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The use of the biological product "Radiance-2"


If you want to get a rich harvest, you must not only constantly care for the plants and provide them with comfortable conditions, but also to engage in their fertilizer. An excellent choice of many agrarians is the biological product "Radiance-2", which includes microorganisms from selected healthy crops.

Tell us more, for what and how the drug is used.

What is the biological product "Shining-2" used for?

Thanks to the use of the drug, it is easy to get a good harvest even on badlands. What contributes to the use of funds:

  • restores and increases the fertility of the land,

Important!The use of a biological product without taking into account the recommended dosages can lead to the death of a plant or a sharp decrease in its fruiting level!

  • fights against plant pathogens,
  • improves plant immunity,
  • increases the amount of energy for the rapid germination of seeds,
  • increases the shelf life and quality of the crop, planting materials.

To obtain a positive result when using fertilizer, you must strictly follow the instructions.

The benefits of this drug

The activity of microorganisms that make up the fertilizer has a positive effect on both the soil and the plants. There are the following advantages of a biological product:

  • fixes atmospheric nitrogen,
  • promotes the decomposition of organic waste,
  • suppresses soil pathogens
  • provides recycling and increases available plant nutrition,
  • destroys toxins, including pesticides,
  • forms simple organic compounds necessary to accelerate plant growth,
  • binds heavy materials, inhibiting the growth of crops,
  • dissolves soil-insoluble nutrients
  • promotes the formation of polysaccharides necessary for the aggregation of land.

Thanks to the microorganisms that form the Radiance-2 preparation, the process of creating humus is significantly accelerated, which affects the soil, restoring its fertility.

Under the influence of the drug, the nutrient elements of the soil transfer from inaccessible to those that are easily absorbed by plants, the immunity of crops increases, the rate of seed germination increases, and the root system is actively developing. Also note the rapid growth of the vegetative mass of crops, which contributes to the appearance of an early and abundant harvest, improves the taste of fruits and increases the period of their storage.

Application Methods

Biological preparations for soil are used in different situations. Let us consider in detail each method of applying the tool. Land preparation for the subsequent planting of seedlings or indoor plants.

It is necessary to mix the ingredients in such proportions: for 10 liters of soil use a half cup of the drug in a dry form. The resulting mixture is well mixed, perform moistening with the help of an atomizer. After that, the earth is folded into a package, compacted. Their package displays the air, the bag is firmly tied and retracted in a warm place. After about 3 weeks, seeds or houseplants can be planted in the prepared soil.

Adding to the soil when planting tubers or seeds.

With this method of use, you must enter the drug in the ground in small quantities. After digging rows for planting seeds or bulbs, fertilize them in such a way as if you are salting, with a pinch.

Important!The term of "exposure" of the soil in polyethylene for further planting of seedlings should be at least 2 weeks. If this period is shortened, the maximum effect of the drug will not be achieved.

"Shine-2" can be used as fertilizing the soil directly under the plant. If fertilizing is done in open ground, it is necessary to inject a dry preparation into the upper layer of the earth, and top it with a small layer of mulch, then sprinkle it with a spray bottle. If you apply fertilizer to a flower pot, it is worth adhering to such proportions: 0.1 g of the drug per 0.5 liter pot. Feeding can be done every 2 weeks.

"Shine-2" can be used to planting seedlings in the groundAfter the planting and watering, it is necessary to scatter a small amount of the preparation, about 1 tablespoon, on the ground around the plants. From above you need to mulch the soil, and then perform its watering. In order to get environmentally friendly fertilizer for your garden you can make compost from any manure - cow, sheep, pig, horse, wood ash, peat, crop residues and food waste.

The product has a good effect. when processing potato tubers before you perform his landing. For this method, 4-6 liters of distilled water must be used. Its temperature should not exceed 30 ° C. In the water you need to add half a cup of sugar or sweet jam, 1 package of fertilizer. After that, everything is well mixed and infused for about 3 hours. Periodically, the solution is worth stirring. Immediately before planting, you need to moisten the potatoes in solution. In the hole must be added 1 cup of compost.

Did you know?The solution prepared for the processing of potatoes, gardeners are popularly called "compote." This name means received due to its ingredients.

Drug also can be used as a liquid. To do this, you need to dissolve 1 teaspoon of granulated sugar and 1 teaspoon of the product in 300 ml of warm water, then mix well. The solution is infused for 12 hours. In the resulting solution, the seeds are soaked for 20 minutes.

If you decide to use liquid for watering seedlings in pots, you need to do this every 2 weeks after the first shoots appear.

Watering seedlings in open ground can only be done if dry fertilizers have not been used, and it should be done not earlier than 2 weeks after planting. Among biological products are widely known and popular Epin, "NV-101", "Baikal EM-1", "Pollen", Ovary

Shelf life and storage conditions

When buying a biological product, be sure to pay attention to the date of packing and manufacturing. The dry product can be stored for an unlimited amount of time, but the warranty period is 2 years.

Store the powder in a dry place out of the reach of children.

Using the biological product "Shining-2", you will provide yourself with a rich and tasty harvest.

Drug use

To use modern biological product "Shining-2" in several ways.

However, first you need to properly prepare it before processing the suburban area. To do this, dissolve sugar (1 dessert spoon) in a half-liter jar of warm distilled water with a temperature of 25–30 degrees, pour the contents of one sachet of the preparation, shake, close the lid and leave for a day (room temperature). Now the preparation "Radiance-2" is ready to work.

For maximum results, the finished product is best used within a few hours after preparation.

  • During spring and autumn processing, the soil is loosened to a depth of 5-7 cm, organic residues are added and watered abundantly with diluted solution of a biological product (1: 100 or at the rate of ½ cups of the Shining-2 preparation per 10 l of water). When processing using 3-5 liters of solution per 1 square. m. After a similar event in spring, transplanting occurs in 2-3 weeks.
  • To prepare the compost, the preparation is again diluted to a ratio of 1: 100, organic waste is laid with a layer of 25-30 cm, lightly sprinkled with earth and watered at the rate of 1 bucket per 2 square meters. m. Thus, the compost is laid in layers, then compacted and covered with foil. After 3 weeks you can use the resulting compost as mulch.
  • For root dressings apply a solution of the Radiance-2 preparation, diluted with water in a ratio of 1: 1000 or 1 tbsp. on a bucket in the amount of 2-3 liters per 1 square. m. Water the plants need every two weeks. For foliar application (spraying), the preparation solution is diluted to a ratio of 1: 500 (2 tablespoons per 10 liters of water) and used, depending on the state of the plants, 1-4 times per month. When spraying it is necessary to prevent the appearance of large rolling drops on the foliage.

"Shining-2": instructions for use of the drug

If you want to get a rich harvest, you must not only constantly care for the plants and provide them with comfortable conditions, but also to engage in their fertilizer. An excellent choice of many agrarians is the biological product "Radiance-2", which includes microorganisms from selected healthy crops.

Tell us more, for what and how the drug is used.

Instructions for use

There are three main products of this series on the market. The composition of the concentrate is selected in such a way as to direct the impact on certain qualitative characteristics of the soil and plants.

Baxib K, a multifunctional drug with a wide spectrum of action.

It is intended for:

  • sprouting and improving seed germination, by soaking,
  • root and vegetative dressing,
  • soil improvement to improve quality
  • humus processing, organics for further feeding,
  • soil application in spring and autumn, for its improvement and enrichment with useful ingredients,
  • destruction of weed plants.

Release form: packages, 6 pieces in packings (everyone on 5 g). Must be used throughout the year. Packing price: from 360 to 400 rubles.

Mode of application

  1. Top dressing of root and vegetative system, soil.

The package is diluted in half a liter of water at room temperature, put in a dark place for maturation of microorganisms for 1-2 days. The optimum temperature for the reproduction of microflora is 28-30⁰ C.

One tablespoon of diluted concentrate is added to a 10 liter container and the soil of the plant is treated. The effectiveness of diluted microorganic fertilizer - two weeks. From one package receive 500 liters of diluted fertilizer (1/1000). The package is designed for processing 10 combs during the season of plant ripening. Water the plants and soil from a finely dispersed sprayer. Weave recommended to use from 3 to 5 liters.

The same concentration (1 portion of uterine concentrate per 1000) is used for soaking seeds, bulbs (from 40 minutes to an hour).

  1. Spring and autumn fertilizing of the soil, compost.

Dilute the drug in a similar way. Only 10 liters add 0.1 liter of diluted concentrate. Consumption per square meter is the same (from 3 to 5 liters).

When making the drug in the spring, due to the stormy activity of microorganisms, the earth becomes warmer by several degrees.

Before the autumn top dressing, the upper layer of the earth is slightly loosened, but not dug up.

Compost lay layers and watered with diluted concentrate (3-5 liters per square meter, layers up to 30 cm).

Baksibr, Baksib R.

  • used for cooking land for seedlings
  • fertilize indoor plants,
  • to improve the development of seedlings at the time of landing in the ground,
  • as a treatment of tuberous plants before planting to increase their productivity.

Form release: the substrate in the package (100 g). Price: 75-80 rubles

Organic farming

More and more people are paying attention to organic farming. This is due to the fact that ordinary modern gardens are constantly exposed to chemicals. They fall from the soil into the plants, and then into the human body that uses them.

It is difficult to go straight to the full complex of processing with organic methods. Therefore, many gardeners are beginning to use individual elements. For example, use Fokin's flat cutter for tillage. Then they move on to growing sideratov. After all, these plants significantly improve the soil structure. And this, in turn, facilitates the process of its processing and increases the yield of crops grown.

But siderata need somewhere to do. It turns out that there is a simple way to turn waste vegetation into organic fertilizer. For this you need to populate it with a large number of effective microorganisms (EM). They are also called emochkami. Then they create greenhouse conditions, and they quickly cope with the task. At the exit, instead of weeds, we have a bunch of high-quality compost for one season.

Microbiological fertilizers began to be used and produced by Japanese scientists. In Russia, they do it in Novosibirsk.

EM action

The number of bacteria that is in the soil is not enough to quickly cope with the processing of large amounts of organic matter. After all, in the garden, treated with a shovel or plow, the number of beneficial microorganisms is significantly reduced. Part of them is killed by frost. The effective soil microorganisms brought in help those already in the soil. They:

  • Take nitrogen from the air
  • Organic substances are decomposed to the state in which plants can assimilate them,
  • Inhibit disease-causing bacteria,
  • Eliminate the effects of the use of chemicals
  • Participate in the formation of humus,
  • Form antibiotics, polysaccharides.

Developed several types of fertilizers based on EMoc.

Shine 1 (concentrate)

One of them is the Radiance 1 fertilizer. Composition - about 50 different soil EMocs. The drug is created specifically to ensure that microorganisms can withstand severe frosts. Another name for the drug is BakSib K.

The Shine 1 fertilizer (photo) is intended to improve the condition of the soil, increase the resistance of agricultural plants to diseases. Under the influence of these organisms, the root system is actively developing, increasing. Together with it, they grow faster and increase the mass of the rest of the plant. This makes plants less vulnerable to the effects of various pests. Under the influence of the drug fruits ripen faster, longer and better stored.

The drug is available in diluted form, in bottles.

Preparation of the preparation "Shine 1"

Instructions for use recommends to dissolve a bag of the drug in 0.5 liters of warm water, pour a dessert spoonful of sugar. Stir well, hide in the dark for a day. Maintained at a temperature of from 25 to 30 degrees.

After a day the product is ready for use. His peerezhivat through gauze, folded in 4 layers.

Use solution

"Shining 1" instructions for use offers to use in several cases. Depending on the destination, it is prepared in different ways:

  • Seeds and bulbs are soaked for an hour in a liter of water, to which 1 ml of the prepared concentrate is added.
  • Watering at the root is carried out once a week after the seedlings appear on the soil surface, or the seedlings are planted on a bed. Prepare a working solution, pouring 1 tbsp. a spoonful of concentrate per 10-liter bucket of water.
  • Good results are obtained by foliar feeding, which is carried out by 1 p. per week, increasing the consumption rate of concentrate 2 times. It is best to alternate watering and foliar feeding.
  • For processing plot in the spring. Cut off siderata, sprinkle with mulch means "Shine 3". Then the Fokin flat-cutter or the Strif cultivator loosen the soil. Half a cup of solution "Shine 1" instructions for use advises to pour water into a bucket and pour the area with the mixture. In order to create microorganisms comfortable working conditions, the area is covered with a film. For a couple of weeks they cultivate the vegetation on the site, turning it into compost. Then you can plant or sow plants.
  • In summer, a large amount of cut grass, weeds is formed on the site. After treating them with a solution of "Shining 1" (0.5 tbsp. Per bucket of water), a bunch of excellent compost is obtained.
  • You can prepare bionasty, pouring half a glass of solution into 15 liters of water.

To enhance the effect of "Shining 1", the instructions for use advise using the "Healthy Garden", "NV-101" and "Ecoberin" preparations with it.

Microbiological preparations themselves “Shining 1, 2, 3” do not recommend inserting instructions for use without siderates and other organic residues.

Designed for all types of work that are associated with planting, planting. It contains many anaerobic microorganisms.

The substrate "Shining 2", aka "SibBak R", packaged in packets of 100 g, is used as follows:

  • In the spring, prepare the soil for growing seedlings. A bucket of earth is mixed with 0.5 tbsp. facilities. In a liter of water diluted with 2 drops of the drug HB-101 and poured into the mixture. You can moisten with warm water. Stir. Hid the composition in a plastic bag. In a warm place, protected from light, it costs at least 2 weeks. Then the mixture can be used for sowing seedlings.
  • Soak the seeds. To do this, a half cup of warm water is added to a teaspoon of the drug and sugar. Shake well, insist 12 hours. In a warm place, protected from light.
  • After the seeds have sprung up, they are copied, watered with a solution, using 1 tbsp per pot. l
  • You can use the drug "Shining 2" during sowing or planting. The preparation is brought in the minimum doses, scattering it on a bottom of holes.
  • Processed potato tubers. At 5 liters of warm water take 0.5 st. sugar, add a pack of "Shine 2". After a couple of hours, the tubers are immersed in the solution for a couple of seconds. Then they can be planted.

Customer reviews suggest that shine 1 and 2 are practically the same bacteria, only bran is used to make them different. For shine 1, use fine grinding.

БакСиб Ф предназначен для быстрого образования компоста. В его составе – ферменты, привитые на отруби из пшеницы. Используют в домашнем хозяйстве для того, чтобы избавиться от запаха выгребных ям.

Органические остатки измельчают любым способом. Складывают в кучу высотой 30 см. Sprinkle with a glass of the mixture. Moisturize a little. Top cover with a layer of earth. Repeat the operation several times.

And what to do if the billet on the compost is already laid, but does not mature? Deep holes are made in the heap with a scrap or other sharp object. In the resulting holes make 0.5 Art. mixture and pour water.

Then process a heap, watering with the preparation "Shine 1". It is prepared by diluting the fertilizer "Shining 1" (0.5 tbsp.) In 10 liters of water. Cover the film. Wait up to two months. Reveal the finished compost.

How long can the prepared preparation “Radiance 1” (fertilizer) be stored? It is better to use it on the day of preparation. But you can store in the refrigerator without freezing for two weeks.

Then he gradually loses its useful properties. The creators recommend for a small area to use only part of the funds, pouring it out of the package. Air and moisture should not flow into the rest.

The manufacturer guarantees the storage of funds "Shine" for two years. Shelf life of the drug is not limited.

Reviews of drugs

How do gardeners evaluate the Shining 1 fertilizer? Reviews of many users say that they have been using drugs for several years. They note that they have noticed an improvement in the condition of the soil. Plants become stronger, more resistant to disease.

Customer reviews indicate the effectiveness of the drug when removing the smell from the sump. One application is enough to correct the problem for a year.

Gardeners have noticed that the Shining feed has another effect. Reviews show that spraying a young leaf helps to save the plants from aphids.

Users say they alternate watering and spraying with the drug.

They do not really like the fact that the drug is constantly becoming more expensive. Some switched to the “Baikal” facility. Especially since some buyers, it seems more convenient to use. However, they note that Baikal often sell fake. With the "Shine" no one noticed. Perhaps this is due to the fact that the drug is sold in the stores of this company. But they are not in every city. Therefore, you need to buy only from trusted sellers.

A special theme is the use of mineral fertilizers and chemical preparations together with “Radiance”. If the former can sometimes be used, the use of the latter will result in the death of beneficial microorganisms.

Instead of superphosphate, users are advised to use ash solution.

Buyers conclude that Shining 1 and 2 are intended “for living” (seeds, seedlings, soil), and Shining 3 - for non-living (compost, cesspools).

What to fertilize

Radiance 1 is suitable for watering or spring and autumn treatments for absolutely any crops - vegetables and greens, shrubs, trees, houseplants. Shine 2 is ideal for growing seedlings, processing potatoes before planting, when growing indoor plants, for root feeding of any crops. Shine 3 is best used for the manufacture of compost and herbal infusion, and these tools are already used in the cultivation of plants.

Shine 1 costs 360 rubles. 6 packs of 5 g each, Shining 2 - 75 rubles. per 100 g, Shine 3 - 98 rubles. per 100 g


12/07/2013 at 05:31

Natural Earth The task is primarily aimed at making the Earth. That is, create fertile soil. And on fertile soil, everything will grow well and almost by itself.

Fertile soil becomes:

- if organic residues are added to it,

- if there are many microorganisms in organic matter,

- if there are a lot of worms in the soil,

- if the organic matter is wet, if it is warm (above +10 С).

Fulfillment of these conditions will lead to the fact that organic matter will decompose and turn into humus (compost), which will make the soil fertile.

Organics. The main gardening operation of natural farmers is the introduction of organic residues into the soil. This is done by mulching the soil, planting siderats, introducing compost into the holes and grooves.

Heat. If you put any organic matter in the freezer, it will remain in it for a long time in its original state. If you put in a warm room next to the refrigerator, then after a while it will begin to decompose. This happens because microorganisms are engaged in the decomposition of organic matter - living beings who do not work in the cold. Therefore, organic matter in the freezer and does not decompose. Creating heat is very easy. To do this, you do not need to do anything, just need to wait until it becomes warm under the influence of the change of seasons.

Humidity. If the organics are dried, then it will be in a dried state for a long time, that is, it will not decompose. Again, microorganisms are living things that need water to live. There is moisture, bacteria work and organic matter decompose. No moisture - they do not work.

Worms. These soil animals feed on organic matter and leave behind them high-quality humus in the soil. And to persuade them to do it is not necessary. Worms need organics already in the overheating state, what bacteria do for them. If there are no worms in the soil, this means that either there is no organic matter in it, or it is too dry for them (sandy). In this case, in addition to adding organic matter to the soil, it is desirable to add worms to it. They multiply in the soil independently.

Microorganisms. Someone came up with them specifically to decompose organic residues. If there were no bacteria, then organics would not decompose and there was simply no soil on our planet. The more microorganisms in the soil, the faster organic matter is rotting, and the faster the soil becomes fertile.

In the Natural Land Delhi mineral fertilizers are not used. What for? If organic matter is introduced into the soil, it will be fertile and on it plants will grow remarkably without chemistry.

Instead of mineral fertilizers and pesticides are actively used biological products. The main one is the microbiological preparation "Radiance". It was developed at the Department of Microbiology and Agroecology of the Novosibirsk State Agrarian University. Contains agronomically beneficial microorganisms taken from fertile soils.

Accelerates the decomposition of organic matter and the formation of humus in the soil, that is, contributes to the restoration and improvement of soil fertility. Suppresses the action of phytopathogens, harmful bacteria that cause plant diseases. The result of the use of the drug is to increase soil fertility, improve plant development, increase their yield, improve the taste of vegetables and fruits, reduce vegetable losses during storage, reduce the effects of plant diseases and pests.

In the first photo, the tomatoes were watered with ordinary water, in the second photo, the tomatoes in the next garden bed were watered with the Brighten-1 bio-solution once a week.

They planted two saplings of apple trees of the same variety and of the same size. The sapling on the right during the spring was watered several times with the Brighten-1 bio-solution. He began to be ahead in the development of control sapling.

Further larger photos.

Microbiological preparations are of three types: “Shining-1” (concentrate), “Shining-2” (substrate, 100 gr) and “Shining-3” (substrate, 100 gr).

Tomatoes - on the left, watering with water, on the right - irrigation with "Radiance-1".

All three drugs contain the same microorganisms in different concentrations. Shine-3 also contains cellulose-destructive bacteria that accelerate the decomposition of carbonaceous organics. Each preparation is convenient for certain garden operations.

Tomatoes in the garden on the left were watered with water, in the garden on the right - with the "Shining-1" bio-solution.

Biodynamic preparations. Created on the basis of plant extracts.

Preparing the soil for seedlings.

For 10 liters of soil add 1 2 cup of the drug "Shining-2" and mix thoroughly. Add 2 drops of “HB-101” to a liter of water, moisten the soil mixture with a sprayer, but not overmoisten it. Pack the mixture in a tight plastic bag and store in a warm dark place for two weeks.

Add 2 drops of “HB-101” to a liter of water. Moisten a cotton cloth with the solution, place the seeds in it and wrap until it is sticking. The fabric should be wet all the time. To do this, lower one edge in a saucer with a solution. It is best to use the “seed drill” for this operation.

Growing seedlings and indoor plants.

Once a week, water and spray the plants with a solution, as for soaking the seeds. Every 2-3 weeks, pour a solution of biohumus. To do this, dissolve 2 tablespoons of vermicompost in 1 liter of water, leave for 24 hours, mix with the “HB-101” solution and water the plants.

Apply the drug "Shine-3". See the article on organic.

APPLICATION IN THE GARDEN Biological products "Radiance".

Preparation of the drug from the concentrate "Shine-1."

The package contains six single bags of concentrate. The contents of one sachet diluted in half a liter of warm distilled water (25-30 C). Add and dilute one dessert spoonful of sugar, shake, close the lid and insist for 24 hours at room temperature. After 24 hours, the drug is ready. It can be used within two weeks. Store the drug in a dark cool place (refrigerator, cellar).

Seasonal tillage.

In the spring, 10-14 days before sowing seeds into the soil, loosen the soil and cut weeds. Zamulchirovat its organic. Spill biologically solution of the preparation "Shining-1". The day before this, from the concentrate "Shine-1" to prepare the drug. In 10 liters of water dissolve half a glass of the drug. Shed beds at the rate of 1-2 buckets per 5 sq.m. soil.

Root watering of plants with biological solution.

In 10 liters of water dilute one tablespoon of the drug "Shining-1." Plants are watered with bioliquor once a week.

Biokoktejl held. Foliar dressing is carried out from a fine sprayer in the morning and during the day in cloudy weather.

Grind organic residues, lay a layer of 20-25 cm on an area of ​​2 sq.m. Sprinkle them evenly with 1 cup of the Shining-3 preparation. Moisten the organics, sprinkle them with 2-3 shovels of earth. Make 3-4 such layers. A formed heap should be shed with the solution of the Radiance-1 preparation (half a cup into a bucket of water) and covered with plastic wrap. After a month and a half, the compost is semi-recast and can be applied to the soil.

If the compost heap is already formed.

Pierce it with a crowbar in several places. Pour into the holes for half a glass of the drug "Shining-3" and pour water into them. Top shed a bunch of solution of the drug "Radiance-1" (half a glass on a bucket of water) and cover with plastic wrap.

It is used to reduce the cost of watering and foliar feeding plants. Infusion, in addition to beneficial microorganisms, contains organic acids, enzymes, amino acids, vitamins and other nutrients.

To prepare 30 liters of infusion:

- fill the container with 3/4 chopped grass (nettle, burdock, weeds, tops of carrots, beets, etc.), without condensing. In early spring, use hay or non-dried grass from the compost pile, as well as vegetables and cleaning.

- add to capacity:

1.5 cups of sugar or jam (can be old),

0.5 kg of litter or fresh mullein,

1/3 cup of chalk

1.5 cups sifted wood ash,

1 cup of the preparation “Shine-1”,

0.5 cups of the preparation “Shine-3”,

- Pour the mixture with warm water 25-30 C, mix thoroughly,

wrap with plastic wrap and cover with lid.

At a temperature of 20-26 C fermentation lasts 7-10 days. At lower temperatures, the period will increase. In early spring, it is advisable to put the container in a warm place (greenhouse, veranda). The resulting infusion can be used within a month. Remaining after the infusion of fermented grass lay in the compost pile.

Seasonal tillage. Compost preparation. One liter of infusion diluted in a bucket of water.

Root watering plants. Half a cup of infusion diluted in a bucket of water.

Foliar top dressing. Glass infusion diluted in a bucket of water.

On the photo harvest of onions from the same in size beds. On the left, onions were poured with water, on the right - bionastoy.

In 4-6 liters of warm (25-30 C) distilled water, dissolve a half cup of sugar or old jam, pour in the packaging of the “Shining-2” preparation, mix the solution thoroughly and leave for 2-3 hours, stirring occasionally. Dip potatoes in the solution and land in the hole. Compost should be added to each well. Or put organic matter (foliage, tops, grass, food waste) on the bottom of the hole, spill it with water (if the organics are dry), cover it with soil and plant the tuber. Adding organic matter to a well significantly increases the yield of potatoes.

APPLICATION IN THE GARDEN AREA of other biopreparations.

Biokokteyl. Use for foliar feeding plants, trees and shrubs once a week.

In the photo - the plants on the left were sprinkled with water, on the right - with the bio-cocktail.

The use of granules "HB-101".

In spring and autumn, lay out the granules under the bushes of strawberries and perennial flowers (5-7 pellets), as well as in pristvolnyh circles of trees and shrubs (10-50 pellets depending on the size of the tree or bush).

Do not forget that microbiological and biological products are necessarily used in conjunction with the introduction of organic residues into the soil. Watering their plants in the soil, where no organic matter is added, does not make sense. It’s not like adding meat and vegetables when boiling soup in boiling water. Water boils, but no soup.

In the photographs, the ornamental plants (roses, clematis) in both photographs on the left are poured with water, and on the right with the "Shining-1" bio-solution.

Potatoes were grown on two beds, on one they were planted in the usual way. On the other bed when planting used the drug "Shining-2".

The crop was weighed, it was 120% higher on the experimental bed than on the control one.

Small tubers on the control weighed 46 grams, large tubers in the test bed weighed 384 grams.