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How to save the cherry in winter: a variety of blanks


One of the unique berries that harmoniously combine the best qualities, such as a beautiful appearance, many useful qualities, and, of course, a wonderful taste, is cherry. But this is a seasonal product that is freely available only in summer. But how to keep for yourself a piece of summer mood and vitamins?

To fully preserve their qualities, beauty and freshness, cherries must be properly stored.

Even with the most favorable environment berries can not be stored for long intact. Based on this, if you want to take a piece of summer vitamins with you during the winter cold, you will have to think about how to store cherries.

Rules and methods of storage

Consider a few rules to follow when you want to save a cherry:

  1. For harvesting, only ripe cherries should be selected, unfinished or overripe will not work.
  2. Each berry must be carefully selected, there should not be a single dent, any damage or, God forbid, worms.
  3. To preserve all tastes, including berry juice, it must be stored together with the bones, without taking them out.
  4. Create as sealed packaging as possible, since cherries tend to absorb third-party odors, which subsequently makes the use not particularly pleasant.

Consider the basic methods of procurement and storage of this kind of product.

Place in the refrigerator compartment should be at the very bottom, the cherry must be placed in plastic or glass containers. The container should be tightly closed. The optimum temperature is from 0 to +2 degrees. The warmer in the external environment, the worse the fruits are stored.

Council If between berries to put dry leaves of sweet cherry, the term can be increased by 2 times. First a layer of leaves, then fruits, then leaves again and so on to the top of the container.

How to store sweet cherries by drying

This process will require an oven or electric dryer. It is necessary to pre-sort, wash and dry the berries. You can pull out the bones.

After processing, spread the fruit on a baking sheet and put in a preheated oven. The temperature should be no more than 50 degrees, otherwise the berry will not dry, but baked. After 2 hours, the temperature can be raised to 75 degrees. Ready dried fruits should not ooze juice or stick.

How to store fruits by preservation

For heat treatment, it is preferable to choose dense late sorts of sweet cherries. So the berries will not lose their shape during cooking. For jams fit any variety. Compotes from sweet cherry turn out saturated taste. Only varieties it is desirable to use a dark red color with pronounced sourness.

It is undesirable to store preservation longer than one year. Over time, prussic acid is released from the bone. It’s good to add cherry to a jar of sweet cherry compote. Taste and color will be more pronounced.

How to store a sweet cherry: gardeners tips

Preserving cherries for breeding requires certain skills and experience. The longer the cuttings lie, the more successful will be the graft of a new variety. If the shoots froze, were in the water for a long time, were saturated with moisture or dried, they are not suitable for planting material.

Vaccination is recommended in March-April. If the graft is done in the summer, the cuttings cannot be stored for a long time. They are required to attach to the stock on the same day. If desired, several varieties of cherries can be grafted on one tree. This will allow you to feast on berries all summer. You can connect different stone fruit cultures. Then get a plum-cherry or cherry-cherry plum.

It is desirable to harvest early in the morning, so the fruit is better preserved. If cherry berries are placed in the fridge, you should know that over time the amount of vitamins decreases. If the frozen sweet cherry has been thawed, you cannot reload it in the freezer

Sweet cherry storage in the refrigerator

Fresh berries must be stored at home in the refrigerator. If you do everything right, the cherry will remain usable for 5 days. At room temperature at the plucked berries in a day can begin the processes of rotting and fermentation.

Before you put the cherry in the refrigerator, you need to examine all the fruits. First, rotted and padded berries should be removed from the total mass. Secondly, the product will need to be dried additionally if moisture has been noticed on the surface. It is impossible to wash the sweet cherry before storage.

It is better to buy berries with cuttings. This will prolong their lives by 1-2 days. It is worth refusing a plastic bag. It is better to fold fruits in plastic trays or on ceramic plates. In order to avoid drying out, it is impossible to leave the container with cherry in the fridge open: cover the dishes with a paper napkin or a lid.

Sweet Cherry Frost

It is impossible to keep the sweet cherry fresh for a long time, but it is possible to prolong her youth with the help of freezing. It is under the force of the modern mistress. And to carry out this procedure is quite easy, even at home.

Very good, if your refrigerator has a quick freeze function. If not, then simply pack the cherries in small portions and lay out in the freezer with a flat layer.

The faster the fruits are frozen, the more it will be possible to keep useful substances in them.

Before sending the berries in the freezer, make sure they are well dried. After washing the sweet cherry, be sure to dry it with a paper towel. Prepared berries are placed in tight-fitting bags.

It is best to use special bags for fruits that do not let in odors. In the ordinary bag, the sweet cherry will absorb the aromas of raw meat or fish that lie next door.

Store sweet cherry in the freezer can be no longer than 1 year.

Cherry paste is also frozen in the freezer. For its preparation you will need 1 kilogram of fresh berries, an incomplete teaspoon of citric acid and 300 grams of sugar. Washed cherries are combined with the rest of the ingredients and crushed with a wooden mortar. The finished mixture should be decomposed into packages and freeze.

Drying cherries

If you want to stock up a sweet cherry for the future, you can dry it.

Previously, the summer sun was used for these purposes, but the process was very long, unpredictable and unhygienic, since insects and dust could get onto the product.

Modern technology has greatly simplified the procedure, and now the berries can be easily dried at home. For drying, it is better to take ripe berries of maroon color.

Electric dryer

Conveniently and fastest with the task handles electric dryer. You can buy it in almost any hardware store. First, the fruits are prepared. They are thoroughly washed, sifted, wiped with a paper napkin, and then the stalks and bones are removed. Then you can load the berries in the device, preferably in a single layer.

So that the berries do not crack and do not let the juice in, first the temperature should not be too high. The entire drying process can take 24 hours. In the first few hours we set the electric dryer at 60 ° C. In the following hours, the temperature can be gradually increased up to 80 ° C.

There are also 2 ways of drying cherries in the oven. The first method is with the addition of sugar. You will need to prepare a syrup of equal proportions of sugar and water, and then place the prepared berries in the resulting sweet liquid without pitting.

They will need to boil for a few minutes and leave to infuse for one day, after which the preform is again brought to a boil and allowed to cool. The berries are removed from the syrup, laid out on a baking sheet and left in the oven at 50 ° C.

The finished product is soft to the touch, but the berries do not emit juice.

The second method of drying in the oven involves the processing of berries without adding sugar. Washed and cleaned sweet cherry is laid out in a thin layer on a baking sheet and dried at 50 ° C. If there is no ventilation in the oven, slightly open the door a little so that excess moisture will leave. After 10 hours, increase the temperature to 75 °. If you did everything right, then the berries should not stick together.


Sweet cherry is a rather universal berry, and if you cook it correctly, it will turn into an exquisite delicacy. From this type of fruit jams, preserves, compotes, mashed potatoes are prepared. It is easy to store ready canned foods at home - and not in the refrigerator, but in the pantry.

For traditional jam, you will need pureed berries and sugar in equal proportions. Ingredients fall asleep in a suitable size pot and leave for several hours to let the berries juice.

Then all boil for 5 minutes and leave to cool overnight. The next day, the jam is boiled again. Then hot spill on the banks and twist.

To make the jam more saturated, before boiling it again, you can add lemon or nuts.

For making mashed potatoes, you need to take 2 kilograms of sweet cherries and 1 cup of water. Ingredients need to be placed in an enamel pan and boil until softened. The resulting mass fray through a sieve. The finished puree is boiled again and laid out on the banks. Then the banks are sterilized for 15-25 minutes (depending on the volume of a container of 1 or 2 liters) and rolled up.

Prepare 3 kilograms of sweet cherries and place them in cans. Separately boil the syrup made from 1 liter of water and 300 grams of sugar. Fill the resulting liquid berries and sterilize them. For a liter jar will be enough for 20 minutes.

For 1 kilogram of berries you need to take 2 tablespoons of water, 500 grams of sugar and 3 grams of citric acid. Cherry with water is set to cook in a saucepan over low heat. The mass should be boiled down by half. Then sugar is added, and the mixture is cooked until thick. At the very end, add citric acid and roll up the hot jam in prepared jars.

As you can see, the options of how to store sweet cherry, a huge amount. And whatever method you choose, the main thing is to do everything correctly and not to neglect the safety rules. Then you will be able not only to preserve the sweet cherry, but also to enjoy it in the future.

Do not re-freeze thawed sweet cherries or use canned food if you see that the jar has been damaged or the lid has become swollen.

Do not forget to check dried cherries for the presence of parasites, who are very fond of such sweet treats, and do not store in the refrigerator for more than a week.