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Caucasian hellebore planting and care and reproduction of seeds


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Caucasian hellebore is
not a panacea, but a truly unique flower created by the favorable climate of the Caucasus in order to permanently change people's ideas about restoring health.

It will help to normalize weight, look younger and get rid of many diseases.

We offer our customers hellebore Caucasian only the highest quality. It is harvested with the right technology, carefully processed, dried in special machines with full preservation of organic substances included in
composition of the plant.

The quality of our hellebore guarantees you good health.

Careful selection

In order for Caucasian hellebore to bring more benefits, you need to choose only large, rich in healing oil, roots.

Sand and earth removal

To ensure that the hellebore you bought is safe, we thoroughly clean the roots by repeatedly washing them under heavy water pressure.

Proper drying

The roots are dried for the required time, under constant supervision. Therefore, they are stored for a long time and never grow moldy.

Quality grinding

Large, clean, dry roots are ground carefully, so that the grinding is quite small and easily absorbed by the body. We sell hellebore in small quantities, so it is always freshly ground.

Reliable packaging

It is packaged in 10 grams and packed in paper bags. Due to the air permeability of the paper, mold and spoilage of the ground root are not allowed.

Fast shipping

We send the order in the best way - by sending 1st class. Which comes in 5-10 days anywhere in Russia.

Safety on the way

For delivery, we use special bags containing, in addition to a thick paper base, also an air bubble film that reliably protects against shock and moisture.

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Unique Medicinal Plant

With prolonged, but moderate intake of ground root - the metabolism is restored, so that the body is cleansed of toxins and toxins. Cleaning the body

Toxins - These are harmful compounds (poisons) that fall into us from outside. They are in abundance in alcohol, polluted air, and in any "chemistry": cosmetics, harmful products, pharmaceutical preparations, etc.
Slag - these are all those wastes of vital activity of the organism, which he had to remove himself, but for some reason postponed, for example, the same subcutaneous fat.

Having restored the metabolism, a person begins to feel more active, consumes more energy, and improves well-being. There is a gradual burning of fat deposits, the normalization of weight and general health. It is the property of normalizing weight that Caucasian hellebore is so famous. It is often called "grass for weight loss."

About hellebore - from time immemorial ...

Traditionally, it was used by folk healers to treat diseases, the expulsion of bile, as an antiviral agent, etc.

Amazing flower known and under the name of the Christ of the Rose (Christmas rose). One of the legends tells that the plant that was in bloom during the cold season was first found on the birthday of Jesus Christ near the stable, where the mystery of birth took place.

He was appreciated and actively used by world-famous scientists of antiquity. Avicenna, who believed that the doctor had three of the most effective methods of treatment - the word, grass and knife - in his scientific work “Drugs” wrote about hellebore, as a valuable medicinal plant that helps in various diseases. History of hellebore

According to the doctors of antiquity, the roots of hellebore are the second after ginseng for healing abilities.

Rumors about the dangers of the healing root

In folk medicine, hellebore has always been used quite widely. But lately there have been many articles about its dangers associated with toxicity and calls not to buy hellebore. An unknowing person, a bad person, is always more willing to believe. So rumors spread, overgrown with all new speculation.

Indeed, this is a poisonous plant, cardiac glycosides in its composition at high doses can cause a toxic effect. However, it is poisonous no more than lily of the valley in May, foxglove, mistletoe, medicinal tributary or many other herbs that are successfully used in medical practice in small doses and when indicated for use.

Caucasian hellebore is not as strong a plant poison as cycuta or aconite. However, they are quite actively used in homeopathy. The roots of this flower, even with strong single overdose, can not harm the body. Myths about the dangers of hellebore

The famous Paracelsus in his notes said: "In nature, everything is poison, nothing is devoid of toxicity, but the matter is only in doses." And if you approach the use of hellebore and other potent herbs wisely, observe the dosage, the rules of reception and connect common sense, then they will give only a healing effect.

Back in the middle of the twentieth century, it was proved that the Caucasian hellebore, thanks to the content of glycosides in its roots, steroid saponins and essential oils, has a beneficial effect on the activity of the heart and stimulates it. Bulgarian scientists have found that the glycosides in it have a calming effect. German and Romanian scientists in the course of pharmacological studies have confirmed its diuretic and antiviral properties, as well as the ability to restrain the development of tumors.

Purification and recovery

The hellebore is recognized as an agent that promotes effective bowel cleansing.

The fact is that failures in the work of the excretory system lead to a gradual slagging of the body by decomposition products. This creates favorable conditions for the development of various diseases. Taking Caucasian hellebore for six months, you can get rid of many health problems.

After the restoration of metabolism, he proceeds to cleansing the blood. When this occurs, the excretion of decay products, the renewal of cells and tissues, the purification of blood vessels from cholesterol.

At the initial stage of purification of the body, sometimes exacerbation of chronic diseases is noted. However, as the practical experience of many people who used this healing root treatment shows, after such exacerbations of the disease, they can disappear forever. Cleaning the body

Weight loss and weight stabilization

Reception of hellebore promotes effective weight loss. The reason for this action lies in the restoration of metabolism. Metabolic processes begin to flow faster, the body is cleared of toxins and toxins, which adversely affect its work. Also, as a result of the diuretic action of this beneficial plant, those whose fullness was caused by edema with fluid retention are losing weight.

According to numerous reviews of people who bought Caucasian Caucasian hellebore, we can confidently say that the skin does not lose elasticity during weight loss, does not form ugly folds, which is typical of other weight loss techniques. The hellebore for weight loss

Do not supplement treatment with laxatives to increase the effect, because It can harm health. Laxatives contribute to the elimination of potassium, which is necessary for the normal functioning of the heart muscle and the manifestation of the toxic effects of freezer glycosides.

Cardiotonic action and blood purification

The roots of a healing flower are recommended for use in heart failure and circulatory disorders, thanks to their glycosides, which have a cardiotonic effect on the heart muscle.

When used, hellebore in recommended doses, it not only facilitates the work of the heart, but also eliminates stagnation in peripheral blood vessels, which contributes to increased blood flow and improved blood supply. As a result, nutrition and transport of oxygen to the internal organs and limbs is improved. Circulatory system

It lowers blood pressure and is effective in hypertension, increases the protective properties of blood and stimulates blood formation.

Cleansing the liver and gallbladder

Caucasian hellebore is recommended for complete cleansing of the liver. The choleretic effect of this medicinal plant is manifested in the prevention of stagnation of bile and gallstone disease.

During its reception, sand, stagnant bile, bilirubin and cholesterol plugs, small gallstones are painlessly removed from the bile ducts. The hellebore has an antispasmodic effect, and for patients with a removed gallbladder, it is indicated to preserve the functions of the bile ducts. The hellebore and gallbladder

Diseases of the digestive system

This famous root has established itself as a means of accelerating the scarring of the ulcer. It also effectively relieves pain in possible relapses, speeding up the healing process. Caucasian hellebore helps with diseases of the digestive system, disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, diseases of the duodenum, gastritis, etc.

Joint diseases and their prevention

Caucasian hellebore is considered an effective remedy for diseases of the joints and connective tissue (polyarthritis, spinal osteochondrosis, sciatica, rheumatism).

It helps to get rid of severe pain that lasts 2-3 months after the start of treatment.

In diseases of the articular apparatus, its anti-inflammatory effect is also manifested - inflammation in the joints disappears, water-salt balance and mineral metabolism are restored. As a result, excess salts are gradually removed from the joints. The hellebore in diseases of the joints

Beneficial effects on the nervous system

It has a positive effect on the nervous system, both central and vegetative. Its use can be recommended for neuroses of various origins, sleep disorders.

Treatment with hellebore increases the overall tone of the body, strengthens the nervous system. People have poise, increased self-esteem, high performance, self-confidence and calm attitude to the environment. Nervous system

General information

The height of the hellebore reaches half a meter. Rhizome powerful, but short. The leaves are placed next to the roots, dissected. Cup-shaped flowers are formed on top of the stems. Flowering occurs almost the entire first half of the year. Coloring of flowers happens different, two-color grades are deduced. There are also freezers with double flowers.

When growing this herb you should pay attention that it is extremely poisonous, so be careful when planting it. But, despite the toxicity, hellebore has medicinal properties that help to normalize the metabolism, pressure, blood sugar level.

For the preparation of medicines is taken only the root of the plant. An overdose of drugs containing hellebore is very dangerous, it is recognized by thirst, ringing in the ears, intoxication happens, and sometimes there have been fatal cases.

The hellebore can not be taken by people with heart disease, victims of heart attack, pregnant, lactating and those who have liver problems. Children under 15 are also advised not to give such drugs.

Types and varieties

Black hellebore - This is a perennial evergreen plant growing to 30 cm. It has large white flowers, the outer wall of which is slightly colored with a pink tinge. Maintains very low temperatures, down to -35ºC. It blooms in April for about 15 days.

Caucasian hellebore - leaves of this species reach 15 cm, divided into wide parts. Flowers are white, slightly greenish, formed on high peduncles. This freezer is the most poisonous of all.

Eastern hellebore - this kind of hellebore has flowers of lilac color, which will differ depending on the variety. There are problems with its cultivation, as the eastern hellebore is very vulnerable to fungal diseases.

Stinking hellebore - its leaves and stems are not very different from other species, but the flower stalks are very high, and the flowers have an interesting green color. Easily propagated by self seeding.

The hellebore hybrid represents varieties formed from the crossing of different plant species.

The hellebore landing and care

For planting hellebore suitable clay soil, well-moistened, as well as loose. The place should be shaded, the acidity of the soil requires neutral, make a drainage on the site for planting.

The best time to disembark is April and September. We advise you to plant flowers in groups - so they will look much more beautiful. Wells for plants need large - 30 cm in width, length and depth. The gap between the bushes is also 30 cm.

Half of the pit is covered with compost, and then the roots are lowered into it. Holding the hellebore in an upright position, the rest of the free space in the hole must be filled with soil and well moistened.

The next 20 days planted flowers require regular, strong watering. Care of hellebore should not cause difficulties even for beginners in gardening. Most importantly, remove all the old leaves in the spring so that the plant does not rot. After flowering, gurgle the ground next to the hellebore compost.

In summer, the plant needs to be watered, weed-free, and also loosened the soil for it. A couple of times a season, the flower is fed with bone meal and mineral fertilizer.

The transplant transfers frostbite very painful and therefore in one area it is grown for a very long time, up to ten years.

Reproduction of hellebore seeds and division

Usually for propagation of hellebore use seeds. Sowing is carried out immediately after harvest, which falls at the end of July - beginning of August. For sowing requires wet, humus substrate. Sowing depth - 1.5 cm.

Next year in March, the hellebore will rise. With the formation of two leaves, it dives to a permanent place, where it will begin to bloom in three years.

Five-year plants can be propagated by dividing the bush. Spring is better suited for black hellebore, and autumn for the east.

Diseases and pests

  • The slugs that eat the leaves are dangerous for the hellebore, as well as the aphids that drink the juice.
  • Mice gnaw the roots of plants.
  • Because of aphids, a flower can get ring stains. With the defeat of this disease, the diseased parts of hellebore need to be cut and burned, and the plants and place of cultivation process fungicide.
  • Sometimes there is a defeat of downy powdery mildew. It is diagnosed from stopping the growth of new leaves, as well as the deformation of old. The affected areas are also destroyed, and the plant and soil are treated with Previcur.
  • Stains on the leaves of hellebore may indicate anthracnose. Diseased leaves need to be cut off, and the flower treated with a honey-containing drug.

But in general, diseases afflict this plant if something is wrong with care. For example, the plant lacks moisture or the soil is not the same acidity.