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Description and cultivation of an early grade of tomatoes "big mummy"


"Big Mama" - quite a new variety of tomatoes, but already well-established.

Gardeners note the size of the fruit and their excellent taste.

The variety was bred by breeders from the Russian Federation, originator - Gavrish LLC. Registered in the State Register of the Russian Federation for growing in film shelters in 2015.

Big Mom Tomato: variety description

Plant is determinant - has a growth limit. The bush is not standard, short, up to 60 cm tall.

Has strong stem with a small amount leaves, several branches, evenly located on them large fruits.
The leaves are medium-sized, "potato" type, light green, wrinkled, without pubescence.

Inflorescence simple, formed after 7 sheets for the first time, then alternates with two sheets. From one inflorescence can form up to 6 fruits.

Peduncle with a joint, firmly holds the harvest - the fruits do not fall.

The plant has a powerfully developed breadth. rhizomethat gives all the conditions for excellent development and great harvest.

According to the degree of maturation, “Big Mommy” is considered very early, fruits begin to ripen on the 85th day after planting the seeds, subject to proper care.

This variety is well resistant to the main diseases of tomatoes (mosaic, powdery mildew, late blight).

The variety is designed for growing in greenhouse conditions, in some regions it is permissible to grow in open ground.

Yield when growing in greenhouse conditions reaches 10 kg per 1 sq.m. With open ground - less.

Advantages and disadvantages

Breeders always take care of breeding varieties with excellent qualities. "Big Mommy" has the following worthy qualities:

  • large fruits
  • don't crack
  • taste qualities
  • high yield
  • immunity to disease
  • early maturity

Pronounced deficiencies in this class is not found.

Characteristics of the fetus

  • Large low-ribbed fruits have a rounded shape with an elongation ("nose"), heart-shaped.
  • Weight ranges from 200 to 400 g, under good weather conditions and proper care there may be larger fruits. In the open field, the crop is slightly smaller.
  • The skin is thick, thin, smooth.
  • The color of the unripe fruit is typically green, the mature color is bright red.
  • Fruits are fleshy, sugary, have excellent taste.
  • It is a little seeds, are located in 6-8 small chambers.
  • Dry matter is found on average.
  • Storage takes a long time, during transportation the form does not lose.

Keep the crop of tomatoes in a dark dry place!

Contains a large amount of lycopene.

The variety has really tasty juicy fruits, tender sweetish pulp, the presence of some tomato sourness. Contains a high percentage of nutrients. The most optimal option of use - in a fresh state, in raw salads, sandwiches.

When heat treatment does not disappear taste, suitable for preservation in cutting. Suitable for the production of tomato products - pasta, sauces and juices.

You can see the “Big Mommy” tomato in the photo:

Features of growing

Possible cultivation throughout the Russian Federation, in the open ground cultivation excluded in the northern regions. As mentioned above, it is better to grow this variety indoors.

“Big Mommy” rises quickly and in a friendly way, as fruits are formed and ripen quickly.

Sowing on seedlings due to the early degree of ripening can be carried out in late March and early April.

Seeds require treatment with a disinfectant solution. Depth of landing - about 2 cm.

Pike in the formation of two well-developed leaflets. Capacities for picking should be about 300 ml.

Watering to produce without allowing water to fall on the leaves. Top dressing by mineral fertilizer.

A few days before disembarking to a permanent place, you need to harden the plants - open the window leaf for a few hours or carry out seedlings on the balcony.

In early May, you can plant in the greenhouse, the soil should be heated and perekopana with humus.

Landing is possible in open ground in a week.

Watering in the greenhouse - under the root of warm water. Feed every 10 days.

Gathering is required every 2 weeks, the bush is formed into 2 stems.

Pysynki more than 4 cm are not removed - you can damage the plant.

The garter is necessary on vertical sleeper because of the weight of the fruit.

Low-growing tomatoes for open ground

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Breeders brought a lot of varieties of undersized (determinant) tomatoes for open ground. They are distinguished by unpretentiousness, early ripeness, do not require special care such as tying and staving.

The best varieties of undersized tomatoes for open ground

Biathlon, Balcony miracle, Katya F1, Sunny Bunny, Outbreak, Buyan, Pink souvenir, Redskins leader, Solerosco, Boney MM, Betta, Gavrosh, Danko, Far Eastern Slice, Foreign exchange, Hyperbola Early Maturing, Children's sweetness, Rocker, Baskak, Russian tasty, King of the market, Mona Lisa, Shuttle and many others.

They are considered the best and popular among summer residents and gardeners because of such qualities as:

  • short stature
  • early harvest (at 90-110 days after sowing seeds),
  • high yield
  • designed for any soil
  • fruits of bright colors
  • fruits with a rich taste,
  • unpretentious
  • weather resistant
  • seeds can be planted immediately in open ground,
  • disease resistant.

Grade Monetary grade Dankosort Lobka D-east grade Betta
grade Children's sweetness Hyperbolassort grade BiathlonSort Sunny Bunny
Flashclass sort Katyasort Balcony miracletade of Solerosso
grade Primorskort Souvenirsport Boney MMSord Buyan
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Low-growing tomatoes for open ground without staking

These varieties do not give stepsons, from which the harvest is higher, and care for them easier.

For example: Alaska, Boni M, Parodist, Blitz F1, Bobkat, Tourmaline, Shuttle, Russian Delicious, Friday F1, Watercolor, Eldorado, Supermodel, Early, Red Fang, Golden Stream, Akulina, Pyshka F1, Gina, Sevenok, Anyuta F1, Rocket, Sakhalin, Snow Leopard, the Far North and many others.

These varieties have a number of advantages:

  • high yield
  • early maturity
  • used for conservation,
  • The fruits are beautiful and tasty, can ripen in a box,
  • resistant to disease and weather (drought tolerance).

Early varieties of stunted tomatoes for open ground

Virtually all varieties of determinant tomatoes are considered early or early ripening, against their background stand out such varieties that ripen before all - ultra-ripened. Their ripening period is 85-100 days from the date of sowing the seeds.

These are such varieties as: Watercolor, Ultra-Spread, Shuttle, Bringing Luck, Supermodel, Eldorado, Skorospelka, Red Fang, Agata, Alaska, Red Banana, Triumph, White Filling, Lotos, Ugazher, Turandot, Duckling, Uvalen, Golitsyn, Red Fading, Big mummy, Zest, Grandmother's pride, Arctic and others.

UltradisperseRed DawnRed FangWhite Filling
Red Banana Agata Duck Wooner
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It is known that the climate is colder, the lower the growth of tomato bushes and faster their maturation.

Especially distinguished are superdeterminant varieties, which ripen faster than all the others, because the first ovary appears above the 5-6 leaf. And the fruits can be obtained on the 85th day after planting the seeds.

These varieties of tomato limit themselves in growth, from this they quickly bear fruit, while maintaining high yields.

Many gardeners like Em champion, Petrusha gardener, Pink honey.

The advantages of these varieties:

  • bush height up to 60 cm
  • has few leaves, so they do not need to be applied,
  • you can do frequent planting bushes,
  • fruits weigh 150-300g.
  • does not require staking,
  • fruits of bright color
  • taste is saturated and sugary.

No less popular are the varieties of tomatoes like: Snowdrop, Polar, Taimyr, Stolypin, Bullfinch, Winter Cherry, Arctic, Far North, Nevsky, Sunny Bunny, Flash, Blush Petersburg, Buyan. Here even the names of these varieties speak for themselves.

If you grew Big Mommy tomatoes, please write whether you liked them or not. What was the yield and taste of the fruit in your climatic conditions? How do you assess the resistance of this tomato to disease? Briefly describe the advantages and disadvantages of the variety in your opinion. If possible, attach to a comment photo of the whole bush or individual fruits grown by you. Thank!

Your feedback on Tomato Big Mommy and additions to the description will help many gardeners evaluate this variety more objectively and decide whether to plant it or not.

Plant description

  • The stem is strong, not too leafy, has several branches, on which large fruits are evenly spaced.
  • The leaves are shaped like a potato, their surface is wrinkled and without edge.
  • The root is developed powerfully, spreads mainly to the sides, which allows the plant to obtain a sufficient amount of valuable substances for the ovary and increasing the weight of the vegetable.
  • Fruits are ribbed, heart-shaped with a small spout, large, weighing up to 350 g in the first clusters, the remaining not less than 200 g, do not crack. Some gardeners, providing tomatoes good care, in the greenhouse and achieve higher results.
  • The skin is thin, but dense, with immature fruits typically green, ripe tomatoes have a bright red color.

After the seventh leaf, the plant forms a simple inflorescence, 6 fruits are subsequently fastened on it, then the inflorescences are formed after every second leaf. A strong stalk does not allow large fruit to fall.

The resistance of the variety to the common fungal diseases that tomatoes are exposed to (late blight, mosaic, powdery mildew) is noted.

Tomatoes varieties Big Mommy: description and photo

Features of the bush. Tomato Big Mommy is a determinant plant, which stops its growth reaching 60 cm, sometimes 1 m. It is a fairly powerful plant with a strong stem and a well-developed rhizome. Despite this, the bush must be tied to a support. Separately, you should strengthen weighty brushes with fruits. The manufacturer recommends forming a plant in 2 or 3 stem.

Terms of ripening and yield. Big Mommy is a very early variety of tomatoes, so the first reddened fruits will appear already after 85 days after the first shoots appear. The maximum yield, which can be achieved in greenhouse conditions - 10 kg per 1 square. m

Characteristics of the fruit. Tomatoes of this variety have a shape that many farmers like - heart-shaped. They are quite large - 200-400 g - in view of which they fell into the group of salad varieties. Breeders declare that the taste of the Big Mommy fruit is very pleasant and full-bodied, with a sourness, sugary flesh, thick skin.

In the photo is the heart-shaped fruit of the tomato Big Mommy

Seeds in them are very few, and this is only a plus. A big mommy is a hybrid, and therefore collecting seeds for a landing is a bad idea. With proper storage tomatoes for a long time do not lose their presentation, they can also be transported without fear for their safety. Experts note that in this variety of tomatoes there is a high content of lipotin, which is a natural antioxidant. In addition, they contain relatively many other valuable substances for humans.

Disease resistance. Shows a good resistance to pathogens of major diseases.

Tomato Big Mommy - reviews of those who have already planted this variety

Now you know how producers characterize Big Mommy's tomatoes. Photos, reviews who planted also will not be superfluous for you.

Although there are not so many available reviews about Big Mommy's tomato, we tried to create a generalized version of what farmers, who have experience in growing it, think of him. So, this is what they usually pay attention to:

• The fruits are really large, even more weighty in the greenhouse than the manufacturer claims. But it is interesting that not all of them have the same shape as in the photo. Instead of heart-shaped rounded tomatoes are formed. Assumption - the fault of the manufacturer.
• In the reviews, gardeners note that this variety is not prone to cracking, as it has a solid skin. This is good, because cracks on large tomatoes, unfortunately, are not rare. To completely negate the likelihood of such a problem, try not too much watering the bushes during fruit ripening.
• Pleasant taste. From the reviews it becomes obvious that Big Mommy's tomatoes are really palatable, as the manufacturer claims.
• Farmers note that a tomato of this variety rarely gets sick. So the information about it, which is in the description on the package, is confirmed by practice.
• Tomatoes really ripen very quickly. Of course, a lot depends on the weather - the warmer, the faster - but nevertheless, in the garden they blush first.
• A good yield is also noted in the reviews, as the dignity of the Big Mommy's tomato. With a planting pattern of 40 x 50 cm, a bucket of tomatoes per square meter of planting is good.

On the photo is a tomato bush Big Mommy

Proper planting tomato Big Mommy

This variety will not produce the expected yield in the open ground of the northern regions. There it is possible to grow them only in shelter. Sowing seeds should be done in late March or early April. When purchasing planting material from a reliable manufacturer, additional seed treatment is not necessary.

Seeds deepened by 2 cm, watered with spraying and covered with a film before germination. After the shelter has been removed, it is necessary to lower the temperature to 15 ° C for a week and then increase it again. When the sprouts appear on two leaves, they should dive. The containers should be at least 300 ml.

Depending on the initial state of the soil, feed the seedlings. Be sure to light it up so that the leaves receive light at least 12 hours a day. When two weeks are left before planting, start hardening the tomatoes, bringing them outside. First for 30 minutes, then for an hour and so on.

Landing in open ground should not be made too early, since cooling can delay the development of culture and as a result the variety will not turn out to be early. Plant sprouts when the air temperature does not fall below 12 ° C, and the threat of frost does go away. For the middle band this is the end of May and the beginning of June. Landing scheme - 40 x 50 cm.

In the photo tomatoes varieties Big mom without tying

Providing the careful care of a tomato Big Momma

Water the bushes only at the root and do not overfill. Use sun warmed water. Do not forget about feeding. As you grow, gently tie up the bushes and individual bunches. Loosen the soil more often when it dries out after watering. This measure will also help rid the land of excess water during heavy rains.

Formation is a very important part of caring for tomatoes. Leave the Big Stem of the main stem and one or two of the strongest processes (stepson) on each bush of tomatoes. Remove stepchildren gradually, every week. Sharp intervention in the structure of a bush can weaken it and even destroy it.

Are you interested in planting Big Mommy's tomatoes? Photos, reviews, who planted, and a description of the manufacturer should help you decide on this issue. Do not be afraid of experiments - they make our life more interesting!

What to consider when landing in the ground

As already mentioned, the Big Mommy tomato is an ultra-early variety, therefore it allows to get very early harvests, but for this, tomatoes should be provided with high-quality care.

  • Young bushes with a height of 25 cm, with 6 or 9 full leaves are suitable for planting. The stalk must be strong, the root system is well developed: it will provide the best survival rate.
  • In the well add a handful of humus or rotted manure, ash (per square meter will need 0.5 kg). So the plant will be provided with the necessary nitrogen and potassium for better growth.
  • Tomatoes are planted at a distance of 40 cm, if extra bushes remain, you should not thicken the planting. In this way, the harvest will not increase: it harms plants, hinders their growth, contributes to the development of diseases.
  • Water the plant once a week, but plentifully. If this is done more often, it is difficult for the roots to “breathe”, they develop poorly, the nutrients enter the plant in insufficient quantities.
  • A week later, when the tomatoes take root, you can add complex fertilizer.
  • The holes are loosened regularly, with care not to damage the roots.
  • When the plant takes root, it must be tied up.

The “Big Mommy” variety does not require special stading, but the processes are still formed, so the procedure, if done occasionally, will not interfere. On the bush 4, and preferably 3 stalks are left. Lower leaves are subsequently removed.