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Description of the variety of tomato Crimson miracle, its characteristics and cultivation


Tomato varieties are very diverse. It is difficult to find the best of them, because they differ in taste, ripening, size. One of the favorite varieties is the Crimson Miracle. Tomato reviews collected extremely positive. This grade is recommended by experienced gardeners. After all, it combines unique qualities. What is this tomato?

Variety description

Tomatoes Raspberry miracle differ in high bushes. When grown in greenhouse conditions, the plant reaches more than 2 m in height. While undersized varieties even in the greenhouse do not grow up to 0.5 m.

Why did you get such an amazing name for a variety of tomatoes - Raspberry miracle? Reviews show that amazing raspberry-colored fruits appear on tomato branches. In addition, they are simply amazing in their size and have a surprisingly pleasant taste. It is for its color and size that the variety was named the Crimson Miracle.

Tomato (reviews of which will be given below) has an amazing feature. The first harvest on the bush will be much larger than the next. Gardeners claim that the first fruit that will give the plant, may exceed in its mass of 1 kg.

Subsequent tomatoes will be much smaller. Their average weight is 200-600 g. But competent gardeners highly appreciated this feature of the variety Raspberry miracle. Tomato, reviews of many gardeners confirm this, is widely used for salads, if we are talking about the first fruits. And the average harvest is great for conservation.

Do you know why Golden Crimson Miracle tomatoes are so called, the reviews of which are only positive? In 2014, this tomato series was awarded a gold medal. Excellent quality is confirmed not only by gardeners and leading agronomists. That is why the variety is called: Golden raspberry miracle.

The main advantages

Why is the Raspberry Miracle (Tomato) so popular? Reviews show that the plant is unpretentious. Even an inexperienced gardener will cope with its cultivation and will produce a great harvest.

In addition, the tomato has the following advantages:

  • the fruits are big and beautiful,
  • don't crack
  • always provides a great crop, independent of the weather,
  • resistant to common diseases
  • the flesh is fleshy, with amazing taste,
  • fruits can be used to make pasta, mashed potatoes, tomato juice and other types of canning, as well as for salads.

Grades Series Crimson Miracle

Breeders brought many varieties. This allows any agronomist to choose for his taste the tomatoes of the Crimson Miracle series. Reviews gardeners confirm that the descriptions given by the breeders are true.

Note the following varieties:

  1. Raspberry bunny. It has a bush height of about 1 m. It brings a great harvest, even in the case of cool weather. It tolerates sudden changes in temperature. Fruit weight about 500 grams, the taste is rich, with sweetness.
  2. Crimson sunset. One of the favorite varieties of gardeners. Juicy tomato, bright crimson color, round, large and smooth.
  3. Raspberry wine. Intoxicates with its impeccable taste. The fruits are not very large, about 400 g. But it does not yield to other types in taste.
  4. Raspberry joy. New hybrid, which is simply impossible to confuse with other varieties. Breeders tried their best. Fruits are small (relative to the rest of their fellows) to 250 g. But they grow so tightly that the brushes seem simply huge and heavy. After the first fruits are removed, the bush begins to increase the mass of tomatoes remaining on the branches. In addition, he constantly sets new fruits. And so it continues until late autumn. He will easily transfer the first frost, detrimental to ordinary tomatoes. The taste is wonderful, sugary tomatoes and very tender.
  5. Crimson Bison The tomato is suitable for those who wish to get a good yield from a small area. The fertility of a tomato is simply unprecedented. Weight - about 0.5 kg. It has the shape of a ball of crimson color.
  6. Crimson dream. The grade is high-yielding, reaches in height about 100 cm. It is fastened under any weather conditions. Weight up to 700 g
  7. Raspberry coveted. So beautiful a tomato that it really wants all experienced gardeners, gardeners, and just lovers. The bush at this handsome open, strong leaves. The plant must be tied to a support. Otherwise it may break under the weight of its crop. The fruit weighs about 600 g, has a rich raspberry tone.
  8. The Crimson King The bush reaches a height of 1 m. The fruits are identical to each other in shape and mass, resistant to cracking. The plant provides a good harvest of tasty fruits, weighing about 400 g.
  9. Raspberry heart. Bushes are small, relative to the rest of the hybrids of this variety. Their height is, on average, 70 cm. The fruits are heart-shaped, weighing 300 g, very tender, juicy, with an unusually pleasant aroma.
  10. Crimson hero. It has flat-round fleshy and bright raspberry fruits, whose weight is 800 g. It is resistant to cracking, good density, easy to grow.

Features agrotehnika

If you know some of the features, it is completely easy to grow a great crop. It will require a fertile and high-quality soil that can nourish the growing tomatoes Golden raspberry miracle. Reviews gardeners recommend preparing the ground in the fall.

To get a strong tall plant and large fruits, it is necessary to mix humus, sand and garden soil in the same proportions.

Growing seedlings

As evidenced by such plants as tomatoes Raspberry miracle, reviews gardeners grow a seedling method. Sow seeds need in early March. Pre-disinfect them.

Planted seed in plastic containers to a depth of 0.5-0.7 cm, 20-25 pieces in each container.

When the first shoots appear, the weak and crooked sprouts are removed. Further, every week, get rid of plants that are stunted.

The usual dive of tomatoes is not included in this method of growing seedlings. But if it is necessary, the plants are transplanted, leaving for each of them an area of ​​10 by 10 cm.

Care rules

Tomato needs the right approach to growing.

To get a wonderful harvest, you need to follow some rules:

  1. Regular and, to the extent necessary, abundant soil moisture. It is recommended to use a drip irrigation system.
  2. After wetting, loosen the soil a little.
  3. Feed the plant with superphosphate (powder or dry granules).
  4. Fertilize the soil with peat, manure, wood ash and complex preparations.
  5. Mandatory garter high bush to the trellis.
  6. Forming a plant in one or two stalks is required.

Reproduction of culture

The most ripe, juicy and beautiful fruits are harvested for seeds. After all, only from them the next year the crop will grow the most abundant. A surprising feature is the tomato seed Crimson Miracle. Reviews gardeners indicate that the variety has a long shelf life.

Seeds of ordinary tomatoes can last a maximum of 10 years. And the tomatoes of the Crimson Miracle series will sprout well even from those seeds that have been waiting for planting for 15 years. And provide at least a great harvest.

Opinion gardeners

Although these tomatoes appeared relatively recently, they nevertheless have already gained popularity and are very popular among our gardeners. This variety receives only positive reviews. Having a huge harvest, he lives up to his name. Large fruit, the color of raspberry, is a real miracle.

Not surprisingly, almost all gardeners tend to grow these particular tomatoes.

How to grow seedlings?

To get good seedlings and the same harvest, it is important to take into account the peculiarities of the proper cultivation of seedlings. To do this, create the following conditions:

  • high humidity: the seedlings need to be sprayed from the sprayer 1-2 times a day,
  • optimum temperature: during the day it ranges from 18 to 25 degrees, at night - from 12 to 15 degrees,
  • good illumination: it is desirable that the seedlings are located on the windows that face south.

With proper cultivation, planting material will be of high quality and will give the highest yield possible. First of all, attention should be paid to light. Seedlings should not stand on the darkened windows. As an addition, you can use artificial lighting.

Caring for tomatoes classic: loosening the soil, weeding, mineral fertilizing. Watering of tomatoes should be at least 1 time per week, the procedure can be combined with dressing. After watering the soil around the tomatoes should be well loosened.

Since the raspberry wonder is a tall variety, it is recommended to pinch a growing point in the most overgrown bushes. Gardeners thus restrain growth and, as a result, increase productivity.

Advantages and disadvantages

Tomatoes called "Crimson Miracle" have the following advantages, which make them favorites among most tomatoes:

  • very large and beautiful fruits,
  • fleshy, with amazing taste the flesh,
  • high yield regardless of weather conditions,
  • resistance to the most common diseases
  • no cracking tendency.

The fruits of this magnificent variety can be used both in salads and in the manufacture of tomato juice, mashed potatoes, pasta and other types of canning. The variety is unpretentious, and its cultivation is available even to inexperienced gardeners. Tomato "Raspberry miracle" refers to the golden series of hybrid tomatoes.

Reviews gardeners

Tomatoes "Crimson Miracle", despite their novelty, have already become very popular and in demand among Russian gardeners. Reviews of this tomato hybrid are extremely positive, and the name fully justifies itself and allows you to get a rich harvest of large and ripe fruits of raspberry color. The peculiarity of this variety, which is often emphasized by gardeners, is represented by the long-term survival of seed germination.

If the seeds of other varieties and hybrids preserve germination for a maximum of ten years, then the Raspberry Miracle Tomatoes easily retain a high germination percentage fifteen or more years later. The variety of tomatoes "Crimson Miracle" became the winner of the Russian exhibition "Golden Autumn 2014", was awarded a gold medal for selection work.

How to grow tomatoes (video)

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There is no natural protection for tomatoes from late blight. If the phytophtora attacks, any tomatoes (and potatoes too) perish, no matter what is said in the description of the varieties (“varieties resistant to late blight” are just a marketing ploy).

It is necessary to collect medicinal flowers and inflorescences at the very beginning of the flowering period, when the content of nutrients in them is as high as possible. The flowers are supposed to be torn by hands, tearing off the rough stalks. Dried collected flowers and herbs, scattering in a thin layer, in a cool room at natural temperature without access to direct sunlight.

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Humus - rotted manure or bird droppings. It is prepared this way: manure is piled up in a pile or a pile, interbedded with sawdust, peat and garden soil. Burt covered with a film to stabilize the temperature and humidity (this is necessary to increase the activity of microorganisms). Fertilizer "ripens" within 2-5 years - depending on external conditions and the composition of the feedstock. The output is a loose homogeneous mass with a pleasant smell of fresh earth.

Compost - rotted organic residues of the most diverse origin. How to do? In a heap, pit or large box they put everything in a row: kitchen remains, tops of garden crops, weeds cut before flowering, thin twigs. All this is mated with phosphate flour, sometimes straw, ground or peat. (Some summer residents add special accelerators of composting.) Cover with foil. In the process of overheating, the heap is periodically agitated or pierced for fresh air. Usually compost “ripens” for 2 years, but with modern additives it can be ready even in one summer season.

Description and characteristics of the "Crimson Miracle"

Tomatoes "Raspberry miracle" are very delicate, with the fleshy pulp of watermelon color, sweet and juicy. The color of the skin of crimson color, for which they got their name. The "Raspberry Miracle" series is recognized as a favorite in the vegetable market among gardeners. “Raspberry miracle” is a variety of tomatoes, derived by Russian breeders from the research and production association “Gardens of Russia” in the 90s of the last century. They are considered one of the best hybrids of the company, bred recently.

This is a versatile variety of tomatoes that can be grown both in the greenhouse and in the open field. In addition, they are extremely resistant to late blight. A series of these tomatoes received a gold medal in 2014. Since then, these tomatoes and became known as the "Golden Crimson Miracle."

Varieties of pink tomatoes "Crimson Miracle" are distinguished by the following characteristics:

  • high-yielding varieties can reach two meters if grown in greenhouse conditions,
  • The first generation of tomatoes grows larger than the next, and one fruit can reach a mass of 1 kg. The next harvest will be presented by smaller tomatoes - 300-500 g,
  • in tomatoes of this variety, the skin is smooth and durable, so the fruits do not crack even during the dry season and with excessive watering,
  • show excellent transportability and stability characteristics. This allows you to store tomatoes in their original form for three months,
  • according to their taste are ideal for preservation,
  • from the appearance of the first shoots to obtain a full harvest takes five months.

Hybrid Collection Description

Tomatoes "Crimson Miracle" are conventionally divided into three series of several varieties in each.

The first series of "Crimson Miracle" includes the following varieties:

  1. Tomatoes "Crimson Sunset" - These are selected massive fruits weighing 500-700 g each, which have a remarkable taste.
  2. "Raspberries" - Tomatoes of a bright raspberry shade with an unusual, but pleasant taste. Fruit weight is about 500 g on average.
  3. Raspberry Wine Tomatoes - This is the most delicious variety of the entire series. Tomatoes themselves are not as large as the others, only about 400 g. They are loved by gardeners for producing a very abundant crop. Pay attention to the variety of tomatoes of the first series "Raspberry wine" and be sure to decide on its planting.
  4. "Bright Robin" - Tomatoes with a pronounced watermelon aftertaste unusual for tomatoes. The fruits are bright, juicy and fleshy, reaching 700 g of weight.
  5. Tomatoes "Raspberry Paradise" - the most productive variety that won many awards, so I would like to provide a more detailed description of it. The fruits are round, fairly large - up to 600 g, and have a rich raspberry-pink shade. Under the thin, but strong matte skin there is a juicy, sugary pulp that melts in the mouth. Seeds in tomatoes a little. Due to the abundant content of sugars and dry substances, tomatoes ripen sweet with a bright honey flavor and hints of fruit. These tomatoes are eaten by children with pleasure.

The second series "Crimson Miracle" is represented by such varieties:

  1. "Raspberry Joy" - a great variety that can withstand extreme temperature extremes without losing its taste. Fruits are small - up to 250 g, grow with a few brushes in each.
  2. "Crimson Bison" - similar to the "Crimson Paradise" from the first series. Gives a good harvest, besides unpretentious. Tomatoes grow to 0.5 kg, the correct spherical shape. And all this on a small bush 70 cm tall.
  3. "Crimson Dream" - tolerates any weather conditions, giving a good harvest. On a meter bush grow tomatoes weighing up to 700 g.
  4. "Raspberry Coveted" - a large and powerful bush with a lot of tomatoes. It is better not to grow without a support, because it will break during the fruiting period. Fruits bright crimson shade of 600 g each.
  5. "The Crimson King" - A large bush with flattened tomatoes. Fruits are large, low ribbed, weighing up to 400 g and are collected in brushes. Possesses remarkable taste qualities and can bear fruit longer than usual.

The third series "Crimson Miracle" includes the following varieties:

  1. "Raspberry surprise" - unpretentious fast-growing variety, reaching a height of 1 meter. Fleshy fruits and sugar weighing up to 0.5 kg.
  2. "Raspberry popsicle" - perfectly tolerates temperature drops and does not reduce fruiting in rainy and cold periods. Tomatoes "one to one", slightly elongated. Remarkably tolerate transportation and stored for a long time.
  3. "Crimson hero" - a wonderful hybrid, giving large fruits, hence the name. Tomatoes are bright pink in color, pleasant and sugary in taste. Fruits in any weather, even uncomfortable for most other varieties. Gives the same harvest in dry and cold summers.
  4. "Raspberry bunny" - fruits weighing up to 600 g with a wonderful taste. Able to bear fruit under adverse conditions.
  5. "Crimson Heart" - the fruits are shaped like a heart, whence the name of the variety came from. The size of the fruit is average, but the taste is simply excellent.
"Raspberry miracle" - a series of varieties that has gained great popularity not only among gardeners, but also among consumers. Hybrids are actively used for cultivation on an industrial scale.

When to sow seeds

Seeds of tomatoes "Crimson Miracle" are sown in the greenhouse, presumably from mid-February - early March. If you plan to land immediately in open ground, you should wait a few more weeks, since the threat of return frost should be avoided. It is necessary to take small containers in which no more than 20 seeds will be sown in each.

Substrate preparation and seeding scheme

Agricultural technology of growing tomatoes "Crimson Miracle" provides landing in any region of the country. Prepare the ground for planting should be more from the fall. You can do this on your own or buy ready-made potions in specialized stores or on the market. Mix sand, soil and humus in a 1: 1: 1 ratio and fill the containers for planting with the mixture. You can use ordinary plastic bottles with a cut neck.

Treat the seeds with a 1% solution of “Baikal EM-1” or “Ecosila”. After that, add 20 seeds to each bottle. Take a shallow container 6-7 cm tall. Moisten the soil mixture well and fill the dishes with it, leaving 2 cm from the edge. Condense the soil, repeat if necessary, and spread the seeds at a distance of 1 × 1 cm. Top with dry soil 2 cm and compact again with a spoon. Cover the container with glass or film and put in heat.

Conditions for growing seedlings

Growing up the seedlings of the “Crimson Miracle” Try to create the necessary conditions for seedlings:

  • large amount of light: it is advisable to keep on the window sills windows that overlook the south side. The window should not be shaded by trees. If natural light is not enough, you need to organize additional artificial lighting,
  • high humidity: need to spray the seedlings twice a day with air humidifiers,
  • optimum temperature - in the afternoon 18-25 ° C, at night - 12-15 ° C.

Planting seedlings in open ground

When the first shoots appear, remove the weak and deformed processes. So do every week with those that are stunted. At the end you should have up to 10 plants. This method does not involve picking tomatoes.

The first full leaves of tomato seedlings appear in a week or 10 days. At this age, if the seeds were sown very closely in one small container, it is better to pick the seedlings in separate cups. This should be done as carefully as possible and should be transplanted only with a clod of earth on the roots. Some gardeners agree that it is necessary to pinch the central root, but this is not recommended, as the roots in any case can be damaged. Pinching up to a third of the root leads to a delay in the development of seedlings for one week.

The first transplant is carried out in small cups of 200 ml.

After 2-3 weeks, seedlings can swoop a second time - in pots more. If the seeds were initially sown in individual containers (cups, cassettes), then this transplant will be the first. It is not recommended to use pots less than 0.5-1 liters.

Seedlings should be watered weekly. The age of seedlings, which should be transplanted in open ground, depends on the climate, soil type, individual characteristics of the variety. Immediately, we note that the seedlings that will be planted in open ground should be quenched, and this should be done already two weeks before transplantation. First, ascended seedlings should be left outdoors for a couple of hours when there is no wind and the sun is shining. After a little need to increase the time spent in the fresh air.

By the end of the period it is already possible to leave the seedlings for the whole day. During this time, they will be fully strengthened, and moving to a new place on them will not have much stress. At the time of transplanting into the open ground, prepare pegs for tying fast-growing seedlings. "Crimson miracle" is inherent in abundant yields, and the severity of the fruit can simply break the plant.

So that your “Raspberry Miracle” will get acclimatized and fruitfully rich, its landing should take place according to the following algorithm:

  1. Dig a hole to the depth of a spade bayonet.
  2. At the bottom, put a complex of mineral fertilizers, compost or humus. Mix all the ingredients with an earthy ball and pour in plenty.
  3. Stick the support peg.
  4. Put the pre-watered seedlings in the hole and sprinkle with soil.
  5. Slightly press down the soil around the tomatoes, just be careful not to damage the roots of the plants.
  6. Once again, shower abundantly and tie up the bushes.

Do not disturb the plants for a week. So they better adapt and take root. In early May, seedlings can be planted in the greenhouse. The place should be well lit and with good fertile soil that needs to be watered with a weak manganese solution. Dig holes on the spade bayonet equidistantly from each other by 60 cm. Add 5 g of nitrophoska to each well, mix with the ground and pour in abundantly. Plant a seedling with an earthy clod so that the first leaves are almost on the ground. Top with a mixture of peat, compost and sand. Next, insert a peg and tie up the plant. The first five days after planting the plants do not water, let them take root.

Watering and soil care

During the fruiting period, tomatoes consume large amounts of moisture from the soil. The average daily fluid rate is 3.2 l / sq.m. Water the tomatoes only in sunny weather in the morning, if they grow in the greenhouse, and in the evening - if in the open field. The water temperature should be at room temperature, that is, not lower than 20 ° C. Well recommended drip irrigation bushes of tomatoes, equipped in the form of a tape system. After each irrigation should be loosening the surface of the soil. So you contribute increase its aeration rates.

Feed the plants can be a solution of dry superphosphate granules. You can fertilize with manure, wood ash, humus, peat and any complex preparations. In the increased nutrition need plants during the fruiting period. Podkorm can still be carried out with a special complex fertilizer exclusively for tomatoes or by pouring humus into the trunk circle of each bush followed by embedding into the ground.

The soil under the bushes of tomatoes should always remain loose. At least twice a month you need to loosen the aisles, combining the process with weeding. In the first weeks after planting, it is necessary to loosen to a depth of 12 cm, then, in order not to damage the roots, by 8 cm. If the soil is heavy enough, then you can go deeper, but only in those places that the tomato root system has not yet penetrated. It is useful to mulch the soil, which improves the temperature and humidity conditions of the soil.

Remember that the more thorough the “Raspberry Miracle” receives care, the better and better the harvest of juicy tomatoes will be. When the bushes of tomatoes become higher and wider, to the loosening should be added more and earthing. It contributes to the heating of the root system, besides it does not allow it to be bare, but also contributes to the germination of adventitious roots. Due to this, fruit ripening occurs much faster. The next hilling should be carried out in two weeks and only with wet soil. It will be useful to add more humus soil.

"Crimson Miracle": advantages and disadvantages of the series

The following main advantages of Tomatoes "Raspberry miracle" can be distinguished:

  • unpretentiousness
  • wonderful taste, transport and commodity qualities of fruits,
  • tomatoes do not crack when ripe,
  • This series is immune to late blight,
  • high yield: from one bush you can collect up to 5 kg of incredibly tasty tomatoes.

There are almost no shortages of tomatoes at the Mainin Miracle, except that later fruits grow the smallest. That is, their size decreases exponentially with each subsequent crop. But this can be turned into a plus, because what a tasty little canned tomatoes!

"Raspberry miracle" - a universal variety of tomatoes. One of its main features is considered to be the long-term preservation of seed germination. If other varieties it decreases over the years, the bushes "Miracle" will bear fruit after 15 years of seed storage.