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Zamioculcas (flower of celibacy): photos, superstitions and signs in the house


Zamioculkas is a popular indoor plant, successfully used to create a cozy interior in winter gardens, halls and foyers, offices and reception rooms. If decorative, that is, small specimens, grow to 60 cm in height, then its other subspecies are drawn up to one and a half meters or more. A very effective and beautiful shrub with a noble dark green coloring of dense leathery leaves attracts the views of lovers of natural plantations and professional flower growers. And an unusual kind of flower, resembling either a half-peeled banana, or a corncob, completes the picture.

Legends and money

In the people, two potted flowers are associated with financial well-being: sweetie (crassula) and zamiokulkas. Signs associated with the first - the money tree - make us pay attention to our own well-being in general. But the second popularly called a tree is not just a money - a dollar! Why? Because it affects the amount of these greenest papers, so pleasant to us, in your own wallet. Simply put, it gives rise to signs like these. The bush grows healthy, the leaves do not turn yellow, the stems do not bend, which means that dollars flow to you in a deep brook, it attracts them. But if the tree is sick, it becomes rotten, it disappears - trouble! Your dollar flow will start to melt too. And stocks, available at home, quietly evaporate. What to do? Save the Zamiokulkas! Signs, however, say that if the plant is not cured, do not wait until it dies completely. It is urgent to acquire a new one and place it near the dying person, so that it will convey its positive attitude and energy to the new talisman. Only bad luck! It can not be bought in the store - you should only steal it, or get it from someone as a gift. And one more superstition with which Zamiokulkas is associated. Signs are strictly ordered: even for a donated flower, you must pay off, give at least a little money. And you yourself, if you give a process to someone, take a couple of coins for it - “for divorce”. Thus, we conclude: you want to get a permanent dollar channel - take care and nurture your green bush. Pinocchio's dream, by the way!

The secret of female happiness

The third, and very interesting name of the flower zamiokulkas - "female happiness." Signs associated with the plant, clearly explain where it came from. First, it blooms rarely, only with very good care. So after all, the female share is full of hardship and difficulties, the fate of the weaker sex is not so often indulged by cloudless days. And only with the appropriate attitude and attention from her husband, children and loved ones does a woman flourish as if nature is in spring. Secondly, if we recall the famous aphorism that diamonds are best friends of girls, then it is quite logical that the symbol of women's happiness is the flower zamiokulkas. Signs and then did not disappoint, justified! But who would argue: if there is prosperity in the house, if you don’t have to pay a penny, why shouldn’t the housewife be pleased? Well, the last guess about the secret of the name. The bud of the plant resembles a phallic symbol and hints at the full personal life of a lady. It turns out a wonderful triangle: love, wealth, money. Do you refuse this?

Here is such a wonderful he, this flower zamiokulkas!

Description of Zamiokulkas

Modern interiors of apartments, especially decorated in the spirit of minimalism, where everything is functional and there is nothing superfluous, most often look like a dull and boring dwelling. Bring in paint and a comfortable atmosphere can only fresh flowers. It is interesting to fit into any interior of such a plant as zamiokulkas.

Zamioculcas is a succulent plant, i.e. refers to a group of plants that can store water in their stems and leaves. It was first described as an emerald palm tree in 1828 by K. Loddijes, who studied exotic tropical plants.

In 1908, A. Engler, who for many years led the botanical garden in Berlin, gave the plant its modern name.

Until the middle of the last century, Zamiokulls was not known as a houseplant. It was presented to the public in 1996 by Dutch florists at an auction for professional florists.

His homeland is the African continent. It is especially common in the territories of Tanzania, Zanzibar, Mozambique and Madagascar. It has many names: Zanzibar Pearl, Dollar Tree, Chinese New Year Holiday Tree.

As a plant home interior has many advantages: an exotic appearance, bright green foliage, original inflorescence, it is not picky about watering and lighting.

But most importantly, the flower is shrouded in conflicting superstitions.

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Why is called women's happiness

Zamiokulkas flower in form resembles manhood. There is an assumption that this is why it began to be called women's happiness. In addition, it is noted that, subject to the rules of caring for a plant, he is really able to make a girl happy.

It is imperative that the flower was presented to the woman as a gift, and not purchased. Bought will bring only failure in love and loneliness.

In addition, it is believed that only a blooming zamiokulkas is capable of adjusting personal life, but the appearance of flowers on it is rarely noted.

A bad sign is wilting plants. At the same time throwing a flower is strictly prohibited. It should be treated or placed next to it. Healthy will give energy to the withering.

Flower celibacy and muzhegon

On the basis of will and superstition, Zamiokulkas can bring both benefit and harm. If some believe that the exotic beauty gives a woman happiness, others have come up with a radically different name - muzhegon. There is a belief that the plant is able to leave the girl alone. This is due to the fact that it is similar to another muzhegon (spathiphyllum).

Among the folk signs distinguish the following:

  • With this flower in the home of an unmarried lady, she will never be able to marry,
  • happiness brings only donated plant,
  • magnificently growing, healthy zamikulkas - to happiness and well-being.

Zamioculcas and negative energy

Sometimes in life begins a black stripe, which can not cope. All this inevitably affects houseplants. Energy is most sensitive to the dollar tree. It reacts to it even if the person himself does not notice the negative. Therefore, noticing the wilting of the flower, you need to immediately change the environment. The plant thus signals about future troubles.

Should listen to Zamiokulkas. Negative energy for him is extremely undesirable, as well as for the person himself. It is worth thinking about what can be changed in your life. If you can not immediately put in order the order, you need to throw away all unnecessary from the house. At the same time, the flower should be treated gently, and you should only adjust yourself to positive changes.

Why does a dollar tree bloom

Flowering exotic plants is extremely rare. If, however, the zamiokulkas blooms, the sign says that positive changes await its owners. Possible pregnancy, the upcoming wedding, success in work, career growth.

When a dollar tree blossoms, it is recommended to put it close to its fellows. During this period, he is able to share with them positive energy.

If the plant is observed to cry, the air in the room is excessively humid. Whence there was a sign that such changes - to the coming rain.

Can I keep at home

The dollar tree in the house grows well, can give a special look to the interior. The only thing to consider is poisonous zamiokulkas. Children can touch the foliage, which will cause itching, burning. If the baby tastes the leafy plates, it will cause him poisoning. Danger to humans, as well as to cats and other pets. Therefore, you need to work with a flower in gloves, and children and animals should not be allowed to it.

It is not necessary to place a flower in the house if one of the tenants has an allergic reaction to decorative exotic cultures.

It is noted that the foliage of the plant produces a large amount of oxygen. Due to this, the air in the room is cleaned. This, in turn, is beneficial to health. Culture is allowed to put in the bedrooms, in the kitchen and in other rooms.

To continue to grow money in the gardener, you need to properly plant a flower. It is recommended to initially put a few coins in the pot, and only after that, plant a handsome tropical man.

If the florist does not believe in omens and superstitions, he can simply acquire a plant. If a person is superstitious, then you should give a hint to close people that you want to receive this unusual flower as a gift.

The content in the interior of Feng Shui

Culture has a special meaning on feng shui. It is treated with respect. The important point is the choice of the place where you plan to put a flower pot in the apartment. Of course, it fits perfectly into the interior of any room, but put it in the south-east. Thus it will be possible to strengthen the positive qualities of a home mascot.

Plant should be exclusively in the new soil. It is unacceptable to plant a flower in the soil where another plant had previously grown. Otherwise he will not attract luck and wealth. Yes, and will not look so attractive.

The exotic handsome brightly reacts to kind words and caress. If negative energy curls in the room, it loses its decorative qualities. It is extremely important that the harmony reigns in the family, the house feels cozy.

A dollar tree in Feng Shui is customary to ask for the fulfillment of desires, but only those that do not harm others.

Zamioculkas is a surprisingly beautiful exotic culture, with which many beliefs are connected. Often he is decided to be placed in the house in order to achieve financial well-being, to establish personal life. Non-true flower growers appreciate the flower for its decorative qualities and unpretentiousness. Its only drawback is poisonous juice. To avoid his contact with the skin, all care procedures are performed with gloves.

What is Zamiokulkas, where I come from

Spectacular houseplant with glossy fleshy leaves, which is called the flower of celibacy, has come a long way, getting to our edges. Zamiokulkas homeland - the mountains of Zanzibar and East Africa. The joy of seeing a pretty culture was presented to us by the English collector Konrad Loddizhes. He discovered Zamiokulkas for science, first describing it in 1826. At first, the flower did not produce a boom in botanical circles. Interest in it came later, at the Dutch auctions. Demand has not subsided since.

What attracts zamiokulkas? Not being a flowering plant, it attracts the eye with its spectacular leaves. They are glossy, rich green, smooth. As well as long branches. The flower can reach a height of up to several meters. He becomes like a tree, while sitting in a small pot.

Refers to the list of the most unpretentious indoor plants. This is probably due to its African roots. The hot conditions of the savannahs and the scorching sun make the plants adapt, take the most from rare rains and accumulate strength. So, with which Zamiokulkas can tolerate:

  • can live very long without moisture and watering,
  • does not require frequent transplantation
  • does not lose the brightness of the leaves, located in a dimly lit place.

Attention! Zamioculcas is a poisonous plant. Its juice can cause allergies, and getting into the stomach - intestinal disorders.

Zamioculkas - the flower of celibacy

Fortunately, the flower does not expel men from the house in the literal sense. This is only a sign, but many women take it very seriously, attributing a certain misfortune in their personal lives to Zamiokulkas. He is considered the flower of celibacy. Why? In the people there are several versions:

  1. Sign associated with the toxicity of the juice of the leaves.
  2. Stories of unmarried female owners of the flower.

The juice of African Exotic is really unsafe. If it comes into contact with it, reddish burns or an allergic reaction may appear on the skin. But it is equally poisonous for women. Nevertheless, the version of the flower of celibacy takes place. And many representatives tend to believe accept. In addition, Zamiokulkas is believed to have a special energy, the power of which is to protect women from men.

Science has not been proven, but there is no evidence of false signs either. Some girls claim that they have found happiness in their personal lives, having got rid of a beautiful plant from African latitudes. Believe it or not, this is a personal question, but you cannot take away the element of mysticism.

Zamioculkas attracts dollars

Another sign associated with Zamiokulkas is its ability to attract green banknotes. A pleasant belief that most florists are inclined to believe. Why exactly zamiokulkas brings wealth to the house? Two features point to this:

  • similarity with Crassula, which for many centuries has been called the “money tree”,
  • the appearance of the leaves is associated with the coveted green bill.

But in order for wealth to come into the house, according to signs, it is often necessary to speak tenderly and preserve it with Zamiokulkas.

Attention! It is believed that if you keep the leaves of the zamiokulkas dusty and dirty, money will not come to the house.

There are certain rituals for summoning dollars into a house. There must always be at least one coin in the pot pallet. And on the topmost sheet is to attach a folded paper dollar. Another ritual is to water Zamiokulkas with water. To do this, a few coins immersed in water to insist for 2-3 days. After the infusion is watered green handsome.

To the pair of the above features of the Zamiokulkas, you can add the resilience of its roots. Even if the aerial part of the flower is completely dry, the rhizomes will preserve vital energy for a very long time. And if you start watering again and take proper care, Zamiokulkas will begin to grow very actively, having the same health. The situation is reminiscent of the superstitious flower growers, especially bank deposits: first you cannot use money for a long time, and then take it off with interest.

How to care for well-being

If you believe you accept money, you should not allow leaves to fall off, otherwise money will start leaking from the house. Yes, and the tree is a pity, right? To maintain the integrity of the leaves and beautiful appearance will help easy care:

  • rare watering
  • renewable soil
  • disease prevention.

For rare watering, probably Zamiokulkas is so loved even by inexperienced growers. Indeed, if you pour a tree, the roots will begin to rot and the green pet will die. Soil is suitable universal, as long as it is loose and nutritious. Fertilizers should be fed every two weeks, in the winter - every three.

Transplantation of young flowers takes place in a year, adults - through 3. Zamioculkas likes to live in a close pot, so when transplanting it is necessary to increase the new capacity by no more than 1-2 cm in diameter. Pot is desirable ceramic. First, pottery breathes, allowing oxygen to penetrate to the root system. Secondly, plastic can crack from the effects of growing roots.

Zamiakulkas is a beautiful tree, which, according to omens, can save and attract money to the house. For superstitious people, it will become a real talisman and indicator of financial problems. But do not get rid of the plant, knowing in the sign of the flower of celibacy. Better to believe in their feminine charms and find personal happiness.

Have you noticed how exactly houseplants affect your life?