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Strawberries: the benefits and harm, beneficial properties, calorie


Strawberry is a delicious berry, which is associated not only with a delicious breakfast, but also with a romantic dinner. That she gives preference to glamorous women of fashion, seeking to lose weight.

It is used for the preparation of cosmetic masks and scrubs. But is strawberry always good for the human body?

"Strawberry" benefits

Strawberries are an excellent dessert that many cannot resist. It is also actively used for medicinal and cosmetic purposes. It is proved that the berry is one of the most complete sources of minerals.

It contains many vitamins, iron, magnesium, potassium, manganese, zinc, silicon, phosphorus, copper, etc. It has a diaphoretic and diuretic effect on the body, increases the appetite and normalizes the digestive system.

The composition of this product includes substances that contribute to the removal of toxins, and antioxidants, which reverse the aging process.

In folk medicine, strawberries are widely used if you need to quickly stop uterine bleeding, lower blood pressure, increase hemoglobin and cure atherosclerosis. It is irreplaceable at avitaminosis.

It fights pneumococcus, intestinal infections, herpes virus and staphylococcus. Importantly, the composition of the berries includes a substance that provides neutralization of cancer effects during smoking.

That is why chain smokers are advised to eat any strawberry desserts as often as possible.

Therapeutic infusions made from strawberries

Strawberry infusions can be made from fresh berries as well as leaves. In the first case, you must pour two spoons of the product with one cup of boiling water. The decoction should be infused in a thermos for at least thirty minutes. Then it needs to be filtered and drunk as an effective diuretic / diaphoretic and immunomodulating agent for half a circle before the start of a meal. The described recipe also contributes to the healing of angina. Just need to rinse "strawberry water" throat.

As for the fresh and dried leaves of the plant, they can help to heal from bleeding, including hemorrhoidal. To prepare the medicine, pour two spoons of chopped leaves with boiling water and leave for forty minutes. After filtering through gauze and drink half a cup three times a day.

Who is the strawberry contraindicated?

Separate categories of people need to be very careful with strawberries. It:

  • Sufferers from gastric ulcers or gastritis (strawberry seeds are very irritating to the shell of the gastrointestinal tract).
  • Suffering from diseases of the joints (the plant aggravates the problem of gouty pain syndrome).
  • Those taking enapril or similar drugs that help lower blood pressure (strawberries in combination with these drugs have a greater burden on the kidneys).
  • Allergy sufferers. Perhaps this is the main reason why people of all ages refuse strawberries. On the surface of the product contains pores. They, like a sponge, accumulate pollen, which provokes allergic reactions.


The benefits and harms of strawberries depend on many factors. This berry rich with useful substances is a real treasury of vitamins and microelements. In addition, it is simply delicious. At the same time, it can conceal in itself a serious danger in case of its allergic intolerance or some other features of the body’s work.

The use of berries for medicinal purposes

Due to the fact that the berry is rich in vitamins, various trace elements, organic, inorganic acids, it has long been used as remedy :

  • Berry reduces the level of glucose in the blood, so it is recommended to use it in diabetes mellitus.
  • Boosts the immune system.
  • Has antimicrobial properties.
  • It normalizes the intestinal microflora, perfectly cleans the body from toxins, toxic substances.
  • Quickly treats flu, cold.
  • Normalizes the endocrine system.
  • Treats liver diseases, anemia, rheumatism.

Who should not eat garden strawberries?

Due to the fact that the berry is bright red, it is strictly prohibited for allergy sufferers. It should also be borne in mind that strawberries have the ability to accumulate a large amount of pollen. Therefore, after its use can begin to disturb a strong sneeze, redness, itching.

Strawberry is contraindicated in gastric ulcer, gastritis, because the berry has a large amount of organic acid. You also can not use the product for renal diseases - it has diuretic properties.

The use of garden berries for cosmetic purposes

Beauticians appreciate berry, use it as a main component for the preparation of masks. Due to the large number of different acids, the juice from strawberries helps get rid of freckles, acne, acne, rashes, age spots.

Especially useful berry for gums. If you make a gruel out of it, apply it on a brush, you can cure and strengthen the gums. But frozen strawberry ice perfectly tones the face, body, enriches the skin with a sufficient amount of vitamins.

Are you dreaming of beautiful, well-groomed, long hair? Add strawberry extract in gels, lotions, serums, hair shampoos.

How can you lose weight by eating strawberries?

Nutritionists believe that garden varieties of berries are excellent fat burners. It is known that strawberries contain a sufficient amount of iodine, which is able to effectively break down fats. Due to the diuretic effect of the berry, you can remove all the harmful substances formed in the process of fat breakdown.

We offer to use such an exemplary strawberry menu:

  • Breakfast. Strawberry + yogurt, low-fat cottage cheese or a small amount of cheese.
  • Dinner. 200 grams of boiled chicken (you can stew fish) + vegetable salad and strawberries for dessert.
  • Dinner. Prepare a salad - finely chop the spinach, strawberries, tomatoes, hard cheese. Add some olive oil.

The diet is observed exactly 4 days. With it, you will not only reduce your weight, but also improve the condition of all internal organs.

Valuable advice

Do you specially grow strawberries in the country? Buy it on the market? Be sure to follow these basic rules:

  • When buying garden strawberries it is important to pay attention to the tail, leaves. If they dried up, sank down, it says that the berry is stale.
  • Freeze the best unripe berry.
  • Strawberries are not necessarily bright red, but they should not be sour.
  • Especially useful berry, which is independently grown in the garden. It has a pleasant aroma, does not contain different additives.

So love strawberries? Normally carry it? Then be sure to enter it into your menu. So you not only enjoy the taste of sweet berries, but also enrich yourself with valuable vitamins. The main thing is to use a quality, proven product that is sold at the beginning of summer. Do not buy greenhouse strawberries - it is treated with various harmful substances, so you can seriously poison.