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How to save the Fatty? Money Tree Diseases and Their Treatment


Jade, or Crassula (Crassula) - tree of the family Crassulawhich has about 300 species. Most of the wild species inhabit South Africa. Domestic succulents are grown in apartments and greenhouses. The pottery kind of crassula - Crassula portulata, popularly called the "money tree", is a small tree with a thick stem and rounded fleshy glossy leaves that look like coins.

The fat woman belongs to unpretentious indoor crops, resistant to disease and pests. Sickly rare, and the disease most often occurs due to improper care for Crassouleus. The main symptoms of something wrong with the plant are softening, yellowing and falling off of the leaves, the appearance of stains on them.

Soft leaves in bladder

The main reasons for which the money tree can hurt are excessive watering, lack of light and unacceptable temperature conditions. So, if you noticed that the leaves of your plant became soft, most likely you flooded it. In this case, the sweatshirt should immediately give first aid, eliminate the cause of the disease and immediately begin treatment.

To do this, it must be removed from the pot and a thorough inspection of the root system. When a small amount of rotten roots is found, they are removed. Cut and all the leaves affected by rot. If most of the roots have rotted away, they are surgically removed. Rhizome washed under water. Then cut the roots and leaves with signs of rotting with a knife. Sections are covered with charcoal.

The plant is transplanted into a new pot with a new substrate. Pour over the carbendazim solution. Then put in a bright place, avoiding direct sunlight on the plant. Careful watering begin only after the tree comes to itself. In the future, try to control that the soil under the bastard is not too wet.

The fat woman falls down

There are several reasons for dropping foliage. It can be a natural process. It is normal for a money tree to shed leaves once every two years. If the fall of the foliage is observed more often, then pay attention to the moisture content of the soil, most likely, you will re-moisturize it.

Watering with cold water is another reason why leaves fall.

Also, the cause of dropping leaves is a lack of moisture. This can especially be observed in the period of hot and dry summer. Pay attention to the soil: if it is dry, if there is a hard crust on the surface, especially for a long time, this can lead to the fact that the leaves on Crassule will begin to shrink and soon fall off.

If a fat man gets the wrong light, it is often burned by direct sunlight, she will hint to you with the redness of the leaves and their speedy fall.

The fat woman wither, turn yellow and dry

Such manifestations most likely indicate that the money tree is hot. Most often this can occur in the summer. At such a time, Krassula will feel best in the fresh air, so it would be better if you move it to the balcony, loggia, terrace, and yard in the summer. This can be done in the spring. With one condition - the place should be bright, but not under the direct rays of the sun.

Why the fat woman is not growing

If you noticed that your money tree stopped growing, there could be three reasons:

  1. Incorrectly picked up capacity for the landing of the bastard - it is too small.
  2. The fat woman needs a transplant, since the pot in which she was planted became small for the further development of the root system.
  3. Pests attack the bastard.
The only way out of this situation is to transplant the plant into another container and into a new soil. When transplanting should examine the rhizome for rot and parasites. If necessary, it is necessary to treat with fungicides.

Fat woman falls

Sometimes a fat woman can fall on one side and fall. This is because the root system of the plant does not really grow deeper. When planting Crassula, it is necessary to choose wide, but not deep containers. For stability, you can sprinkle the soil with a layer of pebbles.

Red-brown or yellowish spots on fatty leaves

Brown, brown and white spots on the leaves of Crassula indicate the defeat of the plant fungal disease. The treatment of a fungal infection at the initial stage should be carried out by fungicides, strictly following the instructions for use of the drug.

If there are red-brown or yellowish spots, then this is the result of the life activity of the insects, the pests of the fatty fish, and the fight against them consists in:

  • mechanical processing (manually removing pests from leaves using a brush or a cotton swab dipped in kerosene, alcohol or insecticide),
  • Leaf treatment with soap and water
  • spraying insecticide.
The procedure must be repeated once a week until the parasite is completely eliminated.

The shield is a small insect (up to 5 mm), covered on top with a shield similar to a tortoise shell. They settle on the leaves, trunks and petioles of the plant. With the defeat of this pest fat man quickly weakens. Leaves first become stained, then turn yellow and fall off. If time does not begin treatment, then the plant can be lost.

Yellowish spots on fatty leaves, spider web visible between leaves.

With this nature of the spots and the presence of a web, suspicions should fall on the spider mite, another foe’s foe. These are microscopic insects (0.3-0.6 mm) of red color with eight paws (although the color may be variable). On the web, they lay offspring. They feed on plant cell contents.

The result of the tick sabotage is the deterioration of the state of the money tree, the decrease in its immunity. In addition, the spider mite is dangerous because it is a carrier of diseases, such as gray rot.

Regular spraying of the tree and maintaining high humidity of the air in the room will be a good prevention of the appearance of this pest. To combat this pest, apply the treatment with soapy water, drugs Akktelik, Fitoverm, Aktofit, etc.

Cotton-leaf formations in the axils of the leaves of the plant, around the root collar and on the stems

Such a character of defeat indicates the presence of a mealybug in your money tree. These white winged insects, 3-6 mm in size, drink the juice of young shoots and leaves, as a result of which they stop developing, deform, and the leaves fall off.

With a slight spread of the pest, it is mechanically removed using a brush moistened with soapy water. Then the whole tree is treated with soap solution. If there was a mass invasion of the mealybug, the plant should be treated with Akktelik, Calypso, Fitoverm, Biotlin, etc.

In order to avoid the diseases of the money tree and their treatment, it is necessary to carry out preventive measures to prevent them and responsibly implement the recommendations on planting and growing the plant.

There is a belief that if a person falls ill in an apartment where the fatty root grows, the plant begins to wither and get rid of foliage. After a person recovers, the money tree also returns its healthy appearance. However, as we can see, the cause of wilting and dropping foliage is precisely the disease of the fat man. After reviewing their causes, you will be able to promptly eliminate adverse factors, assist the plant and save it from destruction.

Why does the Fatman pale and fall down foliage?

Answer the question why the fat woman loses leaves is not difficult. There are several options. This usually happens either from underfilling, or from waterlogging, it is also possible your the plant is under stress and thus reacts to it. With the first two cases, everything is clear: if you have watered your darling too rarely, then it is the case of drought, if you constantly wet soil and it does not dry out, then you poured the plant.

The solution to the problem is to adjust the watering and reduce the feeding.

But from what the plant may experience stress is not entirely clear. The most likely cause is cold water. Do not forget that the Fat Yard is still a tropical plant and a cold shower is not for her at all.

The solution to the problem is to water the Fatty with distilled water of room temperature, and preferably warm.

Pull the stalk at the Fatty.

The stalk of the Fatty pulled in response to a lack of light, the plant is trying with all its might to reach the source of illumination, so it stretches upwards. Most likely, you chose not a very good place for your pet.

Solving the problem - you should move the Money Tree to a more illuminated window sill (Ensure that no direct sunlight hits it anyway) or arrange for additional planting for the plant.

The fat woman is not growing.

Sometimes the lack of visible signs of growth are associated with the rest period of the plant, for example, in the winter season in a cool room. However, there are also other reasons - lack of lighting or nutrients; and poor watering.

If your Fatty is far away from daylight, the reason for the lack of growth is most likely that.

The solution to the problem is the same as in the previous case - a change in location or additional lighting..

If the Money Tree is in a well-lit place, but still does not grow, think about how often you water it, maybe you forgot about it and the plant did not receive moisture for the second month. And how long have you been feeding in the soil?

Solving the problem - water the plant and then feed it. (use dosage 2 times less than indicated on the package).

The leaves of the Fatty lost elasticity. Why does the Fatman wither leaves?

Wither the fat woman also from various reasons. First, it can be simple crowded potwhen the roots have already occupied the maximum space in the tank, in this case You can solve the problem by transferring to a larger pot.

Secondly, the reason that the Money Tree fades can be improperly adjusted watering. When the bay, the roots of the plant crack and begin to rot, along with them the trunk also begins to rot, and the leaves wither and shrink. Just a reduction in watering problems, alas, can not be solved. You need to get the plant out of the pot and inspect its root system. If the earth lump around the roots is wet and the roots are rotten, they will have to be removed. It is necessary to use a new ground for the Buckwheat, and henceforth do not water it so plentifully. Unfortunately, Krassuly's transplant is no guarantee that she will survive. If, over time, it does not get better, we advise you to break off the cutting and root it. Do not worry, succulents breed very easily.

Root's roots are rotting - the trunk softens, and the leaves shrivel.

If, when transplanting your withering plant, you see that Fatty roots darkened and began to rot, but you need to take a series of resuscitation measures, otherwise the plant will die very quickly.

So, first, rinse the roots of Fatty under a stream of warm water. Secondly, remove the damaged areas of the roots. Thirdly, prepare a weak solution of potassium permanganate and put Pudgy with the remaining roots in it for 15-20 minutes. This is necessary in order to decontaminate healthy roots.

Tolstyanka appeared black spots. What is it?

In the case of blackening of the leaves of Krassoula There are 2 options that must be distinguished. It may be trite sunburn and quite unbanal infectionthat will destroy your plant in a matter of days or weeks. How to distinguish a burn from an infection? Carefully inspect the affected places. The burn is always a local phenomenon., and will appear only in the place where directly sunshine. Solve the problem by simply changing the location of your plant.

If you find a mobile in hard-to-reach places, where the sun could not reach in principle, but you are dealing with bacterial infection.

Bacterial or fungal infection of the Fat Men? How to distinguish?

Why is Fat Lover sick and how to prevent it? Plants with a weak immune system are most susceptible to such infections in the winter, as the ideal environment for the development of an infection is damp and cold. That is, when excessive watering, earthen clod in a pot does not have time to dry.

You must understand that to distinguish one type of infection from another at home is very problematic, however, we will try to determine our further actions.

Both fungal and bacterial infections show similar symptoms - brown spots appear on Krassulethat grow and capture all new areas of the plant. And in a relatively short time the plant dies completely. Our behavior should be as follows - first of all, it is necessary to apply a treatment for a fungal infection, and if it is ineffective, proceed with the treatment of a bacterial infection.

Fungal infection of the Fatty and how to treat it?

It is necessary to follow simple recommendations - reduce watering or eliminate it completely. More often to air the room. And the most important thing is to transplant Fatty.

Transplantation should be carried out according to the following rules:

  1. rinse the roots under warm water
  2. remove old and rotten roots
  3. soak the plant in potassium permanganate solution up to 20 minutes.
  4. disinfect the pot by washing it with soapy water using exactly soap, and pour it with hot water.
  5. prepare a new ground and transplant there Fatty.

Sometimes, the plant is damaged more than half, and it is not possible to save it, in this case it is better to remove the still healthy cuttings to root them. Crassula breeds like other succulents - rooting cuttings or leaves.

Fatty bacterial infection and how to treat it?

Bacterial infection is more difficult to treat fungal with the use of potent drugs. Bacterial rot treatment is carried out fungicides (10g of medicine for 10 liters of water). In addition, it is necessary to conduct local antibiotic treatment, in particular penicillin. The most effective treatment - injecting, however, can be treated with Fatty and with the help of sheet processing.

The fat woman has reddened leaves.

If your Jupiter Reddened Leaves, it is definitely possible to talk about her stay in the active sun. Consequences of direct sunlight getting on the fatty person can be more sad, in the form of brown sunburn. The problem is solved by shading your plant from the sun's rays.

There was a white (silver) bloom on the leaves of Fatty.

If you find white or silver bloom on the leaves of Fatty, look carefully at your plant. If no additional symptoms are detected, it is possible this is due to your hurt porky’s stress and so it just recovers. In this case, she does not need your intervention!

White dots on the leaves of Kolya.

If you find other symptoms on your plant, for example: powdery secretions in the axils of the leaves or roots, then most likely it is a question of pestswho settled on your plant - mealybug.


If you find such a guest on your Fatty, then rinse the plant under running water, unexpected guests are easily washed off. Then treat the leaves, as well as the sinuses and, if possible, the whole plant with alcohol or garlic solution.

Mealybug on Buckworm.

You can also resort to Pesticides for pest control - Fufanon or Actellica.

Cobwebs mite.

This parasite is very easy to determine - by the characteristic web of a plant. You can also see it coming down after looking at the plant - you should see a gray or red dot that moves on the leaf.

Web tick is very afraid of high humidity. You can fight it with the folk method:

  1. Arrange a warm shower for your plant.
  2. Prepare a soap solution using laundry soap.
  3. foam solution and apply the foam on the leaves and the trunk.
  4. wash the foam
  5. Place the plant under a hood or plastic bag to maintain high humidity.
  6. it is better to repeat the procedure again a week later.

It is very difficult not to notice the shield on the Crassula, it looks like such a mound as in the photo above. Insects are best removed from the plant by hand, and destroy, process the plant with soapy water and use a chemical remedy against shchitovki - Fitoverm. The manual describes a detailed guide to action.

If you do not find the answer to your question - ask it in the comments, we will try to help you.

Signs of a sick plant

In our article, at the mention of the money tree, we will also use its other names, known in botany: sweetie and crassula. The name "money" tree received because of the shape of the leaves, similar to coins. By changing the structure and color of the leaves, you can judge one or another cause of the disease. The main features include:

  • the tree stops growing
  • bends, having a dried trunk,
  • leaves dry and fall,
  • ствол дерева становится тонкий, может сильно изогнуться и даже сломаться.

Основные болезни

Почему не растет денежное дерево, клонится в сторону, а также имеет пониклый вид – на это вопросы мы и постараемся ответить.

A tree can get sick for many reasons:

  • a glut of fertilizers can cause foliage to fall,
  • pests may start
  • leaves may fall off and turn black due to bright light (direct sunlight),
  • excessive watering can rot the root system,
  • when the ground is dry, the leaves dry and begin to fall,
  • too cold water will cause foliage to drop,
  • a bacterial or fungal infection leads to red-brown spots,
  • Dying money tree and old age.

Silver bloom

When silver leaves appear on the leaves in the form of white dots, it is necessary to urgently reduce watering and watch the flower. After drying the soil, Crassula “will come to its senses” and then no action should be taken. Only in the future, do not oversaturate the plant with water.

Root rot

Often the problem with an excess of watering - root rot, which leads to the death of the tree. At the same time, the stem is separated from the roots and the bastard slowly begins to die. The tree withers, its top collapses, the leaves dry out, and it is already impossible to revive it. Excessive gulf leads to the death of the bastard. What to do? It is possible to restore a flower only by cutting off live cuttings. Dip them in the water and wait for the new roots.

There is one more reason for death: in case the money tree is frozen. Although this plant is capable of tolerating temperatures around 0 ° C, it is non-frost resistant. As an aid, cut off the dead branches and stems, sprinkling the cut sites with charcoal.

Leaf color and structure change

By the appearance of the leaves, you can determine how the plant feels. If the leaves become soft and lethargic, this suggests that the flower is over-watered. The treatment in this case is to examine the root system. To do this, remove the jade from the pot and remove the rotten parts of the root with a knife.
Lower sheets may also rot, so they need to be cut off. Treat the cut and break areas with charcoal. It will take a new (or well-washed old) pot and a new soil. After transplanting crassula, do not water it immediately, give it time to relax and root, and stop watering until full recovery.

Another sign of the disease is shriveled leaves. In this case, the flower signals that it is too hot, and the leaves frown from excess heat, and if you do not take action in time, they will begin to turn yellow and die. To cure a tree is very simple - in the summer, do not leave the flower on the windowsill, where direct sunlight falls.

Best of all Krassula will feel on the loggia or balcony, where there is a lot of fresh air and light. Watering in the summer is enough once a week. In winter, find a flower place away from heating appliances and batteries, water once a month.

Leaves can be covered with white dots, which indicates high humidity. Thus crassula through the pores in the leaves releases excess water.

Buckwreck pests

When answering the question why the money tree disappears, there is no definite answer. This may be due to errors in the care of the plant, improper soil or uncomfortable temperature conditions. The plant may wither due to numerous parasites in the form of insects and blackflies. With proper care, it is easy to deal with them. We offer some tips.


An invisible pest, the root worm, often settles on the roots of a tree. It is impossible to detect it until it is time to transfer the fatty meat to a new pot. How to treat crassula in this case? To begin with, rinse the roots thoroughly under warm running water from the tap. Then process twice in the solution "Aktellika."

A small plate is a small insect pest that can be seen when plaques have already appeared on the leaflets. How to reanimate the money tree, prompt the following actions:

  • if possible, mechanically collect the pest from the shoots with cotton wool dipped in alcohol,
  • wash the crassula with soap and water using soap (before the procedure, cover the ground with polyethylene),
  • rinse with warm water
  • treat with insecticide.

Spider mite

The next representative of the number of pests is spider mite. The reason for its appearance is the dry air in the room, so in such conditions it is necessary to spray the sweetie.

The presence of a tick can be found by noticing yellow spots on the foliage. After this, spider webs appear between the stems and small pests themselves - ticks in the form of small moving points.

As in such a case, save the money tree, see below:

  • tear off all the yellowed leaves,
  • treat with special insecticidal agents, and it is advisable to change them, as the tick quickly becomes accustomed to chemicals,
  • put a large plastic bag on the flower, tightly fastening it on the flowerpot. In such conditions, ticks die,
  • For a full guarantee, the last step is to wipe the leaves with soapy water.

Preventive measures

The money tree is an unpretentious plant. For the prevention of Crassula diseases, one should only properly water the plant, observe the correct temperature regime, pick off the yellowed and rotten leaves, and periodically allow to wipe the leaves with a mild soap solution.

What to do if leaves fall?

It is very important to pay attention to the fact that it is better not to add water than to pour the earth in a pot. Because, with abundant watering the root system rots and Crassula dies.

To do this, get rid of the old land, remove the rotten roots, cuts fall asleep crushed coal and transplanted into a smaller, and with good drainage, pot. The substrate should be wet and consist of turf, leaf, peat land and coarse sand (the ratio here is possibly the following 1: 1: 0.5: 1).

Another sign of excess moisture and decay of the root system is that the trunk became soft. To save Crassula, you must immediately transplant it.

If we neglect the rules of care and water the money tree abundantly, then, due to stagnant water in the soil, fusarium rot. The roots of the plant rot and a pale pink bloom forms on the root neck. After that, the leaves become wadded, shriveled. Shoots new appear, but immediately fall off. To stop the spread of rot, it is necessary to adjust the watering and use a foundationol suspension (2 g per liter of water) for the treatment of fatty woman. Protect Crassula can only transplant.

Prolonged heat can also cause dropping leaves from bastard. Externally healthy leaves are dumped, in the place of which, after a while, new leaves grow. Does not like sweatyman watering with cold water from the tap. Water should be warm and defended.

In the heat, if there is not enough watering and, especially, if the bum stands in direct sunlight, leaves turn yellow and also fall.

At the beginning of the summer, it is recommended to take Crassoul to fresh air. But, it is necessary to protect it from direct sunlight and heavy rain.

If the fatty the leaves have become soft and sluggish, it means that they watered too often. It is necessary to stop watering before the earth dries in the pot. It is very important to choose a pot for planting with a hole at the bottom. At the bottom place at least 2 cm of drainage - pebbles, expanded clay, or even broken bricks.

Brown and yellow spots on the leaves of the bastard may indicate that the bastard is affected by a bacterial or fungal infection. It is recommended to examine it, remove diseased leaves and treat it with a complex preparation for combating bacterial and fungal infections.

Leaf blackening occurs because the money tree is not protected from direct hit of the sun. Black spots are sunburns. In such cases, the plant is immediately removed under a canopy.

If on a money tree leaves crinklethen it lacks moisture. Watering should be adjusted and the leaves will look healthy. It should be noted that in case of insufficient watering, the fatty dry leaves.

Very often in autumn and winterthat krassula is healthy but leaves fall. This means that there is a need for additional lighting. Transfer the jersey to the bright window sill, preferably from the south-east side. And if this does not solve the problem, then additional artificial lighting is used.

The upper layer of the skin of a piece of fatty grass, over time, grows old and crumbles. Formed silver patina, which many take for a disease. But, here it is not necessary to be afraid, it is a natural process. When a white bloom appeared on the leavesthen this indicates suspected tick infestation. If this deposit smells like mold, then this is a fungus, possibly powdery mildew, and it is necessary to treat with Fundazole or Fitosporin. If there is no smell, then these are ticks and the treatment is carried out with Aktara, Fitoverm.

Sometimes money tree fades. Then it needs to be examined, and if the roots have decayed from overflow, then transplantation is inevitable. Be sure to put the crassula on diffused light and during the first month they pour a little bit from the pallet. Here is the problem of poor lighting.

Very often, at the beginning of spring, money tree leaves turn red. Light day increases, the light becomes more. Crassula may disrupt the process of photosynthesis - the green pigment chloroform is destroyed and replaced by other enzymes. It is necessary to follow, if only the leaves of the bastard have turned red, then they should be removed from a well-lit window into the room. And in a few days the leaves will turn green again.

It happens that money tree has small leaves. This happens when there is a lack of light or nutrient deficiencies. For fertilizer use a special dressing for succulents and you should pay attention to the fact that there was less nitrogen than phosphorus and potassium. Since, an excess of nitrogen leads to rotting of the roots.

Another problem posed by the buckwheat is pests. The most common are the scale, mealybug, spider mite, and thrips.

When on Krassule started up shieldthen it is immediately noticeable on brown or yellowish spots on the leaves. Treat affected areas with alcohol or kerosene, then washed with soapy water, and then with clean water. A good effect is wiping the leaves with vodka every 5-7 days. From chemical suitable drugs "Fitoverm", "Arrivo", "Fufanon."

Spider mite visible even to the naked eye. These are small white or red bugs. First, yellow spots appear, then the leaves of the bollard become brown, a dry brown peel is formed. For the fight against ticks, the preparations “Karate”, “Fitoverm”, “Agravertin” are recommended. Among the folk remedies can be used treatment with soapy water, as well as garlic and tobacco infusions.

Mealybug is located on the roots and leaves of the bastard in the form of formations that resemble cotton wool. It is enough to wash it off with water and wipe the seats with alcohol or garlic tincture. For persuasiveness, you can still process the plant with special means - Aktara, Thiofos, Vertimek, Mospilan, Fitoverm. If the roots are damaged, you need to transplant the bastard by holding the roots for 15 minutes in a solution of any of the above preparations.

Very often in the summer heat, the bastard strikes thrips. At the same time the leaves turn yellow and a light silver shine appears. If the infection is severe, the leaves turn yellow and fall off. In this case, you can wash and spray crassula spray with garlic powder (dilute 1 teaspoon of minced garlic in 1 glass of water) or treat with insecticidal preparations (Decis, Karate, Fitoverm).

When the brute is very stretchedthen it speaks of poor room lighting. To eliminate this cause, you just need to rearrange it to a brighter place.

How to save if the plant began to die?

First of all, it is desirable to find out and eliminate the cause from which it perishes. If the trunk of the money tree has become sluggish and leans downwards, the leaves fall, then in this case it is urgent to transplant the fatty root. To do this, remove it from the pot, rinse under running water, inspect the roots and remove rotted. It is very important not to forget to sprinkle the slices of the roots with crushed activated charcoal. Next you need to let the roots dry and then put the fatty pot in a pot with wet soil, not forgetting, at the same time, put at least two centimeters of drainage on the bottom. Do not water as much as the coma dries. After that, for irrigation it is recommended to use a solution of Kornevin or Heteroauxin.
Crassula is carried to a well-lit, sheltered from direct sunlight, place.

From the foregoing, we can conclude that Crassula is easy to care for and all the diseases of this plant occur only through the fault of its owners. If you follow all the recommendations for the care of Crassula, she will thank for it not only with her beautiful aesthetic appearance, but also with amazing flowering.

Next, you can see photos of diseases and pests of bollard (money tree):

How to reanimate the money tree at home

The rescue of the junkie is possible if you take measures in time:

  • it is possible to revive a tree until all its above-ground parts and roots are affected by rot or pests,
  • immediately collect all insects visible on the surface, spray or wash the leaves with soap and water,
  • use insecticides or fungicides not once, but at intervals of 1–2 weeks to prevent relapse,
  • with a strong infection, it is better not to reanimate the plant, but to plant a tip stem or a healthy side shoot.

Black pigmentation

The reasons:

  • sunburn
  • fungal infection, the cause of which is insufficient ventilation of the room.

Treatment methods:

  1. Avoid direct sunlight on the plant. To do this, place it in partial shade or pritenyat in hot hours.
  2. To process solution of Fundazol.
  3. Reduce the volume of watering.
  4. More often air the room in which there is a bastard.

Small dots of white

The reasons: similar pigmentation is a consequence of the evaporation of excess moisture. Moreover, this moisture enters the flower not only from the ground, but also from the air.

Treatment methods:

  1. Revise watering mode.
  2. Less moisten the air around the plant.

The plant gets a red tint

The reasons:

  • sun rays on the surface of sheet plates,
  • poor air circulation
  • lack of nutrients.

Treatment methods:

  1. Shade a bastard.
  2. Adjust the dressing mode, make them permanent.
  3. Take care of the drainage layer in the flower tank.

Foliage winced

The reasons: abundant watering of the flower after a long period of drought.

Treatment methods: such irregular watering with jumps can lead not only to fatty disease, but also to her death, and wrinkled signs are the first sign of illness. Therefore, it is important to water Crassula correctly so as not to create stressful situations for it.

Dried brown spots

The reasons: lack of moisture.

Treatment methods: water the plant with separated water at room temperature. In this new moistening is carried out only when the substrate dries out about 3-5 centimeters in depth.

Flower dries out

The reasons:

  • excess moisture in the soil,
  • root system filled all the space in the pot.

Treatment methods:

  1. Dry the ground and all rhizomes.
  2. If necessary, replace the pot with a larger one.

Plant description

Crassula is ovoid (sweetie), originally from South Africa and accustomed to fairly harsh living conditions: dry air, drought and poor soils. Like most of the plants in this area, Crassula belongs to succulents and has a powerful, thick stalk and dark green fleshy leaves - everything that can accumulate moisture for a long period of no rain.

The height of the fatty meat in nature can reach 1.5 m. A feature of the plant is a rather poor root system in the presence of an impressive stem. Therefore, for Crassula choose a wide, but shallow bowl. This is necessary in order to avoid stagnation of water and rotting of the roots. The fat woman blooms, but this event is extremely rare, occurs only with good care, in comfortable conditions. However, the flowers - not her strong point, they are small, white, gathered in inflorescences.

Optimum conditions of Crassula

Jade is very popular among florists. For its brilliant oval-shaped leaves, Crassula is called the “money tree”. According to Feng Shui, this plant feels the mood of the owner, and is also able to attract financial well-being into the house and predict material expenses or income. To believe it or not is a personal matter. Nevertheless, flower growers are trying to create for Crassula the most comfortable conditions for growth and elegant appearance.

Table: conditions for growing bastard

The most suitable primer for pullover is a special prepared substrate for succulents. It is very loose and light, designed for soft roots. Such soil easily passes water and air. But the soil can be prepared independently. This will require in equal parts leaf, turf soil and coarse sand. For quick removal of excessive moisture in the pot should be a drainage layer of at least 4 cm.

The money tree does not need annual transplanting. Moreover, it is better to avoid it if there is no urgent need. Так как корневая система у толстянки скудная, повреждение нежных корешков она перенесёт болезненно. Transplantation is performed as the plant grows, changing the bowl to a wider one. If Crassula is too large, then remove the topsoil and replace it with a fresh substrate.


Buckthorn reproduces extremely easily by seeds, shoots and leaves. The last two ways are most popular.

Seeds purchased at the store can be planted in a succulent substrate mixed in equal parts with river sand. They do not need to deepen and powder. It is enough just to shake the container so that the seeds mix with the soil, moisten with a spraying, cover with foil or non-woven material and put in a warm place. In 1.5–2 weeks, shoots will appear. Grown up plants must be laid out in separate cups.

With leaves and shoots, everything is much simpler. Crassula often sheds leaves itself. After some time, it can be seen that the leaf has successfully rooted. Subsequently, a new plant will emerge from it. Escape should be planted in a ready-made moistened substrate, without waiting for the formation of roots. Watering should be neat, without waterlogging.

Air humidity

Dry air for fatty meat is a usual habitat, so it suffers heating in the winter without problems. In the summer, many exhibit it on the balcony or open-air veranda. Only you need to ensure that the plant does not fall under heavy rain. In order to wash away the dust from the leaves, Crassula is placed under a small shower, covering the soil from moisture. The procedure can be repeated no more than once a month.

The fat woman does not need to be sprayed. This will only harm the plant, which already stores enough moisture. Otherwise, Crassula will start to hurt and shed its leaves.

Silver plaque

Light patches on leaf blades appear due to high humidity and cold air. These are excellent conditions for the development of powdery mildew or the attack of a powdery mealybug.

Silver scurf on Crassula leaves indicates the presence of a fungal disease - powdery mildew

Red or purple color

Leaves become of a non-characteristic color if exposed to direct sunlight (the lower side of the leaf is especially susceptible to it). Then the leaf blades turn red (or turn purple), lose their elasticity, begin to crumble. Also, a color change indicates an oversupply of fertilizer.

Violet leaves near Crassula are a sign of plant oversaturation with fertilizers

Leaves wither and turn yellow

The leaves become sluggish and become yellowed due to insufficient watering and poor lighting. It is easy to fix. However, the problem can be much more serious - perhaps the plant is affected by root rot.

Hut leaves dry due to lack of moisture or sunburn

Tree loses leaves

Excessive moisture very often leads to the fact that fatty leaves become sluggish, lose color, and then fall off. It is worth noting that the lack of water also leads to this result, so when watering it is important to feel the “middle ground”. It is necessary to use warm distilled water, since cold water will also make Crassula lose foliage.

Brown or brown spots

Dry spots of brown or brown color - a consequence of a lack of moisture. When a dried earthy coma leaves dry, and then the plant loses them. Another reason is spraying the plant. Crassula does not need this procedure. Bacterial or fungal infection, due to which the plant can rot, is also a cause of spotting.

Rotting root or stem

The root is rotting due to excessive soil moisture in the pot. This can be detected by removing the flower from the tank. The rotting stem at the base becomes sticky, acquires an unpleasant smell. To save such plants is very difficult.

Root rot can be caused by overflow or low temperature.

Stop in growth (or grows up)

The fat woman begins to grow upwards and is drawn out with poor lighting. The same happens with abundant watering in winter. It is necessary to rearrange the plant to a brighter place. To Crassula did not become one-sided, it must be periodically rotated. Pinches of new shoots will help to form a beautiful, even crown, make the trunk stronger and thicker. A stunted growth indicates a too large pot.

Soft and thin leaves

Soft thin leaves signal overflow. It is necessary to cut it immediately and carry out the next only after the earth lump dries in the pot. Also on the state of the leaves may affect too much soil density. The attacks of spider mites and scutes also make the leaves weak.

The thin leaves of the bastard's veins indicate that the plant does not have enough air, water stagnates in the pot because of too dense soil

White dots

The leaves are covered with white dots with very high humidity. If the plant will be provided with proper conditions, then small specks will soon disappear.

White dots on crassula leaves are absolutely normal, and the plant thus reacts to an increase in moisture.

Excessive or insufficient watering

Most amateur growers rarely pay attention to the origin of a plant, but at the same time they try to create comfortable conditions for it. The fat woman belongs to the succulents - plants that are used to storing moisture for a long period, so crassula needs to be watered only so that she once again has accumulated moisture in the trunk and leaves. In the summer it should be done once a week, in the winter no more than once a month. Excessive watering threatens Krassule with rotting of the roots and the stem, fungal diseases, falling leaves, impaired growth and development up to complete death.

Insufficient watering and excessive overdrying of the earthy coma is just as dangerous for the fat boy: the leaves will begin to turn yellow and fall off, the roots will dry out. Having noticed all these signs, it is necessary to urgently adjust the watering, realizing it when the topsoil is completely dry. Watering the money tree should be exclusively separated by room-temperature water, preventing the root system from overcooling.

Incorrect lighting

Crassula loves well-lit areas and poorly tolerated shading. With a lack of light, the money tree will be pulled out, the trunk will become thin and will not be able to hold a heavy crown. Direct sunlight at lunchtime is dangerous for the fatty woman: her leaves can get burned, which are manifested by the appearance of brown spots. From 11 o'clock till 16 o'clock the window is recommended to shade by a curtain In the summer Krassoul feels great on the open veranda, in the winter on the southern windowsill.

Uncomfortable temperature

It should be noted that the fathead well tolerates both high and low temperature. The fact is that cold along with high humidity and excessive watering are likely to cause fungal diseases, and high temperature with insufficient moisture will cause the plant to dry out or its individual parts will die. It is better to keep a money tree in a comfortable temperature - 15 ° C in winter and 25 ° C in summer. A deviation of 2-3 ° C in one direction or another is allowed.

Unsuitable ground

Fatty still refers to the conditionally unpretentious plants. If the soil in which she is to develop is dense and heavy, Krassula will stop growing or will completely die. The substrate should be light and airy, not interfere with the absorption of moisture and air circulation. It happens that when watering the water does not go deep into the flatware. This means that it is time to change the top layer of soil, otherwise the leaves of the money tree will begin to turn yellow, dry and fall off. Loosening should not be abused, since the roots of the money tree are superficial, thin, they are easy to injure.

Sometimes improper use of fertilizer can damage plants. Buckworm leaves will begin to wrinkle, acquire a purple hue, dry and fall off. Lack of nutrients also has consequences: the money tree stops growing, natural physiological processes can be disrupted, and green pimples appear on the leaves.