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Potatoes lasunok: variety description, photo, cultivation, reviews

Potato varieties "Lasok" will be a real find for gardeners - beginners and for those who dream of a rich harvest with minimal effort. This variety has large fruits, high yield, and also it is not whimsical in care. Potatoes have beautiful and tasty tubers that do not darken or boil soft during heat treatment.

Video about potato superelite Kamensky, early morning, sweetheart:

The consumer qualities of the root crops of this potato variety are very high and belong to the culinary type C. Such root vegetables are excellent for the production of crisp, dry mashed potatoes, starch, frozen potato and vegetable fritters, garnish potatoes and cooking french fries freezed with food additives. Variety "Lasok" found a very widespread use in agriculture, for a long time grown on an industrial scale.