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Shavit (Shavit) - contact systemic fungicide of a broad spectrum of activity for fight against diseases of an apple-tree and vineyards.
Manufacturer: ADAMA Agan LTD
Country: Israel
Preparative form: VG
Registration Period: 12/31/2022
Active ingredient and its composition Concentration
Triadimenol 20 g / kg
Folpet 700 g / kg
The consumption rate of the drug (g, kg, l / ha, m2, t) Culture, processed object Object against which it is being processed Method, time of treatments, restrictions Time of the last treatment Max. the multiplicity of treatments
Apple tree
Mealy dew
Fruit Rot
Spraying during the growing season
40 3-4
Gray rot
Black spot
Spraying during the growing season
40 3-4

The advantages of Shavit fungicide:
A key component of anti-resistant protection systems.
High effectiveness against phytopathogens due to the successful combination of active substances from different chemical classes.
Provides disease prevention, and is also an effective therapeutic tool.
It begins to act immediately after processing.
The extended period of protective action.

Active ingredient and concentration
Triadimenol, 20 g / kg + folpet, 700 g / kg

Chemical group
Triazole + phthalimide

Distribution in the plant (or mode of action)
Contact and system

Drug form
VG (granules dispersed in water)

The consumption rate of the working solution
500 - 1000 l / ha

Laminated bag 5 kg and laminated bag 1 kg.

Shavit, a two-component fungicide, is used in agriculture for the treatment and prevention of fungal diseases of grapes (rot, oidium, mildew, black spot), scab and powdery mildew on fruit trees and phytophtora on tomatoes.

Shavit has the form of powder or granules, soluble in water. The fungicide is available in plastic bags of 1 kg and 5 kg. Concentrated product contains 2 active substances that allow you to successfully fight against fungi of agricultural crops without the emergence of resistance:
folpet - 70% belongs to the chemical class of phthalimides. Interferes with cell division of the pathogen, blocks its spread throughout the plant,
triadimenol - 2% of the triazole class violates the membrane functions of parasitic fungi, which leads to the destruction of their cells.

The interaction of fungicide components Shavit provides reliable prevention of various mycoses in cultivated plants, provides a long period of protection, fights against diseases that are provoked by parasitic fungi.

The advantages of the drug Shavit:
The two-component formulation provides various mechanisms of the drug's effect on the source of the fungal infection.
Eliminates the occurrence of parasite immunity.
Used on several cultures against a large number of diseases.
Shavit is used to prevent, treat and eradicate fungal infections.
High concentration of active ingredients ensures rapid exposure.
The duration of the protective action of 14 days.
Fungicide is not toxic to plants.

Among the drawbacks of the drug Shavit, there is a moderate toxicity of the fungicide for aquatic organisms and a strong toxicity for mammals.

Instructions for use of the fungicide Shavit
To prepare the working fluid granules Shavita dissolved in water. Spraying is carried out in dry, calm weather using protective clothing and a respirator. The first treatment with a fungicide is prophylactic, it is carried out before the flowering of crops. Subsequent drug treatments are carried out when symptoms of fungal infections are detected on plants, they are repeated 2-3 times every 2 weeks.
Culture Fungal Disease Application Rate of consumption Number of treatments per season Duration
Oidium grapes, gray rot, white rot, mildew, infectious drying The first treatment is made before the onset of flowering and is prophylactic. Further spraying is carried out when signs of the disease appear. Solution consumption 80-100 ml / m2 0.2 g / m2 2-3 14 days
Fruit trees (apple, pear) Mealy dew and scab When signs of mycosis appear, they are processed, spraying is repeated at 2-week intervals. The output of the solution is 80-100 ml / m2 0.2 g / m2 3-4 14 days
Vegetable crops (cucumbers and tomatoes) Late blight of tomatoes, peronospora and powdery mildew of cucumbers Treatments are carried out with an interval of 14 days, the first spraying is preventive before flowering. The output of the solution is 80-100 ml / m2 0.2 g / m2 2-3 14 days

Compatibility and toxicity of the drug Shavit
Shavit should not be mixed with mineral oils and preparations with an alkaline reaction. The fungicide is compatible with many pesticides, but before preparing tank mixes they carry out a compatibility test and study the recommendations for each preparation.

The drug Shavit is quite dangerous for the environment. It has a negative effect on fish and other aquatic fauna, therefore, they limit the use of this fungicide near water bodies, as well as with fishery farms.

Shavit is dangerous for insects, in particular for bees. Therefore, it is not recommended to apply the fungicide near apiaries and at the nectar collection sites.

The fungicide is also toxic to mammals, including humans. Therefore, during the processing and preparation of Shavit's solution, precautions and safety measures are observed as with toxic chemicals.

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Benefits of Shavit fungicide

  • Thanks to the successful combination of 2 active ingredients - a unique mechanism of action
  • 4 different mechanisms of action on harmful objects
  • Provides disease prevention, and is also an effective therapeutic and vicinal remedy.
  • Eradicating the effect within 72 hours of scab
  • Wide spectrum of action
  • Starts to work immediately after processing.
  • Lack of resistance in microorganisms
  • Protective period of validity - more than 2 weeks
  • Safe for beneficial entomofauna, soil microorganisms and birds
  • Nephitotoxic for plants

The mechanism of action of the fungicide Shavit

The fungicide Shavit produces a system-contact action and is used for the prevention of diseases, as well as an effective therapeutic agent.

Due to the two-component composition, Shavit fungicide leads to various functional impairments of pathogens (inhibition of ergosterol biosynthesis, enzyme activity, respiration processes, disruption of pathogenic cell division, inhibition of plant pathogenesis penetration), which eliminates the possibility of drug resistance.

Composition and release form

The tool is produced as a powder or water-soluble granules. Packed in plastic bags of 1 kg or 5 kg of content.

The drug consists of two active substances, allowing to fight against fungi on crops without resistance:

  • folpet - 70%,
  • triadimenol - 2%.

Drug benefits

Shavit has the following advantages:

  • bicomponent composition guarantees a different, and therefore more effective action on fungal infection,
  • not addictive to the remedy
  • used on various plants against a huge list of diseases
  • prevents, treats and eradicates fungal infections,
  • protective effect for two weeks
  • rapid exposure due to high concentration,
  • non-toxic to plants.

Operating principle

The components of the tools show effective interaction in the fight against phytopathogens, destroying their cellular structure, inhibiting the process of creating new fungal masses. This ensures reliable disease prevention, long-term protection and disease control due to parasitic fungi.

How to carry out drug treatment: consumption rates

The treatment of plants with the Shavit fungicide, in particular grapes and fruit trees, is carried out according to the instructions for use for this preparation.

First of all, fungicide granules are dissolved in water. Treat the plant is necessary in dry, preferably sunny weather using a respirator and special clothing.

Spray "Shavit" is necessary in the period before flowering plants. And further processing is possible only when a fungal infection is detected. Consumption rates:

  • grapes - 2 g per square meter 2-3 times per season,
  • fruit trees - 2 g per square meter 3-4 times per season,
  • vegetables - 2 g per square meter 2-3 times per season.

Toxicity and precautions

The drug "Shavit" is very dangerous for animals. It has a negative impact on the inhabitants of water bodies, because of what it is recommended to limit the use of this tool near ponds, rivers and fishery farms.

Shows particular toxicity on mammals, including humans. In this regard, in the preparation of solutions and drug treatment, it is necessary to observe precautions and safety techniques as when working with toxic chemical compounds.

Term and storage conditions

The drug is stored for two to three years in a special place, preventing a decrease in temperature of 0 ° C and heat more than 35 ° C.

Fungicide "Shavit" is a very effective tool in the fight against fungal plant diseases, but has several features and dangers, which implies its reasonable and responsible use.