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Tomato "Grandma's Secret": description of the variety, photos and reviews


Photo by Alla Kondratieva

This is an indeterminate (unlimited growth), mid-season, high-yielding variety of tomato for greenhouses and film shelters.

Variety Grandma's secret - a godsend for lovers of large-fruited tomatoes.

The bush is powerful, but not sprawling, 1.5-1.7 meters high. Required garter to support and pasynkovanie. The best results are obtained when a plant is formed in 1 and 2 stems.

The leaf of this tomato is large, dark green. The inflorescence is simple.

Fruit Characteristic

author photo Ilya Korolev

Fruits of a flat-rounded shape, large, sweet, fleshy, in the stage of maturity are red-crimson, weighing 300-600 grams (up to 1 kg), fleshy, of excellent taste. Tomatoes of this variety are great for fresh consumption and for blanks. They make excellent tomato juice.

Greenhouse yield: over 5 kg from 1 plant (in the presence of watering and feeding).

The variety of tomato Babushkin secret in 2007 was included in the State Register of the Russian Federation for cultivation in open ground and under film shelters in private farms.

Seed producer: Siberian garden.

Features of growing tomatoes Grandma's secret, planting and care

Sowing seeds for seedlings spend 60-65 days before the proposed planting in the ground. Dive seedlings - at the stage of two true leaves. When planting seedlings at a permanent place on 1 square. It is recommended to place up to 3 plants to a meter of the plot, and up to 4 when forming into 1 stalk.

Further care of the tomatoes consists of timely watering, fertilizing with complex mineral fertilizer, pasynkovaniya, removal of weeds and preventive measures to protect the culture from diseases and pests.

If you grew tomatoes Grandma's secret, please write whether you like them or not. What was the yield and taste of the fruit in your climatic conditions? How do you rate the resistance of this variety to diseases? If possible, attach a photo of the entire bush or individual fruits grown by you. Thank!

Your reviews about Tomato Babushkin’s secret, as well as additions to the description, will help many gardeners to evaluate this variety more objectively and decide whether to plant it or not.

The origin and characteristics of the variety

The authors of the variety are Novosibirsk breeders T.N. Postnikova and V.N. Dederko, known for their work on the cultivation of tomatoes, distinguished by high yield and excellent consumer qualities. Most trade enterprises sell tomato seeds of this variety, produced by the Siberian Garden agricultural firm.

The variety is typical large-fruited tomato salad. Plants grow by indeterminant type, that is, they gain green mass during the whole growing season, at the same time forming ovaries and forming a crop. In protected ground, the bushes can reach a height of 150-200 cm, on the beds their growth usually does not exceed 100 cm.

Ripening Tomatoes is about 110 days from the time of emergence of full shoots. The photo of tomatoes “Grandma's Secret” is impressive: ripe fruits are large, pink, have a flat-round shape with distinct ribbing. On average, their weight is about 350 g. According to vegetable growers, tomatoes weighing up to 700 g or more can ripen on lower brushes.

The flesh is dense, sugarless on the cut, with excellent taste and specific "tomato" flavor. According to the official description, the fruits are intended primarily for fresh consumption, but the quality of the juice prepared from them is also rated very high. The variety is considered productive: with proper care and comfortable weather conditions, up to 3 kg of tomatoes can be removed from each bush.

Growing tomatoes "Grandma's Secret" requires agrotechnical techniques typical for the cultivation of tomatoes of indeterminate varieties. Seedlings are planted at a permanent place at the age of 55-60 days (more “adult” saplings “stretch out” and do not take root well), placing 3-4 plants per square meter. Shrubs form in 1-2 stems, pinching the main trunks after the formation of 3-4, and "stepsons" - 2-3 flower brushes in order to avoid a set of extra green mass and chopping fruits.

If the stems of the seedlings are thin, the leaves are rather large, it means that the seedlings “stretched out”. In this case, it is planted, deepening a significant part of the trunk along with the lower leaves. The longest bushes are planted in the grooves, placing the stems on a slope or lying down. The plant is not harmful, even the opposite: over time, additional roots are formed on the buried part of the trunk, which increases the activity of absorption of nutrients. The process of formation of ovaries is slightly delayed. In addition, overgrown bushes are easily injured, which is very inconvenient for gardeners who are forced to grow seedlings in city apartments and transport it to the plots.

Variety "Grandma's Secret" has a number of features that need to be considered:

  • plants must be tied to supports (preferably, each stem separately),
  • The tomato does not possess either increased resistance to late blight, or precociousness, which makes it possible to harvest before the onset of the disease. Therefore, during the season, it is necessary to remove all the leaves located below the ovaries in order to reduce the likelihood that plants will be affected by pathogenic fungi. It is equally important to regularly treat the bushes and soil with appropriate protective agents,
  • fruit taste and texture strongly depends on cultivation conditions (number of sunny days, irrigation regime, soil composition, etc.),
  • ripe tomatoes do not tolerate transportation and can not be stored for a long time.

Reviews summer residents about tomatoes "Grandma's Secret"

Lydia, 29 years old, Omsk Region

Grown "Grandma's Secret" in the greenhouse, the bushes led in two stalks. On the lower racemes, some fruits were 550-600 g. Tomatoes are very fleshy, tasty. The salads were good, I liked the juice too.

One drawback: the part had to be removed brown, they matured in the house, but hard greenish streaks remained in the flesh. Anyway, I will plant more. Now you have your own seeds, and the yield suits you.

Nadezhda, 43 years old, Nizhnekamsk

The variety is fruitful, the fruits are tasty, large, beautiful. I had 400-500 g on my lower hands, smaller ones on my upper ones. Ripe, however, was not stored at all, I had to recycle a part of the sauces. With growing in the greenhouse there were no special problems. Tied up, watered carefully, at the root (she was afraid of phytophtoras).

Nikolay, 56 years old, Moscow region

Soot a variety for four years on several plants in the greenhouse and in the OG (seedlings on a warm garden bed under the film on the arcs). In the greenhouse, the harvest is always decent: the tomatoes are large, ripen well on the bushes. In the exhaust gas, the result is very dependent on the weather: in hot summer the fruits ripen no worse than in the shelter, but if August is cool and wet, the bushes are strongly affected by blight (preventive treatments almost do not help).

I'm still satisfied with the grade. Seed germination is high (originally purchased from Siberian Garden, now I sow my own), seedling survival rate too. The fruits are large, tasty, they are quite a lot. I will plant in the next season.

Maria, 32, Kursk Region

Characteristics of tomato Babushkin secret excellent, bought the first seeds on the advice of a friend. Very tasty lettuce tomatoes I have grown. Juiciness, flavor - all right. In the greenhouse, the plants stretched out under 2 meters, the fruits were 330-400 g each, but almost all of them ripened on the bushes. I had to tie up and spray from the phytophtora, I did not notice any other unnecessary worries. Next year I will sow my seeds.

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How to grow

There is no secret of growing super-large tomatoes. It is necessary to germinate seeds for seedlings in the soil from the sod land, humus and sand. If you do not want to prepare such a soil mixture yourself, you can buy it in the store. Germination of seeds in peat tablets is also allowed. This option is suitable if you need a little seedlings.

Before planting, seeds and soil must be prepared. First, fill the soil with boiling water with a small amount of manganese. This must be done in order to disinfect the soil, for the prevention of disease. Next, soak the entire seed in a weak solution of potassium permanganate or zircon, it can also be done in Épinay.

Carefully arrange the seeds in a container so that the distance between them is 2 cm. At the same time, the soil should be very moist. Pour the soil evenly over a 2 cm layer of seed over the seed.

Place the sowing container in a warm, well-lit area. It is desirable that the ambient temperature was 25 degrees, then it will be the best place to grow. To speed seed germination, cover the container with a transparent film.

After the first shoots appear, remove the film and place the container in a cooler place. This is done so that the seedlings are not strongly stretched. If possible, at this time ensure that the temperature of the ambient air is about 16 degrees.

As soon as two leaflets form on the sprouts, transfer them into separate peat cups.

It is possible to plant seedlings in the soil no earlier than 50 days after planting the seeds. A week before planting seedlings begin to harden. To do this, just take it to the open air, and every day leave it there longer.

Thoroughly pour the soil with a hot solution of potassium permanganate, mark the places for the holes, in which cups of seedlings will be placed. The distance between the holes and the rows should be at least 50-60 cm. With a more dense arrangement, the tomato bushes will be closely on the garden, in this case you will not get a good harvest.

The seedling grows very high, so immediately after it is transplanted into the ground, make a garter of stems to reliable supports.

Tomatoes giants Grandma's secret do not like high humidity. In this case, the fruit may crack. Therefore, water the tomatoes moderately, but regularly. Usually this has to be done once a week.

After each watering, the soil around the bushes must be loosened, weeded out, if those, of course, appeared. Ventilate the greenhouses regularly, do not allow the appearance of perspiration inside. Too humid air for this variety of tomatoes is harmful.

Opinion gardeners

Tomatoes Grandma's secret, many gardeners have already managed to grow more than once, correctly following all the recommendations for the care of tomatoes. Here are some conclusions based on their feedback about this variety.

  • Tomatoes are fleshy, very tasty. This is a classic salad variety.
  • Bushes have a powerful trunk with a height of up to one meter, abundantly bear fruit.
  • Brushes at a grade difficult, with a large number of fruits on them.
  • This variety is not demanding regular feeding.
  • The work of breeders is rated as excellent.

And vegetable growers who grew these delicious tomatoes share little secrets. Immediately after planting, they spray the bushes with special fungicidal preparations or iodine solution. This measure is necessary for the prevention of fungal diseases.

There is another way. Some amateur vegetable growers in greenhouses hang tea bags soaked in iodine solution. It is said that this method works better than spraying. Of course, on open beds it does not make sense.

Those who have at least once planted these tomatoes on their plot do not intend to refuse to further their cultivation.

The advantages of the variety and its disadvantages

Of the obvious advantages can be noted:

  • large fruits - with a specific agricultural technology, some fruits can reach 1000 g,
  • great taste
  • long period of fruiting,
  • universal application - suitable for the preparation of salads, juice, pasta.

The disadvantages include the possibility of cracking fruits with high humidity and intolerance to long-term transportation. In the case of growing in open beds, tomatoes are often sick.

Reviews gardeners

There are a lot of reviews about Grandma's secret and almost all of them are positive. Many people note the excellent taste of the fruit and the high yield of bushes. Fans complain about the cracking of tomatoes in the case of high humidity, but this can be attributed to the typical phenomenon of all large-fruited tomatoes.
Some gardeners who grow up Grandma's secret in the garden beds, in rainy years, a large part of the crop was destroyed by the phytophtora. Therefore, they note a weak plant resistance to this disease.

Considering all the subtleties of the cultivation of tomatoes, the described variety can be safely grown on its own plot to every summer resident and receive from him high yields of large, pink fruits.

The best place to grow

For Babushkin Secret tomatoes, as stated in the description, greenhouse conditions are best suited, where you can easily maintain optimal humidity and temperature (23-25 ​​° C).

But, if you are lucky to have a plot in the southern region, it is important to bear in mind that this variety loves fertile soil. A good predecessors are carrots, cabbage and cucumbers.

Planting tomatoes

Seeds are germinated 1-1.5 months before planting on a permanent place. 3 weeks after planting, after the first leaflets appear on the seedlings, it should be dived.

Landing on a permanent place is held at a time when warm weather has established, the soil has warmed up, and there is no threat of spring frost. For the middle band is March-April.

Care features

This variety is quite simple to grow and does not require any agrotechnical skills. It is enough to adhere to the basic rules of landing and the rules of care. So, the subsequent after planting care consists in regular and timely watering and periodic (2-3 times per season) fertilizing with mineral and organic fertilizers. It is also not necessary to let out of sight such types of work as pasynkovanie, loosening the soil and removing weeds. The quality and quantity of the crop directly depends on them.

Since under greenhouse conditions, tomatoes can often hurt, it is advisable from time to time to carry out preventive work to protect plants from pests and diseases, treating the bushes with appropriate preparations.

Gather the fruit immediately after ripening, trying not to leave them on the bush to avoid cracking. It is possible at the onset of cold weather to remove unripe tomatoes. They ripen well at room temperature.

Although the variety “Grandma's Secret” is young, it has already earned a well-deserved respect among gardeners. And all this thanks to not only good yields, but also simple agrotechnology.

Tomato Grandma's Secret: description of the variety

Indeterminantny plant, about 170 cm high. The bush is not standard. Mark a strong resistant stalk with an average degree of foliage. There may be up to 8 brushes, then - it is necessary to finish the growth of the plant (“pinch” the growth point).

The rhizome is powerful, characteristic of all non-stemming tomatoes, it branches out wildly in different directions without deepening. The leaves are large, dark green, wrinkled, without pubescence.

The inflorescence is simple, the intermediate - after the first inflorescence over the 8th leaf is then formed with an interval of 2 leaves. In the inflorescence can be from 7 flowers.

Stem with articulation. According to the degree of maturation - mid, fruit ripening starts 115 to 120 days after planting. It has a high degree of resistance to tobacco mosaic and late blight, as well resistant to powdery mildew.

Cultivation is declared in greenhouse conditions (greenhouses with film coating, glazed or polycarbonate) and in open ground with insulation in case of cold weather.


"Grandma's Secret" has very large fruits under good weather conditions and quality care can reach a weight of more than 1 kg. The average weight ranges from 400 to 600 g, sizes from 10 cm in diameter.

The form has a wide, rounded, flattened on top. The flesh is fleshy, sugary. The skin is smooth, dense, thin. The color of unripe fruit is pale green, and mature color is from light to dark crimson. It is not enough seeds, are located in 6-8 small chambers.

The amount of dry matter is average. Storage is satisfactory due to the dense internal consistency, transportation goes well. The variety was bred by Siberian breeders (Siberian Federal District), patented V.N. Dederko. It was registered in the State Register of the Russian Federation for cultivation under greenhouse conditions in 2007

Acceptable cultivation throughout the Russian Federation. Tomatoes have an excellent rich "tomato" taste, it is considered a salad variety. Perfectly used fresh, for raw salads, sandwiches.

When cooked, it does not lose its healthy and taste qualities suitable for soups, main courses. Conservation is possible in a ground form. Production of tomato paste is possible, juice is not.

Productivity Grandma's secret has a high - up to 16 kg per 1 sq. M. for greenhouse cultivation, up to 8 kg can be collected from 1 plant. In open ground, yields will be lower due to the lower weight of the fruit.

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