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Tractor MTZ-1221: technical characteristics


The MTZ 1221 model is considered a versatile row crop tractor. 2nd class. Due to the various options for execution and a variety of attachments and trailing equipment, the list of work performed is very wide. First of all, it is agricultural work, as well as construction, municipal work, forestry, transportation of goods. Available in such modifications:

  • MTZ-1221L - option for the forest industry. Can perform specific work - planting trees, collecting whips, etc.
  • MTZ-1221V.2 - a later modification, the difference is the reversible control post with the ability to rotate the operator's seat and twin pedals. This is an advantage when working with rear-mounted units.
  • MTZ-1221T.2 - with an awning-frame type cabin.

Other modifications, characterized by higher power.

Did you know?The first model MTZ 1221 was released in 1979. The tractor MTZ 1221 has established itself as a reliable, high-quality and easy-to-use machinery.

Device and main nodes

Consider a little more detail the main components and the device MTZ 1221.

This model is a wheeled front-wheel tractor. That is, planetary gears are mounted on the front axle. Front wheel drive - small radius, rear - large. It is possible to install twin rear wheels. This reduces the pressure on the ground, increases the maneuverability and maneuverability of the machine.

On the model 1221 is installed diesel engine D 260.2 130 l. with. This six-cylinder engine with in-line placement of cylinders has a volume of 7.12 liters, unpretentious to fuel and lubricants.

This engine is distinguished by reliability and ease of maintenance. Spare parts and components for the engine are not a deficiency, and it is easy to find them.

Important!The engine fully complies with the latest international environmental and safety standards. Fuel consumption MTZ 1221 - 166 g / hp at one o'clock. Later modifications are completed with engines D-260.2S and D-260.2S2.

The difference between them and the main model is in increased power of 132 and 136 hp. respectively, against 130 hp at the base model.

MTZ 1221 gearbox for 24 driving modes (16 forward and 8 reverse). The rear axle is equipped with planetary gears and differential (with three modes "on", "off", "automatic"). The power take-off shaft is installed in a two-speed version, with a synchronous or independent drive.

Forward speed - from 3 to 34 km / h, back - from 4 to 16 km / h

The hydraulic system of the described model serves to control the work with trailed and mounted units.

Learn how to make it easier for a robot to build a mini-tractor with their own hands. Exists two options hydraulic systems:

  1. With two vertical hydraulic cylinders.
  2. With an autonomous horizontal hydraulic cylinder.

In any variant of the hydraulic system, it is possible to adjust the force and position of the equipment.

    Cabin and management

The workplace is made of reinforced metal profile. Comfortable work provide sunscreen and noise insulation. Control is exercised from the post to the right of the operator and an additional post in the top dashboard of the cabin. From the post adjustment of fuel supply, electrical equipment control is carried out.


The manufacturer MTZ 1221 gives such basic characteristics:

More detailed data you can get on the official website of MTZ-Holding. Important! Specified characteristics of the basic model of the tractor. They may vary depending on the modification, year of manufacture and manufacturer.

Use of MTZ-1221 in agriculture

The versatility of the tractor allows it to be used for various jobs. But the main consumers were and remain farmers. You will be interested to learn about the technical characteristics of such tractors - the Kirovets K-700 tractor, the Kirovets K-9000 tractor, the T-150 tractor, the MTZ 82 tractor (Belarus). The machine shows itself well in all types of field work - plowing, sowing, irrigation. The dimensions of the MTZ 1221 and a small turning radius make it possible to process small and complex portions of the fields.

Did you know? With this tractor, almost all mounted and trailed equipment (seeders, mowers, diskators, etc.) produced in the CIS countries is aggregated. When installing additional electrical equipment and a compressor, the 1221 series successfully works with the equipment of world manufacturers.

Advantages and disadvantages

The main advantages include:

  • price - costs much lower than the majority of world models of tractors. Only Chinese manufacturers can compete with him,
  • reliability and simplicity in service. Repairs can be carried out by a single mechanic in field conditions,
  • availability of spare parts.

Of the shortcomings should be noted:

  • small tank capacity
  • frequent overheating of the engine, especially when working in hot climates.
  • incomplete compatibility with equipment of European and American manufacturers.

At present, the described tractor is the most massive and popular tractor in its category. Reliable, powerful, unpretentious machine created by our experts for our fields.

Considering the high cost of imported equipment, an insufficient number of spare parts and high-quality service, and a lack of high-class machine operators and mechanics, MTZ 1221 will be found in agricultural enterprises in our country for quite a long time.

Features of operation and maintenance

The considered model is developed in Belarus at the Minsk plant. The company opened production facilities in some cities of the Russian Federation: Smolensk, Elabuga and Saransk.

The tractor MTZ-1221, the technical characteristics of which allow it to be used in various economic areas, is available in two basic versions:

  • Option 1221Л - designed specifically for the forest industry. Upgraded assistive devices allow the collection of logs, planting trees, as well as to ensure the loading, transportation and logging of timber with the subsequent formation of stacks.
  • The sample MTZ 1221V.2 is a later variation, which was supplied to Russia until 2011. The model is distinguished from the classic tractor by the presence of reverse control.

Overview of key indicators

Domestic tractor MTZ-1221, the technical characteristics of which are among the best in its category, is widely used in the former socialist countries:

  • The power unit - 2602С.
  • Power units in horsepower - 130.
  • The standard speed indicator is 2100 rotations per minute.
  • Number of cylinders - six pieces.
  • The size of the cylinder / piston stroke (cm) - 11 / 12,5.
  • Displacement power plant - 7.12 liters.
  • Capacity of fuel tank (l) - 160.
  • The clutch is a dry, double-disc version of the permanently closed type.
  • Gearbox - step mechanics with synchronizer (4/2).
  • Speed ​​indicator (km / h) - up to 35.
  • Rear gross power take-off unit - independent type, two-speed with hydromechanical controller.

Universal unit MTZ-1221, technical characteristics

Other indicators of the tractor under consideration:

  • Capacity of the hydraulic system (l) - 21.
  • Wheel base (mm) - 2,760.
  • Height - 2,850 mm.
  • Width - 2 250 mm.
  • Length (mm) - 4 950.
  • Track (mm) - 1500/2260.
  • Clearance (cm) - 62.
  • Rotary radius at a minimum (mm) - 5300.
  • Operating weight (t) - 5.3.
  • Tires - 14.9R24.

It is worth noting that the technique is adapted to interact with different mounted and trailed devices.

Motor and hydraulics

The Minsk tractor MTZ-1221, the technical characteristics of which allow it to confidently compete with foreign counterparts, is equipped with a turbo-charged power unit. The engine is four-stroke, has six cylinders, which are located in a row. The volume of the engine is 7.12 liters, power - 130 horsepower. D-2602C and D-260 2S2 motors are installed for more modern modifications. From the base model, they differ in power - 132 and 136 horses, respectively.

The hydraulic unit for the unit in question is produced by the well-known Bosch brand in the technical world. For installation of devices there are three outputs of separate type. Depending on the modification, the tractor can be equipped with two types of hydraulic unit:

  • horizontal autonomous cylinder,
  • a pair of vertical cylinders.

For the functionality of the hydraulics meets the built-in pumping unit. There is also a node for temperature control and filtration of the working fluid. Both domestic and imported oil can be poured into the system.

Advantages and disadvantages

The Belarusian tractor MTZ-1221, the technical characteristics, description and some features of which are discussed above, has a number of objective advantages and certain disadvantages. The advantages of the unit include the following:

  • Easy to operate, maintain and repair.
  • Unpretentiousness and reliability.
  • There is a cold start, allowing you to start the engine in the cold.
  • Availability of spare parts.
  • Acceptable price.

Among the disadvantages are the possibility of engine overheating. When working in the heat at maximum power, it can simply boil. In addition, with the economical use of fuel, the stock of the tank is not enough for long.

For its technical data "Belarus" has an affordable price. At the same time, the unit is universal, it can be used in various industrial and economic branches, it is adapted for arrangement by various types of hook-on and hinged devices. Among domestic models, the vehicle is among the leaders in its class and can compete on an equal footing with many foreign analogues.

MTZ-1221 - a high-tech machine with great potential.

Universal Belarus 1221, which first came off the assembly line in 1979, is now successfully used in the performance of all types of agricultural work of any complexity, in construction, logging, transport and municipal facilities.

The machine is equipped with a large number of different devices that allow you to easily aggregate the tractor with other devices and use it for excavation and soil planning, loading and unloading operations, and cargo transportation.

The power take-off shaft mounted on the MTZ-1221 provides the ability to use the tractor to actuate various third-party mechanisms. This quality of the machine has been especially widely used in land reclamation and irrigation: pumps powered by tractor's PTO allow for the effective drainage of soils and supply water to irrigation systems.

Excellent technical qualities of the machine, its efficiency, ease of operation and fault diagnosis allowed the tractor to take a leading position in the markets of post-Soviet countries.

Increasing the volumes of the model that is in demand with the Russian consumers, the Minsk Tractor Works set up the assembly of MTZ-1221 in Russia, in Smolensk, Elabuga and Saransk.


The MTZ-1221 model range includes machines of the following modifications:

  1. The basic version of the tractor - MTZ-1221.
  2. Model MTZ-1221L, developed for logging production, the design features of which allow using the machine for harvesting, loading and unloading and transportation works during logging.
  3. MTZ 1221V.2 - equipped with a reverse control station version of the machine, the deliveries of which to the Russian market were stopped in 2011.
  4. MTZ-1221T.2 - tractor with a leading front axle and a sun canopy. Instead of a cabin tent-frame with safety athermal glass.
  5. MTZ-1221.2 "Tropic" - equipped with a tropical radiator and an additional tank.
  6. MTZ-1221.3 - comes in a complete set with the engine D-260.2S2 power 131.7 hp
  7. MTZ-1221.4 - tractor with a new design. It has a leading front axle with planetary-cylindrical final gears. The diesel engine on emissions of harmful substances complies with the environmental requirements of the stage Tier II.
  8. MTZ-1221.5 - equipped with an engine D-260.2S3B (133 hp). Air emissions comply with European Stage IIIB standard. Updated design of mirrors and pipes.

Layout and ergonomics

Equipped with heat-absorbing glass and modern climate systems, the cab of the car, conveniently located in it dashboards, excellent sound, moisture and heat-insulating characteristics and a large surface of the glazing of the cabin create maximum conditions for comfortable and high-performance work of the operator.

Power point

The basis of the power unit of the Belarusian 1221 - four-stroke six-cylinder engine of the D-260.2 series designed for the consumption of diesel fuel is unpretentious to fuel and lubricants and has low rates of their consumption. The 136-strong 7.12-liter engine is powered by a turbo-supercharging system, a centrifugal fuel pump and a single-stage compressor.

The engine complying with international environmental standards and safety standards is a worthy competitor to its foreign counterparts, and in some respects surpasses them.

Individual batches of cars are equipped with even more economical 141 strong six-liter Deutz engines with a fuel consumption of 180 g / hp. at one o'clock.

The device Belarus 1221

The transmission mechanical block of the tractor is designed to control the movement using 16 forward and 8 reverse gears, significantly different from those previously used on MTZ KP machines. The box uses a reinforced double-clutch.

Thanks to the design of the front axle of the beam or gantry type, which includes a beam of increased strength, the possibilities of equipping the machine with attachments are significantly increased.

Another device that extends the functionality of the model is a hinged mechanism that allows mounting additional equipment on the machine in various positions, taking into account the type of its fastening elements.

The model is equipped:

  • Dry or wet disc brakes,
  • Rear axle with planetary gearboxes and a differential controlled by an electro-hydraulic system with three modes,
  • Rear power intake shaft with independent drive operating at two speeds,
  • Rear axle housing with high-axle axles, equipped with mechanisms for securing traction coupling devices, axle shafts of final gears and suspension elements.

Equipped with autonomous circuits for filtering liquids and regulating the temperature, the hydraulic system of the tractor allows you to aggregate the model with mechanisms that use a large amount of oil during operation.

Two types of hydraulic systems are installed at MTZ-1221:

  1. with hydraulic lift equipped with two power cylinders mounted vertically,
  2. with a self-contained power cylinder mounted horizontally.

The MTZ-1221 counterparts include Chinese-made tractors YTO1304 and FOTON, which have approximately the same cost and technical characteristics with the Minsk machine.

MTZ 1221 tractor

The Belarus tractor possesses the following features:

  • The cab is created using the latest technology, it is distinguished by a comfortable chair, comfortable location of all controls, including levers and switches, rigid carrier beams ensure operator safety.
  • The rear axle of the tractor is equipped with unique wheel reduction gears.
  • The tractor hydraulics works on the basis of an autonomous cylinder and a monoblock design.
  • The control system of the tractor is designed in such a way that in one motion it switches to the reverse mode.
  • The design of the tractor is designed so that access to all components and assemblies is maximally facilitated.

Among the advantages of MTZ 1221 are the following:

  1. The main elements of the hydraulic system are available for maintenance and repair, thanks to three pairs of technical holes.
  2. The life cycle of fluids is significantly increased by the filtration system.
  3. Special thermostats allow you to maintain optimal temperature conditions in the working units and the operator's cabin.
  4. Large capacity for oil allows you to do longer without refueling.
  5. The tractor’s electrical equipment meets the latest standardization requirements, and this also applies to the cab interior lighting.
  6. The equipment allows to perform work in all weather and temperature conditions.

The disadvantages of the tractor include expensive delivery and relatively low level of maneuverability.
Photo of tractor MTZ 1221

Device of the MTZ 1221 tractor

This is a large four-wheeled vehicle class 2 traction. Overall dimensions of the tractor:

  • width - 2.25 m,
  • length - 4.95 m,
  • height - 2.85 m.
Technique in terms of capacity overtakes the MT3 50 model: its indicator is up to 4500 kgf.

The model has:

  • 3-disc wet or dry brakes,
  • rear axle, which can be set to automatic mode, turn on and off,
  • improved clutch with 2 discs and a rigid frame,
  • rear PTO, where there is a synchronous and independent drive, 2 speed levels,
  • reinforced rear axle housing, where the rear suspension parts and traction coupling devices fit.

Rear axle. To increase the click on the picture.

In this mototekhnike front wheels are wide, which, together with the front axle helps to increase the suspension and functionality. In the rear PTO appeared independent drive.

Total information

В этой модели улучшенная кабина — из удобного кресла легко руководить всеми рычагами и механизмами. Более того, повышена безопасность водителя — ее обеспечивают жесткие балки. It is easy and control the tractor - one movement will help to transfer it to the reverse mode.

On the rear axle added wheel gears. In this model, access to all spare parts and assemblies was made easier without reducing their protection from external factors.

The main feature of the model is that that the tractor needs less fuel, oils and fluids than its predecessors.

D-260.2 - diesel, four-stroke, turbocharged. Volume - 7.12 l. Each of the 6 cylinders has 130 l / s.

Diesel cooling system. To increase the click on the picture.


Gearbox on the mechanics, there are 6 ranges, 24 driving modes. There are 8 rear speeds and twice the front. Rear axle with planetary gears and differential, which has 3 modes - automatic, on, off.

Transmission. To increase the click on the picture.

The rigid frame protects the double clutch. PTO drive can be synchronous or independent. Forward speed - 2–33.8 km / h, the rear - 4–15.8 km / h.

Hydraulic system

Belarus hydraulic systems 2 types - with a self-contained power cylinder, built-in horizontally, and 2 vertical, which are located in the hydraulic ram. There are 3 pins for attachments and trailers.

Hydraulic ram. To increase the click on the picture.

Hinged device. To increase the click on the picture.

The manufacturer provides a pumping station, it is possible to control the temperature and filter the liquid. Suitable for use in domestic and imported oils.

Running system

The stop starts from the rear wheels, then goes to the front. Disc brakes are responsible for this. Ballast weights up to half a ton can be used.

Pneumatic brakes trailers. To increase the click on the picture.

The generator machine is responsible for all electrical equipment - its power is 100 watts.


There are two points - to the right of the operator and in the cockpit panel. Keys and levers are responsible for the supply and adjustment of fuel, managing in general.

Steering. To increase the click on the picture.

Front wheel tires size 14.9R24, and rear - 18,4R38.

Other features

Operator's cabin It has enhanced security protection due to its metal casing and special frame. There is sun protection, insulation, and an emergency exit on the roof. Works ventilation, heating, alarm.

Application area

It can be used to prepare the soil for sowing and plow operations, to harvest and transport crops. Can be used in production, construction, forestry.

Suitable for work in difficult climatic conditions, on liquid, falling through, loose lands.

It can be combined with traction, coupling technical units and other tractors of the same discharge.


  1. Three pairs of openings allow quick and easy access to the hydraulics for its repair.
  2. Filtration extends the use of technical fluids.
  3. Adjustable temperature in the driver's cabin, as well as improved lighting.
  4. Large oil tank.
  5. It works in all weather conditions.


Cost - from 1.2 million rubles. In addition, due to the size, the maneuverability of the equipment is impaired.

Among the reviews of this technique, you can find both positive and negative. Users of the model note the following disadvantages of the tractor:

  • starts up badly in winter
  • high fuel consumption
  • weak front axle.
The advantages include:

  • universality (works both on planting woods, on plowing a field, and as a traction vehicle),
  • performance,
  • powerful engine (help in pulling a car out of a standstill in the mud).

Mototechnique with similar parameters and the same value can be found among Chinese models - YTO 1304 and TG 1254.

YTO 1304 tractorTG 1254 tractor.

So, we found out that Belarus 1221 is a more powerful version of its predecessors. It is equipped with a strong motor, economically consumes technical liquids, performs agricultural and other works of a different spectrum.

Device tractor MTZ-1221 Belarus

The MTZ-1221 tractor belongs to a large-sized 4-wheel motorcycle, which is equipped with 2 wheels of size 14.9R24 and 2 wheels of size 18.4R38. Overall dimensions of transport: width - 2250 mm, length - 4950 mm, height - 2850 mm. At the same wheelbase - 2760 mm. The transport capacity is no more than 4500 kgf, which is an order of magnitude greater than that of the MTZ-50 tractor.
The device allows to work on all types of soil, including weakly bearing. Wheel track on the front wheels 1545-2265 mm, and the rear 1500-1900 mm.
Brakes of 2 types: main and parking. They are made in a dry, mechanical disk form, but on request can be recycled into an oil-bath construction.

Tractor MTZ-1221 for planting

MTZ-1221 engine

The MTZ-1221 tractor Belarus is equipped with a 4-stroke engine for 6 cylinders. Its power is 96 kW or 130 hp. The diesel engine is equipped with turbocharging and direct injection. The diameter of each cylinder is 110 mm and the piston stroke is 125 mm. The engine has reduced fuel and oil consumption.
MTZ-1221 tractor transmission
The tractor MTZ-1221 has an 8-speed gearbox. The gears are synchronized clutches, which provides good control of maneuverability. With this model of tractor, you can use the combine Claas Mega-208.

Management MTZ-1221

The tractor MTZ-1221 Belarus performs its movement through hydrovolume steering. It is equipped with a metering pump and 2 hydraulic cylinders in the steering linkage. Management is carried out directly from a comfortable cabin, made on the basis of a rigid body. It is equipped with spherical windows. In addition to everything, it is equipped with heating, ventilation and noise protection systems. Transport systems are easy to maintain and easily accessible.
Fuel consumption of the tractor MTZ-1221 Belarus
The tractor MTZ-1221 according to the regulatory documentation has a specific fuel consumption equal to 226 g / kWh. at rated power. Vehicles are adapted for use of both domestic and foreign fuels and lubricants. The capacity of the fuel tank is 160 liters. Together with it, you can use accessories such as reversible mounted plows (MON).

Tractor MTZ-1221 at harvest