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Cranberries: health benefits and harm, treatment with juice from berries


Cranberries are an invaluable treasure of the forest storeroom. The richest chemical composition of this berry gave her the second, the popular name - "sour doctor". Everyone knows how great the benefits of cranberries for the body. But in order that this berry does not harm, it is desirable to know its properties well, then in what case it should be consumed, and to whom it is contraindicated.

General information

The cranberry is a short, evergreen shrub of the heather family. It grows on peatlands and marshes. Flowering plant in late spring or early summer, and fruits in September.

Low shoots cranberries reach thirty centimeters. The fruits are small, round, dark red in color, from 8 mm (for wild) to 2 cm (for some cultivars) in diameter.

In Russia, as a rule, berries are harvested by hand, although this is quite a troublesome process. And in Canada, the United States, Belarus, Poland, the industrial method of collecting cranberries is widespread. Do it in the fall, spring and even in the winter.

It is believed that the "snow" berries, harvested in early spring - the sweetest. But in the autumn harvest, harvested after the first frost, the use of cranberries is most pronounced. At this time, the berry is very juicy and tasty.

Calorie content

The energy value of cranberry is low. For berries grown on plantations, it is 26 kcal, and for wild-growing - 35.4 kcal (per 100 grams). In the quick-frozen cranberries contain 15.2 kcal. But the berry, ground with sugar, is already much more nutritious - almost 272 kcal. The energy value of dried cranberries is 308 kcal.

The share of carbohydrates in the specified amount of fresh berries accounts for almost 4 g. Proteins contain less than half a gram, and altogether 0.2 g of fat. On average, 2 g fall on fiber, 0.3 g on ash. Fresh cranberries are 90% water.

Useful material

The complex of valuable substances on which the unique benefits of cranberries are based is truly impressive. It is a storehouse of vitamins (C, K, A, many from group B). In the berries of the high content of potassium. Cranberries and other macronutrients are rich (calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, sodium). It also contains iron, iodine, manganese and copper.

Organic acids (citric, oxalic, quinic, malic, benzoic, and others) are abundant in cranberries. As well as phenolic compounds that provide protection from radiation and prevent cancer.

The use of cranberries for the organism experiencing the harmful effects of radioactive substances, as well as salts of heavy metals, is due to its high content of pectin. Its important quality is the ability to bind and remove compounds of lead, cesium, cobalt. Therefore, it is desirable to include cranberries in the diet of people engaged in hazardous production.

Cautions and Contraindications

Extreme caution should be used cranberries to people prone to allergies. Intolerance of any substance in its composition is not excluded.

Nursing mothers, as well as children who have not yet turned three years old, eat cranberries is prohibited.

This berry can significantly harm people who have a high level of acidity of gastric juice. The same applies to those who suffer from ulcers. Acids that are abundant in cranberries can damage gastric tissue. The benefits and harms of cranberries in this situation, however, can be balanced - it is enough to rub the berries with sugar. Then they will retain their healing qualities, but they will not cause trouble to the body.

Do not use whole cranberry juice. It is advisable to dilute it with water, adding honey or sugar to taste. Do not advise also eat cranberries on an empty stomach - it is best to complete it with a meal. After eating berries it will be useful to rinse the mouth with water to avoid damage to the tooth enamel acid.

The benefits and harms of cranberries during pregnancy

The moderate use of cranberries during pregnancy will help prevent or eliminate many health problems that await a woman at this time.

In the period of childbirth, the expectant mother very often faces diseases of the genitourinary system and kidneys. Drinking beverages based on cranberry juice blocks the spread of bacteria, detrimental effect on many strains of microorganisms. And also opposes cystitis, urethritis and pyelonephritis.

The unconditional benefit of cranberries for a woman preparing to become a mother lies in her ability to strengthen the immune system, normalize the uterine placental circulation, prevent the fetal development of intrauterine growth.

Also drinks from this berry improve tissue reactions in the body of a pregnant woman. As a consequence, it is possible to avoid the edemas and edemas.

The benefits of cranberry during pregnancy is associated with antioxidants that make up its composition. These berries positively affect the memory and activity of the central nervous system, minimize the risk of postpartum depression.

However, you should be aware that cranberries should not be used by women with diseases of the digestive system, as well as future mothers who take sulfa drugs.

Dried cranberries

It is interesting to know that the benefits of dried cranberries are no less than freshly harvested. Therefore, this method of harvesting these berries is popular and widely applicable.

First, the berries should be picked, rinsed, and then stand for a few minutes over the hot steam (or blanch in boiling water).

Then they are required to be scattered on a wide plane (wooden or covered with linen cloth) and left to air dry in the shade or in a well-ventilated room. You can also use an oven, a special fruit dryer or a microwave oven for this purpose.

Ready-made berries do not stick together into lumps and stop coloring fingers with juice. They are scattered in cloth bags and stored for up to three years.

Cranberry juice

Useful and tasty drink, cranberry juice, you can prepare for this recipe:

  • You should take a glass of fresh (or frozen) cranberries, a third of a glass of sugar and a half liter of water.
  • Berries, if necessary, defrost and squeeze the juice, which so far set aside.
  • Cake filled with sugar and pour water. It should be boiled on low heat for no more than a couple of minutes, then cool.
  • Mix the broth with cranberry juice.

The resulting juice is recommended to drink a glass a day, preferably in two or three visits between meals.

Cranberries can also be used to make jam, kvass, jelly, cake stuffing, and even candy. In any form, it will additionally serve the body with medicine.

Chemical composition and features

Cranberries are a red and sour-tasting berry growing in the northern latitudes of Russia and other countries. She is known for her healing properties and rich vitamin composition. It is often used in cooking as an additive for the enrichment of products with useful components, in medicine and even cosmetology. And all this thanks to its multivitamin composition.

Caloric content of 100 grams of fresh berries is 25−28 calories, and already much more dried - 300 kcal. This difference is due to the loss of moisture, because when drying berries lose weight, and useful components, acids and sugars remain. Considering the chemical composition of cranberries can be noted the content of such substances:

  • protein - 0.5 g,
  • carbohydrates - 3.7 g,
  • fats - 0.2 g,
  • dietary fiber - 3.3 g,
  • water - 88.9 g,
  • mono - and disaccharides - 3.7 g

The beneficial properties of cranberries for the human body are also due to the presence in its composition lots of vitamins. Among them, the most valuable are (figure in mg):

  • B1 - 0.02,
  • B2 - 0.02,
  • B6 - 0.08,
  • B9 - 1 mcg
  • C - 15,
  • E - 1,
  • PP - 0.3.

Of the minerals can be noted the presence of magnesium, aluminum, manganese, silver, iron, copper, zinc, barium, potassium, iodine, chromium, boron. Potassium (119 mg), magnesium and calcium 15 mg each, and 11 mg phosphorus are the most abundant. In addition, the berry contains tannins, amino acids, antioxidants, pectins and flavonoids (in general, everything that is needed for health).

Such a rich composition allows cranberry to be called a real antibiotic and a defender against viruses, and this is not all that the cranberry is good for the human body.

The medicinal properties of cranberries for women's health

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Hello my dear.

Today we continue the theme of berries and talk about cranberries. One of the most useful berries of Siberia.

You will learn the benefits of cranberries for women, why they should be used during pregnancy. How much vitamin C is in it. And also, a new series of medical recipes: fruit drink for colds and tea for bronchitis.

How it helps women after 50 years, and how to reduce the symptoms of cystitis with berries. And two drinks recipes from this disease. This is a powerful helper to enhance women's health.

Cranberry is considered to be the favorite and popular Russian berry, it was known to people in ancient times. Mention of this natural gift is also found in the famous “Domostroi”, where it was proposed to be used not only in cooking, but also as a national medicine.

The beneficial properties of red berries are due to their rich composition, so the northern harvest is used to prepare medicinal drinks and medicines, in addition, cranberries are traditionally the product recommended for women. About what it is useful, the article will tell.