General information

Overview of varieties and types of Weigela


Weigela is an ornamental shrub from the Honeysuckle family. Various varieties of flowering plants are well established in many regions of Russia.

Gardeners and landscape designers appreciate weigela for high decorative properties. Luxurious bushes with buds of incredible shades adorn thousands of gardens and summer cottages.

Colorful or bright green leaves emphasize the pleasant appearance of the weige flowers. Tubular buds up to 5 cm in size are often gathered into inflorescences. There are varieties with single flowers.

Breeders brought out many hybrid varieties with buds of various shades. There is even an original variety of Carnival: on one bush there are flowers of different tones.

The color of the buds may change during the flowering season. Weigela blooms twice a year:

  • first time in May
  • the second period - in August - September.

Seed collection

Seed ripening occurs in September, while their collection is carried out in October, after the boxes begin to crack. In order for the seeds not to spill out onto the ground surface, it is necessary to wrap a few pieces of testes in September with gauze cloth and fix it on the branch. After the box is ripe, you need to carefully cut and bring it into the room. There you can remove the gauze and pour the seeds on a newspaper. After the seeds have dried, they should be poured into a bag of paper, on which do not forget to note the name of the plant, its variety and the date when the seeds were collected. They must be placed in a darkened dry place, where they should be stored until the spring period. It should be remembered that the seeds retain good germination only for 1-2 years, while shrubs grown from seeds may not retain the varietal characteristics of the parent plant.

After the end of the leaf fall (in the last days of October or the first - November), it is necessary to cover the tree trunk with a layer of soil, while the height of the mound should be 15 to 20 centimeters. It is recommended to bend the branches to the soil surface and fix them. Above, the bush is covered with a spanbond or roofing felt, while the shelter is pressed down so that it is not blown away by the wind. You can not bend the branches, and tie them with a string or rope, well pulling. Enclose the plant with a mesh of plastic or metal. It is necessary to pour the dry fallen leaves inside the resulting structure. Above the structure you need to warm the covering with a dense material.

Early Weigela, or Weigela Pleasant (Weigela praecox)

Under natural conditions it grows in the Far East. The bush reaches a height of about 200 centimeters. On the surface of the foliage there is pubescence. Crohn spherical shape. The outer part of the flowers is rich pink. The inflorescences consist of 2 or 3 flowers, while they grow on the side shoots of this year. It happens that the pharynx of the flower has a white and yellow color, in the little flowers the flowers are colored purple. Flowering begins in the last days of May and lasts from 10 to 30 days. The variegated variety of weigela variegate causes the greatest interest. On the surface of the green leaf plates are specks of yellow color, in the summer they become a cream color.

Weigela blooming, or Weigela florida (Weigela florida)

In height the bush reaches 300 centimeters. On the surface of the shoots there are 2 rows of hairs. Short-cut sawed leaf plates on the front side have a pubescence located along the central vein, with all the veins on the seamy surface pubescence. The inflorescences consist of 3 or 4 flowers, painted in rich pink color, which unfold in the last days of May. Flowering lasts about 20 days.

Popular forms:

  1. Weigela purple, or weigela red (Weigela Purpurea). The height of the bush is about 150 centimeters, there is a magnificent crown. Leafy plates are brownish-red in color, hot pink flowers have a yellow mouth. Flowering occurs in June and July. The variety Nana Purpurea is very similar to weigela purple, but the bush is smaller in size.
  2. Alba This is a dwarf form. White flowers turn pink when withering.
  3. Variegata. This form is very beautiful and most frost resistant. It has small leaves. Crusiform inflorescences consist of rich pink flowers.
  4. Weigela Pink (Weigela florida Bunge). The outer surface of the flowers is carmine-pink, and the inner one is almost white.
  5. Weigela Victoria (Weigela florida Victoria). The height of the bush is about 100 centimeters. The foliage is brownish-red, and the flowers have a crimson color.

Weigela hybrid (Weigela hybrida)

It has a spreading crown, flowering magnificent. The height of the bush is about 150 centimeters. Fragrant flowers have a funnel-tubular form, they can be part of loose inflorescences or be single. Depending on the variety, the color of flowers may be pink, purple, purple, white, purple-red.

Popular varieties:

  1. Bristol ruby. Appeared variety in 1941 in the United States. The bush can reach a height of 250-300 centimeters, while the diameter of its crown is 350 centimeters. The leaves have a saturated green color. Pink flowers have ruby-red edges, sometimes their middle is colored orange. This fast growing plant begins to bloom in the last days of June.
  2. Red Prince. Variety bred in the United States. Compact bush in height can reach 150 centimeters. It has a spreading crown, drooping branches. Bright red flowers look very beautiful against green leaves.