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Park Rose "Westerland": description, planting and care

Its name park rose westland Received in honor of the eponymous German town on the island of Zylt.

Brought a rose famous German breeder by the name of Cordes. The Westerland rose in 1969 after crossing 2 varieties of Floribunta park roses: Circus and Friedrich Worlein.

The unique qualities of the Westland variety are explained by the fact that gardeners from many countries of the world have recognized the rose.

Attention florists flower attracts not only a bright appearance, but also resistance to rain and frost, unpretentious care, ease of cultivation, resistance to disease, prolonged flowering.

Experts say that this winter-hardy fast-growing flower can be climbing and bush. Climbing rose is more common in southern Russia or in countries where the climate is moderately warm. On average, the plant grows up to 170 cm. Climbing rose can grow up to 2-2.4 m, which is convenient when forming arches and other flower arrangements for decorating gardens.

The width of the bush is 110 cm. The flower has a lasting scent, which is already visible at a distance of 1 m from the flower. A bush is branched and rather prickly with a beautiful long foliage of a saturated, even somewhat darkish green color. Rose Westerland differs semi beautiful double flowers. Butonov a lot and a lot of them on the branch. The diameter of the rose flower is 10-11 cm.

The color of the buds is unique. The flower harmoniously combines shades:

The middle of the golden-yellow color, the edges of the petals often "play" with different colors depending on the time of day and the weather. Flowering begins in May and lasts all summer. During the growing season bush densely covered with buds.

When choosing a landing site for rose westland, remember that she does not like direct sunlight. The rays of the sun can leave burns, so the terrain is ideal, illuminated by the morning or evening sun. Strong winds are also undesirable, although complete calm is also bad.

Saplings better land in black soil. The dimensions of the pit for the bush are approximately 50x50x50 cm. Place drainage on the bottom (gravel, pebbles, coarse gravel, etc.); the layer height must be at least 10 cm.

The next layer is natural fertilizer (rotted manure or compost), which also spread with a 10-centimeter layer. On top of the fertilizers, they plant garden soil, where westerland roses are planted. The site of vaccination should be covered with soil (3 cm or more). The first time after planting the Westerland rose must be watered abundantly, but not avoid excessive soil moisture.