,
  • Stabilize the metabolism and work of the gastrointestinal tract,
  • Relieve stress (also like mint tea, has antidepressant properties),
  • Strengthen immunity and help in the war against infectious diseases.

Need to relax after a hard long day at work? Soothing tea will put your nerves in order and prepare you for bedtime.

Medicinal plants should be added with caution in regular tea. Find out here how to drink chamomile tea, so as not to harm your health.

On the contrary, Kalmyk tea is prepared on the basis of ordinary tea leaves and milk, therefore it is suitable for everyday use. Read this link to learn more about the properties of Kalmyk tea.

Anti-carcinogenic properties

Moreover, the researchers argue that the fruit sausep has powerful anti-cancer properties. The fruit of sausepa was compared with the drug "Adriamycin", which is used for chemotherapy.

The strength of the plant is not yielded to synthetic medicine. Even more, the exotic fruit has an effect only on cancerous and damaged cells without damaging healthy ones.

As you know, artificial drugs, by contrast, have a deadly force, along with the malignant cells are killed and healthy.

Already begin to produce anti-cancer drugs using sausepa extract, but, to tell the truth, it is much more useful fresh.

Ginger tea and shrub kuril tea also possess powerful anticarcinogenic properties.