General information

Tovit Jet acaricidal fungicide: why not colloidal sulfur and how to apply it?


"Tiovit Jet" - a fungicide of contact action of inorganic origin. One of its active components is sulfur vapor. The drug protects fruits, berries and vegetables from various types of powdery mildew: false, American, ovidium, inhibits the vital processes of the pathogens of these diseases. In addition, the acaricidal properties of the drug help to fight ticks.

"Tiovit Jet": description

Available in the form of water-dispersed granules of sulfur 800 g / kg. This means that they are completely dissolved in water.

When fully dissolved, a stable suspension is formed. She long held on the leaves and stem of the plant. Developed the drug in the company "Singenta" (Switzerland).

Sulfur secreted by the fungicide enters the pathogenic cells and disrupts their vital activity. They die a few hours after contact with the drug "Tiovit Jet".

Reviews of gardeners are not advised to apply it at temperatures above 28 and below 20 ° C. After all, the basis of its action is the work of sulfur vapor. At low temperatures, it will not evaporate, which means it will not act either. And at high decreases the force of exposure to any chemical drug.

Preparation of the solution

Cooking is easy. "Tiovit Jet" instructions for use advises first dilute in a few liters of water. It is impossible to use food preparation for preparation of solution. Then bring it to the volume specified in the instructions, while continuously stirring. It should be a homogeneous liquid. If after spraying is completed, it is not used all, the residues are disposed of. Only one day is suitable dissolved "Tiovit Jet."

Instructions for use

Sprayed in the morning or in the afternoon, in calm weather. You need to handle so that all parts are covered with a solution evenly. He begins to act a couple of hours after spraying.

Roses, tomatoes, squash process up to five times during the growing season. Dilute from 30 to 80 g per bucket of water.

"Tiovit Jet" for grapes is dissolved as follows: to get rid of ticks - 40 g per bucket of water, for the treatment of ovidium - 50 g. This amount of working solution is enough for a small number of bushes: from two to five. The rate depends on the age of the bush and the method of cultivation. The disease develops at a temperature of 25 degrees. Rain and dew restrain him. "Tiovit Jet" for grapes used in the processing of the tick once, in the fight against pathogens of ovidium - up to six times during the growing season.

Currants of different varieties and gooseberries are treated with powdery mildew, diluting in a bucket of water from 30 to 80 g of the preparation "Tiovit Jet". The maximum number of treatments for the spring-summer period for currants is three, for gooseberries - five.

Processing apples and pears, from 40 to 80 g of the preparation are added to a bucket of water. Spray 1-6 times.

Cabbage is processed on the strength of 2-3 times per season, dissolving 80 g of the drug in 10 liters of water.

The soil in greenhouses and greenhouses is disinfected using 3 liters of water, in which 100 g of the preparation is diluted. This solution is treated with 10 square meters.

Addiction to the drug is not observed when following the instructions.


The drug "Tiovit Jet" - moderately dangerous (the third class of danger). It will not harm birds and fish. If possible, bees should not be allowed within 5-6 hours after treatment. Protective zone for them - 3 kilometers.

Spraying is carried out when there are no children or pets nearby. It is possible to work in the territory where the treatment was carried out after 4 days.

If the solution got on your hands, wash it off with soap and water. When he got into his eyes, they are washed with running water, opening his eyelids. If swallowed, drink as much water as possible with coal or potassium permanganate. Coal must be taken at the rate of 1 g per 1 kg of weight. After some time, cause vomiting. Repeat the procedure for a more complete cleansing of the body. When swallowing a large amount of the substance is treated in a hospital.

Having scattered the preparation, collect it and neutralize it with a 10% solution of soda ash. The drug must be placed in a special container, signed, and then disposed of. Dig up the soil on the bayonet shovels. Do not sprinkle the remains of pesticide with dry bleach. Possible spontaneous combustion.

Do not throw the container or the remnants of the drug in water.

Features of working with the fungicide "Tiovit Jet"

  • Instructions for use are not advised to handle wet leaves.
  • Do not pollinate fruit during the period when the fruits ripen and turn a natural color.
  • When used, there should be no contact with preparations having an alkaline reaction.
  • If you have treated the garden with an oily base, then the "Thiovit Jet" fungicide recommends using the application instructions only after two weeks.
  • Mixed with other drugs is not recommended.
  • Sprayed in protective clothing, gloves, glasses, cover the hair. Do not eat, do not drink, do not smoke. Then change clothes and wash thoroughly.

Comparison with colloidal sulfur

Fungicide "Tiovit Jet" and colloidal sulfur have the same active ingredient. But the effect of their actions is not the same. Many gardeners used colloidal sulfur and Tiovit Jet. Reviews show that the latter operates more efficiently. This is because it dissolves much better in water and stays stronger on the leaves of the treated plants.


  • The drug is not phytotoxic. It does not inhibit the development of plants.
  • Products after its use remain environmentally friendly.
  • Cooking solution is quick and easy. It does not light up.
  • Means it is possible to process various cultures.
  • Long service life - three years.

Special attention should be paid to the place where the TIOVIT JET will be stored. Instructions for use indicates that products need to be saved separately from this drug. The temperature in the room must be maintained from 10 degrees of frost to 40 degrees.

Composition and properties

Fungicide also acaricidal action Tiovit Jet developed by Syngenta Crop Protection. This pesticide monodrug, its active substance (DV) is sulfur S of allotropic modification S8 (see fig.), Which can also be judged by its name: who is familiar with chemistry knows that the prefix “Tio” (“Tio”) means containing The “overhang” of 2-valent sulfur, namely S (II), forms the allotrope S8.

Chemical formula of pesticide active ingredient Tiovit Jet

Note: sulfur S (II) may be part of sulfur compounds with a different valence, for example. 4-valent S (IV). One of the most famous substances of such a structure is thiosulfuric acid, see fig. on right.

The physical properties and, which is especially important in this case, the effect on pathogenic fungi and pests of free sulfur sulfur allotropes differ markedly. S8 is more active in this respect against pests and pathogens, but is safer to use for the environment. The composition of Tiovita Jet includes at least 80% (800 g / kg) of S8 sulfur, and for this reason, this drug is not colloidal sulfur, which has long been known to farmers.

Why Tiovit Jet is not just sulfur

Profitable methods for the extraction of fine sulfur from industrial emissions into the atmosphere and its purification from arsenic compounds were developed in the 30s of the last century. At the same time, finely dispersed sulfur in the form of a colloidal solution began to be used in agricultural technology as a pesticide. In the USSR, mass production of colloidal sulfur was established in the 50s.

Colloidal sulfur and Tiovit Jet

Colloidal sulfur (on the left in the figure) is produced and successfully used until now: it is not such a bad pesticide at all - due to the fact that the final product is a generally random mixture of allotropes, its effectiveness is somewhat weaker, but the spectrum and area application is wider than that of Tiovit Jet. However, the preparative form of colloidal sulfur wettable powder JV is not very convenient in the work: the powder coagulates, stick together in lumps. The working suspension of colloidal sulfur is not a real colloidal solution, it is a rather coarse suspension, which is difficult to prepare, and there is no guarantee that the sprayer will not clog during operation.

The commercial preparation Tiovit Jet (on the right in the pic.) Is water-dispersed granules (EDC), pressed from raw materials with at least 80% S8 of extremely fine grinding. JV for sale so finely grind can not stick together until it reaches the counter. The granules, formed by Syngenta technology, do not lose their properties for more than 3 years (the shelf life of the drug), and disintegrate in water, forming a real colloidal solution. The find is not very technologically sophisticated, but very useful in practice: S8 EDC is not only easier to use, but much more efficiently powdered, therefore Tiovit Jet is produced under license or from the original semi-finished product in many countries, including and in the Russian Federation, see fig. at the beginning and video presentation:

What do granules give

Granulation of especially fine DV gives advantages not only in the technology of use, but also in the effectiveness of the preparation:

  • The working suspension dries out instantly and forms a dense, rain-indelible film on the treated surfaces - Tiovit Jet is applied without adhesive.
  • For the same reason, and due to the incompatibility of the drug, the preparation of the working solution is simplified and accelerated - it is prepared directly in the sprayer tank.
  • In the case of the use of a sprayer with a stirrer, the absence of blockages of the sprayer during operation is guaranteed.
  • Tiovita Jet's protective effect is enhanced compared with colloidal sulfur and is stable throughout its life (7 days).

Chemically, all allotropes of sulfur are almost the same. Their effect on the elimination objects (see fig.) Is equally the same: sulfur, firstly, binds the metals necessary for the synthesis of its own enzymes of harmful organisms, secondly, it takes away from them and brings out at least the necessary free hydrogen. Sulfur vapors have a protective effect on plants. The volatility of S8 is slightly higher than other sulfur allotropes. In addition, when dispersed, microdisperse DV forms a microbonder film with a huge ratio of its surface area to volume, which increases the concentration of sulfur vapor. However, they do not have translaminar activity and do not penetrate into the plant tissue, this is due to the lack of phytotoxicity of the drug and the short waiting times before harvesting after processing.

The effect of sulfur vapor on harmful organisms

Advantages and disadvantages

The physicochemical properties of free sulfur are due to other advantages and disadvantages of Tiovit Jet, which are generally the same as those of colloidal sulfur:

The drug is ineffective against organisms with vapor-proof covers or with a metabolism that is significantly different from that of pathogenic fungi.

For the same reason, the species range of elimination objects is limited.

Slightly toxic for Verticilium Lecanii.

Non-toxic to spores and mycelium of Trichoderma lignorum, Trichoderma viridae and Trichoderma roseum. As a consequence, it is applicable together with biological products and in organic farming systems.

Precautionary measures

Tiovit Jet is classified in the 3rd class of danger to humans and bees. For bees, this indicator may be overestimated (by degree of danger, not by numbering). However, you need to take care of bees, and extra precautions here will not interfere. Although sulfur vapors are repellent for bees and they take a bribe from sulfur-treated flowers, if there is an apiary within 1.5 km from the place of work with Tiovit Jet, they should be isolated on the day of processing the bees morning till evening.

However, for a person and warm-blooded, the danger class of Thiovit Jet is clearly underestimated (for the same indicators), especially since they are usually treated in warm and hot weather. Although through the skin, incl. sweaty, free sulfur practically does not penetrate into the organism, but through the eyes, mucous membranes and respiratory organs, the way into it is open. Therefore, in this case, it is better to follow the general guidelines of SanPiN, which refer all sulfur preparations to the 2nd class of danger to humans, and equip accordingly (see also fig.):

  1. On the head - a hat.
  2. On the body - work clothes.
  3. On hands - single-layer protective gloves.
  4. On the feet - work shoes.
  5. On the face - filter respirator (dust respirator-petal does not protect against fumes!).
  6. On the eyes - goggles, canned with a face seal.
  7. Preparation of working fluid - in a shaded place at the lowest possible temperature.
  8. Allowable work time is a complete “hot” work shift, 6 hours.
  9. After work, be sure to take a shower with bathing (not rinsing the body!).
  10. They do not use alkaline detergents in the shower: shampoo for the head, gel for the body.

Note: fine sulfur on the skin can cause eczema, but in the case of Tiovit Jet the risk is minimal. Fully insulating PPE is very expensive, it is better to rely on your own care and accuracy.

Inhalation of powder and sulfur vapor can cause thiopneumococoniosis and other acute respiratory diseases. Their common symptom is a hysterical cough, possibly with blood. In this case, you must immediately stop working and consult a doctor.

Neutralization of spilled Tiovit Jet - to collect a broom in the scoop. If a small amount is spilled (up to 20-30 g), it can be burned in an incinerator located outdoors, although formally this is a violation of environmental standards, but no rapid analysis will actually reveal an excess of MPC in the air for anhydrides and acids. A larger amount is handed over for disposal in a special point of reception of toxic waste. A working solution spilled on the ground in the amount of up to 1-2 liters does not require special disposal measures, since sulfur is a meso element of plant nutrition.


Tiovit Jet in tank mixtures is incompatible with agrochemical products containing petroleum products and mineral oils. In all other cases, a preliminary compatibility test is required: 50-100 ml of working fluids are mixed in clean glassware and kept the mixture for an hour under observation. If there are no signs of a chemical reaction (changes in temperature, color, transparency, foam or gas bubbles) and / or precipitation, the preparations are considered compatible.

Application procedure

The main field of application of Tiovit Jet is viticulture. Here this drug showed itself in all its glory. For other target cultures, the drug is applicable as an economical tool in case of a weak or moderate degree of damage by harmful organisms. In all cases, the time to rain is 6 hours.

Tiovit Jet is applied by spraying according to the usual rules, but the sprayer must be with an electric stirrer, not a manual one! The working fluid is prepared directly in the tank of the device: the tank is filled with water by half, the agitator is turned on, and the metered dose is injected in small portions. The ideal technology is to throw at a pellet (they are quite large and there are not so many per 50 g of them). In this case, the next pellet is thrown after the previous one is completely dissolved.

After complete dissolution of the dose of the drug, the tank, without turning off the agitators, is added to the norm and proceeds to work. The mixer must be turned on until the solution is fully developed, stopping it, even for a short time, is undesirable. After work, 1-2 liters of water are poured into the tank and produced by washing the sprayer. Then they go into the shower, and after it they must disassemble and wash the entire sprayer.
Instructions for the use of pesticide Tiovit Jet in LPH is given in Table. below. There are no target crops such as greenhouse cucumbers and flowers in the regulations for this drug, but according to the experience of the owners of private household plots, the drug is effective and harmless for them too.

For more information on using TIOVIT Jet, see the video:

Be careful!

No, here we are not talking about the hidden dangers of Tiovit Jet, they have not yet been discovered. But ... the technology of extraction from raw materials - industrial sulfur-containing gases - is prev. Allotrope S8 and its cleaning is quite complicated and feasible only under production conditions. But granulation of fine sulfur, incl. cheap simple colloidal, quite feasible artisanal ways. Therefore, unfortunately, there are a lot of fake TIOVIT JETA on the market, see the video:

Description and active ingredient

The drug Tiovit Jet fights against pests and plant diseases.

In the descriptions drug "Tiovit Jet" is characterized as:

  • akarytsid - a means of dealing with ticks,
  • pesticide - protector against plant diseases and pests,
  • contact fungicide - the winner of fungal infections.

The active substance of "Tiovita Jet" is sulfur. Its effectiveness in the fight against plant pests and diseases has been noticed by scientists for a long time, but earlier sulfur was used differently - they set fires and fumigated the planting, the premises in which they were going to store the crop. Difficult and far from safe procedure.

Today, thanks to Tiovitu Jet, the use of sulfur (which, by the way, is a macronutrient useful for plant development) has become much simpler.

Раствор препарата, готовый к использованию, представляет собой устойчивую суспензию, которая прекрасно удерживается на стеблях и листьях за счет высокой прилипаемости (так специалисты называют это свойство). И это очень важно: сера работает эффективнее, если ее пары выделяются продолжительное время в достаточном количестве, необходимом для фунгицидного действия.

Release form and composition

As part of 1 kg "Tiovita Jet" - 800 g of high-quality sulfur. The drug is available in the form of water-dispersed (water soluble) granules of a rather large size, convenient for use and for storage. They are enclosed in a tight, sealed package. Packing - in bags on 30 g. For processing of the big areas (for example, vineyards) a preparation get in bags on 20 kg.

Manufacturers "Tiovita Jet" advised to be more cautious about the little-known suppliers of goods - if you are offered to buy this drug in the form of tablets or powder, most likely it is a fake.

The drug Tiovit comes in the form of granules, packaged in sachets.

The drug was developed in Switzerland by Syngenta, production was established in Russia by August.

Appointment to use

Processing "Tiovit Jet" will help gardeners, gardeners and gardeners to cope with:

  • spider mite (on cucumbers, flowers),
  • haw mite (on fruit crops - cherry, apple, turn, cherry plum),
  • powdery mildew (on fruit trees, cucumbers and courgettes, rose bushes),
  • American powdery mildew (on berry bushes - currants, gooseberries),
  • oidium (on grapes),
  • aphids (on all types of garden and garden crops),
  • stem nematode (on strawberries, onions and garlic).

Attention. The drug is successfully used in greenhouses and greenhouses to disinfect the soil - 10 square meters. m square consumes 100 g of granules, diluted in 3 liters of water.

Mechanism of action and benefits of this drug

The principle of the drug is as follows: "Thiovit Jet" emits sulfur, this substance penetrates into the disease cells, affects them, as a result of which they die. All this takes a few hours.

The mechanism "Tiovita Jet" can be put into operation at a temperature of no more than 28 and not less than 20 degrees Celsius. Why? If the temperature is low, sulfur will not evaporate. If too high, the process will go, but very slowly, because sulfur as a chemical substance during heat reduces its activity.

Tiovit Jet is very easy to use.

The advantages of the drug over similar means are that TIOVIT JET:

  • effective for almost all garden crops,
  • easy to handle, the solution is easy to prepare for use,
  • does not ignite
  • during processing is not dusty,
  • is not phytotoxic - does not inhibit plant growth,
  • safe for humans, pets, fish, bees.

Experts recommend the use of the drug, even to those owners who grow on their beds environmentally friendly products. One day after the processing of the plants, it is allowed to start harvesting - he does not bear any signs of “treatment” with “Tovit Jet”.

Safety measures when using

The drug is classified as moderately dangerous, which means that when working with him, care will be needed. Looking for skin-protective clothing, headgear, gloves and glasses. During the preparation of the solution and spraying should not eat, drink, smoke. It is impossible that at this time there were children, pets near the gardener. It is advisable to limit the flight of bees.

It is impossible that during the use of the drug, there were a number of children or pets.

Unused means cannot be poured into reservoirs. The granules scattered on the ground are poured with a solution of soda ash (to neutralize the reaction), and a portion of the soil on which the trouble has occurred is dug up.

general information

"Tiovit Jet" is a fungicide with a contact principle of action and refers to inorganic compounds. Sulfur vapors are one of its main components. The main task of the composition is to protect vegetables, berries and fruits from various fungal diseases (for example, powdery mildew), as well as to destroy sucking pests, such as the stem nematode, red and hawthorn mites, aphids.

Drug description

In the instructions for use "Tiovit Jet" indicated, the composition is a water-dispersible granules, which are 80% composed of sulfur and have the ability to completely dissolve in water. The result is a suspension, which, when processed, reliably covers the stems and leaves of plants and remains on them for a long time.

The active ingredient of the fungicide is located inside and is released as soon as the shell dissolves. Each granule has a large size, which greatly simplifies the process of using and storing the drug.

The action of "TIOVIT Jet" takes place in the shortest possible time: the result will manifest itself a few hours after the treatment.

Before using the substance for its intended purpose, you must carefully study the instructions in order to know how the drug Teovit Jet works. The instructions for use indicate the following principle of operation of the fungicide:

• During the treatment of affected plants, the composition releases sulfur, which enters the disease-causing cells. This process takes several hours.

• Then the cells affected by sulfur begin to die.

In order for the action of the fungicide to be effective, it must be used at a certain temperature: not lower than 20 degrees and not higher than 28 degrees. The inconsistency with these indicators has a negative effect on the effect of the drug. Sulfur as the main active substance should evaporate, and at low temperatures it is impossible. During heat, the composition practically does not give the desired effect, since chemicals at high temperatures are less active.


It is necessary to supplement the instructions for use of the fungicide "Tiovit Jet" with the list of advantages that the drug has:

• The tool has a preparative form, which greatly improves adhesion, as well as the activity of the gas phase.

• In the process of processing plants are not dusty, not spills.

• The TIOVIT Jet is not flammable.

• The drug gives an effective result. Plants are provided with reliable protection for 7-10 days.

• If you adhere to all the requirements specified in the TIOVIT JET instruction manual, then resistance (body immunity) will not occur.

• Compliance with all recommendations allows you to develop plant resistance to adverse factors.

• Fungicide is safe for human health, animals and insects.

• There are no restrictions when choosing the next crop rotation plant.


Processing of plants is carried out in a quiet, preferably calm weather. The optimal time of the day is morning, but it is perfectly acceptable to schedule the procedure for the second half of the day.

It is necessary to act in such a way that the stems and leaves of the plant are evenly covered with a solution. Sulfur will begin to actively evaporate in 2-3 hours.

Crops such as tomatoes, zucchini and roses can be sprayed up to five times during the growth and development period of the plant.

On capacity in 10 l use from 25 to 85 gr. fungicide. Another dosage should be viewed on the package.

For grapes, the instructions for use of Tiovit Jet are as follows: ovidium is treated by dissolving 45-50 grams. drug in one bucket of water for the destruction of ticks - 40 grams. on the same volume. The resulting suspension is enough to handle several bushes. It is important to consider the method of growing grapes and its age.

According to the instructions for use "Tiovit Jet" for strawberries, experienced gardeners recommend dividing the treatment with chemicals into three times, where the fungicide is used at the last stage, after the growth of young leaves at the rate of 35-40 grams. on a bucket of water.

Cabbage is processed no more than 3 times per season. Dosage - 80 gr. drug per 10 liters of water.

Tiovit Jet is also used to disinfect land in greenhouses and greenhouses. For this 100 gr. fungicide dissolved in 3 liters of water. Suspension enough to handle an area of ​​10 square meters. m

When meeting with the drug, it is important not only to study the instructions for use of Tiovit Jet. Reviews about it are no less significant. Gardeners are satisfied with the use of fungicide and note its effectiveness. The main thing is to comply with all recommendations for use.

Sulfur is an inorganic compound, and therefore can be toxic to plants. To avoid harmful effects, you should refrain from processing crops in wet weather, and also not to mix the drug with compounds having an alkaline reaction.

"Tiovit Jet" will help protect the garden and grow a rich harvest, because caring for plants brings not only pleasure, but also a tasty reward.

First aid for poisoning

If a solution of the drug or granules accidentally hit the human body, you need to drink plenty of water (a weak solution of potassium permanganate) or take activated charcoal. Then should induce vomiting. Doing this several times, you can achieve a cleansing of the body.

If the solution is drunk a lot, home methods may be ineffective, you will need medical help.

Term and storage conditions

If the packaging of the drug is not broken, it can be stored for 3 years, and then used - the quality of the drug will not be affected. The place where it will be stored must be dry, dark, isolated from food, it is impossible for children to have access to it. The temperature during storage should not be below 10 degrees cold and not higher than +40 degrees.

Analogs of the drug

The analogue and precursor of the drug is colloidal sulfur. Her gardeners began to use it earlier, but, having the opportunity to acquire Tiovit Jet, they began to give preference to it, because it is more efficient, easier to get divorced in water and more reliably adheres to the processed leaves and stems. The active ingredient in both drugs is sulfur.

The analogue of the drug Tiovit Jet is colloidal sulfur.

Drug reviews

Dmitriy. The unpleasant in this preparation for me is its smell, for the rest - no complaints. “Tiovit Jet” is not a chemistry, but a natural product, therefore, when I use it, the environment on my site does not suffer. He treated with his help cherries, helped for 2 times, but it almost ruined their tick.

Galina. Used "Tiovit Jet" for cultivating the land in the greenhouse before planting tomato seedlings there. Plants for a long time did not respond to any diseases and pests, but once I still had to use the same remedy for powdery mildew. For the first time my tomato crop was so rich.

In this video, a specialist tells how to properly apply the drug Tiovit Jet.