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Homemade Apple Wine: Cooking Tips and Recipes

Hello, my dear readers, I'm sorry for not having been writing all things to my blog for so long.

The time has come for ripening apples, this year a very abundant harvest.

That is why I want to share with you a recipe for apple wine at home is a simple recipe.

Naturally, who had apples last year, this year they are much smaller. Nevertheless, we have a very rich harvest of apples this year, apples just burst with hanging delicious fruits.

Many gardeners do not even know where to put them now, the fruits falling from the apple trees literally dot the entire soil under the apple trees. Many gardeners dig holes and dump the whole windfall in them, some throw them into compost heaps.

But many people make wine or just roll up the juice for the winter.

Just apples are the most luxurious material for preservation for the winter in any form, even though make wine from it, at least juice out.
Apples contain a lot of all kinds of trace elements and vitamins, even in a sterilized form, not to mention wine.
Today I would like to tell you how to make wine from delicious apples at home the most simple recipe.

And so we begin ............. ..

Apple wine at home is the easiest step by step recipe

As everyone knows, nothing will come out of anything; in order to get apple juice, we need to first collect a certain number of apples.
The approximate amount you need to get the juice can be calculated. Let's say, by your own observation, about 5 buckets of apples, you will get about 15 liters of juice. Naturally, a lot depends on the richness of the variety, the time of harvesting, naturally the rains during this period of time. But the approximate calculation is as follows. Thus, I have been counting for about 10 years.

After collecting the required number of apples, we will need to slightly wash them, but do not get carried away with this process because during the fermentation process and all the bad bacteria, so to speak, will kill themselves, because the environment is very active.

Crush apples finely finely

After our delicious apples have been rinsed, they need to be crushed as finely as possible, various crushers are used for this, a meat grinder can be used, and so on, all possible means are important so that they lead to the smallest and emphasize the fine crushing of apples.

Next, we put all the crushed substance into a tank, sprinkle with a small amount of granulated sugar and wait about three days. About 3 days I want to explain a little bit to someone this process takes place in a day, for someone for two, it all depends on the hardness of the apple variety. Apples should begin to ferment, and sprinkled with sand on top they will start to give juice pretty quickly. Do not forget to close the tank on top because a huge number of small flies will fly off which then it will be very difficult to get out.

The next step will be squeezing the resulting juice out of the pulp, this process can also be done in different ways, someone uses homemade or production presses, while others can manage with sheets and hands. The choice, as always, is yours.

We press juice

Pour into a jar

It is not necessary to press too hard when squeezing the juice with your hands because the pulp seeps through even the smallest rag. But they are not afraid of the flesh. It will all settle to the bottom of the jar or some other container in which you will make the wine at the very end of cooking.

Regarding the extraction of juice, I already wrote in several of my articles on this site if you are interested you can read.

ripening wine.

After about a month of aging, our wine must be removed from deceased friends and mashed potatoes, this is called removing the wine from the sediment.
Do not be afraid of this process is quite simple and subservient even to a child, it is necessary to lower a small diameter tube into our fermentation tank and suck all the resulting wine into another container through this tube without damaging the sediment.

And now, voila, we received a young apple wine that can be used in its pure form or left to ripen.

The ripening process is not much different from the fermentation process, during this period the clarification of the wine will also continue, that is, the remnants of the smallest pieces of pureed dead yeast will also sit on the bottom of the container, this period may take about 4 to 5 weeks, after which we will get our apple delicious ripe wine.

This wine can be bottled and put away for storage. It can be stored for two or three years, but in glass containers.

Apple wine has its own unique taste, each apple tree gives its shade, each apple in this huge array gives its unique aroma gives a lot of nutrients that are given to us by nature in our hands, in a word, you enjoy your meal.

That's all now you know a simple step by step recipe for making apple wine at home.

Choose and use this recipe is your task.

Try, experiment and you will succeed.

General recommendations for making wine from apples

To make wine from apples at home correctly, you need to follow these guidelines:

  • Learn how to follow the entire sequence of a specific recipe, and then proceed to action..
  • If you have a goal - to learn how to cook wine according to several recipes, start with simpler ways. Winemakers are advised to start with the preparation of sweet and fortified apple wine. These types of drink do not require special equipment. In addition, summer fruit varieties do not need to be prepared in the same way as autumn and winter.
  • Choose carefully the raw materials and equipment for the preparation of the drink. For example, when using a plastic container, make sure that it is suitable for storing food. Otherwise, there is a chance that the wine will come out with a chemical aftertaste.
  • If for the first time you use a water seal or its analogues: a straw, a glove, find out in more detail how to make a tap. The container may burst if the device is installed incorrectly. For example, when using medical gloves on cans, do not forget to make holes with a needle in the extreme phalanges of the fingers on it. The greater the volume of the tank, the more punctures. Usually, 1-3 punctures are made on each finger of the glove.
  • Keep the average optimal temperatures for the preparation of the drink. For fermentation - 22-25 degrees, for ripening - 10-14, for storage - 10-15 without strong temperature drops.

What varieties of apples should make certain types of wine

To prepare table wine or cider, it is advisable to pick up autumn varieties of sweet apples with a sour taste. For the manufacture of fortified wine is good Antonovka. To get tart drink, you need to use wild apples. For getting sweet, semi-sweet wines, autumn and winter varieties are suitable.

Sour taste is always good in wine, so if you intend to use very sweet apples, it is better to add other sour fruits, berries, dried fruits to them.

As an additive are well suited: thorns, lemon, orange peel, mountain ash, raisins and others.

The benefits of homemade wine from apples

Apples make different types of wine: dry, fortified, sweet, cider and others. Each of them retains the beneficial properties of vitamins and trace elements of this fruit. Homemade apple wine with moderate consumption has the following beneficial effects:

  • relaxes from nervous and physical tiredness
  • uplifting
  • improves stomach function
  • normalizes blood pressure
  • in the content of cosmetics gives a rejuvenating effect,
  • strengthens the hair structure when added to shampoo,
  • helps women with hormonal disruptions
  • speeds up the metabolism and processing of fats, therefore it is a good tool for those who want to lose weight,
  • protects against the development of cancer.