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Propolis tincture on alcohol: instructions for preparation and use


Description relevant to 21.08.2015

  • Latin name: Tinctura Propolisi
  • ATH code: D03AX12
  • Active substance: Propolis (Propolisum)
  • Manufacturer: Evalar, Moscow Pharmaceutical Factory, Krasnodar Pharmaceutical Factory, Vladivostok Pharmaceutical Factory, Ivanovo Pharmaceutical Factory, Yaroslavl Pharmaceutical Factory, Kemerovo Pharmaceutical Factory, Tatkhimpharmpreparaty, Tver Pharmaceutical Factory, Marbiopharm, Kirov Pharmaceutical Factory (Russia)

Alcohol tincture of Propolis includes propolisand ethanol80%.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

Propolis is a useful natural substance that contains many mineral and organic substances: selenium, phosphorus, iron, zinc, vitamins A, group B and E, calcium, copper, aluminum, siliconas well as many important for the body amino acids. In addition, it contains oils and flavonoidsrendering antibacterialact.

The use of alcoholic propolis tincture is possible for the treatment infectiousdiseases provoked by bacteria. It can be used in the treatment of respiratory diseases, middle ear inflammation, flu, sore throats. Acceptance of this drug also contributes to the overall recovery of the body.

The drug is able to provide vasodilatoreffect, due to which it is useful in treating people with high HELLheart pains and local atherosclerosis.

By anti-inflammatoryand local pain medicationaction it is used during therapy arthritis, pains in the joints, back, spine, shoulders, arms and leg. Its reception improves blood circulation in the muscles, reduces inflammation and fatigue.

The use of propolis tincture inside has a calming effect on the body. It can be taken at headache, tinnitus, depressed, insomnia etc. This tool is also used for detoxification. It helps with skin problems and is used to treat wounds, acne, infectiousdiseaseshands, nails and legs.

Indications for use

The use of propolis tincture on alcohol is possible in many cases. It is usually used for microtraumas, otitis, tonsillitisdiseases periodontal disease, superficial damage to the skin and mucous membranes, pharyngitis, sinus.

At home, often used propolis tincture for hair. It is used to prepare masks against hair loss, dandruff, as well as to strengthen the hair follicles. The tool can be purchased at pharmacies, in addition, if there is a prescription, you can prepare it yourself.

It is very helpful to take medicine for the intestines in case of inflammation, as well as gastritis.

Topically used propolis tincture for acne, atherosclerosis, callus, eczema, wounds, fistulas, bedsores, hemorrhoids, psoriasis, burns. To enhance the effect it can be applied inside.

In more detail about in what cases the given means can be applied and that treats, in each separate case it is better to consult with the expert.

Side effects

Treatment with this remedy may cause allergic reactions and a short burning sensation. Before taking propolis tincture, it is necessary to exclude individual intolerance of the drug. If there were allergic reactions, reception should stop.

Instructions for use propolis tincture (method and dosage)

For those who show propolis tincture, instructions for use indicate that the tool can be used inside and out.

Inside take on 20-60 drops with ¼ or ½ of the water machine. This should be done 3 times a day for 5-30 days. With peptic ulcer The course of application is designed for 3-4 weeks.

Instructions for the use of propolis tincture outwardly reports that this can be done with microtraumas and wounds. Then the affected places are treated with a swab with the drug 1-3 times a day. With chronic pharyngitis and tonsillitistonsils are smeared with tincture, which is diluted with water 1 to 2. This should be done 1-2 times a day for 7-14 days. In addition, can do 1-2 inhalationin which the propolis tincture is applied on water (dilute 1 to 20).

The tool is used to rinse with wounds on the oral mucosa, as well as inflammatory diseasesmouth and throat. It is important to know how to gargle properly. To do this, 15 ml of tincture diluted with a glass or ½ cup of warm water. Rinses are held 4-5 times a day for 3-4 days.

When chronic purulent otitis Injected into the ear swab soaked in medicine for 1-2 minutes. This should be done 2-3 times a day. In addition, you can bury 1-2 drops 3-4 times a day.

Tincture with sinusused in combination with an isotonic solution of sodium chloride (1 to 10). It is used 2 times a day for 2 weeks.

For the treatment and strengthening of hair used alcohol tincture, which is applied after shampooing. The tool does not need to be washed off. For maximum effect, it is recommended to use it every day or every other day.

Preparation of propolis tincture on alcohol is quite a simple task. Propolis is dissolved in pure medical alcohol (1 to 10 ratio). That is, 10 g need 100 ml of alcohol. Before you prepare the propolis tincture, it is desirable to grind it well, for example, using a grater. Crumbled means put in a bottle or bottle, and then pour alcohol and insist in a dark place for 7-10 days, shaking the vessel every day. If you keep the tool in a cold place, it can maintain its healing properties for three years. By the same principle, you can make tincture on vodka.

Water preparation is more difficult to prepare and its shelf life is less - about a week. Before you make a tincture of propolis, you need to grind it well, preferably using a stone mortar with a pestle. About 100 g of propolis is found per 100 ml of water. The mixture is boiled in a water bath for about 60 minutes, it needs to be constantly stirred with a wooden spoon. After that, it is necessary to strain the extract of propolis and put in a cold place.

During pregnancy and lactation

It is undesirable to use tincture when of pregnancy and breastfeeding. Contraindications in this case are not specified. However, special studies on the effects of drugs during pregnancy have not been conducted, so its use is not recommended.

Reviews of propolis tincture

Reviews of propolis tincture mostly positive. Patients use it in many diseases, and reports of side effects are extremely rare.

Many women also leave feedback on the setting of propolis for hair. All of them are mostly positive. According to them, the tool gives a luxurious shine to hair, helps to cope with dandruff and excessive loss. However, you need to use it every day.

The benefits of tincture

Propolis is the glue produced by the worker bees, it serves for the entire bee swarm as a substance for closing the cracks in the hive or as a kind of "lid" on the honeycomb.

Propolis is also a means to maintain cleanliness in the bee house, and therefore, has a huge amount of useful substances, like other bee products. Propolis is a unique substance that retains its beneficial properties even after heat treatment. This is his opportunity and allows you to cook various tinctures from bee glue.

The beneficial properties of propolis tincture are not yet fully understood, but there are a number of problems that this tool can easily cope with:

  • harmful bacteria (antibacterial properties),
  • toxins
  • inflammations
  • reduced immunity
  • other problems both inside the body and outside.

Propolis tincture on alcohol - how to cook and apply

This wonderful tincture can be prepared at home. The main thing is to determine the desired concentration. It can vary from 5% to 50%.

Of course, the use of highly concentrated tincture is contraindicated, but it can then be diluted. Whoever you like. This article will be reviewed.

Recipes for homemade propolis tincture with alcohol at 10% concentration

To do this, you will need 10 g of propolis, pre-cooled in the refrigerator. So it is more convenient to rub it, because it hardens.

It is necessary to grind it on a fine grater, and then pour it with cold water. Everything that comes up, gently drain, as it is considered a kind of garbage. Now about the preparation of tincture.

There are two ways that differ in the duration of cooking: in the first case - fast, in the second - longer. Both options are presented below.

  • Heat 70% medical alcohol in an amount of 90 ml in a water bath.
  • Add crushed propolis and mix well until a homogeneous liquid is obtained.
  • The resulting mixture, without boiling, remove and strain through cheesecloth.
  • Fill the resulting tincture bottle, preferably from dark glass and cork.
  • Store tincture on the basis of propolis in a dark cool place.

The same 70% alcohol in the same amount is poured into a glass bottle and add the grated propolis. Put insist in a dark warm place for two weeks and shake every day twice. Then also corked and stored.

It is clear that in order to prepare a propolis tincture of 50% concentration, 50 g of propolis and 50 ml of alcohol base will be needed. So, if desired, the proportions can be changed and immediately prepared tincture with the desired concentration, so that it is not further diluted further.

Why use tincture

For what and from what is used such a tincture? This is a universal remedy for a complex of diseases, and is also used as a vitamin extract. Below is a list of diseases in which propolis tincture of alcohol is used as a medicine:

  • with flu, otitis, sinusitis, cold,
  • with problems of the oral cavity: stomatitis, periodontal disease, caries,
  • with diseases of the liver and gastrointestinal tract, gastritis, gastric ulcers,
  • in case of skin damage: wounds, burns, etc.
  • for insomnia
  • with muscle and joint pain,
  • to enhance immunity
  • to thin the blood.

In fact, this list goes on and on; here, far from all the diseases with which propolis tincture helps to fight are given, in fact there are countless of them.

How to take propolis tincture?

How to take alcoholic propolis tincture? The dosage, of course, depends on the disease. In any case, for the beginning it is recommended to take a tincture for several days with a weak concentration (5%), in order to check if it will not cause allergies in a particular person.

If everything is in order and no negative reaction is observed, treatment can be continued in accordance with the recommended concentration. Next will be presented specific common diseases and instructions for using propolis tincture to combat them, which include: duration of treatment, dosage and method of application.

With cold, runny nose and sinus

Recommended inhalation of tincture vapors (inhalation).

  • To do this, in 1 liter of boiling water add 1 tsp. propolis tincture, stir.
  • Put the saucepan with the mixture on the surface, cover with a blanket and inhale the steam.
  • The duration of one such visit is at least 10 minutes.

Inhalation is best twice a day for effectiveness. In addition, for colds, you can simply add 30 drops to warm tea, milk or water and use it three times a day.

With vascular diseases

Take propolis tincture mixed with tincture of garlic.

For cooking, garlic (200 g) is poured with 1 glass of alcohol and removed for 10 days in a dark place, sometimes shaking. After the specified time, add 50 g of honey and 30 ml of 10% propolis tincture. That's the whole recipe. Take 20 drops three times a day.

Nail fungus

Since propolis tincture is an excellent antibacterial agent, it can also be used in the event of nail fungus.

To do this, moisten cotton swabs in a clean tincture of 30% concentration and apply to the affected fungus. As soon as the tampon dries, replace it with a new one.

Propolis tincture on water

As you can see, alcohol-based propolis tincture is truly a universal remedy. Sometimes the following problem may arise: what if alcohol is absolutely contraindicated for a person, but there is a desire to be treated with propolis?

In this case, you can prepare the tincture not on alcohol, but on the water, its only drawback is that it is not stored for so long: it must be consumed within a week.


  • mix boiled water with propolis chopped on a grater in a ratio of 2: 1 respectively,
  • heat the composition in a water bath for no more than an hour,
  • then remove, cool and leave to infuse for 6 h.

After that, you can pour into a bottle and store in a cool place. Typically, an aqueous solution of propolis is suitable for children and pregnant women.


Contraindications per se are not. It is clear that, like any product, propolis tincture in some cases can cause allergic reactions. Also, as well as at reception of each other medicine, at acceptance of propolis tincture side effects can be shown.

These include: itching, nausea, headaches, fever, shortness of breath, redness and other not very pleasant things - this is a manifestation of allergies.

And most importantly - the course of treatment with propolis in all cases should not last more than a month without interruption. Otherwise, the treatment will be to the detriment of itself.

In addition, it is necessary to comply with these dosages for specific diseases. Excessive use of propolis tincture is also not recommended, after all, it is considered a cure, and not a regular tincture.

In principle, if you make a test for an allergic reaction (take propolis tincture of 5% concentration for several days and monitor your health), observe the dosage and duration of treatment, then there should be no problems with taking this drug.

Pharmacy tincture of propolis costs from 30 to 100 rubles.

Video recipe of propolis tincture

Due to this, propolis has the following effect on the body:

  • antibacterial,
  • antitoxic,
  • dermaplastic,
  • vasoconstrictor,
  • anti-inflammatory,
  • antioxidant,
  • immunomodulatory.

Today, bee glue is used not only by healers and herbalists, but also by representatives of official medical science.

What is used propolis tincture in folk medicine

As mentioned above, propolis helps from many diseases. Methods of application tinctures in this case can vary significantly. You should consider using the drug in each case.

Diseases of the digestive tract

To prepare the tincture, 20 grams of propolis is crushed and 80 ml of 90% or 70% ethanol is poured. Vodka can be used, but the concentration of ethanol in it does not allow the maximum amount of necessary substances to be completely extracted from the product.

The components of the product are mixed, poured into glassware from opaque glass, and then placed in a dark cool place for 2 weeks. During this time, the drug is periodically shaken. After the expiration of the tincture is filtered through several layers of gauze. This recipe is used for all diseases that are treated with bee glue.

For diseases of the stomach and intestines, the tincture is consumed in 20 drops each, pre-mixed in a glass of water. Frequency of admission is once a day. The course of treatment is six months. It is better if the composition will be used on an empty stomach.

During treatment, the patients' condition improves significantly: gastritis and gastroenteritis disappear, chronic inflammations go into a remission stage. At the indicated dosage, the drug is safe for patients with peptic ulcer disease. However, its use requires prior consultation with a specialist.

Liver diseases

Liver diseases are always accompanied by intoxication, which the diseased organ cannot overcome. This will help him propolis tincture. Take the tool should be long, six months or more. Begin reception with 1 drop per glass of water, once a day, on an empty stomach. Daily the number of drops is increased until it reaches 40-50 per reception.

During treatment, patients decrease the level of intoxication, accelerate the regeneration of hepatocytes (liver cells). This fact was officially confirmed in the course of the research.


Instructions for use of propolis tincture with pancreatitis prescribes the use of 40-60 drops per reception. This amount of medicine is stirred in a quarter cup of milk and drunk on an empty stomach, once a day. The course is 3-4 weeks.

Propolis contributes to the rapid resorption of necrotic tissue, the regeneration of the gland, the elimination of inflammation and the reduction of pain. It is important to remember that acute pancreatitis should be treated in a hospital. The product of beekeeping can play only a supporting role.


To stabilize blood pressure tincture should be taken 30 drops, three times a day. It is better if reception will be carried out one hour before meals. The course of treatment is 20 days. Drops drink, mixed with a quarter cup of milk or water.

It is proved that propolis contributes to the normalization of pressure, leads him to normal, but does not lower below the normal level.This is due to some influence on the vasomotor center of the brain and vascular tone.

Cold and flu, nasal congestion, sinusitis

“Cold” diseases of the upper respiratory tract are well treated with the infusion discussed. To do this, you need to add a teaspoon of the drug to a glass of warm tea or milk. With a cold and sinus it is possible to heat the milk and breathe it a little hot with steam. After cooling, the medicine is taken orally. The course of treatment is until the symptoms disappear. On average, this is 5-7 days.

Due to the pronounced anti-inflammatory and antiseptic effect, propolis accelerates recovery. In addition, the substance stimulates the immune mechanisms, which also helps to reduce the time of illness.

When otitis alcoholic propolis tincture is used topically. For this gauze turunda moistened with a solution, squeeze and insert into the ear. The procedure is carried out daily, leaving the turunda for 1-2 hours. If unpleasant sensations appear, the swab should be removed. The duration of treatment is 1-2 weeks, depending on the rate of convalescence.

To speed up the regeneration, you can take the tincture inside. This should be done according to the scheme used in the treatment of inflammatory pathology of the respiratory tract. The local action of propolis disinfects and soothes the inflamed area, systemic - stimulates the immune system.

Dental diseases

In dentistry, propolis alcohol solution is used to rinse with stomatitis, candida, ulcers. For the procedure it is necessary to dissolve 30 drops of tincture in a glass of water. The resulting composition to collect in the mouth, hold it a little, rinsing through the mouth, and then spit.

The antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect of propolis reduces the intensity of the pathological process, destroys pathogenic microflora, promotes tissue regeneration. The treatment is carried out twice a day, until the symptoms of the disease disappear.

When tonsillitis propolis tincture is used as a gargle for the throat. The working solution is prepared by mixing a tablespoon of medicine with 200 ml of water. Rinsing is carried out up to 5-6 times a day. Local treatment of the glands with a cotton swab dipped in tincture is also possible. To do this, it is diluted with clean drinking water in a 1: 1 ratio.

The use of tincture with tonsillitis contributes to the destruction of pathogenic microflora (propolis - a broad spectrum antiseptic), tissue regeneration, enhancement of local immunity. Propolis is not used as the sole treatment.

For the treatment of prostatitis tincture taken three times a day, adding 30 drops of the drug in warm milk. Reception is carried out inside half an hour before meals. The total duration of the course of therapy is 4-6 months.

In addition to the antiseptic and immunostimulating action, in the treatment of prostate inflammation with propolis, its ability to stimulate testosterone production is important. Also, the drug is an antioxidant, which reduces the risk of developing prostate cancer.


When mastopathy propolis tincture drink 2 times a day, before meals. Dose - 1 teaspoon per ½ cup of water or milk. Course duration - 3-6 months. With the permission of the doctor, the remedy can be used as the only method of treatment for the initial forms of the disease. Severe and neglected cases require a traditional approach to therapy.

The basis of the action of bee glue in this case is its hormonal and immunostimulating component. The tool contributes to the correction of a woman's own hormonal background, the resorption of nodes, the prevention of severe complications.

Dermatological diseases, herpes

For skin diseases, including herpes sores, are treated by local application of propolis tincture. To do this, use a cotton swab dipped in the medication. Treatment should be carried out several times a day, until the symptoms of the disease disappear. This method can also be used for minor burns, scratches, wounds. Traumatic injuries are treated at the edges, preventing infusion of tincture in the wound.

Note: for large burns and wounds, propolis-based ointments with a non-alcohol base are used. Ointment can be made independently by mixing crushed propolis with petroleum jelly or lanolin.

Acne, acne

For the treatment of acne, age-related acne tincture based on propolis is applied topically. To do this, several times a day to treat the skin in the places most affected by the disease. Before treatment, areas exposed to acne, it is recommended to rinse with cool water. In severe cases, the tincture is used not only topically, but also inside. Dosages for teens are 8-10 drops for a sufficient amount of water (50-250 ml), for adults - 15-20 drops.

Immunodeficiency states

In order to stimulate the immune system, the intake of tincture is increased on an incremental scale. On the first day, you need to drink one drop of the product, diluting the extract in a small amount of water, on the second - two, etc. The dose is increased to 30 drops per reception. Further, the amount of the drug is gradually reduced until the dose again reaches 1 drop. After this, the course of treatment is considered complete. The procedure is repeated several times a year: in the autumn - spring period of time. A contraindication is the children's age and allergic reactions to the components of the product.

Gynecological diseases

In gynecology alcohol tincture is used only inside. When treating diseases of the female urogenital system, the drug is taken in 20 drops per glass of water, once a day on an empty stomach. The duration of treatment depends on the dynamics of the disease and the effectiveness of therapy. On average, tincture is taken 3-4 months.

To the note: the local use of the tincture on alcohol for vaginal douching is unacceptable! Such actions can cause chemical burns of the mucous membranes.


For the treatment of atherosclerosis, 50:50 crushed garlic is added to the propolis tincture. After this means insist in a dark place for 1-2 weeks, filtered through a layer of gauze and take inside. Use the resulting product should be three times a day for 20 drops, previously dissolved in 50-100 ml of water. Reception is carried out before meals.

The use of garlic and propolis helps to reduce the level of low-density lipids in the blood, while maintaining useful high-density lipids. The course of treatment is 1-2 months, after which you should take a blood test for cholesterol and lipid profile.

Depression, disorders of the nervous system

For depressive disorders, propolis tincture is taken in 30 drops per reception three times a day. The drug can be added to tea. The sedative effect develops already for 2-3 days of treatment, but the full course of therapy is 3-4 weeks. Propolis has a calming and stabilizing effect, prevents the development of severe depression and psychosis.

In general, propolis tincture, the medicinal properties of which have been well studied for a long time, allows you to fight against various diseases. It should be remembered that the development of pharmacological action will require a long period of time. Therefore, propolis is not suitable for the treatment of acute conditions. In such situations, you should contact a specialist for examination and appointment of therapy with the use of fast-acting drugs.

What is needed

For the preparation of a 10 percent curative we will need:

  • 400 ml of medical pure alcohol (96 °),
  • 200 ml of purified water
  • 60 g of crushed fresh or dry propolis,
  • liter glass jar
  • cap,
  • machine for rolling canning.

Water can be any: purified from the filter or purchased in the store (clean, without gas), well, but in no case can not use tap water, because it contains a large amount of harmful impurities.

Cooking recipe with photo and video

In order to prepare high-quality propolis tincture, it is necessary to strictly follow all the steps below:

  1. We take a liter glass jar and pour 200 ml of pure water into it.
  2. Add 400 ml of alcohol to the water and get a 63-65-degree alcohol solution (when adding alcohol, a colorless chemical reaction occurs with the release of heat).
  3. Pour 60 g of crushed propolis into the finished alcohol solution, roll the lid and shake well.
  4. Leave the resulting solution in a dark place and shake the contents at least 5 times a day.
  5. After 10-14 days, the drug is fully prepared. Pour the contents into another glass jar (preferably opaque), discard the precipitate, and store the tincture in a cool dark place.

Video: how to make propolis tincture on alcohol

How to use tincture: scheme

Tincture, prepared at home, has an impressive amount of useful and healing properties, such a substance should be in every home: both for the treatment of diseases and for prevention.

Pharmaceuticals from propolis give the same effect as home remedies, the only difference being that it is more expensive.

In diseases of the gastrointestinal tract

If you have problems with the gastrointestinal tract, the use of bee glue is what you need. With abdominal pain - it is necessary to dissolve 2 ml of tincture in 1 cup of hot water and add a spoonful of honey. Drink before bedtime in small sips.

When gastritis - 1/3 cup of warm milk or water, you must take 20 drops of tincture. Stir and drink one hour before each meal.


When pancreatitis is necessary to dissolve in half a glass of warm water 10 drops of propolis tincture, mix well. This medicine must be drunk 3 times a day for an hour before meals. The course of treatment is 2 weeks.

For the treatment of ear inflammation, a 30% propolis tincture is needed, which can be purchased at a pharmacy or by yourself, having correctly calculated the proportions of alcohol, water, and bee glue itself. It is applied as follows: a cotton swab is moistened in the tincture and inserted into the ear once a day for 30-60 minutes. The course of treatment is 7-14 days. Every day you need to insert a fresh swab.

If you have dental problems

For the treatment of toothache with propolis, it is customary to apply rinsing. It is necessary to mix 20 drops of tincture with 150 g of warm water. The resulting mixture should thoroughly rinse your mouth. Repeat the procedure no more than 3 times a day.

For the treatment of periodontal disease it is necessary to take small pieces of gauze, soak them in bee medicine and attach to the sick gums for 5 minutes. Apply every 3 days.

For skin diseases

For the treatment of skin diseases, it is necessary to moisten a cotton swab or gauze in the tincture and gently treat the damaged skin in the morning and evening. Carry out the procedure until complete healing.

For the treatment of acne and acne, you can prepare a mask:

  1. To do this, you can take the usual cosmetic mask or make a homemade (based on sour cream, kefir, etc.).
  2. Add a teaspoon of bee agent to it. Mix well and apply on face for 20 minutes.
  3. Wash off with warm water. You will be amazed by the quick results.