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Delicious Fried Eggplant Caviar - a homemade step-by-step recipe with a photo of how to cook it


Many of you are familiar with the benefits of such vegetables as eggplant. Blue fruits contain a large amount of fiber, many different vitamins and amino acids. In the midst of collecting this vegetable. And along with this, many are looking for interesting and tasty simple recipes.

I decided to share with you amazing recipes of appetizers called eggplant caviar. Excellent vegetable dish will decorate your table in any period. Caviar is used as an addition to the main dishes or completely independently.

In this case, it does not matter at all whether you cook it in pieces or make it homogeneous. It will be tasty anyway. The dish can be eaten immediately as a vegetable stew, for example, or roll up eggplant eggs into banks, for further storage.

1. Tasty eggplant caviar

Appetizer will be delicious additions to side dishes, meat. And such caviar can be eaten as an independent dish. Cooking is a pleasure, and there will be everything with a huge appetite. The main thing is to have a good mood and for the cause.

Stages of cooking:

1. Wash vegetables thoroughly, dry. Next, cut the eggplants, onions, carrots into small cubes. With a tomato remove the skin, cut into arbitrary parts. Chop the greens.

2. Heat the pan with added vegetable oil. First of all, fry the onions to transparency, then add carrot cubes.

3. Put the chopped eggplants in the pan, fry the vegetables on moderate heat until cooked. They should change color and decrease significantly in volume. Do not regret oil, as eggplants absorb it very quickly, but do not pour too much.

4. At the end of cooking, add the chopped tomatoes. Pour salt, spices at your discretion. Rub the garlic cloves on a fine grater or chop with a knife, send to the vegetables along with the chopped greens. Mix, turn off the stove, leave to stand for 5 minutes.

It is possible to enjoy a snack both at once, and in the winter. To do this, lay the caviar in prepared jars in advance, close tightly with lids.

Bon appetit to you and good mood!

4. Spicy eggplant caviar

Caviar slices with a pronounced taste and aroma. Add to the familiar snack hot pepper, it will be the highlight of your favorite dish. Cooking caviar is very simple, you can serve the dish on the table right away, and you can roll up eggplant caviar for the winter.

5. Eggplant caviar in a slow cooker

The magic helper in my kitchen is a slow cooker. If this technique is idle, I advise you to fix it. Eggplant caviar cooked in a slow cooker is not just tasty, but also a fragrant appetizer on your table quickly and easily.

6. Video - a recipe for delicious eggplant caviar for the winter

Kitchen tools

Prepare the necessary equipment:

  1. Clean cans with lids.
  2. A seamer or a key for seaming (if you use cans with screw caps, you will not need a key).
  3. Sharp knife.
  4. Griddle.
  5. Large pot or cauldron.
  6. Paddle (plastic or wooden) for kneading.
  7. Spoon for putting caviar in jars.

We advise you to read about the methods of harvesting eggplant (drying, freezing).

Cooking process

First, prepare the banks. They need to be sterilized. There are several ways to do this, each hostess has her own preferences. You can put the jars in a pot of water and boil for 5-10 minutes, you can hold it over the steam (for this you will need a special device, although some do it with an ordinary kettle), you can pour boiling water, but in this case you need to make several consecutive fillings gradually increasing the temperature of the water, otherwise the glass may crack.

Learn more about can sterilization methods.

Sterile cans are placed on a clean towel with the neck down - now they are fully ready for use in preservation.

Now we undertake products:

    Dice eggplants and pour salted water (4 tablespoons of salt per 2 liters of water). Leave for 40 minutes.

Peel tomatoes from the skin. To do this, we make a cross-shaped incision on each tomato on both sides and pour boiling water for a few minutes.

Cut the peeled tomatoes into small cubes - the dimensions should be the same as those of previously prepared eggplants.

We clean and cut onions in the same way.

Bulgarian pepper cut into cubes, pre-cleaned of seeds.

Chilli is released from the seed (they contain the greatest amount of capsaicin, the substance that makes the pepper sharp).

Grate peeled carrots on a medium grater.

We throw the eggplants in a colander, rinse with water to wash off the excess salt, then let the water drain completely.

Start cooking caviar:

  1. In a deep frying pan, pour vegetable oil and heat it well.
  2. Pour the eggplants in a frying pan and stew (the slices should darken).

We shift the eggplant in a large pot.

We carry out a similar procedure with onions: fry it in the same pan until golden brown.

Add the onions to the eggplant.

Fry carrots in the same pan. Do not forget to add vegetable oil. To prevent carrots from burning, the fire should be removed a little.

We shift carrots to the pan.

Similarly, fry the pepper and shift it to the rest of the vegetables.

Stew tomatoes in the pan (no need to add oil) until they get a bright orange color.

Pour the tomato "pasta" in the pan.

At the very least, add chopped chilli, salt and sugar to the pan, then mix the vegetables well.

Simmer the eggs on low heat for about 40 minutes.

Before the end of the quenching add vinegar, stew for a couple of minutes.

Important!Sugar is needed necessarily, it neutralizes the acid of tomatoes and provides a balanced taste of the dish.

That's all. It remains for us only to expand the culinary masterpiece over the cans and close the lids (the lids must first be boiled so that they are sterile and used immediately, still hot).

Hot cans are set down on a clean towel, on top of them it is better to cover them with a blanket or rug and leave to cool completely.

What to do to eggplant not bitter

Eggplant, indeed, sometimes bitter. However, the following manipulations with the fruits need to be done not only in order to make them tastier, but also in order not to get poisoned. Eggplants contain toxic glycoalkaloid solanine. This word itself means “nightshade” in translation, and poison is indeed present in all plants of this family, not only in fruits, but also in leaves.

Did you know?Eggplant came to Europe from the East in the XV century, but at first it was considered an ornamental plant. Only from the XVIII century it began to cultivate for food.

It is possible to get rid of solanine (it makes eggplant bitter) with the help of salt. For this there is two main ways. The first is to simply pour the sliced ​​fruits with salt and let them stand for 10-15 minutes, the second is to fill them with salt water at the same time. One way or another is chosen depending on how the fruits are used - for example, if we plan to make rolls, after frying them in thin slices, pre-soaking can ruin everything. In the case of caviar, when the fruits are chopped finely, pour them with salt, on the contrary, it is inconvenient, because too much salt will be needed, and the dish as a result simply cannot be eaten.

Important!The amount of solanine in eggplants is directly proportional to the degree of maturity of the fruit.

What else can you add

This recipe is good because it does not have strict requirements in terms of the ratio of vegetables, or in terms of ingredients.

Focus on the following principles:

  • the number of eggplants and bell peppers (in pieces) should be about the same, but if the eggplants are small and the pepper is large, shift the proportion towards the “main participant”,
  • the final result will depend on the number of tomatoes: the smaller the tomatoes, the more eggplant caviar will be, but it will be delicious anyway
  • carrots from the recipe can be excluded, it will turn out too well,
  • chili - an ingredient for an amateur, if you do not like spicy, do not put,
  • Vinegar is present in this dish only as a preservative, so if you make caviar to eat it immediately, you do not need to add it, the caviar will turn out much tastier.

Learn how to cook at home apple cider vinegar.

Garlic is not present in the recipe, but at the same time it will make the dish much more aromatic and savory. If you put a lot of garlic, it will even add spiciness, so as an alternative, we recommend trying using garlic instead of hot pepper. Garlic should be placed simultaneously with vinegar, so that it does not lose any sharpness or flavor during the heat treatment process. It is very good to add a raw apple to the dish, better not sweet, but sour. Alternatively, you can even use a pear. Fruits are simply cut into cubes of the same size as other ingredients, and added to the cauldron without roasting.

Did you know?Strictly scientifically, the fruit of eggplant should be considered a big berry.

At the last stage you can also put finely chopped greens (use dill, parsley, cilantro, tarragon - whatever you like), however there is a nuance: fresh greens in preservation increase the likelihood that fermentation processes will begin in the banks, so if you do not have enough experience in preparing homemade spins, you should not to risk.

Where is the best place to store blanks

After the banks are completely cooled, they should be put in dark place and store at room temperature. If there is a cellar - great, but if not, also not scary. The main thing is that the temperature regime is stable, cold and heat drops for preservation are harmful.

It is ideal to eat blanks cooked in summer during the season - so that by the time fresh vegetables from last year's preservation appear on the table, there is nothing left. However, if the technology is sustained (it can be clearly seen from the lid that has been pulled in a little inside the can), the twist may well remain 2-3 winters. However, with regard to eggplant caviar is hardly possible, this product in your bins just will not stagnate!

Get acquainted with recipes for preparing winter adzhiki from hot pepper, tomatoes (lettuce, tomatoes in their own juice, with mustard, tomato juice, “Yum fingers,” pickled greens, frozen), pepper, onions.

What have

Best of all - with vodka. Eggplant caviar is just an amazing snack! Ready-made caviar can be spread on black bread and can be used as a sandwich, can be used as a garnish or side dish. But beware!

Important!Eggplant caviar is not a dietary dish! It has a lot more calories than squash. First, the eggplant itself is about one and a half times more caloric than the zucchini, and secondly, this solanaceous "takes" a lot of vegetable oil when frying.

So eat eggplant caviar for health, saturate the body with vitamins in the winter, but try to find the strength to stop in time. Although ... it will not be easy.

The recipe of cooking at home

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  • Eggplant 5-6 Pieces
  • Pepper Bulgarian 3-4 Pieces
  • Onion 2 Pieces
  • Tomato 4-5 Pieces
  • Sunflower oil 30 milliliters
  • Garlic 2-3 teeth
  • Salt To taste
  • Sugar To taste

Eggplant bake in the oven until soft. Pre-chop them with a fork, otherwise they will literally explode in the oven. You can boil eggplants in water, it does not matter.

After a little cool and peel.

Peel the Bulgarian pepper from the seed box and wash it. Onions clean and wash.

Eggplants, Bulgarian pepper and onions go through a meat grinder. Who likes spicy can add bitter pepper.

Wash tomatoes and mince as well.

Mix all the ingredients for caviar and simmer on low heat for 35-40 minutes, stirring occasionally. After 20 minutes of cooking, pour in the sunflower oil, add sugar and salt to taste.

Add chopped garlic to the ready-made caviar and mix.

Homemade recipe caviar is ready. Serve with fresh bread or croutons for a snack. Enjoy your meal!