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What juices are useful? Vegetable and Fruit Juices


Vegetable juices are an excellent opportunity to improve your body, because their composition contains biologically active substances necessary for our livelihoods. The most popular vegetable juices are tomato, carrot and pumpkin, because they are rich in vitamin C, carotene, and also trace elements. However, such a healthy drink can be prepared using other vegetables or a combination of vegetables.

In our diet a special role is played by the product range of the daily diet, which increases its nutritional value, digestibility, and also provides the basic needs of the body. The presence of vegetables in the diet is highly appreciated, since they not only saturate our body with essential vitamins and microelements, but also improve the process of assimilation by the body of other substances, including proteins and fats. In addition, many vegetables have bactericidal properties, therefore, are an essential part of the diet, both sick and healthy people. Eating vegetables improves appetite, stimulates the functions of the salivary glands, stomach and pancreas, improves the processes of bile formation and biliary excretion, normalizes the intestinal microflora, prevents self-poisoning of the body with toxic substances that come from the intestines, help maintain and maintain the biochemical balance in the body. In addition, vegetable juices are an excellent means of cleansing the body from accumulated toxins and toxins.

Freshly squeezed juices from vegetables are more valuable than fruit juices, as they do not contain fructose, or in much smaller quantities. By the way, vegetables and vegetable juices are best consumed fresh, without the effects of heat treatment, because it is in this form that you get the maximum amount of nutrients you eat. Regular consumption of vegetable juices will saturate the body with useful substances, essential microelements, minerals and vitamins, with the result that you not only improve your body and fill it with vital energy, but also significantly improve your appearance. For example, for women who daily consumed freshly squeezed juices from raw vegetables for a week, a natural blush appears, eyes shine, and the skin simply shines with freshness. In addition, eating vegetable juices eliminates the problems of sleep disturbance, breathing becomes full.

Vegetable juices made from green vegetables contain a lot of chlorophyll in their composition, which is identical in its composition to blood hemoglobin and is easily absorbed by the body, and which effectively helps with detoxification, and, therefore, vegetable juices are excellent helpers in the fight against obesity. Also, vegetable juices contribute to the process of cleansing the liver, strengthen the walls of blood vessels, resist cancer, protect the nervous system and increase immunity. Among other things, the composition of vegetable juices contains natural antibiotics and hormones. Eating vegetable juices, you slow down the aging process of your body.

The purifying property of vegetable juices is due to the fact that natural freshly squeezed juices very quickly enter the blood after consumption, literally within ten minutes. In addition, vegetable juices do not contain herbicides, as they remain in the fiber. Therefore, nothing threatens your health, even if the vegetables from which the juice was prepared were grown on the ground with a lot of chemicals. It is very useful to drink one or two glasses of vegetable juice daily in combination with a normal diet and arrange one unloading day a week on its basis. In addition, using vegetable juices, you can independently conduct a three-day cleansing course.

How to make juices?
At home, you can make full-fledged juices from various vegetables or their combination. For the preparation of juice it is necessary to use only fresh, without traces of rotting and chemicals, damage by pests and diseases, vegetables and juicy leaves of greens. Selected vegetables for juice should be thoroughly washed, some of them peeled, seeds, peduncles and inflorescences. In the preparation of vegetable juices, you can use the old "manual" method and mechanical, using a juicer. The modern method of obtaining juice with the help of centrifuge juicers is the most preferable, because, firstly, it is much faster than hand-made, therefore its active substances oxidize less, and, secondly, the juice prepared in this way is nectar, because contains about 10% pulp. In addition, there are much more physiologically active substances and trace elements in it, so it is of great value to the body.

Eat freshly prepared vegetable juices should be immediately, because storage in the refrigerator, even if small, helps to speed up the process of fermentation and spoilage of juice, although the taste may not change. The exception is horseradish juice, it can be stored in the refrigerator for a week, and it will not lose its value and taste.

The composition of the classic vegetable juice includes: two small carrots, a quarter of beets, five cabbage leaves, and a bunch of greens, consisting of dill, parsley and beet tops. The combination of vegetables for making juice can be very diverse, it all depends on the taste preferences, the products available and the therapeutic goals pursued.

Juices, which are based on the green parts of plants, are recommended to be used in combination with carrot juice. Carrot juice is an excellent way to cleanse your body for healing. This juice is enriched with carotene, B vitamins, calcium, potassium and other minerals. Carrot juice is very useful for children, as well as for problems with the skin, eyesight, weakening of the immune system. Carrot juice is recommended to drink for those who want to clean the kidneys, liver and gall bladder. It is useful to drink up to half a liter of carrot juice to daily nursing moms, as this juice improves the quality of milk.

When drinking carrot juice, if there are problems with the liver, the skin becomes yellowish, otherwise it will not change the shade of the skin, it will only noticeably freshen. Carrot juice should be used on a mandatory basis with the addition of a small amount of vegetable oil, since carotene or vitamin A is included in the group of fat-soluble vitamins. It is not recommended to abuse carrot juice, since an excess of carotene adversely affects the liver, significantly overloading it. The maximum amount of carrot juice that can be consumed during the day is no more than half a liter. For vitamin prophylaxis, it will be enough to drink a glass of such juice daily. However, carrot juice has some contraindications, which include gastric ulcer in the form of aggravation and enteritis.

The predominance of early cauliflower juice in vegetable juice is preferable for patients suffering from frequent gastritis, gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer. The use of cabbage juice contributes to the dissolution of rotting products in the intestine, therefore, its use is accompanied, as a rule, by rumbling and increased gas formation. But after a few days of applying the juice, these unpleasant sensations will become softer, and then completely disappear. In addition, cabbage juice is effective in obesity, because it inhibits the conversion of carbohydrates into fats. Cabbage juice contains folic acid, amino acids, vitamins, easily digestible carbohydrates and mineral salts. In addition, a special anti-ulcer vitamin U was found in it. Cabbage juice should not be consumed during the period of exacerbation of stomach diseases (gastritis, ulcer), but during the period of pain subsiding, it will be most preferable in use. Freshly squeezed cabbage juice in the form of heat is an excellent means of rinsing the mouth during stomatitis and gum inflammation. You can drink cabbage juice before meals for half an hour, as well as between meals several times a day. When cleansing the body, the use of cabbage juice should not exceed one and a half cups a day (300 ml).

Potato juice is used in the same quantities as cabbage in the treatment of impaired digestion, gastritis, colitis, and stomach ulcers.

Pumpkin juice is recommended for use in patients suffering from kidney, liver and cardiovascular diseases, accompanied by edema. Pumpkin juice helps to improve the work of the gastrointestinal tract, promoting bile secretion. Take pumpkin juice should be half a cup once a day. For sleep disorders, it is recommended to drink half a glass of pumpkin juice at night with the addition of a spoonful of honey, with stones in the kidneys and bladder - a quarter or half a glass of pumpkin juice 3 times a day. The course of treatment is 10 days. The main contraindication for the use of pumpkin juice is individual intolerance.

Juice from the leaves and roots of parsley is useful for people suffering from myopia and kidney disease. This juice is diluted with water in a 1: 1 ratio and taken three to four times a day, but not more than 100 ml per day.

Tomato juice is effective in cardiovascular diseases, has a stimulating effect on the work of the gastrointestinal tract, and also prevents the development of oncology. It is very useful to take pregnant and lactating women. Tomato juice should be drunk half an hour before meals, as it prepares the stomach and intestines to digest food. Tomato juice is necessary to drink, as well as other freshly squeezed vegetable juices. Without adding salt and spices, as they reduce their beneficial properties. You can add garlic, dill, parsley, cilantro. You should not drink tomato juice in the period of exacerbation of such diseases as: gastric ulcer, pancreatitis, cholecystitis, gastritis, as well as with a slight degree of poisoning, because it will enhance this effect.

Freshly squeezed beet juice is an excellent means of cleansing the body. It is recommended to apply to those who suffer from hemorrhoids, constipation, it helps to improve the functioning of the liver, kidneys and bladder, removes heavy metals from the body. Beet juice is very expensive because it improves blood composition. Due to the high content of iodine in its composition, beet juice is an effective protection against sclerosis, improves memory. The maximum amount of beet juice that can be consumed during the day is half a glass. Overdosing can cause nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. To prevent the onset of such symptoms, beet juice is mixed with carrot and cucumber juices, but the amount of beet juice should be predominant. It should be noted that the composition of beet juice includes harmful compounds, which are in contact with air are destroyed. Therefore, before using beet juice should be kept in the refrigerator for at least 2-3 hours in an open container. Contraindications for the consumption of beet juice are individual intolerance, as well as kidney disease, gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer.

Cucumber juice is recommended for use by patients suffering from hypertension, heart disease and rheumatism. It has an increased diuretic effect, removes swelling and removes uric acid salts from the body. The daily dose should not exceed 2.5 cups per day. In combination with carrot juice, beetroot and greens juice, cucumber juice can be consumed 4-5 times a day.

Juice of sweet green pepper is effective in intestinal dysbacteriosis, it normalizes the pancreas, is an excellent means of strengthening bones and improving hair growth. Radish and pepper juices can be mixed with any vegetable juices, during the day you can use no more than two thirds of each.

Radish juice has the property to thin the blood, so it is very useful for gynecological abnormalities. It can also be used in the treatment of varicose veins, thrombophleitis, sinusitis, and frequent coughing. To the juice from the radish is not bitter, you can add other vegetable juices or honey, diluted with water. The freshly squeezed juice of young horseradish together with tops of leaves and with the addition of lemon juice (a quarter cup of horseradish juice and juice of one lemon, take once a day for an incomplete teaspoon) will perfectly clear the airways.

Vegetable juice recipes with a healing effect.
An excellent tool to help reduce weight is vegetable juice from carrots (5 pieces. Medium size) and spinach (3 pieces). Vegetable juice made from carrots (10 pieces), beets (3 pieces) and cucumbers (3) has the same property.

The use of vegetable juice from carrots (6 pieces), green pepper (3 pieces), a little cabbage and turnip leaves and spinach improves the complexion and overall skin condition.

To maintain immunity, you can take vegetable juice made from carrots (3 pcs.), A bunch of celery, a small apple, half a beet with leaves and a small bunch of parsley.

To strengthen the nervous system will help vegetable juice from half a tomato, 100 g of cabbage and a couple of bunches of celery.

To strengthen the nails, it is effective to use vegetable juice from small cucumber, carrots (4 pcs.), 3 sheets of cabbage and quarters of green pepper.

For insomnia, vegetable juice made from carrots (5 pcs.), A pair of celery stalks and a bunch of parsley is a good remedy.

Freshly squeezed vegetable juices not only saturate our body with vitamins and microelements, thereby healing it, but also makes us beautiful.

Fresh squeezed

About what juices are useful, we will describe in detail in this material. And let's start with the fact that any fresh juices are of particular benefit. In abundance, they are able to supply our body with useful enzymes, minerals, tannins, vegetable pigments, and essential oils. Juices are a rich source of vitamins, for example, carotene, as well as C, P, K, E. All of them can not be synthesized in the human body, acting only with food.

Nutritionists have been able to reliably establish that natural juices effectively start the process of purification in the body, and also accelerate the flow and urination, normalize the lymph and blood flow. Those who love fresh drinks, much less likely to catch cold, and also look much younger and better than their peers.

There are also essential oils and organic acids in these juices that stimulate the digestive processes and compensate for the lack of hydrochloric acid. By including such drinks in your diet, you can reduce the risk of cancer by half, as well as minimize possible problems with the bladder and digestive organs.

It should be noted that in any fruit juice in large quantities contain potassium salts, which contribute to the conclusion from the body of excess fluid. Therefore, doctors especially recommend fruit and vegetable drinks to those who are trying to protect themselves from kidney and cardiovascular diseases. But juices with pulp are rich in pectin substances, which improves intestinal peristalsis, helping to remove excess cholesterol from the body.

The carbohydrates contained in these drinks are mainly composed of glucose and fructose. Fructose protects the body from obesity and diabetes. In vegetables and natural fruits a lot of easily digestible carbohydrates, which have a beneficial effect on metabolism. Therefore, those who want to lose weight, it is always recommended to drink healthy fresh juices. For example, apple, orange, pineapple, tomato, grapefruit, carrot, cucumber, cabbage juices, which are well break down fats.

Of course, even after heat treatment, when juices are prepared on an industrial scale, most of their nutritional value is preserved, but still its quantity cannot be compared with how much everything is useful in freshly prepared drinks. In addition, carefully study the composition of store juices. Some add flavors and sugar syrup to improve their taste, which contributes to the increase of caloric content.

A lot of nutrients in itself contains cucumber juice. These are sodium, potassium, phosphorus, calcium, silicon, chlorine and sulfur. What is useful cucumber juice, we will tell in this section. It stimulates hair growth, has a positive effect in rheumatic diseases.

Due to potassium it becomes almost indispensable with sudden drops in blood pressure, as well as hypotension and hypertension. What is useful cucumber juice more? It is worth noting that the drink is actively used for diseases of the gums and teeth, for example, with periodontal disease.

Just one glass of cucumber juice per day ensures the health of the hair, stopping their loss and separation of the nails.

Некоторые специалисты утверждают, что этот напиток может помочь растворять даже камни в протоках и желчных пузырях. А при кашле и наличии мокроты к огуречному соку следует добавлять сахар или мед, которые помогут быстро победить болезнь.

Получение огуречного сока

The main question that may arise in this case is: how to get this drink? Indeed, in the store, it almost does not occur, and at the same time is very useful. In fact, there are many ways to make it. The easiest way is to simply grate the cucumber or turn it through a meat grinder. The main thing is to follow one rule - cucumber juice definitely need to drink freshly prepared, only in this case, you can get all those useful elements that we mentioned in this article. Just half an hour after its preparation, the process of removing nutrients begins, which is simply impossible to avoid.

Therefore, having learned which juices are useful and wishing to cook cucumber, you need to take cucumbers, wash them thoroughly and get the juice in any way you can. At the same time, it is not recommended to peel vegetables, as part of the nutrients is contained in the peel. Also note that the fruits must be not overripe and fresh, only in this case, the juice you received will be of the highest quality.

Arguing about which juices are useful, some argue that the most effective juice is bitter cucumber, but this has not yet been proven. It is noteworthy that you can add different fruit juices to cucumber. For example, apple or grapefruit. So the benefits will be even greater. And if you mix the drink with kefir, dill or garlic, then you get a full breakfast.


The benefits of pomegranate and pomegranate juice have long been proven. The number of nutrients contained in it is simply impressive. Here, vitamins A, C, E, PP, group B, for example, folacin, which is considered a natural form of folic acid, that is, vitamins B9.

Also in this juice a large amount of potassium, minerals, calcium, sodium, magnesium, copper and iron. The use of pomegranates and pomegranate juice is also manifested due to the presence of acids, organic sugars and tannin in them. For example, it contains a lot of citric acid, which is even more in pomegranate juice than in lemon juice. But in terms of the number of antioxidants, it is significantly ahead of blueberries, cranberries and green tea.

Many believe that pomegranate - the most delicious juice. In addition, it has a beneficial effect on almost all systems of our body. The main thing is that it has beneficial effects on bone marrow function and blood composition. It should be noted that 100 milliliters of juice contains only 7 percent of the daily iron requirement. When using pomegranate juice, the hemoglobin level is guaranteed to increase, so it is considered a useful juice for pregnant women, donors, and patients who need to restore blood loss, for example, after heavy menstruation in women or operations.

Also pomegranate juice helps to clean the blood vessels from cholesterol, helps strengthen the heart muscle, vascular walls. This juice is also recommended for those suffering from diseases of the cardiovascular system, hypertensive ailments, as it reduces blood pressure due to its diuretic action. For those who regularly drink pomegranate juice, the risk of a stroke or heart attack is much lower.

This drink has a pronounced antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effect. So, it is recommended to drink it in case of inflammatory and infectious diseases of the urogenital system, especially it is useful for cystitis and pyelonephritis. Pomegranate juice helps with diseases of the digestive system. It helps to increase the secretion of digestive glands, improve appetite, reduces the acidity of gastric juice. Due to choleretic action helps to overcome diarrhea, and its antioxidant properties contribute to the rejuvenation of the body, which is why Caucasian long-livers love and appreciate it so much.


One of the most popular juices, which can be found in any store. Is orange juice good for you?

Note that the fruit of the orange tree itself is a multicolored berry, consisting of about 12 percent of sugars, about two percent of citric acid, as well as 60 milligrams of vitamin C, contains vitamins P, B1, salts of potassium, calcium, phosphorus. Due to the large number of components, orange juice helps patients to endure serious illnesses.

First of all, it contains a lot of thiamine, which is useful for the normal functioning of the nervous system. Doctors recommend its use to patients suffering from diseases of the joints, as the salts of magnesium, potassium and fruit acids gradually dissolve the salt deposits in the joints, which helps to improve the general condition.

Also, a large amount of magnesium and potassium is used for the prevention of cardiovascular diseases, even if they occur in a chronic form. Orange fresh juice is considered effective for people with high blood pressure, and regular use of oranges themselves will help gradually strengthen the walls of blood vessels and clear the blood of cholesterol plaques.

It is important not to forget to drink fresh immediately after its preparation, as many vitamins, reacting with oxygen, begin to oxidize and break down. If you decide to systematically drink orange juice in the morning, then start with a minimum dose of one tablespoon. Then gradually increase the volume to 50 milliliters. It is not recommended to drink too much fresh juice during the day, as in this case the body can be harmed.

Is orange juice can be harmful?

Sometimes this drink can bring not only benefit, but also harm. These cases are important to know. When used, 200 ml of freshly squeezed orange juice in the body turns out to be an exorbitant amount of organic acids and sugars, which in large volumes can lead to negative consequences.

Juice is contraindicated for those who suffer from ulcerative gastritis, since fresh oranges will cause fermentation processes in the intestines, even in an absolutely healthy person. In case of problems with the gastrointestinal tract, orange juice can cause an exacerbation of a concomitant disease, and a large amount of fruit acids can lead to corrosive mucous tissues and aggravate various diseases.

Patients diagnosed with diabetes are at risk of causing serious harm to their bodies, because easily digestible carbohydrates will increase blood sugar levels.

Drinking fresh orange is recommended throughout the day between meals. So you get a charge of vivacity and energy.

The use of carrot juice has long been proven for the body. There are a lot of useful substances in it, first of all it is beta-carotene, which in the human body turns into vitamin A. It helps strengthen the teeth and bones, improve vision, normal functioning of the immune system. And if you regularly drink carrot juice, you can be sure that the functions of the thyroid gland will not be impaired. Also, beta-carotene helps to remove toxins from the body.

Also in homemade carrot juice there are many vitamins - B, C, E, D, K; it contains copper, manganese, calcium, iron, phosphorus, zinc, magnesium. All this helps reduce cholesterol in the body, strengthens the nervous system, helps strengthen women's health, improves the quality of breast milk, and also preserves beauty and youth.

It is important to remember that carrot juice helps a person to calm down, reduces the symptoms of overstimulation. Also, carrot juice helps with skin diseases, some even make special lotions.

Fresh juice is best prepared from a medium-sized carrot, as there are not so many useful substances in large specimens.

In the world a large number of lovers of tomato juice. It is worth knowing that it is not only delicious, but also a healthy drink. It has a lot of minerals, vitamins A, B, C, E, PP. Contains tomato juice calcium, potassium, chlorine, magnesium, phosphorus, cobalt, iron, zinc, chromium, manganese, iodine, boron, honey, malic, citric, succinic and tartaric acids, as well as pectin, glucose, dietary fiber and serotonin.

Due to this whole bunch of nutrients, tomato juice is considered effective for weight loss. At the same time, it slows down the aging process in the body, clears cholesterol, reduces the risk of developing cancer, removes toxins and slags, increases hemoglobin levels. It is strongly recommended to use with glaucoma, as the drink helps to reduce intraocular pressure.

It is important to know the benefits of tomato juice for women. During pregnancy or premenstrual syndrome, it helps the body to digest food, stimulates the digestive process, reduces the process of fermentation in the stomach, has a positive effect on blood vessels and the heart, and contributes to the production of serotonin, which is also called the hormone of happiness.

The presence of a large number of minerals and vitamins helps to maintain the natural beauty of hair, skin and nails. In addition, tomato juice perfectly tones and even improves mood.

For babies

Useful juices for children include tomato, carrot, pomegranate, cabbage and kiwi juice. All of them increase hemoglobin levels, enriching the children's body with vitamin C.

Apricot, peach, beet, pumpkin and plum juices help to reduce anxiety and hyperactivity, so they are recommended to give the child before bedtime. If the baby has a cold, then grapefruit, orange and vegetable juices will contribute to the recovery.

Pear, grape, apple, pomegranate, beetroot and tomato juice have a positive effect on the work of the heart. And pear, pomegranate, peach and pumpkin juices still help to improve the child's digestion, improve the microflora of his gastrointestinal tract.

To improve the appetite of a teenager, it is recommended to give him a glass of lingonberry juice, apple, carrot or pomegranate juice before eating, and pumpkin, carrot, currant, beet and cucumber contribute to the strengthening of the immune system.

Liver problems

It is believed that an affordable and effective way to prevent liver disease - to use natural and fresh juices. That's just what juice is good for the liver, few know.

Interestingly, the juices are used even for therapeutic cleaning of organs. They have a beneficial effect on the hepatobiliary tract. The most useful are considered as cucumber, beet, pomegranate, pumpkin and birch. It is also recommended to make a kind of fresh juice cocktail. All these drinks provide normalization of the digestive tract and the delivery of necessary substances into the body.

To maintain the functionality of the liver and promote its purification, they drink pomegranate juice, which delivers antioxidants and reduces cholesterol.

Pumpkin and carrot juices are sources of chlorophyll, which is needed for hemoglobin, and cucumber provides not only cleansing, but also tonic properties. The juice of Jerusalem artichoke has antioxidant properties, which favorably affects the work of the stomach.

Vegetable juices - 10 beneficial properties for the body

Did you know that an adult should drink at least two glasses of vegetable juice every day? Nowadays it seems difficult, because the attention of many people is focused on the abundance of other products. But a great benefit for your body will bring a glass of vegetable juice, which will provide you with the necessary amount of nutrients. We offer to get acquainted with all the benefits of vegetable juice to improve health!

Helps to better absorb nutrients

Eating vegetable juice helps the body better absorb the nutrients needed to maintain a healthy immune system. When you eat fresh vegetables, the body takes time to extract all the nutrients from the pulp, and then distribute them according to the functions of the body. This is a long procedure that can be complicated if you do not chew food thoroughly or if you have a poor digestive system. Therefore, by drinking a glass of vegetable juice, you will help the beneficial substances to quickly gain access to your body.

Quick cooking

Juice from vegetables is not only useful, but also quick and easy to prepare. To get the necessary rate of vitamins, you must not only eat a lot of vegetables, but also chew them thoroughly. Sounds unattractive, right? Just put the right vegetables in the juicer, and enjoy a tasty and nutritious drink every morning!

Naturalness of the product

Drinks with vitamins are increasingly appearing on the shelves of supermarkets, and you can buy any of them in the store. But why buy juice, not being sure of its naturalness, if at home you can surely pamper your body with useful, and most importantly, natural vitamins?

The most healthy vegetable juices

Of course, one should not argue that juices have a healing effect and can cure absolutely any disease. But the fact that vegetables and herbs can be an excellent prevention of many diseases is true. If you want to strengthen the immune system and just keep your body in good shape at the expense of vegetables, not pills, then you should look at the juices.

It is believed that harmful substances are concentrated in the fiber of vegetables, so making juice, it goes away and leaves the drink only the most essential vitamins and trace elements. Thus, vegetable juice is absorbed by the body incredibly quickly and nourishes it with health. And the most useful juices are:

  • Carrot juice. Probably many people know that carrot is the most important source of vitamin A. Due to it, the body gets an improved appetite, good digestion and vision, and also, carrots improve the structure of teeth! In addition, carrot juice is a remedy that heals gastric and duodenal ulcers (but do not drink during the exacerbation of ulcers). This juice will be especially necessary for nursing mothers, it makes milk even better and more beneficial, which has a positive effect on the health of the child.
  • Celery Juice. Just with the onset of autumn, it will be useful to drink celery juice. He is excellent in fighting colds and is an anti-inflammatory agent, since it contains a large amount of vitamin C. Morning blues can now also be avoided! The juice contains vitamin PP, which is involved in the metabolism of carbohydrates and nourishes the body with energy. It is especially recommended to drink juice to people suffering from overweight, gastrointestinal diseases, and decreased immunity.
  • Beet Juice. Despite the fact that beet juice should be drunk very carefully, it is considered incredibly useful. First you need to eliminate all contraindications and set a standard for the day. At first, beet juice is drunk no more than one teaspoon. Juice perfectly renews the blood, enriching it with useful minerals, fills the body with B12, potassium, calcium and iron.
  • Pumpkin juice. This juice is suitable for those who suffer from insomnia or just want to normalize the nervous system. Pumpkin also helps in the fight against obesity. There are substances in it that burn fat well. Juice can be drunk 1-2 glasses a day and combined with other vegetables.
  • Parsley Juice. It would seem not a typical juice, but parsley stimulates mental activity well, equipping the body with phosphorus, removes cholesterol and regulates pressure. It is recommended to drink parsley juice in half or one tablespoon per day.

We drink vegetable juices correctly

In order to properly prepare the juice, a screw juicer for the house is ideal. This will take a minimum of time, and also greatly simplify the cooking process. If you don’t have such a “helper” in the kitchen, we recommend that you look at quality kitchen appliances in the online store. To do this, go here.

It is better to drink vegetable juices in small sips and through a tube in order not to spoil the tooth enamel. It is not advisable to drink a drink quickly, you need to stretch the pleasure for 20 minutes. It is also worth mentioning that juice is not a separate meal, you need to drink it 30 minutes before a meal.

As you can see, vegetable juices are not just good for the body, they can help in the treatment of many diseases. Since this is a prophylactic, it is better to take the juice on the recommendations, be aware of contraindications and in any case not to exceed the norm. Usually, just one glass of juice per day is enough. After a few weeks, you can see the first results: lightness, healthy complexion and vigor.

Treatment with passion

It is advisable to drink vegetable juices at least half an hour before meals or 1.5–2 hours after. You can dilute them with water, but in no case add sugar or salt. It is better to drink juices through a straw or in small sips, savoring it in the mouth - the fact is that when mixed with saliva, the juices are absorbed better.

As for the quantity, you need to take as much as the body requires, forcing yourself to be harmful. As a rule, to obtain noticeable results, you need at least 600 grams of juice per day. But you should start with 50 ml so that the body can get used. Before starting treatment, you should consult with your doctor, because juices are a concentrated product, and in addition to allergic reactions, they can cause exacerbations of certain diseases.

For blood and immunity

So, let's look in order what kind of juice is needed for. Let's start with the most popular - carrot. В нем много витаминов: А, В, С, D, Е, К. Этот продукт улучшает аппетит и пищеварение (полезен при язве), укрепляет зубы, повышает иммунитет, благотворно действует на состояние кожи и зрение. Но пить его слишком много не стоит – морковь богата жирорастворимым витамином А, избыток которого может привести к гипервитаминозу и болезни печени.

Не менее насыщенный по цвету и пользе сок свекольный. It is considered the most valuable for the blood: stimulates the formation of red blood cells and increases the level of hemoglobin. It is also a wonderful cleansing agent for the liver, kidneys, gallbladder, and almost a medicine for hypertension and atherosclerosis. It helps with insomnia.

Digestion benefits

Cabbage juice does not shine with taste, but it has other advantages. It is especially useful for those who want to lose weight and clean the body. And it will be indispensable for those who suffer from constipation, chronic gastritis with low acidity, gastric and duodenal ulcers, diseases of the liver and spleen.

Potato juice is also not divine nectar. But, like cabbage, it helps to cope with digestive problems, cleanses the body, and is very useful for the nervous system. He will save from edema. But with severe diabetes, as well as with low acidity of gastric juice, it is better not to use it.

To make treatment of cabbage and potato juices more pleasant, you can mix them not only with each other, but also with other vegetable juices. For example, with cucumber, beet and carrot. Drinking half a liter of this mixture daily, you will provide a great service to your body. And in general, do not be afraid to mix different juices: this will make them tastier, and your treatment more pleasant.

For beauty and youth

Beauty hair entrust cucumber juice. It is rich in mineral salts, contains potassium, calcium, sodium and phosphorus. And cucumber juice is an excellent diuretic. It also prevents atherosclerosis and improves memory, strengthens the heart and blood vessels, helps with poor condition of the teeth and gums, maintains freshness and skin tone. Up to 100 ml of pure cucumber juice can be consumed per day. Its effect is enhanced in combination with tomato juice (plus a drop of garlic), black currant, apple and grapefruit, and in combination with carrot and beetroot it helps in the treatment of skin diseases.

Tomato juice strengthens and refreshes. Phytoncides contained in it inhibit the fermentation processes in the intestine, potassium improves heart function, and organic acids regulate metabolism. According to the content of ascorbic acid, it is not inferior to citrus. In one glass - half the daily dose of carotene and vitamin C. Tomato juice is drunk in its pure form, as well as mixed with apple, pumpkin and lemon juice.

For a long time, celery juice has been considered a source of strength, including sexual. It tones and improves the appetite, regulates digestion and clears toxins, is useful for people with impaired metabolism and overweight. The content of vitamin C and vitamins of group B, as well as potassium, calcium and phosphorus strengthens the immune system and helps to recover from heavy physical exertion. Celery goes well with other juices.

Cordial participation

Pumpkin juice is rich in vitamins C, group B, as well as PP and carotene. It is an excellent diuretic. As well as a wonderful "medicine" for heart disease, hypertension, obesity, cholecystitis. In addition, the pumpkin drink increases the level of hemoglobin in the blood, removes “harmful” cholesterol from the body and strengthens the cardiovascular system. Drink it a glass 3 times a day before meals.

Squash juice is usually compared to pumpkin juice. Carotene in it a little, but vitamin C is twice as much. Zucchini juice is rich in potassium, calcium and magnesium, therefore it is very useful for anemia, nervous and heart diseases, hypertension, helps with diseases of the liver, kidneys, and gastric mucosa. In addition, the zucchini is very few calories. Like pumpkin, squash juice is probably best combined with apple and carrot.

► At the time of "treatment" of carrot juice, it is better not to eat starchy food (for example, potatoes) and all flour. Carrot juice is better without pulp, so after cooking it is better to filter through gauze. And add a little cream - fat is necessary for the absorption of vitamin A.

► Pure beet juice can cause nausea and dizziness, so it is better to hold it a little in the refrigerator and mix it with carrot in a ratio of 1: 3. 200 ml of this mixture per day - a pledge of excellent well-being! During beet juice therapy, it is necessary to abandon meat and fish for a while.

► Take cabbage juice in a warm form. And in no case should you salt it - otherwise it will become harmful. Just keep in mind that cabbage leads to gas formation. Therefore, with a tendency to flatulence with this juice you need to be careful.

► For diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, liver and biliary ducts, as well as in the acute stages of the disease, vegetable juices should be diluted with water in a 1: 3 ratio.

In False Cure, the main thing is to observe the dose. Each vegetable has its own.

Beet Juice: start taking it with 1 teaspoon and gradually bring it to 1/3 cup, 3-4 times a day. In any composition beet juice should not exceed 1/3 of the drink.

Cabbage juice: 1 cup 3-4 times a day for 40-50 minutes. before meals.

Tomato juice: 0.5 cups 3 times a day.

Use the juice of radish, radish, onion, garlic, horseradish and other spicy vegetables in small quantities - 1-2 tsp as an additive to other juices.