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Marinated Garlic Arrows - Instant Winter Recipe


What to do with a product such as garlic arrow? Marinate and salt it is not very difficult. The main thing is to strictly follow all the requirements of the recipe and use only fresh ingredients.

Today we will present you several cooking options for the above mentioned snack. Which one to use is up to you.

Marinated young garlic arrows: recipe step by step cooking

Such a tasty and flavorful snack is perfect for a festive feast. Moreover, it can not only be consumed while drinking alcoholic beverages, but also used in the process of preparing various first and second courses.

So how to prepare for the winter such a product as an arrow of garlic? Marinating is easy and simple. Made the preparation is unlikely to continue until winter, as it is eaten pretty quickly.

What foods do we need to preserve an ingredient like the garlic arrow? Marinate this fragrant greens with the following set of ingredients:

  • fresh garlic, or rather, its young shooters - about 1 kg,
  • boiled marinade water - about 1 liter,
  • coarse salt - about 50 g
  • sunflower oil - at discretion
  • large white sugar - about 50 g,
  • natural vinegar (9%) - about 100 ml,
  • spices (black pepper peas, bay leaf, hot red pepper) - apply to taste.

We process ingredients (fresh garlic arrows)

Salting and pickling arrows of garlic is quite simple. Fresh herbs are washed thoroughly under strong water pressure, and then shaken in a colander and start cutting. Chop garlic should be chopsticks 3-5 centimeters long.

After processing the arrows blanch them. To do this, greens dipped in boiling water and kept in it for about two minutes. At the end they are thrown back into a sieve and allowed to drain.

The process of forming snacks and the process of seaming

Now you know what ingredients are required to bring the presented recipe to life. How to make arrows of garlic (pickle them)? After the marinade is ready, the blanched greens are laid out in half-liter glass jars, after having placed on their bottom bay leaves, burning red pepper and allspice peas.

Having filled the containers with arrows, they are immediately filled in with hot marinade. After that, in each jar spread one large spoonful of red-hot butter.

Having carried out the described actions, the containers are immediately twisted with metal caps.

Turning the banks upside down, they are left in this position exactly for a day. After that, pickled garlic is cleaned in the cellar or basement. At a temperature of 3-7 degrees they are stored for half a year.

Quickly salt the garlic arrows for the winter

Now you know how to process the garlic arrow. Marinate this product you also learned. However, some cooks prefer salting it. To do this, they use the following set of ingredients:

  • fresh garlic, that is, its young arrows - about 1 kg,
  • boiled brine water - about 1 l,
  • salt coarse - about 50 g,
  • white sugar is about 60 g,
  • Table vinegar natural (6%) - about 80 ml,
  • black pepper peas and umbrellas of dried dill - apply to taste.

The way of cooking salty arrows

Fans of garlic snack sign manufacturer Vital. Garlic arrows (pickled) under this brand are distinguished by a special taste and aroma. However, we recommend making this dish yourself. To do this, fresh herbs thoroughly washed, cut and blanched. While with boiled arrows flowing liquid, proceed to the preparation of brine. Pure water is boiled over high heat, and then large salt, vinegar and white sugar are added.

After the pickle is ready, in a sterilized 0.5-liter jars lay out black pepper in a pot and umbrellas of dried dill. Then they put the blanched arrows, which are immediately poured with previously prepared boiling water.

Having rolled all the containers with metal lids, they are cooled and sent to the refrigerating chamber. Eat this snack can be 5-7 days after preparation.

A quick and easy way to pickle fresh shoots of garlic

If you do not want to harvest the arrows of garlic for the winter, then we suggest simply salting them fresh. To do this, thoroughly wash the herbs, dried with paper towels and cut into a length of 3-5 centimeters.

After preparing the arrows, they are spread in a bowl, salted with coarse salt and thoroughly mixed. Then the product is distributed in half-liter jars and well crushed tolkushkoy.

After filling the containers, they are closed with ordinary plastic caps and left at room temperature for 12-16 hours. After the arrows give their juice, they are removed in the refrigerator. Salted garlic is stored in it for no more than two months.

It should be noted that this product is not used as a snack, as it turns out too salty. Although some cooks still use it with bread.

This preparation is good to add to the goulash (in the process of heat treatment), as well as other first or second courses.

How to quickly and tasty cook pickled arrows of garlic at home

Start the process of pickling garlic arrows:

Do not rashly pick garlic arrows and roll them into jars. Not at every stage of their growth, they are suitable for this. In no case should not wait for their flowering.

It should be torn off immediately, as soon as they appear in sufficient quantity to close a small jar. During this period, the leaves of garlic are still juicy and tender. But every day they will become all rougher.

The harvested crop must now be thoroughly rinsed in water to remove soil and other contaminants from the surface.

The arrows should be cut into small pieces, 5-7 cm long. If they have unopened buds, then they can not be cut off.

TIP! If the arrows of garlic have grown too much, but have not yet bloomed, then their lower part has probably become coarse. You can soften it, if you literally lower the hands into boiling water for 4-5 minutes. Then fold in a colander, and cool, combine with the rest of the blanks.

Garlic Arrows Marinating Recipe

Prepared and chopped arrows need to be doused with boiling water. Then cool in ice water so that they do not lose their bright color. And now for further cooking recommendations:

Carefully wash the glass jars and lids with soda, sterilize them and dry. At the bottom lay a bay leaf and peas of black and allspice,

Now, in banks, you should put chopped garlic arrows tightly enough to keep as little free space as possible.

Pour boiling water from the kettle into the jars. Let stand just a few minutes, then pour all the liquid into a small stewpan,

Add to water 2 tbsp. spoons of fine granulated sugar, 1 tbsp. spoon large salt, and 1 tbsp. spoon apple cider vinegar.

We bring the brine to boiling and remove from heat, spill on the banks and roll up the lids. Now there are a couple of options - it is recommended to sterilize the jars for long term storage.

But if in the near future there are already plans for a snack, then it is enough to turn the jar upside down and cool it. Then you can safely serve on the honeycomb and enjoy the aroma of this dish. And remove the remaining banks for storage in a cool place for the winter.

Useful properties of pickled garlic arrows

Remember that garlic is very useful for our body, it contains vitamins and minerals. The garlic itself is much sharper and "odorous", but the hands are softer in taste and do not possess such a quantity of fragrant essential oils. But at the same time they are not inferior in utility to fresh teeth.

Marinated arrows of garlic will be a good and original decoration of your table. It can be, as well as a simple lunch or dinner, and on a festive table this dish will look very worthy.

And this simple cooking method will give you confidence in your culinary abilities. Feel free to take it into service and cook.

How are garlic arrows useful?

Garlic shooters are not only very tasty, but also a useful product that has a positive effect on the body, namely:

  • improves the gastrointestinal tract, serves as a prophylactic against constipation,
  • speeds up the metabolism, eliminating toxins from the body,
  • interferes with the appearance and contributes to the elimination of intestinal parasites,
  • reduces cholesterol levels in the blood,
  • helps to reduce the pressure
  • serves as a prophylactic agent for oncological diseases,
  • eliminates stress and depression.

In a word, garlic shooters are a unique product that will allow a person to remain always in good health and beautiful form.

Preparing the ingredients

The main secret of the preparation of the workpiece is the proper preparation of products for pickling. The main component is the arrows of garlic, when choosing them it is worth considering a few points:

  • You can pickle only fresh product. Faded and dried arrows are not suitable for this purpose, as they will not create the proper taste.
  • Tear them should be in a timely manner, without waiting for the head of the vegetable reaches large sizes.
  • It is important that the inflorescences have not yet formed on the component of the preform. Arrows of a dark green shade possess excellent tastes.
  • Another positive quality that you need to pay attention to when choosing a product is structure. It is recommended that it be soft to the touch.

Choosing the right garlic shooter is the key to success, allowing you to create a very tasty and flavorful dish.

Cooking preparations for the winter: delicious recipes

It is worth noting that a product such as garlic arrows, combined with greens, spices, vegetables, and even some varieties of berries. Therefore, you can select a huge number of a variety of recipes for preparing this blank for the winter, but it is worth highlighting several of the most popular ones.

Marinated Garlic Arrows

The easiest and most common cooking method is the classic recipe. To create a blank in this way, you need a minimum number of components:

  • water - 1 liter,
  • salt - 2 tablespoons,
  • granulated sugar - 1 tablespoon,
  • Table vinegar (9%) - 1 tablespoon,
  • garlic arrows - depending on the volume of the jar,
  • allspice - to taste,
  • bay leaf - to taste.

As it turned out, for the preparation of the marinade will not require numerous financial costs. All products may be in the kitchen housewives. The method of preparation of the workpiece is quite simple. You will need to spend no more than 30 minutes on it:

  1. First of all, you need to cook the marinade. To do this, pour water into a saucepan, boil it, add salt, sugar and vinegar to it. Fragrant marinade is almost ready. It remains to thoroughly mix the liquid and give it some time to make it real, it is recommended to additionally tightly cover the pan with a lid.
  2. While the marinade is being prepared, it is necessary to tackle the main component - garlic arrows. They should be thoroughly washed, dried on a paper towel, and then packed in rows in a jar. In order for the billet to acquire a rich and unusual taste, you should put several peas of ground pepper and several bay leaves of medium size on the bottom of the tank.
  3. Then you need to add to the garlic arrows marinade to the level of the neck of the jar.
  4. The final stage of the workpiece is to tightly close the container with a lid.

If the main product has a dense structure, then for softening it is necessary to pre-fill it with cold water and insist for 20-40 minutes.

After passing this time, the liquid can be drained and used to prepare the marinade.

With paprika and coriander

The classic method of cooking pickled arrows is simple and economical, but not the only one. If you want to create a truly savory taste, you must add paprika and coriander to the main recipe. The main composition of the workpiece for the winter is as follows:

  • garlic arrows - 400 grams,
  • vegetable oil - 50 milliliters,
  • soy sauce - 50 milliliters,
  • Table vinegar (9%) - 1 tablespoon,
  • granulated sugar - 1-1.5 tablespoons,
  • rock salt - 1 tablespoon,
  • Coriander (required ground) - 1 tsp,
  • Paprika - 4 tsp,
  • allspice - 3-4 peas,
  • red pepper - 3-4 peas,
  • garlic - 3-4 cloves medium size.

As it turned out, as part of this recipe, there are components that can give the dish a savory taste. In order to pickle the garlic arrows, you need to take a few steps:

  1. Add vegetable oil to the pan and heat it slightly. Add the main ingredient to it and fry it for 8-10 minutes.
  2. For garlic shooters, add vinegar and soy sauce. Then you need to add the heat and bring the contents to a boil.
  3. After this has happened, add sugar, coriander, paprika, salt, allspice and paprika to the pan. All components must be thoroughly mixed and quenched for another 5-7 minutes.
  4. Garlic is added last. Next, you need to continue to simmer for another 7-10 minutes.

The billet is ready, now it is necessary to gently spread it over the banks and tightly close the lid.

With gooseberry and cilantro

The combination of spicy vegetables with sweet berries. It would seem that this combination is impossible, but it is not. The billet, which includes garlic arrows, gooseberries and cilantro, will delight you with incredible taste. For marinating will require:

  1. Mix a pound of washed berries and 500 grams of garlic shoots minced.
  2. To the berry-vegetable mixture you need to add 1 bundle of chopped dill, parsley and cilantro, as well as 60 milligrams of vegetable oil.
  3. The final component for this preform is rock salt, which you will need to add in the amount of 40 grams.
  4. All contents are required to be mixed thoroughly, put them in cans and cover each of them with a lid.

When to cut off the arrows of garlic

The cloves of garlic planted in the ground first release green leaves, and then the arrows - flower stalks. The bulb is formed last. The signal of maturity of peduncles is their whitened tips, but not yet opened scales. Arrows appear in May-mid June.

They need to be cut when they grow to 25 cm in height, will be dense and elastic. When the arrow breaks easily in half, it indicates the maximum possibility of using it for harvesting for the winter.

Processing ingredients

Cut out the arrows to sort, separate the yellowing, broken, with various defects.

Then perform the following procedure:

  1. Remove the top and bottom of the stem - leave the juicy young middle part.
  2. Rinse the plants in cold water.
  3. Cut across 10 cm long pieces.
  4. Blanch in boiling water for 3 minutes. Cool quickly in cold water.

Seaming process

Step-by-step instruction:

  1. Put the prepared pieces of the plant tightly into the washed and sterilized jars.
  2. In a wide saucepan pour water to the shoulders of the cans. At the bottom put a towel and heat the liquid to a temperature of +45 ° C.
  3. Pour hot marinade into jars and cover them with clean lids.
  4. Put the jars in the pan for sterilization. From the moment of boiling water to withstand 5 minutes.
  5. Tanks alternately take out of the pan and roll metal lids.
  6. Turn the jars upside down, wrap a blanket to cool.

Marinated Garlic Arrows: Video

Salty Garlic Arrows

Young green flower stalks of garlic can be simply salted and rolled in jars, and salting in a saucepan (only enameled) or in glass bottles is possible in this way.

  • garlic flower stalks - 1.5 kg,
  • water - 1.5 l,
  • salt - 7 tbsp. l.,
  • sugar - 1.5 tbsp. l.,
  • dill, bay leaf, allspice peas, cloves - to taste.

Step-by-step cooking process:

  1. Clean arrows cut into pieces and boil for 60 seconds.
  2. Cool in ice water and fold to a saucepan.
  3. Wash and sterilize the jars.
  4. Cook the brine of water, salt and sugar.
  5. Spread chilled flower stalks into containers and add spices.
  6. Pour hot brine and soak in it for three days.
  7. Drain the brine, boil for 5 minutes and refill in jars.
  8. Cover with lids.

When salting in a saucepan, the brine is not necessary to boil a second time. It is necessary to use the oppression, which is set immediately for 4 days before the start of fermentation.

All this is aged for 4 more days from the moment of fermentation in a warm place. Then the pickling tank is stored in a cold room.

How to pickle garlic arrows: video

In winter, pickled green parts of garlic will allow you to replenish the body with vitamins and minerals, protect you from colds. Recipes for winter blanks are so simple that they will be able to even inexperienced housewives.

What to cook from the shoots of garlic: reviews

Garlic (young garlic shooters) - 500 g

Масло растительное — 1,5 ст. l

Собранные с чеснока стрелки хорошо помыть и удалить жёсткую часть. Как это сделать стрелочка вам подскажет сама. Мягкая часть стрелки хорошо обламывается при нажатии, а уже огрубевшая часть просто заламывается.

Затем выложить на бумажное полотенце, чтобы убрать лишнюю влагу.

Когда стрелки обсохнут, произвольно их нарежем. Put garlic arrows into the blender bowl, add salt, vegetable oil and grind everything.

Get a beautiful paste, emerald green. Put the paste in the container and place in the freezer.

Everything! Paste is stored as you want (it doesn’t lodge with us for a long time!) Add wherever your heart desires. This paste will be a great seasoning for dishes, decoration or garnish for meat and fish, if you extinguish it with vegetables. And what will be the flavor of any sauce, if you add to it a spoon of our pasta. You can also add it to butter and all sorts of spreads.

And we really like spreading twisted fat with garlic paste of arrows. With soup or borsch, just super.


If you are a big lover of garlic, then you know how rarely you can treat yourself to them fresh: a specific pungent smell strongly interferes with communication with others. Marinating solves this problem: the smell is not as intense as that of the fresh one. In addition, it can be eaten either simply with bread, or with meat and fish dishes.

The main thing in the preparation of this dish is not to be mistaken with the choice of the main ingredient, that is, garlic. In the processing can be allowed only ripe, well-ripened roots. Young garlic is not suitable for this purpose, as is old, dried (except for pickled whole heads of garlic, which are desirable to take those that are younger). In addition, on the surface of the vegetable should not be wormholes and signs of rotting.

There are many recipes and ways to pickle garlic. Almost every hostess has a secret of its preparation. Someone prefers to pickle cloves, others prefer heads entirely or just arrows. You can pickle peeled or unpeeled garlic in hot or cold brine. From the recipes we offer, choose the most suitable.

Classic way

For this recipe you will need:

  • 1 kg of garlic,
  • 1.5 Art. l coarse salt
  • 1 liter of water
  • 3 dill umbrellas,
  • ½ cup of granulated sugar
  • 50 g of vinegar (9%).

Note! For pickling garlic is better to take small jars, a maximum of 0.5 liters. So the dish is more convenient to store, and you are guaranteed to eat everything that was cooked.

  1. Take strong and large garlic heads, disassemble into cloves. Remove the husks, scald with boiling water, immerse briefly in cold water.
  2. Make a marinade. To do this, put a container of water on the included plate, dissolve the sugar and salt, enter the vinegar. Now bring to the boil the contents of the pan.
  3. In the pre-sterilized jars enclose dill, fill garlic over the hanger. Cover with boiled lids. Boil and roll for 5 minutes. Put the garlic and greens in a jar, pour the marinade
  4. Store cans of garlic in a cool basement or refrigerator.
Delicious pickled garlic goes well with all the first and second courses

Quick way

This recipe will suit you if you want to prepare a snack 1-2 times. You will need the same products as in the previous recipe, but in slightly different proportions:

  • 1 kg of garlic,
  • 5 tablespoons of sugar,
  • 2 tablespoons of salt,
  • 1 l of water
  • 100 g table vinegar 9%.
  1. Clean the heads of garlic, leaving the bottom layer of husk (it will keep the cloves from spilling). Peel the garlic heads
  2. Boil the water and put the garlic in it, blanch for 2-3 minutes. Immediately rinse in cold water, put in jars.
  3. For brine you need to boil water (1 liter), pour sugar and salt into it, how to mix. Pour the vinegar, remove the marinade from the stove and immediately cover the garlic in jars. Prepare the marinade and pour them garlic in a jar, adding spices if desired.
  4. If you like the spicy taste, add the spices: sweet peas, bay leaf, marjoram and cloves. At the same time, keep the brine on the fire for another 20 seconds, so that it is imbued with a spicy aroma, strain through clean gauze and pour it over the cans.
  5. When the marinade in the jars has cooled completely (at room temperature), put the garlic in the fridge for 3 days.

In Ukrainian

And again you will need whole heads of young garlic. And besides him:

  • 4 glasses of water
  • 2 teaspoons of salt
  • 2 glasses of vinegar.
  1. Rinse the garlic (take a large head), cut the tops, leaving the stem up to 5 cm. Remove the husk from the surface. Peel the garlic
  2. Blanch the garlic by lowering the heads for a couple of minutes in boiling water.
  3. Sterilize jars, fill with garlic. Top up with brine, cooked the same way as in previous recipes. Put the garlic heads in jars and pour marinade
  4. Put the jars with all their contents in a wide saucepan and sterilize them. At a capacity of 0.5 liters you need 5 minutes, for 1 liter - 8 minutes. Roll up, cool and store in a cool dark place.

With beet

Most often, for the preparation of garlic using a simple marinade. But we suggest you add a beetroot to it, which will give not only a pleasant color, but also a peculiar taste. And if you still use herbs and spices, you get just a great snack.

Beetroot gives garlic a beautiful shade and pleasant taste

  • 20 heads of garlic,
  • 0.75 liters of water
  • 100 g table vinegar,
  • 1 large beet,
  • 2 tbsp. l salt,
  • 1 tbsp. l Sahara,
  • Greens: dill umbrellas, leaves of cherries and currants, parsley, basil and horseradish,
  • spices: cinnamon stick, 3 bay leaves, 5 cloves.
  1. Sterilize the jars, dry them and put the greens with the spices inside. Do not forget to sterilize jars before putting products into them.
  2. Pour water into the pan, boil and dissolve the sugar and salt in it.
  3. Peeled garlic, throw garlic into boiling water for blanching, then put it into jars more tightly. If desired, you can disassemble into cloves.
  4. Using a fine grater, rub the beets and squeeze the juice through the gauze. You can use the juicer, but watch out for the lack of pulp in the liquid. Pour juice in marinade with vinegar, stir. If necessary, the marinade can be heated to make it very hot, but not boil. Pour garlic, roll up. Garlic pickled with beets will be ready in a week

Within a week, garlic, pickled with beets, can be opened and served on the table.

With chili pepper

Love it hotter? Then you will surely appreciate garlic and chili pepper. It will not only be an excellent snack, but also drive away all the common cold!

For lovers of hot chili in combination with garlic - a great option!

Take the following products (based on 1 can of 0.5 l):

  • 14 cloves of garlic,
  • 4–5 small chili peppers,
  • 100 ml of vinegar.

Sterilize the jar, put the peeled garlic cloves in it. Add chili peppers there. Pour vinegar to the brim and cover, roll up. A week later, the appetizer is ready!

Note! Many housewives complain that pickled garlic takes on a blue or greenish tint. This often happens with imported garlic of certain varieties intended for long-term storage. Sometimes light greening is due to the effects of grasses and leaves.

If you want the taste to be not only spicy, but also spicy, use the following step-by-step recipe. Take these ingredients:

  • 1 kg of garlic,
  • 2 chili peppers,
  • 0.5 liters of white wine
  • 0.5 liters of vinegar,
  • 3 tablespoons of sugar,
  • 2 bay leaves,
  • 1 tbsp. l white pepper (peas),
  • olive oil.
  1. For the marinade, mix all the products, except the butter, in a saucepan and bring to a boil. Boil need 3 minutes.
  2. Reduce heat and simmer another 5 minutes.
  3. Garlic should be put in clean and sterilized jars. Add the marinade, without adding to the top literally one and a half centimeters. Top with olive oil, close the jars with lids. After 5 days the snack will be ready.

You probably noticed that salt is not used in this recipe. Such pickled garlic is spicy, spicy and a little sweet.

Onion Husk

Although we are used to throwing onion peel, many people know about the benefits of this product on the farm. Garlic is well preserved in well-dried onion peel for a long time. And you can connect them in a jar with marinade? Of course yes! Garlic will get a golden hue and spicy flavor.

For the marinade, calculated on 1 kg of garlic, you will need:

  • water - 200 ml
  • vinegar 9% - 100 ml,
  • sugar - 50 g,
  • salt - 20 g,
  • cinnamon - 5 g,
  • bay leaf - 3 pcs.
  • allspice - 3 peas,
  1. Peel 3-4 large onions, rinse and dry husks thoroughly.
  2. Cut into slices and peel the garlic. Pour boiling water, pour in a colander, let cool. You can dip the teeth in cold water. Rinse onion peels thoroughly before use.
  3. Place inside the cans alternately cloves and onion peel.
  4. Make a marinade. As soon as you remove it from the stove, immediately pour it into the banks. Roll covers, put in a dark cool place.
  5. Such garlic can be eaten in a week. It is stored throughout the winter.


The peculiarity of garlic cooking in Georgian is the use of tarragon, whose spicy and delicate flavor will make any dish richer. In the store, this spice can often be seen under the name "Tarragon".

Take young garlic for pickling on this recipe. Clean it so that the teeth do not fall apart.

Peeled and washed garlic pro-blanche

Boil in boiling water and place the garlic on a flat surface. Sparing it with salt, while not hot, is hot: it will absorb as much as it should be.

When the garlic heads have cooled, lay them in cans, alternating layers with tarragon. Dilute vinegar and boiled water in a ratio of 1: 1, pour into jars.

Use fresh or dried tarragon

It is necessary to cover the cans with paper and, without rolling up, leave for 7 days.

Such garlic can be prepared for the winter, but then you need to sterilize the jars with the contents and roll up.

Korean marinating

This recipe will take more time, but the result is simply amazing. By the way, you can use both young and old garlic with equal success. The taste is spicy and savory. You will need 4 cups (1 liter) of soy sauce for 1 kg of garlic and 1 cup of 9% vinegar.

Treat garlic as you like: cloves or whole. Be sure to remove the husk from above. Rinse and dry thoroughly.

Put garlic in the jar. Dilute the vinegar with a little water. Liquid garlic so that it is completely covered. Cover with lids (without rolling) and store for 7 days in a dark, cool place.

Soy sauce is used for marinating Korean garlic.

When time passes, remove the garlic, put it in other jars, sterilized and dried.

Pour the soy sauce into deep dishes, boil and cook for 10 minutes. Cool, pour in garlic so that the jars are half full. Roll the lids, send the jars back to the cold dark place. After 3 weeks the appetizer will be ready.


This garlic is also called "Tsar". You will need the following products.

  • 1 liter of water
  • 100 grams of vinegar,
  • 45 g of salt and the same amount of sugar
  • 8 black peppercorns,
  • 4 peppercorns,
  • 2 buds of carnation,
  • 3 walnut membranes,
  • grape juice (white).
  1. Before marinating it is necessary to prepare the fruits themselves. Dug young garlic, fold in a dark place for 15 days to dry.No need to trim the roots and leaves. When peeling garlic, leave a stem about 2 cm long.
  2. After drying, cut off the root sockets without damaging the lobules. Remove the tops, leaving a cutting 1.5 cm long.
  3. Fold the heads in the tub and pour cold, cold water into the bowl, covering the top with a piece of clean light fabric. Leave it for a day.
  4. Remove the garlic, remove the top husk. Rinse the heads three times with clean cold water.
  5. Place garlic tightly in suitable containers with a wide neck - jars or ceramic pots. Pour to the brim with cold brine. Leave for another 24 hours. After that, within 21 days, change the brine to a new one every day. Put garlic tightly in jars
  6. On the 22nd day clean the pickle and cover the garlic with the previously cooked, cooled marinade. Tie the neck of a jar or pot with a clean cloth, leave it in the room for 15 days.
  7. When the set time passes, transfer the marinade to another dish and keep it cool for 7 days. At this time, garlic need to pour grape juice.
  8. After 7 days, replace the grape juice in the jars with the marinade that you saved in the previous step. Another 5 days - and your snack is ready, you can serve it to the table!

In Azerbaijani

Disassemble the heads of garlic into cloves, remove the husks, rinse and put in jars.

Garlic for this recipe needs to be disassembled into slices.

Boil 3 cups of water mixed with 1 cup of vinegar. In this solution you need to add 1.5 tablespoons of sugar, 1 tablespoon of salt. Put 2–3 bay leaves, 1 clove bud, a bit of cinnamon and black pepper, as well as fresh herbs: parsley, dill, a piece of horseradish root.

Use different spices in the marinade

Cooked marinade pour in garlic in a jar, cover with a lid. After 2 days, serve a snack to the table.

In apple cider vinegar

In this recipe, it is better to use winter garlic. For 1 can of 3 liters, take the following ingredients:

  • 20 Art. l apple cider vinegar,
  • 5 tbsp. l salt,
  • 2.5 Art. l Sahara,
  • water Apple cider vinegar is great for pickling garlic

Wash the garlic heads whole folded in a jar. Pour the vinegar, water to the brim, leave for 40 days.

When the set time has passed, drain the brine and wash the garlic under running water for an hour.

Put the garlic in the jar again, make the marinade, pour in from the indicated ingredients. Add water to the brim, cover with plastic covers, clean in the basement or refrigerator. There is a snack available after 3 weeks.

Pickled garlic without using vinegar

Many housewives do not like vinegar, even apple or grape, considering it not very useful. We have an alternative that you will surely like. Prepare the following ingredients:

  • 4 large heads of garlic,
  • 2 tablespoons honey
  • 70 ml of lemon juice (juice of 1 large lemon),
  • 0.5 cups sour cream (non-greasy),
  • to taste salt and pepper. Honey and lemon juice - the highlight of this recipe
  1. Take a head of garlic, divide it into cloves, each of which is peeled. Put all the slices on a sieve, pour boiling water over it.
  2. Mix honey with sour cream and lemon juice, salt and add pepper. Pour the mixture into the pan, add the same garlic. Put the dishes on a low heat, wait for the boil and cook for 3 minutes.
  3. Arrange the pickled garlic in sterilized jars and roll up the lids. Store in the refrigerator or other cool dark place.

Marinated Garlic Arrows

When the garlic in the period of active growth begins to produce arrows, zealous owners try to remove them as soon as possible so that the healthy juices do not go into flowering. It turns out that these arrows do not need to be thrown away: they can also be marinated.

Arrange the arrows on the banks as you wish.

You will need clean, well-washed arrows, on which the bud has just hid. However, it can be safely cut off. Take as much as fit in the jar. Lay as fantasy prompts: either cut the arrows with small sticks to tamp more tightly, or arrange a “creative mess” in the jar, twisting it into a ball.

For the marinade you will need:

  • 1 liter of water
  • 3 tablespoons of sugar,
  • 3 tablespoons of salt,
  • 50 g table vinegar,
  • 2 buds of carnation,
  • 2 peppercorns allspice.

Sterilize the jars for a few minutes. Wash arrows, blanch 2 minutes in boiling water, put in a jar.

Wash arrows thoroughly

Prepare a brine from the listed ingredients, fill them with arrows. Add vinegar last.

Spread the arrows on the banks, pour the brine with vinegar and roll

Roll banks, wait for complete cooling and lower in the basement. After 2 months, a snack can be served on the table.

How to pickle garlic for the winter without sterilization

If you noticed, many of the recipes presented by us do not need to sterilize the cans. This is due to the fact that garlic itself well disinfects its environment, due to the content of antibacterial substances. In addition, most often the number of snacks is calculated on the fact that the dish will be eaten pretty quickly.

But what to do if you have a rich harvest of garlic and you want to harvest it so much that you have to eat all winter and still have to stay in the spring? Either it is necessary to sterilize (but not all recipes allow you to do this), or to use the universal method of pickling without sterilization.

You can pickle garlic without sterilization.

For the marinade you will need:

  • 3 tbsp. l 70% acetic essence,
  • 2 tbsp. l salt,
  • 1.5 Art. l Sahara,
  • 1 liter of water.

In addition, be sure to use the seasonings:

  • black pepper bitter
  • allspice,
  • bay leaf,
  • carnation
  • cinnamon.
  1. Take a jar with a volume of 0.5 liters, arrange the seasonings in them.
  2. Disassemble the garlic into pieces, get rid of the husk, rinse with running water. Spoon the banks as tightly as possible.
  3. Cook the marinade, while not using vinegar essence. Pour into garlic dishes, cover and wait 10 minutes.
  4. Drain the marinade back into the pan and boil again. This time add essence. Pour the garlic in again and roll up the lids sterilized in boiling water. Turn upside down, wrap with a towel and leave to cool completely, then you can hide the pickled garlic in the basement.

The recipe for pickled garlic (video)

Surely you will find among these recipes one that you will love and will always be in demand at a festive table or a family dinner.Perhaps you have already cooked pickled garlic: tell us in the comments about your method. Enjoy your meal!

What you need for marinating

Recipes for garlic arrowheads include common types of ingredients for pickling. This includes vinegar (or citric acid), sugar, sand, and in some cases the spices are “connected”: bay leaves, black peppercorns, hot peppers (chili), cardamom, cloves, ginger, parsley, etc.

How to prepare banks

Marinated arrows of garlic for the winter are usually made in pre-prepared sterilized jars. For the process fit banks of small capacity: half-liter, even 200-300-gram. The thing is that one or two beds of garlic are usually planted on six hundred square meters, the arrows coming out of the whole territory are a maximum of three or four half-liter jars.

Anchors can be erased and licensed in three ways:

Hold the clean container over the boiling kettle for one or two minutes.

Put the washed jars tightly in the oven, turn on the gas to medium power, heat for ten to twelve minutes. Turn off the gas, cool down quite a bit of capacity, remove and place on the table for further action.

Sterilization in the microwave: pour warm water over each jar over the arms, set for about three minutes for maximum heating. Take out, pour out the water and put a hot jar on the table.

Preparation of garlic shooter

Cut off arrows need to sort out, remove damaged (yellowish, with white markings, broken). Cut only heads with scissors - only sprouts themselves are used in the recipes of pickled garlic shoots. For conventional formulations, they need to be cut to the size of three to four centimeters. Housewives who are ready to surprise guests and households with an exotic twisted kind of arrows of garlic will marinate twisted whole pieces of sprouts.

How to Marinate Garlic Arrows: A Recipe Ordinary, Classic

  • Garlic arrows are all that have been plucked.
  • For the marinade to one liter of water, two tablespoons of sugar and salt, one hundred milliliters of nine percent vinegar.

Prepare all cut garlic arrows (see recommendations and above), put them tightly in jars.

Pour boiling water and leave for five to ten minutes.

Pour the water from the cans into the measuring container - measurement is necessary to calculate the amount of salt, sugar, vinegar.

In a saucepan, dissolve the granulated sugar and salt in the brine, after boiling, pour out the necessary amount of vinegar.

Pour boiling marinade jars with arrows.

Turn upside down jars, put on eight to ten hours (before cooling) under a warm blanket (blanket).

After cooling down, transfer to a cellar, a refrigerator, and a concrete cold floor.

Marinated arrows of garlic prepared this way for the winter can be eaten in six weeks, and they can stand until the beginning of the next garden season in a cold place. The billet preserves the aroma of garlic, has a rather burning taste. Serve as a separate portion of the dish, and to the meat, small portions are appropriate when stewing chicken, pork.

How to Pickle Arrows: A Recipe With Spices

Ingredients for four half-liter jars:

Garlic arrows - about a kilogram.

Bay leaf - eight large leaves.

Black pepper peas - five pieces per jar (20 peas).

Bitter pepper (enough quarters on all banks).

Carnation - five pieces (one per can).

Grated ginger (or powder) - half a teaspoon.

Dill - five medium-sized umbrellas.

Ingredients for the marinade in terms of one liter of brine - two tablespoons of sugar and salt, half a glass of nine percent vinegar.

Cooking process

Blanch prepared shooters in boiling (unsalted) water for five minutes. Remove, immediately cool with cold water. With this preparation, quick pickled garlic arrows are obtained, they will not lose color, and extra bitterness will go away.

At the bottom of each can put on an average umbrella of dill, on a bay leaf, on a small piece of bitter pepper, a few sprigs of parsley and five peas of black pepper. Lay the blanched arrows on top, pour boiling water (it is convenient to do this directly from the boiling kettle). Let it brew for five to ten minutes.

Pour the brine from the cans into the pan (after measuring the volume), put on fire. Dissolve sugar, salt completely in water, add cloves, ginger. Boil for five to six minutes, add vinegar.

Pour the prepared jars with arrows with boiling brine, roll up sterilized (in boiling water) lids. Flip, wrap, leave overnight. Chill.

A day later, the arrows of garlic pickled instant cooking can be eaten. Blanks can be stored for a long time, up to six months.

The original recipe marinating spun garlic arrows

You need to take only the gentle elastic arrows of garlic, pickle them should be uncut.

Arrange all the arrows in a circle to keep free space in the center. In each jar put two cloves of garlic (in the center between the arrows), a quarter of a teaspoon of ground red pepper and a quarter of a teaspoon of dill seeds.

Prepare a brine based on a liter of water with 100 ml of vinegar (9%), two tablespoons of granulated sugar and one and a half tablespoons of salt, boil, pour boiling water into jars, cork. Close the warm blanket, leave to cool. Keep refrigerated.

Marinated garlic in this recipe is ready in six weeks. The taste of the workpiece is hot, clearly pronounced garlic. Arrows beautifully complement any dish, they can be used as a spicy savory side dish of Korean cuisine.

Recipe for Pickled Garlic Arrows with Green Beans

This preparation consists of green beans and arrows of garlic. Marinating must be in the specified sequence.

At four half-liter jars you will need:

String beans - a kilogram.

Garlic arrows - forty pieces.

Dill - four umbrellas.

Twenty peas black pepper.

For the marinade per liter of water:

Salt - two tablespoons.

Sugar - two tablespoons.

Vinegar (preferably apple, 6%) - 150 ml.

Beans cut off the tips, put in sterilized jars, shifting young garlic arrows and thin slices of ginger. Pour boiling water over cans. Leave for ten to fifteen minutes. Pour the water into a measuring container, pour it into a saucepan, bring to a boil. Dissolve salt and sand, add vinegar. Boil over. With boiling brine pour beans with arrows. Roll up, turn upside down, put under a warm shelter for six to eight hours. Cool in the refrigerator, on the bottom shelf.

After that, you can take out to the cellar, to the basement, or leave it in the refrigerator on the upper shelves. Beans with arrows ready in a month. In a cold room can be stored up to six months.

The billet serves as a separate side dish as well as a part of canned bean salads. The beans get spicy garlic flavor, the arrows are laid out along with the beans.