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How to grow tangerine at home in a pot


Few people think that a fruiting exotic tree can be grown from a mandarin seed. Wonderful citruses will delight with their own, though not large, regular harvest. To have your own tangerine tree on the window, it is not necessary to live in the tropics. The following material will allow to grow tangerines at home, avoiding errors.

Is it possible to grow tangerine from the bone at home?

Recently, tangerines have been successfully grown in greenhouses, winter greenhouses and on the windows. Gardeners amateurs learned the intricacies of growing exotic treesnow it is no secret to anyone. Because of the doubts whether it will bear fruit, many are hesitant to start an exotic pet in their window.

Room Mandarin

Growing it out of the stone is easier than ever, but to get the fruits, you need to follow some recommendations. The advantages of breeding mandarins in the apartment:

  • citrus plant by characteristics unpretentious and tenacious,
  • neat little tree in a pot wonderful decorate the interior,
  • tree will please abundant foliage and pleasant aroma,
  • tree owners note that it helps with depression and fatigue.
  • Mandarin, like indoor flowers It does not require special care,
  • you can grow it from any mandarin purchased,
  • from a bone it will turn out excellent ornamental tree.

In order to properly germinate the bone, you need to buy several fruits of mandarin. Remove the largest seeds from the inside. Small and soft will not work, they should be thrown away..

If you do not take into account the fruiting, for the sake of an evergreen plant on the window, you can plant seeds from any mandarin purchased. For the sake of fragrant fruits - it is recommended to plant the following varieties of mandarin:

  1. Skoroplodny grade of citrus Unshiu (Unshiu) He is considered very fruitful and unpretentious. A short tree has a spreading crown with flexible branches. With sufficient care and additional lighting, mandarin will bear fruit without ceasing.
  2. Indoor type of mandarin Murcott (Murcott) allows you to get sweet, like honey, fruit. The season of ripening is summer.
  3. Early ripe tree Shiva-Mikan (Shiva-mikan) perfectly survives in the indoor environment. Abundantly blossoms and bears fruit. Fruit weight can reach 30 grams.
  4. Many successfully grow Clementine mandarins on the window.. In order for it to bear fruit and not grow "wild", a graft of a sprig of cultivated citrus will be required.

In principle, you can try to plant any mandarin, the question is whether it will bear fruit? The answer to this question and many other aspects of growing below.

Will an ornamental tree be grown from a stone?

Experts are unanimous in the opinion that without a graft a tree will not bear fruit. Do not let this scare you, it is easy to acquire a cultured graft, one sprig will be enough. The tangerines grown in this way, for 3-4 years, delight with orange fruits.

The graft will quickly take root on a well-established crown. Such a plant will cost much less than buying citrus at a flower shop. Many amateur gardeners share sprigs for breeding different varieties of cultivated mandarin.

Sometimes mandarin is sold with a sprig that can be grafted or rooted.

There are cases when mandarins go on sale with sprigs. For the sake of experiment, you can try to instill or implant it. You do not need to be afraid of difficulties, there will be no problems with the plant. Effort will be rewarded with a fragrant harvest.

Optimal conditions for growing

Unpretentious plant requires some conditions for placement and cultivation. Observing these requirements, you can achieve fruiting throughout the year. If the tree is properly maintained, it will constantly bloom and bear fruit. Often on the windows you can find tangerines with fruits of different maturity. Conditions to be met:

  • stable temperature condition not less +14 degrees ,
  • the best place in the house unshadowed windows on the south side
  • plant need sufficient air humidity, it can be achieved by spraying,
  • during the dry period it is necessary provide regular watering (it is recommended to put a container with water next to it),
  • autumn and winter, reduce the frequency of watering, add soil loosening,
  • feed in the spring universal fertilizers.
In the first year of fruiting mandarin, some flowers are pinned

In adult plants form a crown, remove excess twigs. With abundant flowering in the first year of fruiting, it is better to pinch part of the inflorescence. This is done in order not to burden the young tree. It is necessary to monitor the condition of the mandarin, so that there is no disease on the leaves and drying out.

How to choose a bone for planting?

Bone taken from the ripe bright orange color of the fruit. Yellow and green are not suitable. To get 2-3 sprouts, you need to collect at least 10 strong seeds. . Planting is better to make immediately, no need to wait until the bones are dry and wrinkle. It is preferable to buy tangerines in the season of natural fruiting, in autumn or winter.

In the rest of the year there is a greater probability of getting poor-quality shoots of hybrids. The quality of the seed can be checked with water.. Heavy seeds will sink, hollow will remain floating on top. Thanks to the selection of high-quality seed, seedlings will be strong and stable. Weak seeds may die over time.

Landing conditions

Conditions may seem difficult, but these are only subtleties that need to be met. In the future everything will be much easier, the main thing is to do everything correctly. Prepared bones, before they fall into the ground, must undergo some training.

  1. Seeds must be decontaminated from the effects of fungi, hydrogen peroxide solution. The ratio of peroxide and water is 1:10. It is enough to dip the bones in the solution and remove.
  2. Next, take a saucer or any other container, cover it with a soft cloth. Wrap the seeds in it. Moisten well with cloth. Every day, ensure that it is wet. Pour heavily with water is not necessary, from the overabundance of moisture seeds rot.
  3. If the germination process seems tedious, you can immediately sow bones in wet soil. In case the seeds do not sprout, this option will not work.
Depth of seeding mandarin seeds 1-2 cm
  1. In a few days, the seeds will turn.. At this point, you will need to prepare the ground for their landing. It is better to prefer light non-acidic soil. Land composition can be bought ready or cook it yourself. On 1 part of sand take 2 parts of the earth and humus. Well suited land taken in the forest belt.
  2. Small pick pot. Put there bones. Planting depth of 1-2 cm. Weak sprouts can always be removed. Strong - transplanted.
  3. Some practice growing seedlings in disposable cups. This method has the right to life, but it is better to take peat or flower pots. In a glass, moisture evaporates worse.
  4. Water as the soil demands, it should always be wet.
  5. Loosen the soiluntil the plant is well rooted, not necessary.
  6. To sprout tangerines grow quickly, you need to provide additional lighting. This is especially true of the winter period when natural lighting will not be enough.

By the number of shoots it is possible to judge how high the bones were. When planting 10 seeds normal germination 3-5 seedlings . Some of the seedlings may die in the process of maturation. Natural selection will allow you to get strong shoots.

How to care for a young seedling

Care is a regular watering and spraying leaves. So that the leaves do not hurt, do not spray them with water from the tap. Let it stand at least one night. It is good to have a special watering can, in which there will be separated water.. To the roots do not rot, in the water, you can add a little potassium permanganate.

Germinated seeds of mandarin

As a preventive measure against aphids and black flies, onion peel should be placed around the plant. EIf the pests have started, the sapling is washed with water infused with garlic, laundry soap or salt. Midges can live on the surface of the soil. It will need to loosen.

Inoculation of indoor plants

In order for the citrus tree to bear fruit, it is necessary to inoculate the cutting from varietal mandarin. Sections are made disinfected with a sharp instrument. At the time of grafting, the young tree should be as thick as a pencil. Methods of vaccination set, choose the most convenient option:

  • T-shaped graft using a shallow notch under the bark,
  • grafting at a sharp angle, the cut is attached to the cut on the tree,
  • V-shaped incision It is done in the center of the wilderness, a twig is inserted inside.
Grafting Mandarin

Graft need to quickly and accurately. The site of vaccination tightly bandaged and covered with garden pitch. To ensure a comfortable plant after the graft, you can cover it with a transparent bag or a glass jar. You can use growth stimulants.

A rooted and grafted tree, being on the southern side with sufficient irrigation and fertilizer application, will delight you with an abundance of tangerines. Enlisting tips on growing, you can safely start planting. As experience shows, it turns out that everyone can grow a tangerine from a stone.