General information

The ideal incubator that will help grow healthy chicks

The covatutto 24 model is an automatic incubator equipped with a digital control system. The incubator is made of high quality plastic that can withstand intense loads. The model has an automatic coup, which is designed to breed different breeds of poultry.

Incubator Covatutto 24

Using the covatutto 24 model, you can display pigeon, quail, chicken, pheasant, turkey, duck, goose and at home. The incubator allows you to maintain the vital activity of the egg, providing the most convenient conditions for embryo formation and maturation of the bird.

The covatutto 24 model possesses high operational properties and various functions. The incubator is controlled through a display that displays possible functions. All control settings are set to default. You can change the parameters by specifying the corresponding value on the display.

There are several functions in the menu that are shown on the display, like F01, F02, F03, etc. Using these settings, you can adjust the temperature and humidity in the incubator, rotate the eggs, and control the flow of water. The system is equipped with an alarm that alerts you to change settings.

Included incubator features include:

F01: Displays the set temperature. The "down" button allows you to adjust the temperature to the desired value.

F02: Control indicator light under the sign 1. With this value you can turn the eggs.

F03: Control of the indicator light under the sign 2. With this button you can control the water level.

Changes in the system occur 5 seconds after pressing the corresponding value. If during this period no changes are made, the settings will be saved by default.

Capacity of eggs of different birds

Model parameters allow you to display different breeds of poultry. With dimensions of 47.5x44x30.5 cm, the incubator holds 24 chicken eggs. If necessary, you can use the device for breeding other species of birds.

Average capacity of the model:

  • Dove - 70 pieces.
  • Quail - 42 pieces.
  • Chicken - 24 pieces.
  • Pheasant - 30 pieces.
  • Turkey - 16 pieces.
  • Duck - 20 pieces.
  • Goose - 6 pieces.

The model provides a comfortable maturation of the eggs and allows you to display up to 70 units (in the case of pigeon eggs) at a time.


The automated covatutto 24 incubator is easy to operate and makes it easy to control the incubation process. The case of the device is made of high-quality plastic. Two inspection windows are built into the door through which you can monitor the process and track the result.

Automatic egg turning system allows you to rotate them at any time. Maintaining a comfortable temperature is achieved by two electric resistors.

Above the tray is a fan that provides breathability, heat transfer and maintaining a set level of humidity. Inside the pan are containers in which water is poured. It is used to create suitable humidity in the chamber.

The covatutto 24 incubator can be used for domestic and industrial purposes.

What is this innovation and how does it work?

Anyone wishing to breed poultry should prefer miniature devices on a small number of eggs. As a rule, for home breeding this is enough. On huge productions, such as factories on cultivation of birds, there are incubators of rather impressive sizes, allowing at the same time to raise thousands of chicks. Factory incubators, naturally, are much larger and more powerful than domestic ones. What is the appearance and design of a standard incubator for use in the home?

The smallest design is represented by something like a tray for eggs and a special panel with buttons, with the help of which it is possible to set certain modes to ensure the growth of chicks. Everything is arranged quite logical and understandable. It is also possible to purchase some additional equipment to optimize the process. But you will learn about this below.

What is the cultivation of chicks?

Before buying an incubator, we advise you to decide on a model. More advanced models work almost autonomously and do not require any additional external intervention. You just have to properly lay the eggs in the incubator and press the power button. The device will independently regulate the necessary temperature, humidity, and also if there is a need, it will turn the eggs from one side to the other. When choosing more primitive models, you will have to do most of these actions yourself.

Requirements for the eggs.

For growing you fit the eggs of absolutely any poultry. If you purchased an incubator with the ability to nurse the eggs of various birds, then it is possible to immediately lay there an egg and chicken and, for example, quail.

There are incubators that can only nurse a strictly specific kind of eggs. In this case, if you wish to lay different types of eggs, you will have to purchase special trays.

Who can get advice on caring for chicks?

At first, for most people, nursing chicks seems to be a sort of time-consuming and lengthy process, which is rather difficult to understand. But this is not the case. With Internet access, it is possible to find a huge amount of various background information regarding incubators and bird care. There are many forums in the network where bird lovers share their tips and personal life experiences in nursing chickens and other birds. You can read the recommendations of the official organizations for the poultry industry. For example, they do not recommend purchasing store eggs for an incubator. From them, most likely, the chicks will not hatch.

As a rule, the main thing in this process is desire. With a sincere interest in birds, any person can quickly penetrate into all the nuances and become a wonderful poultry farmer.

Seven of the most sought-after manual and automatic incubators.

1. Magicfly Digital Mini Fully Automatic Egg Incubator 12 Eggs Poultry Hatch.

This is one of the hits among modern incubators. With it, you can give life to 12 chicks. It is very tiny in size. This is his undoubted advantage, since there is no need for him to allocate a large space. This model is absolutely automatic. The cost is also very pleasantly surprised. You will have to pay about 83 dollars for it.

The model is quite functional. Above there is a display on which you can follow everything that happens with the eggs. He will implement the egg inversion himself, as well as maintaining the optimum temperature for the birds. With it, you can grow not only small chickens, but also ducklings with goslings.

This type of incubator will be especially convenient for people who are engaged in birds very recently, as they do not yet have the experience and knowledge in manually adjusting all functions. To use devices with manual control, you need at least minimal experience in this business.

Large-sized incubators for 42-96 eggs

These universal incubators are very convenient. There is an opportunity to grow a very large number of chicks. And, at your request, you can breed chickens, geese, ducks or quails. Such devices cost from 59 to 128 dollars, depending on the capacity of the model. The 42 egg incubator has manual control. That is, you will have to independently set the temperature, humidity, as well as turn eggs in time.

Incubators for 50, 56 and 96 eggs have automatic control of the desired functions. Your role is only to put eggs there and turn on the device. For such additional features will have to significantly pay.

2. G.Q.F. Manufacturing 1602N Hova-Bator Incubator.

This is the leading incubator among all manual ones. At the same time you can put no more than 50 eggs. Quail eggs will fit in much larger quantities, and goose, on the contrary, will fit less. Arranged quite simple. By its size quite impressive unit, worth $ 59. If you first decided to try yourself in the poultry industry, then this model is definitely not for you. It is necessary to have experience in raising chicks in order to fully ensure the control of all necessary functions, the installation of which is completely manual. Plus, you will have to additionally purchase a thermometer, since without it you will hardly be able to do something. If you do not take into account the shortcomings of the manual mode, we can conclude that this model is quite budget and reliable.

3. CHIMAERA 56-Egg Automatic Incubator / Hatcher / Turner with LCD Display.

Fully self-contained incubator for 56 eggs. It looks like a tray, so regardless of the type of eggs, you can’t put more of it in it. The cost of the unit is about 88 dollars. The incubator has great functionality. It is equipped with a front panel on which the owner has the opportunity to set the data he needs. You even have such a detail as a cooler that promotes the circulation of air flow. The only drawback is the opacity of the device, which does not allow from time to time to consider what is happening inside. In order to check the contents, it is necessary to open the incubator. For inexperienced owners, the ideal option, since it does not require participation from outside, everything is produced independently.

4. Best Choice Products 96 Digital Clear Egg Incubator Hatcher Automatic Egg Turning Temperature Control.

The incubator consists of two floors capable of storing 96 eggs. This kind of small farm, the cost of which reaches 119 dollars. It is completed with two trays containing 48 eggs. Then one tray is placed on the other, and a two-story variant is obtained. The owner will grow any bird in it. Excellent automatic control. The device without your participation will regulate the temperature and the desired humidity, as well as, if necessary, turn the eggs. Sometimes there are complaints about the violation of the air flow in one of the tiers because of the high levels. By purchasing another cooler, you solve this problem.

5. HovaBator Advanced Egg Incubator Combo Kit: includes an incubator, fan kit, egg turner, digital thermometer / hygrometer.

Device for 42 eggs, equipped with high-capacity cooler and thermometer. You can put a lot more quail eggs or a little less than a goose. The decent price of $ 128 justifies the quality. Egg flipping is built-in. Thermometer-hydrometer and cooler are built separately. The model is quite functional and deserves respect.

Mini incubators for 7 eggs

Presented by two different devices. The first option is ideal for beginner poultry farmers, as it is extremely simple, only chickens can be raised in it. The second option is advanced and functional, can be used when nursing various types of eggs, and the price, respectively, is higher.

6. Yescom Mini Digital Transparent Egg Incubator Clear Chicken Poultry Hatcher w / CE Certificated.

The model is the most affordable among all listed and costs only $ 24. It will autonomously control the temperature. The owner will have to turn the eggs himself, but this should not be difficult, given that there are only seven of them. Also this device is the smallest of all listed. Perfect for beginners.

7. Brinsea Mini Advance Hatching Egg Incubator.

High-performance incubator worth $ 179. Ideal for the poultry farmer. Does not require human participation in the care of the embryo. Everything controls itself. There is a display where you can read all the information. The owner of the device is only to enjoy the process of the birth of chicks. Quail eggs fit 12, chicken 7 pieces. Incubator in the top of the most popular, has a lot of positive feedback.

Light Egg Candle Tester - Incubator Warehouse Exclusive.

Modern ovoskop for use complete with manual type incubators. The device looks like a small lantern that is powered from the network. Allows you to control the process of nursing eggs. It is necessary to bring it to the egg and educate to determine the viability of the embryo. The disadvantage is that for a beginner it will be quite difficult to draw any conclusions. Sold with nozzles for various eggs. To work with a manual incubator, it is indispensable.

Using modern devices for breeding birds, you can turn this activity into a pleasure.

Production characteristics

In the incubator chamber can be placed:

  • 24 chicken eggs
  • 24 quail,
  • 20 ducks,
  • 6 goose
  • 16 turkey
  • 70 pigeons,
  • 30 pheasants.
The incubator is designed for laying out the incubation material with the following weight:
  • chicken eggs - 45-50 g,
  • quail - 11 g,
  • duck - 70-75 g,
  • goose - 120-140 g,
  • turkey - 70-85 g,
  • pheasants - 30-35 g.

Incubator Functionality

The electronic unit controls temperature and humidity. To control the temperature, a thermometer and a sensor are provided that triggers the heating in case the temperature starts to decrease. By default, the temperature in the chamber is set at +37.8 degrees. Adjustment accuracy ± 0.1 degrees.

Covatutto 24 Electronics will notify you about what you need:

  • flip - the icon with the egg,
  • add water - a badge with a bath,
  • to prepare the device for hatching - a badge with a chicken.
All actions are accompanied by a blinking indicator and a sound signal.

In order to organize the air exchange, the manufacturer recommends airing the chamber 15-20 minutes a day, starting from the 9th day of incubation. It is possible to end airing by moistening from a spray. This is especially important for waterfowl eggs - ducks, geese. The mechanism of rotation of the incubation material is not included. Therefore, you need to turn the eggs manually from 2 to 5 times a day. To make it easier to control whether all eggs are turned, mark one of the sides with a food marker.

Advantages and disadvantages

Among the advantages of the model Covatutto 24 note:

  • the case is durable, aesthetic,
  • thermal insulation of the body is made of a material with low thermal conductivity,
  • easy to maintain and clean,
  • the electronic unit is thoughtful and functional,
  • the temperature sensor is reliable and accurate
  • universality of the model: incubation is possible with the subsequent breeding of chickens,
  • the possibility of incubating different types of birds,
  • small size allows you to install the device in any convenient place
  • you can easily move the device
  • easy maintenance.

Disadvantages of the model:

  • the capacity was calculated on the basis of the size of medium and medium-sized eggs,
  • the model is not equipped with a device for turning,
  • the farmer needs to be involved in the incubation process: turn over the incubation material, add water, and ventilate.

Instructions on the use of equipment

To get a high percentage of chicks hatching, the manufacturer recommends that you follow the rules for working with the device:

  • Covatutto 24 is installed in a room with a room temperature not lower than +18 ° C,
  • humidity in the room should be at least 55%,
  • the device must be away from heating devices, windows and doors,
  • the air in the room must be clean and fresh He participates in the process of air exchange inside the incubator.

Preparing the incubator for work

In order to prepare the device for operation it is necessary:

  1. Rinse the plastic parts of the incubation chamber with a disinfectant solution and dry.
  2. Assemble the device: install a water bath, incubation bottom, separators.
  3. Pour water into the bath.
  4. Close the lid.
  5. Turn on the network.
  6. Set the desired temperature settings.
It is recommended to use distilled water, because it does not contain organic impurities and bacteria.

Egg laying

To put eggs into the incubator, after the temperature indicators have been set, you need to disconnect the device from the network. Then open the lid and place the incubation material in the space between the installed dividers. Close Covatutto 24 and turn on the network.

For incubation choose eggs:

  • same size
  • not polluted
  • free from external defects
  • carried by healthy chicken no later than 7-10 days before laying,
  • stored at a temperature not lower than +10 degrees.
Before laying eggs should be heated in a room with a temperature not lower than +25 for 8 hours. Defects of the shell are checked by an ovoscope and, if a displaced air chamber is detected, a marble shell, of a deformed form, is rejected.

Terms of incubation of chickens of different species of birds are (in days):

  • quail - 16-17,
  • partridges - 23-24,
  • chickens - 21,
  • guinea fowl - 26-27,
  • pheasants - 24-25,
  • ducks - 28-30,
  • turkeys 27-28,
  • geese - 29-30.

The expected time for breeding chicks is the last 3 days of the incubation period. These days, eggs can not be turned over and can not be searched with water.

In the process of incubation must perform:

  • airing once a day for 15-20 minutes,
  • egg roll 3-5 times a day,
  • adding water to the humidification system.

The device management system will notify you of what needs to be done with a beep.

Temperature and humidity indicators at the time of chicken eggs incubation:

  • at the time of the start of incubation, the temperature in the incubator is +37.8 ° С, humidity 60%,
  • after 10 days, the temperature and humidity are reduced to +37.5 ° C and 55%, respectively,
  • further until the last week of incubation, the mode does not change,
  • on days 19-21, the temperature remains at +37.5 ° С, and the humidity is increased to 65%.

When temperature parameters deviate, disturbances occur in the embryo development system. At low values, the germ freezes, and at high values, various pathologies develop. Если влажность недостаточна, то оболочка подсыхает и утолщается, что существенно усложняет выведение цыплят. Чрезмерная увлажнённость может привести к тому, что цыплёнок прилипнет к оболочке.

Hatching chicks

В течение 3 дней перед вылуплением разделители убирают, ёмкость заполняют максимальным количеством воды. Яйца больше вращать нельзя. Проклёвываться птенцы начинают самостоятельно. Вылупившимся птенцам нужно время, чтобы обсохнуть. The dry chicken becomes active and is removed from the incubator so that it does not interfere with the rest. Optimal chick hatching should occur within 24 hours. In order for the breeding to be almost simultaneous, eggs of the same size are taken.

Device price

The price of Covatutto 24 for different suppliers ranges from 14,500 to 21,000 Russian rubles. The cost of the device in Ukraine is from 7,000 to 9,600 UAH, in Belarus - from 560 to 720 rubles. The cost of the model in dollars is 270-370 USD. The manufacturer of incubators Novital supplies equipment only through distributors, the company does not carry out direct deliveries.

Reviews of the technique from Novital in various forums are positive. Among the shortcomings they note the high cost of equipment and therefore those who purchase an incubator for a small private farm prefer to consider cheaper analogues.

As for quality and reliability, they are at a high level and guarantee a high percentage of hatching under the conditions of incubation. Covatutto 24 users recommend this device as a reliable and very easy-to-manage equipment that will suit even beginners.

Incubator Covatutto 24 ECO - description and specifications.

Modern electronic equipment allows you to maintain a given level of temperature in the incubator. Quiet and energy efficient incubator, provides maximum reliability, performance and security. Manual rotation. It is possible to connect an automatic turn.

Packaging dimensions (LxWxH): 21.2x37x34 cm

Incubator Manufacturers

In China, quite a lot factories specializing in release household and industrial incubators, - at least two hundred. But those who really work with Russian resellers, not more than a dozen. Here are the first five of them:

  1. Shaanxi Shitong Imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd.
  2. Nanchang Howard Electric Appliances Manufactory.
  3. Nanchang Dulong Industry Limited.
  4. Dezhou Decheng Weiqian Incubation Equipment Factory.
  5. Huatuo electronics co ltd.

In 2008, Nanchang Dulong Industry Limited launched serial production of domestic incubators Janoel with a capacity of 24, 42, 48, 96 chicken eggs. By the example of this series we'll consider:

  • specifications incubators,
  • advantages,
  • limitations and ways to eliminate them.

JANOEL series. General characteristics

Incubators series Janoel Firstly attract consumer attention beautiful design, digital display, compactness and convenience in operation.

Suitable for egg incubation chickens, quails, pigeons, geese and other poultry.

Their device is generally similar and differs only in details. Rugged plastic housing, lid mounted heating element and turbofan, pallet swivel mechanisms trays, trays themselves, temperature relay, humidity control. Digital display shows:

  • the temperature inside the incubator (set with buttons),
  • humidity inside the incubator (regulated by topping up water into the pan),
  • countdown days incubation and periodicity tilting eggs (set with buttons).

When buying, you need to consider that the Chinese are constantly modify these devices. In order not to be trapped, you need specify The seller has the characteristics of the incubator. It may happen that when you receive a package with a long-awaited JANOEL, you will find that in complete set not included trouble free a source power supply (UPS) or tray is not suitable for incubation quail eggs Be careful!

Have models This series has many advantages, but there are also shortcomings and quite serious. We learned about them from people who already long lasting time use these chinese incubators. We hope that this information will be for you. useful.

Relatively new Chinese incubator (model 2013). Designed for 24 chicken eggs, 12 goose and 40 quail eggs.

Made from lasting plastic. Equipped digital display, which can be adjusted and set the temperature in the range from 30 to 42 ° С (error ± 0.1 ° С).

Volume reservoir for water - 350 ml. Instructions recommends to follow level water in the tank and top up water no more than 100 ml at a time.

Suitable for those who only starts breed poultry (small farm).


  • not visible level water in the pan. It overshadows lattice, on which the eggs lie. It is difficult to understand how much water to add. No alarm is provided if the humidity in the incubator drops below critical marks,
  • between the grille and the body there gaps, in order to be able to pull out the grate on which the eggs lie. The manufacturer made these gaps. too wide, and a small quail chick can stick out there and to drown in the water tank.


  • case sides transparent and allow you to track the incubation process. After chicks hatched, they can warm in the incubator. If you have children, then for them it will be a thrilling sight - watch,how chickens are hatched in an incubator
  • highly simple control,
  • quiet fan operation.

New, refined The model of this incubator is equipped with universal trays (for chicken and goose eggs) and partitions (for quail eggs and pigeons).

Water is added through the holes on lateral the walls of the incubator. When you forget to pour water, the apparatus supplies sound signal.

Temperature control from electronic display.

The device is designed for 42 chicken eggs, 20 goose and 120 quail eggs.


  • first time stinks plastic,
  • the wire between the display and the tray rotation mechanism is made too long (can get into the water tank through the gap),
  • if a shut off electricity then the thin body of the incubator is fast cools down since there is no automatic transition for battery operation (if the UPS is included).


  • easy to maintain easy to clean
  • if desired autoturn can be disabled
  • transparent walls enclosures - you can observe the process of incubation,
  • instantly gaining and good keeps the temperature.

How to make a feeder for chickens with your own hands, you can learn from this article.

Technical specifications this model (except size and number of sockets in trays) duplicate incubator JANOEL-42.

You can only add that tuning temperatures and humidity such an incubator is a pretty deal thin and may take up to 6 months. So do not be in a hurry to despair if the first The conclusion you have failed.

The incubator is designed for 48 chicken 24 goose eggs and 132 quail eggs.

Double decker the incubator is made of plastic reinforced ribs stiffness. On each "floor" automatic turning over tray with a capacity of 48 eggs.

Temperature set with digital display. Incubator warns about low humidity or temperature jumps sound signal.

The model is good for use in farm farms (medium and small). Design nests allows you to lay an egg there any birds: from goose to quail

  • The main disadvantage is uneven warming up the first and second tiers. Each of the tiers is equipped with a separate fan and heating element, but warm air from the bottom tier rises upward and passing through the lattice separating the two "floors" adds heat to what is being released in the upper tier. The result - below +37 ° С, and above already +39 ° С.
    But this problem is easily solved: enough isolate lower tier plastic or cardboard with several holes for ventilation.
  • To add water, you need to lift both tiers of the incubator. Moreover (this applies to all incubators in the series) it is difficult to regulate humidity, adding water to the pallet tracks.


  • If you wish, you can leave for incubation, only one "floor" and the other to use as brooder.
  • Very tight but flexible case material. Does not crack. Going in place of several plates. This is undoubtedly a virtue, since overpayment for bulk Parcels can reach significant amounts.
  • All trays, if desired, can be replaced by another kit, designed specifically for output quail eggs It allows you to lay in JANOEL-96 up to 288 eggs at once.
  • Other merits we mentioned they are the same for the entire JANOEL incubator series.

After a brief review you can do objective conclusion. Yes, there are drawbacks, but they are easy. removable. Even if you have "fly" any detail, then to replace it is quite simple, just go to the firm where you bought the incubator. They certainly sell accessories for repair or upgrades old models.

JANOEL Incubators are so simply arranged that you are no problem can handle both with adjustment, and with possible repair.

For a review of the characteristics of the Chinese 96-egg incubator with backup power, see video: