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Chicken limb problems: solutions

Unfortunately, sometimes chick development does not go as planned. They can be ill, eat poorly, gain slowly weight. There are pathological manifestations on the limbs. Broilers chickens can not stand up. Their legs are moving to the splits. Such chicks are called shpagatik. Why is a normal healthy chicken suddenly unable to stand on its paws? Can this be fixed?

Causes of pathology

One of the reasons for the appearance of twine in chicks is called the wrong flooring in the chicken coop or in the box where they contain young. The floor should not be slippery. Often it is covered with oilcloth. It is easy to wash. To prevent the chicks from slipping over the oilcloth, sawdust is poured on it. Chicks will move normally on the floor, feet will not disperse. Otherwise, bilateral hip joint dislocation may occur.

In case of floor keeping of young stock, it is necessary to organize the litter correctly. Spread lime on the floor. Then comes a layer of sawdust and straw. The depth of the litter is not less than 5 cm. For adults, the litter thickness can reach 20 cm: the splits occur not only in chickens, but also in adult birds.

  1. Another reason for weakness of the legs is improper nutrition. Experts advise beginners in the poultry industry to feed livestock with a combined feed. It is balanced not only for proteins, but also for minerals and vitamin supplements. Limbs become weak with a lack of vitamin "A", "B", "D". Making a diet is difficult. Requires skill and knowledge.
  2. The improper consistency of the feed for young animals leads to the fact that the chickens simply can not eat it. Chicks can just be hungry. They do not have the strength to stand up. They are leaving. All feed must be shredded.
  3. Young animals are always kept away from adults. There are several reasons for this. Large birds can trample chicks, displace them from the feeder. Chicks are likely to be plucked by adults. Transfer of young stock is carried out when individuals reach a weight of more than 1 kg.
  4. If the pathology of the extremities is manifested in newborn chicks, it may mean that the temperature regime was disturbed during the incubation period. Experts say that the optimal temperature at which normal development of the embryo occurs is 37.9 C. By the 15th day, the temperature is gradually reduced by 1 degree. By 21 days, another 1 degree. Eggs are constantly turned over. Withstand a moisture percentage of 55%.

Pathology of the limbs, deformities occur when crossing individuals that are close relatives. Petrels in the private sector and livestock factories in factories should ensure that the family of birds is correctly made. Crossing of individuals with family ties in the 4th generation is allowed.

How to treat chickens-twine?

On large farms, chickens that suffer from limb abnormalities are culled. No treatment is prescribed. The problem is analyzed, resorted to the adjustment of the diet. Young animals are given mineral salts and vitamin complexes. The podvortsy on forums discuss chickens-twine.

They receive advice from both experienced poultry farmers and veterinarians on how to treat chicks suffering from weak legs. Therapy is complex, it comes down to a change in nutrition, the introduction of vitamins, massage of the limbs, fixation of the legs with the help of devices.

  • Chickens are given Rex Vital. This is a complex of amino acids and vitamins. 3 g per 10 liters of water. They feed the chickens for 5 days.
  • "Trivitamin P" - the drug contains a complex of vitamins "B". Vitamins are prescribed to birds for inflammation of the mucous eyes, a violation of plumage, with weak legs. Veterinarians recommend mixing the drug with food. Use 51 ml per 1 kg of feed. You can enter the drug through the oral cavity. Dosage for chickens 2 drops per day. Duration of therapy is 5-7 days.
  • Fish oil - 0.2 ml mixed with food. This is a daily dose for 1 chick.
  • "Pentavit" - pill is divided into parts. For a chicken enough pieces, the size of a grain of wheat. Therapy lasts 3-5 days.
  • "Calcium gluconate" tablets: enough parts the size of a grain of buckwheat. Treatment up to 7 days.
  • "Ascorbic acid" - ¼ part of pills, 4 days.

Split chickens get vitamins in the complex, except for fish oil. It is administered to chicks after the end of therapy. Otherwise, there may be an overabundance of vitamins in the body, which can lead to new pathologies, a violation of the gastrointestinal tract, reduced immunity.