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Drinking bowl for chickens from a plastic bottle in 5 minutes


Successful breeding of chickens requires not only high-quality feed, but also constant access to clean water. Thirst or dirty water leads to frequent infections in birds. A simple way to provide drinking water will be the chicken bowl from a 5 liter plastic bottle, which is easy to make yourself.

The peculiarity of such a drinker

As a source of water you can put a simple cup. But the behavior of chickens is in their constant chaotic movement. In particular, birds regularly tread in an open cup. Water will quickly pollute the bird's paws. This cup has to be changed several times a day, since chickens soil it in a few hours.

For the manufacture of a simple drinkers will require a bottle of 5 liters.

The peculiarity of a bottle made from a bottle is that it provides a constant supply of fresh water. Such capacity of the chickens will not be able to overturn, and therefore will not dilute the dirt inside and outside the house. Plastic bottles are inexpensive and therefore economical to use.

Making a drinker of 5 liter bottles themselves

It is easy to equip the chicken coop with a vacuum drinker. Its meaning is that the water automatically enters the bowl. The process of water supply occurs as it is wasted and does not require constant human intervention. It is only necessary to periodically replenish the bottle with fresh water.

You can also provide chickens nipple drinkers. It has a slightly different device, thanks to which water constantly flows through the nipple. Chickens can not get their dirty paws in a bowl with drinking water. It is not polluted, and therefore can not become a source of infection.

What we need (materials and tools)

Making the drinker does not take much time. It is really economical and affordable to each version of the water tank.

A plastic bottle and a stationery knife will be required to make the drinker.

First you need a minimum set of materials:

  • plastic transparent bottle of 5 liters,
  • sharp knife, awl,
  • a large bowl or cup, the diameter is wider than the bottom of the bottle.

Step-by-step instruction

Before you start manufacturing it is worth considering where the drinking bowl will be located. How comfortable will such a bowl be for chickens? It is possible that in the conditions of the house will be preferable to a container with a nipple tip.

If all materials are ready and a place for water is found, then step-by-step production will not cause difficulties:

  1. A small hole is made in the bottle, at a distance of 15 cm from the base.
  2. Thoroughly wash the container from the previous residues, rinsed with antiseptic.
  3. The tank is filled with water. During the filling is covered with a hole tape or hand.
  4. The bottle is set in the cup.

The principle of operation of such a drinker is as simple as possible: water flows through the hole from the bottle into the cup. As soon as it reaches the level of the hole, the flow of water stops. As the use of liquid chickens, it will be wasted. At the same time, fresh water comes from the bottle, constantly maintaining the level set by the hole in the bowl.

For the manufacture of vacuum drinkers need a bottle and a basin.

Important! Over time, depending on the purity of the water, a green coating may appear on the walls of the bottle. It is better to get rid of such a container and replace it with a clean one.

Nippelny drinking bowl

Installing the drinker with a nipple is a bit more complicated. But such a device is even more clean. From the nipple drinking trough the water will practically not be sprayed around. She arrives as needed chickens.

For the manufacture of drinking bowls with nipple need:

  • a bottle of any size from 1.5 to 5 liters,
  • nipple itself
  • sharp knife or awl.

First you should cut the bottom of the bottle. A hole is made in the cap of the bottle using an awl or knife. Next, a nipple suitable for chickens is inserted into this hole. Pay attention to the quality of the nipple - it must be in good condition.

The bottle with the nipple is suspended upside down. Filled with water. Under the drinker is better to put a small cup. It will serve as a drip pan. As thirsty chickens come to the nipple and touch it with its beak. Water begins to flow, satisfying the needs of birds.

For the manufacture of nipple drinkers require high-quality nipples.

At first, chickens may have problems with the nipple. In order to teach them to drink from it, you should touch the rod with your finger. At the end of the nipple there will be a drop that will attract birds. As a rule, it is enough that at least one chicken can learn to drink like this.

Important! The nipple can be installed at eye level of chickens.

In the video, the farmer shows how easy it is to make an automatic drinker from a plastic bottle of 5 liters.

So, in the manufacture of drinkers for chickens, it is important to take into account the number of birds and the structure of the chicken coop, as well as the ability to regularly maintain the created structure. Careful selection of materials and processing of metal burrs during installation will create a reliable design and will not allow chickens to get hurt.

Drinking water requirements

As you know, not every drinking bowl is suitable for a chicken coop. The plastic design of the five-liter bottles, fortunately, has some important features, thanks to which it is perfect for growing poultry. Consider them.

The chicken bowl must meet many different requirements.

Table 1. The main advantages of a plastic drinker from a five-liter bottle for chickens

Chickens can even put a simple trough with water, and they will calmly drink from it, however, dirt will quickly clump into such a trough, deteriorating water quality to the maximum. The fact is that chickens can:

  • jump inside open tanks,
  • throw the litter into the water,
  • defecate in the drinker, etc.

    Contamination of water contributes to its filling with pathogenic bacteria, which then enter the chicken’s stomach and infect it.

    With a plastic bottle drinker, you can not be afraid of this, since chickens will not be able to bring dirt into the tank with water and get into the tank for consuming the liquid, as they simply will not have enough space.

    Spilling water from the trough to the floor is fraught with the rapid rotting of the litter, as well as the flooring, which in turn will cause skin diseases, colds, infection with parasites, etc.

    The plastic bottle will be equipped according to the principle that it will be difficult for the chickens to turn it over. This is possible only if several birds fall on the structure at once, however, given that chickens are birds that are completely unorganized, this is unlikely to happen.

    The water in this drinker will be poured through the neck.

    Drinking bowl for chickens, which is made from a plastic five-liter bottle from under the water, as well as a basin or other similar capacity, will not cost you any money. In addition, it does not roll over, protects the drink from dirt, and is done in about five minutes. Consider the instructions for its manufacture.

    Necessary materials

    So, in order to make a chicken drinker, we need to collect the following materials:

    • a plastic bottle out of the water in the previously indicated number of liters,
    • a basin or other plastic (metal) container, the diameter of which will exceed that of the bottom of the bottle, with sides 10–15 centimeters high,
    • knife or scissors.

    We will need materials that we usually throw out as unnecessary garbage.

    After collecting the materials, proceed to the manufacture of drinkers.

    Installation of drinking bowls

    Table 2. Collection of drinking bowls for chickens

    Take a bottle from under the water, and in its side part make a hole with a knife or scissors, the diameter of which will not exceed one centimeter.

    Make a hole so that it is located about 2-4 centimeters below the side of the pelvis, in which this bottle will be installed.

    Installation of a nipple drinker

    Table 3. Collection and installation of nipple drinkers

    Alternative drinkers for chickens

    Despite the fact that the plastic five-liter bottle is a fairly cheap material, and the drinkers are made easily and quickly from it, it should be noted that the durability of such a structure, as well as its effectiveness in large poultry farms, are not sufficient to engage in serious farming business. Therefore, if you regard its version of production only as temporary, you need to figure out what other drinkers you can later make for your birds.

    Instruction 4 - plastic tube drinking bowl

    Another fairly simple drinker option, which can be done independently by a person without experience, is made using a conventional plastic pipe, which can be bought at a hardware store.

    This drinker is subsequently installed on the floor, so that the chickens can freely use water from it, while not leaning too much and not lifting their heads.

    Let's sum up

    To date, farmers, trying to save hard earned money, and let them spend on business development, have come up with many ways to reduce the cost of some cost areas in their business. For example, these hardworking people have invented a variety of ways to independently produce drinking troughs for chickens, sometimes even exceeding the quality of similar devices sold in pet stores. They exist a great many. Some difficult to make, some easier. But the easiest way, perhaps, is to make a drinking bowl for chickens using a five-liter bottle from under the water.

    Using such drinkers for chickens, you can not pour water for the birds for several days. They have plenty of advantages:

    • resilient,
    • cheap
    • made 5 minutes
    • manufacturing does not require building skills
    • water remains clear throughout the day
    • You can replace a broken part, etc. at any time.

    If you install the drinker near the wall of the coop, and fix the bottle neck with a rope, the stability of the structure will increase even more. Be sure that such a simple product can not only make chickens comfortable, but also save substantial sums in your wallet.

    Tools and materials

    To assemble a simple vacuum construction, you need to arm yourself with the following materials and tools:

    • 10 liter plastic bottle with a cap,
    • any vessel of average depth in which the 10-liter bottle (bath or basin) will fit,
    • awl or stationery knife.

    Manufacturing process

    1. In the bottle with a stationery knife or sewed pierce the hole. The diameter of the hole is 6–7 mm, and the distance from the bottom should be about 5 cm. However, the distance from the bottom depends directly on the basin into which you immerse the bottle. If it is deep enough, then, respectively, and the hole needs to be done a little higher.
    2. Fill the bottle with water and install in the selected basin.
    3. Hermetically close the container with a lid.
    Water will stop flowing from the bottle as soon as the liquid level reaches the hole.

    This product can be built from a 5-liter bottle.