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How to make green fertilizer based on nettle and grass


For the garden today developed a lot of dressings, and the place of honor is an infusion of nettle, as it has high efficiency and efficiency. The use of fertilizers belonging to the class of green, can improve the performance of yields and prevent unnecessary waste of money on chemicals. To create a top dressing from nettle, it is enough to take the plant itself, water and a few other ingredients: weed crops or yeast. The presence of additional components can improve the useful properties of the tool.

Useful properties of nettle fertilizer

Determine how nettle is suitable for plant nutrition, can be based on its chemical composition. This weed is a special plant, as it has an acid that causes burns to the body, but with proper preparation can be beneficial.

Nettle for fertilizer is useful due to the presence of important elements

The trace element composition of the plant:

  • calcium is the largest share, about 37%. Participates in photosynthesis and is an essential component of growth. With a deficiency of this element, the plants significantly slow down their development, the young processes gradually die off, and the tip becomes sluggish. The harvest is either greatly reduced, or not at all,
  • potassium - 34%. Its importance is due to the impact on the activation of enzymes and the transport of beneficial trace elements throughout the plant. With the proper amount of potassium, the stem of the plant becomes firm and elastic. Potassium is able to retain moisture in the plant. If there is a shortage of substance, the foliage quickly dies off, and over a short time the plant dies completely,
  • magnesium - 6%. The trace element is important for the passage of photosynthesis, as it is a component of chlorophyll. Determine the magnesium deficiency by bleaching foliage,
  • iron.

Nettle for fertilizer is useful due to the presence of other important elements: manganese, copper, sulfur, silicon and nickel. The leaves are also rich in vitamin K1, it provides healing and strengthening of young plants. With nettle fertilizer, it is possible to achieve the fastest growth, abundant appearance of color and increase in fruiting.

The increase in fertility is achieved through two main areas of action of the weed:

  • Covering the deficit in beneficial trace elements and substances important for plant nutrition.
  • An infusion of nettle improves the quality of the soil structure and acts as a stimulant for the appearance of abundant amounts of earthworms.
Nettle organic fertilizer

What is the use of nettle fertilizer

It is easy to identify the useful nettle for plant nutrition. There are several main positive effects:

  • firming effect on rhizome,
  • stimulates plant development,
  • prevents the attack of a number of pests and diseases, since seedlings produce natural immunity,
  • improves soil quality
  • allows you to increase the amount of harvest
  • strengthens the stems of the plant.

Recipes for making liquid fertilizer from nettle

Today, green dressing can be prepared on the basis of several common recipes. Each option can be prepared without the use of supporting tools or complex actions. In any case, the nettle fertilizer for plants must be properly prepared, it will achieve maximum benefit and prevent the onset of negative consequences.

Green nettle fertilizer must comply with several rules:

  • Before collecting the raw materials, you must take care of your own safety. In order to protect the skin, you should wear thick clothes, closed shoes and gloves with sufficient strength. With proper preparation, you can avoid getting burns,
Nettle harvesting
  • To speed up the weed harvesting procedure, bring a knife or scissors. For folding raw materials, it is better to take a bag or a bag to conveniently move everything behind you and prevent skin contact.
  • Harvest time is the most important factor for ensuring the effectiveness of green nettle fertilizer. It is recommended to collect the weed until the seeds appear, otherwise some nutrients will be lost,
  • fertilizer should be prepared from healthy nettle, useful for plants. Need to pay attention to the absence of traces of disease, pests or rot. It is better to cut off the young shoots without damage.

After the preparation procedure, it is necessary to proceed to the selection of a suitable container for preparing the infusion. A key aspect is the use of non-metallic packaging. The metal reacts chemically with nettle fertilizer; as a result, it can become useless for plants and sometimes even harmful.

It is preferable to use a barrel of wood, even better - oak, in the absence of such a container, you can use plastic tanks with a volume of more than 10 liters. The most convenient way to use the infusion is when using a special vessel in which a crane is installed to collect the product.

Standard nettle fertilizer

This method is the simplest recipe for making nettle infusion for top dressing. The tool can be used immediately after preparation in its pure form or combined with various other useful components that will expand or enhance the range of influence.

Algorithm of actions:

  • The weed is ground with garden shears or a knife and wooden board are used, after which it is placed in a prepared container.
  • Raw materials need to fill the entire tank to the top, and then fill with heated water. Liquid level should not reach the edges.
Nettle fertilizer
  • The process of infusion begins when the mixture wanders and foams. Waiting time - 2 weeks. During this period, it is necessary to carry out the mixing of the substance every day, this will ensure the uniformity of fermentation throughout the container, and the amount of useful components emitted will increase.

There is one important drawback - a sharp and unpleasant smell from the tincture.

Nettle and bread fertilizer

Nettle fertilizer for plants can be supplemented using bread. The cooking procedure is not much more complicated, but the speed of readiness increases significantly. Cooking technology will be familiar to many who know how to make kvass.

Preparation Procedure:

  • Nettle is mixed with bread; it can be replaced with a bun or briquette yeast (it is important that they are natural). This will speed up the fermentation process.
  • Capacity is filled to 75%, no more, otherwise a lot of foam will flow out.
  • You can wait for cooking in 5 days, in this state the tool will be ready for processing the suburban area.
  • Before use, the entire composition is qualitatively filtered and diluted at a dosage of 10% (1 liter of water per 1 bucket).

If necessary, even more to improve the quality of the fertilizer from the nettle for plants can add mineral and organic type, only their concentration should be reduced from the basic recipe.

Plant nutrition infusion of nettle

Top dressing from nettle and dandelions

Tincture can be supplemented with other herbs of the weed type, and thanks to their extensive growth, it will be as easy to find the ingredients for the recipe. Nutrients are found in many dandelions growing in each plot.

When collecting dandelions, the same rule applies - you need to get a plant before the ovary of seeds. Before use, dry the leaves and finely chop.

Fertilizer preparation:

  • After the preparation stage, the dandelion is mixed with nettle and poured into the container in a proportion of 1/8 of the volume.
  • Then water is poured into the tank It is recommended to add potassium humate to the water (1 tsp. Per bucket). The ingredient has beneficial properties and increases the effectiveness of this fertilizer.
  • Infusing the mixture is recommended for 5 days.

If it is not possible to get suitable dandelions, you can use: chamomile, comfrey, coltsfoot, wormwood, wheatgrass, etc. Most of the plants are in each garden and thrown into the garbage after the next weeding. When added to the tincture, you can use the listed weeds. It is impossible to use the weed cultures having various poisonous components in the composition: St. John's wort, bindweed, etc.

The use of cereals for the preparation of the mixture is not suitable due to the selection of alcohol-containing compounds in the fermentation process. Such a composition will lead to a decrease in fertility.

Top dressing from nettle and dandelions

How to make feeding more useful

There is a small secret that will increase the use of fertilizer for the garden. If you use it, you can save a larger number of essential trace elements from raw materials. The difference lies in the method of fermentation.

The container with the means covered with a film of polyethylene, which is usually insulated beds. It provides for the containment of methane released during the decomposition of weeds. With this method, the entire fermentation process takes place without the penetration of oxygen. In sealed conditions, useful components are not subject to evaporation.

To prepare the composition will need 2 weeks, except when using additives to accelerate the fermentation. It is possible to conclude that the product is ready on the basis of smell. A smell familiar from manure is expected.

Rules for making perfect nettle fertilizer

Few gardeners know how to improve the quality of the composition. To create the perfect tool you should use several recommendations:

  • when installing the container under the sun's rays, it is possible to speed up the fermentation process,
  • It is important to conduct regular mixing. Better every day, but at least 2 times in 7 days,
  • if you plan to re-prepare the raw materials, it is necessary to separate a little cooked infusion and close in a sealed glass jar. In the future, the substance will play the role of the leaven. Keep it in the refrigerator,
  • To eliminate the unpleasant odor from fertilizer, add a little valerian root (you can buy it at the pharmacy).