General information

Anthurium: care at home (flower male happiness)


This flower comes from the tropics. Houses grow the following popular species:

  1. Scherzer has leaves in the form of ellipses of a dark green shade. Flowers with yellow or orange spun ear and red veil.
  2. Anthurium Dakota - a bush of medium height with large leaves and bright scarlet flowers with yellow or white cobs.
  3. Crystal is used as decorative leafy. Anthurium leaves in the process of development change shade from brown-bronze to dark green.
  4. Anthurium Andre is large - up to 200 cm in height. The leaves are heart-shaped. A real decoration of the flower are bright inflorescences with a veil of green, brown or red hues.

Home flower Male happiness has a sensitive root system, so you need to treat it carefully when transplanting. Stems thin, tall, end with leaves. The height of the bush depends on the particular variety. The flower is considered the ear of light shade, which is located on the bedspread pink, white, blue, red or brown.

Omens and superstitions

The people decided to give anthurium to men, so he got that name. It is believed that the flower will bring happiness only if the owner does not buy it himself, but will receive it as a gift. Flower Male happiness signs and superstition has the following:

  1. The plant helps the owner to get rid of bad habits.
  2. Gives the owner male power and longevity.
  3. If a young man has been given anthurium, then he stops moaning, he is easier to cope with problems and depression.
  4. Helps to attract female gender and arrange a personal life.
  5. Together with spathiphyllum in the house of the spouses, this plant promotes family well-being, the appearance of children.

This plant is considered very whimsical and requires careful treatment. Caring for anthurium at home requires special. For example, the plant does not tolerate drafts and quickly burns under the influence of UV rays. The optimum air temperature is 19 degrees. In winter, caring for men's happiness at home is complemented by the need to adjust artificial lighting. Without this, the leaves of the houseplant turn yellow, dry on the tips. Do not keep the bush near the central heating radiators.

No less important rule for those who are interested in how to care for anthurium at home is to maintain air humidity at 60%. A humidifier, an installed small fountain, an aquarium or regular spraying of leaves will help to achieve this. Properly watering a bush is also very important, because it starts to hurt and look bad from both a lack of fluid and an overabundance. In the summer you should water it once a week, in the winter - 1-2 times a month.

How to care to bloom

Many florists are interested, why does not anthurium bloom? To do this, you must follow the rules of care, in time to replant, make fertilizer. This will help the plant to grow, bloom, look great. How to care for the flower Male happiness, to constantly admire the original inflorescences with a red veil:

  • shade the bush as soon as it begins to bloom,
  • keep away from drafts
  • provide artificial light in winter.

How to transplant male happiness at home

Immediately after buying a bush, even if it will bloom, you need to transplant it. Without timely transplantation, the leaves will begin to turn black, flowers will wither. How to transplant male happiness at home:

  1. Carefully pull the shrub out of the pot, holding the base of the stalks.
  2. Remove the ground from the roots.
  3. Lay the claydite drainage layer in the prepared pot.
  4. Pour the soil (turf ground, deciduous, humus).
  5. Place a flower.
  6. Add soil, lightly tamp it with your hands so that the ground is 2-3 cm higher than the root system.
  7. Water the plant, spray the leaves.

How to sit down

When the plant grows significantly, you can multiply it during transplantation. How to spread masculine happiness at home:

  1. Separate the side shoots from the base.
  2. Plant each shoot in a container with fresh soil.
  3. Water, leave the bush to acclimatize.

Diseases of the flower

Beginning flower growers do not know what to do when a beloved plant begins to fade. Flower Diseases Male happiness has the following characteristics:

  • the black tips of the leaves may indicate a surplus of lime in the soil,
  • leaves turn yellow, dry at the ends from lack of moisture,
  • dark spots speak about low air temperature, which persists for a long time,
  • shoots are covered with cracks, the leaves are dark spots - the plant struck mealybug,
  • sticky plaque on the leaves - the plant was struck avocado scarate.

Rules for watering and fertilizing

Anthurium is a tropical plant, so it needs abundant, but infrequent watering. In the summer it is watered without stagnation of moisture in the pan every 3-4 days. If the water stagnates - this can lead to the appearance of mold and fungus, causing the root system to be broken.

Caring for anthurium at home should be accompanied by fertilization during growth. Feed should be mineral and organic fertilizers every two weeks. Water used is necessarily soft.

During the period of rest, that is, in winter, watering is sharply reduced. Water only once a week, but continue to moisten with frequent spraying, use a warm shower and use humidifiers. It is recommended to wipe the leaves with a soft damp sponge to remove dust and additional moisture. Male happiness - Anthurium does not like dry soil.

Air temperature

All tropical plants, including this flower, prefer warm conditions. Comfortable is temperature from 20 to 25 degrees during the growing season and at least 18 in the winter.

Remember that this male flower will not stand drafts. It is better to place it in a secluded place where there is no circulating air masses, but fresh air is available.

Properly organized lighting plants - the key to successful care. The best option would be diffused sunlight. Direct sunlight can injure the leaves of a delicate flower and spoil the look.

To a tropical guest to live well in the summer, it can be placed on the eastern or western windowsills. In winter, transfer the plant to the south side of the room.

If the sun is active, then place the plant pot at a distance of one meter from the window. So you protect him from the negative effects of direct rays.

The plant stops growing and does not bloom if it does not receive sufficient light. The lack of light can be “read” by its leaves, they become deformed. To care for the flower should be in another, more suitable place for him.

Home transplant

In the spring, anthurium is transplanted into a wide, low container with a good drainage system. Flowerpot is selected on the plant and should not be great for him, otherwise it will negatively affect the flowering plants. Care must be taken during transplants, as they can be easily damaged. fragile leaves and roots.

When you fall asleep with earth, make sure that the rosette of leaves remains visible and the roots must be well covered. If the roots become visible during the growth of the plant, they should be covered with moist moss. And further on, to prevent the roots from drying out, it must be kept constantly moisturized.

Anthurium does not belong to fast-growing plants, therefore transplantation should be done every 1-2 years. Do not rush to transfer a newly purchased plant into a new pot, because anthurium needs time to adapt to new conditions. Adult flower transplanted after three years.

If the plant is replanted more often, it is fraught with the growth of the root system and leaves due to the formation of buds.

“Male happiness” as a substrate loves a composition of coarse fibrous, deciduous, light soddy earth and swamp moss particles. This mixture retains moisture well and is close to the natural ground where the anthurium comes from. The root system needs air, so the substrate is needed loose.

The flower does not perceive alkali, therefore it should not be either during watering or in the ground. Preferred weakly acid soil reaction. In order to carry out the transplant, it is not necessary to prepare the mixture on your own, you can buy it in a specialized shop


Anthurium reproduces by the following methods:

  • The division of daughter stems. Several lateral shoots with the root system are separated from the parent bush and planted in a prepared container with suitable soil.
  • Cuttings. For reproduction plants cut off the top of the shoot and rooted in a separate container. They take stems 15-20 cm long with leaves and plant them in separate temporary containers with vermiculite to a depth of about 5 cm to form the root system. A month later, the cuttings will acquire roots, after which they can already be planted in the prepared pot pot.
  • Reproduction of anthurium can be carried out by seeds. This method is more laborious and time consuming, therefore it is rarely used at home. But you can try this breeding.

To get seeds, should make pollination. With a cotton swab, periodically transfer pollen from one bud to another. As a result, the fetus will appear when it is ripe it must be removed with tweezers with extreme caution. Seeds ripen for about 8 months, after which they are removed from the fruit and washed with a weak solution of manganese.

Seeds are sown on a loose soil with a thin layer of perlite. Then, with the bottom of the can, they are pressed into the substrate, the container is sealed with glass or film. Shoots appear in a few weeks. When a young plant shows two leaves, it dives into a mixture that consists of equal proportions. charcoal, leaf earth, peat and mullein. As they grow, the plant is transplanted into larger containers.

Anthurium (flower): description

Now there are about 28 species of this beautiful plant. In addition, breeders bred more than 75 hybrids. Anthurium (flower) is very beautiful, it pleases the eyes of both its flowering and the leaves. They are painted in a dark green color, heart-shaped or arrow-shaped, up to 40 cm long.

Flowers amaze with their exotic beauty and variety of colors. The flower looks like a spike of yellow, pink or white color, surrounded by a beautiful brilliant coverlet, which can have a color from dark red to white, sometimes there are elegant specks on it. The shape of the veil is like a human heart.

For eight months anthurium blooming continuously pleases its owner with the beauty of the buds, although some of them only bloom for about 40 days. If you follow all the rules of care for the exotic handsome, the plant can grow up to 0.8 m in height and up to 0.5 m in diameter.

Anthurium at home grows well and multiplies, if skillfully approached this case. To make the flower feel comfortable, pick a wide enough for it, but not a deep pot. It is necessary for the branched root system to develop normally. Too large flowerpot is not recommended, as it can be the cause of the absence of inflorescences.

Anthurium does not tolerate an excess of moisture, excessive moisture leads to rotting and death of the entire flower. To avoid this, it is necessary to lay a layer of drainage at the bottom of the pot, then cover a part of the earth mixture, carefully place the plant or seeds and sprinkle it with the remaining earth. The mixture is recommended to prepare from turf land, pieces of moss and rotted foliage.

How to care for anthurium

Anthurium is considered one of the most beautiful flowers. How to care for this beauty, now consider in detail. The first thing I want to say is that “male happiness” in our latitudes can only be grown in indoor conditions. Before turning to the rules and characteristics of care, it is worth noting that this flower cannot be called simple and unpretentious. It is very capricious, it requires a lot of attention to itself, but in return it gives beautiful inflorescences and, according to legends and beliefs, happiness and well-being at home.

Particular attention in the care of anthurium should be paid to watering and moisturizing. The plant loves the “shower” from the spray gun, but it must be remembered that the excess moisture for it is lethal. Therefore, it is necessary to spray very carefully, so that water droplets fall only on the leaves. If flowers fall under such a rain, they can become stained and fall off. It is recommended to install a humidifier in the rooms where “male happiness” lives, especially when the heating season begins.

Now let's talk about watering. Too often it is forbidden to conduct it. In summer, it is recommended to water 1 time in 4 days, and in winter - 1 time in 7 days. It is also not necessary to fill in too, as the roots are very sensitive to water and can immediately begin to rot. About this danger the plant will immediately signal blackening of the leaves. In this case, an urgent need to stop watering and dry the ground in the pot. Thus the flower can be saved.

Continuing the theme of water, we note the fact that anthurium is a flower that does not like hard water. Especially bad, he will react if you decide to pour it with water just recruited from the tap. The result of this misstep will be the absence of flowering and drying of the leaves. Before irrigation, water must be defended.

When caring for "man's happiness" you need to remember about feeding. If on time and correctly, according to the instructions, fertilize anthurium, it will grow strong and beautiful. This should be done on a monthly basis, starting in March and ending in November.

Where to "settle" anthurium

Some flower lovers, having learned that anthurium (“male happiness”) hails from South America, where the sun is hot and sometimes merciless, put the pot with this handsome southern man in a place that is completely open to the sun. This is a big mistake, as anthurium does not tolerate direct sunlight and any other bright lighting. If the summer does not hide the flower in time in the shade, then its leaves will get sunburn.

With the onset of winter, "male happiness" is recommended to be placed in a well-lit place. Thus, the plant will be able to stock up on the forces for future flowering. If during the cold season anthurium will feel a lack of sunlight, it may well turn yellow.

Humidity in the room should be high, while the air temperature is relatively low (+18. +20 degrees, not higher).

Plant diseases

Like all living things on earth, anthurium (“male happiness”) can get sick and die if you do not notice the danger in time and do not take measures to save the plant. The most common flower diseases are anthracnose and septoria. You can recognize them by the yellow-brown spots on the leaves. Having found a problem, you must immediately remove the affected leaves, then the whole plant is treated several times with a special mixture recommended by specialists.

Useful properties of the flower

An interesting fact is that anthurium (“male happiness”) gives people not only their beauty, this plant also brings considerable benefits to human health and to cleanse the environment:

  • Anthurium reduces the total microbial content in the room air by 70%, cleans the atmosphere from formaldehyde by 7.3%, as well as from ammonia and toluene.
  • In folk medicine, the roots of some types of anthurium are used to prepare a medicine for headaches.
  • Plant volatile secretions inhibit the development of streptococcus, staphylococcus and Pseudomonas aeruginosa.
  • From Anthurium (A. Acutangulum) you can make tea that helps with whooping cough.

Red Anthurium: a beautiful legend

In a conversation about a beautiful plant called “male happiness,” it is impossible not to mention the beautiful ancient legend of how a red anthurium appeared in nature. The roots of the legend go to the distant past, to the motherland of the flower - South America. Between the locals there is a belief that the anthurium is an enchanted girl. Once upon a time, a cruel leader of an Indian tribe decided to marry the most beautiful girl in the village. His chosen one loved the other, so she chose to commit suicide in order not to live with the unloved. The girl in the wedding dress before the marriage ceremony rushed into the flames of the fire. The gods saved the desperate bride and turned it into a flower of red color, the same as the ceremonial dress of the unfortunate. Now her soul lives forever in a beautiful flower called Anthurium.