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Oryol trotter: description, history and photos of the breed


Oryol trotter breed of horses has an interesting history. It arose under the leadership of Count Orlov in the Voronezh province in the period from the end of the 18th century to the beginning of the 19th century. This horse is graceful, beautiful and fast, which makes it unique in its kind.

In 1775, Count Orlov completed his professional activities and devoted himself to breeding horses. He traveled a lot in search of stallions and mares. Orlov has long dreamed of creating a breed that would meet the highest requirements: she was strong, strong, fast, graceful and beautiful.

Under the patronage of Empress Catherine II, Orlov bought the best stallions and mares in the Arabian Peninsula, in Egypt and Turkey. According to the documents that have survived to our days, in 1776 the count bought from the Sultan from Turkey for the huge money a luxurious Arabian horse. His name was Smetanka, as his wool was colored light gray, almost white.

The horse was sent to Russia. It was a magnificent stallion, showing the grace of the move, agility and endurance, but his lynx could not be called clear and stable. The century of Smetanka turned out to be short, a year later he died, but he had already managed to leave behind his offspring - 4 stallions and 1 mare.

One of the sons of Smetanka became the founder of the Oryol breed of horses. His name was Polkan. He interbred with a mare of a bay suit from Denmark, after which a foal was born, whose exterior characteristics staged Orlov. He was called Leopard.

Later, the count used and the mares from Holland, distinguished by endurance and strength, as well as good performance lynx. After one of them, after crossing with Polkan, there appeared a foal gray in apples. He was named Leopard I. It was he who became the ancestor of the breed Orlov trotter. The horse was handsome in appearance, had a tall stature, showed endurance and strength. The baby has inherited a clear and steady lynx from his mother.

Oryol horse is unique. It has several advantages:

  • high speed,
  • the ability to move smoothly and gracefully
  • different harmonious body composition
  • possesses perseverance, endurance and strength.

Exterior and Suits

The Orlov trotter has a long back, as it has 1 edge more than other breeds, there are 19, not 18. The horse is quite tall and has a harmonious physique. Character of the mount:

Oryol trotter has a long back

  • height - 1.65-1.7 m,
  • weight - 500 kg,
  • torso length along an oblique line is 1.6 m,
  • the chest is powerful, its girth is 1.8 m,
  • the neck is long, curved, resembles a swan,
  • the head is compact with a slightly protruding frontal part and a neat face,
  • ears small
  • the limbs are dry, of medium length with large hooves,
  • croup compact.

The gray suit in various variations is peculiar to the Oryol trotter. Less common are individuals of black, dun, or roan, which is not considered a disadvantage. These colors horses inherited from the Dutch mares.

By nature, the Orlov trotter is a good-natured and docile animal, showing devotion to the owner. In response, he expects respect from the person. Some obstinacy to horses is inherent, but it can be caused by mistreatment of animals. Horses respond to cruelty unwillingness to obey. Representatives of this breed are hardworking and intelligent.

Famous Oryol stallions

Representatives of the breed line, descended from the horse Polkan, are known worldwide for their agility. They were many times ahead of other racers and won victories. At the beginning of the 20th century, the Krepysh horse often became a champion on hippodromes. He participated in the race for 1600 miles more than 80 times, and came out the winner 55 times.

Later, a worthy replacement came for the Fortress. In the postwar period, became famous horse named Kvadrat. It had a very beautiful exterior, but its main advantage was perseverance. The stallion never gave up, although he lost to rivals in speed, but he came first, showing endurance.

Other Orlov champions who left their mark on history:

Horses of Oryol breed are energetic animals. In their diet, in addition to hay and grass, include vitamin and mineral supplements, grains and vegetables. The share of concentrated feed in the horse menu is 25%. Fruits of cereals are a source of protein, which is necessary for active animals to maintain good shape.

Cereal for horses

Attention! It is especially important to make the foals correctly. It includes fish oil, salt, vitamins. Lack of minerals and trace elements can lead to developmental defects and diseases.

Caring for the Oryol Horse

Trailing horses need good care. Particular attention is paid to animal hygiene. After training the wool must be cleaned with a special brush. The procedure begins on the left side of the neck, gradually moving down the body. The mane is washed with shampoo for horses. Comb it daily with a comb. Sweat dry with a clean cloth. Bathe horses once a week, watering with a hose, using a soft brush of natural fibers.

It is important to monitor the health of the hoof. Timely diagnosis will help protect the horse from foot diseases. After each workout, the limbs are examined and cleaned, and then lubricated with lamb fat with the addition of turpentine. The trotters need free range. Fresh air has a beneficial effect on metabolism, and movement helps to maintain good shape.

Attention! Due to excessive loads, the Orlov trotter can suffer from paralysis of the radial nerves and sprains or tendon rupture.

The stall is kept clean by regularly changing the litter. To reduce the load on the feet of animals, put a rubber coating on the floor. The presence of cracks and potholes in the floor covering is unacceptable: they can cause injuries to the hoof.


Count Orlov created a trotter for use in light sledding. The horses met his expectations not only because of the ability to quickly and easily carry the crew. The Oryol horses turned out very beautiful, so the nobility knew them. It used to be fashionable to have such a horse. Orlov trotters were used by rich people for walks and hunting.

Today, these horses are participating in the races. This is a sports breed, which over time has not lost its excellent qualities - energy, speed and endurance. In addition to participating in competitions, trotters are used for dressage and jumping, as well as in equestrian tourism.

Oryol trotters are highly regarded in Russia and in the world. Its representatives regularly take prizes, glorifying their country. The task of the Russian people is to preserve this breed, because it is part of our history.