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Dahlias - Funny guys - bright colors on your summer cottage


The flowers themselves are a type of perennial plants, have a variety of colors and endure a period of summer drought much easier. In this case, the variety is an annual dwarf plant. Their flowers must be cut in the first year after planting to prepare seeds for the next planting.

The height of the dahlia of this variety can be about 25 - 70 centimeters, while the stems themselves are incredible strength, and the leaves - emerald green. Colorful buds in diameter reach 9 centimeters. If you choose the right variety, then next summer you will be able to enjoy the color of pink, lilac, white, red and many other shades. In this case, the flowers themselves are both simple and with terry texture of the petals.

The inflorescence of these plants is a basket, inside which there are flowers of a tubular type, and along the edge are reed-shaped petals.

Multicolor in one package

Since the seeds of these flowers are the most diverse, it is extremely important to study the packaging with the already prepared mixture. It is there that information on the shelf life of seeds and the optimal period of their sowing should be indicated. The choice of simple and terry plants deserves special attention, since the first ones grow up to 30 - 40 centimeters high, and the second ones are slightly higher, but with a smaller number of inflorescences.

Soil requirements

Dahlia dwarf varieties will be able to please the large number of inflorescences, if their seeds germinate in fertile soil. It should be as neutral as possible to the composition and not be oversaturated with moisture. Ready soil can be purchased at a special gardening shop or you can prepare it yourself. For the second option, it is necessary to prepare in advance the fertile land, sand, preheated, and also peat, which, if necessary, can be replaced with humus. Each of the ingredients is taken in equal proportion with the others. Immediately before sowing seeds, it is recommended that the prepared soil be hardened and thoroughly treated with a solution of potassium permanganate in order to disinfect and provide additional protection for the plants themselves.

Features of choosing a place for future sowing

For bright and long flowering dahlias of this variety will need a spacious plot of land, as the bushes themselves grow thick enough. Ideally, there will be about a meter between future bushes. At the same time the site itself must remain open to the sun, especially in the morning. Dahlias easily tolerate prolonged drought, but can die from constant drafts. It is not recommended to plant the plants under fences, trees or any other structures that create shade.

Planting seeds in open ground

As a rule, planting is carried out by sowing seeds. Since plants are very afraid of frosts and strong temperature fluctuations, it is recommended to sow the plant itself at the end of May or at the beginning of June, when the risk of possible frosts is almost zero.

An important point in the preparation of seeds for planting in open ground concerns the additional treatment in 10% formalin solution, after which the seeds themselves must be dried well.

Growing seedlings and planting

To speed up the process of obtaining the first colorful flowering, it is recommended to replace the sowing of seeds by planting seedlings in open ground. To do this, the seeds should have in the ground in late March or early April. Most effectively for this purpose to use big plastic containers with transparent covers or special wooden boxes for growing seedlings. In the second case, the seeds sown in the ground can be covered with the usual clean film. At the same time, the soil should be sufficiently loose and necessarily heated.

For varieties of dwarf dahlias, it is best to place seeds at a depth of 2 centimeters. At the same time between the seeds themselves, it is important to maintain a distance of about 3 centimeters. A small handful of sand and peat is poured out on top of the seeds. Only after that the soil can be watered with a small amount of warm water.

If all the rules of growing seedlings were preserved and the containers with the soil were in a warm room at a temperature of 25 - 27 degrees Celsius, then the first shoots can be expected by the end of the second week after sowing. It is possible to carry out a pick-up only after the height of the plants is at least 10 centimeters and at least two leaves appear on the stems. You can plant plants in a spacious box at a distance of 10 - 15 centimeters from each other. But this is best done in separate small plastic or cardboard cups. For such purposes, suitable peat pots, paper bags, as well as small vase containers.

After planting the plants need to be watered extremely moderately, because the dahlia "Happy guys" more easily tolerate drought than stagnant water in the soil. Even before planting in an open ground it is recommended to accustom flowers to open air and sunlight. It is best to do this in early May. Pots with plants are taken out on the street in warm sunny weather.

Flowering and fertilizing an annual plant variety

For their entire cycle, annual dwarf shrubs are fed, as a rule, three times. In this case, the first such care should be carried out within two weeks after landing on an open area or flower bed. We are talking about fertilizing the soil under dahlias with special ammonium nitrate or the so-called mullein.

The second stage of feeding is carried out with the advent of the first buds. The soil is treated with superphosphate or a solution of potassium salt. The third moment of feeding is at the brightest moment of flowering.

The first flowers begin to appear on the bushes three months after sowing, at the end of July. The plants continue to please with their saturated brightness until the first autumn frosts.

Rules for watering plants

Since the plants themselves rather easily tolerate prolonged drought, they are considered absolutely unpretentious in their care. In addition, plants can die due to stagnant moisture, especially in part of the root system. When caring for young seedlings, watering should be done no more than once a week. A little more and more watering dwarf dahlias can be in the first days after planting in open ground. The need for additional watering may occur during prolonged drought on the hottest summer days. As a care, you can saturate the leaves of the plant itself with moisture using a spray gun. The minimum watering of plants is necessary already with the advent of the first buds. In August, when dahlias begin to bloom, watering either stops completely or is done very carefully and moderately.

Breeding features of dwarf dahlia "Funny guys"

Since dwarf dahlias are annual plants, for their reproduction, you can use both seeds and rootstock, which must be stored separately from open soil in winter. The maximum reproduction and color saturation is exactly the second breeding option, but it is important to prepare for their storage in advance and properly.

Collecting and storing seeds

It is possible to collect seeds for further sowing and growing seedlings after the completion of their flowering. For this purpose, you should choose the most beautiful and strong bushes. The inflorescences are first dried thoroughly, and then the petals are separated from the seeds. The best option for storing seeds is paper bags that let in air. Provided seeds are stored at room temperature, they remain suitable for planting for several years in a row.

It is logical that in each following year it will be possible to collect more and more seeds.

Features of wintering tubers

As much as possible to preserve the original beauty and lushness of the flowering of dwarf dahlias can be achieved by breeding tubers. In this case, it is extremely important to follow all the rules of care and wintering. Digging dahlia bushes with a clod of earth is recommended when the first autumn frosts come. The smallest root processes and wilted stems are removed, and the root system is necessarily treated with a solution of potassium permanganate. In order not to get confused during the spring disembarkation, labels are attached to the tubers with an indication of the color.

First, the drying of tubers is carried out together with a lump of earth, and then it is sent together to wooden boxes prepared in advance, the bottom of which should be covered with paper. All packed tubers are filled with a mixture of sand and peat. The optimal temperature for storing them is 8 degrees Celsius.

Botanical description

Dahlias (Aáhlia) belong to the Aster family (Asteráceae). According to the new classification, 42 species are included in the genus Dáhlia. Modern dahlia cultural - a complex hybrid, obtained by crossing several wild species.

Dahlias - perennial plants, tender and thermophilic. In winter, their tubers are stored in cellars or refrigerators.

For most gardeners, dahlia storage is a sore subject. Planting material often dies, because of what many have to give up growing these wonderful flowers.

The annual varieties will come to the rescue. Their seeds can be found in any garden shop. Low-growing dahlias of the “Merry guys” variety are very popular among gardeners, they are used for gardening private and public areas.

This is a one-year compact variety that blooms 2-3 months after sowing seeds. By their nature, these are perennials, but in cold climates they do not survive in winter and cannot form full-fledged tubers, therefore they are grown as letniki.

This is the first variety of annual dahlias, which has become known among domestic summer residents. Its name has become in some sense nominal. Now the “Guys” can call any annual dahlias, despite the fact that all new cultivars have their own names.

The peak of popularity varieties came at the end of the last century. Many new, more ornamental annual varieties have now been bred, but “Merry guys” are still often found in summer cottages and are used in gardening public places.

The variety is loved for simplicity and practicality. Its flowers are large and bright, but not terry. They are not used in bouquets, so plants can safely be planted in city beds.

Private traders breed them, because many are accustomed to these colors from childhood. The variety is suitable for those who need unpretentious long-blooming flower with large chamomile baskets.

Plant height varies from 30 to 65 cm. The size of the petals is up to 9 cm. The color is white, pink, lilac, red, yellow. Stems are strong, leaves are bright green.

The flower is a basket-type inflorescence consisting of several dozen individual flowers. In the center are tubular, usually yellow. Along the edges reed grow, which non-specialists call petals. Flowering continues from July to the first frost.

Planting "Jolly Fellows" and caring for seedlings in the photo

Dahlia dahlias are ideal for beginner growers to grow from seed, if you know when and how to sow and plant them.

To bloom came earlier, annual varieties are grown through seedlings. The seeds of these plants are large, convenient for processing and planting, sprout well.

In the southern regions, seed sowing is done in March, in the middle lane and to the north - in April.

Seeds germinate a week and immediately begin to grow rapidly. Rassad will have to pay a lot of attention.

Photo: Dahlia Sprouts

Very important is the picking of the dahlia “Merry guys” from the common box into pots of one plant. The volume of each tank is 400-500 ml.

Photo: the volume of pots for transplanting dahlias after picking - 400-500 ml

Dahlias need a lot of light and heat, so the seedlings need, if necessary, to light up and keep at a temperature not lower than +18.

A spider mite often settles on the seedlings. You can detect a pest with regular inspections of the underside of leaves and tops of plants. The parasite can completely destroy the seedlings, so when detecting the first instances, you need to immediately handle the planting Aktellik or Fitoverm. During processing, the pots are carried out from the living room to the balcony or bathroom.

With a seedless method of growing plants bloom a month later. Seeds are sown when the soil warms to 15 degrees. An apple tree usually blooms at this time. Seeds are placed first in the greenhouse, and then dive to a permanent place.

Large seeds are easy to sow at the required interval. Before sowing, they can be soaked for 12 hours in the Epin growth stimulator (1 drop per 50 ml of water). The drug increases the resistance of plants to cold.

From the greenhouse, seedlings are transplanted to a permanent place at the beginning of summer. The day before the event, they need to be processed again by Appin - it will reduce the time of engraftment in the new place.

Seedlings transplanted necessarily with the earth on the roots. Then she immediately after landing will go to growth.

Indoor seedlings need to be accustomed to street freshness, bringing to the open air, first for a few hours, and then for the whole day. Hardened, strong, mite-treated plants will thank for their lush flowering and vigorous growth.

Seedlings are placed in a sunny place, leaving a distance of 15-20 cm between them. The earth should be loose and fertile, without fresh organic matter.

It is very good to put at least a little compost in the landing hole or fill them with planting instead of mulch. Manure and humus make undesirable. He provokes too rapid growth and outbreaks of fungal diseases.

Particular attention should be paid to the capacity of the soil. On substrates that do not retain moisture, for example, on sand, plants will be stunted and may not bloom at all. On heavy clay, especially in lowlands, the roots will rot.

In the sandy soil, you need to add a little clay and, conversely, in the clay - sand, to get a loose, but moisture-rich earth, capable of holding a small amount of water.

Video "Channel for gardeners" - the cultivation of annual dahlias from seeds:


Planting a variety can only be purchased seeds. Dahlias are cross-pollinated plants, so seeds collected independently are not very suitable for reproduction of a flower garden. They will produce completely different plants that do not retain the color and size of the parental forms.

If it is decided to collect your own material for sowing, this should be done when the baskets are completely brown and dry. The ripened head is torn off, the seeds are separated from the petals and dried a little.

If the perennial dahlias that were stored in the cellar were dead in the winter, you can grow annual ones for replacement from the purchased seeds in the same year. And in the fall, dig up their roots and try to save them.

In late October, immediately after the first frost, the bushes dig up and inspect the roots. If tubers are formed, they are separated and washed from the ground. Sections are treated with potassium permanganate and the planting material is deposited in wooden boxes or plastic bags opened from above. In the spring it is inspected, the damaged parts are removed, the wounds are powdered with fine-grained wood or activated carbon.

Planting tubers dahlia "Merry guys" for seedlings is better in April, taking a pot of 500 ml for each potato. Without germination in open ground they are planted in mid-May. Plants obtained from tubers, bloom much earlier than seedlings.

If there are few seeds, but you need to get a large number of plants, annual dahlias can be sown, cutting off young shoots from seedlings and dividing them into pieces of 10 cm. Each must contain at least one leaf. The cuttings are planted in the sand and covered with foil. The surface of the substrate and the leaves are sprayed daily with water from a spray bottle. After 2 weeks, the first roots will grow.

Stretched seedlings can pinch over a third pair of leaves, removing the top. From the sinuses remaining on the stem of the plates, additional shoots will appear, and the bush will become more lush.

Anyone who does not want to mess with seedlings, can buy seedlings at seasonal fairs, markets or flower shops. It usually appears in May. It is better to choose seedlings that did not grow in a common box, but in separate pots.

Grade Reviews

Valeria: I decided to buy Dahlia “Dahlia” in the store in the form of tubers. The material was qualitatively processed, so that after a while I was able to get beautiful plants with incredibly bright buds. My friends and neighbors still can not stop looking at them. There is no limit to joy! ”

Valentina: “The variety is one of my favorites. However, in our conditions, the plant is quite difficult to grow, just can not stand the winter. But I read in the newspaper that you can simply store the tubers in the cellar. And now every year I plant them and enjoy these beautiful flowers. And their colors are just a sight for sore eyes! ”

Planting in the ground

Plants should be carefully planted in the ground in the spring. Be sure to follow the so-called rows. The distance between several plants must certainly be no less than twenty sentiments, because the bushes always grow instantly. Высадку нужно производить в конце мая, а также начале июля из-за того, что в другие промежутки времени возможны заморозки. Семена обязательно предварительно следует окунуть в раствор марганцовки. Перед посадкой их следует тщательным образом просушить.

Выращивание рассады, а также высадка

The best time for planting all the seeds is considered the end of April. Seeds need to be planted in a special soil mixture, and to a depth of two centimeters, and if we talk about the distance, then it should not be more than three centimeters. Picks it is important to produce when the height of the plants will be about ten centimeters. It is better to seat them in boxes. In a bed of seedlings, it is important to move, starting in May.

Collection and storage of seeds

As soon as the flowering period is over, only the strongest and strongest bushes can be left. As soon as the inflorescences are completely dry, they must be carefully separated from the petals, and then dried a little naturally. Then simply put the seeds in packets of plain paper. They can also be made by yourself.

Use in landscape design

Dahlias are incredibly fast-growing, as well as unpretentious plants, they can grow even the most inexperienced gardeners. You can create a curb, flowerbed. Beautifully dahlias look on steep slopes. Dahlias can be planted with marigolds, variegated asters, and petunias. Try combining them with dolphin and sage. It is important that the number of growing flowers be blue-blue color, so that the flower garden looks harmonious.

How to store dahlias "Merry guys"?

Dahlias must be removed, and before the first frost, cut a large number of roots. And in order to keep the tubers safe and sound, they are pre-dried and covered with special sand or peat. Collected seeds must be placed in paper bags. If you keep the planting material at room temperature for a long time, you can save them for a long period of time.

Rules of growing plants from root crops

With the onset of the first spring heat, the tubers are picked up and carefully inspected. In this case, all damaged areas are necessarily removed, and the remaining ones are powdered with coal powder or processed with phytosporin. Too large tubers can be divided, leaving 1 - 2 root tubers together.

Landing is carried out directly on open ground in May. Orientation is necessary only in the colors, on the previously hung labels. This approach allows you to create in flowerbeds and gardens whole patterns from different colors and their combinations. When planting tubers, they are sprinkled on top of the ground to the level of sprouts.

"Funny guys": description of the variety

One-year dahlias "Merry guys" are a mixture of dwarf annual dahlias, which give excellent flowering already in the year of sowing seeds. Just like all other varieties of dahlias, in the process of vegetation, flowers form tubers suitable for long-term cultivation. However, in the middle lane in which Ukraine is located, the tubers are not capable of wintering in the soil; therefore, they are practically not used for propagation of the Dahlia Guy dahlia.

"Jolly Fellows" are an excellent decorative flower, which is used not only for decorating flowerbeds, but also for decorating borders and garden paths. These flowers attract attention with strong stems, bright green leaves and large buds, which can be about 9 cm in diameter. The color of the flowers in this variety includes almost ten shades, the most common of which are:

  • white,
  • pink,
  • purple,
  • red,
  • yellow.

The flowers inside the variety mixture also differ in the shape of the inflorescences, since among them there are both simple and very lush terry. On one bush can form from 3 to 7 flowers at the same time, they can be cut off from July, although in general they are capable of pleasing the eye before the first frost.

Features landing dahlias "Merry guys"

Planting dahlias "Merry guys" may suggest different options - and sowing flowers with seedlings for seedlings, and sowing them directly into the open ground. If you live in climatic conditions, where in May the temperature of the soil warms up to 10 ° C, you can sow the flowers immediately in the flower beds. But if the warm weather comes only closer to the summer, it is much more effective to grow flowers with seedlings, which in warm weather can be planted on a previously prepared place.

Where and when to plant a plant

The main rule for planting annual dahlia "Jolly Fellows" - is the choice of a sunny place which is lit by sunlight throughout the day. Due to this, the flowers will grow evenly, their stems will be strong, albeit low. But if you sow this variety mixture in the shade, then the stems will rush towards the sunlight, as a result of which they can stretch up to 70 cm, but they will not give lush flowering (besides, they will have to be tied).

As for the soil, these dwarf dahlias can grow on any soil, even with low humidity. It is for drought resistance that dahlias love gardeners, who cannot water their flowerbeds every day.

Date of sowing depends on how you decided to sow them. - for seedlings or directly to the open ground. In the first case, the seeds are sown in boxes already at the end of March – the beginning of April. They grow up in this form until mid-late May, depending on weather conditions, after which the seedlings can be planted in flower beds.

But when sowing in open ground, it is important to wait for heat, so the seeds are sown only in May, sometimes in late April, if the weather contributes to this. It is necessary to look closely at the first shoots regularly, to cover them for the night with the probability of frosts.

How to plant "Merry guys"?

When sowing seeds they do not need to be pre-soaked or frozen. However, it is worth considering that the effectiveness of seedlings largely depends on whether the seeds ripen in the fall or not. After all, if you collect them prematurely, they may be empty. But if the seeds are bought at the store, there should be no problems.

The whole process of sowing seeds of dahlia "Merry guys" is in the following paragraphs:

  1. In a prepared and heated soil mixture, which can be taken directly from the flower bed, seeds are placed approximately to a depth of 2 cm.
  2. After sowing the seeds, the soil is abundantly watered. If sowing is carried out in boxes, then repeated watering may be needed only after 5-7 days.
  3. To stimulate the emergence of seedlings, flower beds or seed boxes should be covered with a film that can be removed during the daytime.
  4. The first shoots will appear within 7-10 days. After another week they can be thinned out.
Since the seedlings of the dahlia "Merry guys" will be ready for planting in open ground at the end of May, it is for this period that work on the flowerbed must be assigned. When planting seedlings, it is very important to bury the root system not very deep, only 2 cm. Otherwise, the flowers will rot the root neck.

Planting seedlings should be carried out in rows, and since these plants are quite lush, you can leave a space of about 30 cm between the rows. Between plants in the same row - 20 cm. The same rule should be used when sowing seeds of dahlia "Merry guys" in open ground. Sowing seeds so rarely is not worth it, it is better to thin the crops later and transplant.

After planting, seedlings are recommended to be watered, and the soil around them should be covered with peat mulch, to keep the moisture in the ground as long as possible. All subsequent watering should not be frequent, but should be made abundant.

Features care for dahlias varieties "Funny guys"

Dahlia dahlias, like all flowers, require care, which, however, does not imply the constant presence of a gardener at the dacha. But still With regular watering and fertilization, flowers will delight you with lush bushes and inflorescences.

When and how to feed flowers

Dahlias do not need additional feeding, as this plant is completely undemanding to fertilizers and can successfully grow and give beautiful inflorescences even on the poorest soils. But still, to get a colorful flowerbed, it is important to dig up and fertilize the soil before planting dahlias since autumn - It is recommended to make manure or humus, which by the spring will have time to decompose and become good growth promoters.

Variety Description Funny guys

Bright, multi-colored buds in your flower bed are able to charge with cheerfulness. This variety has long enjoyed stable popularity among domestic gardeners and gardeners and competes for leadership with begonia and marigolds. Unlike fellow by type dahlias, Funny guys are an annual plant. This dwarf variety must be cut in the first year, since it does not form an onion and therefore will not survive the winter. At least in the temperate climate of central Russia. The variety has the following characteristics:

  • color - saturated, conspicuous,
  • petals - smooth or fleecy.

Attention! Dahlia Coloring Funny guys - a separate topic: red, lilac, white, pink and varieties of these shades. Despite the various colors, all the flowers that appear on your flowerbed will belong to the same variety.

Funny guys are made to decorate flower beds. Wonderful flower beds, aesthetic curbs and ridges are coming out of them. It looks great solid array of these flowers on any slope or in the home garden, between sage, petunia, delphinium, asters. They are especially expressive in combination with less bright colors. With this variety you will be able to show your creativity in creating landscape design. In addition, the natural resistance to long-term drought makes growing flowers and maintaining beauty in a flower bed a simple occupation.

How to plant dahlias Funny guys

The lack of moisture is not the only positive feature of the care of this flower. The variety is also picky in soil composition. However, do not count on these advantages if you plant dahlia in the shade (building, fence, tree). In this case, the stem is not formed properly and will not be able to stock up on moisture and useful substances. In addition, the variety loves warmth. Without it and without sunlight Gay guys will not give lush flowering.

Plant growers know what seed will give a certain color to a flower. Therefore, in the sale of the most common varietal mix. From one bag you get a motley flowerbed. Look for exact data on the package. Planted variety Cheerful guys often seedling way. The soil should be decontaminated using a solution of potassium permanganate of moderate concentration.

Planting of seeds takes place at the end of April in boxes:

  1. Seeds deepen by 2 cm into prepared soil. Between plants should be at least 3 cm. The temperature in the room should be about + 25 ° C.
  2. Shoots should appear in about 5-7 days. Seedlings should be watered no more than 1 time per week with a small portion of warm water. The visual sign is dried ground. You can even just spray the leaves.
  3. Pick the bushes should be carried out when their height reaches 10 cm. Seedlings are placed in separate peat pots or larger boxes. For fertilizing use liquid fertilizer. The procedure can be performed no more than 1 time in 10 days.
  4. In mid-May, it is necessary to begin hardening the seedlings, carrying out the boxes to the street. It is important that the place was sunny, without drafts.
  5. In mid-June, young dahlias are transplanted into open ground. It is better to pre-enrich the soil with humus. The step between the bushes should be at least 20 cm, since the plant is quite lush.

Attention! You can plant seeds immediately in open ground. This should be done in May when there is no risk of night frost returning. The method is more suitable for the southern regions, because the dahlia will bloom later than when planting seedlings.

Features care for dahlias Funny guys

Intensive watering is even contraindicated for the merry guys. Excess moisture will affect the roots worse than prolonged dehydration. Watering is not necessary often, but plentifully. The hotter the larger portion of water the flower requires. Mulching of the soil will help to keep the plant moist.

With the right agrotechnology, expect the dahlia to bloom. Funny guys, planted seedlings, in early July. Flowerbed will please the eye before the first frost. The formation of new buds will occur constantly. Improve the health of the dahlia film or other impermeable material - they need to cover the root system for the night.

At the end of the growing season, you can collect seeds for the next season. After flowering, leave the most powerful plants on the vine:

  • wait for the final drying of the inflorescences,
  • separate the seeds from the petals
  • Fold in a dry paper bag and store at room temperature in a dry place.

Attention! Properly harvested seed can survive for several years.

Gay guys are prone to fungal diseases and pest attacks. Permanent preparation for the "defense" - preparation of the site from the autumn with the help of digging. A good way is liming. Do not pass by the problem. After all, these factors can seriously spoil the development of plants and the beauty of flower beds.

How and when to collect seeds?

After dahlias stop blooming, a few inflorescences should be left on the bushes so that they ripen on the seeds. If the weather conditions are no longer encouraging heat, the inflorescences are freed from the petals and gather in a warm and ventilated place to completely dry the seeds. After that, the seeds will only shake off the inflorescence and collect in paper bags.

It is very important not to hurry with the collection of inflorescences. After all, if the seeds do not have time to ripen, they will not give the desired seedlings, and for the new planting the seeds will have to be bought again.

Secrets of the conservation and reproduction of "Merry guys" tubers

If you do decide to dig up the annual dahlia tubers to plant them the following year, to harvest tubers should start after the first frost. To do this, just dig up the tubers of the bushes you like, remove the excess soil from them (but not all) and have time to wither the stems.

The main question that gardeners ask is: how to store dahlias "Merry guys", so that their frost-sensitive tubers retain their livelihoods until the new season. Tubers are placed in a warm barn where they can dry well. It will not be superfluous to smear the roots with clay so that it retains moisture and the tubers do not dry out. Further storage of dahlias involves moving them to the basement, where they should be laid out in cardboard boxes pre-lined with heavy paper. Each tuber is desirable to separate from others with thick paper.

During the storage period, it is important to periodically inspect the tubers for rot or mildew. In the spring, all damaged areas are simply cut and processed with coal powder, after which they can be planted directly in open ground in May. Large bushes can be divided into several “delenok”, the main thing is to have live buds on them.

During planting, pay attention to the color of future plants and put the tubers not too deep, so that the base of the sprouts remains practically on the surface. By this you will ensure their fastest possible germination. Repeat this procedure can be no more than three years in a row, since in time they will begin to degenerate.

Now that you not only know how to plant but also how to save in winter dahlias "Merry guys", Your flower bed will be decorated with colorful flowers every year. Just remember that when breeding this variety mixture with tubers in a few years, “Merry guys” may lose their original color, so do not be lazy to also collect seeds from them.