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Features varieties of peppers Golden miracle


Thanks to a combination of stable yield and unpretentiousness, the Golden Miracle Pepper is a frequent and desirable "inhabitant" of garden beds in most regions of our country. Long-term keeping quality and good immunity add to its popularity among gardeners. Vegetable is good and tasty in fresh, frozen and canned form.

The origin and description of the variety

Its originator is the agricultural company “Search”. Since 2007, the Golden Miracle Pepper is located in the State Register of Russia, having recommendations for cultivation both in closed greenhouses and in the open ground. The creators have identified the variety as mid-season, but the experience of numerous practitioners makes it possible to refer it also to medium-sized peppers. The period from the appearance of sprouts to the technical ripeness of the vegetable is 115-125 days. Biological maturity (full color of the fruit in the characteristic color of the variety) occurs one to two weeks after the technical one, at which the fruit is suitable for consumption.

Pepper is considered medium growth, the height of the bushes does not exceed 60 cm. The leaves are large, pointed shape, dark green shade.

The yield declared by the creators is 4-5 kg ​​per square meter (subject to the necessary agrotechnical requirements, up to 16 perch from a bush). Prism-shaped peppers, slightly elongated in shape, reach 12-14 cm in length and up to 9 cm in width. The average fruit weight reaches 180-200 g, the largest specimens are about 250 g. It is one of the thickest-walled species (7-8 mm thick), with a crispy taste. The color of the peppers of the technical ripeness phase is green, the biological color is dark yellow, the skin is glossy.

Sweet-tasting and juicy, fleshy fruits with a typical aroma fully deserve high quality evaluation.

Characteristics of the "golden pepper" explain its increased popularity among domestic gardeners:

  • unpretentious and shows a high resistance to many diseases (in particular, wilt diseases), is slightly damaged by insects,
  • To the description of the Pepper Golden Miracle, add the versatility mentioned above: the vegetable is good in fresh, frozen, dried, pickled or pickled. Used in first, second dishes, salads and sauces,
  • transportation is well tolerated, subject to the necessary conditions, the original freshness lasts up to three weeks.

The advantages and disadvantages of the variety

The main advantage of the Golden Miracle is its excellent adaptability to different types of climatic conditions, a stable ability to tie fruit even in cold summers. Growing a pepper culture in the southern regions of the country is not a problem, but for the middle zone and the north of Russia such Bulgarian pepper is truly a find.

The list of advantages can be continued:

  • reduced sensitivity to diseases, especially fusarium wilt, allows you not to lose the crop and maintain its ecological purity (respectively, fewer pesticides and herbicides enter the soil of the plot, which affects the "health" of the fruits of the next stage of crop rotation)
  • the absence of small fruits simplifies their processing,
  • has a long, “extended” period of fruiting - it is easier to calculate the forces and time for harvesting and processing,
  • cultivation does not require the use of specific agrotechnical techniques,
  • high marketability allows you to transport it over long distances without loss of consumer qualities.

The disadvantages of this "golden" pepper, in fact, no. Common problematic issues are related to the nuances of cultivation of the Bulgarian pepper culture: in order to increase the germination capacity and further yields, it is advisable to grow it with the help of seedlings. This process requires not only time and effort, but also attention to temperature and light conditions. In addition, all peppers are sensitive to moisture and react negatively to its excess and lack.

Features of growing and storage of the crop

Agrotechnika cultivation of Bulgarian pepper Golden miracle standard for this culture.

It is necessary to mention only accuracy when removing ripe fruits: since the plant bears fruit for a long time, they are carefully cut off without damaging the branches. By the beginning of frosts, the harvest should be removed - the vegetable can ripen in the removed state.

In a cool place, single-leafed peppercorns remain fresh for up to three weeks, gradually ripening and acquiring a characteristic yellow color.

Maria Igorevna

Variety of Bulgarian pepper "Golden Miracle" - really a miracle. I have been growing it for some years now and I can say that in addition to the chic taste, it pleases the eye in the garden with its colors. I will give a little advice to reduce the likelihood of infection by any diseases and increase the brightness of the fruit, before planting in the ground, treat the earth with copper sulphate.

Igor Gardener

Pepper is great. Form, weight, appearance and yield at the highest level. This variety is ideal for home and use, and for large-scale cultivation. In order not to suffer from transplantation, separation of seedlings, etc., immediately, when sowing, plant in plastic cups. And during landing in the ground the distance between the bushes, leave at least 25 centimeters.