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The use of beeswax in cosmetology and traditional medicine


The amazing properties of beeswax are known to mankind since ancient times, today this product of beekeeping is widely used in medicine, cosmetology, home life. Due to the rich composition of nutrients it helps to heal from various diseases, has a rejuvenating effect. Traditional medicine offers many wax recipes, tested on themselves by dozens of generations of our ancestors.

What is beeswax

It is a biologically active substance with a number of unique properties. Man has not yet been able to create his synthetic substitute. The density of wax is 0.95–0.96 g / cm3, so it does not dissolve in water, but simply floats in it. The melting point of beeswax varies from 62 to 68 C, but it melts easily from the heat of the human hand. This product is capable of maintaining its useful properties for centuries.

It has a pleasant honey smell and a peculiar taste of propolis or honey. It burns beautifully, but gives no smoke, therefore it is used for making candles. It has a rich composition (more than 300 substances), is used for the preparation of drugs, used in food, automotive, glass, aviation and other industries. The shelf life of this beekeeping product is almost unlimited.

The chemical composition includes the following components: the main ones are alcohol, polymeric organic fatty acids, their esters, for example, palmitic acid myricyl ester. In addition, the composition of beeswax includes up to 75% of complex fats, up to 15% of free fatty acids, more than 10% of keto and hydroxy acids, minerals, paraffin hydrocarbons, resins, vitamin A, aromatic constituents, plant pigments, triterpenes, cholesterol and many other components.

Beneficial features

Beeswax is a valuable medicinal product that has an antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, softening effect, it is well anesthetized, disinfects, has no contraindications for use, except for individual intolerance to bee products. Many centuries ago, people knew the benefits of beeswax, they used it to strengthen teeth and gums, and today it is part of many remedies for gum diseases, such as periodontal disease. In addition, it can be used to get rid of dark scurf or tartar.

Chewing white or yellow food wax is useful, especially for people suffering from colds. It can be safely given to children if there is no allergy to the components. Wax is a good antiseptic, has bactericidal properties, and therefore included in the composition of many medicines from the throat. In addition to anti-inflammatory function, it has wound-healing properties, which made it a favorite treatment for burns and wounds of traditional healers. The product has pronounced warming properties, therefore it forms the basis of ointments for joints.

Beeswax application

Our ancestors did not think about what can be made of beeswax, it was a hot commodity for exchange. Candles were made from it for lighting the dwelling and using it in church services. Since those times, it has been used much more often, for example, in the creation of sculptures, paintings, in the processing of leather, wood products, in the paint and varnish, metallurgical, and textile industries, in printing, shipbuilding, and this is an incomplete list. In everyday life, the substance is used to care for shoes, furniture, floors.

In folk medicine

For the treatment of various diseases, healing wax is used especially widely, for example, in the form of applications or ointments, but not only. For internal use, special chewing gum and honey-wax candies are made to strengthen the gums. To prepare the tool, you will need 200 g of wax. It must be melted in a water bath, add 20 drops of lemon juice, 6 drops of peppermint oil, 100 g of honey. You get a viscous mass that is cooled and rolled balls. Food wax chews are chewed three times a day.

Due to its antiseptic and healing properties, the substance helps with diseases such as hay fever, sinusitis, asthma, cough. You need to take a small piece of it and chew 30 minutes up to six times a day. It is useful to chew wax in diseases of the digestive system. It causes abundant salivation, which improves the motor and secretory functions of the stomach. You need to chew a small ball for five minutes 4 times a day.

Chewing gum helps with colds. Essential oils are good for relieving inflammatory processes in the respiratory tract and kill pathogens. Especially the healing power differs zabrus, which bees seal honeycomb with honey. If you chew it regularly in the offseason, you can prevent infection with the flu, sore throat, get rid of a cold.

In cosmetology

Rich in many biologically active substances, wax is not capable of harm, and therefore every year more and more is used. Wax mask perfectly cleans, removes acne, acne, tightens the skin of the face, eliminates dryness, irritation, especially with the addition of a few drops of glycerin. Vitamin A promotes rejuvenation, skin regeneration. In industrial cosmetology, wax is used in the manufacture of lipsticks for lips, nail creams, creams for smoothing wrinkles or skin nourishment.

Beeswax treatment

The main application is the manufacture of ointments, medical creams, patches. The healing properties of honey can effectively treat them to fistula, trophic ulcers and other skin damage. Well-helping warming wax compresses in the treatment of rheumatism, sciatica, joints. There is a mass of recipes with "participation" of wax to get rid of acne. In a short time, its healing properties will help to completely clean the face. Wax compress traditional healers recommended to get rid of corns and corns.

Wax kills pathogens, so it needs to be chewed with pain in the throat and mouth, as described above. With a cold and sinusitis, you can use the product prepared according to this recipe: dissolve the powder from the yarrow herb (2 tbsp. L.) In the melted wax (20 g), cool to 30 C. Apply the mixture in layers of the maxillary sinuses, warm it from above Hold for 15 minutes. Then clean and apply balm "Star". The procedure is repeated twice a day, the course of treatment is four days.

This recipe for joints and the spine will help regain lost health. For its preparation, you will need 100 g of beekeeping product, 10 g of mummy, 50 ml of cedar oil, 10 ml of aloe juice. Dissolve mummy in aloe, add oil and wax melted in a water bath. It will result in an ointment with which the joints and the spine are rubbed, until relief comes. As a rule, after several treatments, the pain disappears completely.

The composition and therapeutic properties of honey beeswax

The wax is secreted by the bees' glands, which they use to build honeycombs and seal cells with honey.. It consists of about three hundred compounds, of which more than two thirds are esters.

In addition, there are alcohols and acids, other compounds. The composition is directly dependent on the nutrition of bees. It is not soluble in water, and even acid does not take it. However, fat can dissolve it. The color also depends on what kind of pollen was used to make honey. Wax - a solid substance having a granular structure. Like any other waste product of bees, it is very useful. It is used in medicine, cosmetology.

How to be treated with natural wax in traditional medicine

It is used in folk medicine since ancient times. Another world-famous Persian scientist and healer Avicenna prescribed it to men, women and children of different ages in certain diseases, in order to increase immunity.

Due to its chemical composition, as well as physical properties (elasticity, elasticity, softness), it has found its application.

Natural beeswax

For adults

For older people, if cracks have formed on their heels, they are removed by applying a mask of the following composition to the previously steamed skin for 20 minutes:

  • 100 g of wax
  • 40 g of licorice root, bringing it to a powdery consistency,
  • 20 ml of sea buckthorn oil.

Smokers benefit from taking a warm mixture of wax, vodka and onions in moderation.

Wax helps with inflammation of the gums. To do this, he is chewed three times a day for 15 minutes. If at the same time you accidentally swallow a piece of the product - do not worry. It is even useful. In this case, it serves as an adsorbent. Since it practically does not dissolve in the stomach, after a while it is brought out.

With polyarthritis (chronic joint disease), a mask is prepared with the following composition:

  • Heated wax (100 g),
  • A teaspoon of honey.

This mixture is placed on a gauze, and then - to the sore joint. Next, cover with cellophane and wrapped in a warm scarf for half an hour. This procedure is sufficient once a day for two weeks.

With pertussis in children, it is recommended to use the following heated mixture:

  • 50 g of wax
  • 50 g of goose fat,
  • 2 drops of fennel.

Keep 12-17 minutes in the form of a compress, putting it on the sternum of the child.

To combat juvenile acne, use the following composition as a cleansing cream:

  • 20 g of wax
  • 2 tablespoons celandine in powder form,
  • 1 tablespoon of glycerin.
Natural beeswax tile ready for use

Maternity and nursing

With a lack of milk and, accordingly, to increase its lactation nursing mothers are recommended to put wax on the chest, preheated in a water bath, with the addition of pharmacy juice plantain. The ratio of these ingredients should be five to one.

The quantity is taken on the basis of individual characteristics. Keep this mixture can be up to 20 minutes immediately before feeding. This will warm the body and ensure the flow of milk.

With the help of wax, epilation is performed for pregnant women.


For weight loss is better to use honey. This is because the latter does not dissolve in water. It can not be used as a solution in a mixture with other components. For this purpose It is recommended to chew wax at night for 20 minutes.

In addition to removing inflammation in the mouth, an additional gastric juice is produced, which contributes to the rapid digestion of dinner, especially if it is abundant. The product of beekeeping is also used for weight loss in folk magic rituals, which is associated with its physical properties.

For intestines

Since wax is rich in sorbents, it is useful to eat in limited quantities. It stimulates the glands and the contraction of the intestinal wall to move food (peristalsis). Its use favorably affects the intestinal microflora, which helps to protect against gastric diseases. Due to its unique composition, it has antibacterial properties.

When a rectal fissure is injected into the rectum, the following composition: beeswax (three parts), finely chopped calendula flowers (two parts), honey (one part). This is done after bowel movement. Enough mix in the amount of a teaspoon. After the injection, lie down for half an hour with the lower part of the body elevated (legs, pelvis).

Variety of beeswax products

Application in cosmetology

Beeswax is an integral part of a significant number of all kinds of cosmetics, due to its chemical composition. In addition, it is an excellent preservative.

If desired, you can make a lot of useful cosmetic masks.

So, to prevent wrinkles, it is mixed with honey and onion. Used in the following proportions: wax - 30 g, honey - 40 g, juice of half a lemon. Apply before bed for 20 minutes.

To remove black spots on the face it is used in its pure form, causing a thin layer of it after heating in a water bath.

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For aging skin, use a mixture:

  • Wax, lanolin, sour cream, olive oil, carrot juice and potatoes - all in a teaspoon,
  • lemon juice.

This mixture perfectly nourishes and moisturizes the skin.

Creams are also used in folk cosmetology:

  • Mixed wax with lemon juice is applied to the skin for additional nutrition,
  • You can whiten the skin by applying wax with lemon juice and blue clay.

Benefit and harm

The benefits have been much discussed above. You can add that it also contains minerals and vitamins, hydrocarbons. Its composition is not constant. It depends on the honey plants, from which the bees take pollen. It softens the skin, relieves and heals wounds.

Virtually no contraindications, except in rare cases of allergies. This is due to the presence of honey in its composition. Before applying a mask or cream on the skin, you can make sure that the body tolerates the product normally. To do this, melted in a water bath, wax is applied to the back of the hand.

Beeswax selection and quality determination

It is always better to use fresh wax. When choosing the buyer we recommend to pay attention to the smell. Natural wax has the taste and smell of honey.

Fresh has a pink or white color. If it is brown, then surely such a wax for several years. If the wax cut has a glossy, rather than a matte surface, then paraffin is mixed into its composition.

How to melt at home

To use the wax for its intended purpose, it is cleaned from coarse impurities, and, if necessary (if it is used for chewing or ingestion), it is cleaned two or three times. There are specially made in the factory wax tanks.

But they are not always on sale. Yes, and waxing furnaces are not cheap, since they are made using either aluminum or stainless steel.

Stoke in a water bath

Our ancestors had never heard of factory-made devices for wax heating. They successfully used the water bath method. It is easy to melt wax on it. By the way, it is still very popular because of its availability and cheapness. To do this, take two tanks of the same volume of 20-30 liters.. It can be enameled or aluminum pans, basins, troughs.

We collect crushed wax in one container, having previously washed it and cleared from a large fraction of garbage. Then we tie the top container with gauze. Fill another container with water by 40% with water and set on fire. After the water boils, turn over the container with the wax to a boiling pot (tank) with water.

The handles of the two containers are tied to each other, the water continues to boil over low heat for two to three hours.. The upper tank can be warmed with something. In this state, leave the wax until the next day. After all the contents have cooled, remove a yellow piece of wax from the container. It takes the form of the capacity in which it was.

Melting beeswax

Melt in solar waxes

Solar unit do it yourself. It is installed in an apiary or at home. This wax is valued higher, because in the process it is exposed to direct sunlight.

It is advisable to melt raw materials into them. WITHSolar waxing is a box (wooden or steel), covered with a frame with double glass. Inside this design, a stainless tin baking tray is installed at an angle of 40 degrees and a tin trough.

Some water is poured into this trough so that later it can be easily removed from the tank. Finely chopped product is pre-cleaned. Then placed on a baking sheet under the glass. The sun heats the glass, the space inside the structure, under the influence of rays, the wax begins to melt. For this, 70 degrees is enough. Through the grate on the baking sheet, it flows into the trough. As you can see, melt wax in this method is not difficult.

Beeswax: the benefits and harm

In the era of the development of the pharmaceutical business, many do not understand why beeswax is needed. Nowadays, wax is used in medicine, cosmetology and is used for technical purposes.

  • Beeswax is easily absorbed into the skin, so it is included in the composition of creams, ointments and patches. Ointments with the use of wax are effectively used to treat burns, wounds, cuts, due to its antiseptic properties.
  • Beeswax helps to get rid of smoking! It well sanitizes the oral cavity and strengthens the gums.
  • Beeswax obtained from zabrus is an excellent doctor of pharyngitis, stomatitis and diseases of the upper respiratory tract, due to the content of preservative and antibiotic substances.
  • Beeswax is a competitive analogue of toothpaste and chewing gum. Tried more than once: wonderful massages gums and removes food debris from the teeth.
  • And finally, beeswax is a material rich in sorbent. Часто слышу сомнения: можно ли есть воск из пчелиных сот? Проглотить кусочек очень даже полезно! Воск стимулирует железы внутренней секреции, запуская механизм перистальтики кишечника, действует как активированный уголь.I tried it, it works! Therefore, the fears of the series “whether it is possible to ingest beeswax from honeycombs” are not justified.

Can beeswax harm? Maybe in one single case, if a person is allergic to honey and bee products.

External use in folk medicine beeswax is justified even for allergy sufferers.

Beeswax: home use

The ancient Egyptians used beeswax for embalming, the ancient Greeks for the treatment of inflammatory diseases, in Russia from church beeswax made church candles. I think the readers of my blog will be most interesting to learn about the experience of the ancient Greeks.

Bee wax is highly valued in my family. Beeswax finds practical application at home in two versions: we either chew it or make a universal healing balm from it.

To prepare the balm will need:

  • 300 grams of sunflower (better than hemp or wheat germ oil) oil
  • 30 grams of wax
  • half boiled yolk.

All ingredients are mixed and cook in a water bath for 20 minutes after dissolving the wax. The resulting solution must be filtered several times through cheesecloth. Keep the balm in a dark cool place for a year. Balm applied externally - for the healing of wounds and burns and inwards - for pain in the throat or stomach.

For my readers, I picked up a few more options for how to use beeswax.

Beeswax for joint diseases

Melt the wax in a water bath, apply to cotton dense fabric. Within 10-15 minutes we give the wax “rest” and apply for 15 minutes to the sore joints, wrapping the place with a woolen scarf. After the application is done, the joint must be wrapped up and not supercooled. The procedure is carried out daily for 10-14 days.

Beeswax against corns and corns

Mix 100 grams of wax melted in a water bath with the same amount of propolis and pour the juice of one lemon. We make thin tortillas-plasters and apply them to sore spots, securing them with a medical plaster. We walk for several days. Previously recommended to steam out the legs with the addition of soda.

Beeswax lip balm

Due to the ability of wax to create a thin film on the lips, the balm based on it perfectly heals wounds. Take one teaspoon of wax and almond oil, twice the amount of cocoa butter and mix. The wax must first be melted in a water bath. The resulting hot mixture is poured into a small container or lipstick case, cooled and used as usual.

Beeswax in the composition of nourishing cream

To prepare, take half a glass of olive (peach, almond) and coconut oil, and wax melted in a water bath (about 50 grams). Stir and cool. To enhance the effect, add vitamins (E or A) and 10 drops of any essential oil that will act as a preservative. All thoroughly mixed. Store the cream must be in the refrigerator.

Beeswax for children's creativity

Soak the beeswax in hot water (50-60 degrees) for 20-30 minutes. The finished material will be plastic, soft and supple with a light honey aroma. A child can fantasize by inventing a variety of figures. After 10-15 minutes of active use, the wax will become hard again. Earlier, I had already given a positive answer to the question: “can I eat beeswax?”. Therefore, if your baby swallows some honey plasticine, there will be no harm.

Beware of fakes!

In the market or in the store, unscrupulous sellers can “push” a synthetic version of the wax to an inexperienced buyer. Where to get beeswax natural origin? Have proven honest beekeepers. If there are none in your environment, there are several signs of a natural product:

  • On the cut matte surface
  • The smell is light, honey
  • Hard consistency
  • Color from light yellow with a pink tinge to dark yellow
  • A melted piece of wax should not change its color.

All the waste products of hardworking bees benefit the person. Beeswax is no exception. It is quite simple to apply it, having remembered its main properties:

  • Wax - natural preservative, antibiotic, natural antimicrobial agent and sorbent
  • The wax mixes well in liquid form with vegetable and animal fats, but does not dissolve in water, glycerin or alcohol.
  • Melt the wax in a water bath, in order to maximize the preservation of its properties.

I wish my readers to try and love this product, and also actively use it for the benefit of their health!

The wax obtained directly from the apiary is considered the best. Its other types (depending on the method of processing and the quality of the feedstock) are inferior in its properties and quality:

  • press wax, which is produced industrially,
  • extraction wax (extraction with gasoline), which is too soft, smells bad, with a high content of tar and fat, it is most often used in the chemical industry,
  • bleached wax (the bleaching process occurs either chemically or naturally - in the sun), very hard, but fragile at kink, used in industry. Pure white wax is rare in nature. More often it is obtained artificially: it is bleached, removing all impurities industrially and at the same time destroying the useful substances contained in it.

Wax characteristics

Natural beeswax - a dense substance with a crystalline structure (granular and homogeneous at the break). At room temperature, it is hard, but when the temperature rises, it becomes plastic and kneads easily in the hands.

The quality of the wax depends on the melting point (the higher this index, the better). Refractory wax is valued more and it is often used in traditional medicine.

When burning wax does not emit soot (this property allows its use in the production of candles for churches and temples).

The wax can be stored for a long time in a cool dry room, fully preserving its properties. And in a glass vessel with a tight lid, its aroma and color will remain unchanged for a long time.

Natural wax is absolutely insoluble in glycerol, in water and slightly soluble in ethanol. When heated, it dissolves well in essential and fatty oils, in gasoline, in carbon disulfide, turpentine.

When interacting with metals, the color and quality of wax may change. It is not recommended to use metal dishes for over-melting.

Fresh honeycomb wax has a light shade (cream or almost white). He is most appreciated. Later under the influence of substances containing propolis, it turns yellow.

Wax in honeycombs that have served for more than one year gradually darkens, acquiring dark yellow, brown shades and even black. The darker the honeycomb, the less wax in them. Also the color of wax is affected by dyes in propolis and pollen, which are partially contained in it.

Wax composition

In the composition of beeswax, according to scientists, there are more than 300 active substances and chemical compounds. The most important of them are esters (the main component of this product), saturated hydrocarbons, a small amount of water, free fatty alcohols and acids, carotenoids, aromatic, mineral and coloring matter, vitamins, impurities in the form of larvae, propolis, pollen.

By chemical composition, it is similar to fats, but more complex. Esters, the content of which reaches up to 75% in it, protect the wax from chemical reactions when in contact with other substances, which provides this substance with such a long shelf life. Wax in excellent condition, preserved their qualities, found even in the ancient pyramids of Egypt.

What is useful beeswax?

Wax - one of the most important products in the apiary. This is due in part to the fact that it is mined in small quantities. But not only for this reason, it is so valuable. Its healing properties have long been studied by our ancestors. Although today the exact composition and its properties have not been studied until the end. And we often use beeswax at home, using old recipes, which are inherited from our ancestors.

So where and how can beeswax be used?

In creativity and in everyday life

In ancient Egypt, wax was necessary for sacrifices and at the graves of nobles. And our ancestors used wooden planks covered with a layer of wax for writing long before the invention of paper.

For centuries wax candles have been made to illuminate churches and homes. It is used in the composition of the ski ointment, in the composition of cement for gluing gypsum and marble, in mastic for grafting trees, in special pencils, to draw on glass.

Artists have long (and still have) painted with wax paints of great strength and beautiful gloss. This is confirmed by finds from archaeological excavations and literary sources. Wax is used when creating sculptures and children's art.

Folk and traditional medicine

To present traditional medicine without beeswax-based recipes is simply impossible. The healing properties of this bee product, containing wax, pollen and propolis, allow it to be used in medicine to nourish the skin, hair and nails, heal various lesions on the skin, relieve inflammation, relieve pain in rheumatism and arthritis.

This natural natural antibiotic, which has bactericidal and anti-inflammatory properties, is an excellent remedy for colds. It is used as a natural antidepressant, to strengthen the immune system, to improve metabolism.

Legendary doctors of antiquity: Avicenna, Pliny, Hippocrates - did not ignore beeswax.

Thus, the outstanding physician of the Middle Ages, Avicenna, recommended that this product be used by nursing mothers to increase milk lactation and as an expectorant and emollient when coughing and sore throat.

Hippocrates suggested that patients with sore throat apply warm wax compresses on the chest and neck.

The scientist of ancient Rome Pliny noted that fresh wax is considered the most useful. After examining its properties, he found that this product is able to pull out infection from wounds and heal various injuries and skin diseases, as well as warm, soften and promote skin renewal.

Such qualities of wax as elasticity, plasticity, softness, insolubility in water, low melting point, include beeswax as an indispensable component for many pharmaceutical and cosmetic preparations that are prepared on its basis - these are all kinds of ointments, warming bandages, patches.

Cosmetics and perfumes

Quite a lot is known about the use of beeswax in cosmetology, because as a basis it is included in the composition of nourishing, cleansing, whitening balms, creams, masks and other cosmetic preparations. This bee product, absorbed into the skin, makes it soft and smooth, has protective properties.

Beeswax - benefit or harm?

Without a doubt, the benefits of this bee product are enormous. But is it possible that this bee product can harm the human body?

Most often, preparations from wax or on its basis should be used with caution to people who are allergic to bee products (it may contain a small amount of honey and propolis). You can hurt yourself, if instead of a natural product to use low-quality wax with synthetic additives.

And, of course, do not self-medicate. Before using this or that preparation made on the basis of beeswax, it is necessary without fail to consult with the expert.

Is it possible to fake beeswax?

Yes it is possible. If you mix wax with paraffin (stearin, rosin or ceresin), the result will be a mixture with a new taste, smell and new properties.

But how to distinguish counterfeit from a quality product? On what grounds can you determine what is in front of you: a quality natural product or a fake?

  • First of all, pay attention to the color. Natural wax can be almost white, yellowish, brown, brown and even black (the color depends on the type of pollen the bees fed on, on the raw material and the method of processing). But it does not change color when heated. Fake leaves fat traces, and its color changes.
  • The wax of good quality has almost no taste (there is a slight peculiar flavor with honey-propolis notes). If there are extraneous additives in the wax, then it will smell like the substance that is added to it (stearin, paraffin, ceresin, rosin).
  • When the paraffin content on the surface of a piece of wax on impact, a dent is formed with lighter edges. Natural wax without impurities with a fairly solid and dense structure at impact will crack.
  • If you cut an ingot with additives, its cuts will be smooth and shiny with large crystals. In a quality product, a fine-grained structure is visible at the fracture site.
  • The fake wax crumbles when cut with a knife. If you cut the strip with high-quality wax, a long spiral is formed.
  • Beeswax chews well, becomes plastic, does not stick to the teeth. Its impurities make it sticky.
  • Another tip: focus on cost. Natural wax is an expensive product.

You can buy wax directly from beekeepers at fairs, markets, in specialized stores. You can stock up on them for the future, given that beeswax is stored for a long time. More on how to use beeswax, including at home, we will talk next time.