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Strawberry Jam Recipe

Good afternoon dear friends. Today we will talk about how to cook thick tasty strawberry jam in order to preserve the whole berries, as well as preserve all the vitamins.

Strawberry is one of the first sweet berries that appears in the garden and makes us happy with its aroma and taste. After all, when there is a plate with strawberries on the table it is simply not possible to pass by so as not to try these red berries.

Many hostesses try to prepare it for the winter so that later in the cold time to enjoy delicious strawberry jam. Recipes how to cook strawberry jam is really a lot. But today we will analyze the most popular and most proven recipes for how to prepare strawberries for the winter.

Thick strawberry jam with whole berries

In order to make any jam not only strawberry thick, you need to cook it for a very long time. Yes, it takes much more time, but the taste only benefits from this.

In order for the strawberries to boil well, do not aspire to buy larger berries in this recipe small berries are welcomed.

Strawberries must be washed to sort and dry. After washing, I spread it on the towel for about 20-30 minutes and occasionally turn it over so that all the excess water is absorbed into the towel.

Next, a quarter of all the prepared strawberries lay in a saucepan and pour a small portion of sugar. Next, give another layer of strawberries and also pour it with sugar.

Leave the berries in the sugar for 7-9 hours. I do it in the evening and leave it all night.

In the morning you will see that the strawberry has given a lot of juice is good. Now with the skimmer you need to get the berries. That is to say to separate the berries from the juice.

We put the berries separately, and put the syrup on the stove and cook it for about 20-30 minutes after boiling. Do not forget to mix it up so that it does not burn. During cooking, the syrup will become thick and decrease in size by about one third.

Remove it from the heat and fill it with berries. Leave again for 8-10 hours berries in hot syrup.

In the evening, when you come back from work, we again get strawberries from syrup and boil the syrup for 20-30 minutes after boiling, stirring occasionally.

And again we fall asleep strawberries in syrup and leave for the night in syrup. In the morning we repeat the process again, but now when we boil the syrup for 20 minutes, we put the berries into the boiling syrup and cook it all together for about 5-7 minutes. Then you can put the jam on the banks and close it with lids.

Everything on strawberry jam is ready. Turn the twisted jars and cover them up with something warm, like a blanket. Keep the jars lids down to cool.

Strawberry jam for the winter with gelatin

In recent years, strawberry jam boiled with the addition of gelatin has started to gain momentum. To be honest, this is practically not jam, but strawberry jam, but there are no whole berries in the jam, which means it is still jam and very thick jam.

  • 1 kg. Strawberries
  • 1 kg. Sahara.
  • 10 g of gelatin.
  • Half a lemon.

As always, sort out the strawberries and remove the leaves and stalks from it. Rinse well and dry on a towel or colander.

Sprinkle the prepared berries with sugar for 2-3 hours. During this time, the berry will put the juice. To speed up the process every hour gently mix strawberries with sugar.

After 3-4 hours you can put the pan on the stove and boil the strawberries. When foam appears, remove it with a spoon.

After boiling, leave the strawberries in the room for 7-8 hours to infuse.

Next, pick up half the strawberries in a separate container, and turn the remaining into a puree with a blender. Then in the resulting strawberry puree shift the whole berries and add the juice from half a lemon.

Gelatin prepared according to the instructions on the package.

Put the whole strawberries on the stove, bring to a boil, add the gelatin and cook for another 5-6 minutes.

After you can arrange the jam in sterilized jars.

Banks are twisted with lids and stored until completely cooled with lids on the bottom under a warm blanket. Of course, the hot jam will be liquid, but when it is cool enough, the gelatin will thicken and the jam will be thick like brawn.

The classic recipe for strawberry jam with whole berries

Cooking thick strawberry jam according to the classic recipe is easier. It also turns thick due to boiling the syrup. However, when mixing, you need to be careful not to break the berries and then you will succeed.

Of course, it is best to start cooking strawberry jam in the evening so that the berries can soak in sugar and put juice in the morning.

Sort out strawberries while removing leaves and twigs from it. It is also important not to miss spoiled berries in jam. Only ripe and firm specimens are allowed to make jam from them.

After washing, rinse the dried strawberries and pour them with sugar. Alternate layers of strawberry and sugar. After adding sugar, leave the pelvis with strawberries overnight.

In the morning, with the help of a skimmer, carefully remove all the strawberries so that only the released syrup remains in the pelvis. Put the pelvis on a slow fire and begin to boil down the syrup by constantly stirring it. It is important that all sugar is dissolved.

After 5 minutes of boiling syrup add all the strawberries. Wait until the boil is still boiling for 5-6 minutes and turn off the heat completely. Leave the jam on the stove to cool for the next 7-8 hours.

After 8 hours, boil the jam again and boil it for at least 10-15 minutes. Then you can check how thick it has become. Type in a spoon and jam a little drip on a plate. After a couple of minutes, the droplet will cool down and it will immediately become clear how thick the jam is. If the density of you becomes outdated, stop cooking and arrange the jam in sterilized jars. And if not, then boil up to the thickness that you need.

We twist the lid-twisted jars in the top and wrap them in a warm blanket and leave them in this position until they cool down completely. After that, transfer to a cool place for long-term storage.

Five minutes on thick syrup

The task is set to cook fragrant and thick jam so that the berries would remain safe and sound. It is also important that this jam well preserves all the vitamins and aroma of summer strawberries.

Wash the strawberries and bust.

1 kg. sugar pour 100 ml of water and mix. Sugar, of course, does not immediately dissolve, but some of it is accurate.

Put the pot of sugar on a slow fire and drown the sugar on a slow fire constantly stirring. It's not a simple matter, but you can overpower it. As soon as the mass starts to boil, this means that the sugar began to turn into syrup. Especially pay close attention to the fact that he would not burn and did not take a lump.

We spread on banks and we twist covers.

As in other cases, it may seem to you that the jam is not thick enough, but I assure you that when the syrup has cooled it will become much thicker.

Fragrant strawberry jam with mint and lemon

Try to make fragrant strawberry jam with the addition of mint and lemon. This recipe came to me last year and I tried to make a few jars for the sake of experiment. When in the winter they tried to decide that this year we will cook for more of this miracle.


  • 1 kg. Strawberries
  • 800 gr. Sahara.
  • 5-6 Sprigs of mint.
  • 1 Lemon.

Rinse the strawberries first, then sort them out. If you make a turn, the berries can absorb a lot of excess moisture that we do not really need.

Enumerated berries pour sugar and leave for the night in a cool place. So if left in the warm for the night there is a risk that by the morning the strawberries can wander around and jam will not work.

In the morning, boil the strawberries on low heat for 5-10 minutes and leave to cool until evening.

In the evening, rinse the sprigs well. Remove lemon zest from lemon. It is important to remove only the yellow part as white can bitter. The easiest way to do this is with a grater.

With a lemon squeeze juice.

Put the jam on the stove, add mint, zest, and squeezed lemon juice. Bring jam to boil and cook for 5-10 minutes.

Next, take the sterilized jars and pour the jam on the banks.

In winter, when you open the jam, then of course you will feel not only the aroma of mint and lemon, but also a slight taste. In truth, the jam is not too thick, but it is very well suited for pies and desserts.


I sit on the first Sonya play, Dad comes with a strawberry bucket:

- Strawberry flowed, it is urgent to sort out and jam.

-No problems! And how much to cook? (The end of the 90s there was no Internet)

- While not thickened.

FOUR HOURS I made strawberry jam. For four hours I kept a joystick in one hand and a huge spoon in the other hand for a couple of minutes.

But it turned out thick and berries like raisins.

You have not cut the sticks from both sides of the gooseberry with the manicure scissors on both sides and do not impale each with a needle.

Dratutu! At the granny of 15 bushes of this ograst bylo.A also, happened, it was necessary to erase a mold any nail.

Silt = Swedish jam, google. Sugar is consumed significantly less, beautifully stored.

If you know how to google, then learn to look for information, and not bullshit, which you push.

E211 - sodium benzoate is added to the Swedish silt, therefore it is less sugar.

All would be nothing if they had not prepared the silt themselves for several years. Only strawberries and sugar. It is fine, although the proportion is less than one. Any questions?

This was the topic of storage. Jam is stored at room temperature.

Never store anything at room temperature. Meaning, if there is a cellar? But, by the way, you can eat preservatives, put 2 kg of sugar and so on, so strange, I don’t have that need.

The recipe itself is not there, read this forum and see who faced what:

In general, everything looks like this: berries (I got it stuck on strawberries) are well sorted out and washed, we remove everything spoiled. Boil 5 minutes after boiling, strawberries give juice, it is enough for cooking, not to interfere too much, so that the berries do not crush. And only after turning it off, we immediately fall asleep sugar (1 / 0.6-0.8, to whom, as to taste, I do not like much sweet jam, therefore, 0.6 sugar) and start stirring so that the sugar dissolves, but without additional heating . Stir vigorously but gently. Beforehand it is very good to sterilize jars and lids (boiling water + wipe everything with alcohol), pour, cool. It is possible to put on top of the pre-cut parchment / tracing paper / baking paper mugs soaked in alcohol or cognac, but this is already quite trump. It is quite enough to me before wiping the lid again to wipe it well with the neck with alcohol, never after such a mold or souring. Silt turns out to be very tender and fragrant + plus slightly zazhelirovannym, who tried, everyone likes, ask yourself a jar as a gift and a recipe. Try at least once on a small amount to understand how you will be stored. We have everything in the cellar or in the fridge, until the spring, not a single bank has ever finished, everything is eaten clean.

What strawberries to choose for jam

For a tasty and beautiful result, you need to choose the appropriate strawberry berries:

  • They should be about the same size,
  • It is not necessary to take very large strawberries, they will lose their shape when cooked, becoming porridge,
  • Small ones will not work either, after heat treatment they become harsh,
  • A prerequisite is the absence of spoilage on strawberries,
  • Overripe strawberries will not keep in shape, and understepped strawberries will not give either taste or smell.

Preparation of strawberries

Before starting the preparation, the raw materials must be carefully prepared:

  1. Select strawberries suitable for jam. Separate sepals need after washing to avoid the ingress of water inside.
  2. Rinse the stock gently: there may be particles of soil on the berries, so it’s better to put them in a large container with water.
  3. Put strawberries in a colander to glass all the water.

Strawberry jam number 1

For the preparation will need sugar and strawberries. Moreover, sugar should be half the weight. For example, consider the proportion of 1.5 kg of sugar per 3 kg of strawberries.

  • Ingredients are mixed together in the cooking utensils and forget about them for several hours,
  • Then you need to remove most of the juice, do not completely drain it,
  • Juice can be used at will, here it is no longer needed,
  • In the berries add 500 grams. Sahara,
  • Leave alone for another couple of hours,
  • After, bring the strawberries to a boil, remove the foam that appears,
  • Keep on low heat for 1 hour,
  • Roll up hot jam in sterile jars.

Strawberry jam number 2

Sugar and strawberries in equal proportions by weight. At the end of cooking you will need a pinch of citric acid.

  • Combine the ingredients in a suitable cooking pot and leave for a while, until the juice is extracted,
  • Put on the fire, wait for boiling,
  • Keep strawberry jam on the fire for 5 minutes, constantly removing the foam that appears,
  • Turn off the heat, rearrange the dishes from the stove,
  • Covered with a clean cloth jam left to cool, it is better for 12 hours,
  • Then repeat the process of boiling and cooling from 3 to 5 times,
  • The density of strawberry jam in this recipe depends on the number of repetitions,
  • Pour citric acid in the finished product, it will improve its color and will serve as an additional preservative,
  • To distribute jam on the prepared banks,
  • After it cools down a little, and steam will no longer flow from it, you can close the lids.

This technology of cooking is considered the most correct, since the heat treatment is minimized, and the berries during the settling period are gradually soaked with syrup. This produces a thick jam with whole berries and the most stored composition of nutrients.

Strawberry Multicooker Jam

Here is a recipe using modern technology. For it you need 1 kg of sugar and strawberries, as well as 20 g of thickener, for example, "Gelinka".

  • Fold the strawberries and sugar into the multicooker bowl,
  • Wait for the juice,
  • Set on the multicooker the extinguishing program,
  • Cooking time - 1 hour,
  • A couple of minutes before the end, add a thickener and mix well,
  • At the end of the program, you can roll up the jam in a sterile container.

Cooking secrets

It is easy to choose a recipe - their weight. However, there are some secrets of how to prepare really thick strawberry jam for the winter:

  • Do not force the berries to wait long for their fate. Collected - start cooking. Strawberries lose their unique aroma, color and taste every minute. Jam from such raw materials can quickly deteriorate,
  • In order to preserve the shape of the product, the collection is carried out in dry weather. The berries collected after the shower will turn into a shapeless mass during cooking,
  • Cookware for making strawberry jam is a wide and spacious container made of non-oxidizing material. A large evaporation area will provide a thicker consistency. Previously used brass and copper basins, which, in addition to suitable characteristics, additionally disinfected jam,
  • The amount of sugar directly affects the density of strawberry jam: the more of it, the thicker the result,
  • In some recipes, the desired consistency is achieved by prolonged cooking, up to several hours, but there is no benefit from such a product, long-term heat treatment destroys all the beneficial substances,
  • Sugar not only thickens, but also preserves the berries, its sufficient amount does not allow pathogenic germs to multiply. A jam with a minimum amount of sugar cannot be stored for a long time.
  • You can cook the original strawberry jam, just seasoning it with some spices: cloves, cinnamon, mint and others to your taste.

All sweet summer and even more sweet winter!

Kitchen tools

From utensils prepare:

  • deep cooking container - for example, a saucepan,
  • a bowl
  • colander,
  • skimmer,
  • spoon or scoop,
  • jars with lids (for a specified number of ingredients you need 3 cans of 0.5 liters each),
  • sealer key if not using twist-caps.

Strawberry preparation

To start, strawberries need to sort, remove the rotten, crumpled and unripe berries. It should be very well and gently rinse it in a colander and allow to drain water. Then dry the berries on a towel spread, and then remove the stem. Prepared strawberries weigh and measure the required amount.


So, the recipe for making thick strawberry jam with whole berries includes the following steps:

  1. Berries put in a pan, cover with sugar. You should leave them at about 6 o'clock, so they let the juice.
  2. Put the saucepan with strawberries on medium heat and bring to a boil, stirring occasionally. Boil the berries for 10 minutes, the foam that appears, remove the skimmer.
  3. Put berries in another container. And continue to boil the syrup for about an hour.
  4. Wash jars and sterilize them.
  5. Add lemon to the thickened syrup, chop it up finely and continue cooking for an hour, stirring occasionally.
  6. Then add berries to syrup, reduce heat to minimum and cook for another 1 hour.
  7. Разложить по баночкам горячим, закатать крышками, перевернуть вверх дном и оставить, пока полностью не остынет.

Полезные советы по приготовлению

Представляем вашему вниманию несколько советов, как приготовить наиболее вкусное клубничное варенье:

  1. Лучше всего для варки подходит эмалированная посуда. In an aluminum container, an oxidation reaction occurs, and in a stainless steel container, jam acquires an unpleasant, specific flavor.
  2. For agitation, you should choose a wooden or silicone spatula.
  3. Strawberry billet can be given a special savory taste, adding vanillin, ginger or mint.
  4. There is an alternative way to thicken strawberry jam, avoiding such a long cooking. Add “Zhelfix” to a small amount of sugar, pour into the berries and boil them immediately, then add the rest of the sugar and cook for another 5 minutes.
  5. To check the readiness of the syrup drip it on a saucer. If the drop does not spread, then it is ready.

How to store jam at home

If the jars were well sterilized, then the lids are tightly sealed so that oxygen does not flow to the jam, it can be stored for several years. Keep it better in a dark cool room. But do not put it in the fridge or on the balcony.

At very low temperatures, it can be sugared. Thanks to this recipe with step-by-step photos and recommendations, thick strawberry jam will delight your household throughout the winter.